The Buffalo Enquirer from Buffalo, New York on April 25, 1894 · 2
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The Buffalo Enquirer from Buffalo, New York · 2

Buffalo, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 25, 1894
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THE BTJFF.AXO ENQTJIBEE: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 1894. DE BARRY ON , IMMIGRATION. He Discourses on the Stone and Lockwood Bills Now Before the House. STONE'S BILL IS -USELESS. ligh Praise For Dan Lockwood's ' Measure Intended to Stop Pauper Invasion. SOME VERY INTERESTING FACTS. The legislators at Washington are thinking hard Just now on the subject of lm-nEkr-ation. It U recognized by alll that steps must e taken at once to secure a better grade of Immigrants and keep out the acouringa of European slums which are now filling the country. Two bills having this end in view are now before Congress. One is "An act designed to secure a better grade of immigrants, introduced in the House of Representatives by Representative William A. Stone of Pennsylvania." The other is "An act for the necessary and better protection of -American labor and enforcement of the law of domicile and the restriction of immigration," introduced in the House of Representatives by Representative Daniel N. Lockwood of New York. . . Congressman Stone's bill is an original one' Intended to get at the root of the evil: It foUows in full: Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled. That no alien immigrant shall be admitted within the United States unless he or she shall exhibit to the United States Inspectors of arriving- immigrants at the place of admission a certificate signed by the United States Consul or other authorized representative of the UniTSa States at the place nearest where said immigrant last resided. setting forth that the said Consul or other United States representative has made an investigation concerning said immigrant and that said immigrant does not belong to the class or classes of alien" Immigrants excluded from admission Into the United States under the provisions of the Act of Congress approved March 3, 189L entitled. "An act In amendment to the various acts relative to immigration and the importation of aliens under contract or agreement to perform labor, its amendments or supple ments, or ty any other law of the United States that now exists or may hereafter be passed. Said Immigrants shall, in addition, conform to all present requirements or jaw. It shall be the duty of United States consuls and United States representatives In other countries to investigate and grant or wiinnoia certificates, as shall be disclosed on investigation under the directions and Instructions of the State Department, according to the laws of the United States as aforesaid. Sec 2. That this Act shall take effect from and after the first day of January. anno Domini, eighteen hundred and ninety- five. The Judiciary Committee of the House reported favorably on the bill, as will be seen by the following extracts: "The purpose of this bill is to prevent the criminals and paupers of Europe from being sent here as immigrants. Statistics show - that much too large a proportion of the ' immigrants now coming here are in capable of self-support. By the last census. the per cent, of persons born in foreign countries Is 14.77 per cent, and yet this census shows that 26 per cent. ' of the white prisoners confined In Jails nd simple prisons are -persons of foreign birth. The total number of white convicts ' in our penitentiaries whose birth-place ia known, is 28,440, composed of 13,715 native born and 14,725 foreign born, showing that more than one-half of all our white convicts are of foreign birth. Our benevolent institutions contain 69,962 inmates by the last census of which the foreign born compose 14 per cent. The total number of the white Inmates of our poorhouses is 53,696, of which number 27,648. or a little over 61 per cent., were born in foreign countries. These statistics show that with a foreign population of 1177 per cent., more than half of our white penitentiary convict9 and more than half of the white Inmates of our poorhouses are foreigners, and prove that of the immigrants coming here during the past few years, too many of them are deficient in morals, and are incapable physically of self-support. "Foreign countries not only encourage Immigration of criminals and pau pers, but use public money to pay their expenses here. This fact seems to be a sufficient reason why so large a percentage of Immigrants so soon find themselves in our prisons and poorhouses. The .means adopted have been found lolly Inadequate to keep out of the coun- Y xnose reauy mciuuea in me eiciuaea i. The superintendent of immigration 'tes that during the six months ending :..v31, 1893, 183,028 immigrants arrived, and f A t them were debarred as falling withi- t ( ViHt vnlnrt1 hv th a lflv Tm than r'one per tent. The examination on the ar- be wholly insufficient to determine whether the immigrant belongs to the excluded class nnt and irr manv instances where the Immigrant has made the long Journey to the place of examination and, perhaps, has Vita all In thA linrl Artftfclncr vm. bility. and he la admitted. Under the present system the immigrant's word " has to be taken- for most of the inquiries and there is no means of refuting him if he answers untruthfully. This change strikes at no nationality but simply at that class of Incapables of all nations who can only be a burden to us and whose moral 'and social influence can do us much harm." - -." tEBARRTS OPINION. In spite of the action of the Judiciary Committee. Immigrant Inspect John R. De Barry, who has studied the subject thoroughly, declares the bill to be utterly use less. Said he to an Enquirer reporter: "The bill cannot be enforced if carried out. It would be simply impossible for the consuls to Investigate the circumstances of every person wanting to come to America. '- Take Ireland for Instance. There are three consuls on that island, one at Belfast, one at Queenstown, and another, at Dublin. How could those three men make an Investigation . concerning every Irish Immigrant? A, hundred times that number of consuls could not do it.' We want no laws that cannot be enforced. "In the second place the bill Is useless because Congressman Lockwood 8 bill covers the whole ground and cannot be bet tered. It will be passed almost unanimously by the House. I have been assured that not 10 members will vote against It. -v "In Lockwood's bill cemes the whole Question of Immigration. It discriminates ncro tn t no race, creed or nationality, and - while not adding to the excluded classes. does provide means for securing a better of immigrants. "I believe the bill to be of no use what ever. Mr. Stone evidently does not know bis subject." DR. HOXIE'S CERTAIN CROUP CURE ParuivM inflammation from throat and ' Kn remedy so XCKxl for colds. lungs, cu J F. Hoxsie, Buffalo, N. Y., ITfr. DUFFY'S PURE MARKET FOR MEDICINAL' USE NO FUSEL OIL I When you find anything popular you may depend upon It that it possesses superior merit. Duffy's iure Alan wnisKey n been upon the market 20 years and has had Its purity guaranteed by the best physicians In America. A large percentage of the whiskies of which we hear are cheap adulterations Duffy's is not- It can be obtained of all reliable druggists and grocers, and all persons should insist upon having Duffy's and not be persuaded to take any other. Send for uiustratea pam phlet. DUFFY'S MALT WHlSKtil ROCHESTER, N. Y. FAYORABLE REPORT. The Weekly Crop Bulletin Shows New York Farmers i Active.! - i L ! - Erie County Makes a Good Showing With Crass and Grain Do- ln Finely. The State Commissioner oT Agriculture's weekly crop bulletin for the period ending Saturday last says: "The unusually warm weather of the early part of the week, fol lowed by the warm and abundant showers of the 19th. 20th and 21st, has been very favorable- for carrying on tarming operation,, n1 frti- the irrnwth of ail vegetation. The melting of the heavy snows of last week over the greater portion of the State, while causing some delay In spring plowing, seeding, etc., ia by many deemed to have Insured abundant crops for the coming season. The conditions for plowing and Beeding in the northern counties have been unusually favorable and farmers have hastened to sow their wheat and oats. Much of this has been done, as well as early po-ti.. ni.ntM) a ml sr&j-denin started. Hops have been uncovered, "rooting" has begun. and in dry, sandy sous some poies net. In the southern counties work has not pro- i miIv o r-Ann t t h WPt (jreaocu &j iaiiuij v - - ground, and there is now not so much dis parity between the northern, ana soutnern sections in the advance of the season. GRASS AND GRAIN VIGOROUS. "Throua-hout the State grass and winter grains look particularly fine and vigorous, and some reporters declare the Beason to be ten days In advance. In the warmer sections most of the oats have been sown. and early potatoes piantea. tianey sowing ts about finished in Orleans County, and the greater part of a large acreage of peppermint has been set m Wayne County. In some parts of St. Lawrence County, the long cold and dry spell ia thought to have Injured grass somewhat, and some meadows in Dutchess County look thin and have a slow growth, but the late warm rains will probably bring about more favorable conditions in these sections. "In the earlier counties fruit trees are Kso-tTYTvinir tr blossom and. with the excep tion of early peaches, the outlook Is very promising. Reports woura. inaicate mat even early peaches are not quite so badly killed as at first supposed." i. ERIE COUNTT. The report of! Erie County says: "Very favorable week. Plowing and gardening progressed rapidly. In northeast not much seeding, but In warmer sections early sown oats are already coming up. Grass and wheat are looking fine. Peach trees In bloom. Rainfall at Buffalo, 4.93 In.; Akron, 0.96 in.; Eden Center. 1.00 In." CHAUTAUQUA COUNTT. For Chautauqua County It chronicles: First part of ! week fine weather,, and plowing, sowing of oats, and early gardening progressed j rapidly. Latter part of week rainy and work retarded. Grass and grain fine. Fruit is promising. Rainfall at Cherry Creek. 1.01 in." A MEET! AT JEROME PARK. The New Jersey Jockey Club Has Leased the Track and Will Hold a Meet. . New York, April 25. The managers of New Jersey Jockey Club have leased the old Jerome Park race track and will be gin a meeting there July 4. The racing ' will continue four days on alternate days with Brighton Beach. This step Is taken because the managers of the club which, has been holding meets at Elizabeth have come to the conclusion that there Is absolutely no chance for racing in New Jersey in years to come. POLICEMEN REPRIMANDED. ; The Commissioners Lectured Two Police men and Transferred Threm, At the meeting of the Board of Police Commissioners this ' morning Policemen Sullivan and Chilcott of the Third Precinct, who were found guilty of neglect of duty and fined ten days' pay yesterday. were ' severely : reprimanded by Mayor Bishop and then transferred by Supt, Bull. i Sullivan was sent to No. 11 Station In place of Adam Bingemann, who was sent to No. 3 ana trnucott was sent to sso. t in place of William Smith, who wished to get up town. i THE SAMOAM ISLANDS. Assent to Their Annexation to New Zeal and to be Asked. London. April 23. Sir Thomas Esmonds has elven notice that in the - House of Commons tomorrow he will ask the gov ernment to give Its' consent to the annex ation of the Saxnoan Islands to New Zealand, the Samoans themselves having re peatedly given expression to their approval of such administration of their govern ment. , GERMANY WOULD NOT PERMIT IT. Berlin. April 25. It is stated on authority of the Foreign Office that Germany will not permit the annexation of Same to New Zealand, which act would be a flag rant violation of the Berlin treaty. Germany herself is unable to take over the Islands without approval of the Reich stae and the present composition of that body makes -such action on the part of Germany extremely doubtful. THE MOVING SEASON IS ON. Practical Hints to be observed. -Move as early before May 1st as poesl L ble. 2. 3. 4. Get dean moving vans From a responsible party At H.50 per hour for van and 3 men. 6. Be sure you give your order to the Buf falo Storage Uartina company, sag Sen eca Street. Sr2t3-na-w--f v, LILLIAN BROKE ; HER CONTRACT. i i t ; The Fair Actress in a Rumpus With Canary and it Lederer. SHE IS HIGHLY INDIGNANT. ! Charges of "Gross Deceit and rRaud in Obtaining My Ser-I vices "The Other Side. TALKING ABOUT A LIBEL SUIT New' York, April 25. Lillian Russell ad ded another score yesterday to her record as a i contract breaker, and served notice onMfHnr. Canary and Lederer that she considered that they had violated their contract with her. I Manager Lederer says she has adopted a weak subterfuge to get away, and that he has been advised by counsel that she can't ! get away. She generally does, though. She has sent Canary , and Lederer a let ter. In which ; she says that her contract was made with Thomas Canary and George W. Lederer as a firm. Now she has found that no such firm exists, Lederer having testified In a court of record yesterday in a supplementary proceeding to that effect, and that Ida Florine Lederer Is the principal In the firm that signed with her. This she regards as, "gross deceit and fraud in obtaining my services." She is willing to sign with Mr. Canary to complete the second season. ending June 22. Otherwise she won't play any more. She will play until Saturday to oblige Mr. Canary, he being In Michigan. Mr. , Lederer said last night that the offer of a 5 per cent, better contract with Abbey & Grau is what is the matter with Miss Russell and that she has been trying to get away for three months. He thinks of suing her for libel for say ing "gross fraud and deceit," and he proposes to give her all the law there W if she breaks her contract. The contract, he says, was made With the firm of Canary & Lederer, proprietors of the opera company of which firm I he is a member.! ' He testified that he was not a member of the firm which holds the-lease of the Casino, which is another affair. " I BANKER HELMS TRIAL Ex-Cashier Arnold Brought From Prison to Testify Against Him. Lockport. April 23. Jacob J. Arnold, late cashier of the defunct i Merchants' Bank, has been brought here from Auburn Prison to testify against Dr. J. H. Hel- mer, the vice-president of the bank, on trial for perjury. The case of! President Helmer of tne same bank under ball for perjury is being presented to the grand Jury today. It is expected that other indictments will be found against him. r A COUNT'S MISDEEDS. ! . . It Now Seems Impossible For th Young Man to Escape Punishment. J Paris.' April 25. La Libre Parole says Max Lebaudy has withdrawn his charges against Count Ell E. de TaJlevrand-Peri-gord at . the Instance of his mother, the Princess of Sagan, but i other accusations are accumulating which will mike It difficult If not Impossible for- the youog man o regain his liberty. Le Matin says that several young men hitherto, friends of the count made charges against him yesterday of so serious a na ture as to preclude all possibility of his being admitted to bail. Judge Dopner "eused summon and examination of w messes in the case and should Lebaudy withdraw lis charges the public prosecutor will take the matter and pursue It to an Issue. , j FIREMEN INJURED. Caught Among the Timbers of a Falling- Building One Fatally Hurt. Memphis, April 25. Seven firemen were severely Injured by falling timbers In a burning building at No. 185 Main Street la this city last night. The Injured are: John M. Dolan, left arm broken. Mike Cleary, bruised and internally In jured, j John Moore, leg crushed. Richard Borrows, burned and bruised about body and limbs. James Monahan, arm crushed. Thomas Meredith, burned and Injured about the head, i i William Whalen, body and leg crushed. Whalen was rescued from the ruins at 11 o'clock. He Is fatally Injured. The fire broke out at 7 o'clock In the feed and grain store of W. J. Chase and spread all over the building In a few seconds. The firemen 'who were Injured attempted to carry a hose up to the third story, but they had scarcely reached the second floor when the building collapsed, burying them in the ruins, i I- i A score or more firemen Instantly rushed to the rescue of their imprisoned comrades and succeeded In saving all except Whalen. who was caught beneath a heavy beam. The loss to the building and stock will ag gregate $26,000. ! jruvas Kixa kxew him. The prison ers1; dock in Police Court this morning was crowded with a "motley crew" : the sdburings of the first precinct. Twenty-one of these non-workers were marched before the Judge, convicted and went to Entry: Clerk Sherwood to give their records. I Then a change took place. One of the men, a fellow 34 years old, began to cry. "Here, bring that fellow here," said the Judge l "You know me. Judge," said the vagrant. "I'm BryeinskI: you remember my wife used to Interpret hers foe you.1 "Yes, I remember you. Where's . your wife?" i 1 "She's dead," said Bryslnskl, "and I am taking care of the little ones at Dunkirk. I came here to get work. "Your discharged," said the Judge, and as Bryzinskl walked out of the court, the other 20 looked after him with, reproachful eye i : JTR. TSATT 13 PJIjESIDJZS'T. The board of trustees of the Central Department of the Y. M. C. A. met yesterday afternoon for the annual election of ofil-cers. The result was as follows: Presi dent. Pascal P. Pratt: treasurer. 8. L. Masom Mr. Mason was also re-elected a trustee tot the term of eight years. The annual election of directors for the four departments of the association was also held and resulted as follows: R. B. Adam, Harvey D. Blakeslee, Frank E. Sickles and a. W. Malby for the term of three years. The new board will meet on Thursday for organisation. ' I SOT TXT NOTIFIED. Dispatches from Montreal yesterday af ternoon said that the police of that City had arrested two men supposed to be wanted In Buffalo for complicity In the Rercrnan murder on lower Main street Mir uo.- The local police had not at noon today received any word from the Canadian authority A m An Entire Wholesale Stock" at Our Disposal. Forced sensations sre the order of the day. Every other clothing store is advertising "special purchases" and "special sales' in an endeavor to unload. Exaggeration is rampant and prices are being run up in order to bring them down again. All mankind have not yet lived past the notion that people like to be humbugged. So much for the general fact. Here's the application: For iorty years the name of Altrnan & Co. on ready-made clothing has stood for the top notch of quality. Hard work has produced that and success has been well deserved. In order to double your interest in this store we have purchased the entire stock of our manufacturing department, including Thousands of Suits Thousands of Overcoats. and many thousand pairs of Pants, which we putpose distributing at the lowest prices on record. Buffalo has never known anything like the values we shall offer in fine clothing of all sorts. " There's been too much clap-trap and nonsense. Wild Western methods are not exactly suited to local intelligence. See the Suits at $4.95 See the Suits at $7.95 See the Suits at $9.95 ALTIAN LEADING CLOTHIERS, CHRISTIAN SCIENCE. Alleged as: Contributing to the Death of Henrv j Lauer. rn. X M. Bayllss' today filed the death certificate of Mr. Henry Lauer. aed 61 years, who died at his residence. No. 600 Hickory Street this morning-. The direct cause of death 1 given- as gastritis. The contributing- cause of Oeatn is given as Christian Science. Dr. Bayllss stales that for two weeks wa prior to hi being called, the man suffering:, but was only being attended by circla of Christian Scientist. i Dr. Bayllss was called on April 11 but by that time the patient was beyond recovery. . i WCARA6UAH AFFAIRS. j Interference of Americans and British Causes Considerable Apprehension. New York. April 25. A special from Guatemala says: The Interference In Nlc araguan affairs by British and Americans causes much apprehension here. It is feared the Anglo Saxon nationalities are seeking to plant themselves In Central American soil. This Is belne made the most of by those who favor making one great Republic of Central America, THE LEAD PIPE CINCH. Three Hundred Journeymen Plumbers Held a Meeting Last Night. " The Journeymen plumbers, gas and steam fitters held a big meeting last night at the headquarters of Branch No. W at Huron and Elllcott streets. Over 100 plumbers met and heard the benefit of unionism expounded by William 8pnoer, Thomas Butler and Edward FTanke. Mr. Spencer Is president of the local union. He scored the master plumbers and told how they had tried to get him out of the city because he had stood up for the rights of his fellow workers. Before d lap rains the plumbers passed a resolution to stand together and take any action necessary to advance their interests.' SATIONJS.1TZJCS or IBS roox. Overseer Stanch ha compiled a table showmg- the nationality of the unfortunates whose applications for aid appear on hi books. The table l as follows: United States. 759: Germany. W6: Canada. 131; Ireland. S25: England. 108; Scotlan 2J: Fotead. 608; Switserland. 10; Italy. 66: Hunry. 1; Austria, : Portueral. S; VrK J: France, 4: Holland. : Norway. 6; Spain, 1: Russia, 60: Sweden. I; Nova Scotia, J: colored (natives). I; colored (Afrtcaoj). t; total. 2670. ' , BIMON FVKT PjLRDOTfSD. New York. April 27. Simon Poey, the rnmr n&asenKer eg-ent or the Cuban a. .!r. rnmnanr. who stole 140.000 and was In 189S sentenced to sU rears and a imnrtaonment In Sins: Sing has been pardoned by Gov. Flower after II months of his sentence and has returned to his home at wmiesume, ju. u 1 hand earrUa-es. most any style win be sold cheap to make room sprlnc stock. A. J6. Perreo. 124 . Secon you wish tor n SCOOP &C0. 68-72 SENECA ST FRASK IV. GMOEFER m BUFFET, lO West Eagle Street. Fine Bottled Goods for Famljy and Medicinal Purposes. LOCAL ERIE COUNTT. LAWS OF NEW YORK. By Authority. (Every law, unless a different time shall be prescribed therein, shall not take effect until the twentieth day after it shall have become a law. Section 43, article H. chap ter 8. General Law a.) CHAP. 33. AN ACT to amend chapter one hundred and five of the laws of eighteen hundred and ninety-one. entitled "An act to re- Vise the charter of the city of Buffalo. Became a law February 2L 18M. with the approval of the Governor. Passed by two-thirds vote. The People of ths State of New York. zepreseoted in Senate and Assembly, do 'mact a follows: Bectlon - L. Section three hundred and forty-eight of chapter one hundred and five of the laws of eighteen hundred and ninety-one, entitled "An act to revise the charter of the city of Buffalo." Is hereby amended to read as follows: Sec 348. The city shall provide a suit able place for the meetings of ths ex amlners. and also a place for holding the examinations, and shall furnish all neces sary stationary and other supplies for the board. The expenses incurred by the board In carrying out the provisions of this act. Including salaries, shall be audited and paid like other accounts against the city and shall be included in ths expenses of the school department. Sec S. This act shall take effect lmmedl ately. SUte of New York. Office of the Secre tary of SUte, as. Z have compared the preceding with the original law on file in this omce. and do hereby certify that the sains Is a correct transcript therefrom and of the whole of said orlxlnal law. JOHN PALMER, , . .," Secretary of State. LOCAL-ERIE COUNTY. LAWS OF NEW YORK. By Authority (Every law. unless a different time shall be prescribed therein, shall not take effect until ths twentieth day after It shall have become a law. Section 43. article LL chap ter S, General Laws.) Chap. 23. An act providing for a police Justice and a police force for the village of Tona wands, Erie County. New York. Became a law April X 18M. with the ap proval of ths Governor. Passed, tbr fifths being present. The People of the SUte of New York, represented In Senate aod Assembly, do enact as follows: Section L The board of trustee of the village of Tonawanda, Erie county, are hereby authorised to appoint a police Jus tice In asd for said Wage, wbo shall be resident of said village, and wbo shall hold his office until the next annual village election held tn said village, and until his successor shall have been elected and have Qualified. Section J. There shall hereafter be elect ed In the -vOla of Tooawand by the elector of the vUlaa-e, a I provided tor. the etacUosi of president ot the rUla-, a po- lice Justice, wbo shall hold his office during , the term of four years and until bis sue-( cessor shall have been elected and Qusii-. fled. -, . ! Sectloh X. The election of such Justice shall be held at the same time with the an-I nual village election, except as hereinafter provided, and his term of office shall commence on the first day of the following ! month. In, case of a vancancy in said j office, from any cause, the trustees shall 1 appoint a police Justice for the purpose of i filling- uch vacancy until the next village . election, and the person so appointed shall enter upon, such office upon the day f oi- 1 lowing such appointment, and tn the mean time the Justice of the peace of the town of Tonawanda, designated as hereinafter provided, shall perform the duties of polic Justice of said village. Every person elected or appointed police Justice ef said village shall before entering upon the duties of his office, and within tea days after ( official notice of bis election or appointment, take and file with the clerk of Erie county the ceasututkmal oath of office. Section 4. Said Justice shall reside and keep his office with hi ths village of Ton- van da; he shall receive an annual salary f one thousand) dollars, psyabie monthly by the vUlag treasurer, upon tbe warrant of said Justice. He shall recetv no other fees or emolument whatever for the performance of the duties of his office, and no Incumbent Of any state, county, town or other village office shall hold said oQce of police Justice. Section a. Said police Justice shall have exclusive Jurisdiction of all criminal matters within the corporate limits of said vil lage of which Justices of the peace and courts of special session now have Juri- lctlon or hereafter shall have within the town of this state, except a here tn after provided. He shall also have exclusive Jurisdiction to try, and shall proceed (without allowing ball to the grand Jury) and try all per eons brought before him accused of any crime of the grade of mla- emeanor or of a lesser degree and not punishable by Imprisonment In the aUte prison; but any such person entitled there to shall have the right of trial by Jury, to be drawn, sworn and summoned as provid ed by title five, article third, anaoter nineteen, of the code of cfvtl procedure, but said Justice may summon sach Jury forth with, and set aside any Juror so arawn who resides without the corporate limits of said village, and draw another Juror In his Place. He shall have also concurrent Jurisdiction with Justices of the peace of all criminal matters within the town of Tonawanda of which Justices of the peace or courts of special session now have or hereafter shall hare Jurisdiction within the towns of this state. Paid Juetice shall, in all thlnjrs relating to the mode and man ner of procedure In his court, or to the arraignment, trial or examination of parties sccused. be governed by the same laws as Justices of the peace or courts of special sessions In towns. He shall also have power to administer oaths, to lake affida vits and acknowledgments, subject to in same rules la all cases where he could were he a JusUce of the peace of Erie county. Sec. . The said police justice snail, m aid village, also possess all the Jurisdiction. Dower and authoity now vesica In the Justices of the peace In the town of Tonawanda In relation to the vl"!atloa of he charter, by-laws or ordinances of the vl'Use of Tonawanda. and appeals frjm hie Ju'lj- ment may be taken to the :o J nv court r Erie County in the same mannc as jucg- menu of Justice of the paci In toans. and all criminal procl!n-;s pnilrg inters him may be removea ana staya jio-vlded by section fifty-seven of the code of criminal procedure. Sec. 7. Said police Justice Keep a record of all proceedings before aim. In which shall be entered all Judgments be mav render, all fines or penalties Imposed. and whether collected, and it so, hn and how. Sec S. Said police Justice shall make out an account against the town of Tonawanaa. at least annually, of all criminal mutters and proceeding (except civil proceedings to enforce or relating to the charter, by-law or ordinance of said village) that were heretofore proper charges agalnrt said town of Tonawanda, and present the same to the town board or othef auditing board cr nicer of said town, and said town boird or other auditing board of officers of aald town shall audit and allow said account for the same amount, to be paid to the treas urer of said village, as though the service sforesald had been performed by the Justice of peace, or court of special sesstoa of said county. Sec 9. He shall, also, at least annually. make out an account against the County of Erie, for all service which he shall perform, which were, heretofore, a county charge against the county of Erie, sod pre sent the same to the boexa or supervisors of said county: and said board of super visors shall audit and allow said account for the same amount as thougli the service therein charged bad been performed by a Justice of the peace or court of special sessions of said county, ana tne amount allowed by the said board of supervisors and charged to the county snail m paw oy them to the treasurer or the vuiaire or lon- ivudi: and the amount auauea ana charged to tbe town of Tonawanda. shall be collected ss other town taxes are collected and be paid by the supervisor of said town, when collected, to the saw vuiage. Sec 'la. Said police justice snau couect and receive all fines, fee, penalties and allowance that are by Uw collectable by Justice of the . peace or courts of special esaions tn towns or that may be imposed and received by him to enforce the charter, by.laws or ordinance of said village. And on or before the tenth day of each month h shall make out and return to in ciera of said village. In such form as the board of trustee may prescribe, a sworn tabular atatement of ail such fee, fines, penalties. and allowances. Imposed, received or collected by him. either directly or Indirectly, during the Ust preceding- month, and with tti recelDt of the treasurer of said village. showing that said Justice has paid Into the village treasury the amount of all such fine, fee, penalties and allowances, as shown by the sUtement. for the benefit of the said village, and any ocnlsalon to ren der such statement snd pay over such fines, fees, penalties and allowances, or any part thereof, on or perore the twenuetn dav of each month, and any Intentional false sUtement. or any Intentional omis sion to set out in sucn statement any por Hon of such fines, fees, penalties or allowance received by him. shall be sufficient cause for removal of said police Justice ft m ii offloe. ge, ii. The board of trustee of said vfl-lag; hll designate and appoint one of ths Justice f the peace of the town f Tonawanda, who, during the term of his office as Justice -of the peace, at any time when aid police Justice shall be unable to perform the duties f his office, on account of ULCtmsiT absence, sickness, or any other cause that does not vacate his omce. shall K.n .11 the power and Jurisdiction and perform all the duties and be subject to .u the res-uUtlon and penaltle bereta provided as to said police Justice: and for UCh Service Sana juicw w yrmw, ur any Justice f the peace performing servv- under tbe provision of this act. shall . mm amount proportionate to th bmImtt of (he said police Justice, to be aud-h, the trustee of said village, and mmJli ajnoant shall be deducted from th MtUry of akl police Justice, except when aald police Justice shall certify that he la disqualified by relationship or any other cause, to try a case, and la such case the assistant police Justice shall charge his fee therefor to the town of Tonawanda or county f Erie a th case may be. and such fees sal be for his am benefit. i it both said police Justice and said JusUce of the peace shall be abaent or unable to perform said dntie. then any ,v, - inatice of the peace f the town of Tonawanda haH have the same Jurisdic tion and power ana perconn m .....t . .nA b subject to the wm ,i.f and penalties tn all naoecta as said police Justice, daring" tte time be shall act. But no Justice f th peace shall receive any fees, emotumeala or pay from any source, far the performance of any ' service la any matter I which said police Justice has Jurisdiction xcept as provided la this act. Sec IX Said police Justice, or other Jus tice of the peace, performing services us er th provisions of this act, shall have power to Uke affidavits and acknowledg ment la matter and proceedings before him. Sec 14. Th board of trustee of said village shall provide sail police Juatlce with a suitable room for holding his court. Sec U. Th said police Joatlc may be removed by th county J"4ge of Erie county fcr Just cause, and on written charges, and after trial on netlce. Sec 1C It shall be the duty of the board f trustee la each and every year to cause the amount of the .iary of aald police Justice, as herein provided for. to be assessed, levied and collected rrom in taxable property of aald TlUsge at the same time and In the same manner thai ether taxes of said village are esea. levied and collected, and U same . sna- be applied to th payment of such salary. Sec 17. Tne board ot trustee or me vu- lag f Tonawanda shall appoint such umber f policemen as they ahall. rrora time to time, deem necessary, not exceeding ten. and may appoint, at ear time, such cumber of special patrolmen from among the citisens of aald village as they may deem necessary. Sucto policemen and special patrelmen, together with the trustees f the village of Tonawand. shall constitute the police force I Tillage. And the truatee r aaid vuiaw may. upon th appllcatkm ef any person or persons r corporation soowma w. cesatty therefor, appoint special pouce ooo- t.hlM to da soeclai duty, a required oy the applicant, but said last aamed poUc constables shall not be entitled to say compensation far their service frem either the town or th village or Toianaa. r th county f Erie, Nor shall the appointment of any police constables be made upon the application of any person or per sons or corporation, a beret prorwem until after th arollcant or applicant shall have secured and indemnified tbe id vU- lae f Tonawanda with a oo4 aM sura-n,ni Vw-kwt tn t aenroved by tiie trualeea of aald village, conditioned that th vlllag will be saved barmieea irom costs, salaries, expense r damage by reason of such appointment. Any perso appointed either as policeman, special pa trolman or pecial constat and file with the clerk r to viu - Tonawanda the const it UooJ, oath f flee before enteric- upon the duties of hi offlc. A certificate th Pff" such policeman, shall be duly rued with th clerk of th villas of V: and a copy thereof duly certified by aid clerk, shall be filed ta the office of th clerk of Erie county. Sec It Such policemen, special mn or special police constables shall UU their oC3c during the pleasure oc U trustee of the village of Tonawanda. Kc U. One f such, poucetnen designated by th board ot trustee as "chief of police.- who shall Perform such duties a shall be prescribed by Uw. by the rules and regulations of trustees of the village l io"'",;"U- Rec X In case t a vac -cj '- ' . lie fore from any cau ,tt"t,'T of trustee shell appoint to fill the va cancy, and they anau rt.. - ' poncemen upon beta Incompetency, or i V UlcgaU corrupt or othr im;ror r4Jrt. Sec tL Th sail policemen shall have thVtull power and duties of , eMe. , f town tn regard to enro- proedlng. and. in dJlSto,VT, thV. the powers and duUe. confT-l by ttiia act and they hall perform such ' outW. .- shall be Uwfully I1 w. nd reruUttons t the trustees o f ti rvmage of Tonawanda, end It be the duty C such policemen to serve LVXl all" process, snd P S'SiE 7. Justice the service can t r-o efficiently performed by tbe -- county, or by a town eon d!retioa shall only I'J'tt! arising without tn r"" V U shall uty an en 1 1 i ,,., --rrant lag f while in case or oreacu v. - - - . . .. But no lirau.uuu. - actually Vuty sheriff tne power, .--Hal r:lc or mo r'Lty "eriffTIpt ofir th special deputy frms i ,,UBlri an wer t , - . thoe e of U of lt& and sixty-even r . - - a at a t aa of tbe gam '"L. '" .aid PU Bee- J "JT.irb-ard f tru-U- T?hf tSlai. TVnawanda. axvd shall b of th village of i -ooa fjrty-cT nor l lh?n alrtdol'Ir. per mocai. tor "f!?l ahauTpaa at tb rat. of v- tfiAfl " t lea than v . ot .ch five dollar p -V T' two dollar fne each day he bu . ivj , i - u be paid wi , salaries . -aid vliUg w arrant of . t--- TtUaa, drawn upon to- hil b and th mowr M MruUed "7h. Vani -bW delated taken from tn tneA. Whenever. a the poncw J . , to lb tber .hall - lTLy ui credit of ta. trustee C ax. of Tonl-aa are hereby au-!V borrow money sufficient for th l and th amount so orrow the amount axmuany rr . by i.w. ..Id vlllag , y ethei- 8uch policemen bail no traveling la dlscbarg r in.r treason, to PV, or by f.TU?,. f ct, t" of -aid vUUg. I JV, police duUe. r upon thtTj ty Um. Julie. upon :-"LJ73ia b. paid when their actual "- nrm, of verified upcT to detail, to b. B' tT b certtfied to Zuc. .ad audited ana 11 LllrTi .f Tona- Y" , orf the police Jui runa. wand, ut of vs !-. ooUcemea .hall JtX .Vcount of s-ch rvW. keep a correct heretofore been a rendered W baa unt. town r county f"""- b- ocii police-duty verified IL tru-tee. f men aU ,ITon7waA4 at oc a the villa J'tmnd county audu-Ttrrdlwhh amount. .U be a ing tooa the town or county " yawl. Stable a. beretof mad. by by the county audTt- acT ed to county .bsdl lBC bttto upervuor. of said county b. paid by rcisg of Ton- to th. .V Waited d unount twn of r Tmawarida charge , . .. ther taaeS are barged shall b. T."- ,k -,nrrisor f rld br tbe couecieu. - ,,-.-4. to the treasurer ana - -' -- - atd towtu wn- - fuod Rscept lhl town tor oar. of eoargeo. n t. m. oart which said car. prisoners. .v.. Aatr C ai 7 " w Vtwbacks for meal for pner. ii a!S" against th town a. .hall th .JtuLlT expended ta fumUfclng h SsS. lovert attainaW. rate. 1 Vai act Shan Uk t Smme- d 8't.- of New York, Offic of the Wcro- Vriv.8 th. preosdln, with tb. rlxmai liw ae this effio. andd. certify that th sum la a orrect LcriMereVrom and f tb. wbol. of Mid erlglnsi Uw. JOTTV PALMER, im ttary i.

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