The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 14, 1933
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Served by the United Pres* BCCTHEVIIXE THX DOinNUIT NEWBPAPIR OP NORTHS* BTT ARKANSAS AND BOCTOACT MUBOTJR) HIMEDfnON VOL. XXX—NO. 127 Blyrhevllle Dally, Newn. BlylhevUlt Courltc. Vallej Lrndrr Blythfviilf Herald. m \"i-iimm i n MIL- wove M/\\H-, < v- > i,,,,. lil.'i IIIKVILLK, AUhANSAfr. MONDAY, AUGUST_ l-l, iOHH SINGLE COPIES Neu? Gotiernment Brittgs Peace, to, Cuba RESTORE ORDER AFTER OUSTING OF OLD REGIE Leaders of 1'ormer Opposi- silion Groups Form Coa- lihon Cohinet. r HAVANA. Ci:ba. Aug. H lU!'< — (Mba's ncv: cabinet, u ciialllion' of <l!f- Miongf-st lenders of th» fuc- tl2us ihrti overlhrev.' CJuranlo M:i- ch-.ido, look Ihe cr.tli ol o/tici? inc'^y in the pn-iidtntial palace and Cuba's "nir'.v iiL'21" wus otricially ii.uuguraled. \VUli Ihe new fj(jvcinrrii.nt wl- uily 1'iiirenrhtd and uu Amer- iiiui warships in Hie ha r bur as :i yeuiire of suppori foi Ihe ni-w re- fcime. confidwicL 1 returned lo tlic itpital. workers rcuirnert to their luyfes, and the city turned from i;i nic and apprehension to an at• iiul!i|>hcru of joyful relief. Food Industry Chief Is Named! Til niRfPTStandsbyKer D 'LEKHl! Ousted FatI nrlllr II HIS atlver New Organization for Aid (>f -Hcsti'-itf Will Take Charge \Veclii.escliiy. Normal condiiions wore established throughout a °iTaler parL u: Ifa'.ana upon the arrival of the United. Stales destroyers Taylor «nd Ciaxton. Wilh formation of the cabinet and Ihe departure (or Panama tiirly today of Gen. Alberts Tler- stra, Ktcrctflry of war in the Ma- rhsdo government and a [jotcntia! threat lo the new president. Carli.-s Manuel de Cespedes, ihe situa- lion was regarded as malerially Improved. Welles Helps j ^.Thn .cabinet. represents a wide coalition '.^f. elements . opposed lo l)«-- MaihadcV fejltne"Including strong Nationalist, A.-B. C.. and Marianista representation. Solution of the problems of organizing the government came.only oftrr a long conference in which , American Ambassador Sumner \Velles took a leading part. President de Cespedes "will fill the opst of secreiary of stalD himself as under Ihe constitution it was nec- (5.iary for him to become secretary ol itaie before lie could b:i '"£ provisional presidem. luriLl aii 'M-.S l;;-v-]i ji.'tincd cliifcC !io i!^w ittoiE pruiUiutb sect In MK; inocct^iii?,' and mar- ilivlsioii ut Iho Afirlcul- mi. StfllFDRMT. n r o r Herman Cross, of this cily has been aptoinlcd diteetor of relief foy MiMMiisippi county under the now stale lellcf administration which is headed by W. ft. Dyess of O.sceola. ! Mr. Crofs will head an orgnnl- | zillion which will include a dls: binslnfi officer and bookkeeper, ne- I ccs5[>rv cflico help, and a field I staff that will probably be larger | than in Ihc pas'.. Tom McGnrrity of Osceola. who has been serving as a field man with the old R. P. C. relief organization in this comity, has been name-it disbursing Officer. County Committee Named A county, advisory committee, consisting of .three members of the old county R. F. C. relief committee, will cooperate yith Mr. Cvoss. Its members will be Tom w. Jackson of Ihis city, J. F. Totnpkins of Burdelte, and Lex Nicholson of Whltton. • The new organization, which will receive its funds from the federal leJief administration under an act of the recent special .session of i congress instead of from Ihe R. P. C.. as under the old set-up, will take charge of the relief program in the county Tuesday, August. 15, it was announced today. To what extent policies of tho Liltlc Rock Man Hur» , When Car Enters Ditcli J. 1.. Maluin. :w, of Mlllo Hock, ililviny ii m<w car fiom n.iroit Uul.-.,..,' .ita.'iV'iii'^i'ii'u'i! wlit'ii'""!' !'.>! i-onirnl of his machine on ll'.'hwuy <;i n-in- lluyil yf-sUTday ;-:u rnunii. f Malr-n. imi: ot t\ (jvnup '.of llvlv- us. u ; is l;rmn;hl lo (hi 1 ' Dlyfho- vilii Imspltul fur treatmi:nl. lie v.l'l loday his Injuries were nol 'I'ln; Lilllr Itcxk innn wu.s drlv- ini{ inic car to nliU-li another mis i Bllnchud. Ills machine- yot out of <i:;itrol and Into u roadside <;iii'h. Severn! dilvprx In Ihe licet .-Up;:c;l ]IPI-> nnd oihers conlhi- linl in l.itlli; ltu;k. SIMM 'Widowc* Argi::: At Flyer's Bier Rcitificalion of Reneal !s ssue ;>( Soecinl Rlection Week.- ," Formerly Anqcla Klvlra chario. now tlio wlfo tif Jfi^c Knifllo OhreRini, the l/nnmifu; daneluer ot (;uha'n ilL>[ii]stMl president is belir:vr.,l mitiy ifi join him In exile or wliulever fate \s Imposed by iliu inlliwr> couii that coiniiclh'd Marlnido's rettriMjient. Olire^on wa;i iiiuior. domo at tJjo president's rmJ:i[V- until loss nf nrmy -Mippin. broil fill a torciiih? ^'U-i:;' :,. to Name Hisi new rc ' ief administration will dif- Successor as Senator. 71Y HOYDEN UNDERWOOD .United Press Staff Correspondent LITTLE ROCK. (UP)—If ru- Local Minister Opens Revival at Reiser from those cf thu old one Is nol yet clear. Word from Little Rock, however, is that the new* organization will insist upon careful individual investigation of each applicant for aid. with the pur- mois can be counted on for any-1 Pose, as expressed by Aubrey Witing, .then replacemenl of Joe T. [ Hams, field representative for the national relief administration, to ('put each case on nn individual ba'Js nnd si"iply funds lo fit the necessities of each cnse." Mrr. Refer* Named Mrs. Harmon Rcford. executive United States sena- Arkansas. seems incvi- Robinson lev from table. I These rumors have it that Senator Robinson will be appointed to the supreme court of the United States by President P. D. Roos- j secretary of the evell when the next v "' '"" Charge Local Men Who F inured i n Were. Drunk. Eucky Trotter K?nsas. Prison Breaker, Stiscccted in Kidnaping ond MDssocre, Arrested. DALLAS. Tex., Aug. 14. ITJP) — Captured as lie slept with nn ar- tc-na! of wcniwns, Harvey Dnlk'V. 45-year-old desperado, was held here by federal apenls today as n k!dtnpor. of Charles Urschcl, oil millionaire of Oklahoma City, Itader nf Ihc Memorial Day Kansas prison break, and a partlcl- t:3iit In the June n Kansas'City Union station massacre. i Bnlley \viis captured Saturday nt a farm house 4 miles northwest of Paradise, Tex., 'In- Wise county, and brought here by Frank. 'J. Bloke, local chief of the department of Justice. T-'our oilier persons brought here with Bailuy were released after questioning. Department of Justice agents kept the arrest secret Ihru Saturday nnd Sunday tn hope of rounding up the remainder of the ,. . , br-.ndli gang. Accident! Bailey was found asleep in a :irm house. On his right side mder the covers, v : as a sub-nia- hlnc gun. On his left side was u JKPFKHSON CITY. Mo.. An H iLM'i—l.i-atillly of saturdnys M:ite I'lectlon on nulJoniil {irolilhi- t'i<n ri!|irul \vns upheld loiluy l;> •111: Mlrismil'l iMIplVIIIF COlirl. Tin' nlbmifil. with nil Juditi-s cu'-nirrlnv, ruled that (ho bill pii» ri'tl h'j tlie 19TJ leglsliitiire in set up m.u blurry for the biilloliiiK i.s 'not Mibject lo the ri'fi'rumhun dliLcti-il u^nliut It bv 111" Anli- ailuon league and the Women's Clnlsimn 'l>mi:5rancc Union. The iiillni! was Inteiiiroti'il us ittlnii .1 definite nnd lliiul end .0 alti-mpls of Anti-Saloon luayjue cadei: to prevent Missouri from voting A;tt? 1U on national re- pr-nl. Will llr .Fifth' Test Mls'ionrliins will be voting for the fifth time on the llniiOr tiiies- tlon when they go 10 the polLi Sut- nrday. Balloting In Cud Jones were laken into custody ill Ihc local 'ned Cros.s BIyihcvillc hospital last night al| trr their car allegedly crashed The Rev. W. J. .;' the Luke Street racaiicv oc-' chapter, who served as dislnn"iin° | trr '" i otlicev nnd virtually as director. itllQ tllc ' , I of the relief Drogrum in this coun- ''liine on .'" i ly under the R. P. C. sel-nn, willl cla - c;u!slr Alirady minors arc nRoat in I^FTnv iia'iLnr capitcl cily as to- who will sue- lodist ^ d hlm and what will lake place [ ^ nl ^ ^'Son/suVe''^^.^" cliurch. last night began a re-i in slate affairs. j'istrator Dyoss announced, how- vival at the Keiser Methodist High among mess is the onc: cver tnflt ^p has been appointed church. He is being assisted' by that Gov. J. NT. Futrr-1! vill re- one of twcnty district social scr- Mvs. T.eRov and Elie Rev. J. A. Patton, church. pastor of the Keiser Services are held each morning r,l 10 o'clock and each evening at f o'clock. The mecling will ronlinne for two weeks. ('inning Stock Prices sign; that Lieut. Oov. Lee Cazort e;i(l become governor and appoint Futrel! lo fill Ihe unexplrecl leim of Robinson. Already some papers have started agitation * for a successor to Senator Robinson. The Times-Herald ni Forrest City in an editorial snid "this Elate will have 10 think long and search deeply for a man the cali- bre of Senator Robinson." The pa- vice directors, whose task LC rear end ol another t;ia- on Ilieliv;ay 01, near Lux- ilnft' injury lo six persons. '1 rolltr nnd Jones wera upp^v- emly UiL 1 most seriously Injured cf the group und their hurts net severe. Four occupants of th; other car escape^ v;ith brui^c-s \vi)l|M"td miner cuts. Troller snstaiuod e' . A. T. and T 126 1-4 Anaconda Copper 167-8 Bethlehem Steel G7 Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General American Tank General Electric General Motors International Harvester Mlddlewest Utilities .... Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard ..-....* Phillips Petroleum Radio Corp Simmons Beds 25 fj-ti SI. 1 Dills-San Francisco . Standard ot N. J M 1-t •[e\3f. Co 21 7-8 U. S. Steel .., 52 ]-2 37 3-4 3 9C 1'2 35 24 1-4 30 J.-2 35 1-4 7-16 24 43 7-8 S 13 3 3-8 per wenl far cnoujh to say that ,.„-.„,.' of Judge S. H. Nfann of that city 1 •vculd fill the bill , be the training and supervision ofi" bioken colbvloni- and Jones had the field stair. Because of Missis- 1 lib injuries. sippi county's large population and] 1W. E. Gibbs, B. P. Gibbs and Ihe size of Ihe relief load here Ihe latter's two sons, all nt lirag- Ihis county will be constituted a ! L'Silocio. Mo., miraculously escaped district by itself, and Mrs. Selord) with minor bn:ises when their car ha.'; bren assigned to it. Three Offices for County OSCEOLA, .-\rk., Aug. 14— W. R. Dyess. recently appointed state rti- work Jn Arkansas, at his home ... , here rclmniir; lo I.iitle Rock this Judge Mann did not run for the j morain r, U. S. senate at Ihc election to fill: T hree"relief offices will be maintained in I lie county in order to I:icllitatc Ihe work of investigation and as a mailer of economy of lime and travel. Mr. Dyess said. the vacancy caused by the death of Sen. TharMeus H. Caraway. Others did. And it is safe lo say that at least a few ot these others will have support thrown behind them ID gain this seal despite the fact they were defeated in the primary election last year by Sen. Hattle W. Cnrtuvay. jrjimned from the rear, illved Into a ditch. Tile car wus almas! loss. Troiter was charged with driv- ine v.hile intoxicated and recktes' driving and Jones with public cinmk?nncss. u was also possible trnl oilier charges might be lodfj- fd against the pair. They, arc tciug held at the county Jal where Ihey were taken after then wcunds were dressed. Police detained Trotter an< Jones at the hospital until coun'.> offices will be located nt: ( , ( (| ter , arrived. Later it . U t.. V ti, .,* f.nicers arrive Blytheviile, Osceola and Manila, i CDmf( | u,at , f.r.d will employ such additional workcis as (he county director considers necessary. Such extra cni- j plcyees must be persons entitled a L:ixcra depul> Pennsylvania Warns of Dutch Elm Disease HAKRISBURO. Pn. iTjri — Owners of shade trees and woodlands have been warned by the York Cotton State Department of. Lands and | Waters lo guard against a deadly NEW YORK, Aug. 14 (UP) —h'unfciis which is rccn as n menace sheriff had been unsuccessful! clmlng tho paii (or more than ai hour before (he accident occiirrct! A new car Trotter was driviiv to relief. Mr. Dyess Saul. i,,, ra j (i [0 hc owne d by a farme S.-.laiics o( the county relief of- pnmod Kigglra-on. living r.ea disbursing., agents steele. Mo. It is understood that 1910 and again In 11)18. they turned down proposals lo attach a prohibition amendment lo .the • Voting again slate constitution In 1920. and 1926 . with only lhat one question appearing on the ballot. Asks Dry, Not to Vote The wets imd drys were milking low, World \ynr Kvlnlor klitodi her liiiHlmnil'g liudy dlnputcd by thev dlil a •ilBht-about:'HCc and decided not to repeal the McCawley bone dry law nnf-Md by the 1D19 Icclslature. ; These previous four elections, however, were held .nloni-wlth the regular November balloting; »nd there were tendencies lo complicate ihc liquor propositions by other Issues. This week's election will a""second'woman"clainhuiPto \ta GOVERNOR ASKS LEGISLATION TO LEGALIZE BREW Presents Program-in Message lo Joinl Sessioii-;o[ General Assembly. : u'rn,K ROCK, AUK. 14. '(tip) —nxpressltiK Ills belief that the exit i' <-eu:lrm nf Ihe Icftlslrittir'c would liuvc been necessary wllh- 1 oiu )in])iilur cliiiniiiid. for passage of t!ic lx>cr 1)111, Governor Futrcll loday told u Joint meeting of ihc two houws that he believed the mile of beer In Arkansas should'be li'Xiillzed so -II could be sold la*.. . Tnlly rnlher limn unlawfully as It is now. • ..-•'• "Such' wholesale violation .of n Jhii' Is ilcinomllzlm; lav: enforce,-- inent," he. sold. .U The iitcr-Silly of. further legUla- . lion to allow the Ktiitc to participate ID the ' fullest extent In ho niilonnl recovery program and 'to allow building and loan companies to accept hnmo loan bank bonds, fur mortKOKM. were cited by r liie Hovernof ns tho two most Imfcort- • ant features of Ihc call for-the j ip'cial session. -.> - ;;1 Rtfurlnif to Ihe bill that would '••'•I fiov ."(ntc bank?; to comply wilfj •!•! the Cihiss-Rteaiiall bill, the stove*- ' nor raid nil Mate banks would'be forced to close unless this further, legislation was approved by the legislature. , -'..•'••:•• ' • •'L'-''V-v>V • Bter Bill imrodiwi .-'•• : -''.'. A taint cornriiUtw's bill "'pro'vl'd- ti for leimltf«'tlpn of the .manufacture and 'sale of beer arid light wines in'Arkansas-was .Introduced todnv.'into both houses of the-leg- . ; islature with- promise of-;speedy passage, . ••;• •'•.•.:>':' i:::<;£;.'-v /: The bill )B:beini .eonsldertd in : ;| the house, actlhpt M:.»:.c6rnniittee . be an out-and-out vote.on llciiior, his widow wliea tlio bmlyi ar- rlyed lg Kansnn City. Mra. Mario I reeds, wife No. 2, who accojii- panlcd the rrodv honiu, Bald alia hail niarrierl Deoda In China. ' ilgh power automatic rifle. Under ils pillow was an automatic pistol. ' Bailey esca[>eil over ihc 25-foot vails of Kansas prison May 10 wilh Ion other long-lerm con- •Icls. plans toduy for a dual week of intensive campaigning. Joseph T. Davis. St. Louis, hc.-id of the United Repeal Council, says 100 of the state's 114. counties are wet. P. A. .Tale, St. Louis, chief of the state anti-saloon league forces, has been attacking the election ns Illegal and unconstitutional. Tnte. In askinig drys lo stay away from Ihe [wlls and nqt vote, i Is making a big mistake, political ly speaking, many observers 01 both" sides believe. The Icmpcr of lOr Transportinir LiqUOr ! the slate legislature for the next ° I 10 years, in regard to the wet and at th-e repeal election. If drys refuse lo rally nnd show thslr forces. Individual legislators may think their counties are wtl- tcr than they really are. And. always on the lookout for votes, they'll cast their li'flslallve votes Trio Fined $100 Each Mr*. Deedj No. 1 •ssonn . . nnnvJnu b;!i in the senate "Uiat -.-I would periiilt-itate agrlculturilcol- '•'.'* li-ees to manufacture wine to pro-. .-.vide operating (undii- for {he^lh-y Rtltutlons, The bill WM Mferrtd r lo the judiciary committee to de-' tetmino whether it could be. In-': | eluded under the governor's calf,' for the session. •' V.,,. I The commltlee's bill does not at-" icmpt lo appropriate the procerj^.. frnin the beer tax but places the".;J revenue In n beverage fund {o be' -* distributed in a manner to be prfl- i vidcd by other legislation. ••'. 1 .QAnilnr Mlllml Bnlrt.liA tvnul. Senator Milum said he would 6f- character, claimed whiskey found 1:1 his auto by officers Saturday iind entered a plea of guilty to a transporting charge but failed lo •e his Iwo companions. Earl Mccdy and ,1. E. While, from convictions. Mas fined $100 by Mun- aCC ° r< 'K al iolpnl Jurigr C. A- Cunningham and shrilar fines wcro administered lo White and Moody. The latter Seems Ctrl»ln It is taken for gituilcd that Mlfsourl will vote about 3 to I for repeal, showing a complete " pair n<lmltl<*T they made a trip change" of seiitlmenl on Ihc liquor lr. Mm cl-i'*. lii^n -i'!1ll noinnc \-iltt ' .j In the 1910 election, Ihe vole was 2C7.281 for and 425.406 ngnlust state prohibition. The 1518 ballot- In? found the vote more evenly divided, 223.G1B for and 297,582 against. The first referendum on the stale dry law gave Missouri prohibitionists a victors'. 481,880 to 420.580. The 192C Initiative vote, on state repeal found the drys reach- Ing the apex of their power, 569,931 'to 294,388. to Ihe slate line with Oaincs but denied Hint they were aware cf ihe fact thai, he was golnj afler a gallon jug of liquor officers found in the car as they were returning here. White and Moody gave notice of appeal. Eulala Flowers was fined S50 for illegal possession nf intoxlcallng Trial of Mrs. Jess Glllis similar charge was post- liquor. 01 : a poned until today. rested by police. Roth were, ar- futrs and the over the state are hosed on .the population and consequent potential relief lo be administered i:i tho several counties, and rang: from J75 to 5150 for the relief ' Hicijiiison claims Ttottcr and Jones stole his car' but officers were inclined to scout his ver.sion of (he manner 1n which possession if she auto was secured. tisburrfng olliccrs. «Inch Cotton closed barely steady, open high low Oct Dec Jan Mf.rch May July 926 046 948 963 9"2 990 939 959 956 915 9S9 999 910 931 935 951 962 975 close 910 931 935 , 951 962 975 Sp'ts closed o.uiet at 900. off 20. rVeu? Orleans Cotton NK\V ORLEANS, Aug. U (UP)— Cotton closed barely steady. Oct Dec Jan March Mp.y . July open 920 DS3 941 95S 974 993 high 930 953 960 971 988 997 low- 904 926 931 947 964 903 close 905 926 932b 947 98!ib 97fb Spots closed quiet at 885, off 21. o the country's elm trees. The Dutch elm disease. first Uncovered in the Netherlands In 1919, has been found In Ohio md New Jersey and may have spread Into Pennsylvania, the warning said. It firsl causes wilt~ of leaves. Later it destroys ill the foliage. Mlssi&tfpp; tnickfy populated tonmtlclVt'S LuXOra " Killed in Fal1 tlate. falls In the upper class as lo salaries. from Train in Arizona Chicago Wheat npcti Sept D2 1-2 Dec 95 3-4 high low close 02 1-2 95 3-4 Keck Child Dies Funeral services were held this afternoon for William a. Keck, month old son of Mr. and Mrs. C. 13. Keck. v.hq (i!ed nt three o'clock j.teslcrtiny. nliernoon at Ihe family home near Bavfleld. Interment was made at Sawyers cemetery. The Cobb Undertaking company was in charge of fwiertit arrangements. Chicago Corn Sept Dec open 4D 3-8 04 3-8 high low closV 43 3-8 5t 3-8 Bi; ' Coal Chunk Found BOONVILLE, Mol (UP)-A huge piece ot coal weighing about 100 pounds was taken from the Harrisburg mine near here. It la 'on exhibition. LUXORA, Ark.—Mrs. Oscar Ljnch has been notified of the death of her son, Arthur Ted Carrol, 20. He was killed on the night of August 9 when he fell from a fast moving freight train at Phoc- nK. Ariz. He and a step brother Arthur Lynch, were hitch hikln( to San Francisco where they expected to make thelr-home with an uncle. Due to .the mutilated condition of the body, police, have advised Mrs. Lynch not to have the body brought here for burial. Interment will be in Phoenix. Mrs. Lynch will not atterid the funeral, but her son, dward Carrol, and her slepson, Dudley Lynch, who arc in the navy and stationed at Sari Diego, will attend. ' ;: Assessed $35 Fine for Dodging Privilege Tax tottic Green, ncgress. produced he cash lo pay a $35 fine and t-25 for a delinquent privilege II- tcnsc after being: placed in the city jail Saturday. The negrcss, widow of a" negro physician, was inclined to argue with Municipal Judge C. A. Cunningham ov:-r the fine, resulting In her Immediate incarceration. The fine was for failure to pay privilege license on a gasoline pump at her store In the negro '.ection. Police said the negress told them the pump was not In use but. doing a bit of detective work, officers checked the records of a .wholesale bulk station and found where - she made a number »f purchases. The negro woman, according to officers has been on? of the most wrsistent of those refusing to pay privilege Uses. 1 fer an amendment allotting the revenue lo the common schools i funds. . -.".71 1 Governor Fntrell tpokc in -Piue Bluff at tlm American Lesion/ cotr- von'lon this morning and nfriJ^J -I in Lllth Hock this afterrioon-to I i.tlrtress the Joint session at l:3fhP:".. I Would Choose School I,Mr.-.v7' i -' A suppleniMitnl call today-includ- ; cd Ihe problem of "reorganizing thc''- Elnl'. 1 hoard of education and-rs^ * p^nl Act '73 of the acts of/ Economist Quits N. R. A. Board With Attack Upon Methods. WASHINGTON. AIIR. 14. (UP) —Prof .William F. Ogburn. noted roclologkt and economist, resign- '" "'"^S'Ud^lt'n' aT I KrJTJSBL ^'J*» - - cumeif.' 3icnclatlon of methods which been adopted thin far in Ihe con-! 11011 01 , lw , ro , 3r "' * siimprs- interest. ; were oWalncU lo ^ „..,,, ,, i utltlnn tn refer .the max of a hitler quarrel within the organization. In resigning Ogburnj rejected peace offers by Admlnls- liator Hugh, 3. Johnson nnd Sec- yj retnry ot Conunorce Roper, who. ' souehl to smooth the malter over ' by having Ogburn remain on thC| board. the act to Jt%" nt the noxt general elec- 3ii in the fall of lfl3J. -•>-> Senator Sam Beasley was lo succeed Senator I .-.everal weeks ago as n result ol inn automobile accident. •'..'...", I Ll. Ooy. Lee Cazort named 'a. j committee to_dralt a statement of 1 Constables Clean Up V Manila Liquor Supply MANILA, Ark.—Ufaniln was virtually without liquor Saturday due to the raiding activities of local officers. Early Saturday morning Constables Kid Wright nnd Newt Moore slipped U]> on local bootleggers and at various places seized about five gallons of whiskey and an equal quantity of. brew. Owners of the beverages w'ere not on hand when the raids v:ere made and there were no arrests. fit. t/iuls today and prerented the rtslgnatlon ns foon as Johnson arrived. In his tetter of resignation Op-i bum listed seven points on which j he said Amd-lca's consuming public wnr, not being amply protected.! These were. ' j Safety for tlic consumer In price determination: lack of adequate indexes of prices and purchasing l>o.\ver: charges that codes being promulgated do not provide satis- jn lhc coun i r .. factory administrative provision;' E Cr , a t or s Mil the senate. This will be present- - t d to that body after 2 P. M. to- . ..:,- . Praise for Congress : ':'.'. A concurrent resolution commending congress for tegtslatkin. . passed ill Ihc recent session ytis the first resolution to be passed* !•'. was introduced by • Senator Brcoks Norfleet of Forresl City aiid also contained a plea to congress ';o prepare some plan that would relieve frozen deposits in banks Milum and Ward were inadequate organlTation to analyze' intcrt (0 dra[t a resolullon . 0 , tcaea nnd report from the con-i , te , „ f u Df ^-_ turners stanoiwint: lack of pro-l... \yiuley vision for fixing standards of qual-i'" '• . ity; Inadequate equipment to han-: die complaints of profiteeilng; laclt, of consumere' organization. Broken china, collected over a Period of 20 years, forms the material of a wonderful grotto, five feet high, In a cottage garden at Fcltham, Middlesex, England, WEATHER ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy to cloudy and unsettled tonight and '. 'uerday. Mcrnphls and Vicinity — Partly . ioudy tonight and tomorrow. Slicwers tonight and tomorrow. The maximum temperature 1'ere yesterday was 39, minimum 69, clear, wilh .09 of an Inch of rafh" Saturday night, according to Samuel P. Norrts, official weather olserver. Theft Defendants Will i Manila and Lekchville .'•"-" Party Leaves for Fair _ _ _ . _ . . MANILA, Ark,-The western p«rt Be Given Trial Today °' Mississippi county win b« «pi c Ml " ' {resented at Farmers. Week at the' 1.1 of a"o^r7et of defend- 2^° offalr - by ants in connection with the theft cf furniture !rom Ihe W. D. Chamblin home on W?st Main rlieet, afler it was practically de- slroycd by fire, from Saturday until .today. Claud Oarner, the last taken into custody.- ana Rob Si<v- yer are charged with larceny and Oaitd Norris and Frank Splccr with receiving stolen property. Most of the stolen'articles have been recovered. Weinberg, Leachville. and Occar nixl Rondal Ernest Pendler ot M»- nila, who left early Sunday morning by automobile. The girls declared that they desired chiefly to see in action the to to mechanical cow, which Is.skid .to give milk automatically after being filled with h»y and .oats.The boys expressed the intention of studying the mechanical man, whc r'.ts in .one of the agriulbnl buildings and wort* hb land,

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