The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 17, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 17, 1934
Page 6
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FAGZ ft'&Vd'W i6 ^^£<$®&'& and, Harold Crtech OH furnlshl™ „,,„«?„? ;f5'f.Lfc_ "" h f " Defeats W. j. PoJIaid On* Up; Acton, digger, Lpppedgc Winners A Lynch , on ' t j lp ^ .*,...., w *,n i^igjgiir, niCKeni narold Crtech sr<> ftirnlsrilnir, ft.n .,p,-=sltlon for the fetw'ard iste. , W. V". Robinson ar.j "Tcotlf" Ealrj, both' it the d>'MI /nark, ore swious contenders for first string forward du|y, and' Ma.llnevrs and tssttr Bonds hiU* rim 6 ,' 1 '*! 80 ? 10 r-w'piriieht. at guard doty. About ttn morp arc o'lit for rfie f. fju'sd. • • ;.: By Harry Grayson ----- T- • v.-envt, ,uij exceptions, the (."cnlskej- ?msllfr . cf ;.hyers he l;?icr, ? CcnrtnUon Host . (OT)-Dorin s (he last Clilcago Has fc « n l"«'t to ns, *•!(>, 5n . of-1 jawoullng to Die' Aaaclaiton of , ...u players rrnm Newark to funiish n •Riipperl, liqrrow &,Co, Is look Henderson. Yesterday's over Dnylo ill battle was n the <vuy fxC ept for 'the 'flrts'l. The new chamnlon''!..^'* > ™ r -' i ; ,'' <K ' Mip.Cfiri.liy ,,-,, --.- down by thr- rX'f S» ne » wltw * «"" fiat nine and took n kid that he Iieya ^relinquished At ,he ch.l in!! far ulii-ad, for i.oesn't come up until next r'dll. . In the meantime, unless the New York club dismantles Its present nrrny -or "vMlerdny slurs," It Is to finish lower In the 18'ir, KITZ - * Last Time Today Mat. 2:30, I0-25c , .Nile. 6:45— lOSc .' '.ANNE TOM in rf<scm ' the ftaf, 18 hole moiping, I^nch Pollard Rai unable 'to gain on P,i^ h i"! l "?, tl " r ' 1 'ound but sliced a hole off Ljnch'.^ lend Iti dm P'ayccl Sunday (0 d_hy two holes. Tnn , .r, an 1 "" 1 1)ellCTC fim H>l " ''"" !n(o tro " l)lft mini round Lynch Ird one going into the final hole cinched the championship W | 1C ., he halted It with Pollard Medal scores of the tliinllsl.s li the charnplon-'hlp flight were lilgl but (he close fl B lit staged . offset the scoring liguie- A small gallery .turned out for the finals Medal scores v,ere Lynch—3<t-4l-4MI}-l(il Pollard—HMl-41-41-103 Par 37 , In n .blind hole event n A Lynch won on the first round his total of 12 strokes bclni? ton- for three blind holes on the first round, numbers three', fho nnd suen, and tied with W ,1 Pollard, Cecil Sliane and E 1) 'Gee for Ion- honors on third blind holes of the second round with 15 strokes, the holes being t«o. four, nine Lyncli's grand total of 27 strokes on the is blind holes won him the award for the cunt ,- up ,» n ntlvnncei1 _. Howe nnd Ihetr only cer- •M..(itr», and Mickey Coch- nny need -.outfield .replace- bffore next season Is fnr 'ANNE OF ;• fiREEN GABLES' . '— ADDED— "Mail house Noveily" %'ardeu Parly" Comedy '.Paramount News • Only 7 More Days Unlit Christmas Parker, Chancy, - Firjio, Wilkci-sbii Qn Armory Cai'd Jimmy Parker ?i,d. Lon Chancy lylll 1 - toss .each other around the rfnK,' and. aiaybe ouslde for the cdlflcauop of tonight's audience at Uic ^nwican Legion « resiling 'Hio?/vat the xrmorv tfljb, ^ Chflncy lwv(1 bccn illotA lwo^htiu« In which lo'sct- «<• tlielr arRtiinent for' the nlijHt at.least^as to which fe the bet- t«t or the t»o While t«chn!ca!Iy a s a! * (I for tw ° "ft of Jo* Cronln Comparts "nhlgren with t'li»se Progress hi Boston depend' n. l-irgc extent oh Bob Drove'-; nn nnd Bill Werber repeating his performance; ' Joe.crdnln will bolster ,thn in field and b« an inspiration. 11 llfa Is restored-to what one was the rubber- urm of Orovo th Hod SOT/win have a pretty'fnl lulnlct. .of deo.flwrs, with y/esley and Dusty nhod'cs 'ro'iuulln >ut the staff. Boston's catchlnft ' fs exccllcn nil tho club • possesses nno'-oiil f!e!d mnt*rlal.. • . . Ci'onin Is,banking on Dnhlprcn rom the Mission club, of "the Pn- ;irtc Coast League, io-be 'a wide mprovement .over addle Morgan Is in the minors once more ftcr anothe> masons «hlrl In the J American League Cronln describes Dahlgrcn as the most »uper)att\e fielding n r st bn e- in n turned out on the western £ '°Pc -ilnce Hal chase exhtbltcc. His skill out there whin, is uultc ft statement «> the part of i bn, 'eague 'manager Cleveland si. Ijmis Deal Aids Both Oldbs Oleyelana pfobabfy tun stilt be Ote mtol formidable home club In the ydicel, g\vlng tlfc natiBis the tapjesaoh thotAe Indlaa more, ability than they ii the sta the n" ; •• ". fnlH" w u te oblalned h s Uie bang method of knocking iul Militance out of the slicks very close ftnd narrow the straight ethic. an d Tim' ^ )C llCIUl '' ° f r '" E Weh> nt In a pielunlmrv llml master shoumnn. Emll Pir|», the South Aaieilca "meanlc" takes on n new- coiner here who the name of Buddy Wllkerton. They 'arc slJted .for.teo out of three-falls one hour limit' Firpo, if ), c per- froins according to tfis tLsunl whetfiile'wili add an extra act by filing on the referee for a fiill.' Caruthersvilie Cagers Play Holland^ Wednesday CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo Dec 10-Tlie CanithersMiie loo',, sca .' ^ »'" & ""."^ov here wed- o K for Walter Johnsou home or iKee SiJidlilrn or on an O samllot proved ngtjreEtitlon Hornsbj K trjlng •mart move by for a capable to. sfi Ski l »' has put In nine full » **&'&•'*»»!* miBttac .the end 'of 'hls.i string.- The St. Louis club has- more nc- < than the'aver .»''•« bJi'"; ''nf lh , ttl - WIIt " I) n'ce Camp- uell to Cleveland for Lefty Wel- inna Jolmny Burnett, and cash 'ometl^ h 2? b ° lh combl nations -.omen hat. The Indians needed someone who can play " right field wall. Th e Tuesday-Weds. 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S=?«5-i?-» 1. 3 ' . and Vcrglc Tra\h cen- forwards others who wlU probably see. ..— this year Include- tedbetler. Sarah Brad- . n -- ••'' '*!"' y lips, Marjorle Norman . ptwls on the bovs' nvc Ihese are Kenneth Aslier ; aiid James Wckens, who nut drive the Plass froni guard positions Ralph Asher, ali:star confer»ice football guard, Js irniMng a ,0 dean N. L. CISSELL CRADUATF. VETERINARIAN Locnled at Bob Harris- Sales Stable Phone 4GO Klylhnvllle, Ark, ' Now, I^c.Ud at 101 North Stcsn* ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU »ON KDWAROS, «ANK MORGAN GENEVtEVE TOBIN Marion COMEDY POX NEWS GIFTS OP PER. MANENCE..iWATCHJES : ' DIAMONDS, , NOVEKTIKS.- ' LEA - THEil OOODS; "PEN AND PENCn, SETS... STERLING AND .PLATED SILVERWARE GUARD'S JEWEUIY STORE * + + IF YOU WANT!' 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