The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut on December 6, 1975 · Page 16
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The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 16

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 6, 1975
Page 16
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IS BRIDGEPORT TELEGRAM, Saturday, December 6, I97S Cowboys, CardinalTI:^ Clash in NFL Fray: '» ■*«"*. T<"'">' . By ED ECHUYLF.K JR. r AP Sports Writer The St. Louis Caidinals, trim turned into ft turkey Thankselv • lug Da^, could turn Into n finld-; eh goose— Natirmal FoothalL; Leagus playoff gold— hy r>f»t-jD itiK the Dallas Cowlmys Sunday. Is Playoffs at a Glance Bills ivn Tlisrls^r.inp, would brraV a first-place tie with Dfii-las in the Naiifinal tnnferecp East and keep them al lean a game ahead of I he W.m ,n beat Atlanta. "oul In the final two P.ames, St. ,-ou Louis appears to have the. eas- 11 ier schedule. The Cardinals' na play at Chicago and Detroit. Dallas is at home afiamst;r«.& Washington and plays at lhe:,htl New York Jets. After meeiinglm? Dallas. Washington is at Urvra e j ,ato| neatnst PhlladelphiB. "Jim Hart, who strained a left! sn knee in the Buffalo loss, Is c«-jj;« which sputtered so badly. <™<J™ against the Bills (hat It never .^inmr got a chance to live up to its j »'-™; nickname of "Cardiac Cnrds,"!b=ir »i built oi! last-minute and come- Dallas, which heat St. Louis T.-T ir. the firm meetins of the Ecnscn, sainsrl a tie by healing the New Ynrk Giants and is in goud health (or its hid for first In other Sunday games, Buffalo. 7.4. is at Miami, S-3; Baltimore 7-*, at the Giants, 3-B; Cleveland. 2-9. at Pittsburgh, 10-1; Cincinnati 9-2, at Phila-d.Mpl-'n J>: Houston, 7-4, at {an Francisco, S-S; Green Bay, a-S. at .Vinnes-tn, 10-1; Los Angeles, 3-:, at New Orleans. 2-9; Detroit. 6 5, at Chicago. 2-9; the Jets, 2-9, at N'evt- England. 3-S, and San Diego, 0-11, at Kansas City, 5-6. On Monday night. Denver, 5-6, plays at -Oakland 9 2. Washington qusrtrrh.ick Hilly Kilmer is' .Questionable with a fracture of a hnne in hi; left foot, The Redskins have played In three straight games wtiete the outcome was questionable for agonizingly long periods. They lost two strnieht oveiiirae games, then beat Minn'esoTa' 11-30 with 40 seconds left last Sunday. " Washington will have to step the stiddcnly-fiiutid Atlanta scoring punch. The Falcons. E, beat Denver 35-21, then Id to Oakland 37-34 in nvertin- Results, Entries & Selections Aqueduct Entries "^'.■..■"iiW... LAS VLGAS, iVcv. (API — Jimmy Connors Chris Even, both lup-rniiked ngninst niaiinjilished dotib players Marly Jtiessori and 1 Lv " .lean King today in $150,0011 best -a!-' a. r doubles tenuis battle. The na.lii.iui I Iv ;d!(':I th il ,, lonuc- match l.or.i !':i !•!...::. Pal J-3 iace will offer S1M.0M to the , . v, ,:,:„„« (eara an,: $30 0 i losers. Ilii: is being put i|, r,y <.ee>.m "-.i fi: lias at t id. sla.ia.s : asa . I allci r,i' ' h gJes malclics featuring Cun Connors alieaay has banktd $.1fi0,finit fnini iTiallcn^es tie won1 over Rod Lavcr MSdJolm Now--combe in singles matches in atnr Las Vegas, but he and .Miss Ev-1 0> en are considered underdogs ... ., against Riessen and Ms. King.l 'R'„ Y<f The latter have noil muiieieiisi.v-, m* lilies in doubles, tun none wlulc* «™ playing together. :x ca.a'rr 1 lie .11 nil a [nr.- n; h 4,000-sent Indoor tennis jinvil lion at Caesars hns heen uint ted down to get rid of bubble.- bioiujlii cuiupliiirits from M l.lil-..- ..Ill 1 - .-I'. I, lico sessions this week-. Connors and .Miss Evert didn't .n rive in to '-• 'Ih-.irscny. giving sponsnrs who: ir u-erc trying to locate thenii nt'sonip'hmg of a scare. ■ "We ueren't going to cnnii'j ' until Saturday morning," said in;Cnnr:or.s. -I've played here he-] ■ fine anil I know the surface hut i 1; the work here." Connors and fl. Miss l-iveit worked nut in Los " Angeles before arriving, then IJ practiced Thursday end i-'riday. Riessen and Ms. King worked DJonl at the arena most of ihc ~l Miss Evert said she and Con- Innnrs would likely try, Hm, no (he nintrsb derson remains qiieslinnahlr-iniirs \ for the Bengals' game agalnstjon Ms Philadelphia, which got a good stnyini perfnrmnnce from young pass Connors said he had ■er San Frnncisr-i Us! -.oa-;. c:i a lie ii^l :i but avouldn Houston, which has lost thieu 1 "because if [ tell you v its last four rtarries. liooes to, know." :at up-and-dnwn San bran M^s. Kin^ said slie believes sco and also hopes for a Cm- first scrvas ar.c hi"h lob shots nnati loss to keep its wild- ■ 1 prove im|iortniit but hustle card hopes alive. ■ migh •I. all fast Buitalo, tied with BaJti/no-e tor socond, a game bacSc of Miami in the American Conference East, rolls healthily into Miami, which is hurling with a capital H. The Dolphins never got the services of linebacker Nick Buoniconti and safety Dick Anderson because of injuries this year, lost quarterback Bob Griese for the season two weeks ago and then lost backup quarterback Fail .Mor rail with a banged up knee in last Monday night's 20-f win over New England. Hon Sirort Minnesota, the NFC Central champion, will Iry to bounce back from its first loss of the season against n Gieeu Day icam whim lias won t-srraight against lesser uppc nan .(hit l.ianl.; ami I'h.rnf.o [NFC West for the third straight will show off us stiffing dvfer.w e^.t.-A New Oilcans, which has anything but' an erpowering offense. -•in. McDolc Creating^ Problems for Kickers in NFL Mrlia'.,; .s ,:a'.'ed ;i:e "Danclnf Inst Ml. slalt near ny r.:s sap fers-sr ro' nten cVickers proh- ll-ai a. i a i'rns ,.. - halivhcioeii Hie four participants agree they are probably gocd Tor tennis ■ rn i l-ss. "It's nor got"l to OS i ;..l.l-a the ■an- i:k,-d the fact the challenges spol light s-Ms-:: ,a ; airs puhlic enthusiasm for the sport. Promoters have lulled the ionship of mixed doubles, say-' they picked the two best- idayers ili-.-y ' ai.i i,a:! (_, i !![)! a and a'.. as is a,.-: ■ a:al (■]--..:. them ngainsl the best douhles tlicv roulrl driv-r-. a. in sen and Ms. King. Miss r.verl said llie would he a true lest. "If we played two three sets you could have day and lose, but three 3a'.'..morr svi't he trying In tc'.'. to r.s S"'.cn;h straight vi<--tnry her.irai llse passing ol Bert Jr.nrs and the running and re-ce'.vsng e! Lyuell Mitchell. The Gianis don't appear able to ablv call bin T!!)\i>x runmrd Kin; Terr, cDole. an unlikelv loi-im j. . ,', , „ ., i' professional football player who1 L-Oacll Ol 1 11C 1 Cill' ge ill, hns cl.lticuliies ruir.. the. Vincllv1 five is a tme est team will trsi. all.- . tna-j Bcliaio's wlnnin «ai re" vi l hp sa.isnn Pitlshsirpr. :us*. bv a game ever Cncsnnat. in llie AFC Cen tral, has the incentive of n tra- National Fixit'nal! dllion^l rsnlry going for il-ry over the Minnesu: It lr:ps fur a 10lh straight, and krpl vV.utoitrj v ■. r t n r y ayainsl Cleveland, has won lw<i straight after lesirg its first nine this year. Cincir.nan icniair.ed in the Af-C Las: fight and in Ihp Kn spot for an AFC rth tiy ininu liia ?G0-iuiunil w»!.-h- In. v 1 1 1 1. ..\titl (At') -rot, I w-i'ill.pi- has blciLfd t,a.-l;:"Wa of Oi'.ln State lias beei plate kick? this season-field goals and an extra pi: [lis hlockcd iield r.oi-.'. i final five seconds last M:i'.i>v -'laves w.-.s named lor tin.L, piesen'ed (he Redsk iss r.-.1> ":'":- "" 52 «>' ,1''1 ,,all,,,s| ll'.7rC' r.nivc,: 3ig ten Coach of ihri"", VKio-i-'■kir.f-s -' i yet- 1 a:l piled up .V.a pu'.iits a ot tive pouns tor tirst. Ic-r second and one fur "We put a lot of t.-na studyinR films." sail! McUolc. who has blocked an extra po-r.t ucainsl llouslf.n .ir,n firii-: (a alv neainst New Orleans. Hi. Louis nl l>l r. and Mlnnesoln. "Paul l.iuiiiam. IliaJhle:- -. ir special tenms ennch. behind receive cuarterback hccaks them (low John Reaves Is;: bunr.ny , Regular quarterr.ack 'in ;:'..:» lr~! A BP I SPD 60S ARCTIC ST. J -DRIDGF.PORT ^:ts.2is« r TIC T. 'prenl areas." he said. "Etasic-ally, there are three differen:1 -..ays to block. One. pentraiion ' thrbtiRli the middle. going! ;t.irou2ii a gap somewtie. I'wo. coinina around the o side, cutting the corner n itight. The way thfti has brcomo ivcty populnr Ihis year is tlio HeapinR type nf thiiij:, up the midiile with a 1 nil man oi sumcliody v:hd can jump very high. ; ••,-.'s an. a :ne man thing. If ! we work a h!-rk. I gel help li nin B II lli nrriigp. Dave ISutz, IDiron Tnlhcr:. i.sually the dc-ifpnsise guys avho arc in there. Tl-py lie i.p a nan I use ihc li.slic<l second and I,ru:rei Sek'cdons SulTolk Selections body sideways. (Rob) On. last CLAMPETT'S Fcirfield Center FAIRKIF.l.D 255.1524 MILF0RD SPORT 22 Bi-sid SI. 87n-26»5 -sell r,t the sounds ill >: h.,v? V.:oc<ed <iv kicks ilu, yea:, said Mcb-.e 'gets of( the ii.i' r.uicklv le I>as the light technque lor :un-i..ig around a h'ockei anl he has extremely quick fee:. "A U;l ;:l ciiy.s r.a'll <lo the first two Ihiitgs. Ihey car ;;e: ov.„-iheir hc-aif and shvjldcrs s •' around a hloc'Kei. but lh;n in that close area they fall ever a ?• oi guy or trip over ..ornehodv's Vr. ' fee':. McDole has the xnac'< of ' . the teim lead at tho hailwayl Vfjiicduct Selections Suffolk Entries ctcor mi Foil, pcul 11;lo p.m. EST |P;a's Don Hi I'm A nomi , * nv J"im rim initrHnmiit By umr«cl Prtw Inlermtltnol i fop tVoun "-' Com SoiHtrlllo I tin Ihi Pork 11* Aim Lonlil 117 1ST ilnu Hup » tur 11! il.KoiKu, li.i.s a-h ins;; m, ; I l lui „. Arm Poln» 11) sir stivi IIS aa,ar- in II. ri m a r ■ i • i : v.\ -1 l??Slltk |o Bra.', f* Oolloo R"sa l:.,i, p..;, 116 Folium Soeg US L ill °'™™"|I|''!':'°L '" mi^r.™ jfiiD urn i »i Kd"i."» <!S*,C JiV'^uV1"1 ,,,,,, ,.,„,., ■ ■ iia, ana,-. ■■! .-.a .. an av.-.-l.i as-_ |^ 1,°"^" nl n^e B Ron j?5 I -.."r.,..''"lfl \y, Vsoyg/ 1M| S'orcou'pieder ™tdY Uct n Lth tllsM clmg SP.up i lyr :" ■ -n'Su'i la I'uniLiSi Fan las' . A.-a: i c-ri -s s^-a n b ' a Mi i-sk-- lla Laurel Entries « w it; s^.m. o-Trlt.51 CHv 1M U^YoifMnil i» i " l.j; «°;."oyD°yPQjeen jij edfly^lon.^Llijtil 112 ° L".d B"1^' Jijj ?y?oroiI!r°r^Wa!j< 7 ^4a'?!^''r^ fin, rn«y l» Ep.r 1» Pu pit OjHI 1 1 J" !,-S rlllnp ?;C(1 111 Snip ! • lf» '- r i }':W-M!U IH ■ PIOM rnnty 1I3|si,„i, Woltr 11T Fwllih Ntght 115 WarrafffAiisctl llesults * "aac."^^ nj'r-oit. »v unSrt jn"?.?.^ ''^"^ ^ ^ I "^"*^«^^fi^i'l"^^,ci ^ Sj_BJT«"v"" .Aqueduct Results j i-,ii^iTVnypo'e'<i&M^~ '■;• y'~ ''"■'"T4'"'-:">'"'>*-t><>n- lio : oil lime &ii -,M1M0 ai " *"„' ^'V1*"" »"*w "* " ~5a7TTwi»~t.'-»» t«U «♦•!!» , ! V?ryin™a°C|Llin!n!eVl<' j!tl> Ktllt'n J IFAtyhtcill O.W 1.CB ? M j 1 RO "j™ \ \ « [ * hr '{ Ulv.nvi ll,~ >.!-.,! (UJ "-urllal 3.J0 D:s, 1 H s[i 111 1 Ol"1 ' .J—i.i t in < W >M ' . I TaTili ■ 'VVrls'i'i:,:' sr ' 1^1 ^li^TTl' H .'. \ KV. Knob. Klobono.l < N J.WI o-l«-Jo-CO l.ttt. MtMI. IW.IH . \l 1 ..»' OII1101K IVUStllLS ^Alio! L^jjrn^j-.^J1^^!. 'a««»™ CKor «iKi Fast Hew Siololf (Pukinli^l 1.00 ?M HanSiimit To^j ; sv Un.MS -mi InlcrpJllrnol is Stf -rt rc...„0, 4 t Enorli. 11 11 ps t t.ji te_ AIM- Alllly us--- Lil-1 I. r -J m I a, Sis ^rs. n , „ 3 1" j ; ' sa 13,:-- ,a -,, mi, i k-r i^i " I l^n[i»u^°J °~~ i» 7 53 "5" "|5'W^ ^iT"r*Rir^i Ircl'. r 1 ] . ! . 1.011 s.-^ai-'^.oyi n> <» iiii[»i„r, IticVy P»v«"» tv.lai»..t: <-» II , t :' •..»-••' 'T.r,: '•' ♦*> ' " 'II ll.1t" ■'••, 1 10 i lur Alio: e r.11>, lift. ««»'. Bo'st h«H , ! , ■ T !M ■>•' 1 H 1 11 1 s Choor-tr. Sua- ».-.-. m»n »»nn>. ' : 11% ol a "... ,'i ^JiiKJ;, n'-^iif"' 7M [tl ig Ov'tnil Sky .... :re:i,; (ii'o^pj;! .,..^,.,,r.^r. Po>jo-|a\u,,,„ ■0,0^11 ^o>.^^^ Mop,, llj, *J}' »»;-• ' .•'"»'»" ~ .'V ."-C.V'V -. •> ,. - , r ■■ ' ML" , - ■ ■ i.v.o.lensl »«l ?„-. 'f!,;5 •.' -ill.'! .-,(«. ••- A.TTdl '«•' l-oni/urw Wash. Olic Li- ,™-- .1 " ' :?.'|oi' >:3v l.„ic l-Jl is NiM H.IW ifins? v»I Nr ""g^^3y- Laurel Results f Suffolk Entries l»,T I .1 10 n;;'-7.;,'7- '."V\»- "'. | ^. .^.'WrX' ""iS.^Sil third..'..., hJ. • i . 'jV.Vsr.riH itt1*. .i'" iricc „„., ,»„„ « ,., w-'»«H y > <» ■ j'Sy jS 9 'm'swii KI.U lu"'BiJo..:iih'il .-.p lil 5 !,'Tlf" :« )!*'""' '^''-'- s'.';..J".'l's i;","£ l . M^Hi'' ji) i::'„:i';'v,/':''' ill hp.-? !« jw^^^VuTOo'-^12 — II ;'o« i y^lals ^'-'JJr'n-, " !I r''"-V-' ' 1^.'^" |:| '£^:ZT^<!7'°"' '°' =| ■ ^r-o. C^y« Jot 117 , i,,Mj.-, IJCII M1.U.J.LIC IIP ( ,„,„„.„ ^ „ w U ij;.. C-- ,..,m iii lien, ii"<.--,l" - .;„ i!5',°,, s-i> ,. tl.JK mor.i m yo 1 ml m Clip l£uo .mi I'^yr/Stt J't..'.""""' ' " gglii'P''^ U K J:S NarraRansctt Entries vitJ^v. 'y;-v? °t'j';,,l1'>=-v^R^,"^ :"m,n"!B C-CP- CM for P0„ 17:J0 pn. EST M' <(!..« 1IA 171 ' '}^J.'"^J '* ''°'''''r 9 ' ' " .... ,.,,L,.i»„».», ':; -.,?„,. ':.. » r V.Uo.lo p'o.t 1WO - . »»Si0(.tt. ■ . isr .1 •-/■ -....„ u-„ i i - ti...* i i it ;..„? 1 Choclo* On-:,- :o A'tClMlO-l 510 J.fOjH ,J. I.ll-.nlvc : .Sp: -,ii !• • p"' ..oi..... IJO n v'-A! li 1™ rnv0' A", ,v' 'l\ ' 1 'c'.'." . ' l" I ,-<r.o. l •! f;"a;;i 1:1 1'™!.;.?**;'" lie n"J!%t„„ ,%„ „ mtr'nw. 'j" """ ' " w-tltr- ■ J ito*'' .i'-^'i/i';,,' |jj "-'If *<«2i'r* i» <>7i*i!° v«p'% »J M?m»' :- :!.".v,*f -rf,'--' ' 19 -«n«..s . >ha >i.e» <-»:*«» ♦ rw )() K? """ m'st-Sr, Kin0 n; l»tv«»*eo ■ ' ' TkImm"' |»|H isV'-'C iL'-'V^'V, !;? p.«.'';''n'' Hi !"!«in„r. liJi^jL--'-' . ,;v "<"■-"•;■ , s' 'n-co a 1.7 ...pky'l-n ■» ine'»»!Ip» clmi Jiw""^*^ ciwTii'Vort"'^ t.KJMJ.eo B llio S1.000 «u? ISfn A UP III mil Ti-Tspp lit Su.l.i Lnv iLO.^tMl 1»1 . » ■ r.pc/ V.lp 'IS Hoi Ml'.- U^l llol, Snoli lis o i U...u..g J|j Ann "• J v^i i'-"-- rtiL',. Sllvir l log, jpr„, S-on-J.,p 111 / C-s: « lit Lr.niMr.ta M 111 ovoomlllv "^,T1, >°'a''<t0 ,■ ,,.,„, ,1'rM Cul "IS...! -vn I..' nn-i nirl-floy 111 <-x. CPU 111 | Cold Urol (McHo.oue) J. 10 J AO IB ■ . ii Xt ■' C..P1' '»' Ol "J Couie ':- VO' III Do.k Rtlllp '! iloi-ol lit-"Plop CPlminn (A10yfp» m lit H »• ;r, r'c".';;'-;.;; ';l ii; ^ .w s?;:::* ',,'»r*f»»= t»„, o....-,-^ 9 l. Tremor « CmiH •? 1 1 1 r,s.-i oi L..11. II! :tv*f, e«91> IIS?.. Pol ' ! ' ' =' ••!.' - S -API. ■ o:o.,3>.l 1« Conhfrp.. ■ ng » n;| V. Ttlplo tt-l-llpji HM.M .H HI, I SIK !?,*» <lmo i*.= > ..-p I ,-AAC. Lllltd lo poll. 1 AtttntenCP 7*1. K^HVuMMI." |B Discovery 'Cap Tops Racing Slate Today at Big A By ED SCIIElYMsR JR. AP Sports Writer Five 3-yeor-olds will Iry In nd Ihc winner's circle fur Ihc first time in (t stakes race when EiiH-S laaiiiiiela luday in 1 1-a S a U tiai ailded Discovery llardicnp nt AqlieilUcl. Alsi. I i nl iv f.i: l.'a-s li/.-mile test were flue wirmeis .Inlin W, Merom' litisliiiig Man, top-weighted dt iioj nd s; i '■ -, Guards Up, 113, and C.ll. Knuf- Emil, 111 ookinE lor Iheir first slakes win will he Nnlees Ifinllu, 120; Syllahiiv 113; I'sauaa-i Old Vic, 111, and Gene, si l].-..n regard, ill, who will run Willi Dr. Einil as n W. F. Schmilt-trained entry, Nalees Ktalto has lite host int aniniip 1he nnn-stnkcs win- in the npininn ol thn Aque duct odds-makers who made Mrs. George M. Humphrey's three-lime winner the early second choice at 5-2. Rushing ivi.-in, winner nt inc mintstone; !'iss:<i!i Tlissa V.'nll... lla. .sh and Japan Tlacing Associnlloi [lainlis-iq-s nuiilia Ihc 1S-S fn vorite. Victor Zciiibrjralii's 6-yofir-old more T izna, who Lndiiis Handicap nt Aqueduct in ner last start mnv, swllches her operalions hank the West Coast lodav and V oppose Jive □•her filaaa a nil itiet 1*15 in p. ; ' MIt-added iL-altfoniin Hartdmnp Ti7nn, whose other four \vina in 19 slatls Ilii:.- year also were in slakes, will carry lop weight ol pounds; in the 1 l-lB-mile Gisbert, Orantes Gain Doubles Title Her rivals Include Pearson Darn's Mama Knli, m, a double slakes winner at Del to i ia'ii it Autumn Das Hand? cap at Santa Anlla, and \fr. and Mrs. Hon Unwiti' Meruy s-l-i- nil . l-.-.-i. ...!„:, in J^i sen. isa, owned hv Plmlico vice president Nathan en, and t ra iirs sas Count, each will can - ] is; weight o( 115 pounds and meet ncrs in tap 1 1 I',-,, -Us- ' ill, I'Klf'il Hrss-an Keyslnne. I.ou Hospiibtish the Cnnstelliifiilii Handicap Laurel l mi Continuous Count's 115.5 slakes wins have been in the Quaker Handicap at Keystone and the turt Lup at l-otirl. Mnryinntt-nrcd year-olds will bp feutuied ;il Lniir?', v. ills S^O.ZSO Maryland l-'ulutity. Cn ink will carry 132 rum Is, Nnu tieal'Chnrt, Rest The Quadrnnt and Just f.ike Pa 11.1 each, and the others no apiece. In r.lU-r SatuiU.iv '-t.ila'a North of Venus, 122; and Re danrlanrs' I.'. , hr-ari rune lilln-: ana mares tor me t i-it.-n.ue $25,0.0 added Miss Dade llniidi cap nt Calder while Cnlonel Priwcr, 12,1, lops the seven. Fumed fnmediBn, 12", honds the eisht-hnrse. $12,500 second s,-- ■: i is si- tnr am is i [,inr] uie New Orleans Fair Grounds. STOCKHOLM (AP) — Juan ishert and Manuel Orantes of lain son the .doubles title and this Sl.,000 lirst prize at thel $100,000 Masters Tennis Tour-nr.n-.en*. Friday, , .l-n-raiai F.l ssi-.snj. r n n tl takes. Hnns Pohmana ol West Germa ny finished sin i-a-'t u lac rnund- robin trjiirhnmenl and won .1). Fred MeNn.r of Chevy flhnse, Md„ and Sherwood Steward of Goose Creek, Tex., tonk third place and a prize ol S5.000. In tho finnl matches, (lisliert id Ornntes defenled Htinn GiKtrrieii. Fort liiiaklli] id RbuI l.ati.ltci ol Mexico, 5.1. C-l, while tho Ger man pair heat McNalr nnc Stewart, 7-C, 7-0, oti two lie breaks. The three first pairs hII fin lind with Iwci viclorics nrli nut of three. Oinnlts and Gts-hert were then level with r and Pohtnaiin with a 4- record, but tho Spaniards 2-5-22 games aggregate uuninsl llie Germnos' .12-33. McNatr and Sleivar! hnu n li-nal sets tally uf Tiie-y needed to win Iheir List iinUcii ngainsl Pclininnii mid FaBsbon-der lo win the title under (lie complicated scoring syslem. New League l'lanned STOCKHOLM (AP) -Details were iinnniineed Friday oE a now interiuilionnl tennis len^ne aiinprl lo rebuild Europe's dwindling circuit. The Kings Cup, which hns ten ployed on an nll-ame-leu: aaniiiuuiiin basis for more lho.ii ill years, ir lo become nn international league with ptiie money of $125,000. It is-schcdulcd lo be played between Jnnnnry and llie Full n.sluie lis!, i .-. Isis-a the nntioiial teams of 17 Eu- counltios. was nn- uounced at u press iicrfpriTi c nailed by tin: Swedish auto Company Which is spoilsman;; the event. The teams will piny envisions on a league basis, wllh each learn playing every other (cam twice. iw. league could dratv the top plovers nway amat' Hunt's World S ' I . ;i si s f i [ : > : I i . I j a 'Vs.rra f'ircinl ar tno Inst tlui-a a-anv.- lojinliy.etl h.ncojie. nnd (he ILTF gave Hunt a free hand to run tennis between January and April. European eircuil has shrjnk to SIX -a :-saa— J'.lSi enoLigii time for Ihe French and Italian championships, Wimble den and one wnrm-up evenL on Enfjlish grass before Wimbledon. The King s Cup Is planrp.-l t::f Etitonenii cities. The lirst di. vision of the league will consist of biitnin, France, Italy, Ynea- slavia, Spain. S.veden. Wesl-Germany and Hungary. Malmqvist said Bjiirn iinrg, Snellen's No. 1 player, will play for his country in the new league. Pnoln Angeli of Italy, president »r the European Tennis Association, said Italian stars Adriano Panalta and Paolo Uertolticol had not yet decided in how many matches they will play. The league will be decided on one-day matches, each con-slslinp of Iwo singles and one doubles. The winning country will get- jno.OOl) In prize money anil the ruiiiienip $20,000. Details of the league were an nounced during the Masters tournament at Stockholm s . Kungliga Hall. The four semi-finalises in the Masters — p\rthur Ashe of Miami, Bore,. C.uil-lermu- Vilas ot Argentina and llie Kastnse of Romania— had a rest clny before resuming the competilion today. BENGAL GROUP TO MEET 'II-.- F'alti-I- '1 Frien.l- (Ii ini/atiiln of the Uridgeimr t Re jinls of the Pop Warner Frxithall I eag a- ,-ii! conduct a meeting nil stratloTd .ifla:sa:-ai, WC'V already has said its players will be expected to compete in eipht indoor tourna- its in 11)76 instead of 13. But .en; still urn likely to have. decide between playing ir Ihc WCT cirtu.iL or in lilt 3gue. - MnlrnqvLst. president ol ihi- i ,-iisn I.awr. T'ennis Fed erntiun and president nf tin King's Cup commillee, nn uounced details of the leneui Will, la-:, .all Sljahiia-, Br.tirh pis-sis 1 I. I.O'V.l J Caais l eilei ali.ill, sittillj; Asked vihether the Cup dates hail heeu set in consnlialion wilh WCT, Malmqvist spoke for a Tew moments with Hnrdwiek " us pul llie unestiun Ihe other way round. WCT has hail great difficulties in pelting its plavr s of the demands of ihe King's Cup. It has had 1o nsK tne players tney would be available." WCT formerly had players under contract and was in di reel -competition with the: ILTF. Tommy Piothvo Given Vote of Confidence SAN DIEGO <AP) - "I'm not selling. I'm not moving." The words are from F.ugpne Klein, owner of the San Diego Chargers, who could win their first National Football League game of the yenr Sun- it j\flnsas i_ny — or toes tnrair 12th. an, K-elr. again expressed satisfaction wilh his coach, Tommy Prolhin, whose id season in San 15 1 ego is already the worsl in Charger history. Absolutely. replied Klem when a lepocler asked if his failli In I'tothro ■ is- undiminished. "Sure, it's damned frustrating to lose all our games," said Klein, "but the record doesn't tell the full story. We got hit with a murderous .schedule. We've he en weakened by Injuries . . . We've been competitive in nil hut two o! our games. 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