The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 18, 1934
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Served by the United Press rrBEvmE COURIER NEWS TUX DOMINANT NKWHPAfra ti» wrMti*w*A», » ^^ ' "^" ^•"•^•»^^*^^-J^ ^n ttm~^ ^ <^L^4 W w m. M in» uujun*ni n&Wtt-AfKH OF MOHTMUer A&fcANtUfl ANI> mtrrM**« uiu^.u,. ^ " » » rw -X f i*;<"i J !>v Cv. f •• ! > HOME EDITION VOL XXXI—HO 23i, D»Uj Nem BlytheTlllc ocunn KlMlsrippi VtUey Leader Bljtherille Herald WMS THWART BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS?, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 18 1<)3<I SINGLE COPIES FIVE CEJJT& White House Romance? IN MID-ATLANTIC Slieiiff Wilson's Collections'; 5 Per Cent Up Ftotn' 1 ast Yoat Collfctlrin, of ,cniTcnt, state i and counly lajfes by Clarence H. Wilson,, sheriff/and collector of Mississippi .county, in 1934 showed an Increase', of approximately five pel ccht ovEi *>LolkcU«is during 1933, according- lo a survey of tax collections IriJthe county made by the Couriei News with the Co opcia- llon- of Paul Cooley, county audit or. U The percentage tmcs founded collected by the sheriff and collector during the rcgulai tax pa\Ing period, of 1933 (on 1S32 taxes) was 807 compared with 801 p L r cent in 193-1 (on-1913 ta\e ) In actual dollars snd cents the sheriff and collectors office le- celved a total bl" $'«3^65.22 this year (1933 state and .county taxes) I before ceiltfjing delinquent to the county clerks oifice . u-i. <» *->-^ •"• ,,,w,*», ....,,.u. b n.,, , ^ year a ctil of $39499301 C1C32 become the bride of John Bo°UIgei richt leccnt Chicago ' lax. Mjm "' rfod' nS t "^ corrt " i P oncient " ov ullh lll ° vvm Hfl J" nlu) orgnnbatlon Boet--- ' tiger has refused to comment and the Roosevelt s daughter, dl- President Asks States ' to Help Speed Recovery WASHINGTON Dec 18 \UEI~ Preside))!, RooMirti, loriRy rlK- Lmtclml letters lo (he govenwrfi 'of 44 slates calling for slat* leg- Ishtlou to lipin siieed recovery llirough Die' housing- program, Mr Roosevelt suggested to the executives- airtendiiienL'; to exlst^ • ing stale Jmvs'ln order to m«k<f j titles II nncl m or the- national housing net m.ore cltfcUvr ftifff swtliins deil with moitgoge Riwr- nntops nnd new construction , llio 1'irslrtent wrote (lie govern ors on: woriimendatldn : of ' Housing AdmlnWmtoi fames A Mof- ML ' > f Hatty Blown, Hairy Bailey and R. B Nolen in Hospital Heie ( Karr> Broun well'known southeast Missouri farm manager Harr> axes) I "* ' eas ' Missouri farm manager Harrv to\c-, Romance a°ain hover over the White House, If there Is any basis Bailey state line service, station and Ifi-t In fact, for Insistent Washington reports that Anna Dall left v 111 rafe operator, and R B Nolen, C1C32 become the bride of John Bo°UIgei ncht leccnt Chicago Tribune b f , k ^ e *. I ^ r and assistant to Ballej. fhn .. --.,., _.. . .,, ., _ ...,ti ». „. ._ , ... SlLslainitl Injuries tthpn Ihnti- rnr collectors office Cash Receipts Will Be Higher .A grand total of $477,356,V? from state and count) lates was received In Mississippi county during the calendar vear of 1933 This in eluded land redemptions through the county clerks office amount- Ing to $62488 $11,56114 In ordinary delinquent personal tax collections -md $831414 in di-lln- tiiient utility tax representing an unusual collection from Associated Utilities; besides the $394 391 o 1 * ccl Utilities; besides the $3943910' n , . ,,. . . , collected through the sheriff and DeCKS to Avert rmal Ad- rfl)tpf tf\r*e nfftM collector's No grand total of various tax <x>Hectlons js^ available for the cal- Ci>£(U- yeap of 1934 because co^Jec^. -<i.ors of ftell)^ o ttt persmitl ta^cea in lh«~ ifiRota, scriool districts have not made thefr reports- lu adrft- tlop to the sheriff and collectoi receipts $43356522, an estimated ^^ toillfcht, presenting a tjnsln gang-siers ftf-apons Heard testl- lotal of ?4s,ll4ts In land irdrmp ' or Continuing the nOjVal^cbrisetvi!" niony'uy one manufacturer today l.lnn nnlla/Mr*,*,, kn^^. . ..»- f HnTIS tllp Nlnrvhn ^IWimVwn \i^<fi YrJHl, It. line i\r\o. iVil o 1 fr& liwllufil- lion collections has been mide foi a total of $483,28015 While 1914 delinquent per onal collections are noi evp^cted to! those 01 1833 the grand total of collections through tax sources foi 1934 piob- ably' will exceed 1933 by $12 000 to $15,000 when all figure arc available. Ine county .'clerk's.-office did an unusually lUnsk /.msinss In land redemption!, In 1931 because, of especially attractive proposals made by the state legislature to get property back on the tax books by bargains in redemptions Tne figure of $62,488.26, representing collection's of the year, reflects' the manner In which a consIderaVtc \ number of Mississippi county "- realty owners took:advantage of the offers. Kate anil Valuation Higher - The stite and co\mt> l,ax rate (or 19T) (payable In 1034) ^ns 2 mill higher than the rate in 1932 (payable in 1933). ; The 1933'rate, however, .was levied against a total assessed valuation of $13,405.844 compared with a total assessed valuation of $12,929,226 against which the 1932 rale was Jevled. A 100 per cent collection of 1933 taxes v.-o»W have netted a .total of $507,311.19 and of 1932 taxes would have netted 148911958 These figures Include taxes extended in various school .districts of the county and the city and town taxes. Collection of real property taxes -was higher than the overage collection of both real and personal last year.'(oir 1BS2 (axes) and this Ltkrut .V.U4J2CI vtt- ii'wtijr uy ulkc IJlulnuLlu^^u CI IUUUV , ..._ —,.„.. Tiempo h^wi "tat It was po^iblp' tot Indlvlil* agency understood. > uais, to asfembl 0 sub machine gun^ ( Tlip Instrucllons vsere said to by aoqnlrlno n e c«S3Brv pirts from represent n lust minute effcit of different cornpanic' Ihe Japare.f 1 to pic\ e nt the brea^ Chalnnati Gerald P NSP (Rep tiawn of the ejiploratorj confer- N D) ordered th" vVincljesler Re- enc*. > peating Arms cornpinj 10 prepar" Dispatches irom London how- f ifat of -ales to Individuals _. L r r fi!rt tnat Hie adlouinment o" 1 " than giAemmenl agents' tad lie-en set for Thnr daj EOT in Pugolej vie? president agreed s.1th tnv^ tigator Rob=u Wohlforth that tliere" were "ilo ., .„ ,_., .... restrictions'-'-on sales' of-stocks'--anti technical' naval conference pre barrels which might- be used In limlnnn to one set for I")35 will machine guns Le formal!} ailJ6urn°(l Thurbdav, You'll sell the barrels Wonl- It uas anno weed In British q.iar fnrth said collections during tlie regular pay ment period ore customarily, below — „ .7 — " c ? lectlons bj the sheriff and col I )ro '* tamol " ll " <1 ,»r i , Pajae n an agans per cent about two per cent ertj ossciset) al {527052 In above the general average of 807 v e unre vear , c , ol ! ectlons on P" cent collection w-ould h»« pro- real proMrtj amounted to 874 p«r duced revenua. oi 54 02^ 58 last Tear «nt, about (le same margin above and $4 S23 82 th s (tin err-tiArnt- ^r-^^^r* n f DC r. ^ __ - __ _i _. _ ... T_ the genera r average of S5.fl.per' cent as .shown, tlie year before. 1932 Taxes 1933 Taxes (payable In 1933) (p'ble in 1934) Tolal assessed valuation against which state and county taxes "were ex» tended $12 929220 00 ,., Total. assessed valuation °n which' loxes won: Paid through sheriff and tollector vorcetl. lost, summer from Curtis Dall, to Q New' York : broker,. war, 'btit 1 journment of Lorirjon Arms Discussion 1 rfiS;5(ii*"iiJcc ^ IB (UPT* THE, gbvfrjrnerifc sent Instmc tn Us lohrton Senate Committee ' Demands Record of Machine Gun Sales Injuries when their car an into a roadside ditch oft Highway- 61, -about two miles beiow Wilson, early this morning A fourth occupant of the car, whose name could net be learned was nob Injured to any extent Brown driver of the ear was apparently the most seriously Injured He sustained a broken Jaw and chest injuries, the extent of which had not been determined today Mr Nolen had three ribs torn loose from his spine and was bruised considerably Bailey was considerably 'haken up but suffered no broken bones , ' The party was returning from Memphis after attending the Londos-Sauer wrestling match Brown who w«, still in a- seml-coiuclmis , The sSEate munitions Dee 19 (UP) — unii dele seeking Jo dbcove/r the "joiirce of Ready to Quit LONDON, Dee. 18 (UP) - The company ... _ ,.._. "Anothci 'ers lothy wilt ••ell the steels Tliere will be a final business Pistol mechanisms n ser-vtjeiible wrong meeting- of l!ie: American! British *™pon might,- be niade and Jananpsc delegates lomorrmv, mi ?ht often get In the afternoon. '..'-.-'.''• trends.' 'I imagine that could be done, Trustee 22 Terms ST. GEORGE. Kali. iTJP)—When Rudolph Scurr sttirLs on another round as trustee of St. ^George township in January It will be for his 22nd' term. Altogether lie has served 42 years. Piigsley sntd. Temporary Leak Repair A good temporary repair for i leak in the nater (ink Is a wad of i a chewing gum bound Mth friction ca fir l\r& lanf T*h/i Jnnl- rli/iiil.i l\n Services Monday for D. M. Fisher, Holland STEELE, Mo.—D. M. Fisher,'44. prominent, farmer living west o; Holland died Monday night at Ills Confei With City Ati- ihontics In F.ffoil lo Foicc Deduction WABIIWOTON DC? m (tip)— I" 1 |io»ei nghL waved hottei to- 'ia\ when Presidenl l^iosfvplt ic- M?atcd he lind Inlertilcil himself n Ihn New Yorl cllj t.ntip fnl wer .utility rntftj. The president revealed thnl, MUJOI noiello LaOuardla and Maurice P Davidson New York . v 'Hy commissioner of watei slip- i tantl > ?b gas and eleetrleltv would con- ~' L?"' 1 H" 1 Rl(hln n few daji r le conference with the, N C U \ork cltj officials came after a trslllng exchange between the ,, E I M J" C L!sht Institute ihe federal no^r coram[3 . slon regarding hie president c eneral urogram ot povsei >ard- lle-ks' and especlalh lh e TVA p>.perlment The presidents Interest In (ho . ft ° maolilne 'liegro pisserby founa the \\reet-;d cor and, occupants and summon«d a fe ^ 'Injured men' nere rented tn live to_ Wilson uhfre t|i»y receiie emergency treatment at a doctors . n ?,? es tlievlle remained today . i 'hfm. to the niy herj , nere lh j ST mm Fedeial Sej-vice' Would Set Aside 13,057,000 Actes m This State WASHINOTONTDec 18-T li c wilted statea forert wrvlce )«s made public 'details of a forest land program proposed In a recent r of the Nall °nal Resources caiis fo r ., ,, vu .. hl lui i]lt . ^-LLlllS aside In federal and state forest reserves, of 13.057,000 acres In Ar- , 4JT ."'% "' or tire (aoc. Tlie lenk should ba psrmanenlly • repaired as soon a possible. assessed at $2,271.678 in 1933. payable in 1934. 'One hundred per c"tit collection would ha\c pro- duc'd a re\cnue of S2320355 Ksl year and 422 716 78 this jenr An 8 mill tax..was extended for . sear llle cl[ j ot o ceola MRlnst . e % a 4c«td K $503073 In 1932 (Pajable In 1933) and against pron this vear) One hundred Total $104')811800 *115ll 0(800 through collector sherlfT A ^«8e total .„. 378 mills r mills A 10 mill 37.B mills 17.0 mills extended tor. n M i *»s exene o the dtjr or Blytheville against prop , i M , r in 1032, A 5 mill fox was extended for other towns in the county aealnst prop--'•- assessed at $717,297 In 1932 . . in 1933) and against proo- ertv^ assessed at $035482 in 1933 (payable In 1934) hi-mlted trev cent c6iiect!0n \\0iild have pr^Uc ed revenue of $3 686 43 last vear and $311741 this je&r I Ftor sclwol purposes tin ig rnltl tax was extended oaatnst prop-TU valued at $12«57SO, 12 mills against $464,656 nnd 5 mills aialnst $13180 in 1912, onp hundred per cent collection" would have -Drbduc- cd $22911217 for school use Por school purposes an 18 mill lax las extended a°alnst p-opcrh valued, al $12669681, 12 mills asalnst $663148, 8 milts against $85100 and 10 mills agllnst $] 10,769 In 1933 one hundred per cent collection would have produced $23024737 for Funeral services wore held Monday, afternoon' at the. home-by the Rev. Joe -Dorhap and interment was made at Mount-Zlon cemetery, wtli the German Undertaking company' In charge. He Is survived by hK wife, Mis Serin, Fisher, four children. Murray jr:, Sherman, .violet and Carl his parents, Mr.,and Mrs. .Sam Fisher, two ilster-5, Mr^ Maggie Rich ard'on and Mrs 1,111'c Norrld, and on D brother. Sam-Nbrriil. /CRIP It was good news to leam that Ihe.GoodfelloRS are getting buty .In,-plenty of time to set that every needy home In BlythevlUe receives some : Chrlsfmas trman btance. Its the spirit of an understanding and ^ympathetlo community In which tbe cltlrens •11 want to do' their part In- this most commendable , projram. While We are going about the Goedfeltows job, let's not for- Set that, the people, of Blylhe- vllle are still ibelng a^ked to uso Relief Scrip ind stamps for ev The service recommends heavj public ownership foi the mountain section" of , Arkansas and "dominant private.;;-ownership" In the commercial forest lands of tbe lo? land .section, the ialter to be Interspersed with small state forests Of the 13057000 acres recommended for public rescues 3251,000 would be a state reserve ind 9 806000 a federal resene At pres- cnt the state has 1 021000 in pub- liclj owned forest lands and Ihe eoeral government 1559000 acres lue proposed reserves would b« Jarjelj in O ie following counties Carroll Boonp Baxter Lawrence, Buren, Pope Milton filone, „ . -V- Johnson, Mai-iort Randolph' Cleburne, Newton Madison Saline Montgomerj, sco f t Yell Polk Pu lasM, White, Benton Irard lnd«I pendence, Franklin and Conwaj Victim of Accident services r ,* aoon . he , .Methodist ci,ur>h fe Ed- Brogdon 14, von of , Ben BrOBdon Mho of IMTECCIIT Spont Monlhs in Gangland to Trap Indiana INDIANAPOLIS, Illll 0(0 18 (UP)— J IMftnid Jinrct dcnulj altoinej toiicm) of ludlnim, do- today him ho nml n piclls A stubble of Uic brnKl iihlch lie •"" i" D|»l of his (thgulw i-- liinlned on his Thc Iwlv uisf iMHHiM In tin (n) , P of Joseph <.lMiy) Hums apod fmllniui klllei- and susiirci In u 4427 OOff mcrtUjn N V holdup In\ mom id Uic ri(>iiule\e nrmorrd t ni 21 Clutching a blue sleol i whlih he rxr-'Onn.lli tfnk Bui us when the oullav \\n, In an npartnionl tilled 'with 1 unusual" about „..- „ Hue g lms nm | 0( hei weapons Harce saw when ,. . BarCfi .TSSLr" 10 ™ "•"• «?«* of .hls'SSlH^ Ill <UI slate hoiL'o uuek) noiii from Ihf fit....... Bt ,, v , 11 ,., „,. nee who accompanied iinrce on lit: umlevworld mlvonMiri?! ...... Ilie- smilingly leferrcd nil f lorn Ho" 11 to hei of- In awning Yawns Doctoi STEHLINQ, 111, Dec 18 (UP)- Complctc ot Mrs »•"« '- ''^ (HGHTTi OFFICE Opponents of Clay Counly Officer Cite Conviction on U. S. Charge ' LITTLF ROCK "DOC 18 (UP>Clay county delegations waited for a conference with Ciov a M ,Pii- trell today to argue the iWcf ot 0 COI7Un!5SlOn In ^Vmn*,. T* ji.~ . -, .i-l rale of 12 01 15 5 aw ill a minute- was announced toda> by her nhv- slclnn Dr H - 1. Pcltllt moilcst coun try doctor, said Mrs McICee yown- NEW vottic, Dec ie (upi S! Tho Mile Noiweaion frefghflr to with some 6f hci crtV lied lo Iheli posts, tossed rilfyf a nild-Adanllr storm toqay He lescue vessels battled uTfi angry -sea in an effoit to ''o|d Tlie seicrlt) of'the» storm y& pearcd Ilkelj to del«V remqVai at Ihe Sistoa cresi until AVednesday morning ^_> i » ^ Huge liners carryingJmanj' p^s? songers paused of-"turned from the trans Atlantic steamship lanw In response to the distress calls of about 30 men-exhausted, faced f 4t,^ eixlh ' bu! * lm foutaseou'j In their fight against the 5 <>a-the 1,120-ton freighter „ "'. Bennett Cla»k Fe ais Gag on Newspaper .Shoul^l $3$?-^ %& ^ Wai Come WAyiiiNCi I ON Dec lu iuiv— — * j B•*•*«*» ui on on tiv Seimtoi Bennett Chnmp Olark ttavcs nnd prepared to put o5 tCpm M(% "l i>nMn>-n.i I „.!„.. \.- lllcboUL 1 ; In taVo «iFT IV,« S fii.CA wnrtly washed away ntid ,.„, ,. uu der gone The rescue ship pkia'f (UP)— ™ Innn J gallons of oil on till (Dem Mo) declared today I IB A ,f ,„ she would ••• ° rttm< " i * !lcn aUompt hlm lllt ' )inll ecare oay IB esos to Iho utmost any cr(> \ 1 bllt tn « Wwerlng wa\es «'-, \nflr1n ll,« .., ____ „.• PCateilU bnllfPcl (Vie nMa^^t .'press or Involuntaiy """*""' PcttUt said Tii^IcUn and specialists ta'MffiX^tfi rrZ,,,f "!f, nt ^, V ' h0 ca ' nD here lemplnled • Clark .raid -Such w- fline Tf Lf M 1 ,, 0 "" llle klf - " on wnuw ^ trcmendmlly damning affliction <;atd they weie sLIll aging '- "•- - • puzzled by Its cause - "Sliicnts told (he United In the governor -f reception Ui«/ would protest Irbv s cOm- mlislon on, grounds ht ? as incom- J*^ nt ^"s* of a cojwlctlon on a federal charge He allegedly was convicted of mtsu A nr i s n &r<ffl M ^^'™* , Trbs here to defend himself told of his postmaster hip ahd or his £!ifa c ,?qUcnt retea c e Negro Slayer Is Given Death Pen% r\tr pi n licensing Ullicei Lharges, Lommim-' Hnrlls lle """ ist oits to Down Morale * WASmNQTON, Dec 18 (UP)— Brig Qen Alfred T Smith. In charge of armj intelligence, charged today before a house Investlgat Ing committee, that . . ... of the nation under a licensing sjstem > Wd OlsVk ,that so far as ..- v .._.. such a bill had not been prepared nor contemplated More Loans Announced to Drainage Districts WASHINGTON, Dec The Reconstruction oration totaling Ark, late }e.iterday The negro uas arrested several' months ago by Bljthevillc off! cers railroad special agent? and police at Cairo, III., after he eluded capture here. ' V..Q. Holland, who ns a notary received acknowledgenient..of Phillips' confession, made lu the county jail here, was a slate witness at ,the trial. Sheriff Clarence Wilson and . Police • Chief ^ rt Rfce attended the trial. (UPJ— the loans were to the Ark region Thev were County Le-vee District $233 000, uer. HivBsiigaimg . Nazi activitj irict No 6 t-K onn and no, ha.s s^ung to Commmi- lr '^. "Ue.s*' S?n ism Schook Close Today The . city's -public schools dosed today for a two weeks Christmas holiday with classes lo be resumed Wednesday, January 2. St. James, Drainage East Prairie, Mo., was $83,000. district, granted vllte are still,Wins asked to itsc IJ">Pped off a -m-agoa and ran in Relief Scrip ind stamps for ev- front of a car driven bv Clide Wat-! "j pnrpose possible The stamp, ^s °* ^' }ac " Sl | >*e mnst ase maU It possible ' Rsv * ~ ' (o keep men at wotk, lo -0. F .. tii*es,sIUcs those unfortunates of life unable for to irork, (o take : c»re.of the old and sick who need attention, and lo c»rry on a **ner»l rork relief relief protrim . , •f R Bufllhglon anj Rev Franks conducted Die fii- c*m t d e ™ mt ^ S<itWood1 ^™ Pallbearers <vnd honorarj pallbearers ucre members of tnc freshr man class of the local high school, of which Bd^aird wa,^a membei Utilities Will Install Curing Plant The Morgan Utilities ics plant on the Yarbro road will have a custom meat curing plant readj for operation by December 24, It «ras an nounccd today by u A. Moore, the local manager lug «UI be o;allable charm !be based on the weight of the mea " q will Unavailing Rages lo take off attempt bis' Season cotton In substantial quantities , Receipts last week were' 2623 bales bringing &e '-' ' BIslheville, Llttlel Rock Pine Bluff West Memphis Helena. Newport Texarkana ftfarfonna Oarutheravillo Hayll, Pqrtagevllle 3022 ! 1,728 1391 •-, 687 , 62S 441 428 368 356 lut'3 232 785 1, '68871^ sajiaa" 16649 23,78? •* 25,038;" as^er 67,664 ~ Missing Texas -,-,- kidnaped bjLa mantio was found today lj*the stolen RutomobDe of his father, Basso Larrlson, farmer near here. Tho boy was unharmed but inM frightened and -sobbing when an officer found him The,car,was of his abduction Youth Succumbsff To Attack of Pneumonia icai manager. A procedure similar to that ns»d ^"Wl services will be held to 1 i large p-vct Ing plants wiuo>> used morr °w for Everett Francis Daiiey Slaughtered hogs received at tlie , sm of Mr anti Mrs E P : plant TV 111 be held In T pre cooler ey ' 35 Adams street, Wilson, njno for 30 days bsfore cutting and cur g jccujnltlei p »t s o'clock this morning [ing Dry salt and sugar, ariMpre " """" pared smoke sugar methods of cur- _,, . ii>,» niu IM n , a ii^:.,. ^_. ... / Funeral services wm be held'at the family home at Wilson be based on the weight of the mea e amy om * st Y' 1 ' 50 " at 1 actual]} cured Trimmuies" rf! b-- odoc! ' tomorrow alteftioon Inter- returned to the owner ™* nt * 1!1 b ?. ma * e at Elmtfood csm- Pneumonta Fatal to eterj here at 3 3D o'clock Tne Riv. Mr Lewis of Wilson will officiate Wilson, friends of th» deceased will „. _ — -;„ s-rve as pallbearer The Cobb nn- rioneer Looter Woman « ert «'Jn« cottpany is m charge of funeral arrangements'. '_ The^ deceased is survived by his two sisters, ?atillhe and of this cltj, COOTEB, Mo—runeral services uere helu 3und&5 afternoon for Ifrs Marj Jane Cranford Palter 69 pioneer of Cooler, r.ho died late Friday afternoon after three days Illness of pneumonia, at the home of her son, Ira Puller Set vices sere held at the Baptist church by the Res Hei torment was cemeterj Mrs Pallcr Is stinlvKl by one son Memphis ~and vicinity —it >n Ira Fuller, two daughters, Mrs possibly turning to snow flurries Cara OKanc and Mrs Maudle tonight and probably Wedneidsr stmett of Etowah, Ark, three bro- morfllng Warmer tonight, colder tners, o N Cranford J A Cran- Wednesday ford, and J B Cranford, two sis- The ma\Urmm temperature here ters, Mrs, Barbara Griffin and Mfss yesterday wss «, mlnUnum 33, Emallne Crantord, all of oblonj partly clov-dy, according to Samuel county, Tenn s iF Norrls, o«W»l iwnther ^-' WEATHER ,, -- - 1—- "..^,.,1 U j Arkansas—RSIn tonight, probably the Res Herman Wagn°r and in clearing Wednesday morning "" wide at Number 8 Slightly warmer in extreme east portion tonight Colder Wednesday.

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