The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 8, 1954 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 8, 1954
Page 3
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 8, 1954 BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREB Key Campaign Trends Demos See Gain in Minnesota tin Ht'prt^fiil«t!vcs nml Sen If it majority o( tlio t-li-ftors c ttifirtiii. ut siu'li un eli'i't ion. !*hnll f )union U'tt: . of tliu HiJite (tf the Con r Ark.uu:i3. to- KDITOK'S NOTE — This Is another of several stories by roving: Associated Press reporters analyzing- the I'ongressional campaign in key states. By DOUGLAS B. CORNELL MINNEAPOLIS (API — A Democratic tide in Minnesota apparently is sweeping Hubert Humphrey toward another six years* in tlie United States Senate. If it keeps .sur^Inir as 'strongly between now and Nov. '2 —in a state- that poses ^something ot a popularity test of ilie entire Eisenhower proprain—Democrats figure and capture one to three held by I Republicans. The Democrats now Bjornson appears to be doins better in small towns than nny- have four, the GOP five. where else. Some small-town busi- They look for rougher yoi»8 ; nessinen sny he hits a chance. when it comes to capturing the There fire equally as many, imrt Suite Democrats bubble confidence over the Senate publicans concede they they can hold all their House seats with race, have a iough. uphill fiphi to shove Slate 'I 1 r e a s u r e r Val Bjornson (pronounced Byornsom into Humphrey's seat. Humphrey. 43, a Senate first- lormer, typifies the New Deal— "Fair Deal" element of his party. In this L'limpnign he is banging away hard at one main target—the Eisenhower record and program. There probably hm'i imy Democrat the COP would jather toss out of Congress. Except on farm price supports, Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p.m. Admission 15c & 35c At All Times Bjornson goes straight down the linn for the Eisenhower administration and its program. "When you vote for Val," he says, "you're votiny for Ike." The -4 3-ve fir-old former news and radio man tells street-corner au- rel , resen{s peak Demo- dienc-es to send Republicans to .1 . ' , Washington to help Eisenhower fin- '• • - perhaps more, who say thai while they intend to back Bjprnson they believe Humphrey will win. Not only on the farms are there sijins of a Democraiic revival. It shows up in cities as well, and in an improved, harder working pany organization. For the first time .since the Dem- crats united \viih '.lie Fnvmev-La- bor party a decade ago, they out- polled the Republicans in the Sept. H primnry. They chalked up a 61,- 000-votc margin of 351,000 votes to 290,000. And that was in a state that gtivc Dwight D. Eisenhower a spectacular, unsought write-in ballot in the 195!! primary and then hnndei him 163,211 votes in the general election to 808,458 for Democrat Adlai E. Stevenson. The Republicans are saying that the Democratic primary majority FIJI., & SAT. Double Feature WARNER BROS, . FEIHM I —AND— HIS BIGGEST THRILL SHOW mmm THE LAW COMES TO TEXAS Senal "Cunfighlers" No. 13 Cartoon "Mouse Wanning" SUN., & MON. Double Feature M-G-M's — TREMENDOUS TEN-STAR DRAMA! EXECUTIVE SUITE SHOCKINS'BESI-SEUH OH IHE SCREW —AND— .rmmrainimmiiittiB ish the job-not -Democratic en- | {^"VJ,! 1 emies who would hamstring, hos- *_,„, u tie, handicap this administration at midterm." ••Send people to help Ike?" Humphrey snorts to the voters. "Send Democrats to help you." The two agree the farm issue is |2-1 preference for Humphrey over tiie bi"- one in Minnesota and that I Bjornson among persons express- it is Hurting the GOP. There are ins a. choice. But preferences are other issues, of course—foreign not votes, and developments in policy, peace and prosperity, tax- | the campaign could change the es, communism. They are {jetting j picture before the balloting. :oi«tr over from the candidates e d at home because fewer GOP primary scraps, and that they can win in November by getting out this stay- at-home crowd. A July poll by the Minneapolis Sunday Tribune indicated nearly too. But more than anything else, the election outcome hinges on how the farmers feel. Some rural areas, heavily Republican, no doubt will remain Republican. Yet there is a definite current of dissatisfaction .among the folks in the field and on the plow, a dissatisfaction based on lower prices and incomes and sparked by Democratic charges that the Eisenhower administration has broken its promises to farmers. Some who voted Democratic in 1952 say they are stronger Democrats tills time. Some who voted Republican two years ago are hesitating', teetering. A few say they already have made up their minds mid are jumping from the GOP to the Democrats. WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Earl Oann, Jr., Pltf. vs . No. 12,124 Roberta Gann, Dfl. The defendant, Roberta Gann, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named ill the capliou hereof and answer the amended complaint of the plaintiff. Earl Gann. Dated this 6th (lay ol October, 1954. SEAL GEFIALDINE USTON. Clerk. Claude P. Cooper, Ally, for Pltf. Ed B. Cook, Atty. Ad Litem. 10/8-15-22-29 Even so. the signs point no* to , Humphrey victory. Democrats say it could be a big one. A heavy vote for Humphrey might mean enough accompanying votes for the rest of the ticket to capture some Republican-h e 1 d House scats. Humphrey is fighting, furthermore, to pull Orvill Free- mah, the Democratic candidate for governor, along with him into the win column. Even if they fail to unseat Humphrey, Republicans say they are confident of re-electing OOP Gov. C. Elmer Anderson. Some of them contend they have a chance of taking a House seat or two from the Democrats. Most of the Republican candidates have deserted the Eisenhower program of flexible rather than high, rigid farm price supports. All but one of the Minnesota dele- W A R N I N-G ORDER Ethel Walter, Margaret V. Fisher, Addle Permenter, Charles A. Walters, Mrs. Charles A. Walters, William P. Waiters, and Mrs. William P. Walters, are warned to appear in the Chancery Court for the Chlckasawba District oi Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty (30) days from the date hereof, to answer a complaint filed against them by Dell Gin Company, and E. A. Stacy, Trustee. SEAL GERALDINE L1STON. Clerk. Marcus Evrard. Alt;', for Pitts. Jesse Taylor, Atty. ad Litem. 10/1-8-15-22 Metro News American Legion Auxiliary BAKE f ALE Home Made Cakes, Cookies, Pies, etc. AMERICAN LEGION HUT SATURDAY, OCT. 9 FROM 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. Plenty of Parking Space that's priced to please you! rians BeautVMHie is (lie answer to llir inmi«-niaknr"s flrpanil For llicse lustrous, easy-lo-rlcaii plumbing fixtures arc expensive-looking yd give you more for your money than any uihev fixtures made. Each stain- proof Biiggs Boaiilyware bathtub, lavatory or tlosct is designed for modern eytf-appealing beauty arid i? engineered to velain the brilliance of nc\\ fixtures during many years of hard usage. Compare— and pro\e it to yourself! What's more vou can buy complete sets in COLOR for just a very lilllc morc^ than white. gation voted against flexible rather than high, rigid farm price supports. All but one of the Minnesota delegation voted nfinumt flexible supports in Congress. The exception was Republican Rep. Walter Judd, from urban MinneapolLs. Bjornson tells the voters in every speech thai he would Imve voted «l\i of rue l-iccutlve Ucp.irl- is auut' coiulst of M llct.,1111 GOYl'I'llOl. tJt'i.'lt'- 'I'riMsurci o( Btiitf. Audi- Attorney lieiu'ni) uiul of SUUe uuuls till ni vx'll lUeli otfVv-fs i« Uu- MiiiU'iit. and Hold .uu-li the irrtn for a year's continuation of rigid supports and for a less severe cut in dairy supports. But he says there is too much emphasis on this business of parity for wheat nnd corn in a state where three fourths of the farm income from livestock nnd livestock products. Humphrey never lets up on the farm issue. of two yr uro i-U-ir orn nnd mini ;in and qualified tiKCTlON j me lumuiU a.UurU-.-, .. Midi tiuiti' officers, winch -M.iJI Ue pin in N.mittily insuuimenls »liuii uu i follows: Tin; Uovitiuit uift sum o( filler Ueutfimiu tunernui the aiim or run I'luJiiMiiul anil Six Hundred Dollai Ulo oi or The only beost In some men i a mouse. *•»"* i Thousiuiu 11 ml Two SV.2001W). lilt' Treii.s- utvr ol isute the sum ol Seven J'lioiiBiiiiti mill 1'wo aniuiii'il iJollar? ($7.20000). tlu- AniUUir ol Slute ilu- St'vvii nimiuiul nml t'wo Ut>i!:u-s (J7.2UU.UI.I); tlU- Al- Lit'iu-riil. itM' Mini o! KtelH t'housund Uolliii-v ($S.Ul)0.00). HI id lur nt Six 'iliruiMilHt Ofillui-B (Sti.OOOOU) SECTION ,t The iinuvi) iiH'iilloiu'O ^UUt; OllU-t-rs shall bf elcvli'll l*y lHo qtiaUftiHi ekvtors' uf tin,- titulo ut hir(ic "i th« time ol the rciiulm tieucrHl election Kii vntluK toi mem- IJITS of tho Oi'iifnil A.sscinbly: tlie ri'tunij, ot eiirii cU-L-uon tiicrnroi etmn Uf st-alftl tip sfisanut'ly mid transmitted to the or government by i. lie return nit; of doors not Utei ihan i lu- ia:il uisy o[ Ni)Vi>nit)ci o! the yjai in iviiK-n Uiti ulrrtum \s ut-iu nncl sluill Oc <llu'i-ti'il to I lie SjH'iik IT Of tilt HUlliil' Of KrpH'M'lltilUVi.'.-. Ill spt'Clii) ;,r;iSlon on I lie Urst M(m iluy in Dci'.-nibfi ni tlio ve;ir In wlilt-li the moinbt'is oi OK- Gi'nen. in session (oi a period not to n.\ ci-L'd three rluys. unles or the Houso oJ RoprcAentaiiv«», who | KhHll receive i\8 hlti salary 'fWc-nty- live Hvu\(ir«l wild l-'lHy DoUtitsi l\'2,- WO.Udi foi cju-h portort of two ia) yc ill's piuiiblo nl elicit ntnf u nd In such iniiiiner nn tho Ocneiai Assembly may dflcrnilne; tnul in miditton to such Hilary Hie inemuris or ttio Cu'iit'ra) AFseinUly slnil! receive 1'cn Cents UOci pn mllo loi onoh mile tnivt'U'd in KOUIB tu and reUirnllH: (coin the -seat of ^ovcnnm-iii ovei tht* tnosi (turn iimi imiciU'ttblv vouiti. null provuUd finihri thul wh«i Hiild members an rt-qnlifil to intend «n extraoiillnitry or spccui! fte>;;lo» or the UcneMl Ahscmbly. they ftluill («• I'clve In iiUdlliiMi to siihuy tien-ln pro- I vlded. tin- s\un o( Twenty 'Uollitrn tjJO OU> |»t-i day toi t-aeh (lay they arn ri-ii Lined to intend nnd miie- ime a I lliu siiinn nviu nei'L-lii pru- v\Utd StX'TION i fnero l» tieteby crcftlccl a joint nd Interim cuiiuiitllvc 01 thu AssvitUily to Uu wlevtcil. troin it." mi-inUeiMilp. us may o e provldt-u by inw 101 the purpose ol eonduci- tni; Into iioveinnieiiuU prob lem> unit nniKlin; audit?, of rimie itct'iu'ies 1'hi- liene.nii As,-einl>ly tiball (Is the iimi'inu ol |H-i iltem nnd «• nnd Chancery Courts ot Kite 9mM; provtdud. thai such lainrles and com- pciiPiUlon of the jMBVKri ol »h» Snprenii) Court mui the nthliirleft »nd cxr''iiHPS or the judKCii ot tho Circuit 'itict (jUtvucci-y Court* •htmli" not b* lew limn now provided by IHW (bj me ucneiiu a^eiubl; »batl oy law iluti'itnliiD the lunumu imrt method ot puyn.ent ol Kithulea to the Com- tiiis&loiier* o( the Workmen*' Com- peuMUlon CommlsMon. provuled thut the salary ol any Ci>mi»l^lonei Blmll not btt less thun now provided by peii inHti- iiil t a>oa oi the SECTION 6 mi- einbly shall liom LU tnul (or tlie .s of the incite? rue General A C to iimo pr nncl compeii ut i.h« Suiivci alnilf.i and e oi tho Cttc > vne lieneiai .\Nsrinniy sliall DJ detennlnc the aniount and method ol payment ol Miliirio ol eouniy or- (IcUUs Nothing, nt'rcin nlmll uo con- ^tru(•{l us al)fi>t;alliii> tiny rl.:tit 01 ttio pnipte a*t thf Slate of AiKiin^a.s undei the inUlatlvt' nnd lief ft end u in provisions ot i he constitution or the suit- Hies of ArKaiiAav ,dl I'liat ni'i'ium aj or ArlUTlc XLX 01 the CtniMUiiUOii ,inc! Section '2 Ot Amendment IX to the conUtullon ol tlio auuc ot Ai'Kitn^iiA DC and thu name rtvo lifieliy rt'iipi\lctl HKUTION / I'lmil Section M at Arttcie 7 oi the t'onstliutlon ut ihe ytRtc ot \rk.uusii> Is umuiuliid to read mi tot inw : 'l-oi every ftvr Hundred clectore itieie snull be elected ouu lustlco ol tin; peaee out every toVnshlp huw- the ^inall. Nhall IJUVB fwo Justices of EC**»Jii e »..»•> MiifUrtment BliaU in forcts upon Its adoption nnd . by i'h).l(in mi up llic uu e. LM-m- olti Hon. noi AW.I> volt' Ives Forgives Tomatoe Throwers WATERTOWN, N. Y. i/Pr—Sen. Irving M. Ives, Republican candidate for governor of New York, says lie "wholly" forgives four high'in school boys \vho threw tomatoes at l » cn ' uf Ri'jirt-si nuhltsh tilt onch of iiicntloni'd Houses of [jt-rson niivl o! tlu- tloust Ives shitll »pe« nncl PS CltSt I11KI HlVCIl ft'l olflccrs iiorclnliL'lort the [iM-ficnco of boil CitMHTiit AR.seml)ly nli; toi of- fires shall be thcnito; untl sin his term iorc shull him The youths confessed ypstrrday that they sliowcrcd the plnlfomi Tuesday night. They gave Principal Albert B. Scholl a signed statcmt-nl n p o ] o R i ?. i n g to Ives for the "thoughtless act." At the time, Ives said the bnrrage "came by indirection straight from Tammany Hall" the Manhattan Democratic organization. The senator was not hit, but juice splnslicd his wife and spotted his hat. both scmbly. [mil. tho nmiiL'.st for the same office, one nl I) by flioscii by » joint vote HOU.SUP of tin- Gci.pni) As- AMENDMENT NO. 45 BK VS KKaOLVED by the House 01 Rcpresentatlven ot the State of ArK- RnaftB. and by the Senate; a Hitjor- Ity or al) the Members Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: THAT THJ FOLLOWING \& herabj proposLt) as an amendment to the Constitution of the Sttite or Arkunsna, and upon being submitted to the iinti a majority of all elected shall bi< ueecsAiiry to u rliciiee SEf'I'iUN 1 riic eaeneiHl Assembly iluill tnet!l in icy nil" '.i'!.slon ol six- ly iCO) rtivys. wl^U'li newd m>l »« «on tiinmus, nt tliu stnt oi Kovi-nimont every two ynntn on Hits first Monday lu February ol yeai until snld in law 1'lic mt-inUfr Assembly stuil! receive us their siitarj the 111111 of Twenly-rom Mimdrirtl Do! lura (12.400.00). oxcciH tho Spt-akfi e changed by till! 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TUMS KM TM TUMMV AAOX -Theatre- On West Main Sh In BlythevilU Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 Sat., Sun. 1:00 On Our Widu-Viiion Metallic Scrton • bd*H~r.»w«~~~*B»*l«*BM«M* AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT LAST TIMES TONIGHT Double Feature AND TICHNHXHOU ' AMSCO COtOII A I,SO CARTOON Saturday Double Feature CCNE AUTRY frOfi>rtm\ CARTOON & SEHIAL SAT. OWI. SHOW UPW WARNER stNSMiiW! — ^ GRIME , CJM meat • «„. * MORE * is K> . 'JWM ill^'e fm am BI JMI -. ww H«n CARTOON & SERIAL SUN.. & MON. Double Feature KIRK DOUGLAS Act off Love KtlllHll thru UNIItO HH1SIS -AND— coion «Y TECHNICOLOR ALSO CARTOON

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