The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut on July 9, 1973 · Page 16
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The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 16

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, July 9, 1973
Page 16
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BRIDGEPORT TELEGRAM, Monday, July 9, 1973 11 Weekend Breaks Reported to Police Eievrn weekend breaks were reported lo Bridgeport police. ■ Among the burglaries was the theft of an air -. from : an cilice at the- Sikorsky Memorial airport building in Stratford. David CotUnes,. of 456 Lincoln avenue, reported the loss of a IV set to intruders w'ho entered his home. . The home of Eileen Damles; B41 [ranistar. avenue was visited by thieves who made off with a stereo machine. Cash from a register, a juke box and a pool tible is raissinj. as the result of a break at the Paramount grill, 57 Grecury street. Police sai<; Helen Staron, SSI ClaTenrj! street, reported her home was ransacked while she was at Mass yesterday monrine. known what was tak- It was : according to osvner Anthony V nlli. An inventory is lo be- made to .earn if anything was 'take Robert Pastor, of 68-1 All; tic street, informed police that ulnars mace cm wur. a laiio. Jewelry, and other ilem.N nftrr gaining entry into his apartment. me. juvenile court buillding. 7S4 Fairfield avenue, was entered, according to police. A preliminary check showed that desks and cabmots were sacteti. n was not certain as to wnaf is missing. Police said. l.awrence Mooney of 553. West Taft avenue, repa.-i ed the lc;s of a £200 outboard motor tanen from the garage tie rear of his home. Burglars also 'entered the home Of Robert Pihonak,. 329 James street and took the sum of -5135. Thieves also made an uiisuc* cessful attempt to gain entry into the Black Rock Yacht club snack bar, Grovers avenue. Two lock* ana a door handle was broken, police said. China's /Barefoot Doctor Could Play a Role Here PEKING (AP; - Two American ■ physicians, said . Sunday they have much ta learn froh> physicians sent into rural areas' of China: The American physicians said the Chinese emphasis on ■ taking medical care .to,, rural areas has ' achieved dramatic results. They said'they intended to shirty the "'barefoot doctor" program for 'application in the United States. "Barefoot doctors emcrrji-d in great numbers after the Cultured Revolution in 19156 r.s nan of China's effort .to; upgrade' services lor peasant*. Offir-sH say about a millibn of them are' at work in the country. Dr. Charles A. Klonti, assistant - medical director at' the State' Department, and -Rep. Thomas-E. Morgan, D-Pa., wiin is also a physician, met Sunday with Chen Hal-fang, director of research in the Chinese Ministry p[ Health. The medical discussion Was one of a series of .briefings Irani' Chinese officials for eight touring congressmen and five other U.S. officials. "The barefoot doctors can prescribe about 200 kinds or drugs and perform minor sur gery," . Morgan said. "But they win not go neyona ttioir- own competence. They know when to call for help." - - .... • The doctors receive .. six months training from medical school graduates. Then theyre-turn to their villages, where they work in the fields and handle medical problems', mix-i ing acupuncture with Western medical techniques.. ....... .' Klontj, of Rockforct;' ill., said! he also was impressed' by the roie Dr paramedical peasants. "Many U.S. doctors are spin-! ning their wheels doinj lots ofi things they don't 'have to do,'1 he said. "If ' we ' could make use of samething like the barefoot doctors, American health cars would .be .better off." .'.". . ." j Klontz noted that S3 to U pert cent of the Chinese people were said to have taken. physical examinations in 1972, a figure' far1 exceeding the US. rate. ■ Morgan said preventive medicine in China is "very similar to our own," including vaccina, tion for smallpox at twr> months ™.«St ana tne tult range oil Ex-City Man Teaches Summer Jjaw Course professor o! law at the Uni versity of NortJi Dakota, is ; visiting professor this summei at the Western New England """P hvijwui UI . Law, Spnngfield, Mass. JTui. inoms is one of three visiting' professors of Law at the wtMtt, summer session. He was Hiiinciiy an instructor Loyola uniiicrsi Chicago-Kent College the Walter F. George School of .f™ mercer university. Naked Stroll Results In City Man's Arrest A complaint by a citiren that a man . was walking naked in the courtyard of Building « at Father Pahik Village' housing protect, Hallct street, resulted m me . arrest shortly before midnight Saturday of -John Hiffls, ». of HI Hicks street Special Patrolmen Nato Santiago and Anroniti Maricha] saic Hcggs was walking naked when they-took him into custody. He said "the youth gave -no reasons when they booked' him on a; charge of public indency Heccs was held in SIM hail ™Jt��j Shed Fire Said Set; Fire Truck Damaged Police and fire authorities !»«i niRht at 10:30 o'clock were in vesiifrating a. fire believed "set" in a storage sned at the rear of u*i. nan £Ne:Knrjortioori hmirKno- CJreen street. The fire caused extensive damage to the shed, firemen r.„„i A fire truck responding to the alarm was alsti damaged when u,c M^-iiMe- was involved in t mishap at East Main and Hamil ton streets. A full report on the accident ' svdii.ib.c .... polite WEre luvesLigating late last night City Man Charged With Pointing Gun Jack, Burton, 23. of 540 gory street, illcaedly picked on ■There is ; still some smallpox m an auto riding along Seavicw said. "They made great 'prog-jbcltup 'at police headquarters ' ress with crude - sanitatinni 3urton, police said wj methods eliminating flies and.charged wi(h rccklesj. cn'danve sewage problem's, ; ^^o5^>,uitocs: a-* ^eii controlled. Morgan said mental t-aiien! In China are treated with th drug thorailne and given coun-1 seung. no said this rfpresenfr: "dramatic progress" from 194S, v.-hen mental patients were put In chains.-. _ . - . .. Caroi Solomon, V social worker from Scranton, Pa., said the Chinese ■ officials outlined a broad birth :cnntnil_ pro-jrem. Patron Is Charged In Cafe Incident A patron at the Casbar Cafe, 1177 Main street, reportedly went berserk about IA0 a.m. Sunday and did' about 5200 damages in-the place before he was arrested, David Vclez. 20, of 243 William street, was booked on Charges of disorderly conduct, . resisting arrest, and criminal v.rriiscriSef. He is held in S5O0 bail pending Circuit court appearance. Patrolman Robert Kelly said Velei tussled wilh him then ran lo Main and' Chape! . streets where he resisted' arrest until the arrival of Policemen Robert Eirochak and Bruce Howard who aided in handcuffing the man. Patrolman Kelly received hand and arm injuries during the incident." Velez was taken lo Bridgeport hospital for examination before t*ln« plaoctLia a cell at -head men'. Patrolman Gene Studios'o and Terry Flood Jr., said thc-y were ''.u'"6 "i a patrol Car JatE Salurday night on 'Seaview ave-nue, when Burton in anothei omiu ^niea a :u caliber pi&tol atjhem. . ihc policemen stopped land wueieu inc Oliver or the' car tc pulU over to the curb, Burtnn was then arrester! and the loaded weapon was sciied &s 'evidence. Anna Vesely Services for Anna Vntolv « formerly of, 1!5 Ashley street, who died Friday in the Carolton Convalescent home, will take Pii-c toouy at 9 a.m. in the Charies T, Pistey and Roii3 fu-nerral home, JM Earnam avenue, and at 9: 36 o'clock zi Charles church, .with a Mass of the Resurrection. Burial will be ia St; Michael's cemetery. Jacqueline Rivera .Services for Jacqueline Rivera, tvo-year-rfd daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Egbcrto Rivera of <H Oak street, who died ■ yesterday in St. Vincent's hospital, will take place today at 11 a.m. in the Funcraria Vida Elenia, 767, Noble avenue. Burial will be In St. ■Michael's cemetery. She was bom in Bridgeport. ■ Survivors, in addition to her parents, insliide two brothers Wllberto and. Stern Rivera, both Jf Bridgeport; and two sisters, Miss Lurdos *nd Misj'lris Rivera, both of Bridgeport. Pontiff Cites Importance of Meeting, Tenet VATICAN C.ITV fimi\ Pone Paul VI Sunday said (he Hurupean Security Conference was as important to the Raman! v-ainoiic (,fturcti irt one sphe •be Vatican' do cum reiterating the infallibility The Pop« was in aitoiher. in his Sunday noon Messing! from his window overlooking St. Peter's Square, the Pope said it. was important to take note both events of last week. "Now we do not enter in the! merit of one or the other,' pontiff -said. "We onlv r mention so as both m inform everyone qt inetr importance and (o note a common aspect of them, that of testimonv to the, truth which suggests in the most diverse circumstances teachins-s of the Church " The Pope said the 35-nation conference in Helsinki was in tended "to serve the need oft man tor true and fertile prin ciples for the progressive forma tion m one sphere of a -truly unman anu universal outlook order to establhh iutti.-e a peace in the present historical society among people." The doctrinal statement by the ^ungregaiion lor tti< Doctrine of the Faith, he said was intended "In (he other sphere for the authentic interpretation of the data. of our laith in order specially conerent stability, and final Police Press Search for 2 A&P Bandits Bridgeport ptilice pressed hunt over the weekend for t-armed bandits who at a. Saturday escaped with 51.500 in a iiowup at the A and P supei market. State street and Word! avenue. Earlier reports indicated only »iuu-was rajten nut an mventory showed the amount to bo $1,500. police said last nif-ht. me bandits, both Negroes, fled in an auto bearing New York registration. -The pair, police said, walked into the store posing as customers, then forced the manager, Anthony Ricci, into his office. There at gunpoint he was ordered to. hand over the cash from a safe. Also taken was money from Calvin F. Basselt Services for Calvin F. Bas.sett, 1370 North avenue, a retired employe of the Bridgeport Brass company, who died Friday in St. Vincent's hospital,- will take place Tuesday at 9: IS a.m. in the Mul-lins and Redgate funeral home. ii!)7 Park avenue, and at 10 o'clodc in St. Peter's church, with aMass of the Resurrection. Burial will be in St. Michael's cemetery. John J- Kosarko Services for John Jnsooli1 Kosarko, 56, of 1906 East Main street, who. died Friday in his! home, will take place to^ day at 8:15 a.m, in ihe Charles Pistey and Sons funeral home, .255 Barntim avenue, andt a o'cidCK in St. John's -Neo. church, with a Mass of the Resurrection. Burial will be in St. Michael's cemetery. Mrs. Tddie Way Services fsr Mrs. Willip \t« Eubanks Way, 62, formerly of 335 Main street, widow of Ed-t die Way, who died Thursday in' uncas-vn-1 names , Conva lescent home, Norwicki lake place tomorrow 1 p.m. in Morton's Mortu-I ary. 25' Currier street, with trie Rev William D. Kc-nney. pastor! 25-year member of the Ste~nnv of Shiloh Baptist church, official- Fire detriment 4L been a member of the Quarter N.T. Baranowsky Sr. Dies; Auto Dealer ■ .SHF.LTON _ Nicholas ' Oaranowsky Sr., 58, of 21 J Longj Hill Cross road, ■ owner of Maug«cuck Auto sates and a member of 1he Shelton Planning and Zoning board, died Saturday while visiting his sister, Mrs. Mary Samoska, of 20S Long Hill Services will take placi Wednesday at fl;J0 a.m. in the Hni funenat . home, 23 Lester street, Ansonia, and at 9 o'clock! in the Three Saints Russian! unnocox church, Ansonia Bunal will be in Three Sa-inti cemewry, Derby. Bora in Linden, N, J., Mr Baranowsky had resided in Shel tan for many years. ne naa been a justice of the peace tor Itte City of Shelton and a member of the Snellen Planning and Zoning beard. He had been a member or the Brideeoort Loval nnw „r Monse- the Three Saints church, commiuee. the .Lemko' asso- wanon — Branch 49, Trumbull ....u^/tug ,-ans ij0ns cmBj s)ltJ ton Senior center, the ■ Con- .«viii-ul suits employes asso- umiion, uie Russian - Ortls^idox "ymen s league of Connecticut the Swedish-Norden club o Bridgeport, Pled Rock park can-Russian cifiren": Huh „< Shelton, Greater Bridoprvhrt ttc ed Car dealers association, the catmcy sheriff's " i'Ai ition. and rnvsiriom n* .i,. Bridgeport PoliMi-American citizens club. Survivors include three sons, Nicholas T. Baranowsky, Jr of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., "Geo'rj-e M. Baranowsky, of Milford, and ^.ii.Laj,. ii, uananowsky Brideeport; two hrothers- Petei Baranpwsky. Sr.. of Middletnu-r, four sisters, Mrs'. Anna Gassldy, »nnge:pon, Mrs. Mary T~: ' ™Ia- stepname Snel] and Mrs. Esther ' Diasio, all o Shelton; a firanddauahter- anf several^nieces.and nephews, Mrs, Charles F, Greene TRUMBUI.T. _' ... w= f Shfirrf SmV3Zl Greene' 55' Bailey street who' died Thurs day. -will talie place todav at convenience of the family win ce m st_ m,k..i,. Mrs. Michael Mirtes, Clark Matese, 43 „Z Z Michael Mata5;_ r, \* V.ii^l home'; "™ Services Wcdne«fai will take pUc, t a time to fee an at th* TTra-iV &«it. ■ iu„«ai nume, l^R Fairfield jvenue, Bridgeport, Burial win field . "mefery, i-'air- a in-nnIFinrf t=-,. Matese had hM™ _i Shelton nine years. She has bpm cmpioyea at tne Aerosol Tectmi. ques corporation as ari. assistant icocarcn airector. Survivors, in addition to her husband, are a son Michael Paul Matese of Shelton; a daughter, Elizabeth Zoe Matese of Shell ton; her mother. Mrs. Vora Clark, of - Ashland. Kan.-. a sister, Mrs. Helen r--,„„H™ „i Albequerque, New Mexico; 'and. Michael Chamey MONROE — tr;rh>.i unarney, «rj, 0| 370 . Pepper! a iBureo macninist witfi the Remlncton Aran died yesterday in his home. berv[ces will take placet "=nuoauay at iu;ju a.m. in the Frank polk and Son funeral home, 1545 Fairfield ovenue and at 11 o'clock in the Holy Trinity the Rev, John Chalupa, pastor, officiating. Burial will be in LiKevicw cemetery. Bom in BridffeDort. Mr Charney had been an area resident all his life. He had been a ing. Bural will be in Park ceme- 13=rn m Ai^en Citv, S.C.. Mrs, Way had Jived in Bridgeport 20 iur.'ivors arc three daughters; is. Anna Bell Davis; Miss'Lau- >-wav and Mrs. Barbara Terry, all of Brideerjort: a sister. Mrs. Louise -Edwards tA Bridge["«■; uigni granachiiaren; and several nieces. End rep+.ews. Edward A. Useio Military services for Edward , Lisclo. ' 19, of 49 Baldwin street, a retired, barber employed many years at the Brookfawn Barber shop,' who died Saturday in St. Vincent's hospital, mil take place Tues- ouy at a a.m. m the Parent*-Laura funeral home, 559 Washington avenue, and at 9 o'clock in Blessed Sacrament church with a the Resurrection. En tombment will be in. St. Michael's cemetery mausoleum. Mr, L15C10 was born in Monteleone, province of ForgEia. Italy,! and had lived in Brid"emrt fnr -40 years. He was a U.S. Army Veleran of World War I, a mem-ber of the World War I Veterans, U.S.A., and JoumeymarTs local Survivors am hi« w-ifo .Mr* > Grace Cialo Liseio: a son, ' Frank I T. Liscio of Bridgeport; a daughter. Mrs. Susan .Cexwme cl tirai. ford; a brother. Anaelo J. Liscio Bridcencrt; a sister. Mrs. Stella Grillo of Italy; nine grandchildren; and tevetaf nieces aad nepnews. Century club of the Remlngti n,„,., LuntijoTiy ana 01 tne United Lutherans Society. Survivors are two brothers, John Chamey, of Monroe, and Edward Chamey, of Sandy Hook; two sisters, Mrs. Margaret Kurimsky, of Monroe, Mrs. Irene Lane, of Nokomis, Fla.; and several nieces and nephews. John Mallnalt Sr. ANSONIA -.'John Mallnak, 70, of 6 Mead circle, died yesterday in Griffin hospital, Derby. Services will take place Wednesday at S:30 a.m. In the John Adzima funeral home. 5 Franklin street, and at 9 o'clocV in the St. Peter and St. Paul Ukrainian Catholic church. Burial will he In St. Peter and St. Paul cemetery, rierby. Born in Galicia, Austria, Mr. Malinak came to the trnitMl States in 1930, settling first in oiamiora, wnere he lived for 10 years. He had resided in Ansonia for the past 30 years. He had been a retired employe of the Sikorsky division, He had been a member of the St. Peter and: Paul Holy Rosarv societv. and church committee. Survivors includn tils wife. Mrs. Anna fiarbera Mail 1,1k: a> Jnhn Matlnak Jr., of Strat ford; a daughter. Miss Anne M<iv Malinak. of An.tnnia- s brolher, Daniel Malinak, of Stamford; two granddaughters; and sev-craJ nieces sjid nephew*. ■ Services for Miss Helen Bog-hotian. U, of 5S Post jtreet, who died Thursday, witt talie place today at Ji a rh. in the pan!!; luueim nome, nat cejitrat avenue, with the Rev. Frank Denton officiitlDg. BuriaT will be' itt Utev _ *rti A. Poppa, Jr. "Services for Fred A. Pi Jr., 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mikulka Poppa, Sr,, 169 Coddard avenue who diedHiursday will take nlace lodav xi 8 »Vi.'i i_ Uie.S, Spadaccirio and Sons funeral hdme, 499 Washington avenue, and at 9 o'clock in St. Raphael's, church with a Mas* « me itesuriecucn. Bunal will be ui 01. nucnaei-G cemetery. M1LFORD — Sarvfees Mrs. Katherine : Dorothy:; O'Con-l ■■ur, ua, 01 u waierliury avenue, widow of James A. (VCmwinr. who died Thursday, will, take. f'ice moav at »:3tl a m n .George J. Smith and Son funeral nome, lis Broad street, and at 10 o'clock In St. Gabriel's church wkh a Mass of the Rpci,™^™ Burial will be In Kihii's H.'ph«n« Mrs. Lillian Sanson Frigo, ^awaru frigo, 76 Victory crescent, who died Friday, will *5 Codj'-White funeral'^ume, 07_Bn)ad street, with, the Rev, officiating. - Burial will h- Kmg's Highway cemetery, ' Edward B. Crighton Services for Edward B. CriE^ ™ l<-ncnton> es. of S9 Hnrh,«« street, Stratford who died Th'urd-I day. will take-: place' today sS' lu.ju a in. m the Bracken fu. neral home, 1041,. Noble" avenue. The Rev. Jfnnald Sloa* C r-,,,h0J?,rst P«sbyteriaTi church will officiate. Buhal will be in Lake view cemetery. I^h- Uonam L. Ketehaia Services fur Leonnrd r ham, 73, of JIB Wheelrr a retired electrician fnr the York, New Haven and Hariri murudu, wno died Saturday at. Vincents ncspital, will take place today at thB convenience, of the family. Burial-will be in! r-oiK cemetery. ■The William E. McDonald funeral home, 2S91 Main sticcl charge of ar- Stratfnrd, Mrs. May Hojhowski;. ' 7V >f Hfigh"' Campbell Biajdy,-», of <l Swanson avenue.: Stratford. 1 u« nei «*rf» Tj ^}!T:iL. *?L C. BiaWy «»J«*»kn|pLpe-flB«T for BrTdgeport Bras. w/iiiuony, ciea veiteraav in St. Vincent's hospital,' v ' Services will take place Tuesday at II . a:m. In . the 1 George P. Potter and Son mnerai home, died yesterday nospitai. Services will take .pta« Welncsdav at 8:15 a m in iho Charles W: Dcugiello and-Son$ mnerai name, ?ss Park avenue at 9 o'clock in. St. Michael's wiurtn wiui a. Mass 01 Resurrect-on. Burial' will be ir .. Michael's cemetery, - . Born In . Poland, Mrs. ■ Hoi. nowski had been a residenl of this city over 60 years ' before moving to Stratford two vears ago. She had been a member of me nuar Kosary society of the i ' . "r,nc' 01 Jesus' cnurcn Stralford. Survivors are three sons.- Ed ward Hojnowski, of Fairfield Chester -Hojnowski, 01 Bridgeport, and Henry - -Hoj-nowski. of Stratford: three daughters. Mrs. Jean Crywalskl, Vvabel, of Stratford, and Mrs. Dolores Kisliak, of Bridgeport; two brothers, Frant Dlugolenski,' of Anchorage, Alajka, and Eugene Dlugolenski, of East Meadow, ■ Long Island' »nw, .Mrs. VI llanr.a Greensboro. • N.C.:- ant several nieces and nephews. Mrs. Edward J. Ferenr, Sr. Services for Mrs. Mfiroar.-t f-atncia Franks Fereni, B3, wife! ui tuwara J: t-creii£,.Sr., of iVii) Lindley street, a retired purchasing agent for Sj. V ctn\ hospital, who died -Sad day in St, Vincent's hospital v take place Tuesday' at S a.m. tne A. It. Abriola and Son funeral home, 2160 Main street, and at ciock in St. Patrick * church 1 a Mass ot the Resurrect on Burial will -be. private, , Born In New York cltv 'Mrs Fereni had lived in Bridgeport Survivors, in. addition to -her nusDanii, are a son, Edward T. Ferenz, Jr.' of Brideebort: h=r mother, Mrs.' Dorothy Barry of Jean Hickey of New York cily; Wmberly Guimond Services for Kimberlv Flt*n Giiimnnd, : the fivc-month--;,t daughter ■ of Mrs, Sheri ' Welli Guimond. of 20S Barnum avenue. who died Saturday morning , in usy at a a.m. in the hrahk polke and Son funeral home, 1548 Fairfield avenue, with the Rev. ■ Alfred Bietighofer, pastor of St. An- atcrnacii « mmciiill; four Erarojciniuren; »crj several Mrs. James Esposlto SHELTOM - Services for Mrs Mary Esposito, SO, of 28 . PJatt rcau, wioow of James Esposito, "lit/, uibu oareraay. m her l-.ome win take ■ place Tuesday at 9 m. in the Kiverview luj^iai nume, jto fiiver road. i>unai will be ui Mount St. Pctrr cemetery, Derby. isom m iTOto LaThrrme, Italy, Mrs. Esposito had lived iri Derby 12 years and in' Shelton the past and Fra, ton, and Joserjti Esoosito of Oti. Uriel Calif.; four daughters, Miss Adeline Esposito, Mrs. Carmella CoSdellO and Mrs. Ttnu Tann„rH- all of Shelton, and Miss Esther tvsposuo ot imtano, Cilif.: a sis ter, Mrs. Antoinette Peicca of untanc. Calif - seven jrrandchil- w»rrf r ■u.u iivc sreawjranacnii- f n,nM cir^»; Howard A. Edstrnrrt WESTON — Private services wiu lane place for-Howard A, Ed- 1,. 58. of 3d Norfield road former insurance underwriter and member of ihe Weston Insurance An\isory committee, who died Friday in Norwa'lk' hospital, Burial also will be tirivate. Li- . • iuncra h:>ir.f uiurcn street. Georeetown, is fn charge of arrangements. Mr. fcdslrom. who had resided in Weston since 19SC, was a for mer executive vice nccsidci-.t of Corporate Insurers Services ofi rvorm caradns, and a former town treasurer of BurlmEt N.<_. He was a former manager «l inc iiisiiisnce ucpanmi real estate agency. A 1937 eradu- ate of Trinity college. Ha besar career with the Aetna Casualty and 'Surety com pany.- ne was a Master Mason, Ark JodgB, 33, AF and AM Georgetown. iurvivu-s include- his wife Mrs Charlotte Broch .Edstrom; tw( sons, Charles H, Edstrom, til Weston, and.JbnaLhan T. Edstrom. of Queens University, ran ada; his mother, Mrs. Margate! .nusTrom, 01 Jiartiora; a brother, and two sisters. . Mrs. Joseph Ruman TRUMBULL — Mrs. Marv Susan Godfrey Ruman, IS40 Reservoir avenue, widow ol Joseph Ruman, died Salurday in «rucn riDuse, Mimoen, Services will take nlace Tuesday at II a.m. in the Redgate funeral home. Main street and Gorham Place. Burial will be at the convenience of the family. . . Coventrv. Mrs. Ruman had resided in the area most of her life. Survivors arc a son, Bernard Hitgertnk, of ■ Trumbull; a brother, Irving Godfrey, of Stepney; and several ' nieces and Ketcham was bum in Bridgeport and lived here all his ute. He was a member of St John's Lodge No. 3, AF and AM ctuinvurs mauae two dauah- HrVi'.. J' Mf^a Ka**"' of thony's church-officiating. Bui* Bridgeport, and Mrs. Mildred ial will be 'in St Jn*<^'« J^S. tery, Bristol, ; The child was bom in 'Bridge- Survivors, ir. addition mother, include four brothers, ' Jo-j sepn iroy R., Joel J., and Patrick R.' Guimond, ait' of -Bris tol, two- sisters. Miss: Deb-, ta K. and Miss Piper K.- Guimond, both af Bristol, and her ma-.ernai Erandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Joel A. Wells of Southing- Falrfield avenue, with the Rev: Ronald Sloat, assistant minister of the first fresbylerian. church iiciaiirig. Cremation will take place In Mountain Grove crematory, at the convenience of the family. Dom in Scotland, Mr.-Blaney for 39 years. -Mr. Blaney' had been a chief and later treasurer ' *. an lamprjeu, Urder of -Srnt tish Clans, 14 In Bridgeport., Alst ne naa neen a deputy royal chief, of the O.S.C., sfate^of Connecticut, He had been a life member of the Kelvin Patrick Lodge No. 1207 A.F. and A.M. Scotland, and a member of Ihe Bridgeport Lawn Bowling Survivors are his wife, Helen n. Bianey; a son, Brian Blaney ui airaitora. a brother, John Blaney of Glasgow, ■ Scotland; and two sisters, Mrs. Margaret Sarah Watt, of Scotland. Charles F. Larklo Charles F..LarVin 14 ■>■>• Myrtle; avenue, 4 clerk with the U.S. Post Office here, died yes- temay in tne veterns Adminis- uauon noapitat, West Haven Services will take place uesuay at u a.m. in .the Charles DDUgiello and Sons ■ -funeral e, (S>8 J-^arh SVPnup B„riil will be In St. Michael's- ctmeterv. Born in Bridgeport, Mr, Larkin had been a Jife-lont.' wihn, r.r tms city, ue had in the c. ourvivcrs are his uifn iun Veronica Larkin, -. of Bridgeport; a . son, Charles Thomas " LarMn, of Bridgeport; a daughter. Miss Dawn Marie Larkin of Bridgeport; his mother, Eva Larkin, of Enugeport; wur brothers ert Larkin, of Fairfield: 1 Larnin, and Francis Jjrlcir, hnth of Bridgeport, Richard Larkin, pf New Hampshire;- five sisters. .r.ia. ^uremic Arszyia, Mrs. Agnes Kroszer, Mrs. Gertrude Daniels, Mrs. Marearrt Mmri,,. lak, and Mrs. Ann Lorhbardo, all of Bridgeport; and severaL:nieces ana nepne Carlo (Charles) Montana Services "for . Carlo (Charles) Mentana, 17I; of m-Bnjax ave nue, who died Friday, will take! place today at B a m. in Parenle-Lauro funeral home 559 Washington avenue, and at 11 3'clock in St. Raphael's church Entombment' will' be in'"' Si Michael's mausoleum. 1-dward C. WBehe, Sr. MILFORD — Services for Ed- Sr., 53, ol 14 who died Friday will take place today Soadaccino and Sons funeral home, 493 Washington, avenue, . Bridgeport, and at 11 o'clock in St. Gabriel's church with a Mass of ihe Resurrection. Burial will be in Michael's cemetery.' Strat ford. Miss Ruth E. Scott ■NORTH- HADLEY, MASS. — Miss Ruth Eliiabtth Scott. 62. of 9 Mount Warner road, a retired teacher with two brothers and sisters residina in the Bridgeport, Conn., area, died ir.uay in her home. Services will . take nlace Wednesday at 2 p.m. in the Second Congregatinnai church, with the Rev. Stanley J. Parker, pastor, officiating. Burial will be in the North HadTey cemetery. the Douglass funeral home, Amherst, is in charge oj arrangements.' Bom in North Had ev. Miss Scott had icsided in the town mo&t of her life, she began her long teaching career in' Woodbury, Conn,, where she had taught English . and social studies at the Woodbury high stnuoi. sne later tnugtLt M. the Hopkins lacademv,' and thn Smith Vocational school, where she taught from I9« to 1973. She reerust and choir dirwtnr for many vcars a*, thp SM-nrwl Congregational church. She had been a member of the National Association ol Retired Teachers, the Massachusetts Tear.hor.t association, ..president and founder of the North Hartley Historical association, and an officer and member of several wmmimlty. organizations. survivors include three brothers, Charles E» Scott, of Bridgeport. Conn., Lewis H. Scott, of Stepney, Conn., and William Scott, of Willlamslown; and two sisters; Mrs.. Kdith Rabideau ' "-and- Mrs.-. Emily Hawksley, both of Brfdirnnrt ,Conc - ° ' William Services for William A. Oefln-,er, 35, formerly of 61 Oils treet, Stratford. . i»fw Friday/in': the Pineviev Con-', vaiescen. nome, -Monroe, take place todav .. at' in the Stratford tmrrhi. numo ui tennis and D'Arcy. 2511 Mam street, Stratford. The Sev. Paul iw.» *«.rf^r Af the Stratford United .- Methodist cnurcti will offldate. Burial wiU be in Lakeview cemetery. Mrs. John S. Badanfe Services ■ for . Mrs. . Veronlt,! ruinar .Baaaiuc,- »t, of 354 - Palmetto road, widow of John" S Badanic, who died Friday, will fake place todav. at S-15 a m in the Rohiri and Luchansky fu-, Stratford, and at 10 o'clock in Sts.' t-ynl ar.t! MeLlodius church with a.Mass of the. Resurrection, Bur ial wiu pe m St. Michael's cemetery. DEATH NOTICES ■"'> tl',- JjIy !, 11T1. if !& i«li ^1 fl0*,nLciJ1>«""« ■'ii* PolmctlJ d I B^rs B™*°nlc- of 1S4 » a? «„. t- ixm «Mv*iy' rt.'E&'iS,'. ■■'<■-> -V n,ri In <l m,:-<z,ii S»«*KOWSHY-ln Sf,HKii, July 7, lm. HiiT^J',SSIusMSSr ^rv"™ "fi fhs riyi'lvn funftfdl °lwme? H^'Ltslief ffloiKtav ond Tv«dov J-s, j.» p.m. >«!ETTr-lfl IMS Cllv, Julv S. 1WJ. r^eroTon TUB43V, July 10, m In nw r/-,iriM 0-5 RM00U (u.T,r-ol Nxm.JBJ Purl! Aw.. §r-3cti»r1, 1 ' T ■ «r. r . . '•ti-rtnl r, SI, frkna-U r,eTi--,-y Frltmi may cull IfmXiy. J.J on'i 7.t »t.4NEY-lrr IMj n^stS^r,^,?,^ ,«!■ tunwcl MiTunday.' juiy be^ p. .vor» cfi tl.ft^l^^«Vf*fT>jitry' F-ir-,15 ray call Monday I. h> S p.ii. «mf 7. to » p.m. In lltu if Itairtn, d» ■DOHosUH-in urn cny; nri s, iin !).•■* ' J">9«f;0n, ,o«iSntjrre|' ' Zt, Hindoir, Julr ♦ ™ ll om ™ <SS '•"l- " »'■*> I'" C«W.I *vt" d 7-» p-m. ■ Sunday '3 S mi 7-1 CH»«NET- Qti Chamcv of iro P«cc#r -ot. e«lo^*d brdtticr of Jfthh noT^coll MooJjy 7-» Tjifjdcr,*! *IO«TOM n InriTM JO ol feral I ne, iSrMMIi Zr'TSSS IVlT'J'iL.K]'' .'If "."-"•"•II »• It* «lf»l Prnbvttri 1 [CKICHTOftt^lri thli Cfty, .donollens is Patrick McVey, TV Actor, Dies SEW YORK (AP) - Patrick McVey, a character actor who starred as Sieve Wilson in television's "ale Town" series, |died FrldBy in Lenox Hill Hos- F«Bi,.ne was tu. I ' McVey also, acted on - tel vision in :'l!cot} and Saddle: and Manhunl." He annflared on Broadway In "Detective Sto ry, "tnme and Punishment "Bus Stop" and '.'The Sublect .was Roses." ' He piayed Don Ouivote irt the i3(u revival or Tennessee Wll i Camino Real" and uo peared ill "Sundav Dinner" hi Joyce Carol Qates. He starred as Harry Wayne in 1972 in (he mm me visitors. A graduate of Indiana Urti versity and its ■ Jaw school twevey joined the Pasadena Playhouse company in 1938. He was a memher of The Players ana i ne jiciors stuato, He is survived by his widow Courteen, and a brother, John. Mrs. Charles J. Hofacker Wfcall'URT — Mrs, Abel Besse Hofacker, 75, of I Burr roaa, -\yiaow ot Charles Hofacker, . died yesterday Westport manor. .- . Graveside services will ; take piace luesdav at 11 Evergreen cemetery. New Haven. The Fabel funeral home; iis West Slate street, is in charge of ntranjsemenis, . . . ni in New Haven .' Hofacker had been a resident 'of westport for the past seven years, and had previauslv resid- 1 White Plains. N.V. for many years,' She had. been a retired secretary employed by the Westchester County Republican .committee. Survivors include a son, Weslev G. Hofacker: of stmt. ford; ' a daughter, Mrs. Muriel Wood; of Ridgefield; and six grandchildren: ion!«iSw r*"KM «' * onnwnced. tnlerrj t«r>tKy. ronirtd. on TliKdoy 1-}, 7* c MENTANfi,— I n tillt At/. DEATH NOTICES , cily;. July 6. 1117- £' r>«, « El'roMIn g« - U-o-rvn- o< Anlh,..-, II* rvntrol Irom Srvducc'-xo So '■ Woili- Sorurtay fr<*n 7 to 9 pm/oj S^-day (rsr-i 3-t p,m. ; ° • E*«l;.ll 2a f:c!t rood. Slw.hy., wile «?. 1*« kitr. J«r.« Fipovto, mrtnw of ond MtVm . Espoolhj, . CokIHIo, . Mrs. , «WHld,. .Fror.k und i tho Poolloio's B m-lOTIt, 390 rood, t- f/dry/ Sllffllon.. Inlv- ry a'to's'Sa'j to 9» S .i<o,^r« Potrk;-! rri-n of IB? . Ltryjlty 5tre*l. wile »t.-E<Mmrd J. on TuUtoy ol »o.T," t™" '"""a oiU Son fvwdl of fhi jrivau Frlcrds moy all Monday '3-5 , <m !-9 p-m. fimk atw nanni ■ BOULO-m Tnjmoull. Ju(y », ijn." Wrlfi Gouw. o- Dr S <--- --3. honor I, of l« s „,-,.. -r,- rc->- w- 5f*W will Bfinovnoe arranQc-°?.BeS^ln Trwn""'!, J"'/ 5,"n?J. Shlr- -T.-tllVkTi, C-rt-,. b.i;yH ""r:^ ,F- «« M «or«y ifreel, ■ ' ii.fta ti - ,i nELafa '■ i c.i,.iU-.d '.^Coy 15 or« It p.m. 01 l-« £»'• "' '-Wllini 1---L-. I f.r.--i I,-,-. "W Wlilte. Plnlr« rood. aUtMpND-ln ffili city, July 7, urj. of ttoi. Sfltrr^ ... ■ 7-jrKf vni take- pMe <1?T vcOEi'e: To^m! lAonddy SI. to s ano" 7 to. 9 p.rn. DEATH NOTjCES ;\ S^IKftl,.?' "^••Jl*tmi«T |S roll Turiday LiiClO-.' I!1,.,,.;, r^1>!i5rs*<nn< iWT, 1973. 'fdwdrd - io*tj5!8S? ■> I Iron-, 1h. > ,5 1 «-dodi In ' ^?-'" ,'' ra* r.oy colv lendoy 4 Jo * |nr' Co;, o-d Koben c°' Root^ r? ,,J.^J?,1^!?^^, ^"-i K" tf.Hri-BlonSli' r ■>-t''"r-'-- 01 fl,-.y,tpt.1 tr.Vl.c it SHHf t*T"l*ft fun*o( Bomo.'lBl' ' .< Bori. M*iLLOux-r, M,v Robwi cot,/ RrsurrKtlon. fnlw. MBtidg/ 7 9 p.m. 'k! MATESE-m a,Hfen, . rho.l Haiti*, of , Shrltoo, bolovcd moll rilicbolf. Wolrif, era o.«.^V To F, K„j, ore Imrll.o'to illSd im, - ■ in si. RgpTatr, Cr,urcj, fl'Arcy, It 1 1 Mom Lokevlevi' nnntaY. S-inooy, VJ ana 7-9 •OPPA-lj , He-M Kouen, July f, \ ulk? Pi' F"Vt' *r'- CZ° Frbnc«i - r> rrr;. oi Leonard. . Jot, - 7 tsan rt i*» Pcmmy). Bin ™?«T - In.Faimerj. ™» Aiwa Vejley, foi 'V-: 4. 1973. I> d 115 i sr . ^"c'imetKy; call Sugdoy, 7J pm Men, Co-ji.;. July ' 5, 1973. Sfcufrii?? itSeC1' 'lahu «f thanks HOFACKea — En WHTport, July t, im o^e,*J"cHSS^J,^,",r>l, ™* dl H a'.m. In^Ever^^^ceaittei^' '■I' <> I r , 1 W| ; the- FaMe ti.nerol honir, J|5 y/eil 5lrr> Hrett,- Wnlpwt, JHonday 3-J. 7-9'pm KC-JKOWIKI-ln IM> city. July' I. 1971. ™l™jv'r' of 309 Swannon avenue. Slmtfafd. oeinvrt molher ol Edward; evenlna at 7ns p.m. ..ue?*V «TtW*M_ln"nrloor«irl,' jo'iv 't ioj," > ■ r r, . Tr».» Eeny. MEWORIAM- 1 JSK My SF?£ Sn™ ^.i^ mmofy.of Janm HrVor VOUT ir -t ixn mng it, sniMnl, Ycir „ ,e hts long been Hilled IN UCAflOclAM ■*^<*W* .'nirw.jriflri oot> fodoV Id loving memory ot j<*o *y«g>«J;'. 1(ln_ w VIS™™ H. J„|y"7, SVH.'V^'^'wJr"' ' nore could know nw Sato • ,,llr win , ir-erty. 3 ammdlB! to very jntt-d, i, w vt^'fimy lBSadl '"'^'ji?1? away, wtrTld*"* "Wr'" ^V' fs-iwsas-Ji '^■^%irT- Snd'^LiV^^ »««M9

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