The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky on August 26, 1896 · Page 10
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 10

Louisville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1896
Page 10
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& " J o a o I u o u o u o o C3 O a o o Choice o ortne nouse g u o a o o a o a o To-day and to-morrow we offer enoioo of tho boa Sn Lad lor Waists for 1-Lut cbaaoo. ladies! All tho Una U.M, U and C Watetii w1:l r thia tlnr, uro, nt to coma, aet the bant. Choice. U o a o o 3 J1AMM0TH H g Shoe an! Gothic; Co. O 424 to A3 a west market. Q cococonococoo Five IndispotaMe Propositions. - 1. The Datlj Courier-Jour nal ; lias a larger circulation than any other morning: paper south of the Ohio rirer. 2. The Dally Courier-Jour nal has more than double the circulation of any other morn- ins paper in Kentucky. 3. The Dally Courier-Jour nal, with the Erealnc Times but has a larger circulation than all the other morning and evening papers of this city combined. 4. The Sunday Courier-Journal coyers the local field more completely than all other papers combined without ! single exception. 5. The Courler-Journal,both dally and Sunday, is the family newspaper of Louisville, feeing read regularly by tho tetter element of all political parties, or by those who have money to buy what they see advertised in its columns. ; Cnrijcrgmtrtralo WEDNESDAY AUGUST 88. 1898 LUST REMOVE THE SHERIFF. Cluhlenberg County's Tax ."O Trouble Complicated By . Judge Barfs Finding. Jo"ra Barr fiaa aent to tha Clerk of ffSia UnUad Statea tHatrkst Court at Owanaboro to bo filed of record an lrrv-iportant opinion In recard to ton Muhl- nbart; eoanty tax collection mnddle I m-htcta haa been troubling; tho offlcera of 'that eoanty for several years. Judg-e ;'Srr holds that whero tho Sheriff of I I ho county falls to fit 9 bond and pros-j rly qualify as a collector of tho taxes tt im tha duty of tho County Judja to ! remoa-o tha Sheriff and appoint an-j other who will qualify for tho eollec-I tlon of tho taxes. In tho mandamus that waa served on Judgro Fleming, of . that county, ho waa directed to ap- point a Ehertff to oollect tha tax. This ; I10 did, but tho new officer did not qual-ilfy. and tho Judco then appointed two ' oiloctors who followed the action of ;ha Sheriff. Then Judfre Flemlna; re- pona lost na aia done Cla duty, but oxce-ptiona to the report wera sustained. it naa oaen tmpossibia heretoforo to aegwa an otncer who would take the , )ob of eoUecthiff tho tax. and tha com- ficattona that have arisen out of tho actuation may necessitate tha appoint anent by tha State Auditor of a collector to secure tha State revenue from tha ouniy. - No further action will be taken by tho county offlcera until after tho re. turn of Judre Barr, who la now m Tel- .aowstona rark. am m expected homo about September a. It la expected that .uo noiaera oc tna oonda wui then coma before him and Invoke Federal aid In the collection of tha taxes which were lev ted to pay tho bonds. ' Tho fot lowing collections of Internal revenu wera tnado yesterday: Bear, 157.25; whisky, tU.J7J.87; drara, r4.a; moff. tZUi tobacco, W.631.6S. TotaL For Sick Headacha Uaa Horaford's Acid Plaoapbat. ' Tr. K. X Wells, KashrtTle, Tena., says: It acta like a eh&nn In all casea of sick ilea ilar ho and aervoua debility." V. latUo Interest Taken. ' Mr. John O. Roach will probably be the only wholesale liquor dealer la LouisvLHe who will attend the meeting of dealers In Cleveland, who will assemble on the Iat day of the month to organize a National Association of Wholesale Liquor Denier. The movement has aroused yery little Interest In Louisville. "Efr Four," LoulsvUle to EL Paul without change August X - T Contagloas Diseases. The cases of contagious diseases placarded in the city yesterday were: Scarlet fever. 531 East Jefferson street; scarlet fever. 229 Ninth street; scarlet fever. 1411 West Market street; scarlet fever. IUS East K road way. Their gentle action and good effect on the system really make them a perfect little pUL They please thn-o who use them. Carter's Little Liver PlUs may well ha termed -Perfection.". I EcceiTer IIa3 Hade Seizom Personalty. Not Yet of WAITING FOR AUinOBITY. Conor That the Coard of VTorks Is T Ee Iapeaehed. MAYOR'S ADVISORY BOARD No steps have yet been taken by May or Todd or Tax Receiver ucw loan to collect the Urge delinquent list now existing on the tax books by distress and sale of personal property. The Uayor has asked the Board or Aldermen to allow the Tax Receiver to ap point two additional deputies whose duty it shall bo to go out on the streets and seise the personal property of all de linquents. This request la ' hung up In the Board of Aldermen for the probable reason that the Aldermen do not wish the Mayor to have the authority to make the appointments. As the Mayor and the Aldermen have to some extent settled their differences during the past few days It 1 likely that the resolution for the appointment of these deputies will go through at the next meeting of the board. It is the Intention of Mayor Todd to see that every delinquent taxpayer in town settles his delinquency without delay. If his Ideas are carried out the city treasury will be full within the next thirty days. It always happens, howev er, that attempts to collect this delin quent tax fait No seizures have been made of personal property in this city tor several years past, and It is predicted that Mayor Todd will Just make a bluff at it. The time for making seizures under the law began aa the 20th, bat no steps nave been taken to strictly carry out the law. Mayor Todd's Advisory Board was to have held a meeting at S o'clock this aft ernoon in the Mayor's office, but it la likely that the Mayor will be so busy reading law that he will have little time to get advice from hie new board. Mr. Joseph Nevin, member of the Board of Public Works, arrived borne last evening from Mackinac island, where he has been spending a vacation allowed him by the General Council. After Mr. Nevin had gone away Mayor Todd ve toed the resolution giving him a vacj tlon. on the ground that the Council had no right to grant him such leave. The veto did not get to the Council in time to prevent Mr. Nevin from going away. It la not known what the Mayor will do now since air. Nevin has returned, but it is not believed be can do anything. Mr. rrevltt la one of tho most efficient mem bers of either boards, beina; constantly on duty daily for over a year past ex cept when on him vacation. Another meeting of the General Coun cil la to be held to-morrow night. It was stated yesterday that all of the charges had been prepared and were ready for eabmlselon to impeach the members of the Board of Public Works. Mr. Brocar admitted several days ago that the ; charges were prepared, but declined to say when they would be filed. It is un derstood that the Board of Works will pursue a different course from the Board of Safety, and will not allow the case to get so far along before asking- the in tervention of the courts. Chairman Kohn will nave something to say aa soon aa the charges are filed. Mr. Kohn has long de-! sired to get out of the Board of Works, out no reiuses 10 oe anven out. WELL RECEIVED. Mr. II. M. Llttell Receives Bouquets From New York Papers. The following extracts from New Tork papers show in what hlih estimation Mr. H. M. Llttell. tho newly appointed General Manager of the Metro politan Street Railway Company, is held. Mr. Llttell is a former citlxen of Louisville, and his friends will .be pleased to see now favorably he hah been received in his new sphere of ac tion. His appointment waa announced. la the Courier-Journal. The following Is from the New Tork Times: The newly appointed General Manager of the Metropolitan Street Railway Company began his career in 1874 with the Louisville City Railway, when he waa only eighteen years old. From 1883 to 1885 he was General Manager of the St. Paul City Railway Company. His next service was with the Louisville and Nashville, He next . became General Freight and Passenger Agent of the Chicago. St. Paul and Kanaaa City Company, and in 1888 he waa engaged with the Cincinnati Inclined Plane Railway. In 1S91 he was appointed General Manager of the New Orleans Traction Company, and in July, 1895. he became President and General Manager of the At-iantio Avenue Railroad Company of Brooklyn, holding that place until the line waa absorbed by the Nassau Eleo-tric .Company. In speaking of the appointment, the Buffalo Enquirer has the following to say of Mr. H. M. Llttell: "He la one of the most famous and successful managers of street surface roads In America, and la amply fitted to deal with Gotham's greatest problem that of safely and quickly transporting her countless thousanda of people. "The election to the position of Vice President, General Manager and director of the Metropolitan Company places In Mr. Llttell's hands a great system, for it embraces the Broadway. Lexington Avenue and Columbus Avenue cable lines, the Fourth, Sixth. Seventh and Kighth avenues and the Ninth. Fourteenth. Twenty-third. Forty-second. Dry Docks and East Broadway horse car lines and some miles of electric tines. "Over 4.000 horses are in use each day in the horse lines, and the number of people carried averages 62.C0rt each day of the year, or about 203.125.000 per an num. It is said that Mr. 11. H. Llttell is delighted with the honor that has been paid to his brother, and in that connection the rumor that was afloat to-day is very interesting. The rumor was that Tax AUGUST 23. 1C35. 3 -A :CDC3C3CZCDC an exceedingly flattering offer from an other city had been enade to the mana ger of too Buffalo Company. o REST C3TTACL u o L3 Hi Affairs Never In a More Flour- a CCUECTH3 riLnsuziT tiki no. 2 shins Condition Than At Present. -A .jq THE COITItlER-JOTTnii AL, LOUISVILLE, TTEDNESDAY MORNING, I. . m . - . I -a ' '- ' ' ' a - - - - - rm ' ' A a ' an exceedingly flattering offer from aa- I f- T other city had been enade to the mana- I t ..... ................,.,.........,.......-..-.. .... ger of the Buffalo Company.- I i J - C o v n. o o u I aW MMPV" atsasaBw .snsS"lBW .snea"aW .aaBMBWBneWSsaSSBW"sw "' 1 I TiT -'U i - - ;; " .-" ' " ! I -"7 - " ' ' ' - 7" .. . . . , , -v- . t f ' ' ' t 1 The Jennie Casseday Rest Cottage Board met yesterday at 4:30 o'clock at the residence of Mrs. J. C Benedict. 1S27 Third avenue. The regular business was transacted, and a report was made to the effect that the work had never been more flourishing and in a better condition than the present season, showing that the site at Houston Station the best yet selected. It was deckled to bold a reception and reunion at the Rest in the . afternoon. A number of the friends Interested in this areat philanthropy will be asked. to attend In order to become acquainted with the work and its benefits. All of the young women who have enjoyed the benefits of the Rest will be asked to be present.. Contributions in the way of funda and edibles for the reception will be acceptable, and may be sent to Mrs. Duncan. President of the board, to Mrs. Vtnoent Davis and other members of the board. STILL DISCUSSED. The Jllonon's Conation Coatsred With Thit Unfertile Old fflinageoent. Thornton Lewis Becomes Man ager of Kanawha DIs-' patch Among the railroad men the receiver- hip of the Monon road was still the subject of conversation yesterday. AC ! the offices everything was being con ducted as if nothing bad happened. Mr. Newman said that claims against the company were being paid now as ttty al ways had been. He ventured the opinion that the stockholders of the road would lose nothing by the action of Mr. Mills. He said the Monon road is now in bet ter physical condition than It has ever been before. Since the new management had taken control of the road, they bad spent much money on it and It was In a fair way to become one of the model railroads in the United States when the adverse decision in the bond case was given. Up to that time the credit of the company was practically limitless. Mr. Newman said he had been over the road a few days before it went Into the hands of the receiver and that he met the dealer from whom all the Ues for the road were bought. He waa told by that gentlemen that the company could get all the ties it wanted on time. The road is now In RJOCliUVER W. H. McDOEU a splendid condition. It is stone ballasted from one end almost to the other. The space for three feet on each side of the track is kept free from weeds and the right of way presents a most excellent appearance. Under the present manage ment, the road Included in what is now the Swiss City division, has been made broad gauge. New terminals were pur chased at Indianapolis and freight depots pui up. Desiuea, a urge amount OI new rolling stock baa been purchased and la now in use. A0E MANAGER. Bin Thornton Lewis, of the Kanawha Dispatch, I romoted. Mr. Thornton Lewis, for several months the Acting Manager of the Kanawha Dispatch, will on September 1 assume the position of Manager of that line. He took the position of Acting Manager last April when Mr. Whlttaker waa appointed Assistant Freight Traffic Manager of the Chesapeake and Ohio railroad. Mr. Lewis had been Mr. Whit- taker's private secretary. During the months that Mr. Lewis has had.charye of u i reign t line ne nas conducted its affairs so well that hla advancement and permanent position are the result. Mr. Lewis Is well known to the ahloDers and railroad men in Louisville, where he frequently visits, and all will hear of hla appointment witn the greatest pleasure. General Note. Mr. R. McC. Smith haa been tnnalnt. ed Passenger Agent of the Grand Trunk railway system, witn headquarters in Cincinnati, vice u. b. wagstaff resigned. The Pennsylvania railroad will send an excursion to Petosky and Mackinac Island and return September 3. The round trip to the first place will be $7, and to the second place $8. The Air Line has determined to run a train from Louisville to Corydon at 1 o'clock this afternoon to accommodate those Louisville people who only want to ee me collision Detween the two big engines. The collision will take place at 3 o'clock In the afternoon. People leaving here at 1 o'clock will reach Corydon at 2:33 and will reach Louisville on the return trip at C o'clock. AS C2JECT LESSC.V Effect of a Depredated Currency trongbt Home to a Louisville Firm. . Mr. Alex. L. Semple. of this, city, re ceived yesterday an order for goods from Geo. Rutledge. Sierra Mojada. Mexico, inclosing a draft on New York for $25. This draft cost Mr. Rutledge $48.25 In Mexican sliver coin, or nearly double the face value of the draft. Thia is a good illustration of the effect of using a depreciated currency. Harvey French, colored, ten years old, was arrested yesterday morning- by Corporal Schneider on complaint of h! moth er, wno uvea on Lmpion atreet. bhe says m" irm wm rgi suty ax noma ana WUI not work or o to school, eo eho desires that ho be sent to tho Echool of Reform, lis waa saarxea wiia aisoraorly conduct --r- Wii exa n o) try :: i r y7 : n r i i i I vrc i ... - If he Imd fccsHt uld have been able to take It vrtth hlm l There is no tjse buying: more than a I S 5 cent ciece of "Battle Az." A JO cent S piece is most too big to carry, and the 5 i cent piece is nearly as large as the JO cent ? 1 I piece of other hih grade tobaccos J i A'Aa " ' ' ' ' ' . V SECUiiEO A ICE. 011 : Ayery Prcrerty Pcrctsr:! By ttgY.aCA. In Time tho Finest Associa tion Building In the South , Will Be Erected I', ' There. ' ' ' CONSIDERATION WAS $40.7C3 The Young Men's Christian Associa tion acquired one of the finest sites in the city- yesterday for : the ; fc JT- tlon of an association building by acquiring a title to the Avery proper ty at the southeast corner of Fourth av enue and Broadway. The deal has been In progress for sdveral days, and the intention of the association was not an nounced until the transfer had been made. Mr. Jamas A. Leech conducted the negotiations for- the association, while the owners of the property were represented by John W. Buchanan A Co. : The consideration was $10,700, the terms being practically cash.. The lot on which the association some day hopes to place one of the finest buildings of the kind in this part of the country, fronts on Broadway 154 feet, and is 212 feet, deep, The house that now stands on it Is one of the best- known structures In Louisville. The bouse and lot originally cost $167,000. For some time it haa not been occupied. Possession will be taken of the property. by the association about September L At first the residence will be used only as a reading-room, library and, place ,of meeting for the educational classes, and while a part of the building la being thus used the other part will be remodeled. In time the building will be ex tended to the corner of the lot. Aa fast as possible the association will convert the place Into Just such a building 'as the members have so long tried to se cure. 1' rooms and a swimming pool will be placed on the ground floor und a gymnasium will be erected that will contain aa fine appliances as those in any of the fine college gymnasiums of the East. After the removal of the as sociation to its new home the old quarters will be offered for sale. . The result of the Y. M. C. A. canvas waa a subscription of about $70,000. The nucleus of this was the gift of $10,000 from Mrs. W. B. Belknap. In regard to the matter of paylnsr for the contemplated improvements. Presi dent Gathrlerht said yesterday: "We desire to specially urge that subscribers to the building fund come forward and pay such amounts aa are due- according to the terms of their subscriptions, as the terms of the purchase are practically cash. To. carry out the plans for erecting a gymnasium, bath rooms and 1K- sibly an auditorium the association will need more funds that nave been subscribed, and those friends who have been waiting for us to do something should now come forward and help us out. Such bustners men aa Messrs. Ii, A. Robinson, W. N. Haldeman, W. K, Belknap. John D, Tafrgart, George Gaul- bert, James k. waruy, it. . Glover, Fred Oernert, ' T. J. Mlnary. John J. Harbison, J. Ross Todd. John F. Jefferson and othere who subscribed liberally to the building fund heartily approve of the purchase or the A very property." : : CLOSE CALL Ball From Jim Wilson's Pistol Graaes Jack Candle'a Ear. Jim Wilson, Janitor of Lyons' Block, southwest corner of Fifth - and Green streets, was arrested yesterday morning by Patrolman Denny Smith, charged rlth malicious shooting. Wilson had an altercation with Jack Candle Monday nirht and during the trouble drew a pls- BL'ILDLXG For Ssle DD 1 LI., 2 LI. OPKf. ..... tl-i 1.7 ..... I.h8 cojirrn 4 t6J 87 t-S x7 -a xr Xir.. - a 5 cent piece hs '. ' 'sss 'a ' ayv'v 'wWSJSij 0. wV s 4 w WwV wV w VwV WV wV wV wV Vv W 94 tV wVI tol and fired, the ball gracing Candle's I ear. He. then ran op the stairs, but came immediately down and approach-' lng Patrolman O'Neal said: . "Too heard that shot? Well. I fell down the stairs and my gun. went off. That was all - Patrolman O'Neal knew the man and the explanation was satisfactory. A few minutes afterward Candle came up with his ear bleeding. He told O'Neal the other aide of the story.. The man was too drunk to talk straight- and. w swearing and making a disturbance, so Patrolman O Neal locked him up charged wnn drunk and disorderly. DEAD W TKEFLC:3. hire. Jane Powell Answers a Sadden Summons.. . Mrs. Jane Powell, a widow,. boarding With Mrs. Pickens.. 1527 Harney, street. was found lying dead upon the floor of i her room yesterday morning. . The Coroner was called and rendered a verdict of death caused ' by- hemorrhage of the lungs. Mrs. Powell had boarded wKb Mrs. Pickens for a number of years. She leaves no family.' The funeral will take place lo-aay. ...... . COURT PARAGRAPHS. r Catherine u&wnacker sued-' the Louisville Railway Company- for $15,000 damages. She was thrown off a car last January.. Helen W. Carson filed suit yesterday afternoon against w. j. zabel and others to enforce a $400 mortgage. The suit is based on - a German-American Title Company bond.. Orders were yesterday entered in the Law and Equity division transferring several of the attachment auits against the Monon, based on the R N I. and B. bonds, to the United States court. ....... Several divorce suits were filed yesterday. George Rhodes sued Odie Rhodes, alleging five years separation; .i-nrie tnreste suea Henry chreste, alleging abandonment: Lil lie Rihs mnat B. T. Bibb, alleging cruelty; Catherine Keneister sued 8. B. Keneister, alleging cruelty; R. A. Davis sued R. L, Davis, alleging cruelty; Lorena Gordon sued James L. Gordon, alleging aban- uuuinuiu City Court Docket. Disorderly Conduct Jake Rehm. Mary t-iayorooae. ntevo Booker; - dismissed. c-nas. Heavers, will Adklno; August 29. Harry 1 arner; August 57. Albert Pearee, Math Potlnger, Ed Simons; September L John McElroy, Rob. Davis; $20. Joe Na-gel. Pat McCue; J10. Jake Ault; $5.- Out Bauer, J. T. Candee; August SO. Allen Ross. W. Mlksell. James Murphy; dis missed. James Oidham; bench warrant. Pete Blumbleback. Jim Allison; $5 and sus pended. ; Bettia Radford; $10. Harry Stone; $S and suspended. Malicious Cuttlr.r John Turner. Dim Doerr, Riley Daniels, Ada. Greenway; Au. . nfl Tl . T .... n 11-1 . 7 . KU .w. wisu, "i" tt ill , AUUSC 29. Steve Doufrlans: August . Will Hi ley; dismissed. Jauies Caldwell, Geo. Bowles; September 1. Suspected Felon Joe Nsgel. Jim Quln- too. 1. i. uina; aumiKU. ueo. ItoDln-soii. Jno. Harris; August 26. Frank Boy-kin: S3ut) and three months. F-.mbpzzlement C. R. Gentry: dismissed Carrying Concealed and Deadly Weapon Assault and Battery Carrie Stout; Au- gut 2a. Robbery Riley Daniels; Au trust ML Koraorv Louis Bollbaum: Brctcmber L Malioious Shootina Horace Spears; Sep. tember l. Jaa. nuton; Auruii House-breaking Ed Brocky; dlnmissed. urano iarceny u taoa; sjuo to aj awer October a. Shootins at With Intent to Kill Ed Jolinson; to answer October a Vagrant Will Hughes; Si and suspend, ed. 'GAIL B0PJ)EN IEAGLE Brand ff ""vx w w" we. mm w tMtaae4(a,aJ j i I 1 1 Has No Equal n 50U EVERYWKEX3 i 3f ATE RIAL.- Saoli EJoor and 4 LI. DOORS. La. oes. .. $I.K .. S.10 ,. S.3 tunolu M 70 80 M-lCx7 xlS....-8i7-Cx)is...... axs xltfc..... GETvTiEnT ehos. Lu:.:i:zt CO., XiOCisnxuv xx. I For For THE fl n FIELS THE BILL. n YOU WANT IT DURING THE CAMPAIGN I BaUy CouFier-JouFnal UNTIL DECEMBER t Hj mail, postpaid, to any address outside of Louisville, Only $1.25 Daily and Sunday Courier-Journal UNTIL DECEMBER 1 By mail, postage paid, to any addreu outside of Louiarille, Only 01.65 WeeMy CoiipieF-JouFnal SOUND-MONEY CLUBS " can secure no better literature, no stronger exponent of true Democratlo principles than the Coukieb-Journax. Send it to your nembersor your friend daring the campaign, and strengthen the Democracy. Address This So oi!inQLMO(sray UlfTIL DECEMBER I, Only LOUISVILLE. oae uudcr ft. , 4t,U,, ii -4 t' H fai H ly for oai Courier- Journal oa of town read- flo comtalssloa allowed eay TALTES, ETC FOP SAFETY VALVES. n The most reliable and accurate in the market, all sizes. Iron Pipes. Valves, Pumps. Factory and Mill Supplies. fil. V. BARKHOUSE, Tel. It!. LOUISVILLE. KY. Chnrcb Entertainment. 'a mufiteal and literary entertainment win k riven at the Wesley M. E. church Thursday evening for the purpose of re- plenlsning tne somewnai utji r.nrai nf that tsonrrecatlon. The fol lowing is the programme: Anthem Nearer. My Ood, to Thee.... . The Choir. . Prayer y. . Plana Solo Barearoll. aona Vfe J me fCuhn. Vocal Solo Island of Dreams..... Miss tilancne mnu, Reading .w . Mia Gardner. Piano Iuet Miasea Husaca ana r-arsons. Selection for Flute and Piano... . xfta Parsons and Mr. H. T. Liza-ett. Recitation . Piano Solo Selected Miaa Julia Bachus. Vocal Boloo -- Selected Mrs. Clara iJoaweu. Selectiona Quartet Come Where the Lilies Bloom Messrs. truncal ana UMnomBj . Ammt. Iiunpui and Jooca Selection for Cornet and Piano mr. ' 1 v i ... ... . .mv-... Vocal Solo Nita Gitana (with piano ac- CUUiJ'MiiuiruL .................. . i . Piano Iuet Vocal" Boio Only in 1 r-rm mim Jtunni. reu.aca. Quartet Swet and Low IMinon and Mias Pareona, Violin Solo A.Chaa. Letxler Charged With Marder. Carrie Stout, the colored woman who several weeks ago hit Earah Bird, also colored, with a brick, causing her to give birth to a still-born child, was arrested yesterday morning by Corporal Schmidt and charged with manslaughter. This was done by order of Coroner Hood, who decided that the child's deata was due to I tha blow, j- . dSid-'-'FeoBlQ- JCnn 32. CAST?TTTT ft 1 nnpn IXSUZLAJrCE. s n! nrz n inSURAHCE CO. Xiirv"iE3:R tnooaroaaTcou . UANAGERSl SOUTHERN DEPARTMENT COLUMBIA BUILDLNOi I . LOUISTILLr; AGENTS IN ALL TOWNS IN TIIE 80UTII. IIAROWARK. DUILDERS' HARDWARE. IIAnQUAIlEra equitacle euildi::3, hearts ass IsHsrsss tta, fi::e cnonzE cccds KEWtST DESI05A Sample-room oa Una floor. Xtoaiera, arciiitacu, butldOT anl Cootractiirs ahouid aoi laU to eiamina our stock of LiSlal dwsL I I I aea mw a ay ) V. B. BELKNAP Cs CO. LOLI4VILLB. KY. CRACKERS, KTCL LOWEST PRICES. Newest and Best Goods'. NOT MADE BY A TRUST. HALL fiHAYYTARDCO. SAMPLES TO DEALERS. ZMabetes is cured bv 31ntexamith.'a laciia. Xoctxit no cutr n T7i rr,TF V t i V o CJ v - t 8: ' vs. 'X . a , . a - i - I is! t 15 Cents. .1 Company ICY. -4 C. 't.. i - O. XalU..'aXIMa I - 1 1 k i w rURJYITL'UIS. SPECIAL LOW ' PRICES This week on Iron and Brass Bedsteads. Large line of Odd Bureaus, Dressing Tables and Vi'sU Stands to go with them to complete rooms. Large arrivals of new styles in Sideboards and Ikxl-room Suits. Do not buy any thin" in Furniture before Siting our ware-rooms, as we offer bargains in every department. CO., nnn jUll A i 605 Vcstr.:!n strct UZZT sixia.

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