The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 12, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 12, 1933
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Served by the United Press HEVI THl OP NORTH1A tit AKKANUH AND BODTHKAflT lUMODH] VOI, XXX—NO. Blylhevllle Dally. News. BlythevUle CuurMr. Mississippi VHlley Leader HlyliievlllB H«HiV AKKANSAS, SATURDAY, AUGUST 12. .SINGLE COPIES FIVE' MOBS TAKE VENGEANCE FOR MACHADO RULE Cuts Throat Of Invalid Nursed MEMPHIS, Aug. 12 iUt>) — His llnoat .°lasiii-d wltn LI ra/or. by hLs nurse, who had cared for him \'2 I , c PuWic Utilities .ind Other' s ? lls ', Uo ", °- C" 1 *' 0 " 1 - "• i" 11 " , - . "iii\,i diy^.d n,)^ ijiind war \vleian, 1 1 1 1 r . ed Under-tacle. > ° Lame Industries Enlist-' lcil e>" for lto |ife lu;i;iy .Mis. Hulda Fielder, the niii'sc, ilashed, him late yesterday in ; fit of rage mid jealousy. She i*i I'trliifj held at the police station IIE'BTIEIPIH 01 SPOT Kdltmlully mill otherwise Ihn Cumi:r News has I'lulorsfd hml brg- id itu 1 co-oiwrailon m employers Hiul the public ijpiiiTally In 1'res- Itk-ni KiKMvi'lt's program for' hi- iie'.irlng imyiolls and ^invading employment. At. the same Him- this uewspaJH'r „ lui!- been utid remains lodny -ono DoVVIl Miichine <" i>'lJtiv«ly !••« Illyllin-llli' bnsl- C P .- ires:; Iv'UlllCfOjl.'l lull lll^l nn txecutioners. ], h , U1 ,,,, ,,,,.1, of I1J[U)1111 , —-:- my. .,.,,„ , ... „ , • . ..- . ., . KANSAS CITY. Mo.. Aim. 12 I have nni yel heard nnynnn nations public without charge pending the out-, (U|)) ._ anm . I(lml ,.„,„,,,, llir , 1( , 0 } j,,, |U | ra lvhy W r> huv,' no! tmitcd Officer al Kansas City Observations WASIIINOTON. 12 <UP) panies came under Hie blue ensjle' i'ome cl Ciawlord's injury i"d». wltli agreements affecting J. W. Ciawfoid, a brother, pull- ISOflWiC workers and expected lo id MLS. Fielder oft Don and uat- provldf at least 1SO.OCO jiow Jobs. ; tied her for It minutes, probably In addition lo the electric light .saving his life. ' snd ;iower and telephone Indus- [ A strange relationship between '."'es, cnnnli*. construction, and, Ciawlord, his nurse, Mrs. Fielder, r 't'er large tdustiies also were en-' nnd a second nurse. Mis. Cox, who ''•••-'I under the hhie eagle when, also has nursed the invalid veteran, Administrator Hush S. Johnson came to light with the attack. aoprovcd modified N.R.A. ni'nts. In the electric liRht and power industrv alone 236.000 employes of Fuildtnlv (ind spectacularly Into n I ourselves t<y a dose uf tliu v-re- uoomorani! of death today when scription we have been recom- Revolution Forces Change. In Cuban Regime tlnee men were slain on the streets i. fiont of the elite tur-iiben club un thn south side. One mini wn< "pm nn tin. Evot." shot, in dPalh by a slier- Jealousy was blamed by police .(if • :!IL' motive for the attack oti| 0 ,i iff who cnlnculemallv drove by the scene while machine gun bullets sti'l were whlx/JiiK through the i fourth uinn was arresl- Ic.r others, but 1 think |EI:I:|! a miisllin: woi.lil be i\ prup- :<r one and will try to answer H In advance. s CiHtrier Nevs belluus I1>'J Ciawford, who contrncifd arthritis deformans' while In traininu more than 3.MO power companies cnnp (luring ,l!if war. The disease will be affeuted. ii was csllmatcd \ has 'left his entire body rigid ex- I hat at least 30.QCO new jobs would jcept for the feeble movement ol Ilk lips a s he W'lin Mis. Cox netiirnlns; from n party Sheriff Thonins Bash heard the roar of Buns, lie saw a man running on created In this field atone. Tlie enuring industry, employing nearly 250.000 workers in the peak fca;on. was expected to provide jrlv fur 2<i.niid lo 3C.OOO workers. sidewalk exchaivlnc ith i.hiee others in an automobile, j Ftizim: the i lot mm always In his came to visit' cni . t ], c sheriff .-hoi to ilrnth two Crawford Mrs. Fielder rushed at O i!eui;an!s of the uutomohile and him with n razor. [cr.nliiTCd the third. •I jus; went, mad when Mis.| )>n|t cc! idcntincntion which of(Jox came." Mrs. Pickler said to-' fj c - rs C ° de a|)prove " ror t)!e day. -"she iiad been to ce him be- 1 ^am Telephonc system was ex-jlcreand I could not ^ ..nil it. Site I to provide jobs for 30.000! would go into his room and to 40,OCO. and ihe other industries'. Ihe deor and stay for a long lime. s:iid the not yet tone or Tony Anthcn, tl;e "spot" victim. Satn Soola, also knuwn as Sfim Ilogn. driver of the death re-i-aipluynu'nt l over him." mm SUE ,H", de L,. t ,,l!L,,!^ C ? dCllt ' S ,. r ?"! Shp E . c ? m ?. cl lu llave some Pliivel iia>'. i"il Gus Fasoni. also In 'the i car. A man identifying himself I as Charles Gargottn was arrested nnd held as the third occupant. I Police said all the victims were recognized as well known infill club racketeers. Seek to Trail Robbers of Osceola Tailor Shop CSCEOLA, Arfe. Aug. 12—Offi- "cers so'far i have- been unable to pick up the'trail of burglars who employment agreement were count«! on to bring the total to the .'SO.OOO figure. Gas manufacturing and natural gas producers were brought under the reehiploymem agreement witli provisions for hoius and wages trie same us for the light and! power industry. Inclusion of the' three great public utilities, elec-1 "rtrieily, gas .and telephones, cover- fundamentally ^unnil and llmt It will nniki 1 it substantial eontrlbii- tiun toward lifting Ibis country out of tlie depression. • We Imvc not ax yet enrolled under tlie blue eayle for two rea- lons. In the iirsl place II lias Li'emed ln-tlev to know exactly what the leiiuiranctils weri' Ix 1 lore undertaking to tneet them. In ihc second place there has licm In preparation a coile to auply .specliiailly in tin; newspn- uir publishing busine.'.s and it (111 not ...seem advisable to, itiaki: the change In set-tip necessary to comply with the president's sj cm re-eniploynient at-re^inent with the prospect ol .having very shortly to muke u new change to comply with the ncwspnjwr (.ode. The newspaper code is now In Ihc hands of the National Ui--- covery Administration, which has (id'most of the public utility fieHllpi -ir /-.i •' TL- C iL except street car and water com-1 ohcrill LlaimS three OOUlh 'an : s5s Baft|c v HokIups Mrs. Gwyn Recovering Cleared Up. From Bullet Injury j CAMDEN, Ark.. Aug. 12 <UP>- Mr-s. A. D. Gwyn \vfis reiiqrlcd delinitely on tile road to recovery tndav from the effects of a bullet With the arrest of four men, Sherllf Ellis today declared he believed three south Arkansas -uank inbhorles were solved. wnunri self-inflicted \Vednesdav in Bank robberies at Camden, an attempt n( suicide. I Slcphens and Junction City were Mrs. O'.vyn's .condition was lie-1 claimed solved with the r-ciibcd as "verv favorable" in a niylheville hospital- rcuort. It mi;; also .understood that physicians The announcement arrests. followed rrpsts. wort by the sheriir and his deputy, T. M. Clifford, for the past six weeks L announced it will rot be npproved and given effect until certain cliiingi-s are made In it. As soon "as this code Is i»rfected and approved the Cornier -News will put its requirements Into ef- tect. Should approval of the code ,l:c delayed beyoiiil. September ii the Courier News Will on that date sign and comply with PresidciH rnlered llu- dry goods store anil Rcbsev?it's "general "r'e'-cm'pioym'en!' tailor shop of A. -WclnberR - liere] agreement Thursday night, robbing the store of snproxtmalely $150 in chandise. Two men were seen by woman who lives near th leaving the slore during the rain which fell about midnight Thursday nleht hut the woman did not report I he fart till Friday morning sifler ihe robbcrv was discovered. CinlKd llyiires and scenes In the utrlfe Unit has loni Cuba are |)lc- luicd here. Upjicr left is u striking picture uf His; new S2u.(!00,lKKJ capHoJ building at Havana us -it appears ul nlijhi, Below is an ulr view of Huvana. locrXini; north, with famous liavana harbor In the,' buckijio'.inil. Upper right U Gtrardo Machado. for ynus vlVlna'i dictator of Cubii, at whose rule (he Islnnd finally rebelled. Toduy III! hud llnl Havana after reslgnlnt; Hie presidency. At the right below ' Is C.':irtos Manuel du.Cesi)edes. moderate oppositionist, who U :xpi;ctc<i Ic-'hend the government thut will coiulucL Cuban ullnivs until ulco- tlons can \K helil. . • - . U. S. Indicts Touhy for Hamm Abduction ST. PAUL, Minn., Aug. IUP>— The federal government moved f forward In Its drive against kidnapers today when the first In- dlctmenls under the Lindbergh i law wt-re voted against Roger (the I terrible) Touhy and Ihree other hud Informed a brother of the wo-jXhice the.robbery of the man, who came here from another I iiank and Trust-company-here of Male to be at her bedside, that I a large sum June 21.' htr recovery is expected. Hi; | The men under arrest, here are, Fj , )lcakrag lnto C ap Wlsp- p:r.ns to return bow it is stated. , Leon Farley, 24. described by El- ^^ C:lr ,. cn ,, r5s |, on tl)c lmcil sc I ^ -T j iii as the "key man' in all three cmcd „.„,,..„„ v , nich , hcv (orcc( , p Selma Gtv CounCI men !?5. te T-.f& ! ". r ..2 1 " 1 "? e _ r J I,. 0 .-.'. »>' enlmncc to the Welnbers , : mc'r oil field worker, and Johnny Donate Their Salaries - p cdgers. 39. At EI Dorado BUI I'ranklin, alias Bill .Frank, was In jail following his arrest in Texas. Cal. <UP>— The Selnv.i City council works for nothing to- voted 1 1 - b«ll VTiVl* 1 ie men were tracked ns far as he; -i I 'I • TL i P' Tll °y mrc accused of abducting e old Walter Driver home place | Welcome Like I hat (jlVCIl William Hamm Jr., miilll-mllUoii- Caesars Is Accorded Genera] Balbo. OSTIA, Italy, Aug. 12 (UP)—. Tlie miility seaplane fleet of Gen-i f™" 1 "?ainst- names of the RDV- cral Balbo roared home tonight emmctil's witnesses bsroinlni! the south of Osccoln where they ap- I parcntlv were picked up by nn I automobile. building through a rear window. ion Bound Elder Unroofs Service Station 1 and next April. The council vol?d to their pay in an attempt to reduce i/'y expenses., Cotton Suffers Loss ( contractor who turned out•T,* I !:iw when his business failed. montlis ago,* for The bills were returned today before U. S. Judge Roterl C. Bill. Trie contents were kept secret to onig after the greatest mass flight j,, nvlctlon hisiory to meet a welcome | known before ihe trial. However it was learned the In- Scrvices (or Mrs. Cecil Braimum, Hayli, Held at Hornersville. HORNERSVILLE-Funernl services were held this afternoon for Mrs. Cecil Brnnmim. 23. formerly of here and late of Haytl. who was killed In' an aiilomnblle accident near Frcderlcklown. Mo.. Thursday. The Rev. T. L. ness, formerly nuering Caesars. such as Rome once gave her co - diciments contained two counts P=f°r of the Hornersville Mcth uui.<. b uic mi- con | . . . , n ^ js , ,.] lllrcll „,„] now of J3 0nnc erre, Mo., officiated, cons'pir- I The deceased was Ing five I ™own In HorncrsrillR Chandler was ordered IL C. Pa-'e. nf?ro. national evong-| Slist of Ihe Church of God anil I Inter- The first of the 23 planes-two! slate comm?rce of n kidnaped per- less than departed from Rome on ! son held for ransotr. nnd .Inly l-was sighted shortly after, ncy to transport, and citing ' charging transpoilallon In I s-two! slate comm?rce of n kidnaped Now Regime jiV Cuba Will Re Heatfw) by Oppofjr .j lion Loader. > ; '. ' i.mvr'-'MW HUim— 36 .. .•.'•'.'.-'„ . HAVANA. Aug! 12 (Ul 1 )— Mobs \vi'i'(ikcd tin vengeance ol y.ius iinnij CH'i'Ordo Mnchadb to- \lny, looting, wrcukliis und '' burn- Inn •i > ):tiii)lb)nnVjjits connected -'^Kh -J uh ri-'iilir.e afjfr ihc Cuban pro.i-. : lu-.nt liad nicked for a leave at'-. iil.itt'nuv nndi, ari-ahgeirfenta -. h»C :J tonn nmiii; '(nr a • ne»- reg'Sle. .-? I'litlsliictury to 'Ihn oppOBltlpn. r ;.;-•'. . • Within u few minutes "after -it : wu:i unnoiiiic:d tlmt Albfrto HeV-'.: leru, a Muchndo follower, would l.ecomc preisldent nd Interim, «rv- Ins only u feV hours and then r.clng succeeded In. turn by OftHds y»nu?l de Cespcdeai au nhtl-Ma- .j chudcr mun, ,ciowd> wlilrli' earlier lind licen peaceful began to grow j violent. f ' •• ••'• I.DOI Machado's P*w , : Flifit the mob looted (he offlcet- Ilii! lUraldo, Muchado'a rifews- ' J aper. Linotypes und'-typeVirlteti ••. ore duslroycd and : then"*; the : milling. was set arlre. 1 -'.; •.'-.' ••','Thu temper of .the mob ;'%M liuwn wlien tlie -next- plijc*/ rU-V. ,ed v-« thp -shou 1 of B«iturt>lnp"= f enmnclc^. ' He : • was . M»chm<J6'4 ' ] crconal barber nnd "for tnii" his 'j hop wns df 'itroyctl. • •'•:' ' •; ' ' '.! Flr?t bloodshed cam* u few-fnin-;. ten later when one ' -of 'th* '.rnoit '• luted lerrorhb o[ the Muchado I egimc vet, shot down Jn ; a' gun baUle"v.-lth u soldier. •.-?->' ••' Sticni Arm Chief 8'.ito v Col. Atitonla . •'Jujjetv&.ircU he , slrorih 'irm i \ijuid : oT" Porrn, the secret pbUo '.-jH'ililoiyjS) -/or '-liS nssiiiMinti'i.' left 'police hesdqunf-..; . if; whh Iwo rellow members and'' i* n t I rw? rd • r.t n^rgl .park .-. Crowds "f inbllnnt. Ciijhum r.ire milling" n thn -ark. an/I 05 JImeqez irnnV'"'(1. Inlendln" to i>nen > 'Oldtcr onennl fire. The'- For-' -'.'I on replied. When the 'exc aided Jimenez lav dead. . lifted - I I'm' o.'sii'slri' - : to ' Arizona Slapp. RobNed in "Wild West" Fathion m. eastern daylight time. overt acts. popularly and at The armada, leaving Lisbon nt tojClirlsl. en route from Ills home in j 3:10 n. in. eastern daylight lime. of 85 Points in Week]' 1 ;, . iliie grand jury on charges of ac- • Memphis to a convention of the had skirled the const of Portugal, : c-cssory before and after the fuel, i elders of his denomination In St. iwsed over Oibralter. and flew irrirlcy wns nrri'stcd 10 davs ii'O. 1 ' 1<1 f - iic<1 lc necotiale the turn alrnit the ^fediterrancan shore. in Highway Gl just south of town. The last slfwe of the Journey to rlcy Lutton. Texas, with a new I ' i Automobile and SaOO In his passes-' vesterdav inoriiinc and ran hij mr i-lon headlong into first one and then WASHINGTON, Aug. 10 (UP)-]" i-arley and Rodgers arc charted' thc otl)cr of l ™ Posts which sup•Cotton prices daclincil B5 points; v/itli the robbery of the Bunk of! l:c '- l( '' 1 th ° «ol over the driveway j this week, the division-of cotton .jrei)hens in M:iy and Farley -also' to Mre - Slls:e Kels « rs fillln 8 sta-: nnd back followed close- Iv the course rode 2.000 years ayo by slavcc in Roman galleys. marketing of the agricultural de- Pfirliuenl reported today weekly review. in York Cotton NEW YORK. Aug. 12 (UP)— Cotton closed steady. • ! open hieh low close ' Get 950 9SC 932 032 D«c OSS 980 3S1 951 Jan 912 985 956 95G Mar 983 995 970 970 May 1000 1013 983 Q83 Jul 1007 1025 998 998 Spots closed at 920. off 10. quiet. Ortfnxs ',Qllon .^ephens is charged with Franklin r.tubing the Junction City banl! I July 2U. j Officers are searching for Chap! man and another suspect WMU.O name was not revealed by locjl o!- .iicrs. •vith. li^ 1 '1 The roof collapsed. Mrs. KcLwrl : ^"Rro Woman $50 I rstimnlod tlie damage at $75. Elder \ Page left, his automobile as sec ity and returned to Memohis rnlse Ihe ncrossarv funds. He had i $so on a charge of assault'wfti. .. planned to go on from St. Louis to I deadly weapon by Municipal Judge Chicago to- attend the World's I c. A. Cunningham vesterdav for Assault With Weapon Pearl Bell, neire-y. wns fined. Seek to Warn Mother ( oi N. i«i-v ii -car- •: Thefts From Burned House Bring Arrests Claud Garner and Bob Sawyer have been charged v:lth larceny :onl Claud Norrt.i and Frank Spicer Fair, he said. MIAMI, Ariz.. Aug. 12 (OP)— i Bragg City, where slic wns a mem-! A west bound stage of the Oolde bci of . the public school faculty, i Kudo line was robbed In in; Itelore going to Ilnytl. At the time j "wild west" fashion today ns •of tlie accident she was enroute• lisssed through narrow Devils cat I PkllJ home from a visit In DC Solo wlth ! >on. according (o reports receive er io viniu . | lnr |, nrcnls Mr nm | Mrs j M ; i, cr ,. —-_ ; Brand. With her were her mo-, All undetermined ninoiinl Y.. Aug. 12 (UP)— thcr. Mrs. Marvin llnlre nnd son, money vns lint by passcnjers. .. Stale and local poiicc sought to- of Hornersvlllc. who were not serl-! .-as not kiioivn how niJny InndilE day (o Intercept nn aiilomobilc misly injured. . partlclpnted. bcarin-; a mother nnd her infant: Bcsk |i, K hcr „„„„,, 5llc ls Mlr child to warn her against admin- v , vcd „ her | llls ,-. a ,, d „,„, „ too-'Dummv Loses Job for i.aciing medicine v.hich it wns n, er ,„,,„ „,„!« „> nnii™. -r^-no • " ul ""»y L.OSBS JOD I«r f"ared might prov:? fatal. The woman, Mrs. Grace Crudeau ol Easi Orange, N. J.. left home this morning en route north. She was accompanied by a second child i and a man whose Identity was it wns (her who resides at Dallas, Texas, j Wants Making Motorists Dodos In Welfare Work Fires This Mornin* Cause Little Damage Two fires llii« morning rK;t"- j Prince Parnell. negro, was. fined Kingston SSO for assault and battery. A v« « rl , All«-n n «f n -- n ..ll _.... L_^._. .. *"r->. IjFl. not known. They were believed to be between New York City and receiving stolen properly as led in onlv slight damage. the result of an investigation oil At 11 o'clock nn oil slove al the . the disappearance of furniture and j N. A. Spnlding residence, 121 West j houselwld articles from the W. D. I Davis street, caused about S10 rismage in smoke nnd fire to the NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 12 (UP)— Cotton closed, barely steady. open high low close Oct Dec Jan Mar May Jul 957 970 982 990 1013b • 941 073 913 982 1010 925 945 957 96t) 985 925 94S S53b 966 985 lOOOb Chsmblin home on West Main street, which was seriously damaged by fire several weeks a£o. The four were arrested by Ed Walter, deputy constable, and most of the missing articles recovered In the probe by pollce-nnrt •he constable's oHice. splcer is. a local second hand furniture dealer. Spots closed at 91G, off 9. quiet. Chicayo Wneat open low close Fept 92 1-8 91 1-3 92 1-8 92 1-8 Dec 95 3-4 98 95 3-4 95 3-4 Chicago Corn open high Fept 49 3-8 50 Dec 54 3-8 55 49 3-8 49 3-8 04 3-8 54 .1-8 of the home. Earlier In the day. about 6:15 o'clock, a slio:t circuit in wiring on a gas p'-imp at the Bill Hesse service station and tourist camp on south Division resulted in an alatm. The damage was slight although the danger may have been charge of assault and baltrry aeainsl Tom Bell, negro, was dismissed. Leora Chamberlain wns fined $10 for assault and battery, j Carson Alley, veteran fisherman of the BarflcM and Huffman section, was charged with violation of the fish and game laws 6y fishing for the market without a II- c'nse. The case was continued with Ihe understanding thnt Alley cecurcd a license before further action. Jake Stroud was fined for fall- ure to move after 10 days notice. Charges of failure to pay privilege las were docketed ngalnrt H serious before firemen cut burning ship ivlrc s off the pump. O. WlckhmaA and U. S. Blcnken- Pussyfoot Johnson'Claims Milk Slump Due to Beer Former Jonesboro Man , Dies at Russellville BlNGIlAMTON, N. Y. (UP) — "•Repeal of the 18th Amendment cannot be of benefit to the farm<•:<:• said William E. (Pussyfoot* Johdscn, while on a visit here. "I can't see any benefit for the larmers -if people drink beer Instead of milk," Johnson said. 'That is why consumption of inllk has slumped and consumption of Uer is soaring," HUSSKU.V1M.E. Ark., Aug 12 (UP)—Daniel Negley. C7. RusspM- vllle hotel operator, sudden;y died heie today. Services Held Friday 0. G. Prince, 74 HARTFORD, Conn. (UP)— The ALEXANDRIA. Va. ll!)')— AtaX- '• nndria's most famous "citizen" has | Ian his Job. I For 15 years the figure of a man - dummy— hns sat In the front need of humor in welfare work- window of the .Express Spark Pin-; has been overlooked. William W. Co.. faithfully 'performing his duly tain George strong LJiitlon. was too Speeding Train Hits ^ tg Jdeati's husband tele-1 T . g qulrc secretory 'of the Stntc .as 'nlghlwalchman. IKioned state police headquarters'* • - - I're snu asked Thai she be ivarn- ?J not to give the baby, suffering from an' ailment, more lhan one (!ose. The medicine, he told Cap- l' eve3 - \?l of Public Welfare be- j NOW he is gone. His notoriety '• iv.-us Interfering with ihe efficiency "There Is medicine In a goodlci passing molorlsts. He had laugh," Squire said, "and workers I caused two traffic accidents In as should seek to stir up the hum-'many days. : orl around trie-tiarlr. follbwerl''^..' p'Tcrln" hundreds, .ilmenpi'.body wa« oiii. in nn automobile'"ind. flMed nway. ' ' . . .*..-';t.-r--'-> . Uncrnflrmfid report ciTiiii^ed Tlie -Mtn rtennrtm«'nt tssued_iiie niimvimi siateiiient which was'alsn ^vvlnir rlatemenl 'which wn' L also rrrjruled ( o the foreign diiilomnUo "President Gerardo Machadoi wih fend a me^sn^ft to <*onKreSB'^.trUS' : ninrnln 1 ' wlicltlnf'n leav? ot^SS- pmre which will follow lil« rest?--; •iition. The sccref.srv of st»te' had ni-pvioii-iv resided but will jconr"'!" Hn"i> nt Ihe state denartment un-"-* 'II his ^"r^n.Kc^r !r Rnnoin^d/' - ' i Machido te»ve» CliT' '.' ;- Tiif, Qininnnrit wa^ l^ued ', after . "•.•""Icloni Mncha^o had-. left.-the . ••»IT:P escorted'hy two 1 trtltkloads of troops armed with machine «"•<•. to an in his rancli. ... . ,Thrni)«linnt the monilnz Amt*-.^ •i'» Amlwssador Sumner' Welles^ ^-ld conferences with leaders'^ pf •'. l"> rcvoltln" army and the d«ll- '-• •.n ii/i'osttlonist? to Machado. Xfachadp winted Secretary^';^f War Alberto Herrera to succeed him as president and there were Indicatjons that this ' was rnitsfaelory to Welles. The opno- ritlonlsls, however, Insisted that Herrera way , onlv a shadow of Machntlo nnd would not do. Army officers still half loyal to Machado who stood out' ffcr Herrera. were arrested and their posts were Ailed by officers who joined in insistence on choice of an antl-Micha- do man. " ' , r,'.' '.'. orous side when worklns with the poor, the needy, and Ihe old. "It U safe to say that o!d peo- One driver looked too long at the ominous figure and crashed into a parked car. Another Jumped pic don't get much enjoyment outi'ne curbing and ran up on the pf laughter." he adtfcd. "For that sidewalk while he stared at the , only ry. But humor has Us part. It . . CLEVELAND, Aug. 12 (UP)— did much to keep up the morale Pour persons were killed today during the World War. There has fnen a .speeding passenger train 1 been little humor displayed, how- struck their automobile nl n grade ever, in the fight on the depres- crorsing in Euclid vlllafe, a sub- ! ston." urb. A man, two women and a child I were killed. I ChlH EsCftHeS Police found the license on Ihe __ _ large sedan wa s Issued to John B.I When otrUCK by AUlO Kennedy, snpeivlsor for tile N'ewi. York Central railroad, and tcnla- nlghtwntctiman. Police have ordered the durum* remo\ed ns a tiaflic menace. Prisoner's Delight Is Found in Lockless Jail WEST ELIZABETH, Pa. (UP) — This Pennsylvania borough has . fv n« tyoe of Jail which lawbreakers long have sought—one without a lock. in • Billy Joync-r, son of Mr. and Mrs. j T| le cells arc tockless and the I, j y tdent!ftcd ttmc °' thc four F. B. Joyner, 800 West Ash street, Wk to ..,,> ou(fr rioo , ha . k,... Fuwral services v-'ere held here) bodies as those of Kennedy, his wtts kno j kc( , down but otherwise' b ^ 0 Wi? It wns said. When" ""yesterday for O. O. Prince, 74, wliol wlfe . Anna Kennedy, and their 14- dled Thursday night at the home' year-old, grandson, Jack Mahlin?. of his danghier Mrs. Lucy Bell' Bishop of Holland, Mo. .-L i.™«j. . oisnujj ui ciuimiiu, MO. Death was attributed to heart)' The deceased was burled at disease. He formerly unhurt when hit by a car driven oner was Ja n ed &c v e ral weeks ago, by C. 3. Stevens, 901 West Ash __^_ rT _______ street this morning. Old Ring; Our Up The Joyner boy was riding on a SHINER, Tex. (UP) — Fifteen | Email tricvcle and moved Into the It was reported locked, n lock was borrowed to secure thc door. (UP) — Alexander Three Arrested for ' Tranfporting LiqtMr Zed a Galnes,. Earl Moody L »nd.. J. E. White were arrested this morpinn on chirfes of transporting liquor. ' - : The trio wu picked up by Wtt* ren Wright, defiuty sheriff,',^ Zice, police chief, and Louis Len- dpnnie, policeman, who awaited the group as they ailtftrtly returned from a trip to the state line. Officers found a gallon Ju< fuO . 01' linuor in the car that OtlM* was driving. WF.ATHFK ARKANSAS — Partly cloudy to dourly nnd somewhat unsettled .lo- nloht and Sunday. Memphis : »od, vicinity.^ »tc«tly ar on s an omorrow. at; Sanford cemetery following services vfar now of path ofth( car asMr. \-/::'>- •-'"••-l^ .••' ;-.'..:'•:• M.v't='iiK'- .s : ':.<;?-"-.^s?'dS'J

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