The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 17, 1937
Page 6
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THE-BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS , THE^ C.OURIER NEWS CO. PUBLISHERS 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HA1NES, Advertising Manager • ; Sole "National. Advertising rctprcsenlntlvfs: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, Bt. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Exc£pl Sundny Entered as second class matter at tho post •office" nt • Blyllicvlllo, Arkansas, under act of Cwgress, October fl, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the City of Blythevlllo, 15c per week, or GSc.pcr monlh. By mail, within n radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.60 for six months, 15c for three months; by mail In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, 56.50 per year; In zone, 1 ; scvc'i nnd elglit, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. . S. May Try to Hall e's Death Dance Euro Unless a number of Wnshingtoii correspondents) are mistaken, Mr. Roosevelt is already groping about in tho depths of his official hat for the long cars of another rabbit. • /This rabbit, when he pulls it oul, is expected to take the shapo of o spcc- taciilar summons to the great nations of the earth to attend a great peace '. and disarmament conference. A Loni don paper thinks the call will bo issued "within 30 days." The president has been under a good . deal of pressure to "do something," • ever since the current war scare crime • over the horizon. He has not moved .. so far, it is said, because no one has been able to suggest anything ho could do which might be of any particular •use; but the rumor's that (10 already has his fingers about the rabbit's oiira • will not down. We have a tradition in. this. country • that no American statesman qvev goes , lo a weighty European conference without coming back wearing a barrel in place of his pants. Woortvow Wilson's sad experience at Versailles, has not yet been forgotten— and no politician is apt to forget what the American electorate did to Mr. Wjlson after he came back from Versailles. ! An American president who sets olit lo lead Europe to the way of^Wce . frees one grave danger: ho has . to succeed, once he starts. To begin with, a peace and disarmament conference which fails is worse than no conference at all, It leaves the world in a sadder fix than it was ,in the lirst place. It increases the animosities and suspicions it was designed to iiuel). It reduces the world's hopes, and increases that public, resignation to war which is the best guarantee that war will eventually come. On top of that, the American who surrvmons such a conference breaks his country's tradition of aloofness If the conference fails, America is in European politics up to its nock. By taking the lead in an ciVort to head' olf a war, it assumes a certain amount of responsibility for the war when it finally comes. . All these things can bi counted on to restrain the president's hand. And yet ' when they are all added up and stu'died' ^tUcy may not be -enough U, prevent OUT OUR WAY him from pulling out (hat rabbit, lifter all. For Europe today i.s till too deafly whirling around in a dance of dentil. It is no moYc figure of .speech to my tliiil European civilixntion I'H on the verge of committing suicide; it is sober, demonstrable fact. If there is anything on earth America can do to stop the dance and slay the .suicide, America can hardly avoid doing it. Arid no, in spite of tradition ai)il precedent, we may yet see an American president drming cards in th« perilous, unpredictable European game of poker. ULHIitiVlLLE '(AUK.)' COUU1EH NEWS 'ji Tampering With Truth Several jUsim in recent IIOWK prove again that foreign propaganda and censorship tend more toward the ridiculous than the sublime. Fascist newspapers, for instance, have claimed famed "Bullalo JJ/I!" as a local boy. The Iowa-born plains hero, they reveal, was really a native of BarbigarcMO, Italy, and was "full of Fascist courage and during." the other day a lingo wave swept over the Italian liner Kox, killing-two persons. :Siuce ilalian papers were ordered to print not a line of the incident, it is: apparent thai Duce's subjects lire hi 'trclHlio idea that even Neptune dares not bo aggressive in thu presence, of anything Fasc'istic. And a Na/,i news organ has produced with a flourish alleged evidence that the famed liberal, Benjamin Franklin, ..was anti-Semitic. This, happily, is refilled by an American autlior- ity on Franklin. Wore appropriate terms for this would seem to be iionscnse-orshin or imprOper-gamia. 'Still A Weather Vane.? Probably if, was asking top much, to expect that the Ulaln'c legislature would actually luiopt the bill which , would have moved, the state election dale, iii; presidential 'campaign. 'years, back to the date of the national eleclion: The Maine house of representatives snowed the bjll under the other flay, after a representative had declared that the early: date brought the state hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of publicity every four years. The country 'docs focus its. eyes on Maine in every presidential campaign— .no ; rt,onbt about that. Whether it will ever again he .'quite as •ardent in its •scrutiny, after what happened last fall, is open to doubt. But since the national party leaders will always pour money and speakers into' Maine to make as good a showing us possible in thai early eloelion, Maiuo's politicians naturally decided to hold onlo a good thing when they had if, . . even if it isn't (|uite so good as it used to be. An npple n day wm not kccj) tl.c doctor away imd. despite the wishful. Ihli.kins by some persons, whisky will not cure or ward oil u cold any more than hydrant water. -Dr. F new I/train, O. ' B By Williams C'MOW, IOC, SIT ANOTHER ROPE ON THIS BABY AN' WE'LL HAVE SOME FUN WITH HIM. \yrcr)Mr;gpAY, MUCH ir, SIDE GLANCES By George Clark W&gHfe "" ,'.•:-- ?'**»""; • MARIE BLIZARD, 0'!«), NEA Servi«, IK. IlECilN IIKim T011AV ..,**,!''"*'•' nni'.'ff lorcd IiAIIIIV Mil III, un-MlKT. I.:irr> nulcril {"T lu luurr, 1,1,,,. j| u |'|>a,,|,,, e "ml rriiciilnllr rtfi,,<•..' Ijnvuisf • lie wnnie.l („ [„(- n> |,|,. ..uiiii'lnit juoiir.r |l r »t I,, M.|> Ji'iuiirrr ivrll i"HntM'il on n cjirirr. voi'J"" 'f '""' l'"'.vril Ilir nrllltli "nil IMTII Ku'lui;- Mi"?itr lu'lii'lry r.'l'i"" 1 ' 1 " "'I"' 'n;<:Ki:n AI.VS- l.l.y, lU'llllfly iilurluiy. .\llll Illen lii-i-. III. IK,, fi:u t'o'rli '" - m ,, |(,i.., l( . r „!„„, „„,! '"' VC ' < "" ld lll ' r riBllt .i<> rf- "I could make a real arlislic picture of this, if l f/ijit acOn SiUv." THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson GROW THEIR. WIN&: FEATHERS AFTER. THEIR BOOY HAS BEEN COVERJSC,, .THEIR. WING FEATHERS JOHN BURROUGHS .._ HEARJD A A^ WALKING WHIP-POOR-WILL {OHM STICK INSE1CT NOT ONLY IMITATES A TWIG IN SHAPE, BUT S«\ .COLOR ALSO/W\ IT GRADUALLY .CHANGES FROM GREEN TO BROWN ^ AS THE GREEN \\\ TWIGS TAKE ON \ THE BROWN COtOR\ OF LATE SUMMER.. 'oting clucks •depend on swimming ; U id diving ror their .Innate Ph<?ilMt " S ' tnrkcys> clc - * hlch must "y "to "avoid prc'cJe^t NEXT: How ilo anemones capture their prey? . j'elveJ iir.Ii'r, f r<m , |, or ,i,, x . t ,. 'UK (Inn lu mnke „ n.n-jiioulliO *"ilf» Iriur .il ihc i-uuiHr. At IIic mine Hun- l.nrrj-, nrdrrcil lu Sjinhi II" II Iiu>lti« KV lrl|i, iiKnlii ll»k« Dniiline lo ,i,,,rr.- lilm. Anil 1);.|.ti- III' rt'fusi'n li rl .,i 1Hl . «F,c urriln Ilic ImiiUH Ilic trig, iirovhlr* for .fi'ii- »HltT. Ilul Ihh j,l u . dors nut i'X- I'llll" I', l.iui-y, I.iirry. .»f roiin.-.., mil kuiilvlntr I'llpTlncVi rtnl rr:iiir.n, ili-rlilft slJO llilH I'llllsui u riirc'ci In lirrfLTrliri! 10 I«V ( .. It? »,,,.„ (..,,,,,(1,, ;u ,,| (,,. »<ie» nr|( rrinn,. J}:ii,|in t . mtirls <>ii litr irln. lirijlicn-lit'tirloa. In "flrull MH rnwlvrs » s'rl irlriid'ii Irtlcr ri-mallnx l,:irrf n-'-.u'f soni' lo Sluilii uru'r all. ? .v oo ox WITH mi: STOIIY CHAPTER XIX REl v r sal o:>. Iho of her hole) room in Detroit and vcad ami re-read foal letter. Lavcy iiacln't gone lo Spain attov -ili. ir S ] IC had wrilicn to him :;6fo:-c E ] 1C kit. It . . il ... if ... How many times lhai word had come belv.-cen her uml her thinking only lo hare Iu?i- realize that it all went back lo one clear Uiins: Larry hadn't unclerslocd iici-, hadn't believed in her or he would not have believed that her career meant more lo her than her love. Somelirnes she couldn't believe it was (rue. But it was. Larry had said, "Then, this is goorlby." And il had been goodby. She tried not lo think 'of il. Yet when Ehe fell into her hotel bed or n berth on that cross- country trek, it v.-as only lo lie In the dark nr.d pirates- on the :y.!simlunc that h?s withered the beauty of her love. ANCE her day had begun with breakfast on a train, in a hotel or in a railroad station Junch room, it was a mar! scramble to assemble trunk? and staff, lo establish prean-iinsed contacts with tlm shops showing her display. H should have made her happy lo tnbulalc (he n'juntmg sales that meant mere money for her. But she wasn't, because the pliice vherc those .things arc warm is in the li.-art and her lituit was numb. iiii? had Jcllers from Jennifer. little notes. She had hoped before she left (hat Jennifer, in the excited happiness of her spelling, would forgive that qvmr- /Ol lliey had had two days before she left H'hen Jennifer learned that Daphne had persuaded Tuck aot to seo her, Apparendy she hadn't. Her notes were curt and merely passed on ncv/s about the pilmciil, (he maid and the show. 4pp!e Blossoms had opened in Philadelphia and sone right into New York, rather disappointingly, since the Philadelphia critics had been enthusiastic about H. The New York critics hadn't been but the house was well ajld and (hey had been running six weeks. 11 looked as though it would carry through the season. •I hope he does. What c!>;c is new? Have you been having a good time'.' And do we still hnve our kitchen jewel? And is there any mml for me? And has anyone asked for me?" "I've been havin.< a good tinw, III tell you about that later Wf still have.our kitchen jewel and a few people have telephoned you ,, 1 ,™ 1 W yo" who. just now. just told everyone you were away and you'd be back the end of the month." was glad for Jennifer. Glad (hat one of the critics harl noted (lie performanco of "a newcomer who appears lo be adaptable and has a fresh beauty not seen on the New York stage hi recent seasons." Daphne wrote an encouraging note to Jennifer and applied hei> self to (he problem of collecting trunks accidentally left in Dujuth. Boston, Phil; .Islphia, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Kansas City. Back'to Chicago. Later lo Detroit. Still latci-, Oklahoma' Cily, Salt take City. Finally, Seattle and.San Franckco and three months after she had. left—it was now the end o£ November—the tour • was over and Daphne was on her way 10 me, "Please meal me," sha wrote Anne, "t feel horribly lonesome ludrienly. Trip has been a suc- :ess I think but now I'm itching :o ba home. Only 1 don't want lo arrive »11 by myself. I've asked Jennifer but I'm afvaid she'll be at the theater." Jennifer was not at the theater Because Daphne's (rain arrived at Grand Central in mid-morning. Jennifer wsa wailing for her. Jennifer in a green suit with a great collar and muff of cross foxl •'.-' "t hsr 1 to do it, Daphne, tf an ictress where, show closed? 'Did it?" Daphne asked as though Jennifer had said "the lights went oul." Not at : all important.' ; , ',.•••'•••• ' "Yes, but 1 I'm nol iwtfrHc'd. Herzberg seems to be impressed by me. He keeps in touch with me nnd he has a new play I'm really intrigued with. I wouldn't be a bit surprised it he offered me (he lead." 3ii'I dress, she gets no- siippose you know the DP • • •' Da Phnc was about, . to ask her if Larry had telephoned bul she thought bolter of H.. She couldn't bear it if Joi- ttifct was going (o taunt her about "And lei me see, lius (here been anyone looking for you?" Daphne pretended il wasn't important to her. "Not a soul that 1 can think of ofihand," Jennifer said after a Ions, agonizing silence. •'»'<• gotten cold, hasn't if!" Daphne shivered in her. tailored suit. , ' " . .- . _ She thought of all the money sne had in Iho bank. The bonus :heck hart been sent to her at San. Francisco:.'Her share"of the sales -"Hid add another thousand to il dream; realized. And like a dream il had ho power to impress icr conscious mind.-- The. monoy lad beeu.a symbol to her months jefore. Now it was Iherrock over which she had stumbled. "Have you got to go to Ihc office?" Jennifer asked. "Not- today:-1 Ihink I'll g o homo ir.n remove a little of the far jv i:t, the middle-western stales aixl (lie eftete east from my per-111. Then-roll, whore's Anne?" "At the apartment- by (his time. She had to deliver some stuff in the neighborhood. She wants you (0 come to her house tor dinner. She's having some people in." "1 slay home and you and t will dine together. That is, Unless you're busy." "Well,'I'.. .. .yes, I am, Daphne. I guess I might as well tell you before someone else" does." v She smoothed the finger of hcif V glove, "f'm dining with tarrr, \Ve didn'l know you were coi.v ing .... snd, last Sunday, when l<was,.up. atvBreU>>HnHi-hc toolc me up for the day—we ... that 'Oh, .'that's all right,'I really wanted to talk to Anne," Daphne said and'fumbled in her bag £or change for the taxi driver. (To Be Continued) (NO. 1C3) *>• on. MOitRis Fisiimnx )ililor, Journal nf Hie Anicrinn Medical AsKiirialion, nml of Hygeia, Ihr. Health M^Mim- Ilydronliobla slill exists lliroush- ul most of the worlrl. It was even c-intToduced inlo Enslnini liming he World War because oi Litiinmis rouglil in by airplane. To bansh tiydropholjiii. W c ln.U lust prevent it fron'i afTccting IM-I- 011.5 who have been bittrn and. .-rend, we must try to cllniiuiU;- li.e israsc .Irom communities. When n person has been Inf.™ y 211 animal, and there is ;mv xxssibility of hydrophobia, il i.s fll ;'. omary to Ircal the bile at once hy aiilcrizatiou with strong arid, -me ,'oiind sometimes Is laid ojn-t: wiui knife io make ccrtnin the K-<\ • 111 prnrtrale thoroughly. Then the 1'nMciir treatment j s ivcn. During this Ircatnicnl. lha wlicnt may go about his' IIM.,-.) usincss. and dm-s nol have la ^;,iv n bed. He should, howcvjr. avoi'j old, excitement, laliguo. or nisv- hlng else lhat might tciul to \r~- en his re.-is!a ncr. + * » Any one \vho has been ijittcn by <log t>hould. If llicrc ts thr Mighi- •sl poiulbillty of hydrophobia. I ike his prevcnltvc Ircatmciit. it it i s uttc certain thai the do? is -.n.i:) r If Ihe animal shows any synij'^ onxi suggcillvc of hydrophobia, th 0 rcatmcnt should be Started imm->- tatcly. If doubt exists that ibc a v j | 5 mad, It ts kept, under observation Pasleur Ti-cainiciil Js. Successful In Musi Cases of Hydrophobia for U (fays an.1 carefully watcha:! tor sijtis ot rabies. U ths do? dots nol. in lhat time, develop any syinplain's. it is probably nnroccs- 5ary for Ihs victim to lake ihc pas- lci!r Irraliiirnl. Kir too c.'teii. nn-! fortinw.cly. the niiiiml is destroyed i and no attempts are made to cs-' iminc its biain to s;c if there is .my .sign of mljit-.s. In samt csscil it is Imr-assloic to calch ll:c am-i mal which lias done Ihs biluij. In inch instaiifos. me victim shoul I tnko Ihc Iroiilmciit lo ba certain .ic is nol Inlretfd. I Dccaiisr ot t!i= great danger oli ijdrophobi;i, cvcrythinj possible! mould bs done to prevent its s;)r;nS. I M limes when hydrophobia is prcv- ilcnt in a community, iiotli dogs md children may b: safeguarded >y protecting them from expostir: :o the bites of mad animals. : Homeless dogs should be pick:.-! '.ip and (liftjjoswl of by (Me usual nclhotls. A pet mat j s k c pt in a I ;occl home, watched carefully, and i «pt from contact with strange logs is not so likely (o be bittsn is Ific animal that riins frco. Any ;log. however, may suddenly bite a human being, p.iih or without provocation. It has been said lhat muzzling of all ciogs for two years would practically exterminate rabies. It Is virtually impossible, to capture all ownerless dogs for muazltns. In' England there once was a law demanding muzzling of nil dogs nnd cases of hydrophobia bjgan to diminish, but misplaced sympathy brought repeal of (lie law and the disease promptly reappeared. Vaccination of dogs against hy- drcphocia. suggested by Pasteur, has 'ta-oi;>ht jooU results in vnrbu's Flares. Tie method, 'hows'vr,- is cxp-mlve. ans 'Jltappblhuin'. too, sine? ,t is not possiWs to vacclnat; all dogs. Th; P.islcur treatment, iirojerly nnd promptly administered, prevents liydiophnbia from affecting a hiiniiin being. In Jess than one- half of l p;r csnt of Hie cas:s in which the Pasteur treatment is used, it is unsuccessful. Notwithstanding all the infor- about 100 doatr.s from hydrophobia occur every year In the Unite:! Stale;. Moreover, a t'v'jmcnious cxpcn<3 is involvt-d in applying tli2 preventive mstlicds in psopla who have bsen bitlen. The difference between nny two-digit number arid the number formed, by reversing the digits, al- ^ays ii divisible by nine. Officers Crowd Block; $10,000,000 Is Moved BEAUMONT, ie K [ (up)-"N 0 pc. ftranger," 5 aid the man. '"taln't nothin' wrong. They're just mov- "13 a httls money the street." But the aspects of a city blo-k here resembled an officers' ambush lor a hunted criminal or conrWtons at the lieijht of a riotous strike. A dozen deputy sr.crifTs and po- ! lianien stood guard with rines over ] their a,rms. other officers, thel 1 " j weapons ready for any emargencj- i watched from windows of nearby ] buildings. . ' j II was moving day :o r th2 First i National Ban!;. A total ot $10.[ 050.000 was transferred In containers loaded on hand trucks irom the bank's old building to its ns.iv home a block west. Sales records show that one- I half of the entire American crop of artichokes 1 is sold from push- I carts on -New York's lower East Mcst snakes shed their skins three times a year. Even the skin •on U>3 eyes is molted. Announcement!) • Tlie Courier News nas Been au Liiorized to announce the follow ing candidates for BSytheville mu- nfelp;:! orilces. to be elected on ipri) 6: I'nr Mayor MARION WILLIAMS W. W.- HOLLIPETER Cr. , H. GREAH For rtltlernian, First \\'ard J. I,. GUARD Uu!l term) E. P. FRY (short term) JESSE WHITE (short term) For Alderman, Second Ward FLOYD A. WHITE JOHN C. McHANEY, JR. For Alderman, Third Ward DAMON MeLEOD ESTES LUNSPORD W. L. HOKNBR OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hooplc i iVAS MERE AMD HE £>A!D VOU ARE "111 1 GREATEST GEMIUS |U VDOK PROFESSIOM-^*- HE POIMTED TO ONE 1HIMQ VOU'VE BEEM V^DRKlMfi OM FOff J 'iO YEAR'S, AMP SAID HB HAS 3UCH ATHOROUGH JOB -AM~Hfe?, DOUBT, REFERRED TO AM INTRICATE, 5CIGK1TIFIC PROBLEM OF MIME.—THE GOLLJT1OM TO WHICH L NAVE PEVOTED MV LIFETIME YEAM.N seek) EVEpyrHiMa vcu MAVE IM:':J) IT FOR YEARe—EVEW TM' VIBRATIQKI5 OF VOUP, LUSTIEST \%: SMOKED HAVE y^ "FAILED TO WRACK TH' FRAME OF } THIS OLt> ' EASY CHAIR f KMOWS THAT 'li FKOBLEM VROM A TO EASY=

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