The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 17, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 17, 1934
Page 3
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PfegfetfBSB 17, 1934 OF SICILY, WAS sp ELATED SCIVINQ QNE TilAT HE SPRANG HIS BATH ANO PAN STREET, 'SHOUTING. •EUREKA/1 HAVE: IT/" . ARE HOT PARTtCULARUV POI-ID OF CHECSG./ THF.V EAT IT ONLV V/HCN I-IOT»IK<3 BETTER IS TO. BE HAD. \ cording In ilie eolinly hpriltli department over 209 rK-r«o»s have teen treated for,rabies in Bounty v.'Hl'ln tlw i>ost iyvdve months. TJ.v; department fiolnO; <>ut an nlurrning Increase of rabies )'! cols and do^.s. T)ifi department, of whleli n r Fred .Ojllvlii Is county pliysiclan' | slates Hint eight iiersons 1 hear f UamUicj-svHlo., , mostly children j. na,Vf iiiul In liavr: i'Micni- treat-' [ Went In Ijie two montta In . the jiast, three s'.wk.s sewn iwr- | sons In Die vicinity or n:iyi.f.'iinve j hceii bitten by r-shid ( ] 0 < !K ; . Early last year .•oiiniy "niuliorl- ; lIcK made an airr-min 1 0 r.lanin out . rabies' by Wm,, K . nll ., (raj , I|OES / snd cat.-:. Orders \yerc i-lvrn Hint nit gs roiia lie . or thw * - • rrtblM (reatniwi s j,i ul ta | s . Fol . fl [ ppldemlc was im if, rfn'piit \vff-V-- n uic publle Jw rn inntrol. •pr<=si! In a Riatomr-nt 10 warnlns; nga iml DIP me ,,, ••oiinty health department sayr i« spite of tlir;.. county-wide 'inaronlne en. dogs, and all the precautionary mc-asiirw taken In [lie past year, the epidemic of r«- inerJi."^" nmt ^ te n » Ul * "fn (lip. ptist three weeks sr-von persons living near Unyti Imva ten bitten by rabid dogs. Lab° f » le i iU: sho Hie dogs did have f Also. lo Cariuliersville, e.ii>;a i; mostly.children, have liau Hhln the. past eight „„„,.,. , Continuance of ihis condition I - scAti root or AUSTRALIA, HAfi NQ rORF.-t.IMBS, AIID ONLY FLAP-LIKE APPENDAGES FOP, " ' •"' - ' Minnesota Leasb In ^ Toledo Cup Balloting HEW YOflKr—'liiirine«t»' emerges victor bj-on Impressive margin from the preliminary baHol for (tii> nsKnnal fwtbail chaihp- l.-inihlp, willi Alabama • and Pllfe- '•"gli rimplng n-'cloje."light 'for mil place, jiccGrdJng ' to . inn committee. In -charge of nwarJiii|f Iho Toledo Clip for 1034. Tlio 250 spoil.-! r-ditorii wlio ' constitute the judges show a fintinlmlty o[ opinion; regardless- of ^eograplileal lo- enllon, wlitoii Indlcnles 'the eventual victory' of •Minnesota Iri tlm Until Iwllol as wrl). , • ', AccoulliiB lo the. nielliod' dovls- •\ by tho I'olodo, Cdp cpinr/JlUeo 1 , polnis arn allotted [or eacli first place vole, three for each second place vote, and i lor enclr third plaee vole, Each -jiklgn In this prn- Hmlnary^ ballot -Itsle.U Hie. liauies of leanis lie ranked nisi,' fiw.ond, tiii(\ Ililrd lii the country. Tabulation of results oh Hits ballot elves | Mliuiesnla 840 . nolnu, Alabama OIK. I'ltls.bureli .,261, Stanford 3.|',4. Olilo State, fla; Temple' 7, Colgate 0, iJoiilsltma •!, wisconiln Princeton 1 nnd Waslilnelon 1. Markets York Cotton HRSV Pilllnn <J1W. Nfnr. May July pel. VORIC,. P?p. 'liwd Iwrely o|wn hlgli ... IMt 12SS ... 1250 17. (TJPI- 13,1! low 12-10 12tr, l:HS 12-Cl Stale Examiners Find I-Cenl 'Shortage' in Town CTiEVEUWD (UP) — Rippling chuckle drifted up from the deep ill of UIR Cleveland Trust cotn- iy. It war, of the- expense of David I,. Rup.--rt, slnlo examiner, nnd Ills crew of auditors, who had lelved inio n. maze of figures to Blcan Ilieir pc-Hoiilcal report on affairs in snlmrhrm Klillouil Hills '"'' found., while Inking a. tath; 1.1ml MX oiilslretrf lost, vr-ishl in UIR water, nntl Hint llip weight lost,. was oqiml t(] the wsljliL of Ihn wiUei- dlsiilncru. Tills showed him n way U>' determine whether 01- not HtcroiVs crown wns solid gold, ov mixed with other inetiiK He found ;iie .specific grnvlly of gold nnd silver - . and was.iihle-tn tc-llhoiv much o! rnch tlic crown contnlned. NEXT: A jn.rt nap on clolli? j,, machines for raisins . result, sooner or later, „, ;1 most honiblo death, as no case of re"cdv S "'" bee " k " pwn to , "Measures lo be taken are en' tirlly prophylactic. Dogs must .••mnor lw (.(veil vaccine treatment once-a year or;• else. .kept imiMlcd, '» all dogs killed. .' "This warning Is -issued for l\vo purposes: flrst. to save'the life of s.ame child, and second, to save the useless-expenditure of money." [Agriculture Teachers !"' Plan F. F. A. Program Tu P)m foi ictlvltics of the tuie Paimcrs of Amerca in noiili east, Aikmisns Here developed it a mectnif of twlien; of voci lloiml [."crtltnrc hen S-itiudiy ' r rompMm Biirdetle pic I dent of Die AiHn is Firm Hn rf&H addrfwed (lie pnim on r*im Org-mip-uioii nr.l 1 (-El'lollon c TZ Wllfj siuwivLo of \acrtloiml tnr |,re Itlrd at the will h v.3i f ttrndrd tiy P| I Mil WILoi O H Collar Jolnci Ray Whltmoi'c, Dell, Marian Adams, Monelte nnd James T. Rains, Welner. All were guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Gilmore of Blytheville high school. It was planned to hold farm , agricuHtirc students' Arkansas, to culminate in a Chicago Tribune Writer Spends Sunday Night Here - ...... . H ..... .n_v(. w nuju mini Harvey T. Woodruff, famous contests for some 2,OM high school columnist and sports fcat|irc wril- ' trict banquet, award of prizes, and "'SM- exhibition of products at the Mid- i South and local fairs. A farm record book, will he published which the prizes will be 1'isted. eastern er for tlle .Chicago Tritjutic, wan n dis- Kll ' sl - at tllc Hnt<>1 No >>'e here lasl ' exhibition of products at the Mid- i Woodruff spent, the night at the South and local fairs. A farm ret- 'P^ 1 hostelry but checked -out to°«\ book will he published in day before he could be questioned. I His destination yras not revealed. New Orleans Cotton NEW OinjlANS,- Deo, 17. (UP) —Coilon closed steady. - ' open high low close • 12-19 1LNS m? I2«b Ml 1MI 12-111 12441) 12.W 120) I2.W 1254 12GO I'm la.W -I2SQ I2,'.B 1201 l«:i m\ 1242 1244 -12M lMr>- I steady nl 1274; oil :i. Jan. . Mar. July pci: . S|K1|S The report 'they sent lo Coluni- bits showed "Ih'c-sn' statistics: 'treasury balance per certificate, Aug. B 1M4, $ll,ri6o.OB; treasury, cash o linnil, , . ., less oulstandlnu warrants, . balance. $10,712.73. The' clerk's balance, per financial, statement showed $10,712.72, leaving a difference of $.01— I cent. iar,? I'JM 1244 1244 ' 12fil 1231 1251 1233 1210. 'nlMO. Chicago Wneat Mfty July Chicago Corn May July open 111) Ml 8i 3-8 Sri 1-2 »7 84 Stock Prices A. T. and T. ; ....... lor, 3-4 Annromln Coppor ..... 1 1 1 -4 BJ-lh. stfrt ...... ..... SO 1-4 N. y. Central Packard .... • Phillip", ivi Citle.',' ScrvUv 1 |.J Cocn Cola lio Oen. Ain.-.TB'nU ;.'3iia-4 pen. Elect] Ii: tfl fH Of n. Nfplora .. v Si'.',-8 Till. lMv<-f,t«r - 38 I-a "" ' aa-7-0 21,1-4 .'U.-3-4 14 1-4 /•'fijlH 111 40 ^-n S7 1-2 ' . 8 1-8 4 1-U ............. Riinmoai ncds - ' St. I..-S. P. '...... Standard of.H. J. Texas Co U. S. Steel '.'.'.'.Ii .Mc-Kcssflii-Iiobblns - Zonlte Farmer* Aid G«l Ihp A!r Hunting Liceniw COOPrtiSTOWN N D <UP) Dnkoal's or/ly uvlnlor-Kanin iH-ui luive recclvod backlrg frwi delegation of Clriiju', Counli r« In protest ' ' ' ' flnine and Pish .„,. ban t,n nlrjilnrm' hun|lns Ajipliealtoiis of Uriioo :Hid" Aluji/o Rhodes foi iniiitlnif ll(on.-es \veie iffihfd 01 MM- ['rmiml. lll «l Mieh liunline t-n- iianeei-t. HIP lives of liiimntifl niu' •'-iiestlo anliunb." Sheep men and tuikoy lalier, ,. (o tfifj coi'eiiiiiifiit'(lint Wrlclil anil • Rhoilen have notlcpnUe J InroaiL) on liio r.,.,.„,- TOyole and fox rwpnlr.llons, wllh a mvlns lo.farmer I)),. | n Nt-W Clfrri S, The appearaiuo of a en ii, bo greatly trujirovfil slallatlon pf Q new uhlle or .wni, on UIP elowt fur •anar reasons, loo tlio i-cptacf(penC'x^ oj and cracked reati 'efliilpuienl inatle uf matfrlab. Is JU'linul 75 TONS HAY FOR RALE Alfalfa, Pea ami Mixed Ituy H C. Knnppenberger Dop Saves Coujilc Fjom Fire WELUNGTON, O. (UP)—Bafk- mg or their wi-.&fg awafeencd Mr and Mrs. Carl Alpine, of PenlicH »cni licit nheii the dovnslius of ipeir Jnnc viis n»ctopcl in ft imes 1 v . c powtrf I Gel Sbidd^ 5HCODAN5 SALVE MADAME ONLV 7MOCCDAYS Til CHRISTMAS'' j?iee jourseit rroni th it con- ^^itant urlfuion of scalp and 'lie unslglillj (liiHIrutf scales on sour coil l ini Timlicn- tion <il PONDOIl NF nil pos- llneU stop (be irnl^tion- it Hills ttie dandruff »prm anil ISli! 3 ', lic llal1 Ihal well- ii«« ^rsp-ii'I'," 1 ,!'"^ 0 ';!, ^'"'^ •n^t-J LO n'ldl* l"c\ A?|;' p^ , xV-/^;^ vv v.' : ^, 5 1 —and |',l advise f|ui t k action if you wiln f In surprise him with an REALIY WANTS | ASVIN W ,;',S HEATER S| on Clirisfmns iMorntng | ON1 ' Y $15-?si I i« m '€• ^ I INSTALLED I PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Olt I 777 QUICK SERVICE STATION M °^ E . : T H A N : • A:: : M; E*TE I 'R '&$ ;E; M B R A. N-C : E ."'. v-W& ^r<-<-> ^ HEALTH'HAPPINESS-FREEDOM -Si' / i - **V f EE FRUIT CAKE Wo !>;wi> jnsi, linisliwl » xvondftrful y«.i' ami in :.i|i|>rpci!ilioii nf-Uic line iHisittoss (,'ivcn UH we offer, otir ni:iiu' mentis and cnsiomcrs a Special One Sl.Ofl (Yii]i«n I!ook nnd One 1'ouml .of Our Host Frnil Cnkc Both For t . $1.00 (2 Oca] I.imiffo Any One Ciislomcv) o orders filled after Saturday, Dec 22nd /J}« Wish Evcrv One of Our J7!«nds an d Customers A merry X mas ant) A Happy, I i-cssro 1935. r or at the BLYTHEVILLE BAKING CO. Talk of.seuti- v ment in gifts- what could be more profoundly thoughtful than'delivering Mother from the t bondage of the cook-stove. :'A beautifully modern Hotpoint Automatic Electric Range brings a. new order of cooking freedom, health and happiness. • You can have one of these' EUCTRtC RANGE marvelous modern servants for no more cash outlay than you woald make for a trinket which turns our to be only a short-lived remembrance. • Stop in and learn all the startling facts about modern Electric Cookery by Hotpoint. Buy from Your Dealer or Arkansas-Missouri Power Co! ." \' " At Your Sewice" New Mine Boon Hi|s Black Hills of l>kota RAPID DmT B~'n; (upj-An- other ruining Vnorn L5 flouil-lilng In the T'xk Ifillr,, Lu( imlllfe HIP !oU ru .1 of it lialf cfntiny ugo, be rniul Ii inr^nillng Info pw- cellng for olhfr nilnrrali Young, clftpprr cnglriwri Ji(nc nken llic nlnco of l^tlier-faced ,irw,peetor-! Inrteail of iradlei, [ilcl,s -\rid flfve.i, itifv men (iri> MsliiR .wlentlPc Ifi.slhirneiii.s. '1 lify nro looking for fVldsMr to .'la?/ bnlhtub'!, for spccliiinerio lo ifp In storago iiatterJr'i, lur hen- onlle for oriiJn oil development, ftnd for byil lo nw in costume ieweliy. 'iim dcinnnd for Uicsc 1 irodiiclr. is wifficlent 1 to .keep iho (lines rimning day n«d nlglit New ilinfl.s arft IwlnE oiwiicd ' wherever UW d/'|»ill'! nrn loea!<;d Clold iiilnlnc, libwfvcr,' is not •nllivly on tbn.. itellne. - ,T|)ifo Imfl.s wlilcli bud bocn closed for •0 years site- belni; rp-o|)*ued hlx uindi'ed men Imvft' been . put Ui Joik In HIP fnmoii'! IIoiiieMake nliu> ill l*nd (lur Ing'(lie few notilhs I'ajrolli In llil<) region mve Jumped iiOOOO pvr inontli ttlltiln Ihe la't jear. 4— R««d dourer t-rw« wnnt Adj , . , held in a atrrrmn prlsor, wmp In 1918, ww that It hf enr frefd IIP woiiid r.ot on tliot day he ss , s reUis- on Aimlstlce Diy, and 'thw IIP made good his \ow. H» hunting oh, )«-»,e other -he Pfirtly fiirnhljcil APARTMENT, jtlli (lootl hrntins fiyflfni. Phone t? 01; Ml, lOv,..!-.^ Wnnl'to fipnl—80 or 120 |\or*o wrllp K r. llnwHjw, HotiM 1. Box 71, atocle, Mo P-HOWE I34 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INStTKANCK DIPT. w Merry Christmas io ME from ME" HART SCffAfFNER & MARX SUITor TOPCOAT for Christmas 25 $ 30 DISTINCTIVE GIFTS from 'You' to 'Him' Riiro Pajamas Silk l.outininir Koho.s Flannel Robes .... Hirkok IJeU,.Sets Checkered V\!«ol Scarfs' . S1.9R lo $8.50- S1Q.00 Jo $20.00 - to jsr.o - SI.50 lo $3.0,0 $1.95 to $3.01) ~.~« ri.wi .i\<ii in . ,-?l.y^ 10 Manhattan Dislinitivc Shirls .. SI 05 an d Arrow Handkerchiefs .... 3fK', ):ON'cf';l for SI (Jiover Lk-flihfr J.vke<s, men's or \\oroerTs ......... - c,-; <A 01 o ~ii Tk D' ••" l 5>«> l(> $1 £.•>!) i-ii u IVI * • a ~ a ncw flfess shirt . . . . $3.(VO hilk hearts. .n«\vc$t patterns ... $1,50 lo ^3 r >0 ftnro Mafchcfl Underwear Sets ....:... St.'oO Iftau Brummcl, America's Smartest iiCCkiJCS .... Cl Ct ~n ^i—.,>! l ,,>W NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO.

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