The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1937 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 17, 1937
Page 9
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MAUCrn-r, itef S!,Y'mEV1U,t3 (AUK.)' Nf3\Vy' •I'M Othe. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily vale I'd 1 line [or consecutive insertions: One time per line lOc 'i'wo limes iicr line iicr nay ... 08o Three times per line per day .. Ofc Six limes per line per day — 05o Month rate per line (il)c Cards of Tlmnkc 50c & 75c Minimum charge 50e Ads ordered for three or six times iind slopped before expiration will be charced fov the number of limes I lie-net uppeaied and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy MibmilUxl liy nervns residing outside of tlio ciiy ; .must Ire accompanied »y cash. Hates may be easily computed..Cram' above table. Advertising ordered for irregular jnscilions' takes the one lime rate. No responsibility wilt he taken for more, than one incorrect insertion of :niy elnx.ilicd ml. Auloiiiolivo EASY CREDIT Gootlnch HiulgeL Plan Tires - Tubes - naileries Home and Farm Auto Hndios BUFE JONES-TIRES Cleaners - Laundry STAK Cl/KANKKS .vueilenccd Workers - Quiility Clcaiiing - Courteous Service 619 \V. Asli 1'lionc MO Marvin Sitwyer, Mgr. Real Estate For Sale: 5 room house with entire furnishings. Call 428-J for key. Mrs. L. S. Briscdc, 1310 Hearn. 15-pk-18 PHILLIPS WALNUT AT FILTH ST. Vlirji you think of buying ;t l^ed Jar reincinbcr we will sell you a Jsrd Cur that is an !!. ami (;. |(i>- omlilioucd mid fiii;iranU':<t— su rhy take n rhaiicc? 15 I'OKI) V-S roitmm. ita- dio. A clean car 53^5 35 HUDSON TOUIUNC1 I'lm- IIOll. Itadio '& llwli-r. Spurt Knliin $](i5 1'OItl) TllUOK. Clean. Car Itadio & Heater. City iiriv- tn $;(15 I'Oltl) TUDOIt. New iiaint, 5 good I ires. Motor A-l ,. Sl'jj 1J us.-; OppoL - trinities Beauty Culture IS T11K COMING PROFESSION Learn tliis^ pleasant work which ;. pays well. - ;' Nc'.v ckW aniiiiins—rlatc supervised Reasonable Tuition Mrs. William Berryman Elaine Beauty Shop Room and Board I.oeal lirm lias openiiiB for man over '10. Good edutntion and willingness to work important requirements. For appointment Call 07. IGe klO 1] 11siiicss Di reclory $6 PER WEEK Rujoy comforts of steam heal. jot niid cold water, good food, nil for this low price. rcalioiiy ' lintel lit E, Main Wanted To Buy Wfi IMY CASH POR 2ND HANI) I-'UUNITUUB Jliiljtiarrl 2nd Hiind Furniture Store rtioiio 1031 Trc'sli Uculfool C R A P P I E • SSc.Up Ciguvc'ltcs, 2 pli HARRY-BAILEY Gas and Oil SljHu Line at tlio Arch Vo Pay ?G-$7.GO por ton for crai) Iron, Hadiiilore $1 :i.50, .WdalH lie lo 12U Ib., ilso-liuy Viidcs & ohl b;iltcric;s AH I AN AUTO I'AUTS rasa*-" •'' 'bTall kinds' Uiiifor.'MS A; cti»if)mcJit for baseball, handball, .snftbnll. soccer ball, tennis, track & boxing. Best I rices Hdw. Co HOMES WK ATTKNI) TO AM. DKTAIl.b Let's Talk It Over—Phone 100 K. C. IIOIIINSUN I.UMltKll CO. "MV C(>AI, IS It LACK— V. UT I TKKAT YOU WHITE" I Also Pay Best Prices far Hides & Metals JOHN BUCHANAN Phone 107 Shoe Repairing NEW DEAL SHOE SHOP 121 West Main. Simon P. Lee in charge t Pliolos FHEE with Each Orde for Half Sole Job CITY SHOE SHOP Try us ones Then try us Uvicc After that you'll let us Do your shoe work the Rest, of yc::r life. YMI. FREEMAN & .1. U. HOLT •1 doors east penney's Poultry & Eggs HlESIt YARD EGOS. 25c dor Mrs. J. p. Pride. Pride Sub 2S 15. Main Plioiic 176 WE BUY Hides & Metals Wool & Scrap Iron Blytlicville Iron & Metal Co. 3licrry & R. R. 1'hone 41 Fur Sale STORE BUILDING on W. Main St., near new factory site. Reasonable. I.. Fowler. 3-ck-tf Sfodern 3-rooin PURNIBIIBU Apartment, 22-1 Dougan. Mrs, A. lie klf 5 FORD coin 1 :;. ;iRCj radio Low niilc- 34 CHBV. COACH. New painl JVJj 3D 1'Oltl) TUDOK. 1 new HITS. new 1/oril batlery ........ 5135 30 CHKV. SUDAN. Tiros and molor 0. K. Hadiu i lit-jil- er Phillips Used Car Lot I'bune SID Kuy Calvin, Mgr., Used Car l)r)il. Saiesiueii Wanted For Rent Nice bedroom, large c'.oscl, adjoins balli. -Jiii W. Kentucky. 8-ck-4-8 Nicely Furnished STEAMHEATEL) BEDROOM, Iralh. Call 5GO. 4c k< Furnished, slenmlientcrt Apartment. Tclopliones 137 riiul 571. 9c klf Modern •! noom FURNISHED Apartment, rhono aso. 2Cc kll room furnished i, pail men t. 1031 W. Ash. Call 058. 21-c-k-tl 't room FURNISHED rcasoniiWe. 313 N. Sixth. I'hoiic U. . ll-p-k-18 EASTER USED CAR BARGAINS *'or ml/ K-Mitr nlll | ((,<. , Ilillt j, lllon(hs ,„ folll)W y uu , Kei i „ ,.. lr that look* classy, runs well, economical lo drive and wy lo p»y (or. Tlirsc iiiiaWlraltmis lit every Used (.m- am i |l,ey arc all I'rke,! HUM. Kiuy (i. M. A. C. Vlaii Nicely furnished JJEIJIIOOM. Oil W. Mnin. Mrs. Wlckluun. 12cktl JJAUGAINH — JIAIUJAINK '3i CltKVKUI.K'i' MAhTKIl COACH. Clean. Ituns flood. N'Jlli Haillo $rw Ml CIII.VKOI.KT MASIKIt .COACH. Healer and 1037 133 CIlKVIlUI.HT COACH. 't New Tires, 3 Alumst New $'i« Cili;vilOI,KT SVUllT •SUDAN. I'orrccl Condition. FURNISHED apartment, 108 W. Kentucky, phone 683. 15-ck-2'2 •1 room furnished nut , 1015 W. Ash. Call 445-W. Mrs. Goodwin. IQ-lf Nicely Furnished BEDROOM, aai/ nge. Men preferred. Mre. Moon, if 13 W. Walnut. ncktf :i rcom FUHNISIIED APARTMENT reasonable. Mrs. Uescll, 717 Chirkasawbii. , I7c:klf iVAN'l'EO— AMBI T 1 O U H HUSTLE!!. Sell Rawlcigii PioiUifU. Mended every home.- Easily cold. Pleasant work. Sl.'outd start, c arn- 'itvi $25 iveckly and increase rap- clly. We teach you how. fiatt'lrigh'.s, Ocpt. AKC-27-50, Memphis, Tcmi. 'WANTED— WHS! iic well known in city. Expericncs lot ciseJitial. Sec Phillips Motor Co. Nt-wly decorated l-'iirnlslu-d Aparl- mei)t for eoiiplc. RMI| is iac jic-r month, which Includes light, and v,aler. Ursirc permanent tcnnnt. Krank C. Douglas, Plioiles 393 or •IM. , • 17cklf Wan K;cl LAUNDHY, LOUKli dry or llnlslied. Ooo<l work. Mrs. Mick, (JIG Lftko. H1DS on dlsiiitiii Iiirin dllcli, inlli; long, at Ynrbro lann. Roy Calvin, : "iic or otherwise, drai; line |irc- nckae fcrred. U L. Ward. •35 hull) V-« I)K DAN. ittal Kucis (jood Clean SK- Car. 'M CHHVilOLKT l!i TON TKUCK. Heal Huy - AND MOKK HAKOAINH! •l4(!HKVR6lKT COACH. A lUal lluy For Somtttnc I'M '35 FORi) V-B 0 K MIXE U I) U r t, ltumlit« itadlo nn;l HiMlfr. Only .. VS'J.l '35 UODCIK C011|>K. Tires A-l Slolor Tcrfci't. Kadlo .... $U'J5 '35 I 1 1, ViUUUTH CUACII. U 1'ly Tiros All Around. Ural Clean. Motor A-l. l.uok This Dim Over .... $365 M5 F 0 H 1) V-« }• IV K -1; I' TKUCK. HIM Color. New Motor $:t3,> I'/, TON TRUCK. 1.54-20 llrts «15 Miuiy Oljicr Cars ami Trucks 'TO' Choisc From We Have Sonic Car As Low As ?25.W) (u ?50.M•'— All Kiin TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. PHONIC Personal Tnb- Mli'Nt a ^ r VIGOR AT, O iua-JH • Ni!w pslrdx Tonic - lela contain rnw" bystcr IlivJgora- lors nutl oilier sllmulahts. ,Oiic dose iwiis up orwiiii, glnnds.' if Hot doUgmed, makof rofunitB fovv ccnls paid. Call, wrlto Klrby'Brds, Drlig Stores. ' : ;.' Farm Loans $500 Up AI/SO LOANS ON BUSINESS BUIliDlNOSi HE3IDENCE8, F1L.L- 1NCJ atA'I'lONS.': Don H. Kasserman Kooiii 22oVl,ync!i Bltig. ' •' '' b. ALI.IOY OO Batteries HATTEItV SKIIV1CE Call J. Ben Clune PI)ono. P nl Tom Jackson's \\K HAVE SKCtinKD TUB . BERVICKS OF AN RADIO MECHANIC who will p.u.irnnlco to repali your ifldto lo first clnss coudl- tlnit A Coinplclc Lint of Tubes tmd I'urls - - licit Prices Hulibnrd Tire K lint. Co, Phone 476 TERKY ABSTRACT & HKALTY CO. Abstrucls, Lands & Loans E, M, Terry, Prcs. niidMsr, 1'lionc Oil Hlytlicvlllc, Ark. Venus' ny Imp, Ihe famous car- nhorous plant, catches more snid- ers (lion fltej So for, no one 'has been ablo to find o'ut what tho ]>!nnt gains fiom its carnivorous habllh. Gay & Billings, Inc. Coal - Feed - Kindling Phone 70 HANNA , FUNERAL HOME A Iwaullful niul syinpnllicllc service nt-' iiioilernlc cosl. Ambulance Service 111 N. Ihl I'Uuni! 58 X '• ' Phono 700 BI.YTIIKVIU.K Superior Co«l & Mining Co. FOR SALE We Jiavo u limited bupply of Dlec Alfalfn Seed, nrnl prlco Is attractive. Also fcvernl tons of Stoncvllle No. 4-A, Cotton r Seed one ycnr from UiC'breeder, 1 we raised mid ginned them and sidle leslcd We imvo several huntlred bushel", of fic'ni»';nnd I'CTlS. will sell or trade for nny other variety of Cation Seed oi- Beans L. R. Matthews Gin Co. Tel. 151 l-i 3 Yarbro, Ark Collnn, Cotton bccil and Coa LEFTY'S SERVICE STATION Arkansas-Missouri Line Shell Products Visit one of lha most modern service stations In the Soutli. A courteous stnlT of attendants nl >our seuice 24 hours a day. • 1000 l.,bs. . -At- Once' : \Vils6iiJIcnvy. Shouse-Henry Hdw. Co. TEAM OF MULES, reasonable. I'an! Burks, Dogwood Kidge. 10-|)k-20 275 Cedar FENCE POSTS, 1 f. lomj. Clicap. Mrs. Wiley Eskridgc, 400 Yarbro road. " 13c k!7 Half & JIalf cotton seed. Reasonable. B. B. Hodge, l-L 3, Box 52. 13-!>-k-'20 1 focj. Fay Rogers Meat Counter. Cheap. Mrs. ilerb Thompson Sate-way Store. lie k!8 New Bargains! We have some especially good bargains in cars, trucks ami pick-ups See Oilr's Before yon Buy' 1935 Ford I',-; Ton Truck 1930 Chevrolet l!i Ton Truck !D35 Tcrraplane Coach Delta Implements, Inc. Cotton Seed!!! -DPL 11, HOWDEW, STONEVILL 4A BEST PRICES ; Blythevilte Gin Co. WITH DIWMY GOWE LAME. ALL HOPE OF RESCUING FOOZY IS GOUE — eMORSEFULLY, ALLEV OOP AkliP HIS FRIEWD3 7UEW BACK TO WOO... USED BRICK. Chcnp. A. K. Carter. 607 N. 5th St. 3|) kl-3 PLUMBING! Fixtures, pipe, fittings, nil bathroom accessories, valves, electric >vatcr systems for fauns. Water loftcners. niters or any other item connected with plumbing or heat""PETE" THE PLUMBER Pair- young draft marcs and harness, reasonable. Guaranteed to be sound and goott workers. Wl. Division. Call !3ck!8J |2,500 Ibs. Joe Craisr, Phone 74, 1'OIJLTIIY WANTED Wn pay highest market prices for all kinds poultry. Fisher & Gtiinos at Gnincs Grocery & Mnr- kct. 11 w. Main. BABY CHICKS ALL VARIETIES Custom Hatching MARILYN HATCHERY Hw.v, Cl Nortli. Blj-tlievllle Yoniie while Plymouth Roek St.50 each; rooster free with <-nch 18 hens or single roosters $1-50. J Abbolt-Joliiison Poultry Parm Biirfleld road. SPECIAL BARGAIN . Mules ! ! See Us Before Yon Buy- Best Prices Also Several Good Used CULTIVATORS PAUL BYRUM Mules For Sale DELTA IMPLEMENTS, INC. Coal & Wood Alabama, Illinois. Kentucky C o ,\ r, ,. Shaver-Foster Gin Co. A rlione 278 Chlcknsnwba & K. R, \ "*" v—-— . • . • MfM\'O\V5 G. C. Hawks, 300 E. Main Six head of Good MULES for sale. See Paul Cyrtim. Scktf COTTON SEED!!! CHOICE DPL -No. 11 COTTON SEED carefully saved for our use. BARGAIN. Electric Gin Co. •UJXOHA, ARK. - Seeds - Plants HOSES-s lift down prepaid. Hiu" fly. ('ivo-ytvir firMH prnwn rx*rr- ) ootnui£ plants. PITC drscripliv,' 1 ( ••>"' f-j., irm wu io r f,-,u n| <w Tvi,r a T E NIJRsn:l " ES ' « 0 '< I D - U;1 Imi'lcmcnts, incorporated " "' r> ' Cr ' Tesas ' 15-»k-23 ! I 0c ktf Praclirally new Automatic Dclco M«h(. Plant, with radio far. i"i). Will sell for half price ITOEl if cxrpjs ndd causes you Stomach lilcure, das Pahis; In KEY rUNo coni liiihifi ill key: Heartburn, OBT 'free bottle o|jcni:r nlid lentlipr hook LEP1T ALCXANDFR Prop , sample doctor's nrescilpllotv Udgo, . Owner hray liav- 1 . same by paying hi'. Kirby Bros. Drlig . charges al Confier News. _HO\V I.ONfJ i WISH neb STOP, FALL obwM OR. T DROP DEAD.' IF HE OOW'T QUIT , I'LL BE BOUMCED OFF OM MY HEAD/ VOO'XY'-Hblib OUT? THIS cavzy LIZACD MUST BE THREE OUACZTEOS kAMGAROO' IP - OH, UY GOSHpTWS CQITTeR IS FAST ' AM' STOUT.' I WOMDEE HOSW UOM& KlS J-GG5 ARE GDKJWA MOLD'OUT.' BUSTEK WALL OF MOO. MEMWHILC, FOOZY GS/MLY I CLtfJGS 7O THE >J£CK OP THE \ JEaiilF/ED C/2EATURB - ' OU AMD OM THRU HOOTS AND ilKR KUDDIES V. DOM'T . _ HPVb ft OA-VE.0066EO WEM J_JV ftovn OOKs'\ &0 AVS' PLOP W6WY OOWVJ •EM ort wo ,M&M .... OOM'T ,, M1STAH, QUQ OW\_V WASH TUHHS JKSSLTI' IJKEAK.S THB'NEWSl HEV,FO!1605HSAkES! NOW, NOW, BOYS. \ sneo\viAlso sou 1 NOT.EXACTLV. WE JUST > HUMPMI AMD WHAT DON'T "WANT ANV TROUBLEJ IF T TOL17 VOU THAT THW'S ALL. _^SVOL)'R.E TOMUET 'S.-^ ( VEE.V SAME LULU BELLE ^ ... THE BOXIN6 ""'»-. _„ •X7; F£ICMlT ME TO VOU, VOUNfa MAN, VOU'VE SIGNED AM IRON-CLAD CONTRACT TO FI6HT I TELL VOU To _____ „ ______ 'NECK! VOU\TTEM1L)5|WOW'S RI6HT!.' Ntr A, I b IUr'3 I *-"" ' ' "" v *• vrt>N • *^j»_y i i;i^i\ i T^U i-vi_yive EL HOYOV BACK T0 THKT TOWM. I EL Revo's GOT A A ^11- s-^ ..,*.-. ---- , --- ' DONT KNOW UMB NEW SHERIFF AMD LULU BELLE FROM GOT INTO TROUBLE THERE. FKKCKf,KS AND HIS I''UIKNI)S : . THE .C5ATE FIEMAWS CLOSED AS. LoWG AS THE IS UNBf50KEMi..BLrr OUF< BODIES PASSED . THRU IT, AVJD feLEC- DID THE I 1 THAT DOHBHY PRCVE . ATHWe!l BET THAT 'AUTOMATIC OATE SCARES NHJETTY-SEVEN P£OPLE OUT OF A HUWL3RED. 1 VtofJY fee,60 HARD TO SES. i A^TER ALL! HE v/ouLdtJ'T HAVE HIS.OATE RIGGED ^ OF WE RIGHT wov, WAV IP HE WAMTED.TD KEfeP 27c ktf

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