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Baltimore Daily Commercial from Baltimore, Maryland • Page 2

Baltimore Daily Commercial from Baltimore, Maryland • Page 2

Baltimore, Maryland
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KIM DL'M'AN FOIL Til MlSHi'll lIHIM'K, C. lIOI.IiAN tl, i'AUU, Ivi i 11.1 uian ul.h I I T. ii Niitiv Americans, tve nw iht Orut: In 'I of II I'nnn wc ri-m iff rip Midilures ill'l hi. min I' by lii- He uiun'rai 1 -tin 1 ml (ill useless nfllcos. nn-i the correction of i ii Irani line anil natur 11ili'Mi To'v MEETING.

WO ask at ntion to TH notice in another coi'imn, pall ng a A alive Ymcriean Town Meeting at Monument Square, on Friday evening next: and are glad learn that DIHTIN JUISHEIL ami qoeut gentlemen from Pewit) lvalue, will deliver addresses on thai occasion. W. recommend that the friends of Ameiieau interests and American mechanics rally en masse at the meeting. The cause is progressing finely in this city, and we should in-t lie surprised, if both of the old parties laid themselves distaneed on the day ol election. PAPERS.

As the law of; the last session requires, that the certificates of all naturalized citizens shall he stamped hy the judges when voted, wc adviso all persons eon. cerncd to lie careful to carry their certificates with them when they go to vote. It will save time and inconvenience, as the judges must act towards all alike. loon ESS TO WORKING MEN. l'hc annexed address to tins mechanics and working men ol this city, enumerates a low of the evils which result from the immense accessions of foreigners to our population.

One great evil, however, is touched hut briefly, viz: tiro influence which these men will exercise upon the atlaiis government; and that require the deliberate consideration of every American citizen. I lircu measure rrc essentially necessary for the prevention of this evil in That the naturalization laws shall be altered, so as to require longer residence. 2d, i'liat a higher capitation tax he levied upon all immigrants 3-lly, I'nat all i emigrants shall have a consular certificate of good character. Tnless iheso measures lie adopted, wo might as well deliver tho eontiol of our country into the hands of loieigners, for they will inevitably overpower us. They have already succeeded in driving a huge portion of our mechanics and working men from their occupations, and they lid fair to monopolize business of every descrip- Aion.

The Native American candidates for Congress ami the Legislature, arc actively engaged in explaining to the people tile consequences of the immense immigration of foreigners, particularly of the lowest and most degraded classes, mid it remains to he seen, whether the people feci these consequences sufficiently So move for their correction. We ask the attention of the mechanics and working men of Baltimore to the following address: To I'u Native linerican Mechanics ami Workinmtn of the city of FELLOW WORKMEN Although circumstances have placed us in an 1 humble position in society, yet wo have rights to maintain and interest to preserve. If we appear not frequently in legislative hulls, we have voice in the selection of our rulers, and are entitled to have our rights respected and our 1 interests fostered and guarded. Have these things been done? We answer, emphatically, No." Our law-makers have permitted so great 1 an influx into our eountiy of tho criminal and vagrant population ol Lurope, that our work-j shops are flooded with foreign workmen to the exclusion ol the citizens tho country, and i we are compelled Cither to labor at prices inadequate to too suppoit ol ourselves and i-r to bo discharged from employment. If lies be our present condition, what wall it he in luture years, when the tide of immigration shall have added its tens of thousands of foreigners' to our population? isit the various workshops of the city and tho magnitude of the evil ol which wc complain will he palpable to yonr sight.

All blanches ate monopolized hy loro wito have tin stake in the country no interest in the soil; no attachment to tli under which they live. And t.hc.-e are tho men wnn are permitted by existing laws, to thrust American mechanics and laborers from their occupations, and to seize them as, though they were theirs by iuheiitanee. l'uic-igners make our iurniture; our clothes; our hoots and shoes, hats; and in short, al nnst every thing, hy which Americans have heretofore tamed their bread. They eomc paupers to our land to convert our mechanics anil laborers into paupers. Accustomed in their own country to labor for a pittance, and to live almost upon ''thin air," llrey come resolved to underwork us in our several vocations, and to deprive us of tho means of comfortable support.

And shall this system of injustice by continued? Lot Irim, who is prepared to become tiro servant of those foreigners answer in liie those mechanics and workingmcn who arc determined to remain freemen, to raise their children in comfort ami respectability, will unite to abolish the destrue- 1 live system winch threatens to tie their Why is that mechanical occupations have fallen so low in public estimation, that those who fillow thein aro looked upon as interiors? it is because of the introduction of so many foreign convicts and paupers amongst our work-' tngincn. Too lime was, that mechanics had their just influence in society, and when they ware not denied access to tho social that time lias passed, and the distinctive lino is drawn between the mechanic and the gentleznan. We have been the dupes of political demagogues, who have brought us into association with tbu worthless and degraded population of Europe, and now sneer at us as unworthy of consideration excepting when our votes aro required to elevate our superiors to power. Wo must raise our heads to their true position, anil assume our proper station in society, or continue to bo the d-- based slaves of political leaders. We have tiro numerical strength to direef and why am.ld we consent to ho tall What have political parties tioiio lor us? It is seen by tho swarms of who no.v deprive us o'fbread! hat will those guiti sdo for us in time to cornel- Nothing.

They have not the moral courage to change the naturalization laws, and to restrict the of foreign convicts and vagi -I, tln-v do not desire to arrest tiiis i nrliv-- fl. ftide of immigration, because these foreign outc.eUs uui ho converted into v- ii-rs tosweil party triumphs. Away wiihsuch a -v. We must ih-eountoimiice il if we would desire we must therefore unite our i as v. -lb those who arc demanding tha' "America shall lie ruled hy Amoricans," ami teat American interests shall ho protected.

in the gn at work of 11 ijra I.tion iws, so as to prevent on and from ruling tho country, and to i- -i i -1 foreign governments to keep the and paupers at home. F. il ol ten vo ir, ago 111 chops of "in cautiii-t makers v. TO tilled witii native w- ikmen; not one in ten w. a not 'ban one in every eight ten has bum 1 ed this em utrv.

Nor is this ali: wages have decreased hy this grc I ressnjn nl toreign workmen, so tint lie who is so fortunate as to get. employment, does not receive a sullicient eompcusatiou for his labor, to afl-ud a decent support for himself and family. And, instead of renting houses in which to live with comfort, American mechanics will soon lie com-. pilled to adopt the European mode ol occupying a room only with himself and family. As with cabinet makers, so it is with tailors, shoemakers, and almost all other cigners have taken the place of Americans: and such must continue to he the case, whilst for- eign workmen labor at halt the price heretofore I given.

This is an intalerahla grievance, and calls loudly upon the American mechanics oi this city to exert themselves to apply a remedy, Relief is only to lie found hy uniting our whole! strength in aid of the Native American party! a party which is supporting American 1 pics and tiro interests of native mechanics! against the convict and pauper labor of the old i world Self-preservation requires that we shall do all in our power to keep back the flood ol foreign immigrant criminals and I wives and our children call upon us for pride and private interest dc-1 maud that we shall exert ourselves in the cause of our country; and shall we prove recreant! when wo have so mnnv motives to impel us for-) I ward? Shall we tamely submit to have our; stations usurped hy the slaves of foreign govern-) nients, ami oinselves and our families thrust in-1 to tlie streets destitute of the means of I YVo speak with all sorioiisnoss when we assort, that such must inevitably be the case, if the present policy he not hanged. Let us then arise as one man, and shew to the world, that American mechanics not only know their rights, but have the spirit to maintain them At least such is tho determination of the au- i I thurs of this address, who aro WORKING Ali aor BALTIMORE, NATIVE AMERICANS IS- THE WEST. A Native American meeting was hold at Nrnv Albany, Indiana, on the 13th mst. At the hour uiiiiuuncid for the meeting to take place, the largo court house was crowded, and as hundreds were there who could not gain adj mission a motion was made to adjourn to i market hosue, which was carried. It was trull' gratifying, says the Louisville Cornier, Lo see the mechanic, the laborer, the farmer, the mcr.

chant, the rich and the poor, togclh-j or, to redeem their country from foreign influ-j once. Resolutions wcro adopted, setting forth I their grievances, and us American citizens they I vowed to redress them. 1 V.R AND AGCE. Never since the earliest i settlement of the West, says the Cincinnati; i Atlas, lias this disease, complaint, or whatever 1 name be given it, been so prevalent as at this time. In the immediate vicinity of this city, on tho River and Whitewater Canal, persons are now suffering from its influence, who have I I resided on their farms nearly forty years, and not heretofore had the slightest touch of this 1 unwelcome visiter.

In the city there ure numerous cases of it: warm days and foggy; nights in the West, appear to contribute great-1 ly to tho increase of the fever and ague. Somei attribute its presence tu local causes; the viciu-) lty of (finals; hut as it is general this season without their range, this cannot be the principal generator of this epidemic. Tin: COVENANT. We have received llioOe-j tober number of this interesting monthly ma-; gazino, heretofore published in this city hy the late Hubert Ncilsoti, and now conducted Iby Ins widow, Mrs. Catharine It bus Ion" been recognised as an able advocate of the principles of Odd Fellowship, while its literary contents hare merited ami received universal, commendation.

It is edited hy the llev. A Case, F. G. and T. F.

Shaii'ncr, G. and 1 promises to fully maintain its high standing. I EFFECT OF THE FOREIGN NEWS. Tho re- cent intelligence lioni Europe, caused an advance of one-eighth to one-quarter cent, per! lb. im cotton io New York on Saturday, while, flour declined 12 1-2 els.

per barrel, and Ficcf. and Pork remained doll and heavy. Lard arid- Tallow had an upward tendency, in conse-! quenee ofa demand for export. WORK. The lem lies engaged in the various cotton factories at Fittsb.irg and ghany City, have all struck, on account ofai refusal by iho manufacturers to consent to con-, sidcr ten hours a day's work.

Tire citizens; I have taken sides with the operatives, arid have appointed ward committees to raise funds to assist them in the stand they have taken. FROM CAFE HAYTIEN. it appears by vices from this place to the 24th of August, that the difficulties between the people ut tho I French and Spanish parts of the Island, wr, as they are termed here, the llayliens and Doini-j nicans, appear to be as far as ever from a set-1 tloment. Government is said to be making active preparations to carry on the war. DEGREE CONFERRED.

The honorary de-j gree of D. was conferred upon the Rev. Addison Alexander, Fro feasor in the Theological Seminary at Princeton, at tiro Commencement of Marshall College, on the 10th I inst. VERMONT ELECTION. Complete returns from every county in tho Stale show that "5 democrats, 115 wliigs and 10 abolitionists have been elected to tho House of and dern.

and 23 wliigs in the Senate. MAINE ELECTIONS Returns fiotri 2G5 towns i fur Governor, leave Anderson, in a nii! ii( rity of 150 votes. Tile Legislature i- decidedly democratic. i MAIL. There was no South rn! Mail iioutii of Washington last overling.

'l'm: PAIK AT UTICA. There won- at the great agricultural fitir, ut 1 tica, on Thursday. 'l'lio address liy Josiali Quiccy, or' Boston, was listened to 10,000 New York farmers. I lis thenre was the American position, opportunities, of enjoyment and of just pride and sa'isiaeii in. He contrasted the farmer's slow but certain gains with ihc precarious career i i Trade, in which nine-tenths fail, or of the, crowded prof dons.

lie urged that the farmer should not he a mere digger and driver, hut a social, moral, religious and intellectual being. A Lit HOST. William Sharp, an esti-, uiablo young mini, was accidently killed on the Beading liadroad, on Friday lust. Another rsun was injured. Both wore standing on the platform, a practico that cannot lie too careflu- Iv against, as already many have been lost from the imprudence.

ItiiKrox's THE, Second of Mr Wood. J'liis etilleniaii will appear 10- in Ids favorite character of 'Dick Pari all" in the int'Tistiin; drama of the "Murdered Waterman," I arid the Monkey" in the I'ontniiiiine I tlnarl." His celebrated dog Neptune, whose Hastaeij ty lias been llm ivuivJet of the New Vork and I'liiladetphiu will appear as "Trusty," the nil cornpuiiinu of llie Rnatinan. I.nt there In- a full house. CITY IN TJfll iLJ GEN CK. Judges of The following gentle- I men have been appointed by the Mayor to act i as judges in the different wards at the ensuing I election.

The election takes place on nesday, Ist day of October next: First J. Rusk, Jno. Manson, John T. Farlew. Second K.

Stansbury, Robert Dutton- Jno. W. Richardson. Third Tlios. L.

Mutphy, Tlios. J. Warrington, James Slater. Fourth A. Boyd, Samuel Barries, Capt.

Jno. F. lloss. Filth S. Sanderson, Samuel Chiids, Louis Ilewell.

Sixth Findell, James Lewis, Jas. Allen. Seventh Wells, Win. Lirneherger, Win. McKuiley.

Lighth W. Wilson, Sterling Thomas, Matthew Shaw. Ninth Henry Meyers, Geoige Rogers, Charles S.irau. Ten'li t'arkin Srott, Jos. well, Samuel W.

Smith. Eleventh 11. Richardson, Tlios. IL Buckcy, Geo. A.

Ileuisler. i Twelfth Dushaiic, L. G. Quinian, Wm. I' irtlett.

Thirteenth Walter, Philip Moth, Roh't H. Col man. Fourteenth King, Daniel let, 1 lenry Gilbert. Fificonth Taylor, Peter Ayde- Ictt, John Fiizpatrick. Sixteenth Y.

Starr, John Contes, R. C. Green. i Seventeenth Kirby, John 1 Timuions, N'utli'l Ward. I Liglitocnth Hoover, Mathew i Clark, Felix MoCurley.

I Nineteenth Irclan, John Nor wood, Wm. A. Hack. I Twentieth C. Rail, Ilenry Tiffany, Michael Gross.

Death of Benjamin I. Cohen, Lsij. Our coj lumns yesterday contained the announcement of the death of this worthy citizen, alter a long illness. Mr. Cohen was well known out the country as one of the firm of the lute banking house of J.

I. Cohen, Jr Brothers, ri3 well as one of our most prominent Stock Brokers, of which body he was President at the I time of his death, lie was a native of Virgin-j i 1 la, hut for many years a resident of Baltimore, 1 where by his talents, business tact, errterprize and liberality, ho hud gained the esteem all within the circle of his extensive His remains were followed to the grave yesterday by the German Society of Maryland, the I members of the Board of Brokers, and a largo number of citizens. The Board of Brokers, at a meeting held yesj terdayjiuorning Woodville, in the chair, and Jesse T. Peters, Esq. recretary'unanimously resolved "that, as a testimonial of respect lor their lute President, Benjamin 1.

Cohen, the business of the Board bestisj ponded for this day and that the members of the Board, collectively and individually, beg i leave to offer to the family of Mr. Cohen their regret and sympathy for the afflicting bereavement tlrey have sustained." Charge of Theft. John Hannah and Elijah; Wiggin, charged with having in their posses-1 1 siou a coil of rope yarn not belonging to were yesterday arrested by officer Pamphillion, arid committed to jail for a further exuminu- I (ion by Justice Shuwacre. Any person having lost such an article will do well to call at the magistrate's office. unnatural Mother.

Bridget charged with assaulting and beating in a most asperate manner her sun, a small boy aged, about six years, was am -ted yesterday by olii-, Ray, and committed to jiil to appear at Court by Justice Miller. Tue child was sent I to the alms-house. Francis Johnson, (colored,) for assaulting and boating Lewis Peck, also colored, was yesterday arrested by officer Lambert, and; default of security committed to jail to ap-' 1 par at Court, by Justice Miller. Bust of Mr. Clay.

Mr. J. T. Hart, of Lex-! ington, bis way to the North, with aj I plui-ter of Paris bust, executed by himself, of Henry Clay, taken from life, a few monthssince, at Ashland, is now at Barnum's City Ho- tel. The likeness is strikingly correct, and the production, as a specimen of art, has won for the young artist tlie highest praise.

The public, we are sure, would be pleased to see it, and we hope Mr. 11. will afford such an opporlu! nity. i Cart for Court. Thomas IJoldon, charged with assaulting arid heating Ann Rouse, was! yesterday ariosted by officer Swiuk, and releas-j ed on secuiity to appear at Court by Justice i McAllister.

Throwing Stones. Two females, Catharine Kantry and Mary Newman, charged with the i unfouiiiiino amusement of throwing stones in I the public streets, were vestetday each fined $1 and costs by Justice McAllister, They were arrested by officer McDonnell. Occident. Mr. George Kumer, a member of' the First Baltimore Hose company, was quite seriously hurt on Saturday night, by beingl mashed against a wall by a suction I Although suffering great pain he is likely to do well.

gro Gambling House. William Vine (colored) charged with keeping a gaiaoling house in was arrested by olficor Lambert, and taken before Justice; Miller, who fined him $6O and costs. Francis Johnson, for gambling at the above house, was I fined jitVJ and costs, by the sume Justice. I Jirrfcal of Emigrants. The ship Caspar, 1 Capt.

ihrilckt from IPcmon, arrived at this 1 port yesterday, with iSi German passengers. 1 TOWtl IIKF.TIVG. 'ay-Ka Fit I EVENING, Sept. 2fi til, at Mil n'-hkn I' vin: The Irii'iul-i ut American Mm that a 'J'own Vtectiiie will tie lielil nl the Monument Square mi FRIDAY EVENING NEXT, lIIe 26th instinit, lit half past 7 o'l'luek. The tiieetmg will he iiililresseil hy some of I lie eaiulidales, and hy clistinipiislicil'friends of the Native Ameriean cause Terinsylvania.

It BATI.MOItE DIVISION, No. 1. SDNS DP TGMPKRANGK. The ue'inhers will pleiue attend a meeting on TODAY EVENING next, ut the Union Un'l. at o'clock.

The inutit being i'rom VVedncsdi'v to Fridav. 'Jt JOSEPH SH ANK, R. S. Ol.r- NATIVE The Native Amen can Convention will mett at UNION lIAI.I. on i'HURSD EVENING.

full instant, sit "ilnek. Tuni'liial of evey delegate is particularly le.plested at a- there will lie hut lllle meeting prior to til" triumphant victory that awaits us on ihe Ist dav of October Itv order, rt. TITER, Sic'y. i (gJ-TIIR JUDGES op ELECTION are requested lo meet at Cjtv Hall on WEDNESDAY, the 24th inst. at-I o'clock, P.

M. lliisincss of iniportuiicc requires their atleinioii, se23-3t DRAWING of the Aid. Consolidated Lottery, class No. 107, for -'3 Cfi 111 8 40 48 7 40 7-' 38 7.1 and fill, being the Ist and 2d drawn Nos. each $7O 8 and 10, being ihe and 4lh drawn Nos.

each -lit 40 and 48, being Ihe sth and 6th; or 7 and 4U, being llie Till and Bth drawn Nos. each 30 a and 72, being the up) and lath; or and 38, lining llie lOih and l'tli drawn Nos. each 20 All having two of the drawn Nos. on ihem, eacli Dl All having one only of Ihe drawn Nos. on, From llie old established House of It EMORY, No.

ii N. Ciilvert-st. EEEUANT RICH VELVET RETICULES, embroidered witli steel Heads fv with rich steel clasps; Ihe greatest opportunity is now offered to every lady to have one of ilie-e beautiful articles, very littlo above the price of the clasp, which each, and some a liltle damaged still lower; also, great varieties of goods from New York auctions; elegant long satin Slocks, Paris styles, black Sarin do. 7.7 beau tifu! Silk Scarfs 77 cents each: kid and other Cloves, cheap. Let all call the original one low price Right on Ihe corncrof Market and Charles sis.

MORTIMER i MOWBRAY. NATIVE AMERICAN MASS MEETINGS. "Oh! ynu see hy the dawn's early light!" or Amrrica We have Stars for our friends, and Stripes for our enemies. MEETINGS of the NATIVE AMERICANS will tin held as follows: Each irieetina will he addressed by the candidates for Cnngiess anil the Legislature, and other friends of the cause, at half; past 7 o'clock, P. M.

instant, LEXINGTON MARKET, (west end.) WEDNESDAY, 2ltlt BEL-AIR MARKET, I Guy slrect FRIDAY, 2:7 th THREE TUNS TAVERN, corner of Pratt and Plica run ts -Tfy-The Aun'iican citizens will turn out in their sin ngth, anil shew try llicir present determination I to siisiain Americans in their ciforts to govern their! own country, wiiliout the aid of foreign PAUPERS and CONVICTS. sel2-d ALL IS WELL! OUR ASSEMBLY TICKET OF TDK Fil lIsX I) OC TEMI'EIiuI CC: GEORGE BROW WILLIAM REESE, WILLIAM P. SPENCER, WILLIAM E. WRIGHT, ALFRED D. EVANS.

sol 1 (ity-CORON ER'S tIFFIOE, No. 128 NORTH HIGH STREE'P, two doors north of Gay si. inhl J-ly tn-K. s. FRVBK.

GENERAL IMPORTER ofpreucrli German LOOKING SS LJJTES, liicti will Up sold, hy wliolos ih: and tail, as low as any Importer in or any ollior eiiy. done in all iia as Portrait, Picture, and Frames of nil dosiMiptions. of all kinds and varieties. FRAMES re-wilt and Looking Glasses and Picture (ilfiss inserted, at Jy-d No. 1 NOHTJt OAY STREET.

Please announce GEO. GORDON as a candidate for the city Slierilfaltv at the next lection. BALTIMORE. (R7-TO THE VOTERS OF BALTIMORE CITY. Ilavitig iti turn been annniiuced by unknown friendfi(:) for the ottices Governor, Mayor, Sherilf, in that spirit of persecution which has so long hunted 1 me, 1 have concluded to yield to the solicitations of a 1 numb rof real friends, and make it an earnest mat- ter; and hereby announce myself a candidate for the SHERIFFALTY of Baltimore city.

As I shall be coniicd to my business as PAPER HANGER, i the electioneering part of the business will have to be 1 left tny friends. I need hardly pledge myself to official faithfulness, if elected. aIU A. HYAM. I SHERIFFALTY, tiih is to inform my friends and the uuhlie that I am still a CANDIDATE for the office of SHERIFF at the ensuing election, and if elected shall endeavor to discharge the duties thereof faithfully and impartially, and that it is not my inten- i lion to withdraw from ti canvass as has bedVi itidus triously reported, but shall await the issue through the ballot box.

sed eotlstO GEO. S. EICHELRERGER. SHERIFFALTY. I ntn a candidate for the offieo of SHERIFF of Raltiinorc elected, I shall endeavor to do my duty.

S. C. LEAKIN. SHERIFFALTY. Having announced myself, I at the urgent solicitation of a number of friends, as a candidate for the Sheriffalty at the ensuing election, I take this opportunity of stating lo my fellow-citizens that it is NOT my intention to withdraw from the can- I vass, hut that I mill am ucandidate for their suffrages, sold JAMES O.

LAW. THE OF THE CITY OF BALTIMORE. The undersigned takes he liberty of of fering hiuiself as un independent Candidate for the offi-e of Sheriff at the eu elecfion, and inspect- I'ui solicits the support of his friends and the I generally. tej JOHN MITCHELL. TO THE VOTERS OF I liALTItMoRE CITY.

In olVeriug myself as a Can- didute for the office ol Sheriif, shon I he so ortuiiat' as to obtain your suffrages at ensuing election, piomi-e to ii 11 11 all 'lie duties appertaining to said of iii.c with fidelity und puni tualitv. Having served as Deputy or the last rive years, I wiil be enabled to give general satisfaction, 864 te- LORIN N. DECKER. Messrs. will please announce to our fellow-citizens the name of LEX AN DER A.

KENNAKI). as the good and true candidate of the friends of "Native American" principles, for the important office of SHERIFF of Ihillimore eity. Th miergy and pitriotism of Mr. I 1 Keiin ird entitle him to the warm esteem and ordtal i tuppori of every true American hand and heart. MANY VOTERS.

accept of the above nomination, and solicit the Mippo.l of my liiends and the voters generally a 1 tc ALEX KBNN 1 TU LET. A three story brick DVEC. fei'n LING, Willi passage stable and hydrant in the yard, in good order, siluate in Lombard jWfliJiL street, (south third hone east of High street, will he let to a good ii-nant. liiquire of MOSES A. DYHART, NO.

I 6 doorafrom 11 fl IN tR)Df)S, Sup i Irish LliSElMri and ft JA Pillow Case LINEN; IDrd Ew DIAPER; Real Huckaback TOWEIjH; Harnsly SHIRTINGS; super Dunask Table CLU PIIS. Also, i super Marseilles liuilts. Ju-t received and for sale by I ieSt'J J. EDWARD BIRD, 309 Bultimoit st. SM.

DCS GOBY lias returned rem New York with handsome assortment of KIHIIONS, FLOWERH, SA TINS, FEA I'll and FANCY 1 ARTICLES. Call and see ihrm No. 50 BALTIMORE STREET, IF East of High st. I HINICKBHSON Iras just returned from p. -V 3 Vi'w York with a loice assortment of DRESS PATTERNS and TRIMMLNGS, and will open on Wednesday the inst i HOWARD STREET.

BIJNNKT MIS. NICKEItsON has bought in New York, some new style BONNET SCARFS; also, Marking Coiiou, of all colors. e23 No. N. HOW iRD STKEE 811 Whs SilAWliS SHAWLS! Extra rich Brribroitlcretl Unntnri Grape SHAWLS Extra tick (kutmicro SHA4VLS.

wrrn A r.AIUIU r-T ICK nr Sillier French ASH VI EKES and M. D'EAINESI Extra rich DKEBS Slt.K.3, sivlch. J. EDWARD IS llt I), I.SB No.Boo HHltimnretrr et. Britannia wares, a large iiml ami thr m.tlh iiy ael'J ELIAB HALE, U2 Baltimore stmet.

STORE, No. i LEXINGTON STREET, one door ahnvc J. G. MORRIS' Church. ft7- II It iv respectfully informs IriiiK'tius the that lit: is on haitd a choice ussoriment of as (, nrpowder, Imperial, Old ami Y'oung Tyson TE vS; Pulverist'il Crushud, Loot ami flrnvvn SUGARS; ami New Orleans Java, Kin and St.

Domingo IF FEES; Winter' Strained ami other OILS; Sl'lt'Ks; wlcli a tI assortment 111 goods in grocery lino, 11 which In- invites con ae23-frutfr4u AVI) STUT EKING I'l'll EH li MAY'S, OF D''- "UVY line's most respectfully to an nminoo to tin- 1101:11 sop tininro, that lias 'I llio i'y for tliu special pinpo oof rim; IVI I'EDIMEX l's op ni'EEC and all other forts in tho Voire. 110 Ins in his possession t' -iiinonials i tint highest rrspi otaliility, attesting tin; signal success which has attontlml Ins labors, and would ho most happy to exhibit thorn to any gi atleman or lady who might do hiin the favor to cail. is rosiilcnoo lor tho pri sent is at tha INN. lialliinort' stri ot, whci'o ho can ho scon at uiiy time between till! limns of It). A.

M. and 1, I', M. DU. AY'S will visit Indies at their if 1 equalled se23 I vv NEW CARPETING. UKI'IAKI) 1)1' A tins litis day received, and is now opening a splendid assortment ot Ml.

consisting Super a splendid article, private pattern do SAXON do do do do ROYAL WILTON Suaer BRUSSELS IMPERIAL PLY Extra Super and Super INGRAINS Extra Fine and Fine do Supoi Twilled VENETIANS, all wool H-l and I'id FANCY' DRUGGETS, for Crumb with a large assortment of low prised I Carpeting of every description, fle-rlh Rugs, Floor Oil Cloths, All of which will ho sold as low as the saaie article can lie purchased in this city, or elsewhere. Persons in want of the article either for their own use or the country trade, are respectfully invited to give him a call before making their selection. No. Baltimore street, i nearly opposite Hanover. tATEYV lUtUStiEt.S AND IiVGKAIV CABi.JI PETING.

Just received au additional supply of new Carpeting. Such as- Super Royal Wilton Fine Ingrain, (all wool) do Brussels, 125 to some as low as 50 cents 1631 I per yuid tlo Imperial 3 Ply Common Ingiain do Ingrain I Fine and Super Vent 1 Extra line do Floor Oil Cloths. Baixes, Hearth BUGS, 'l'alrle and Pi- 1 ami COVERS, Window Shades, Worsted Damasks, Die. Purchasers vviil linrl assortment as eoarplete and prices as low as at anv'Carpet Store in this i Country. JOHN R.

DIJV ALL, No. Till B.tllo. I seJI-eoGt street. 8 doors West of Charles, KTBWVOUK GOODS. MRS.

NICKLRSOV has just relumed 1 our N' tv Vorlt with a choice I assortment Fancy and Staple DRY' GOODS, and will open her stock on Wednesilay theilth inst. La I dies are particularly requi ca seg.l No. 52 North Howard street. IS RKIXU COTTON, of various colors ami shades; also, choice Books, Markers aril Patterns, every description lor Ci lIS. II AN I)- 1 KLRUIILFB.

Die. 'Phe ahove grinds have just brought from New York, and Ladies favoring me with a call 1 auniit fail to he pleased. P. A. NICKERSOV, No.

53 N. Howard street. STRAY taken "I 1 by the sulrsciiher 011 FKIDAV, 1 1 Sept a SORREL HORSE. lll years old, lift, eu hand high; has ecu worked in harness; has on three slio -s; holi 1 ii; trots and pner i The owner of the rrhove tlescihe-l uuunal is ml tocome forward, prov. pmpcrty, piv charges, and take him away.

CORNELIUS 11. DIVINGS. ae93 it near Randall's Town, Bait, Md. Observe the and Vb. if the Store.

SJATS AND CAPS, THX FAI.I, STY'LK REDUCTION IN PRICES. Spyjga AT No. 40 BALTIMORE I JJjJJS Five doois lielow Frederick st. A jy UO yr First and Second quality NEUTBIA BEAVER do CASSiMERE and RUSSIA, host article do MOiiE SKIN, extra superfine do SATIN HEAVER do. 1 do Silk HATS, with every description of Men's, Boys' and Children's CAPS.

INALL AND WINTER ROODS, AT THE NEW STORE, We have on hand, and ate constantly receiving, CLOTHS, of English, French, Belgian and Domestic manulaclures; Cassimeres; Cassin its; Kerseys; Kenj tuckv Jeans; Tweeds Y'catings; Flannels; Cashmeres; i Mouselinc and Crapedc Laines; Alpaccas; Kept Cashj nicies; Prints; Cllintze, tiingliain, Also, a large assortment of DOMESTIC GOODS, at factory prices. Our assortment now is one of the most comi plete in the market, and those wishing to purchase may depend upon finding goods as cheap as at any es- I talilishuii'iit in the city. JOHN II WILSON, No. 3d Market street, (White House.) four doors lielow Frederick. tOYVELL'S FAYETTE HOUSE, VLy No.

39 FAYETTE STitEET, Rear entrance Court House Lane, adj lining I the oflije of G. Richardson, Esq. The public are hereby informed thai this establish-1 I ment is now complete in all its of the large rooms (upstairs) having been fitted up clusively as a Ki staurat, gentlemen can now he accoinmodaled with BREAKFAST, DINNER, or SUPPER, in good style and on moderate terms. Rooms t'or private parties can Ii had at a moment's notice, The very choice-1 WINES and LIQUORS alwavs on hand. Grateful lor the very liberal patronage alj roudy extended, the proprietor hopes, by 1111 weatied exertions, to meet the wishes of all win may visit the establishment.

An excellent LUNClt'every day, at 11 o'clock. 5 WMI. 13. ICEEVIL, J'f Fashio.nabi.k and Pkaotical llatteh, 1 98 BALTiMf IRE STREET, I ffpj lll inl'onn gentlemen purchasing, I owing to tho great number he sells, in' is at all times enabled to furnish AkKomUi Hob, of a quality scckkior for the price to any other I lisiiment in the any or description now Jrn. via! Sitk htolttkin.

ft ursfrx, Cusivntri, Nutria. 1 and Beaver. Also, CAPS of all kinds. Gentlemen I can always 5 A BILL OF PRICES AT THIB STORE. ET NURSE, giituutiori wanted by Wet I Nurst! who is In nlthy I has a good lireastnf I milk, and can come highly recommended.

Flie wish- I cs to take the ehi'd to In 1 own li'iuse to nurse, The very best of references will lie given. Apply nt L. F.SGOTTI'B Intelligem oiliee, se3J No. 1(1 Exeiiange Pluee. i OFFICE OF FLETCHER ti CO.

1 1 No. 5 lloiliday Balto. (C ipj) ti Nus. This Day. Splendid 1 opportunity for a prize, especially in the pur "fa regular package, which ill rust tin certili-1 cat gJ9 50, alt tlf package ill 75, an.l a quarter pack-' I age $7 57.

Here arc the prizes to be drawn: yjouo, sof .5.1000. sof 5:1 oil, 5 or mo'i. 5 of' I $l5O, besides many of ,3100, .300, Itc. Tickets stl ha ves ft' 05, quarters li-'c Drawn Nos. class 107, lowest prize $5, fiG IG 8 46 -13 7 -ID 72 5 38 73 An order directed to this office may bring an inde- 1 pemliMiCf: tor life.

Address 1 AML3 1' ICH isit COi, iVII 11 Aleuts for tile Managers. OI 1 CITi. condition at is really ci at i lying. Merchants are fail of businessmechanics actively of building in the course ot it is worthy of obscrvu lion that no inconsidciablc portion ot' this property i 3 owing to lie creat quantities of money put ineircuta I lion by 1)0 LK, No. 114 I'ratt st.

opposite tho Hal I tsrnorc and Ohio Uailroad Depot, next to Hradshaw's u. S. Hotel. It is a positive fact, that several handsome built ingfl have been erected ibis season, occasioiied bv tlm owners having purchased a package of tickets at M. DOVLfvri, a drawn capital Unite a number of merchants in different parts of the U.

States have drawn considerable amounts by purchasing tickets of this lucky vender. Try him in some I of Mm splendid schemes to tie drawn this week. TUKSDAV, capital $7,000, tickets shares in proportion. VVKDNKSDAY, capital $5, shares 1 in proportion. i TIIUIWDAY, capital $12,000, tickets $4, shares in propoi FRIDAY, capital prize $9,000, tickets $-1, shures in proportion.

SATURDAY, capital $4OOO,, shares in proportion. Certificates of 26 whole tickets will be issued in this scheme at 20 halves qis. $'lJ. A very small outlay may secure a very handsome 1 amount of pin to it Ladies." Come or' send to tlie light place. A liberal discount will be paid to persons who pur I chase by tin- package or quantity.

For sale in the greatest variety of lucky numbers, by tKe package, single ticket, or share. All orders, jmji mail or otherwise, addressed to M. DOVLE, Wo. 144 Praitstreet, I It Opposite O. R.

It. Depot. ALMANAC. 14ix Ail SLIM KMIIDR, Ri 'H is. Houn'nphases.

I Won day, 5 6 ll I fuesda-, 0 5 59 ,24 Wednesday 0 a 5 58 o. h. M. Thursday, 0 li 5 57 New 1 433 Friday, 5 5 53 Firstqr 912 23 27 Saturday, 0 5 51 Full 15 5 I2P.M 23. Sunday, 5 53 tgi.snir 23 725 LIST OF APPLICANTS.

For the benefit of the Insolvent of illory land for the tail week (TiuinthvS Kiihy, agent I .1 ami uikrr. Jr. tnick'r 'Gun. watchmau J.r-. Rli-vh'-i, lav'Tn i Spaliliug, shnenr'f J.i'iii llliik'-, wiim-lwriglil '('.

Gilihiiii, cnlurml Win. F'-igitsmi, marimu W. 11 Martin M'-rryman, cm I 'Win. 'RirTiar-l YValkur, iircuiati i Wilson, Jr. I 'William KingHWiirth I 'iTnlqi Williams, Moliii Roach, laborer 'St- phcrr Young, 1 "i'onrt (iohl-liuroilgh, I John G.

Muiitll, li "I-'or Jolits Ivss than To appear lit tliu commissioni'rH, 33 of Nov t845. Day of final hearing, 3d Jan 18-lfi. MARRIKI). At. St.

Stcph--n's Church, oil the 2-JI instant, by thi" Kev'd Jnn. N. McJilton, Wii.mam Morgan to Miss Emzabetii Matilda Garoinir, liotu of Washinglon city, I). By the Itcv. Jacob Sochhr.

David Taylor, of Baitimore, to Miss Martha Ann Jamison, of Ucistcrstown, Baltimore en. AT Grace Church, Philadelphia, on Saturday, SiOth inst. liy Rev. Wni. Snddards, G.

Crawtord, mcichaiit, of Baltiaiorc. to Ckcki.ia K. daughter of Maj. Charles Thomas, S. Army.

At Alexandria, D.G. 18th inst. by Friends' ceremony, Gerard Rkkse, of Baltimore, to Sarah daughter of the late David Jauney, of Waterford, Va. DIED, On Saturday last, the 2th Mr. Benjamin Cohkn, aged 13 years.

At tlie Salt Sulphur Springs, Monroe cn. on the 16th Elijah Storhs VY'ithinoton, of this city, son of Newell YVithington, of Britlgewater, IMymoiith county, Mass. On Sunday morning, Ulst Charles Rusk, in the 77th year of his age. On the 29th Mrs. Elizabeth Rrilly, consort of the late Bernard Keilly.

Suddenly, at Newark. N. J. I'Jth Lieut. enes Dodd, 11.

S. Navy, in the 35th year rif his age. LATEST DATES. London, Sept 4 I Canton, Inne 6 Liverpool, Sept 4 i Rio de Aug. 10 Havre, New Sept.

13 LKTTSR AT TUS 6XCHANQB RI4DIN4 For tt iiwrd Ship Eut with MARINE LIS OK VLTIMORR. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER IMS. fROMfHI! HSt'JIMB-ROU'J UOII OLE ED, Ship Kutli. Jackson, Start'urd, Rotterdam, B.M. 11 Hilars, Louisa, Gait, New Orleans, Join Mender son Co.

rfelir Cillew, Genliegan, Philadelphia, John Rroivn. i A E. Parker, Ulaydes, Walkerton, Va. mas- I irr. Sclir Plutarch, Beverlv, Pawn Creek, mister.

I Steamer Express, Wlntecar, from Philadelphia, i itidse. to J. A. Shriver. ARRIVED, firemen ship Caspar.

Spilker, -18 days fiout Bremen, tndse. and 181 passengers, to A. Schumacher St Co Spoke iiiitliuifr. and saw nothing in the bay bound up 1 Sclir T. C.

Mitchell, Kruse, 4 days I'roin Charleston cotton and molasses, to Tin s. I'. Williams. Sclir llcio, Emerson, frrm Philadelphia, mdsr. 1 John IV.

Drown. Canal boat Star, I.erew, front the Susqqe I haun Intnlinr, toGiesc Son. Steamer Ericsson, I fin Philadelphia, md-t- I to J. A. Sltriver.

Ship Caledonia, for New York, was load I iug at Rotterdam 29th Ship Delia, Higgius, of Baltimore, from Havre, arrived at New York 2lllh inst. Barque Kosalie, Hill, for lialtimore, sailed from York l'Jlh last. Barque Neptune, Ilaeslnp, from Baltimore for Bremen, was off lite Start lilt. Barque Philadelphia, Grove, from Baltimore for Bremen, was oil' Falmouth 95th ult. Barque.

Ida, lluilelt, for Baltiaiore, cleared at Bos 2uth inst Sclir Sarah, Eldridge, ftotn Bahitnore, arrived at I Halifax 9tli inst; and brig Fulvia, Owens, do. do 14th. Sclir Berry, Sears, from Baltimore, atrived at Ports month, N. 11. 18th inst.

Sonr Atlantic, Cook, for Baltimore, sailed from Nor wich, Ct- inst. Scltrs Vermillion, Seaman; Walter i Levin Lank, Bennett; and Emily Johnson, Tur reil, for Baltimore, cleared at New YorK'JOth inst. si DRAWN BALLOTS in every 22 tickets B. so' to-day at i ibD making the chance good for packages Where was sold vester day, ro Nos. 8 4tl 46, a prize of sold to a gentle man at Washington; Nos.

7 8 73, a ptize of rftJCtl. sold to a citizen; N05.83840, a prize of sent to Cambridge, Nos. Md. Consolidated Lottery, class 107, draw a Sept. 22.

Imvist prize are: 2lt fit) If. 8 46 48 7 47 72 5 38 73 Draws TO-DAY, the Md. Consolidated Lottery, class 38. TUB CAPITALS AUG: 1 prize of $7,000 prize of 5300 1 2,080 5 5 5 200 Pickets halves qiintters 62c; eighths 31 Injwhich Schooltield Co. will sell on certificate packages of 22 whole tickets for only 80.

halves quarters $7.37, Draws tut SATURDAY, the beautiful little Lottery for the benefit of the Kredctick Fecial. Bei.iin.try. Capital prize Whole tickets only halves ct tils; quarters 26 cents. In which Sclibtilrield 8. Co.

will sell cn cerlilienle package-, of 26 whole lici; i ets for only 87 50, qrs. $1 87. Jor the prizes hy the package or single ticket apply I to SCIIOOLFI ELD St No. I Calvert street. Firsi office ft om Baltimore strict 'ii qrs CV iS VK.PH 62; cents -ti Nos.

12 ballots. In I which TIICKKit Blto. will sell a package ol whole tickets, 22 in each, for $56. and make a full guarantee in event of one half clear of ail charges vvhaiev ir. Packages of halves and qr.

tickets in same ratio with same No. in each. Yesterday our luck was in deed sterling. Out of minicious wkages by us, i all contained good prizes. 2of 1000,5200, fee.

T. T.TUt'KER ItItOTHGR, Right on the of Centre Market, i P. 8. The Small Fry draws again next Saturdayj Capital Packages of qrs. 75.

I ly-Onfli'fA DOIAARSI Draws tysv Maryland Lottery, class 38, for the benefit of the town of Bel-Air. t8 Nos. 12 dr. ballots, making a beautiful little scheme II the price of tick eta, which art; only For lucky tickets, by Hie package or single tickets, apply to toe prize venders, i MILt.ER Si coruerof St. Paul and SCHEME: prize of I 5 prize of $3OO 1 2 080 5 250 5 10 100, Whole tickets halves quarters 60 eta.

Bisk on whole tickets only For lucky tickets hy the package or single tickets, apply to the prize venders, MILLER Ik CO. Corner of Baltimore and fit. Paul streets. Drawn Nos. of the Md.

Lottery, Extra class 57, drawn Dept. prize $9: 23 68 16 8 46 48 7 40 72 5 38 73 SAfiBRTOWS' EVER LUCKY OFFICES GLORIOUS BEGINNING FORTIUS WEEK! Three snug prizes sold in lite of one of mid one of $l5O. We intend to keep it up, So look out! THIS DAY, $7,000, $4OOO, $3,000, See. Tickets quarters (I2J cents. WEDNESDAY, $1(100.

Tickets $5.00 THURSDAY. Ike. 4.00 FRIDAY, $3OOO. Ike. 3 00 SATUBDAV, the Small Fry, $4OOO, l.OO fif?" Orders fur tickets in any ol the above beautil'u schemes (we would recommend packages) will meet with prompt attention if addressed to EUKRTONS' EVER LUCKY OFFICES, Corner Soutli-st.

and Exchange Place; oY it Corner Commerce anil Pratt etrceta. (JIlAWbk, SI Is ICS AND CASUittKRMS. It. CO. have in store and of fer for sale a large and complete assortment of all the recent styles and best fable sot HLKS, as rich col .1 Annate, Gro de Berlin, I'antnsk-pekin, Carneleon llrilliniitinc, Gro Grait lia ian LI'STtiiNG; black and blue black Gro Afcssine; black and blue black Salia Ottoman SILKS.

With Yerkeni Cashmere, plain enibroid'tl Tl ihot Cnnton Crane' Brocltc and other 611 AWLS. CAPIIMGiI' (of the best Fronclt manufactory, new style and superior ttlity;) Mvittsst limt de Lilians; llept Cashmeres, wltieli will be 1 offered very low, at Baltimore street, between Calvert and Light streets. ao.

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