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The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois • Page 3

The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois • Page 3

The Inter Oceani
Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:

A THE COURT RECORD. tike. Bond Again Before Judge Farwell Fate to Be De dded Tils ft. Petition to Amend the Decree for Sale of the Peoria and Bock Island Railroad. fm Xere Butkropti Fall late Sr. Kemp' HamIi How Real Estate Deal- en Fall. Che Adelphl Theater Contest--The Courts Pull Various Items. TES C0TJ2T8. issoTTBOKaam amd itsim. He farther eall of Judge McAllister's law eaten- tar unm niter ins buuivan trial, waicn com-uences this morning In the Criminal Court. The bankruptcy calendar will be subject to eall xom this morning. Judge Drummond will leave for Springfield to- tight on his circuit. Ha will remain there for tbont ten days, and then return to Chicago tor a tew days, when he will leave for Milwaukee, to be again absent for about two weeks. PATENT BtTPTLlIRS. Before Judge Drummond on Saturday. In the latent ease of tne Elm City Collar Company gainst John M. Driest and outers, being a salt decide the validity of the ruffier patent, tor tewing- machines, used by the Union Baffler Company and the other complainants. stipula tion was entered Into between the parties that the complainants will not bring any other suit tor infringement of their patents against any (arsons who may use Grelst's ruffling device an til the determination of the present suit. Both turtles are to be ready for final hearing by Kay 10 next. Ha ADELPHI TH1ATEB. The fight about the possession of the Adelphl "Theater has at last been terminated by Leonard 0 rover selling out his interest In the lease te Blgdon and Lamphere. Mr. X. F. Tuley made a motion Saturday before Judge Farwell. in the old ult of Leonard Grover against Lamptiers and ethers, to have the suit dismissed and the lease and property of the Adeluhi Theater turned over to the defendants. Mr Hardy, the counsel for Mr. fr.v tit rM.Alvnr finruaAf tti mftttnn fin tliA rround that there wa.4 now mxr K1 4iu Ium Hi. receiver, and that this sum could not be collected If the motion was allowed. The Jnriira iu-ncirA. Ingly denied the motion and directed the receiver to flle his report by next Wednexdav. when no doubt Lamphere's counsel will make another effort to secure the poesesslon.of the theater for ms tentni oi nis client. BANKBCPTCT BBOISTXIt H1BBABD Robert E. Jenkins was on Saturday elected asttieneeof Louie Keinauh, the toy dealer. The creditors also accepted a composition of 35 per cenU. payable 25 cents in cash and 10 per cent, in 10 months, secured by the guarantee of Jacob The first dividend meeting of the Crystal Lake i-ickiuik ana rreservwg wonts was continued to March 24 at 2 o. m. will be chosen at 10 a. m. to-day for me louowtng estates: Jesse 14. JLyons. A. J. Han' chett. Horatio 8. freeman. The composition meeting of Horatio 3. Freeman will be held at 10 a. m. to-day. The taking of testimony In the State Insurance case, as to expunging the 2 19.000 of claims, was continued until Colonel van Annan shall have been released from ni attendance on the Bull! van trial. THE PKOBIA Aim SACK Joseph M. Drexel and John Elliott presented to Judge Drummond. on 8atnrdav, a petition asking to have the deerea of fi.rttAlofuir ajid aala of thi. railroad, entered tn January last, amended. The petitioners state that the provisions In the decree srivlna the Coal Vail Mininff Comnini a ra valtv of 23 cents on every ton of coal carried over the road as a prior lien to the first mortgage securing the bonds are unjust. Neither bondholders nor trrwteee were parties to the contract of let9 with the Coal Valley Company, and it is not recited in the contract that it shall be a prior lien. The mortgage also fail to state the priority, but does state be bonds to be uwiind bv it are first morUut bonds without any limitation, and the bonds were negotiated as such. Again, when the contract of 181 was made with the Bock Island and Peoria Railroad Company, that eompany anly owned 12 miles of road, and the petitioners contend that the contract should not relate to any other part ot the present road, as the line between Coal valley and Peoria was constructed by the mortgaging eompany with funds derived from the sale of bonds, and no lien should be allowed on it. Again, it is stated that the Coal Valley Company's claim was allowed by consent, and without a hearing on the part of the bondholders. The petitioners therefore ask that the decree may be amended so as to make the mort gage paramount on all the road between Peoria and uoai alley: tbat either property shall be old in parcel, dividing the ssme at Coal Valley. Or that if sold aa an antiretv that the daorM shall provide that the purchaser shall hold suDiect to the. eiso.000 mortgage, and that the contract nail be expressly confined to the northwest twelve miles of the roaiL Judge Drummond gave the petitioners leave to Die their petition, but no hearing will take place Deiorenage vrummooa a teturn uom spring-field, which will be la ten days' or two weeks time. stub's bokd aoaxk. JnnM Virv.ll mitM r.nniwl .11 if. hearing arguments as to dissolving the injune- uon in the Citizens Association case against uoumy ueo ana Mine jtvans. restraining tne turning over tne collectors books until a Draper bond shonM be sriven. Messrs. Puller and Ooudy represented Evans, and Messrs. Herrick. ivLna isnaai appeared tor tne (supervisor. Mr. Fuller presented the affidavit of Evans, which referred to the examination of his bonds men aa to their worth, and to the absence of Mr. Lauooin irom tne city, and then stated that a nute bad been sent the Supervisoi anting for informa tion as to the amount of damages which he believed might occur by reason of any breach of his official bond as Collector of the town ot South Chicago. In reply he had received a letter to the effect that the law presumed every man will pay his taxes. when lawfully demanded, and that thu very lowest standard which ought to guide any omcer wnose auty it is to approve tne collector pona was, in tne absence a statute nxing a lower standard, the amount of taxes which could possibly come into such Collector's hands. The affidavit then recited that onlv eishtdavs now re gained in which the taxa could be collected, and lence urged the importance of an immediate de. iision on the question of dissolvingthe injunction wuu-n now restrains tne county ciera irom turn 11 mi doom over to mm. Alter soma hours hail maii AThanstsfl in nrs. Jminary matters Judge Farwell announced that te thought Evans' bund was good for any amount taxes which might now come into his bands. It had been shown to be worth at least II. 3O0.000. and he was satisfied it ras good for a reasonable amoonf. The Buper-risor was dearly in the wrong. The only ques-aon left to. be considered was whether the Mx-payers had a right to ask the court to see 41st tne 900KS were not turned over to any lrre iponsible person. It EvanaSznt hold of the hooks. inti hia lwn1 ata I I I A tnd he collected taxes, and the bond would not 101a nis suretle. for any amount the tax-p4yers were unprotected, and he thought that was a proper matter tor him to consider before he dis-wired the injunction. He must be satlstled that lie bond would bind the sureties even though it res not approved by the Supervisor as required the statute. The counsel then counted until 5:30 o. m. in ugumente on thi sole point. The court stated iat he would reader his decision at 2 o'clock this luerneon. TUB CALLS FOB A 3-D AT. JtjDOB Dbcmmosd. Conclusion of the motion to confirm the report of the sale of the Chicago. Danville anil VinennnA. i fo hrt passed cases ntbe District Court civil calendar for trial. iu. uaoarupMiy caienaar is subjeot to call at any Judos Jaitrsom t.a ma 'nttm r. Sy.W'V,..0" Cits 'vs. Beeves, aud vny vs. Aieiany. udob Gary. No cause on trial. Call is 215, Wd 219 to 237. inclusive. AiSOB Ho cause on hearing. Call is 9.OtandBl. McAjlustxb. So cenrt nor eall until forth notice. Call is tie. 122, 12a. 127. 131. 135 to 160 Inrlu.lva. Jdtob cause on trial. Call Is set cotuer. and ealendar Noa. -f 1 FM Oleson vs.Wak.eley. .1.11 WH THS BXCOUD OjT'wot. 84. Vnltsd States Ctrenlt Court. SEW BTTTTO 14.434 Union Mutual Lif. ofJohn Julian: loseph E. Otis. G. P. Treads. T. E. W.Jewell. Bill to foreelose three trust deeds sggregaung ao.aoo. on slots, bloca 21. Can. Trus. sub. of sec. 29.39, 14. excepUng a slip 85 feet off north end of lot and 50 feettront on oraerot th lot. I Bobert Kendall, soir. 14.433 In the matter ot Alex. M. and Thbs. E. arrMr and Jaaea A. Bialr. bsnJuoMa. PetiUoa ill TIED DAILY XNTEB-CCEAN. HONDAY MOlINTNGr, FEBRTJABY of Geo. W. Campbell, utlcae, for rviw. ham At Miller, suy. Cits- Collar (Jo. a. tArlaat. order aa prepared, kt.w PETrnojia. Jon BTcAnrnon.or Chicaoo. IMS. Volun tary petition, tie eighth pug. Relereaoa to Register Hibbard. John Borden, atty. Wabbbw. kCENrr A or CnicAoo. S.49e Jnvoluntary petition filed against Elijah Warren, ames F. Keener. Henry A. Warren, and Albert E. Warren, real estate dealers at No. lu-J Wub-Ington street The petitioning creditor are Pas. Sorague A Smith Jacob Binn. Jr, S3.6ttS.70; Joseph Clapp. 0O5.96; Henry Turner. James E. Tyler, S30.0O0. and lie Chicago Artlnolal Stoae Company. The debtors are eaargeo witn siring to one Theodore A. Shaw in int. zj, iovo, a warrant to eoniees judgment 'or on which on Oct me, John 8. ytle. the then k-gal holder of thw notes, caused a judgment to be entered op in the Superior Court, and an execution placed in the Sheriff's nanas, mereDy creating a preferential lien on the property of the debtors: also that on Nov. 15. 187tf. being insolvent, the debtors made a preferential payment of $1,000 to the firm of Mosier De Coudres on certain unsecured notes. It is aiso sworn taa tne nrm of Warren, Keeaey At Co. have for several years past been engaged in a large and prosperous real-estate business: that they own a large amount of real estate and owe a large amount of debts, their liabilities be ing largely in excess ot their assets, and that they neve ween utterly insolvent tcr me past ma months. A rule to cause March a was issued. Monroe, Bisbee At Bail, attys. HatrBT K. WrLcox. Cmaaaev 8.501 Volun tary petition tiled by Wilcox, a real estate dealer at 85 Washington street The secured debts are sifl.uvs.. tne securities consisting 01 rw tate valued at The unsecured liabilities are 13.014.67. The preferred debts are 9224 for labor and taxes. The asset consist of real es tate worth isttjOOO, put incumoerea tor a.oov. ana a mechanic hen of unknown amount Betereno to Begister Hibbard. J. SuhlerniUauer. ally. Cuiui H. Nichols, op Cmoaoo. SJVOa In voluntary petition filed against Nichols, a boot and shoe aeaier at iy ooutn naisiea street, ine petitioning creditors are the East New York Boot Shoe, and Leather Manufacturing Company for $953,261 Sauseer. Son and Jos. C. IJndslev. 325. The debtor is charged with giving on Deo, 27. 1676. two confessions of judg- Uiflnr-VDO lur in i.vur vi uwrss niruuio, and one for J.3 12.22 in favor of George 8. Nicholsunder which the debtor's goods have been taken under execution. A rule to show cause March 6 was issued. MoCleilan L. Cummins, auya. Ordias Mass Fbidax. 2.S24 Jonn Schneider et at Assignee's final account referred to register. 1 3.435 McFar and Prioa. Order for hearing on composition March 10. .372 Raphael fbtiupson. i order tor Bearing on composition March 2. 1 1 Saperior Cesart. NW 8TJITS Rfl.175 P. Downs vs. Geo. Monro. Anneal. 66.176 Jemmiah Leahv vs. Patrick JJalton. Trespass. Morris. KcBae A Co attys. 66.177 Cornelius M. Komana vs. tiolnrtch Heimsath. Confession ot judgment Holmes, Bieh Noble, attys. 66.178 John D. Hansehttdt vs. Charles Wets-ler. Bill for account ot partnership in the bed lounge business, and tor a receiver lor the firm ot Wetrler At Hauachlldt. Barber a Laekaer. so Irs. 66. 17 Steams, Dana Co. vs. Thompson At McCracken. ot Webster City. Iowa. Attachment $432.24. Freeman a Hannay. attys. LAW CHIEF JUbTICE JAME80N. Okdkhs. bjitiil. Bease vs. Grow; new trial granted, and leave to amend narr. 72. Becker vs. Hauler; order of Hept 14. 1875. set aside; appeal by 3,706. Wyaoeke vs. Barlodxie; new trial granted as to Kiolbass, aad denial aa to other defts. 1 JoDOwnrr. 2.943 Carpenter vs. Meserve. Judgment on finding. LAW JUDGE OABT. OBDns. 14.126. Adams vs. Merrill; leave to file 'new affidavit of cause ot action 14,610, Shaffner vs. Wormer: motion to discharge garnishee denied 14.430. Akin vs. Constantine; demurrer to replication overruled 13.W90. Peters vs. Hears; leave to file security tor costs 12.318, Williams vs. Durn; leave to file bill particulars and to amend 14.551. Pard ridge vs. Cox; leave to file new affidavit of cause of action 11.442, Williams vs. aecrist: demurrer to picas sustained, and leave to amend general issue 14.447. Small vs. Jones; books to be placed In the hands of H. C. Hon within IO days 10.847. Gould vs. B. H. dismissed by agreement 7.356. Fraser vs. a. S. dt B. dismissed as to all but Adam Smith. Judgments ajto Vbbdicts. 7JS81. Waufhon vs. Turner; verdict tor deft; plff. moves for new trial 840. F. E. A. oleott et al. vs. Thomas and Lacblan McLachJan; judgment $S90 3.231. John Brose. admr vs. Union Foundry Works: judgment $Soo, and same satisfied 14.199. western Electric Manfg. Company vs. Geo. B. H. Hughes: judgment appealed 11.810. James Pat- ton vs. James 8. ainkaid; judgment S7.233.14. CHAXCXBT-JTJDGE MOOBZ. Obbkbs. 1.064. Fiedler va. Rah la: defanlt of Olbbs LI 1 8. Gag v. Weatworth: master's re port 01 sale and distribution eonormea 2.038, Huleatt vs. Coffmann; diamisaed by eomplt 406. aleou vs. rean; same order 1.7m. binger vs. Singer; leave to amend bill, aad motion So reinstate injoaetion denied 2.100. Smith vs. Boot: demurrer confessed, and leave to amend petition 2.U82. neicnert vs. jKeicnert; aeiauu 1,078, Oerbrich vs. Gerbrich; default ajbtbkb. ijbtl. Tat va. indett: deerea as- polnting commissioners 1.935. W. D. Charles vs. WmHickey; decree tor $700 and sale of premises; appealed 1.628. Murdon vs. Martin: decree trderiogoonvevanoe 2.076. Frank Ammon vs. lymanE. De Wolf et aLi aecre tor and tor sale of premises. Clremlt Cesnt, new arrrr 23.729-H. P. Mete vs. F. Mattes. Appeal, 2X729 Wm. H. tjadr va. Hotter .1 Palmei P-ln- Bill to reform lease of No. 740 State street and iauu aujoiauig vn to norm 10 resoect to taxes, and enjoin prosecution of judgment in forcible entry aad detainer. Mann. Ingham tt Pop, solrs. 23.730-0. 0. Fish vs. Wm. Swlnourn. Replevin. $76. M. D. Brown, etty. 23.7ai u. tiiracn vs. a. Jlaysr, et at Appeat 23.732 Marv L. Cronia va Tiifinik. Bill for divoroe for eruelty. J. P. Alugeld, soir. 23.7aa novo mx LO. Va. HnnhlA l.n In-. 23.734 J. L. Suvena vs. Wm. 8. McDonald et ai. Appeal. city 01 Chicago vs. Joseph Sherwln. Appeal. i 23.73 Anns J. Cards vs. E. Borers and CM. Clark. Trover. Geo. 8 parting, atty. ,23.737 M. w. Powell vs. Mary 8.MoArthuret si. Appeal. LA JUDGE BOaEBS. OBDBltS. 3.089. Kller vs. Wrinht: till Marsh 1A to tile bill of exception 4.855. Hoffman vs. Ba nner; aestn 01 ms. suggested, and executrix substituted 23,700, Ingersoll vs. Fanning; rule to refund appeal costs 23.701, AbboU vs. Wilde; same 23.702. Colby vs. Dean: same 23.72H. Mills vs. Mattes; same 23.726. Sokup vs. Hokup; dismissed by pltL 23.711. Leeb vs. Bochahr: rule to refund appeal eost 23,722. Wiek-ert vs. Richardson: same Kitchen VS. Smith: anneal dlamiaaad 7.152. Psroetzka vs. bullivas: same 23.692. Samner vs. Seveltser; rule to 1 refund eot ex tended to Monday a. m. 23.685. True vs. htaf-ford: appeal dismissed d. e. 23.723, Gorham vs. Darlow; rule to refund anneal costs Hoi- uniw uimi, same xo. iw, ciaen vs. art-man: same order 23,707. Laughlin vs. Keefer; Walworth vs. Con.tantine; dis-rdissed by PltL 6.706.Wilson vs. Jones: demurrer to narr. taken ander Loew-enberg vs. Adams; E. Brunswick and 0. P. Chase made garnishees 7.019. Davy vs. Levy: bankruptcy of deft, suggested, and motoin entered to set aside Judgment 7.104. McBean vs See; rule to refund appeal costs 4.613. Mills vs. ChL W. D. By. leave to flle special replication. liAW-JbUUfi BOOTH. vs. Merritt: dismissed p. by agreement 6.H72. Denslow vs. Peon. B. R. Co.cause transferred to D. 8, Circuit Court 6.900. Welch vs. Dennison: dismissed by plff. 4.912. Wilson vs. Austin: rule on deft to file statement of set off 4.083. Cole vs. Weeks: A. B. Fenton. garnishee, discharged 2.204. Miller v. am. ins. aemurrer to amended narr. sustained, and leave to amend 7.079. 8tooe vs. Levy; bankruptcy ot both defts. suggested 7.217. Eckhart vs. Pratt; appeal dismissed d. 5,133. 8c-b wars vs. Bradley: order as prepared 7. Vi. Barry vs. Blely: appeal dismissed d. 1:373, Brown vs. Weston; motion to reinstate continued to March 87.043, Christian vs. Hirsch: dismissed p. e. by agreement 74tt, Hellis vs. Hinch; same order. Judombnts. 4.266. Andrews vs. MeCord; Judgment on verdict for B12A28; appeal 4.20A. Miliar va. Waiker; judgment verdict 1 CHANCERY CHIEF JUSTICE FAB WELL. Orders. 1,411. Duratid vs. Bradley: dismissed as to eity. and default of several other defts. 1.214. Bobert vs. Maher: master's report of sale confirmed 1.674. btereley vs. Coggcshall: set for second Monday of March 1.637. Orover vs. Atmpnere; receiver to pay out no more moneys without order ot court, etc. 1,673. vs. Obadiah Jackson et aL; hearing of motion for receiver postponed till Saturday 1.645. Ofen-loch va. Otenloch: default B. B. 1: K. Hawes Withdraws appearance for certain defts. CHAMCF.RV JTrnriTt wtt.t.tavo Obdxbs. 1.602, Tbamm vs. Thamm: default 1.658. Burns vs. Barns: leave to amend bill. Dbcbeb. 2R6 Servu vs. BervU; final decree fixing alimonr at a 100. Di tosc rannle Tloheuor from George v. THE tUtUVAW TRIAL To-day the Soulvan trial will be called In the Criminal Court It is expected that thr will be no further delay. Mr. Leonard Swett and Mr, Emery A. Storm will condact the def ense.the latter gentleman having taken the place ofTjolonel Bobert Ingersoll, who. in eonssaaene of hi lector- lng tour. hs. been compelled to withdraw from tne case. The prosecution will be conducted by State Attorney Mills ana Oolonel Tan Axavan. CITY CONCERNS. Satardaj'e Preeeedlap ef the Ceaunea Cms- I dX aa Ue ApprepriatUa Bin. A Tew Scrape of XnteTUiranee fros the City Hall Corridors. TBM COX7SCTX. The City Council met Saturday aiWaooa aad treat Into committee of the whol on the appropriation bill. Aid. Throop presiding. The sewerage fond item being nnder eonIdra-tlon, th debate which waa IntompUd Friday day afternoon by adjournment wa resumed. It earns manifest that majority of the Aid were In favor ot making larger appropriation than that recommended by the Finance Conw iOB than tnai reeommenaea dt uiiisum TUX CXTT HALL. Comptroller Farwell has returned from Xanaaa. Only twenty-two deaths from scarlet fever last week. The receipts from the water office Saturday were si.uia. The small-pox patient has recovered and been discharged from the hospital. Permits for th erection of about $40,000 worth Of buildings were Issued last week. The second test of the engines of the West Side pumping works will be begun to-day or All property 00 which special assessment have been levied will be sold br the Counlv Collector I -unless the amount shall have beea settled by March 15. Mr. Quinlan. the owner of the building in which avert y's Theater is located, has writtea to Building Superintendent Cleareland. promising to adopt th latter reformatory measures so soon as he can. in justlo to the present ooeupaaU. make th dsslred changes. BULL-DOZED CROOKS. Th Way Jadg Vf HUaua Tmtil arday. The Criminal Court waa brisk on Saturday. Sentence were passed as follows: James Bren-nan. larceny, thirty days In Bridewell; Dyer H1U, burglary, sixty days In Bridewell: Peter Wicker, burglary, two years in Penitentiary nis second term: Joseph Blauudlager. larceny, two years in Penitentiary; Edward Pratt larceny, sixty days In Bridewell; Michael Moloney, larceny, six months in Bridewell; William Andrews, larceny, tour months in bridewell; J. C. Bennett, larceny, thirty day Jail; Charles Lee, larceny, tour months County Jail; George Johnson, larceny, one year Penitentiary; Samuel Bowies at Isaiah grown, ourgiary. lour years each Penitentiary: George GioKoo. assault aix mon'h Bridewell; Michael Swick. burglary, on year Penitentiary: Charles Warfleld. robbery, one year Penitentiary; Jonn Anderson, larceny, three years Be- lorm Hcnoot: 1 nomas Anderson, larceny, two months Bridewell: Owen Biddle, larceny, on year Penitentiary; Jerry ualey. burglary, -aix years Penitentiary: John larceny, two months County Jail; Jamas Harrington, rob bery, five years Henry Clifford ana ionn onaer. ourgiary. two years each. Penitentiary: Adam Roche, burglary, three year Peniteotiary: Barney Gallagher, larceny, four ears Penitentiary; Hermann Schmidt and oeeph Sebastian, robbery, two year Pen- iteauary; ran a nearney. robbery, on year Bridewell; Frank Lee. larceny, in which he shot an offl-er. ten year Penitentiary hi third term: William Bums, burglary, seen year Penitentiary Uorg Carroll, re ceiving stolen good, on year Penitentiary; Richard Casey, larceny, on year Bridewell; Frank Simon, robowry. six yeare Penitentiary; Georg Harris and John MoLaln. assault with intent to kill, flv years each in Penitentiary. Home ot tn parties arraigned war granted a new trial. ana in eases 01 otovrs atno was deterred. The day' work, however, was a good one. A bold attempt was created la? the eoart room during th delivery of the eatene by Jerry Daley, a noted "crook." Ho tried to scap by Climbing from his Mat over the railisg that snr-round th seat for prisoosrs. Making his wsy to the corridor eonnecting the east end ot the a tiding with tne jail, he reached th street He waa captured, however, twe blocks away. A DEM0CXAT1C -OWL The Democratic City Central Committee held meeting Last Saturday afternoon In their room, in the American Express Company's building. Mr. John Mattocks oeenntad th chair. The actual business tranaaeted amounUd vry Little. Thar was, however. Is piao real work the usual lot of gush which is so characteristic of Democratic meetings, Th following were appointed a eomtnlttee to raise money for theooming campaign: T. A. Hoffman, C8. Cameron. John Mattocks. S.D. Baldwin. William Devine. Malcolm McDonald. Patrick naneny. ana uustavas inge. -Colonel S. D. Baldwin offend taa foUoarln resolution: Wbbbxas, The electoral commission ha disappointed the iast expectations tha anontr. In having persistently refused by majority of one to receive evidence in regard to frauds perpetrated la Florida aad Louisiana in the returning and certifying ot th electoral vote of thoa States, although the commission bad fall power. ader the law. and waa bound by the practice and precedents established br Congress 10 raeio evidence as to th truthfulness and validity of the electoral vote; ana. WBBBBAs.Th electoral commission having authority to hear the evidence and decide, has pre sumed to decide without hearing th evidence; therafora. lifBoivrd, That th findings of the said electoral commission, based upon mere hollow forms and teobnieautles, and not upon the troth and the facta, are not entitled to the approval and tha moral support of th American peopla. jtoaoin. that to inauguration ot any man as President whose title to the oWo is not clear and unquestioned, but tainted with fraud and hafonio sucn action as wui seur a new election by the people at an early day, not later than November next RiMolmfd. That Bernard (V Caatfl.ld r.rt.. TT Harrison, and John V. La Moyne. the reprseat. live In Congnss from tb city of Chicago, requested to use all honorable aad lawful mean to secure the object eontemnlsud by the reao. iutiona. This gave the pent-up eloquence of the gentlemen an opportunity tor eecape. and they did not let It go by. Seriooa and nnmorona mmto. were made by several. Bom arced the meeting to reject the resolutions, while others wanted not only the resolutions adopted bat war precipitated uiwu tuo nuiirr at vso. jar. nue, Mr. Mat tocks, and General Ueb opposed them, and st Cameron. 8. J. Forhan. John Sullivan, aad Perry H. Smith favored them. Ther were flnalls adopted, after a great deal of talk had been indulged In. and eonlea AnimrmA Ia tto Congressmen from Cook County. C0U1TY 60SSIP. The Grand Jnrr an Satnrdaw fnneit urtoott true bill in petty cases. Teste rdav relloions aerv1ra h.M iailsconduoted by thBev.L.T. Chamberlain. ine nve commisaioner whose term wui oawro ia too iau ao not aeatr re-election. Ther IhlfutoTaid ft'tfwstt Them is another move In the direction nf reuueuon oi saianes among county official. uo uuuiuiin.iyusra nav com to tn conclusion that economy is needed, but are aneertain wher to lay the knife. A viait ttaa beea paid to the Fox Island Cm kHl ass ka. um sim tae ri' 1a eeeneec dsttaa bs 1 ana sau eoaaaieC la ateteat Loans a LaitoAl FtTBLXCATXOVB. A-W-WITat fT AXPT TRTT Linn n.l.l. bv Um r.aar.M! orricxAi. runt ic atopic I omnu, a.iii;ai erTATunirrr I Aii i al srrATiinirrr I f.tV.Tl Ti rawwirw tvarwsnr "rm of I i.LVaw aatemaleiaeXtal ska pM I Loan ee bawds 4 HUllt. AgUAa I 5 I Tl I iwoMl sarp-d trrwaisaM a Uee nesi Ailw.ii.4naMeiiay.llll.U L7e "TTT wZ TT. I TnAl M.hlMMas aw A. 1 IUU mittee. Aid. Gilbert's motion, with amendments I lawr-st aad i' AM tfnflMl 1 A mnA AM W.Ma I making taa total atnonnt was fiaaUy adopted. The other Items of rne appropriation bin were then passed with very little diseassioa. Consideration ot the item of eill.63M07 for the completion of the Fullertoa avenue conduit ao-Uon on which had been temporarily del erred, waa taken up and passed. On motion of Aid. BTeCrea. th. aalar of th. chief clerk of the Fire Department was Increased from $1,440 to The item of $12,796.54 for city's portion for pub-lie benefit tor new street openings, which wa previously stricken eat waa than adopted a recommended. The committee arose, reported arogre. and asked leave to sit agnin. On motion ot Aid. Gilbert the appropriation bin was made the special order for Monday afternoon aiaiauociocn. Adjourned. IMDMI. 4 aertb u. rvrta 4. LnsBMpst dHag tk vw. B4S 144S4 Lom.mln. mi Tasm pais dense the rw aaseaatetau eiMr Total ruts Mat hum immt is Itiii lotat rwiasis wm stnst 1 eifni sad twin a day elJaaaary. 177. oris trvniwaj ntamvat tort- la Um Nu. tw I fNtsnr, 1ST fie ee ANNUAL ATCMCNT AjaeesA et eaptav ech pmtm is lioen ee soeas a butukm 1 sited statM rtork. mmm bmas Luu on tulliUTtl mtm aau see is uea nib. fl ii. 11 gUistl 1 els nr Inssi a mo ktM kw bm taka I.I IM A HM.J at anrst row a wr m. mm th. Ilsbi ml para-iaai lam. tAMI 41. Anouot of HMtnwd prMalaas ea all mI cawuac nssi mu asr Ml. Sr a4 Islss a.vura uu On tor mmh dividwi Ael IMI aslanM. r-aL. at. iXMiorau Total HitjIllttM Prvsilasu mi I 4 Imat Um tmt la smb. uwrai aaA aiiii ra4 aana Um AaBreavs from pa'iianag'tji mi'I'I'iIJm ikl'lu" lai.asl ot all otaor Total rltksUkoa dona lb. tot la liiiaai. si to Tyat prstaiasis rooai.oA aanag la roar la LltooM ttaoz.TT Total laoair. aanag ta foot tm 1.MJ.TI Total sssoaal of sil rl.k oatotaartiag 1T.T74.1AO tKata.eiir, oumc I mm oaooAiamsl tointt. Cah oa hsad ab4 ia tto piwaiiaBie ia searos ot otUno'aad cai rtx. pal. am atoaria. lAoma oa aaass a ru laitol moioi mo.ii aa Bsilrooil ouoto oto MocA. a ma, rll, Btok toM-A. oa toinairsl sscerttv. oa aaa anA la hank saioaBiwasi wav bbbbwbi Bssaaasr wwsta. i. hh oooo Irraauaauilaosaraa ef St I nop a aad kasav Teasl eroatelatSA say 1M lac auaa. with crime, would, after toe first flush of sucee. I cover with shame and All with remors th party I rjSTOMX ProaitaBV letelvae ar1a tto toar ta essn. Intu ail aad AiTliioaO. rooam danag to TaSisa-ear uikiauiu tuo nuitfi i a tow eyes ot world, and bring derision and contempt upon our system of free, popular government keoolvrd. That is the duty of Congre to take uiBiuniA kVt amoaai ol anpsiA luasoa Asaoant ol ttorto yrtoilasss oa all ens- otaoaias risks ou por eoat. r. oo aar caaa aarta scalar Dae lor rwt. liwi paid Aartag ta. yoar Diimto paMt Aunag th roar a Ane- pat aanag la MiaiXAi'iLof-A" ut. eate er oroaM ri Ii ioii aateaat et all star akyoiiAitaTos'-. Trtsl rarVt tskas 4snn tin Tris lillsnas gl etl llTaols mmnam Total 1 1 1 A'arta tti aoi 1-440 Total aatoaatef allri.kt KmiTa 1 rtTBiacATion. a.lal. erTATtatirrr cw rrr wrT ms errarw 0m Ma. A mm I 1 Poto A HUB at toOtooi I 1 wtm wm mmm. i Ot 0000 Sg4 siraC ll- W1TZZ 1 y. i idi I toiaaoTttoi 1 ira il I VsaiBiis8ieaeoj VM'NIA t(-Pl ntotot, sai iiruatoaui. fcOscrrboA snd rwors to be for ai Una 1mA say of Jen- i 1 1 ri i in ismrs si isi r.sio A17AIa NXATE! E.VT Of th. col. rw ma rvtast rrmrw rewpAww c( sts ior.ia ta aaM ot tow lore. tto Slataay ef Uoeontbor. 1 77. asu. lo tto Aaaitor ef Irabu A luaots. si UAHTaL. I af ssattal soau mm apatsJI. Oiy. ooauty, aad 4a Vns1sVsotaa! aa las oa ouUataraVoosvlty' fatoreol da. sad aocraos' Proauaat eor-se mt ml ssYl aa'aaj'srs BAUSloa iol of alletii Total elalBAsfor artioa hM bto lakoB aeiai crto. tvr not aoaat of upaid AAB.SDlot BB.orad prua stanaiag naks-w Ual lor OtoAAB-toAOa. TwtsllUhtutlas. granite quarries by Architect Eg an. who reports I C2r-5 Ahat abciit 4WO-thIrd of tha Vtl.ter andeol- I nmn for the new Co art House have been taken I out Th object of his rtsit was to give tbe contractors th work an estimate Tnsir eoa-traot calls for quarry estimate, tn county re-serving 40 per cent, aad under this he thinks they are entitled to about tUJ.OOO, aad wui so eertif to th eoard. Borne week ago several experts were so- pointed to measure th official proceeding ot tne isoumy uosru aa pnaioo ia to iwo organ of that body, with a view to arrivln iiumi conclusion in reference to the charge made by ma ras rinw taa wo organa caa overcharged, On Saturday they snbmitted their report to ths Printing Committe. Nothing definil la yt known a to their dlibratkas. but rumor say that tons vary dirty wont saa been umo I Total! Laos psid tortoj ilmmLlZ. r.2jr. tu pfiarTnir'ttiV yasir Ajbm all otaor ibibbhb last ttoif: 11JMAJM aAAtoto-U Total rtAxataktoAanD tto rw ta mi sots, lo'tl prtoAluBA. rtosi.oS Aanag tto yoar ta Total ssioekl of ail nail w.stvaol we BotouTaAto gaf Baga end VW tB ijoa.Btokt. aary. 171. Lsoto oa I I at to nan Mocks soA tpoi OAS rwvrj eti.t ia1 i 4 SS llllll.ll. i na- t-asjvse us. Tal om I1" Tl.J'Z mV atTjeui I Total tasaeaa. e-Sll I -TT 'r- I Mmm4wh4 awteMa W.ircyDrrChJJL. I 1 s. I ma mm- I i w.ywaji I i ii ir i omsw a js asiaM pes aartag ea. jm. mm .7 i "ZTT" Total eASVlgJ mTomTTZ. HZZZZZZZZZZ Llsii- sne.isn I yoAiaat. roato4efiaa. latliaa, geH XI I fttA ksMam aat tiiaiiisHiiaiaadssisnss 4 cWiag tae I tisi i 4 sn tmr -ox tanil Si i. tm Tsu. mmU Sana too I Ii I limi III arnmorr ot i. wmmV sad a Is I I I mm jstre bin mi smjiut raane n. bum im lie mw ASMIS I ISja 7 I tot Ponm so. rmmr s.Te-jis suoi i isi iiiMisii. lunnsiisisMtoisssi a.ktoa I bums Sana ia mi aa aor- I eteajseeee I xaaaiar na a7Jja I Tet us aim est kjisaa i. I I hlalllAiTiiii. TeW9as4ttaea tmm 1Jm Tal asas taaa mHr a U- m.iun I MxLLaJtBiJt'n. I trLlsrjgatSB I Total rtsas tk 4n ia. toot tm luiaata. gXATaaiJLt 1 1-w I nansss tva ttotor T7 rt I r- -sis s.iito sihm I a III st i 4.MUUI4 I Iniaoi ASwAlAal I TtoJ tmm Mmmfrnt ism too Ml as iwsav I Total snm lH-arroA aanaa la. wmtr As Es. I bmi lAQet lXa-TT I But. lT.triJ Total li svs at ail la.ti. ofsU.sW aoMs I Ti asanas ef etfn MtttoM 1uiu SA4 i a mi ml rn am TW kAJuuTtotorr. iast awhorrlaod aad eooea t. Im mt tin, lusifgto I laasarv. U77 tii. Poa larr.l..7. AAiWaxa) a ataataa. totorr homuo. Ussssstaasaaaw I I nine, t.ii Ii i rm o-paa, jm JKfTOT I BstM ktoiooi oiitoru.t. os Im iMsu ltoaba7. or tae aVrrrata ajaJiW an tai stanrv sj. I SSS th. AaAituV et l-to AOtotoM taa Stok I rtt -M tMSa. Uass-S. 4 Wo oo es. SAjpsl At I ol II lis, to. pmrisoal ss I a of l-Co, i to. nlm -4 fi arad talutol mia I carrrai. I tn ot um ml I. 1 1. Um. IOaja Iioaal of aialtoia arlA. g. mm 1 otaorasrssuassgsUiet la aoaa. I atotia 1 Isml rf aw I mmmjmmjm pmmj xjrreje I vsiee ex is iwiii no mr tn eass- I ExviLfirrl' I.n i ii paid 4arm la. ror UiTidwa. aa. arsto lao yi 7 1.7714 I to too. aA mtnrm''. ZT. numva I loa, ssi ooA 'W to. to II ai i to rtolo soli aa mi to a. to mt rt nit tr. mm la li'iiiai I i.j. totoo-. litolnio bna. to JUqAto I aw i-y. to i torn baa ba. LxriAto un to.tot. jHMSto slJ otAsr oaJtoa IASI I i Lotooa torontg la s-to I C.M to kto4 olA tm took TtA 1 It to kto -to k. -to A.i ki eiTutaai atototototo70to o. to. Bat. I PrtoUiitu ia oaaioa et nlirs. aad I ot ti SS ns aad sjisi fTSae! sroasMitto SrTjSSSJBJ 1 mam tot to mjuriM I i. I nisi.aswai atoj I Total nuirt li insn in ooai tstA A.rA1 IJlMliTlln, -to-to i I riMn ne I VtoU moom 117 )toto ato otot H.UAAe I ft UAA.llTlf aunJK I osar to artto ho toto I o. mi mmjan aa a. I A. 71 Stoto tor lto L. i nini by Ike omsm to. 1 fm prnrnr II SS rototo mt too kjmmmo Tntal list of asswAti SBSSSH Ttoal rsaas i isi otiommm fca- A i of imsuI pnoAiaak to oat- -a SB oust- raao-to mmr mt lai te Voim iwo ia aad asi ANNUAL STATEMENT o- i i to.VE"' rtaw-jti heooaira.1 itostoMof htotork.oa ta. siM.r 'T-- lxlLrZ aXoS'L ThtotlU aaW aV-Z an Ptoto. -j tr- Ltotoo. to pnscnoto "rr? 'rrrr Tt7- T77. I e-7a Zi, 1 oi a. aoTcttry r1' awfoa aa. r-o sjt Total assaas tu. to' AmrtM to Vtor 1aUS ti 1 mmmvoma Ttotl omma jy to.jsaw4 amoom tor toua.toi aa -M oVT SAgM 'eia. to a Trre.etoVe-WJ-: foalfto. t.tmm a.rt Ti a. 1 11 I to'Hrt Lmm) ttoiotod ay tto oaipoay. SA.7A mUmnM iLLa. of a.tom.4 ptoauasos to aU oa- ta lil.oto... -vy: XT! oato mo vto. jajPTAto foimo n-A-f tor coat. Sr. lWTJtta TJmmm "oA omrm mm pom I ill I 1 1 dsrsa Sa I sat til Dtou.nto.... "ia-aiwa-iw TT.T.-r Tskil Sisillllis aiAanaaa M' sttti-tP, pt-totook loaol SSoooa of to stto 1 1 us i rtst mm zowaaauraaa ft-fc la.Tna i. w.aoW. sZto3r, Tt t' TL- itoritoWto. -zl-i. mommooommmmommmmmmmommommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm-mommmmm oaaBBPassnBBnwsn aaBto sW-BW ST Total aaui AJe.UAI. ITATEJIC.Tr L- swsjMas jvrB4rsrrP4TStoA. XlirAL BTX AXltJt IITX Linn pal Carta taa y-ar gasM.sseri Ira. As tto ml mow toto. to to liaswo: tm nBK i a i aa. t-tototo aaa3arto, paU amMtm, taa Pt UJ. fil Zrt lZY17.mmZ. I tiLt lEiriilE- ---f Leaa-a- ZSTC? stoki.tuoMantottissn, rtol oo to to. aoaapoay fOoilvt I ITT was. Total stpoaAltar-a ej7Alje o-rm JT.mJmw 1 allstliJLAB-Xia tto4 otoW too, to a.TOiasto-.. t-' TT TIoi Tetal risks tskos mw ta. yoar ia UMatoi tUUlMTlM to -to to 1 st'ilj total yoaraa nSS" tol. aal otaovhss ss til rZtnFmTmrmLTT-i V- Stotto Toiato oS as- r- aois 4A1P tuss laLanial o-torKr sTA'lto 'JJL 1 1 11 total measl oi all itfk atataadia-i. VXlTktoto goto to last to ia to. tto.SAto I XHxii.ooirtotot htoto o. to rTT.TT.''rTr a UXJAIa P. mainXA. a. i stia-r. Pioauatoj a toe ol eiUiwika aad "T4 JL- Aaaaary, 177. JaobaJTI B. VAXArrUk. Pro.ta a toa iaalaraaa Hotary Pa aba, tiy. Ooaaty. Ww tort. Ailotaa itoaw ITATEII JCVT tc-i sTt-itogj- Of tn rxjerr twermawcTB reaptxvtf wmia av arrima Trial r.i rt la tto rut of lAtotarhatotia. ea th Slat day of boroa. olZzrmJmZ.l 77' IaiJrtJL ber. 17. atadw)UaAioraPaaiiAiiiasi of ta flini 1 1 fa tsin 11 ill aanal Iss I I iui trlka a it law. tan 7oesne I TitB mmmm mt I IWasiiaiat. T-tos -too-'ito toto-- a4.TejH liiio -w- maw to taar.A vv tt i lirrr rtoT--to to. Ttoalliatojuis. toiaaiSJ. I a. SAA-S7 I prtoitotoj rtoWtol Awrtto Ito rtor SB ass as to. a. I omal tow eajartoTsaiA oai MMMiAt I Prel rnod aanag tto I "mm mw paawatak imu ml sea to etersAt I I a i a toto a ta r-to tovMtotoiaoto as i.i iTTTi I Ta" I atatotoa, ao ol. lailv I TataltxssBslsi TetaJ TwaU Itoks Total Vs sis i Sana tto yoar as BB- ktet ad not. 1JS I ATM 1. 1 1 IV WX1X. s.aisusiu. -a I F-to ii I ol ssas oaraljisrto to. eXXtTWAAA et7A7Ajt I roar J.T fJV.1to I toXal I mmtErliMmmm ositi UaxeJM I Ctototoi'id saunas mmi iaHot taa I rrr-rV'iWlTZ L-tin tol Aaioag to. ss. A iiiti tto aa ii irs paoA Stoto la air7A7toAf7 I TSto. ft torlto a rmmr ii ii roar IU- ICa-TtotototoiVto tototl I JoSm lmlrii isisw i thi ixa tor ot ss r. Pcaia. ANNUAL STATEMENT 0( ta arris narr I. inai at nt-n rwmyamrr Of sow loriutr. la la rsat of sow Bora, oa tto Ujrty vstw ot toM tor. AIBtotoBS tto AtoUtof Ot fB ot hi aoat, isanisi a law. an i u. fesBAwAsssak p.l aifaa $1jaoeja7e JO I ewsfasi pt iiTou il A.TT. A.VMAL BrrATtc.rr Of to nnttartran (IQwi, tm too of ito. oj a too I In to ito pi. ato ol Up a IS I najfai jjb ltoys A Mi-. t- sJ-sto StVrfaliVi aTn.aJTlJLL. an tt bvavxw revjpiif -t rtotot Stooptoto a OX fawssef AMtotov iaii" 'w. a osr.lAj. a 0. gBl 1 bbbbbBi aaatoa gaas ssaas mil an ean I totit Itotoi oto a.ortrorto at mm jo) I VsHstof rtol awoks owe. o. to. si sa mmr ttmZ7-mmm- olriira tototol totoaTtoto''- TT. -IXLToma movomm I r.rr-aito 1 a. a. ao.jt.ji 1 I tTT fl ffll I lito i In to ai.i.s tl lift II I pto.atoa vT to V.l oa I Prtoil.m. la aasttao at ssllissss sad I rr- A.toL!- a I CZTto tJ omnjn I aw. ss tala mjmiiI I UkBUrrtEB. to. to to4aP STUMjn lerto.toi.toA la, 1 1 1 1 I T.SO Of I Oi cltvtot tto In ii 1 1 ato oa I fn -wax a. aroooka koa -Jto 1 tn tor lui ottoa rasssei A.WAI to oy th at kuto mm 1. 11 to. toto tot 1 to 4 wH'MVog toto. tne at I Hot 11 1 of watoid Wtoto flPLAMAe I UkBftmr. 1 am mot ot ea. BOAojisat. a ali oa. I Bpiibii.iI of ton oil a WXTX Bf Sl.feiO I twA.ltojg.wkol SQJ aa oneAS I iiiisri.t. mow mm, ta TAJCJ atoto) I Tl PT1 IT I i tr pi 1 --1 swat tm MAat suits I I nw 1 .1 So. toA aaoh fcris As ss stoaa. 1 A. awto SAvSOSJS 1 s.iotoi asBtod lAMLtt I aeJe 1 tot-to. tMo4orar.eas,ee omt ta I TilsltgililBi Sto jq afla- I luiaii Atoto toiw Sajkl I VvUl LaaAAJi I Pi al.ii eavtog ta yway Ja I mmmt tm toto. sAmlbo TvAtoto rto an tto I luLvUruuA uwoHHItswairw l. ptojr. tto Qto TtoM 10I lsw tto 1 1 tto kPttou Jaftto Atokto rto. 1 tto aw oi a. i.i tot T- to4 etoj tto too. iri4AI Wto-a. Mtotol. totot mma'mmmmt ol to otto. mioI i.ito IkMto.o i-r iiumr- eito.iutoi Total rtatta taSaa Stotog to. lai ke 1I- ToatJ rasal hkol Aartoj to. amm Aa tTav TtoYptoMAtoA-ttoia toAtokAB. PVw,,. 1 BBABBaA Stol toa a mm a9 A a to 1 oJ toJt SBA.t to to TriJ ktow atoan'i Await' taii 'ywavTs totoarrtoa to toto atoto. amm a Atooto to: 1. It a i I jceu a. tm-urr. A 1 It I 1 to (ll.ll I', tl. I to sad to to t- to w-J Tt

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