The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 31, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 31, 1944
Page 6
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SIX Free French End Schooling At Keesler KEESLER FIELD, Blloxl, Miss May'^SJ, (UP)—The first group of French' air force soldiers lias graduated- from the B-24 Liberator bomber mechanics school nt Keesler Field, Army Air Forces Training Command station. The class was originally scheduled to graduate in July .but their training' was cut short'' to enable them: to report In due time lo another American Army Insinuation.-for more advanced , training, Fuitlre French Air Force trainees will receive the complete airplane mechanics course, according to U. Col, Rlcliard C. Chapman, director of technical training at the field. The ceremony marked Kecsler's second commencement exercise for foreign nationals who have undergone .the technical training course. A contingent of Chinese Air Force officers were graduated last month. LOOKING AffEAD - MANY .EMPLOYERS Three men out. of four In the .UniteU-Slates work for somebody else,>'cnn not say. tnithfully lliat they manage their own economic affairs. Most Americans do, ho\v, ever,..'have.'a.lot to snj about the conditions of . their employment. Workers who arc very competent., whose'skill or knowledge h hard • lo duplicate, often fare bottw than tlieiricmployers; live as well with ) work and wony. ~ Bargaining Hi'lils Craftsmen and workers at nil kinds, of fovrniilnrizcri joljs likewise -have, by right of collective bargaining, a lot to say ubout where; they work, how long and for how much. In my opinlan, the birth-of the Trade Union In 1831 at Terra Hnnte, Intl., was a development In hunum progres.-, equal in significance to the signing of the ; famous Magna Charta nt Huniiymede,' CStf years before. • A;workman's right to sell h's services where he gels the most for than, is.part of : America's Free Enterprise, system," 'just"Hie same as a customer's right lo buy where lie gets;.the best bargains. Wages .have lilt higher, levels In this country than; anywhere (ever) because we have many employers. Whi-ii a workman deserves more pay, he can gel it, from his own employer or from some-other. - Men'with capiln), much or little, always.will be lured inlo ventures of their own "for financial gnlu so long as private enterprise. 1 , offer opportunity for gain. When Free Enterprise works-jvvl{licmt restraint, the number of employers is large. And with many'employers In com petition, nobody can have a mon opolyvon Jobs. -Workmen naturally look for new opportunities when there arc many'places to work. -.'. Qiie Rig Employer After,this war, the gravest danger for 75 per cenl of us, we who work for somebody else, is a shortage of Jobs. Prosperity comes to any family, any city or any nation when a large number of its people are gainfully employed. When this war-Is over, jobs must be provided for all who are willing and able to work. If private Industry does not furnish the jobs, then the government must do it. If private business does not offer plenty of jobs for discharged service men and former war- workers, they will have a right to ask the government to step In and take over industry. Government has the power lo make jobs and hire men to work at them; nobody disputes that, The bad feature is that government Is Just .-me employer.;- Every time government takes over a plant there's one less employer. For, a while some private operators might hold put, trying to compete with governmental monopoly, but they couldn't last. SO.TI working, men would have only one employer to serve; no place to seek a better job, no hope except BLYTHEVILLE-(ARK.): COURIER NEWS ,^,..,~^..,, '%fcjiouchi'~Business and Financial Heart of Tok'vo »iw£t'.7*»l«^i!-iJ>J" > . < i«.'U':> ! 11' .IV.. ••'..', if. .• t •*•>*'•••" •:•• - . . ..tultr —^-'--'""J-lLsJ-lPnln/-^ /I. *"tXl &aJ • .' Churchill Kin (VSMC photo from NEA) Winston Churchill Guest, above, « New Ifork, a second cousin of his namesake, Brilata's prime «'!^ ter . Is Pictured peeling onlatw white on mess detail at ine U. S. Marine Corps training base, Parrls island, S. C. Now a lecond lieutenant in USMCR, he 18 a . viaUon Around officer at <5uantlco, Va. WEDNESDAY, JUAY 31, ; Pholo above s :r concenlrntetl : , "Mnrimonchl 1 road'station,' .Ki_._ era becliivc of Comely Cop ,,,, oS S^r^^uW.* dsSHr? FT v cs. shops niid m-ciidcs. Nippon Yusc, Kaisha or VYK° it I ? T ,"' '? . ' " "-^n '^"hiij, or NVK. is lai'jjesl steamship ion system. Here are 'f. 1,^.1.1 niintslrios nnd bure.iiis. ,V •liiruiiouchi Building is a mod- cojnpany in Hie Orient. • ,: Riverside, Chicago suburb, is agog over the new desk ser- scanl nl 1he local police station. "He's'' Mrs. Merry J, Tcllefsen, above', former vocalist with a donee orchestra. Ti;e 25-year- old lady cop is expert pistol nml rifle shot and holds nulio operator's license so she can broadcast •-•--IL, police calls. ^-..- to stay in the groove nml keep friendly with who ever holds the 'll'. It is nil ugly, European pic- lure — dictators, lickspittles nnd secret police. America Threatened Tint Amcrlcii can get It without even trying. There lire easy blunders by which might force Private Enlm-prlsc to fall; could pusiUvely block blisi- ness from providing W f>rk after the war. simply holding today's war-lime lax laws In force will make pence-lime profits so nearly Impossible Hint no firm would dare creale ^new Jobs. Alrenily Ihc sluickle.s or dictatorship liave been lilted to our ankles nnd the war's end will lock them on, if only we sit still n little Immcr. Two main things need (loins: now: Government should (I) tell industry If past-war laxes will permit peace-time operation nnd 12), say whether government owned factories will be trusted to private hands or built inlo n >••> ciallstic system. Atfcjboy, Gunner: i > '.< u The Rev. Percy /Joy To Speak At Calvary Church The- Hev. Percy Kay of Myrtle. Miss., who Is conducting ,i revival meeting nl Inunnnuel Baptist OliuiTli nl Half Momi, will be guest speaker nt the regular mid-week service tonight, 1:30 o'clock, at Calvary Baptist Church. Revival .services are bein" held nightly nt 0 o'clock, nt llic Hnlf Aloon church. HASTINGS, Neb. (UP) - Mrs Tllkn Srnidt, 87, r c s I d c n t oi Nebraska for CO yenrs, has 117 grandchildren and great Brand-children —C5 grandchildren nnd 52 great grandchildren. Mrs. Smldt was born in Germany and ci'.nie to n fnrm near Pauline, Neb., when 27 Slie lived there until n year ngo when sliemovcil to Hastings. ."'f ,' i^fc^«^^ss« §^'»fp > V «>*«*• ^'tjj^^f ?s*'|*' > j* Z >•..-*".*«,•'* '3lfM.>^» %,;? ^%^f, ' ., wM^^i^*- ^ • v-f^'\* **r gt-j' 7i*v*?t*iT,»Ta * w*sr»»J ?./^?a^sftSS NO'TI'CE" " • Notice Js hereby, given that the undersigned will wlthlii ihe tini fixed by law apply Co the Commls sloner of nevenucs of the state o Arkansas for a iicrmit to sell bee at retail at Tuckertown, Burdutlc Mississippi Counly. i The undersigned slates that he Is a cili7*n of Arkansas, of good mora character, that tie has never beet convicted of a felony or other crime Involving moral turpitude;-Dmt no license to sell beer by the undersigned has teen revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state 01 any other slate, relating to the sale of nlcoholic liquors. „ , , L Will McKlnncy, Subscribed ant; sworn to before me tills 31 day of May, 1944. Oscar Alexander ™" Notary Public My commission expires 3|H-1S-I5. N O T 1 C K Nolicc is hereby given (hat the undersigned will within the time fixed by law apply lo the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for a permit to sell l»cr nl retail at 415 E, Main, Blythcvllle Missjssippl County. The undersigned slates that he Is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; Hint'no license to sell beer by the undersigned lins been revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the lnws of this slate or any other stale, rotating to the sale of alcoholic llriuors. Cozy inn „ , ., D <:\la Chism. Subscribed and .sworn to before me this 3lst day of May, 19-11. Samuel P. Morris <Scal> - • Notary Public My commission expires Sept. 8 I!MG. ' ' WARNING OltUEIl fn the Chancery Court, Chlekasaw- b.i District, Mississippi County Arkansas. Marilyn Lewis, Plaintiff, vs. No. 8603 Luke H. Lewis, Defendant. The defendant Luke H. Lewis Is icreby warned lo appear within .hlrty days in the court named In the caption hereof nnd answer the complaint, of the plaintiff Marilyn Lewis. Dated this 9 day of May, 1944 HAHVEY MOKUIS, Clerk Bv Doris Muir, D. C. .'ercy A. Wright, Ally, for Pllf Claude P. Cooper, Atty. ail Litem. 5110-17-24-31 N O T I C K Nolice is hereby given thai the undersigned will within the time fixed by law apply to the Commissioner of Revenues of the State oi Vrkansas for a permit to sell:beer at re|ail at 432 West Ash, Blytlieville, of alcoholic liquor*. Mississippi County. The undersigned states that he is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony of oilier crime involving moral turpitude: Dial no license to sell beer, by the undersigned has been revoked within five years lost past; and Hint the undersigned has never )>cen convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other stale, relating to the sale Joe Espinoza. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 30 day of Bay, 1944, Oscar Alexander (Seal) Notary Public. My commission expires 3]14-1945. Keg. Now 15c 30c Mglit Tiisl How 20c 3Cc Washable How 24c HEMILTONE (Soy Bean Point) 2.40 3 al. HYKLASS Creosote White 2 50 aai SOUTHLAND White 3 00 gal' DUTCH BOY White 3.50 oaf CERTAIN-TEED GREEN SLATE SHINGLES 167 Pound 4.50 square—210 Pound 5.50 square Friendly Buililine Service Commercial Classes In Shorthand-Bookkeeprng-Typinq MRS. L. M. BURNETT 10JO Ilenrri Degree Troin Accredited College riione .TOO DON EDWARDS Tho TTitairrUcr M»a n *OTAi, WCTH. COBOKA, AND REMINOTOB POHTABL1 TYPIWRTnCtS JIB a. tad BTREST PHON* US) Uu»t B» KttStl*ctorr) (Every KODAK FILMS Developed and Finished THREE DAY SERVICE Guaranteed Work . . . Reasonable Prices O'STEEN'S STUDIO 105 AV. Jfain IJMWORSKIHIRRITATIBHS MOROLINE WHITE PETROLEUM JELLY Spring and Snmmer TUHU-UP Save Gasoline . . . Save Tires. Ret All-round Better Performance t T I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler Dealer Parti 4 Service 121 W. Aih Phone Z122 Premium Wheat PLUS Fine Milling IALS •'s Best - - - The flour that needs less shortening! ; (Navy pho'o from NEA) 1 Flyer* nnd crewmen of ;i U. ;;. Pacific Fleet aircraft carrier cheer i wildly and shake congratulatory handclasps at anti-aircraft gun- jiers «s_n Jap torpedo bomber, making desperate wave-lop-lcvd |- -^a..jr.aaarU-\ run at ship, is shot down in Ilames.' '.'.^sai...- ."" Women cl Timor-Lain. East Tn-! Cnrnwav seeds are not seeds- thcj cosed rnT' "' '° kCC "°"° Cyl> nn thc ( ' r!o(i fl ' 11it of l "<= w« closed in the presence of men. ; plant. Have a "Coke"=Eto Zdorovo (HOW GRAND!) .. or making foreign flyers friends To voting Russian and British a jji M h 's good news to sec f, s l, tin g p i ancs pouring out of American plants. And ic's good to see our flying friends respond to .he everyday American invitation Have a "Coke"-* way of saying We're wtbyo,,. Coca-Cola wins a welcome from those who come from Moscow or Manchester. And {n your home, there's always a welcome for "Coke" but of your OWD refrigerator. Coca-Cola sunds for the haw that «/«*&„ _ bas become a symbol of friendliness in many lands. • OniEO UNDED ^UrHOKITir OF THE COCA-COU COMPLY >Y COCA-COL^BQTTLING CO. of BLYHEV1LLE "Cokc»= Coca-Cola It's natural for popular names to acquire friendly abbreviations; That's why you hear Coca-Cola called ''Coic' 1 .- Only top qualicj' products get the job of lubricating the motors and machinery on our fighting Navy's ships. So we're proud to tell you that Sinclair lubricants are used on many Navy- ships to assure smooth operation and save wear. To give your car the same, sure SAVE WEAR WITH protection, get Sinclair lubricants from your Sinclair Dealer. To protect your engine, for example, he offers Sinclair Opaline Motor Oil. This famous oil stands up longer and lubricates better because it is both de-waxed and de-jellied. Use Sinclair Opaline to keep your car rolling. B. J. ALLEN Pkone26l5 , Ark.

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