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UESDAY, AUGUST 27, 1912 THE TAMPA DAILY TIMES SEVEN Just placed in stock, brand ass New Creations in Bracelets Phone items! to MISS CORDELIA FRANCES MAGRIDER, m. Written notices should be ad dressed car Mil Kinds Sundaes Ice Cream, Cold Drinks, Fancy Chocolates Candies, Cigars, Tobasco, Cigarettes. Saierac's Place, 1535 7th Ave. PHONE 2018. Opposite Centre EspanoL PRICES $40.00 TO $25,0.00.

We are daily receiving new goods of the latest and prettiest designs. We shall be glad to have you call and inspect our stock. A visit does not necessitate a purchase'. W. H.

Beckwith Jewelry Co. "The House of Quality." 411 Franklin St. 1 TAMPA. mim 4 Round Steak, the pound 15c Loin Steak, the pound 20c i Telephone 730 and 683. 314 FrankliySt.

i 7 baby siz FOX RIVER EVAPORATED MILK. 25c 4 cans family size PET EVAPORATED 25c 2-pound pail SNOWDRIFT LARD 25c 4-pound pail SNOWDRIFT LARD 10-pound' pail SNOWDRIFT LARD. 7 cans AMERICAN SARDINES 1 gallon can good FLORIDA SYRUP 2-pound pail COTTOLENE 28c 4-pound pail COTTOLENE 1 55c 10-pound pail COTTOLENE $1.25 8-oz. pure GUAVA JELLY only Phone Us for Your Fresh Meat. We have what you want H.



C. T. CHATHAM. Proprietor. Rat nearest to Depot.

THE HOTEL COLONIAL Per Day. Well Lighted Sample Rooms. IIR9. BESSIK 9. SMITH, Prnnrlrtrraa.

PLANT CITT. FLORIDA. -i aaaaaMMBiaosjaansaaennas west Color is a Faint, Soft Rose. At this present moment there is a for a faint, soft rose color, or rather fleh color, and in dresses, hats, stockings, shoes and gloves it is making enormous headway in smart circles. Large straw tagal or satin hats of this lovely shade are lightly veiled with fine black lace, or are trimmed with white satin, moire, or crepe de chine, and ornamented on the front with a high fountain osprey or by a fully spreading plumet of soft white plumes.

Should the season prove fine, there is no doubt as to the success of the soft, pale pink. It is novel, and it particularly fascinating. Becoming alike to blonde, brunette or auburn tinted hair, the summer months of 1912 will be inscribed upon the tablets handed down to posterity as the season rose. Surprise Birthday Dinner. Mrs.

T. Roy Young entertained a few friends with a charming surprise birthday dinner Saturday in compli ment to her mother, Mrs. Bettis, which was grefctly enjoyed, both by the honoree and the guests. The ladies spent the day at Mrs. Young's pretty new home in Seminole Heights and a delicious dinner was served at 1 o'clock.

The honoree was the recipient of many hearty good wishes for a number of happy returns of the occasion. The guests were: Mrs. Spence, Mrs. Thomas Palmer, Miss Spence, Mrs. Armington, Mrs.

W. M. Brooks and her little daughter, Miss Charlotte. Six Busy Bees. Mrs.

Thomaa Palmer, 1901 Florida avenue, will entertain the Six Busy Bees tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 o'clock for her young niece, Miss Charlotte Brooks. The club members are anticipating this meeting with great pleasure. Mrs. Palmer was to have entertained them last week, but on account of the illness of her niece, the date was postponed. Mrs.

C. B. Shaw and Mrs. -C. Fred Thompson expect to leave bunciay night for Millboro, to spend some time.

They will probably visit other points while away and expect to have a beneficial and pleasant trip, which anticipation their many friends hope may be realized. 1 Clarence Shaw, the young son of Mr. and Mrs. C. B.

Shaw, left Thursday of last week for Detroit, where he entered the Cadillac School of Instruction for a two years course. He expects to make the automobile 3 ea arm The COMMERCIAL HOTEL AMERICAN PLAN Newly Built. Newly Furnished, EleetrU 'f Ughta. Hot and CoU Water Connection. THE! DRUMMERS' UOMR." We Strictly Solicit Yoar Patron nee.

J. 3. CROSBY. Prop. Fort Meade.

Fla. THE EVERETT HOTEL La Belle, Fla 1 'new from the designer, unique; in conception and rich in beauty. Gold and 'Gold and Platinum, set in genuine gems, Pearls, Diamonds, Sapphires, Tourmalines and Amethysts. Open work designs that are very dainty and attractive. Fresh Spanish Mackerel 20c lb.

Mullet, 10c lb. QQmpRPdV Phones: 17 and 183 FOLLOW THE PENNANTS. Every Day Furnishes Some New Surprises. FORJOMORROW. Just 25 Mpsnfllino ZUl- Vt-' coats with pleated flounce, in colors; $8.50.

Coupon jr nn veek price Deep Orange Colored Pennants PoiAt Out a List of Amazing Value's. vitality, thoroughbred and carefully selected and "Fifty per cent to the abundant use feeding stock." Clarence Poe, in The Progressive Farmer. With sudden weather changes, chilling showers following very hot Cays, cool nights and other conditions that induct your fall colds, you need to keep a sharp lookout for sneezing and snuffing Jn your stock. All young growing fovls are easily susceptible to slight catarrhal colds at this season of the year. Don't crowd th coops.

Provide for abundant fresh air combined withcomfor in all sleeping quarters. If possible supply roosting coops as early as the birds are ready to roost. In some sections half grown chicks are much safer roosting in evergreen trees at, this' season than in small and rather crowded box coops. This season, night prowlers have forced us to coop growing chicks at night, but by another summer we hope to be so equipped that we can let our half-grown stock sleep practically out of doors without much danger 'rom owls, skunks, foxes aod other thieves of the night. See that all nests are kept clean and well supplied with clean nesting material.

If it's Ipaurance you want ses Fs-senden. CU4H Franklin street- Daniel Crscowaner satis It for lass. HOTEL DETROIT. T. PRTRRSRURO.

American rial. Wilts Bel. Modern, Convenient, Prompt Berries. H. CVAWFOHD, Pnarlstst, i 1 i COUPON A COUPON VK COUPON 10 or 170, until p.

The Times. Eastern Star. The members of Tampa chapter No. 11, Order of the Eastern Star, will meet Saturday afternoon, August 31, at the Masonic Temple at 3:30 o'clock for the purpose of holding a particularly interesting meeting. Light refreshments and a social time will be enjoyed after the regular meeting.

Regular Concert. The jgular fortnightly concert will iven at the Elks' club next Sunder evening. Miss Marion McKay has charge of the program, as usual, and she will have the assistance of some of the best musicians in rendering it. Dinner Dance. There will be a dinner dance at the Tampa Yacht and Country club tomorrow night and Gourlie's orchestra will render music for the evening.

The members are anticipating a very pleasant time. Mayor and Mrs. James D. Macfar- lane and Mr. W.

J. Twitt of Macfar- lane Park, West Tampa, motored up yesterday ajid were v-isitors at the home of i. Kate Booth. Lakeland Telegrarr Mrs. Frank Bushnll leaves Thursday morning for Pass-a-Grille for a two weeks' outing.

She will greatly enjoy the fishing, bathing and boat- ing offered at that favorite resort. CHARTERS ISSUED TO NEW INCORPORATIONS Tallahassee, Aug. 27. The following charters were issued- the past week: The Homestead Mercantile company, will begin operations at Homestead, Dade county, with a capital of $20,000. W.

D. Home, president; Henry Brooker, vice-president; S. E. Livingston, secretary and treasurer. Punctureless Tire ompany will engage in the automobile business at Chipley.

The capital slock is $12,000. L. W. Crow, president and secretary; J. S.

MeCeachy, vice-president; C. B. Dunn, treasurer. The Gulf Manufacturing company, of Apalachicola, has $25,000 capital stock. This organization will carry on a lumbering business and the officers are as follows: C.

Porter, president and director; J. H. Hodges, vice-president and director and treas- urer; vv. r. iv.cornucK, general manager and director.

The Publishing company, of Mulberry Polk county, has capital stock. A. S. McKillop, pres- FOR HOR retail Grocers in Ameri-cordially recommend-which the Grocers know quality of toasted corn proves that the Grocers public reduce the Washington Crisps cut HIGH cost of living, so concerned, and both instantly recognized JLCL MM. ii ik tjj MORE! is J.

16 Dr. day the Six the 800 tive the use to business his profession and his many friends in the city wish him every success. Aid Meeting. The regular meeting of the Ladies' Aid society of the Christian church will be held Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the "church and all bers are cordially invited to attend. Merry Dozen.

Thursday afternoon Miss Brass- well, Piatt street, will entertain the Merry Dozen club and all members are "cordially invited to attend this meeting. Daughters of the Confederacy. The Daughters of the Confederacy will meet at the Elks' club tomor row afternoon promptly at 4 o'clock; and all members are urged to attend. Mrs. R.

G. Newsom and daughters, Misses Mary, Sadie, Eva and Margaret, and Misses Ida, Lilian and Agnes Lamb have just returned from a pleasant house party at Pass-a-Grille, where they, were for ten days. Their friends will be glad to see them in the city again. News has been received in the city that Mr. and Mrs.

Arthur Levy of Savannah have a fine ten-pound son. Mrs. Levy will be remembered as Miss Waterman of this city and her friends will be interested in the above news. Mr. and Mrs.

G. C. Warren leave Thursday for Atlanta. After enjoying a visit in that city they will go north and stop at several points. They will not return to the city until the first or middle of October.

Mrs. Wallace White and Mrs. A. B. Jordan left yesterday for a visit north.

They will be absent until the first of November and expect to have a very pleasant visit. Mrs. Henry Worderhoff, a well known matron of Plant City, was noted as a shopper in the city this morning. Her many friends are always glad to see her. Mr.

and Mrs A. W. Smith and Mr. and Mrs. F.

H. Allen were week-end visitors at Pass-a-Grille, where they had a most enjoyable time. Mrs. R. N.

Chelf and child of Brooksville were noted as visitors in our city yesterday. pleasant a- Mr. and Mrs. C. A.

Campbell of St. Petersburj city yesterday were visitors in our I Mr. and Mrs. F. P.

Graham of Jacksonville are visitors in the city. SUPREME OUAUTT flf TOaSTEDqffKII FUKES, AMERICA; iTHAN IN ANY? OTHER CEREAL FOOD PACKAGE ASKS machinery. in almost every State in the Union ffltaDiini aretokipfia public I I AMDs I Uot and Cold Baths. Electric l.ltrhted. A MODERN, FIREPROOF HOTEL.

THE CENTRAL HOTEL Under New Management. MRS. R. B. SAVAGE, Proprietress.


(2.50 Per Day. WAUCHULA. FLORIDA. Three-story Concrete Building. WHITE STAR, RESTAURANT, BARTOW, FLA.

Commercial Trade Invited. SPECIAL DINNER 25c E. D. PEARCE, Prop. HOTEL OAKS.

Bartow, Fla. Steam Rent. Electric T.firhta and Bella CUISIJTK FIRST CLASS Large Sample Rooms. MARSH SONS. I'roprlf form ORANGE HOTEL LAKELAND, FLA.

Kentucky Are. Kenrly Fornlshed. Running: Water la Each Room. T. I.


B. VARN, Proprietor. Home For Conuiewial i Men. $2.50 Per Day arid Up. EXCELSI0N HOTEL.



W. Prop. RATES $2.09 PER DAT. fwrt P'otks of Tump. TftSJ DE SOTO.


St. MAI.OY. Proprietor. INVFHNE39. FT.

A. NEW SOUTHLAND HOTEL Punta Gorda, Fla. AMERICAN PLAN. $2.50 Per Day. Mrs.


A first class restaurant for ladles ana gentlemen. Our chef can serve you Spanish, French or Italian style. Whit help Rlectrlc fans. OPPOSITE ll.MOl DKPOT. BOCA GRANDE HOTEL 'Vturn Grande Pnsa.

F1et flahlns: la the world. Rates prr day. BOCA GRAVIIE. FLORIDA. DAD H1NES' HOTEL Lakeland.

Fla. Hoys. I Got a Place or My Own Now. Come and Sec ME. "DAD." THE BROWN HOUSE.

"In the Heart of the City." A. C. McCALL. Proprietor. LEADING COMMERCIAL HOTEL.

Large, well lighted sample rooma GAINESVILLE. FLA. HOTEL LARGO. MR. KECK.

Proprietor Rates $2 00 Per Day Ppt-clj! oy week. i tntiM ft omi HOTEL JUPi.iNOR. tear Rmtn 'mmrclni II utei JOHN I'. FI.A Iter Aat nireta 1 rmnn find Psta m. Wo Chararea.

THE OAKS E. W. BROWN. I'roprletor. Palmetlo.

Florida. FOLSOM HOUSE. iFormer'y the Cotnrnerr-lnj Hotel I li-iESRURG, FLORIDA. "MRS. C.

FOLSOM. Hesdqacrterj Traveling and Cor Men Tbl Service th Beit the Market A Tunis. I.lrht. Hot n-il Cold- w. EVANS HOTEL, ON THE BAYOU.

TARPON SPRINGS. FLA. Special attention to Commercial to Auto Parties. 2J PER DAY Management MRS. BEAUFORT EVANS.

THE CENTRAL HOTEL MANATEB. FLA. THE MODERN JACOB'S LADDER pa The boys and girls of America are having a day in the year, on the children's wm picnic grounds (and in mother's pantry with Washington Crisps, the delicious toasted lS corn flakes, which is the most enticing combination of food and confection ever manu factured. The little tots feel that they are dwelling very near Heaven when they are called from the nursery, or playground, to a bowl of dainty, delicious Washington Crisps. Washington Crisps are much safer for your children to eat than pastry, and far more nourishing, wholesome and healthful.

Meat and heavy food, and sweets, derange the little stomachs of the men and women of the future, while Washington Crisps can be easily and quickly digested by the little tots, preserving the robust health and rollicking happiness of the household. Washington Crisps are good for young and old boys and girls, as an. appetizer before dinner, as an ideal dessert after dinner and 'tween meals, or bedtime lunches, for picnics, camping parties, yachting parties and for every occasion when light, toothsome, wholesome food is desired. AT THIS HEAD OF THR CM.nO. HATCRIR.

El raant It noma. 10 PrlT Hatha. Rates 13.00 Per Rooms without Bath J.0. I THE R0BBINS NEST. On the American Plan.

gAUFOKD, FLORIDA. BPECIAii FOR TRAVELING MEN. Electric Light and Gas. Hot and Cold Water. Free 'Rns to aad from all Trains.

ANS0NIA HOTEL, ROOMS OXLY. POSTOFFICE BLOCK. Cloae to depot, restaurants and a churches, xrouey ror att pans or city pais the dcor. Popular rates by da or week. F.


RUSHING, Proa. Newly Furnished, Clean. Cool Com. fortable Rooms. LOW SUMMER RATES.

Private Bath if Desired 1213-1231 FRAN KLIX STREET. HOTEL BRADFORD. Elegantly FurnlaheO. Modern Throughout. FORT MVER9.

FLORIDA. R0WE, Proprietoi. THE OSCEOLA HOTEL Dade City. RATES PER DAT. Rot and Cold llntha In Cnnpcflon BELLE HAVEN INN, DR.

JACK ALTON, proprietor. SARASOTA. FLA. Overlooking; Sarasota Bay. Steam teat.

Electric lights. Hot and cold water. i ta.OO Per Day and on. Open Year Rotinil. THE BAY VILLA.

1ARASOTA FLORIDA. Rates 12.00 a Day. Mrs. .1. G.

Hart. Proprietress. THE TILLIS BOUSE. MIS. J.

D. TILLIS, Proprietor. RATES S1.S0 PER DAT. tT Main Street. Fla.

Do You Live In i Hyde Park? Lafayette street bridge is going to be closed on about October first. It will be almost impossible after the bridge is closed to deliver your Coal. Give us your order NOW, that we may deliver it before you are cut off. Tamp a Coal Compariy Phone 43. FTHE BUELL 108 Lafayette.

ident and director; W. P. Read, vice-president: and director; A. D. West, secretary-treasurer and director; E.

H. Dudley and L. N. Pipkins, directors. The Chulaota company is a corporation organized for the purpose of founding a town, developing the same and promoting the welfare of the inhabitants tiereof.

The main office of the company- will- be at St. Augustine and the town to be developed is to be known as "Chuluo-ta." J. e. Ingraham, presfdent and general manager; M. M.

Smith, vice- president; Sidney Harrison, Secre- I tary and tieasurer. The National Pulp and Turpentine company of Green Cove Springs, will i conduct a lumbering manufacturing The capital stock is 000. F. J. Fithian, president and treasurer; W.

M. Bashli aeni; vv. Humphrey, secretary. Jacksonville has two new lumber manufacturing companies organized by the same "parties. One a $50,000 firm is to le called the Crescent Operating P.

Sutherland, president; J. C. Reynolds, vice-presT ident; R. R. Price, secretary and treasurer.

The other company has the same officers and the capital stock is $150,000. It will be known as the Hastings Operating company. The Winter Garden Light and Water company begins business with a capital stock of $20,000. W. H.

Reams president; D. McKinnon, vice-president; A. W. Hurley, secretary and treasurer. A new tobacco company of Quincy the Effangee Tobacco company, which has a capital stock of $15,000.

L. MeFarlan, president; R. E. L. McFarlan, vice-president; Otto Michaels, secretary and treasurer.

The Florida Indian River Farms company is a real estate company having its headquarters at Cocoa. The capital stock is $100,000. W. H. Baumbach, president; C.

J. Miller, vice-president; J. H. Luneman, secretary; Roy E. Ashley, treasurer.

Running Our Brain with One-Horse Power. But most important of all. Dr. Knapp saw that the average southern farmer was running Lis brain with one-horse power where as the western farmer was running his with two and three-horse power. Statis tics show that farm "workers in three typical South Central states average less than one horSe, cultivate only acres per capita, earning $189 a year; whereas the farm workers in three typical North Central states average between three and four horses per capita and cultivate 63 acres apiece, averaging $663 a year.

Knapp put the whole matter in a nutshell when he declared in his great Lexington speech six years ago: "Where the South Carolina farmer uses one mule and one man to plow, accomplishing less than 4n acre per from three to four inches deep, Iowa farmer uses at least three horses, and plows four acres a day to eight inches deep." And in same speech, let me say just here, Dr. Knapp gave the whole platform of southern rural regeneration so far as farm work was concerned, when he declared: "I estimate that there Is a possible per cent Increase in the produo power of the farm laborer, in average Southern state, and I distribute the gain as follows. "Three hundred per cent to the of more and better mules and farm machinery. "Two hundred per cent to the production of more and better stock. "One hundred and fifty per cent a rotation of crops and tetter tillage.

"Fifty, per 'cent to better drainage. "Fifty per cent to seed of higher snare Washington Crisps are made from the finest white corn grown in the celebrated Corn Belt of the United States, with pure cane sugar and salt added. They are thoroughly steam cooked, toasted, delicately crisp, and are all ready to serve. Every package bears the unqualified GUARANTEE of the manufacturers that every ingredient in IN TASTE! EVERYONE ICITAS is of as HIGH QUALITY as the ingredients used in the manufacture of cereal foods of ANY other make, REGARDLESS OF THE COST and the further GUARANTEE that Washington Crisps are made under the MOST PERFECT SANITARY CONDITIONS POSSIBLE TO CREATE, IN MILLS THAT ARE SPOTLESSLY CLEAN, AND BY HIGH-CLASS, SKILLED WORKMEN. Washington Crisps, during all the processes of manufacture, from flaking to packing, never touch human hands every thing is done by automatic The fact that the 250,000 ca are supplying, and ing Washington Crisps, are the SUPREME flakes, in America, are glad to help the HIGH cost of living, off one -third of the far as cereal food is merchant and consumer this hence our big sales of SUPREME quality Washington Crisps to millions and millions of Americans.

Every family in America, which REALLY wants to REDUCE THE HIGH COST OF LIVING, should support, by their patronage and influence, PURE food mills which give MORE pure food of SUPREME quality, for the same money. Handiansst Food ia Am.riea Two superb portraits of GEORGE WASHINGTON on every package, in colors, handsome enough to frame, or use unframed, to decorate your Den or Living Room. The SUPREME quality the LARGEST quantity the SMALLEST price is it ny wonder that Washington Crisps are "First in the HOMES of his Countrymen" GOODING-SMITH FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND i ill FLORIDA AVENUE. OPEN DAY AND NIGHT. PHONE 8S3.

(128) Vm XL JEXJL i.

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