The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 12, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 12, 1933
Page 3
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gDAY, AUGUST 12, 1933 3l,\THEVrLLK. (ABIU COURIER NKWa SUTE PROBLEM Rattle Troopers Point Rifles In New York Milk War Over Prohibition Be Continued on New Fronts. The plan' of »e4 »nd tn or- »iinh»llonf in the event •( r«llon- al prohibilinn iep«l are reMled in ihr followlnt ariklr. Ihe list ol j Ihif^ miiim far ib* Courier N>»< ' • •' • BY HELEN WEJ.SHIMEH \KA Service Writer NEW YORK—If 'the lailflcaiion 01 the rep? 01 amendment by 3fi .''•lies should doom' national pro tlie states again "\vill become ilw battleground for the Miuggle between tlie wet und dry torus,'. Already, in anticipation of a vic- io:y, some anti-prohibition orgsnt i EI Ions, are at work on suggesleu ', plans of liquor 'control. 1'rohlbl-! tioji organizations, however, refusing to concfdo the likelihood ol an wet triumph, are not ex- Ihelr future plans beyond rntlnuance of their nght against national repeal. Shlftirif Actien To States "For forty years," said an offi- rial of the Anti-Saloon Leaguer "cur ideal lias b>:en prohibition of the liquor traffic. We- still bellev» that this is the best plan and we are r.ot making any 'others'. If ref^al should win we will be interfiled in seeing what plsns'thfi re[ ealiste have to offer. "Die national organization has- n'l laid oul a program for such a contingency but if repeal shorn:! win the state' leagues naturally will became very active on prob- i l.-ms of lojal option. Many ol tile j state laws now do, and others will \ ip.ler, provide for local option, and tht league hopes to extend local prohibition as widely as possible. The Crusader;, comprising an ! anti-prohibition group numbering more than -one and one-quarter million members, is assertive the program which it intends |i lo;iov .• TliL-i^ organization came lino being "u> eliminate prohibi lion anri Ihe evils- thai grcv: out, ot il". according to its own deiin Ition. Oppose Return Of Saloon "Crussier members have been pledged to Ihe cause of temp ance from the first, and not to the mere repeal of the -prohibition ;'i amendment," George E. Dickie, anaging director of the group. I ^plained. -!We .oppose the res- [ iteration of the saloon; we want the right of every-territory desiring prohibition to be projected in I.that riglit; we..want liquor ron-1 .tiol laws which wjll restricl to 11" minimum opportunities for profit in the liquor business. "In Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas. Missouri, Maryland, Illinois, Iowa, New York and sev eial other states, commanders ol the organization have been worlli'ij: toward control plans. TMey have been helping to survey conditions and stressing the nee'l ol appointment of commissions to work out the various phases of the problem. They are trying lo co- orSlnate the views of all interested, groups — the commercial and :ivic bodies, and the bar and medl; •:ai associations." Foreseeing initial victory in ?arly repeal, and knowing that the r-rublem of liquor control laws will •oon be settled, the Crusaden nave no intention of disbanding .•ven then. They consider that :hey still have an important mis- ,;lon to perform—that of combat- ng organized crime and racket- Bering. Program Of Crusaders Crusader executives already -z\e had several conferences with jfficials of the Deparlment of Jus- ice to this end. The intention ol l.e former is to mold their organ- zatlon into a power for bringing pressure to bear on local author! :c wherever gangdom seems to ; getting a foothold, in direct antithesis to Ihe con- (iiintion prouram of the men'o organization there is a probabil- ty That the now extremely active Women's Organization of National Prohibition Reform may be dis- ;:r:r,ded, if the 18th Amendment :»ases to exist. The 1.500,000 members of this iDoup signed a pledge wherebj hey promise to stand for the rc- val of the 18th Amendment am I-he return o( the liquor conlro Ljower lo the states. Repeal ol ine amendment and the resultant eturn of state rights would tak< .are of its pledge. Mrs. Coiiillandt Nicoll, flrsi .ice chairman of the Women's Or ,!amzalk>n (or National Prohibi- , Ion Reform, says: "We have stood I ur the repeal of the eighteenth 'innendment and the return of the '»ntrot of liquor <° tlle stale: Claris for further liquor control l >n case tire proliibition amendmen I's- reix-aied. will belong to the etpectlve stales. ItTsn'ta function t>f the national organization to ell Individual states what they liall do." . |<»rvfT Of Liquor U»s A survey ol the liquor laws ol 4 states, made recently by Mrs. 'ohn s. Sheppard. New York 'hnlrinan of Ihe \V. O. N. P. R., tveab what she describes as "en- •ourajing indications ol a new at- iUide to*»rd liquor and liquor etulations". These laws display "ire* primary gains", according her review; First: denrmlnatlon, by taxing L«er and v.ine,'to make tillable |ia the state revenue which, during Utlrtttn years of prohibition, BISTER MARYS KITCHEN II V SISTMIl MAItV MiA Smliv Wrllrr Too ci!k-:i iiii'ii.e mi-ill, {mined in n liaulmzanl fuihiun vlth an iinbiihiiiml mml ivs tin ill. 11 tliose I'lifi'lc.-vs men Is rrlH'uiril fivqiienlly, iniicli hunaoe nn ij.' ilutw lo Uu- :. nfortiituut'ly. is's ihc «lio me t!.c f|i! ( .( siillVioi.-. in. i.c:> bcciiu.v iiu'lr uiTils inv Iniii I'omlili-vrd. The .s.uni' i|i)(i uf milritluii HUM. fi- ki-|)t n mind ulit'ilici-;ii Ituully cllmirr s Wing |i!iiiiiu-d 01 lunclii'iin ir. Lfins M-!I-C|II| I nun u mniu .u :t I'cMiiuiiiiii. PAGE THREE Foundlings Led With S-Year-Old Girl TliV i-nslcal |i!i-nlr uiin|mscll of Unit .,!«! ii ,|]lnk miMl lu iiliui. Tin- dlsli" liu then 1-nlk, In Milk pioducers unload : troopers stand . shipment at. Cnmden, N. Y.. white deputy slienils guard with rifles and dubs against iicjsilite :iUac:k and steel licltueted Ijy milk, stiikei's. They'll Continue Prohibition Warfare duly [ur IllllM 111' lll«ll my lo ihtfL-st. :<dllS «' Ml kill 10 till- mill lllili- cuUr; cir MLC iniit. Hi'l'L 1 jigiiltl vlu's may be [lie source ol piuU'ln, iiiilmiinh u UK-HI ur ilrli ..i luil nuiy ix- fliosi'ii und I vogt'lubl,- .-ianilwli'iios inovldcil. II ll wn-, i iii-nrly -s:i!i'.lv5Mdios nre pliiiinod, Callit'llni' tlif s;iliiU .\hunlil furiiL-iii IllllU-llll COIl^LUUr'lllS null vllnmln^ :u, well :us adilllii; plq- inncy iiiul im.'iesi to Hie nicul, Ahuiys ilu:uM.- 11 Mil:ul which cur- rifi. well, fur unh'.'s lt»- dlsii !» nl- tTiictlvv. it's a iiildllion to Ihe repnst. C:irr)lli : : Hut |)|S|KH The |ili:nlc iilanni'd to lake Uii: j:)ace of liliiucr ;U home mills :i liol dl;:li tn tin- salad mill mind- v.lull IIHIIII Till' lull i|!:,!l inlijlll •A'cli ijc a "(inc-plrci'" I'onctipllon \vl:lcli ' L'uinlilnr.s vegetable nnd meal. Mncmor.l <jv rice comhlnn- Uun dJ'lii-s are also suitable. Scnl- ioped tomatoes with bacon, sciil- •ped c:nili!lo',vtr in chei'.si; suuce, iinbliHitions of Cfgetiiblt'S with eat cooki-d In n cusscrole, sluff- i bak(-!l vigciabii's — the dishes ic leg Ion tliat avu ncccptiible for been available only to, the jootleggers. Sc-cond; due consideration for the rights and needs oi 1 the citizens of each state is gianted. And last: Ihe sale ot ::2 beer and wine is being carried on under conditions vvhich, while ,ot in all cases ideal, nevertheless e asserts) will do much lo •cmedy evils which nnti-prohibi- ionists lament under the 18th Amendment. The Women's Christian Ti:m- crance Union, which has advocated on educational program, from .he very first which woukl guide ybulh away from alchoolism, will CMUlnue it.s 'instruction policy if the amendment for which iti [ought so many years is repealed. Like the Anti-Saloon League it ffers no compromise. It is di- ] cclly opposed to the sale and con- j nimption of hard liquor. The «cls clamor for rrju-al Island Spurns Beauty's Visit Clothes Marauder Holds Feeling for Officers Mallorca. Spanish . | s | 0 Americans rcci-nlly sot itun trouble for nAlilhiR police ami writins tilings lho n!lt , vt3 didn t like, would he jlad to . have "Miss Europe," above. [visit there. Bin. says the mayor jot PUnia, Mallorcan capiini, Ihsy won't-pay her to come. So | he re.lecttd an oirer of a visit by "Mhs Europe" nho is Taclnna 20-Year-Old Farm Boy Is State Chicker Cham] HOLL1S. Okla. (UP) -- Okla homn's ciiamjHon checker playe lliis year is a lanky. 20-ycar-oit ovcrallctl farm Iroy. rather thai the usual elderly or bewhiskevcc veteran. G. T. Rcdrodc, Hollls. tlie youthful title holder, received but scan 1 attention when he entered the tciiriiiinienl. but he scon wreckei the carefully planned c:unpaii>n ol several e*-chaniplons and o'.lie Exiieiienced foes. In R schcduli'd 10-game final ser IE.T with E. H. Oil], several time champion, flcdrode won the firs six contests and left Gill scratch wonder nt how Schmidt. inK , lis hcad „, hr«ppened CLOTHES MARAUDER—14 .. .. PALO ALTO. Cai. iUP)— Unlike other members of his assorted pro- f.'ssion, Adoiph Betcharl. sought here .as a burglar, cherishes n varm feeling for peace officers. Found asleep recently at a local . train depot, - Bechart's Adam's I apple bobbed apprehensively as he •xplalned his possession of three ,'ilts. on hanjars. v.liicli lay ilon^side him.. Escorted to jail and inade coin- ortabli; by policemen, the youth was ordered to leave P.ilo Alto iromptly by Police Jiulge J. E. Springer. : . Moments later E. F. tiairyman, panted a tale of Ihe tes of three suits to a midnight marauder. Officer Mapi Criminal Course of Barrow Bros. DALLAS. Tex. (UP)-Douglas E. Walsh, superintendent of the police Identification bureau map outlining the course of crimes by the Barrow brothers, Clyde and Buck. Buck wu s recently killed at Dexter, la. . Walsh drove pins In Hie map wherever officers accused the pair of criminal activities and wound red twine atound the pins. A black pin was driven in the may over Dexter, signifying the death of Buck, older and more cautious of the two desperadoes. . . , I cabbage patch recently he adds The Barrows were wanted In ° K nine st»t« before Buck was kill. e<J for ch»rges ranging from auto theft to kkbuplnf. Hallins the boy as the "Bobb .Tones of checkers." Gill took tiin to Oklahoma City for u visit. Red rode is back at home now. plan nim; to pracllce on an old boar wilii the folks al home so he ca get in shaiu* tor some ot the major tournaments. IIILMIII H'k-k" ID pluy on nil u! Uicni. Kiurns ilcft) bCL'im lo In- inking Ii mure tlian l!i<' iwo Inliint Klil-i whcm mi imUli-tilluC-il uoiniin li'll In can- "(or u frw miinUi s"—on (In; )ir-iinl<.:- ol u dlim- icwui'd. Calli-_ uiilliil jjntlciuly lor Ihi' liuiiu. until polli-i. ,-:imi : nml- WOK' her two i:lmi>;w; lit HIP Now York Fiininllliii: llnspltal, wliei'i' Mu-y're pictured lo cmiy Uiu Mini! Ingredlnnls In L' contulm;!':; uinl combine wlien ivmly to serve. A oliisi;lj cDvi-nd tin pull keeps li'l-l ilcllciomly i'i-l»]i. ' Thu dvi's.;- j am IK' nmiul in n Kins:, Jnr j nnd (In- nllii-i- uuilfi-liils ]>:ick'.d In j t'.i|iL-r coiiliiliiur.s which cuii be de- droyed when empty. D1NNUK — SAiior kruul nnil Ki- inuln Jilh'i' ciii'!':t:i|], :,uilli;il llk-l ol \cnl, ,1-nrn on tlic eoli, inlj|;:i|M- :.iiliid, IjnkiMl uppli; liin;:: v;!tli CILMIUI, milk,. i:iilti:i;. I Peeved Boxer Gives U you cnn curry it u'atci^iU'ltin.i IT ,1 >«T> • i i -i ii* n inukKi a ri'lr-shhii! desert and R.. U. Which JUllS Him ch a (Heal, 'i'iicsc mixtures aie jilUfactorily can led In tlie disli i which tin;) 1 were bakwl anil cnn kept lint several huiirs If iK'il In iniiiiy llitckiu'sss.s of C'A'.s|;upi-i- If oiv; of tlui wltle loutlieil \iiitiiiin }ii|;s Is not uvail- hle. Scmeliiiu's it Keenis iidvi:nil]le ails us a tliiv!.! [|UL'iielicv us well. Ice eremn pucki-d In a vacuum lui'/i-r nt home or commercially packed In "diy" ic.' ulwiiy.'i. !•; |wp- nhn fur dissert nl n picnic. T<:iiicirnni- p s Mi-riu BilKAKl-AHT — IJlnekbciTll-s, cereal, cu'nni, pwu'hed i.'^i!s, mill- ilns. milk, colfn.'. LUNCIIKON -- Jellied vegelnWe ,'alad, iaiuMi Inx-iul .sliiiclwlclR'S, VISAI,:/,, Cul. IU1>1 — Hmmclt PIII/iiiiDrfotu, 'i3, a huinuk; pil- viilc in (in- foil-si army, woiuleiet! liitliiy i] hn would IK^ known n: "fjiii'-piliicli Kniiiii'tl" «!• "Thlily- (iuy Kmiiictl" when he m-tl oul nl jail. iMtlvvni-rltiu.-. wlio clnlmcd ha .vn. 1 , i, pi Ir.'-iiHhlcr. wii:i knnckcd (jilt in :IT) si'ixnuls during a b^ul (IL. tin. 1 foriM-rvnllon cnmp ty-llvo fie (.L'lllllKll'K. The ft|j|>clliii!nii bothered Pill-' /Mi-ji-folo—su much dial hi- swung on one i)l his loriiientor.H one i>ii]hi mill knocked him oul ivUli 0111 punch. lie wiis in retted on a .dbiurli-- mice chnriji' und ijlveii it!) days'In j;ill tu think It over. iidilaiiiupe niloil wilti jieaflu'.s and :it Muxon. lie \vji:t iliibLeil "'I'lilv- Cubln (ieln Varied Slnnn MARYSVILLK, Kan. lUP) L: • ^piclinun uf . stones from every slain anil from places of historical ; Interest nre being brought' here..-. : fur Dm conslruutlon of an unique ' llrcplnce In the Episcopal, cabin.. D€ NEED , identification bui'«ui^ hnsj a Pheasants Numerous This I Year in Massachusetts i NOKTHMFL1). Ma."!. (UP) — Here's good r.«ws for hunters, bill bad tidin-'S (or the farmers. Oler Doolillle reiwrts thai pheasants arc utiusually niuncr- o'js in v.'cstcrn Mcirsoclmsctts Ihl5 year. A flock of 19 birds ate up his All ficcondntv schools of Chile] give technical courses. | THE Cl 0 U K I E K NEWS WANT ADS GIVE YOU MANY A N OPPORTUNITY TO GET IT AND TO SAVE IT Things you no longer need ... or (hinps you wish to replace wilh somplhiiijj new aliviiy.s find :> ready m.irkot its Furniture, Radios, Usett Cars. OfTiee Kquipincnl, etc. in (lie Courier News Want- Ads. You'll find (hem every day under such rlassiHcafions Itoth sellers and buyers find the Want-Ad columns (lie most logical means for Quick Action. -Use the mint nds to liny and (o soil . . • YOH'1,1, KINO IT I'AVS. CCLCItC NEH1-WANT-AD/

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