The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1937 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 17, 1937
Page 10
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r GUSH Si 5 LI SITS ONUS Conflicting iWoasui< > s Re suit in Diaolic DJuca- iional Situation 11} JU J'rfsj SUfl" c Ivols < '' t = 1, i -., , - ... i I AKK1V liml d Knb (Ui'l—KIIIMS fiuln^ limn"hl Jifli •"till of lii° wish bi " H\ »Ji ch U s iho stu litd ct b-iiiii i l c n Kim «, it. P < o t in *-> • lo in° ' 51 ] i j s Til' r ish hi lai'y and hljh school pupils will I'.avr iliplr cxlurndmi ciirl.illcd tin? ' ••'There a:c si 111 more schools now operating without obeying Hi3 cash Ua'.ls law." M.irkhum said. SMin, mi' lotiiintilii" lo o;>;rale 'mill ni'2 pulling' out no-fund 'warrants in iiiHIclprilloii of l.ii.rcr t^x levies. The {jfflclnls simply are not raying any attention lo th? basis l:uv b!tausi> nflr>r nil no one will prosecute them for keeping sdionls opjii. Di'iilicy One lit Two Laws "Ereil if (hey do clow lh« schools tlify run th? chance of |ir»5c;:iitbrt because th-.y do ml y.cci, llierji 'l>sn cls'it months every year. Many have decided th- k-sis'r uf !h» two evils h lo dlsr.b'y do rush bn>:1s law nu;l kc: > th? scU-^ls i i in n \ 1 uw i J P I 1 I I is i i)*]!' 1 i [ i i ":ni Tly un: • lai- 10 i' n 11 i ,1 , i! [>•), i d Jjyoftrr s - i-n i iM 1 i\ i p'icat'oi in K i ) In ii M , ivmbf 01 * h- l* ,n nn in-',1 11 t ass Irie hi ,1 •> , ,IK t'u t'j u nl of th toij ,n J in il-hiv rovc'iiiu!' slull r 1 iin t u !m b in ni> im a D , , ,, fi -a] i«ir l ,|- , „ ,| , ,„ VPI I till 1 Sill 1 ;f I fl II I ; I :ant= w' n Mfi-j vi i-1 , Koveii or v .un d u n Innu of till lav, ti -^ v,is 611(130-11 on ••t-uHin» Ii in fu K| iirrmts In (he «tn« N- in MI i , l!3VC;r <«v-, o , ,,„] n tr , ti Imvi- iii!< i>r if | (in j u HiinlU ii>d lliu (1 id [hem K s 11 nil n c ;1 d:,tri«s Tw? T/i\vs routlk-i T en i f l »o Jius 01 I ( Ii' dt» L^-IS s 11 w 1 Vn n- n ul l"h iil-c tl olll hi o s-lnirt ill t» t 11 n tim 11 p s lion or inn siji Ihnl ru i »>io 1 di fhL shiil! iiuihililn (1 i,f n ont r s n' school Jjr olh» -llii- cish In i, hw—-.rus t'le scln-] iJMnct us \ul> us ot-"r s "inipr unit On 1 u ' sp'n 1 in i" I'm ' l r l -r i n ] n prnt»d Ihc ]i PUUL., j"in fas r Denied main rln I 1 tri"! 1 ; from le\\in siMh mil 11\ lO <UI)|)3 t th" s h(H ( , u , ,| nl nionlli t-. f it i „., , lnll( ,, (l , | 111" their/ funds pnne v,hll-> ofil CIR]S nrc' fi id ^((.11 ||^ j , nf rb-'yioj (f e cijht moulli sc .|iool Jaw r-ere 11 e (0 011^ t icucr -rhiol districts nov, ru of tiindi 1 MI V- v>hfUi do not ha\e MifTic'p il fin j, to inn lie icmiltilei of t'i« \cii TjiK ine-ius tint npnoMinitclv ] 800 perils > i t ju 11 h-i c choo) dh nets «l'i >n, tlr cduciKSn ci tail l this M u ip- <nu«e of loi d Iii,uffl-Scnt ru id Mirkliani nKo reioitd tint 4S c chool teacheis in t'c onc-Uich-> (listncii -ir^ contiuiilnir to Icich without receiving iheir ijlin n cities nid itnut lh»i c me >j 'chcols yilh 285 teachers iiid S6T1 pupi b t h nt ha\e insullicicia fun-is" Thu lp~aus- of i c.onfli-1 b 1 t«ee;i lio impoihut stite K«>, 18 ( Kansa s-hool «lll be unibl to finish t' e jonr m fa h" s null not roc PJ th»lr i\lnrlos until simmer or fall an l 1017J ->|-m»n- Sphere and Obelisk to Dominate New York Fair -^— . '.run M'-:l""»= Diclvt-. '.DWII, lncliidi'v; t;n> 'l''ll|!'Prs f;f l.'-r- !-•>•.>. I V r.l.,,,_ '.!o», may:;: 1 an.l nllifr -.ily olllvhls Itoncvc:-. a bill tn (h- |-.--r' s |iti,i-> "oi'ltl r>m»dy |!i? ^!irii|:>n. It nc\'lifr j s l^i- a < 5' 1 .f,MOf)') ^;->.t/> "•'•I'll ul.l 'li"-| w v l-'l <rsMv «-' 'Hr!"'-: vh-s- pr-.nsni- vn]u:>l| ••••: in i-[||-.-l"..i, i-, rl |tj p-io 'nrKivy f> nnlntnSii lac .rchu-jls. Realty Trnnsfcrs .«hn W, .Kinlth ami wim I-) w W. A»'tl'i n-'l w|r«. lot 'J. V... '• '""'^ ' P'nrn sciioiKl nddltlon f! 'I. Whls'lo nnd ivif2 lo ]!)y- l!!(:\tlb ll«!li<.|rlnl /i^rvliili ' I 1 . If. fircuv to Secoy '".'•: •' r ' r 'I, 'i. lilMk II. orlRinil •••••.TV. .Uel), C. M. A'>bolt niii'. wlfi' to Wul' "'' ' !>'"l"'niul r ; "'id r. M, p<-,|i- ••'•••rN. «ou|i, hnlr or .soiitlirasl " '"'' »f s-cllnn :ir>, townslitn ifi ••T(I... rniiyo it er;l. ranlaliiln-i ^ ""ii'es, Mrs. Atoll)/. \y. Sicriibcii; t n M "" ' 'TV I'/vcl'iii*. w:>sl 30 feel •;. l"t t nnii i. i.'n-v p, riichnr.-l- "•^•""r.'l K llJylVvillo. . r '"" ""'•'-•r. 1111-1 wife tn fiun- '""' '' '" fi'mll'i. south ir. acres 1 Hi'-v-st, nunrler nf imrllinrt 'l'r-l-|. .,r „.„.(„., , «..,,„,.,,, ,j 'a:tn. vani;ii 11 ( ui.s[. UNTTED ST«Tr.'S MT'^'T OlJ TI'S rrMPOAt, J.AND 0. ,.. t ,,., , V1 WASHINGTON. D. o., Febru- i"'v 23. 1937. Nfilli-s 'v. lu'rchv oi-^ii |',^( r;il _ friio K. Lnwci'v of B!v'hcvil!e, AI- l;ai|!-'n^. \vlio, on Mrtrcli j, 'JQ.^.'J mnd? pfclitiii yijia, j>, 5 "'lioiiic'- "to'd. entrv Ll'lle lir'ek. 'number P--a'-.CO. for Lot 1, Re=l|ou it town'!)'•' ,,1.5 K.. l^n»e in K.'. i..jr th "'••iHcltvii Morirtlati, /rl-nnsna. hns 'I'-d iirllco'or IntoiiiIon („ niuki' '!ir?e year liiiHl (ircof. In c.s-'iif- liah_il;iim |., |[ H , i.,,,,! nl . OV( , ()i ._ •cribcd. bnforc Miss Carey Wood"urn. nt Elythevllln. Arknnrns on 'lie ?Clh (!ny of April, IBM. Cliiliimiit rraiuc.'; as witnesses: nhnrllc Collier, of ciosncll. Ar- Je;,si> Frnnta, o[ Oosncll ArkiiiiFas. Vermin ,|enn, of l)!y- tlicvilie. Arkansas, Vcsier iiroofe of BlythL'vllle, Arkansas. D. K. I'AKKOTT Aclliiu Asslsliuit- cnni- inisiionrrr. Irish Saint ' NORl/OMAL 1.5 Today is Ifdlidcd 12^illo« sum color. •HTo slide. 1C Knoi 17 More : mature. 18 Piivticle 19 Inspire-. reverence. 20 Crystal gazers 21 Let it stand. 22 Mortar tray, 2.1 Ocean. 25 To urn away. 29 Proportion. 33 Idcnticni i5 Lunar orb. % Ropulw L 3S Hardhearted. .40 Greasy :41 Candid. 43 Half an em. *U To 5imn\ei* 48 Vo^ til 52 Mulberry bark . 10 AVeird. ^ ^5"^ of fishes. SSGreaser 59 Ho set up ;m purgatory CO There Ihe Irish could see punished, VERTICA1. 1 Opposite c( 0 \'i lit ml of :m oflicer 3 Roman diy to Previous Viiiile 24 Measure of : .'iron. 20 Molten rock. 21 To leave out. M Hide. .10 t.risl word of a prayer. 31 I.:icev:it«l. ,12 Electrified particles. 34 Gray white. 37 Orb. 39 Two thousand pounds. 40 Friction match. 42 Dror-j of eye fluid. 45 Afternoon meal. 4GTo sin. 47 Humor. 40 Crooked. SOKa'.vaiiim biru. 51 Tiling. 52 liaking dish. 53 Beer. M By. 56 Inquiry sound. 58 Upon. Artist's skfich of the Theme center of tmi adopted. The grrnl sphere 2 ,a, B es,i,ator s w,c ry '• . 7""," ".o "World of Tomorrow f ,, m ft ,„„,,:„„,„."; ^'Z ,' »P»ce. The imildin, will be a,,,di ( ,on«, '„ , " „ " ° 'e , •" NOTICK OF SCHOOL ELECTION Pursiinnt_ to Act Numiirr M Hi 1935 enactNl by the 'acnerhl Assembly of Ihc state of Arkiris-is Mid iict pravldlna .fir i;, 0 ^J.' lum of School Director* to be elecl- rd at a sprcinl .School Elecllnu to on held in cadi School District of ihe Slnls of Arkansas on the l)iir;l Snlurdny In Murch of c;ich year I'he followlnr; iiollinjf places shnli W op«i lietweeiv (he hours of •> P. M. and U:3 o p. M. O n Saturday. Murch 20, 1037. for the atoremm Ironed election. • »lsl. School ! vntinr IH,,^ I psceola ! Collrt , iousc Uixora uixoi'a'iiigi, schoul School •! tlumim trunk. •> Wind itislrii- nient. fi Anirms. 7 Concise. 8 Covv-hendcd goddess. 3 To coa sill ale. 10 Air loy. 11 Asps. 13 Told .111 untruth. IS He is the Irish saint, 22 Pronoun. i -17. I-IS. Olcnr t^ke Hlylhovlllp Oosncli UiilTnini, Arinorr' I'Mnn 1'ohu Carson Manila Uoynlon Whiiion Yarbro llox Klde Doll Wilson' '•one Oak Tomato Kciser Promised I,ai liescc Number Nine BllKlL'.ic Kkron Khady CJrovc Lrnclivill- Pawlicc'n Hall Moon Hlckmaii Pint Clear Lnke School Sr. Hixh school Oosncii sciiool School Bcliool School IflSh School tto.cll's store Carson lake School Cily Hail Lytichi Slort 1 Boynton School School School . School H'fih School School School School School liank [ '™<I School School School Uiirdottc Sfhool Hatcher School Blown h Schcil Sc.iooi Slnrty a. School Bank Jildg. School Sclioal School * ' ' ! Great Ball to Iniei-pret Theme "Building, World ol'Tomorrow NEW YORK.-Th: N-civ Yo , k , Worljls Fair of 1339 will he -jiiv-1 intcr l"- cti "io» of the Theme ' ° R " r -»>'"i'n3 uccprtiinj tn plain for ' cd by lar ob I'nu Kxposilion's Tremo Ccnler made public, today bv Clruvcr Whalon. president. The sphere, containing ;l ( | rn . World of to visitors ^.ivu.Al lUII^Ullllg ny night, it will be spotted in colored volvtng iiowiy olt The obiiisk, rislns ; of niovhij Itght, that it is trom the bank 52. fr.3. (M. (55. S3. „ School ill.! V.- Broiv " School House Little River Mttlc H. School Black Water School Blclu Itocky s .., 1001 BW J bliliiiian Slillmimschool Hons : c uycss 3c | 10 pi B! ,i Ki Hoa( , 7 A N T E D Government 167 APPLEBAUM co CENTURY BALLOONS GIVE SAFE DEPENDABLE, LOW COST •LOOK at ||, 0 p ; clljre . Here s what happens fo cords in the carcass of a lite when Ine tire i$ in motion. •Millions of times during Kie life of a lire. Millions moie because of today's nigh speeds ana 1 small diameter wheels. • Hinge Test Fabiic in Con- fuiy Balloons, is your assurance of extra safely — corn- foil ^and mileage under today s diiving conditions. • Olive in today for moic information and piices. A COMI'I.KTK U\K OF ACCKSSOKIKS "ICIIWAY (il STATION MO. I'HONK J>2 BV IVM. t:. on.itoy, u. i>. Killlor af Advance 'J'he crucifixion of Jesus Is not nl'iuo In history, In Ihc fnct or manner of Ills death. Other men Imvo been put to death, and mul- litudes have exjierlenccd Ihc cruel death of (lie cross. Two men, in fact, were crucified with Jesus, cue on ins tight j lalKl „„,, one on the left, , • Nor doe.s Ihe uniqueness of the crucifixion of Jesus lie entirely in His Innocence. Other men, inno- cc-nt or charijCK against them.: have teen executed. What does mukc the triicifixion I cf Jesus nulqiic and .slijiiKlcant HK tlie most trosJc and cliallcjit'- »G event of all history Is the '.urpcsc of His death, Ihc yielding of Himself to die In fuinil- | Could Jesus have | cross? avoided the ( tell. There ' Kec-ijied a [joint in His life where the, lemplalioii lo seek avoiding 't wa.s almost'overwhelming At the beginning of Ills ministry I Here were' tcinptatloiu l o turn from His divine mission to some scheme of curlhly conquest or yoin Story. The devil hud lured Him with a vision of all thc kingdoms of the world and thc power lhat He might exercise over Ihcm. At a later siagc. there must have been an occasional templn- lion to lead u popular movement of revolt, such as many Jews j . wanted. And (lien, auring the ' lioi"' in the garden of Gcth- sp(ni\nc, there cniiift tlie curncst aeoiil^lng prayer lhat, if H were | possible, the cup might pass. saved others, Himself He can save," were literally true. It v,':ia Ihc last supreme sacrifice of love and devotion to the truth. For us the spiritual rcallly of the crucifixion depends to £ome extern upon the vividness with which we arc able to reproduce the scene. In our contemplation of Die .suffering' victims on the crosses, [he. Muster and ihe two thieves, we perhaps are apt to forget thnt, standing by the cross among other women, was His mother. ,, *""' wc lhi »l< of what thai her son: even to the last "agony •he""had 0 '' a '"' ' striki »ff H'oiiblcs , th supreme Ing In __, tiity of n Ciod of love, ' the, „, , •rifice I "Never ve, triumphed " cat! '" lc . ! » ""' * •*"» ii4iuy vnriuii. j/"fi)]v spirllum connict Jesus lad rM r . . , He Imd , of the divine sucnfice "Keverthele.w, not as I wilt but men might know thc rich- as Thou wilt." The words ' Ihi some had mockingly said of Hii He hung on the cross. "H hat less o! graus," and ln> drawn to . Cjcd's redeeming love. of the pay and linked la tin sph°re by a bridge, will be Oc Pair beacon. H will also be Hie Exposition's .soim^ tower, W'l-rajio; pr:i- iectors are bfii'i di- - opr.l"which * t _. - .^ i l throw in beams and mak, r .=s- Lall ebments orarrn presenting in sjmple (Ira mptic fashion ths coiiiiilicnt^d re lutionshiiK of man. to his fellm :"ieti and ck'mom:ratln« thc cvci •'for cooperation o b th'e broat'icastiiiL' of lumoimce- meiUs .from the tower to any see- lion of the P;iir witlni.t overlapping or unpleasant variations in volume. Although both suhcre an : l triangle are nrnou;- ucimutry's simplest forms, nellliei has ever be- fcre been employed In formal architecture. pair experts are still for a word which adequately describes Die tower. Many I'luns Coiisiilcri'U The design of l!:i- TIUMUD Center is the work of Wallace K. Har•Ison and .1. Andre FDiiilhoux, New Vcrk archSccts. [I represents the flnnj distillation of more than 1,030 'leliminaiy sk-Jlrlics of every cnn- •Jivalle lyy;- D [ structurj ranjiii; from a great tower 1.500 feet liish to a huge ball surmounted by an 5ven larger hoop nrnun;| which an obs?rraticu car \voi:!d travel. The Csnli-r will Ire bcatvd ii: the tniidlB of thc exhibit .wrlloii of tile Exposition. Avenues will radiate out from it. t o all of the great 3xhibit zones in which the variai-s phases of modern life— such as sheller, Food, Welfare. Prortiictiou. et:.— will be depii-tjd. Great elms fifty feet high, unw hein-j- transported (o the fair grounds in Pinshin s ^.laoiloiv Park, will .form i shaded promenade around the center. p • Ti:e sphere and obelisk, estimated p cost Sl.'JOO.OOn. will both con- iifil of steel frames covered with some light substance. Ths 5.760,000 -mnnd weight ol Die sphere will be •arricil on eight stsel columns '•welve feel hijli. Us only entrance fin fact the only opening other than air vents) will be high up on ho s'.di fifty feel oir the ground. Tills entrance will be reached by an McMator sixty-five feet long. which will be the longesi in the H oi • Kcvulving I'latforni Wiihiii ;he sphere visitors will step onto u slowly moving platform. accordiu ig to present, plans. '• whicii ivill be like a great washci .-I revolving in mid-air. From both u, c . auennance ii sides they will gaze down on a pan- j 50,000,000 persons ' The movement of lif: nn-l ma ilerlnls from city tti country' fron port lo port, W ni be slroivn by th .use of models, pictures, etc. On scene will rude away ID ^ive pine • to another. -They will-stretch fu cff to tlie horizon, while ..overhear i'llerniMive [lattsrns ol light an: clouds will move across the vas dome. The platform will hold about 1,50: £p?ctnlors aiul make a coiupleti revclutloii nvery nfteeu minutes Tli» exit will opi'u onto the bridge to the tower, from which stall's am a.ramp will lead to ths ground The ramp, circular in shajie wil curve three quarters of the wn ni'puhd the pool, forming pnrl o the 'architectural rjacksroim:) ol th-> Center. IL will 1,3 doo' feel lon° •nid will serve on occasion as : 21'cnt runn-ay for the statin,, O i pa»canls ^nd parades. Prom il visitorp | re a bi e to survey tlr entire g-oiinds. In i.nn-nnciuj the plans Mr Wlralcn sifirt: "We promised the world something ne«- in ftiir nrehit--ctnre find here—something radicallj dif •erent and yet fund.-nnentillj \old as man's experience- som= thing simple 'ns to forjn, b;autifu and structurally sound. Vw^ beh u that In these 'plans the aixlulecU have n.vprcseed not only the ferine quality inherent In an cxpo5llioi but also a suggestion of what. «-. may expect in the architecture ol tomorrow." Work on the Theme Center is cx- get under wnv in M-u Construction of (he Fair's \Am\n istration Building already'is in progress, and plans are now bciti: drawn for seven other buddings From now until next Jaiiuau it rs expected that the design of n n»» building svill be begun ever> ten 'lays. Total cos!, of the cnlire Exposition, including related city im- !5.000,000. More than 300 struc'- tures erected on the 1216!-acre site, and it is estimated that the. attendance in 1D3D will toial heart.'' """ kC|lt them '" " er «"''•' But motherly devotion had stood the lest of the years, and there couid hardly have been an angS •i thu deeper than the art- uisli of the mother who stood f' her suffering son. There is tenderness and teaii- ' m tlie thought of Jesus for His mother as He turned to' John '•on" "Woman, behold thy The most human'picture of'the crucifixion Is ..this in John's Go^- Pcl, and the significance--*of 'the ilivme event, the tragedy of, glov 'S made all the more real in £ luman setting. Want Ads Evcryllilng For Vou> Etiterialn- ment and Comfort Weds. - Burs. VOUTI! HAG ITS FLING! tOUI'E FAZENDA W1WIFREO SHAW Also Seeded bhorU USD luriinomit \ TOb „],, f „„„,,,, —Athnis^viOn— "\filmoc-10 & 20c M'hl—ifi t, ir, 1U1SOA1 i S25.00 .RANK NIGH'I'! ILcss Sf.lfe .Tax) isl night SlanrielJ (Cortchl Ciilfliin won (he S50.oo-icss state ax—.Makiue BANK DKl'OSIT ncxl •cek S25.00,' New PHILCO This new 6-voll Philco 3-fB has no equal for value in 3 bailety- opcrncd rad'o! ilany new ftaiures, including Vi'idc-Vision Dial, Gloning Beam Staiion i r intlcc and Aulonialic Volume Control. Plenty of power, fine lone, handsome cabinei. Covers all standard American broadcasts and ScatcPoliccrjlls. Com- piclc with bauerics ... ? 49 96 COSTS AS LITTLE AS 5flo A YEAR TO RUN! 50c HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. Blytheville, Ark. -COMING SOON- iii ff High.'.Swin* lou l It A Day" '•Marked Woman" : ' ' : "We man'. I i.ovi!" "Scvenlh Flcaveii" "Sea Ilcvils" ROXY, Admission always lOo ,t 2Gr! ,»? Show every night. iVTalhlccs IVi-"' Sal. ft Sun.. Kri. ,t Sun. Mali- ucc.s :,i a.-is. Saturday Mnlince at l:l:r. Weds. - Thurs. Adulls Adniilled for I'rice of "The Crime Nobody Saw" Wilh I, e ,r Ayrcs and Ruth Colman ,.-„„., SPECIAL —On Our S( '' FRIDAY Uncle Jim's Big Country Store and Fun Show ^l^^l rfcvS • - —200 - Toil your Brnif the friends'

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