The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 17, 1937
Page 5
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AY, MARCH 17, 1937 Spring Styles On Spanish Front Branson House Leased, by Company Hcaclcci by Clarence Wilson Tlie Kolt Funeral Komc, a nc.v undtrtaltlng comimny formed bv local men. will begin operali/ws April 15 In the A. M. R. Erais- son house, ficro-.s frn-n tin; no't- ofncc on West Walnut slrcpt. Clarence Wilson is ir'p.slilont of the new firm, SamueJ C. o«-fr> 's vice-president and Finest M. Holt is (secretary and Irc''rer. nh";- tors will be announc-eel 'foilosvi-^ a meeting later this •-rk. The Branson home ail; us COT- pletely icmcdeled inio a in-,rl(r- funeral home, it has b-rn"ar- nounced. 'Die rro"nds ri'l v- landseaurd, a new driv?--.vny made, (lie exterior uiifnti'd \vhi'.;. and new gara^e.s and Jitt n nd»nts' houses erected at Die rear. The Interior will he rearranged for :i targe chapel, a piivat; nd- Jaming room for use of fami "n'i. a reception room and offices On the second ll w r will b- nn apartment, display rooms and slor-' BIYTREVII.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS (Flood Tbdf. Cliaiwr, .,, i>y ri».><t \ m . it ii olliTO.1 tll: - " . ii||i| t;> :;"ll o : MIVII,,, ,,,„.,, tt IMH . ..„ . (;n, v - ' vkl,.,- I , , 5 .,', ° ' ;, Iri> ! . ' ..;', " '"" A ""' l: ' s ' they inmHI and Irivi. relimii'il ' >" lvf f '""1:3 hfiv. PAGE THREE (l la, more rrmpKVi ff n'» "" t«;ily-toiriu yew of taBC than lu n, c ii r .sl, , lc . i-.p, to dliorof 'tUMics ' v ••' "••••'. i ) :ti>.i:::ui;i ;>.;:-\r i t,, : .. yi;:.- in I!: : \v. IV fiiml y i BfSS|~^I^BY% ffl/ " ' -IUU \A i™ » .**»H*-»m A « »»,. j. _ . . Xnii l,',.'.ilnl al III ,s'i,ilv .Srriinil ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVFCK BUREAU HOM nnVAKIt.;, rniprlnm l.ll.lHj. ,f llt'lmlll •lyiK.wrilrrv All.llll; MKlllnM unit Calciil:ilurs—Kcijnlilii^-J'iirts—itlbnoiia Mr- Holt, wlio'wiil be in cliart'c' of Ihc nciv business, came here I . ~il> vlctcrioi:s I ,:i,,*;<:;, Franco's personal rn-u'd arc mo;, liH- ..o'diers on ,!,, • „ ,ri,i, i> •,, ' company nftcr bavin? uccn connected wilh similar firms at Chicago ami Newport. Twin. UK years. The p:r.soiiiiul'of the nrm will kc announced later. In mnkina the announcement Mr. Holt stiM: "We plan to give the people of Blythevil'c and siiwouniJiHS tetritory the sain? service they would receive If the)' lived in a much larger city. Sometime in the future, nn organ will l)e installed In the chape), , which will fc , be open for funerals at nil time; We will have two ambunncos for 24-hour service and will endeavor to render service which is fiUins; on such an occasion." .s-tii'! lii.'!iru.'::; !n<lica(u Iio v I'.c.'i the it'V.Iuliun in fluuncpcl. Jerry Go'licn To])s , Higli Scliool Honor List for 1st Term Jerry Cohen led the-senior lii»li ^school honor roll for the first term * of the second semester with 14K. ~ honor iioints, according to an announcement at the high school today. Tied .for second place with 11'/. points jvcre Cecil Branson, Mildred liunch .nmlvNorma Crowe, follow- ect cioai'ly bj-' Marion : To;i lp kins with 1HJ .points'arid Fai-ris Richardson with 11. Others with six or more honor points were: Bonnie Jean Buchanan, Juanita. Gschwend and Amy Ruth Morris, Ifl'.i;. Virginia. Little Sue Ramey, John Sanders and Marjorie Warren, 10; Helen Hood O'.i; Elizabeth Abraham, Mary Eunice Layson and Marjorie Mays 3; Betty Euerdl and Glenn Ola McLcod, 8W; Russell Fair, Billie U'ggett and Jewell Rice, S; Jane McAdams, 7!i; Virgie Mae Abbott and Phe Marie Kooncc, 7; Elizabeth Baxter. Charles Martin Odic Rice and Clint Whent G 1 ,-'-- Sara Pauline Eward, Alice Salib'a and Jay Smith, 6. Making less than points but qualifying able mention were: Mary Jo Buch- aunn, Marian Ctttdwell, Biliic Cratg, Harry Cloyd, Patty June Davis, Doris Delk, Elizabeth Ecl- wai-ds. Alice Jane Hester, Pauline Hilburu. Vida Bunn Jackson, Howard Moore, irenry Mucrj'' Helen Phillips, Hnth Rhodes' Elolse Hamey, Thomas Seay. Joyce Somcrs. Leon Stafford Jnv Smith. Juanita White ond Ixiren'e Widner. honor lionor- Proxy Kridcgroom Sued A, BOSTON (UP)-MiS5 Marion c *. FauglH is seeking ,1 divorce because she ia now Mrs. Rca instead of Mrs. Mitchell, she was engaged to marry Glen Mitchell, a inan n, tr.» Navy. But Mitchell couldin obtain shore leave so he sent quartermaster RM as a proxy britlcgroom. ' J O • | /> \Vi r • 1 1 ic dlut >50cial ^''Oiij>3 Will "^'T* IT 1^1 TjiT Vie I*or btunt Ni^iU Awai-(h L.' Tlie p-o-»rsjn for the Csniiniiuitv Stunt NljI-.t urujram. to b- sponsored by t.:e sjnior clnss of Ui cily high sohool Friday niaht H i'S'i K'-'lr^l ntulitarr.ini. nnnounrwl. P;'i:-:»s of S3, $3 i»"l $2 will to given for th: tiir:: S^lllltS. r>r3c:cds from tile ulfsiir vi'.l so to the fun:l for t:o Uotan:! Himi memorial, which the senior tli'ij ivlll give the schoul this ye jr. The program promises to lie :i ?!iy one wlt.i versatile cntevtain- ni3nt. Misr, Vlrghiiu u'.tle, «•]•"• is chairman ol tus program, will niak? the nnncmnsemeiil "A'coird far Fimlaiiri" io opsn the prosnni. Mrs. Anne Stevens ratter !>mfM:r;s Brynn will present a skit, "Whs Trouble." The high s=too! pai-.-nt- Teacher Association has arranged s ;lio-,v, "Fashion Gloiv from D.iwn •o Dink" for a "Prophecy of Tprlnr." Tiib will be followed by u -Uuii by 11:3 Business nntl Prof.-3• ! o;!iil Women's club. Pau!ii!5 U!nV wiir'g'ive'a dincft '••.uiVofi-. members of tlu Suabiny . •Par2iit=Tench:r A.Marlatlmi ivi'.l J •Ive "Pun bv a Mothers' Chorus." i tinder the direction of Mis N»i!l ' Re:J. .This will lie followed bv a ' Lions flub stunt, the tiibii-r-t' of vl:ich is n sjc.-et. Misses Marjorie ', .Vnrrcn and Evelyn Smart wit! "iv > playlet. "The Acitl Test." for the Children of iho Confederacy. Mrs. riiiss?!! Furr. Mrs. Paul L. Tipton i"d Mrs. Gesrg; M. Lse will 51113 or the woman's club. "Wanted—a Secretary," is tli e :ubjsct of the skit to \ K oivon by tne Central Ward P.-T. A., beforo tl:s Rotary club presents it; I-OM- tribution. • The Lanj; P.-T. A will present, -QuiiUuplels at pj av - i Scouls of Troops 33 and 39 lia'v^ j Kv,er arranged nn ei3lit-nn»' circus P 3 1- ! R . EA i lowing the circus than; will" b- a * •relcction by Robert, Rccclar, Tonimv HawJons, Alvin Huffnmii jr.. mu! 1 L'.l'L'y }no'-\n. u::o t ll' [!:;; tiir "youn; men's (;; 1 ! " '('::? 1>. K. O. chai!t:-r v.ill "La Ban Ton EHt-" :t - : !:a^ I Beauty Raion." Tils Uniti'j I :e;s of (!i? C'anfo.'isracv is 1 ; !': stum a s-'fr.'t. .ijlK! -.1 I :«;l J3''n 33«::;i-.!ia!i urj -•;•:' Sninkc Orclinaiii's llnrkfirrK ST. LOUIS. lUI'j—Cili/em of .'•iiburban Untvfrsiiy city are' facet! v:th Hi? problem of iicnall;-,! IhiMiiselve.s. Tile Uulve-rilt,' Cit.v ;::aiiuuii;e. ineliidin^ pLTiaHii's f^r ! : :!|;i'. > line; ; smoke, 'i.i.- lirit m ri.h.i. to ij ; ro»l.-jten-ii «-as li-.'nln.t tin- d.'ii-i' smokf i-mitl.'d |) ( . ehini- :!2;.'t. ol i.:^ uiiy's hi'ih sciin'o!. for a l)'j;:l-ij iiialaii :,!;« i; U j . M:' : '; ?.luy tuiiiL'.> L'.' jiihii Eoueii anil L»DII Ssnllti h:-.v:- \h-.' leading rules in a «V:it. ;:>Mj3!-.':i t-y the sciv.or i-la^. i-.i v,hi;: Us'' ..i'-:s will ba Isstured. "liic- yi'ize.i wi!l b^ av.r.rd:j i:n- nv:llat;lr nitrr tlia last ttuir M1=s Eiil.i ?:n« Kliinljsgliain is chainna'.i of the mamarhl fu:-,.!. El.KCTItlC .t AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SEKVICK tarksdale Mfg. Co. I'MONK IS H?rc in M; X i:n tli:?, : ; taken a--- :ne of the usual am;nitips o! life n tiic tvinitiil. *t f_you want to reaily GET RiD OF pAband lernble bloatintj, don't expect to_do it by fust dcictorhin yoitr stcmscli . tablets.'' Most GAS is' lodtfed in the ' Btoinach sniJ upper intestine and Is ' *" ~' ' '' in tile poisonous matter _ constipated bowels (hat arc loaded with ill-causing bacteria. tt your constipation is of'lonn stnnd- Inn, enormous quantities of riaiifieroiis b^olerja accumulate. Then your digestion rs upset. GAS often jir*s*es lienrt and lungs, makiiic] life miserable. You can't eat or sleep. Your h&id .iches; Your hack aches. Your coin- plexjon, »s sallow and pimply. Ycur breath is foul. You .ire n sicK. grouchy, wretched, u nli a ppy p.; rson. YOU P SYSTEM IS POISONED. Tfccusands of sufferers have found In Arflcrika the quick, scieniinc \vay to rla their systems of harmful faictcna Adlcnka rids you of gas and damn foul poicons out of BOTH tipcer nnd '"'"•"• bowels. Give your bowels a . cleansino with Adlerifca Get >. u u . GAS. Adlcrika docs not cirioe— is not habit forming. Kirby Bros. Drug Co. Robinson Dnig Co. A FEW CENTS A DAY MORE THAN A LOWEST S PRICED CAR! Klrby Drug Co. Main Cut Rate Hi-Wny Cut Rnte RUNS ON KEROSENE < © Freezes fJcss&rlx— r_n © Protects fund perfectly 100 ASPIRIN Tablets f/««^W<^S ; : , ^| ^MJjmm <^£^<%,M Mimmii LIMIT 2 T6 A CUSTOMER "t- ';»?i\w/*>-i-' ; "i' x""i"> 'i"" •"•( yK^Wj/jf$3?3 bii.llcs.AMuiled 12x15 Inch Chamois and Wool Spongo v-C^-- 5Upt!?rtE ;...V:".7 \ PcifocVCIsars PALfif? OLIVE Shave Cream Selected ©rugs C.R.W. Cojloiin, 3.0-. .. 25c r.-cnnmlnl Gum ?I.OO Lucky TYeerllair Tonic 09c Vali-nlinollsirTonc.O-oi. . 39c 7Sc Vick'. . . . Orlis Mouth Wnsh, pint . . . 4Ec . . . 25c Djor-Ki*j Tolc ..... $ B»!>y Kof Cough Syiup, 2oz. 21c ..... Petlcctlfjo Cleansing Tisssss,5a5 27c Ssltzcr VSc Dosn's PiHs ," '.". '. ', ,?, , EOc Wooilbury Face Powder 33c »a ToolK P . . . I-con Uii sine Focc Poi»Jsr . , $1 Acid Hera's Quick Relief! Ncsl lime you're trouble J wilh in : ,. or oOicr conin;on ailniciits due to Ovct-.icid system,. .gel a Lotllc of O Ao ,fni/ r rm, ; ,,i;,,,,_A',, ,rn(rr O jYo Kinc/imcrj- la tccrrr I N OW you can live miles fiwm tho Kas jn.iins nud power lines yot Eliil enjoy Ilio pIoaBUrea nml pavings (if modern city refrigeration! R crvr | KlGctrolus, (lie k'prosonn Itcfricpr.Hor, dliplicatM in nil imi»rlant Ways tin' famous Gas lirfrixorntor which h.-us been (ho choice .^-r^ for himdrcdHof (housands (L.^t" of fine rily Iiomrs. ..ardaway Ajriiliantr Co. I I'l;l!:r\illi-. Ark. . _ rufilS«l,owM, y ii;,,ori,J yollr . JPS3 s5 5 "lpoltl".Jri,(F,vii!ii|,cn=w20- << c=«OE.ritt, MINUTE DANDHUf-f-'TRF-vr m fel MF.NT-i!.M M fc. re ,ne,ly lhal },'•-< nkcsonl). Iminuteofyouttimca ill PlffT I'll ri ' ' '^y-CmoinRltsdlORivc -.ici sysem,. .g UfSMAIXNE. il,,t - r llial counlcr- SPECIAL! 60c Campana ITALIAN BALtTrl alith 2Sc Listerine ltaia» Balm and I 24 Hour Wrecker Service Prices Joyner Motor Sales Call 1000 S forage TTT'E guar.inlcc to convince yon 1 • v conclusively lliat this big superbly styled 1937 Sttidcbakcr Dictator is a beCIcr car than any liiglicr priced six. And more than that—we'll match this Dictator, even on a low cost basis, wilh any Phone 111 lower priced car becnnsc the Dictator's sounder, longer-lived construction pin? its sensational Frnm oil cleaner and gas-swing automatic overdrive will even up any apparent priced! ft'crencc! Studebskcr's C. I .T. tnidgetplan offer s low time payments. Klythevillc, Ark, iance- Do. J. \V. 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