The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 16, 1948
Page 11
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FRIDAY, APRIL 16,1943 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople TH' GUV'S \ WONDERlk}' \ WHATTHAT.S SOT TO DO / WID A JOB / / IT'S THEM \ I SMALL HANDS. \ AW FEET--TK I \ BULL'S HIRED \ \ SO MAWV THAT V /JUSTUS6DTHIS L PLACE AS, A . / <3B1JBSTAKE \ OM TH' ROAD TO ^ FAME AN' FORTUWE! VEAR A^TEE VSAR DOr4T YOU PHIL VdOR MOS& DOWIvl TO SEA LEVEL ANO START D1G&IMS RA,Vi)xJG ABOUT TKfe IMPORTED ORCHIDS *U'KE FRECKLES A HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL B Little Beast .. OkMOWS, RADISHES, ART OR LAW OR ., STEREOWPED f?OYJS, EACH GARDEN A DREARY CARBOM copy OF ALU 1H& OTHERS.'-- n COTS AW ARTISTIC SOUL -to "ME QOICKTO se e SUCH UTTER LOCK OF ' OPPORTUNITIES I Oo NOT eo AROUMO SCARING CHILDREN / ENGIMEEPWJ S/'y WtLL, LAWS-A- MERCV, WHY DIDN'T VALLSA? SOT M»H YORE A MISHTY HAN'SOME ' soy.-AHBtr HE'S LOST AMP HE WONT TeiL ANVBODY WHtRE VOUR 6AY/ YOU COULD ROOT \\VOU'R6 EXACTLY fhie ~^ RIGHT MK5HTY WAMe, HOfltY- CHILE/ AM'fA B6THA»4Y ANN LISTEN .COFFEYi AH'D ADMIRE TO &l'#ke FfclEMD, Bur AH OONT KNOW WHBRE *U YOU CAN WHISPER. ITTD SAY, BAXTER.'ARE-. you BITTER ? hor scat and got out ot the train. And the soldier had called them two lovebirds! She'd never dreamed anything could hurt her so terribly. a up the home!" Sompier Delays Formal Candidacy Announcement T R ™°, ERS ' Ark ' A " r " 16 ("P»™,' ' Wesley Sampler yoslerdav postponed for " A few more days" a lormal announcement conccrnln" his candidacy for governor pier said he had intended to make In a statement Issued here, Sam- In »he Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas. H - R Hil1 • Plaintiff: vs. No. 10.425 Sam Barnes, el al Defendants Notice Is hereby given thnt there hns been filed in the office of the Clerk of the Chancery Court at Mississippi County,. Chickasawba District. Arkansas, a petition to confirm and quiet In the plaintiff. H. R. Hill, the title to the following land in the chickasawba District. Mississippi County, Arkansas to wit: • "Lot 12 of the Sam Barnes Sub- Division to the City of Blythcville, Arkansas, being carved out of the Southwest Quarter ot the Southwest Quarter of Section (16). Township (15) North. Range (11) East." All persons claiming said lands or »nj> interest therein, are hereby notified and warned to appear in court on the ffrst adjourned of said court, on the adjourned ihe JtJnnocen By Renee Shann COPYRIGHT BY RENEE SHANN; DISTRIBUTED BY NEA SERVICE. INC. THE •roe. 10 r« BltcHd d !• Ikr »nl; by cbf tw ",", Kin. STUItfi r^ilc.e, •(•«• o. ikrrr HMC. . w,,k n-MtMnkitiK ackuul li Irrrdon alien,* krr old-r..klo nc « ,„.,. ouelil brr a n „< wltk li.,. i. Ik , cu>a , .ii.. , ru |. , br J . wk« !(««• | n a B^lKk ,,, . M wko « n ^r k": * '• '»f vrlm T'oof <.,« .«,.„„,. ,;„ ,; ..,,. tnd „., f , Trc pru»,l.r noi t« .<-,. > , ra g e ut fayof May 19 «, at a time and not roc fm. And. , more than six weeks after this date. and show cause why the title of said lands should not be confirmed. in the said H. R. Hill, the plaintiff in this cause. Witness my hand and seal as the clerk of »aid court, this the 18 day of May, 1948. HARVEY MOHRIS, Clerk. Betty Peterson, D. C. G. w. Barham, Attorney for plaintiff. ' IJ1B-26-4I2-9-1G-23 Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug StoreS .Dr. W,. A..Taylor VETERINARIAN Calls Made—Farm & Town Day Phone 4484 N'ight Phone 2138 . . . Tke, qaarrtl. Snmctlnr l.lrr .• .k, ,r.ln f, 0 « Land... P.,|«.« • nil. krr,«.u I. lkp ,„_, „„. IX Uow 1 look forward to this journej now," the blonde girl sitting next to Paul said. "And it used to bore me to death.*' Patience opened her magazine, Oh dear, she didn't want to listen! Must they go on talking? Could she perhaps move to another carriage? But there wouldn't be any - —. ••'ay, it would be so cowardly. "Paul?" -Well?" -Mow about a cigaret In the corridor?" "That's not a bad idea." They stood out there talking together. Their heads quite close Patience tried lo harden tier heart against him. He couldn't really ever have been serious about her, she told herself. U he were be'd not have forgotten her so easily. He was shallow, and not worth bothering abouL How lucky she'd been that her Aunt Helen had been so firm about refusing to allow have any more to do with him! And then at that moment he turned his head and looked' bark into their carriage. Their eyes meL Just for an instant she thought: "Oh no. I'm wrong! He's not shallow He did really love me." -And then his expression changed. It became coltSjind hard. He turned back an announcement yesterday, but that developments had necessitated his postponing it for a few more day:, again to the olonde girJ and bent his head nearer to hers. "Your magazine. Miss." The soldier picked it up tor her. A tear splashed down her check followed quickly by another He looked at her sympathetically M ." Y °" w>« feeling too good, "I'm all right, thank you." "Going far?" |,c asked in a friendly tone. To Oakley."I'm going 10 Chclmsiord, It's a -bit further on. I'm 'ome on leave ..." * • • , JT was a help to have him to talk to. It took her mind ofl those two in the corridor But at iirox- bourne when the other passengers got out. they came back again. And now there were only the four of tlicm in the carriage. -Better with a bit,more room, isn't it?" said the soldier, stretching his legs. "Much belter," said the blonde girl. "Paul darling. I think now it's turning a little chilly." Up went the window. Did he always, thought Patience angrily. do everything she wanted? opened her magazine again. She She read the serial steadily until they reached Oakley "This your station?" asked the soldier. "Yes." He leaned forward and opened the door for ner. Arid then got out after her. "But you don't get out here do you?" "No,* he grinned and cocked his head in the direction of the carriage. "I think I'll find somewhere else and leave them two lovebirds together." He was bundling himself and his kit into another compartment In a jiffy. He waved to her from the window. But Paul hadn't noticed her going. Not one look had he given her as she'd risen from gllE wenl slowly home, not wanting to reach the hoiiae, nol wanting to have to go in and talk to her aunts. She Heard voices as sh<- opened the from door They were om- ing from the sitting room Visitors. she thought in consternation, and was about to Bee up the stairs when the door opened and her Aunt Alice stood there, looking flustered and excited "Ah. there vou are. aarlirig child! We've been hoping you'd be home soon Come along tnl There's someone here who's looking forward tremendously to seeing you." Patience hesitated. She looked desperately at her aunt. "Aunt Alice, must !? I'm so tired and so dirty Couldn't 1 just go upstairs and tidy flrstT I—1 don_t feel like talking to anybody. 1^" And then she stopped short, for there jiisi behind her aunt was a girl o( about her own age. n Sir' who had .ie same color hair and the same color eyes and was exactly the same build. Only this girl was smartly dressed and her lipstick was a vivid scarlet a* were her nails. Her lashes, too. were darkened with mascara, and her eyebrows a neat leathery line. She was—Patience stared at her —why, she was like lerself as she might be if some (airy princess By AL VERMEEB waved come along and magic wand ovei her! "You don't know who I am do you?" asked the girl. Aunt Helen now was fluttering behind her. She. too. seemed In a state of great excitement. "How could she know, Charlotte dear?" "Charlotte!" Patience's heart shook. Chariottel Her twin sister's name had been Charlotte. You're not—oh, you can't be—" she gasped. "She is," said her Auiit Helen. Tatience dear, this is your twin sister, Charlotte. Isn't it wonderful to think that, after all these years, we have found her!" (Ta Be Continued) DAY RATE HOUR RATE WEEK RATE DAY AND NIGHT NURSERY For Children of All Ages! Here's what folks with children have wanted for « long lime! A responsible, safe place to leave their children while shopping, going to a movie or on a trip. meals are available, as well as clean NEW beds. ARTIE'S NURSERY Phone 2350 313 N 2nd Sl Real Estate, Business, Farm and Auto r. H. A. and G. I. Loam on New and Exi»(lnr Rome* LOANS For buying. r«nn»iic!nit. buildlnif. remodeling. Farm lands and Auto loans. Quick Service. UNITED INSURANCE 1<HS S. l5l-in S ram Bldj-.-Groijnd Floor A. F. "Dee" Dietrich, Manager "Complete Insurance Service" AGENCY Phone 510 HERE'S SAFE STORAGE • For Fun • For Woolens Nu-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North Second Srreer Phone 4474-4475 SEE YOUR KAISER-FRAZER DEALER Gel A New Car RIGHT AWAY! IN BLYTHEVILLE IT'S "61". Motor Company ° f ki i. * North 6th Street Company) Phont 2142 Planting Seed M bee Us For Your Requirements Blytheville Soybean Corporation 806 Phones 857 COTTON FARMERS Chemically dcllnleH colton wed germinate quicker, plant f and plow the same week. Reduce chopping expense > grow more cotton. STATE CKRTIrrF.D VAKIKTIKS AVAII.ARI F, D. t P. L. N,. 14, ^r M i k . bl ,.. Slotievllle 2-B, pe r sj | D . tjj Rowden 41-B, per 5« Ib. bag Other varieties Half i Half (Uibred) per .i« Ib. bag In 5« Stoneville 2-C, per 5« Ib. bar. . fj'jj Cokera 1M Wilt Resistant, per M Ih. bar" 1<|'<5 i Paala, per 50 Ib. b» f Kmpire, per 5» Ib. bar .,'.' Con* hi anil place j-onr order or gel your tnppl; Uxi, r BLVl'HEVJU.B SOYBEAN CORP. N»H€ «5« Bljihevltle, Ark. Phont HI Branches: Lenclivlllt, Ark. Cardw.ll, Mo Hornenvllle, ati« Senalh, Mo. «1SCILI,A'S I'OI More Nerve Titan Prof il /of of'nerve, tut / butted right /nCa A/'s afffct a it to him co/d turkey "listen, Mr. Grump/y, '/«? been here nine ._„, Oon't you think it's time loot I Make a S|>«ech By MICHAEL O'MALl.EY and RALPH LAN*?'* for rne, Meik Arbell didn't believe in locking up his cupboard A GUN/ EMP1Y -THE COAT if OUGHT CONVICT MERK ARBEil MY GUE53 THINK VDU'tl .MISS YOU* GOOD HUMTING.' A G.I HKt EARL'S.' CHECK IT FOR POWO6H BURNS lip Suddenly I realized I was talking out loud and someone else was in tha room/ By LESLIE TURNEB IHRIiL AT THE CHANCE 10 WORKW1IHIED KkRQUEE IU THE 'CKOCWE'PICTURE, IkM OF HIS I«E HOUYWOODS AEt FULL OF &CTORS. M.I&S SMESMJW& (MOD SOD* JUICERS,,.BUT 7ED m BORNIW THE THEMRE! IMSTINCTS HE DOES WHH OTHER. STftRS WORK SO HARD TO DO, l'VERE(XD,1HO,1HAT HE I W.SO HEAR. WAI HE'S OftEM . SOMETHIUG OF 8UT 1HEV CAM'f WftSH THEIR . , ---------- IM1EKE51EPW BEING WO DRAVKS * HISVORN Of PICTURES For Dinner? Yes! By FRED HARMAN WHM BRINGS YOU HERE.BUCKSk-IM' 1 A'riT 5S.EN Yoa E f>s FREEZE OlO (-W3 ClARK DIED Af^D HIS ASE C REn'u UAtfl To HF-LP OWE O.ARK,' 'FtfofABLY eg- CMe OF Rrp RIPIR'S SAGEBSuSri PAU&-' Bv V. T. HAMLIN i THINK i SET rr; MKSHT BS A LITTLB fTCUJH/ AND *TLJFF V.XEN [ / WITH M\ THE \ TOKErs or "THAT , . .. you M*» A5 TCP MAN. M r SET KCU.IN'. ILL COn BACK ro« >iaj... ANT) IT .»» f xt <nnt. -c r - ..e.« « >.t,», BOOTS AND I!K!{ lUJDDIKS By EDGAR MARTIX ***z2&(^i\ ^€^L._\^yy\ A*tos

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