The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 11, 1933
Page 6
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Oldtimers and Newcomers Will Attempt to Break Channel Record. ,.-.- BV ROBERT C, DOWSON .United Prets SUfT Correspondent ..DOVER, England. (UP) —Early i heat-waves In southern Englund find northern Prance have con-sId- ..erably enhanced the prospccis of] , a -. successful Channel swimming -season. For several years those hardy, enduring individuals who prefer hauling their bDdlts through the • tides and currents of ihe English • Channel (o slipping Jcrow in the •ordinary crow-Channel oicam;r "or the airplane have been sevcre- • ly handicapped by bad \u-alher and low' temperatures throughout Ihe 'greater parl of the summer. '., • • Favored by llfal • "This year, liowevcr, this section of Europe has been favorei with Mv'eral boat-waves and good wKith- •er generally, thus gradually bringing up the temperature of 111? wj- iter In that treacherous twenty-one mile stretch between 'Dover and Calais. Among the numerous aspirants ^Channel swimming honors ill- ready In training here is Edward Temme, the London insurance clcik. yrho already swam Ihe Channel from Cape Grls lie?, to Dover. He made the crossing In 14 houis, 20 minutes on Aug. 5, 1927, an-j is Ihe only successful Channel swimmer to~retain his amateur status. Timme Is now anxious lo bo tr.c llrsl person to make the (rip in tolh directions. ; Let IMS "Zlmmy: <o Try The most Interesting personality In the Dover (raining camps is the United States swimmer, Charles Zlbelman, known as "Zimray," who lost both legs In a slreei-cttr accident. Desplle this severe handicap, "Zlmmy" has made a grcal name for; himself as a Jong-distance swimmer. He attempted Ihc channel crossing last year but was fore-' ecf.Jo give up after being In llie water 'over 18 hours during which time he swam and drifted with llie 'Ides about 30 miles. .The medical .profession is represented by Dr. George B. Bre\v- ster, .a London practitioner, and Adrian Charles Kanaari n medical student at SI. Bartholomew's Hospital, London. Dr. Brewster has maie several ilnsuccesslul attempts but-'Is determined to conquer old man Chann:!. Kanaar, on his first. attempt in August last year, was taken out of the water when only l 1-4 miles from his objective. Newcomrr Will Vie 'A. neweoms- to Cirannel swimming aspirations Is Frederick O. H', MM ton ' * traveling salesman for a; Continental lager brewery, of which his father is : the English agent. .Milton Is a member of tlie exclusive Otter Swimming club, of London, a prominent water poto player. He recently scored his secona victory in the River Thames five miles championship, covering lt» distance in one '/Mr eiehl minutes, • 'Among the women swimmers who will attempt to beat Gertrude Ederle's record time of '14 hours 34,.minutes for the creeping from cape Grts N« to the English coast « Fran Emma Paber^Johanny of Vienna. Tall, with slim limbs but well-developed body. Emma is 32 and holds a number of loii'-dls- tance records in Austria T 140 POUNDS IN HIS 38 STARTS AND HfvS RACED MOKEjHft N 33 MILES-OUT OFJ8 SARlS HE VlAS BEEN UNPLACED ONW 5 TIMES,,,, EQUIPOISE FAVORED FMl RACING - if YUIXBE INTERESTING To SEE THE SPEED PEMON' How They Stand SoEtbfrn train* ' W T, Knoxvlllc 26 '17' • New Orleans 25 19 Memphis 23 20 xNashviUe 20 '1 xLIttle Rock '.'.'. 22 24 Birmingham ' 20 22 Chattanooga 21 25 Atlanta • 17 28 xNlght gome. National ., New York Pittsburgh Prt .605 .591 .53 .438 .478 Prt. 592 ' .523 614 423 45 '.41 W. T,. 52 42 59 w 59 47 56 51 •St. Louis ........... 55 52 Philadelphia ......... 44 60 Brooklyn ........... 42 GO Cinhinnati . .......... 44. 03 • American W. Tj. Pel Washington .; 67 38 63 «ew York 63 41 .606 Philadelphia 52 51 .50 Detrr't 52 55 Cleveland 52 S7 4T Chicago 4« 56 .46 ??««> 46 57 .44 St. Louis 42 68 J* Stretch Lead Over Idle Yanks to Three and Half Games. Only three major teaRiie foal] mines were pjaycd Thursday hut thf SenalOrs, American leaders, uiid the Giants,-National lenders, won two of the contests. The Giants ilnu nut ihe 1'hll- lies 4 to o nt New York wHh I.eroy '. rainiulec. New York r.ghthimk-r, but two scralcn hlis. I'annolee did not allow n hit mi-ill the elBhlh when Sehutmnricl', Klein yol a two-fri^^r i,i tlie ninth. Haium was (ho. lasi.'K liilcher. G. Duvis hit fqr' the circuit. The Giants scored one run in the first inning, tv.-o ',11 the fiflii MI LIU.' in the sixth. Tho Washington Senators defeated the notion Red So.x and I the Idle Yankees by UIITC- nnci half games. The. .score was ~> to ; :i. Crowder was the winning pll^h- ; cr uKlioiiKli relieved by Russell in the .seventh. Rhodes was the losor. Tlie Uostonlans scored, all three of their runs in ihe fourth inning I bin tlie Nats came back with one 'FRIDAY, AUGUST 11, 1933 GOLF LINE STANCE WITH HALL IN DIFFICULT LIKS In some recovery .shots It Is Impossible to take the ])ro]icr sliincc. This Is esiitclally tine when the sleep bank or En u 8OOY S AflD'WP.STS Fufi,'l,3H R3WER TO SHOOT <X'T OP StSD LIG •grove of trees. On n tank it is even necessary to kneel en one log • fn order to account for the slope. | The thing lo do when encountering these types of lies i.s lo change yom- stance to the lie ul the ball. ''Strokes from specially awkward -- _.,.,,i U..MI .Jin um; --es are played uesl by trying in the fifth and another in lhc|-° restore the. nonnnl position bo- liixth imd then added three more I lv;ccn oneself and the ball," T. In tin.- eighth. Kuhel led llie' 1 ^' 11 " Perkins advises. "Tlie way ! Washington attack with fo'.ir hits. I to P' a >'. these .shots is to asume a ! IL was Crowdcr's nth victory of nnlun.!' stance, keep the body I Ihr- season. | steady and the head still, und use • Tho Chicago While Sox defeat- tllp wr| st-'> to furnish ixrai?r for the I eil the Detroit Tigers 0 to 3 nt str( *e." i Chicago. Sam Jones, veteran Sox ' I'.urler, allowrd the Timers eii^ln hils but kept them scallercd. The collected ia blows. id George, Joe Savoldi Will Exercise More Care Today's Games Memphis at Atlanta. T.lttle Rork at Knoxvllle. New Orleans at Chattanooga. Only games. Clnrlnnatl at St. Lodis. Only gtmt. Nek York »t Philadelphia Washington at Boston. Detroit »t Chlc»go. Only •re much 'mo MOOIKS <2/fc7 SLIDES • °/ BILL BRfJUCHBR. No-Hit Kid Pitcher Will Aid Athletics Next Year l:: ° Northwest Houses 91 I BUFFALO, N. Y. iur> — The next lime Ed Don aeoiye and Joe f> r* Savoldi, two of the manv claim- torps Lamps anU of tlw ivorkl-s heavyweight wrestling championship, ,,, t el they probably wilt be a Mule more care'»'• MISHOUIjA, Mont. (UP)—Ninety-one Civilian Conservation Corps Camiis. housing 18.000 workers have been established lo dale in llie district, administered by local hendfiunrters. ,„ ,, lc i r 1Bsl „„,,, l;i . R , a>c two I collided hend-on :I7 minutes of wreMlhif imil boil, «O,T knnel:- l«emy-thrce of the camps are over the Iwo forms nnd called the hi Montana, 52 in northern Idaho. I bent a draw and four in eastern '.Washington. In addition, there arc eight camps ".lacier National Park, and four , Yellowstone National Park. CAMDEN. N. J.. Aug. ll.-Connle Mack Is rebuilding the White Elephants already for the 1934 American League nag fight. ' Nhiclcen-year-old Joe Kohlmnn of Plensnmvllle, N. J.. looks as If he may step directly from ihe New Jersey snndlots to big league urcenswnrd. Two no-hit, no-rim hurllni claries achieved bv Kohlmnii wllh- in a five-week period between June und July, earned the younijslcr his big opportunity. Unless the-tmforseeii hnppons- llint Is. Kohlman is shunted lo a minor league for experience—Dig Joe will go south next spring wilh Ihe Mackmcn to their Port Myers Fla.. training camp. Eddie Rommel, one-time "knuckle-ball" pitcher of the Athletics and now n Mnckmnn coach, predicts a major league career for Kohlman who-only grailimled from ,'hal! Jofe Again? "You may say for me Ihal when etter marathon races are run, Joie ay will nurlhcm." Thai statement came from the tie pigmy runner of llie Illinois C. some years aco when he \vns lho - prime of his .career—a' ca- cr that turned In 4 minutes "20 conds or tetter for 111? mile (if> mes. But that was years ngo—and e read of how the cocky little fcl- r journeyed from.Chicago to Bosn the other night lo engage In marathon. He finished 'Ihlrd in iat race, after nearly bursting that ame little heart of hls-all for-SIS. nd that 15 bucks didn't half p-.iy s expenses for ihe Irlp from chl. Tilirty.-nine years old is this fcl- v. an age when mcst athletes Iher play horsie with their urand- ruldren, or confine their activities i chess or jigsaw puzzles. ay's Rfcnrd It was cross-country racing for "e Ray boy when 'he grew up nt iankakce. 111. . . a nve-mller in ihicago svas his first big race . . . and he didn't win It ... but e won his .second race, another re-mile affair . . . and Ihcn an nlry In the A. A. U. and work as nsi driver, aulomoblic salesman nd anything else | 0 keep ahcnd of he wolf to maintain his amateur landing. That first Olympic contest in 920 at Antwerp ... (lie se.-. vny- gc ruining his frail |cg s _ a ," lcl ome of his Icaminatcs betrayhij; him by telling the English runners ust how to beat him. . . Then he Olympics of 1924 . . . after 'our years of brilliant comprtilion he went lo pieces ... a game leg causing him to finish far oul of he picture in a gallant race against Nl ' rmi - I Meeting John Caudill of Ihe Blyth ni m "° yoars ° f lralnin s for|lhcville country club In an 18-ho'li In June. "Kohnmnn looks good—very good —even though he Is still a com- imrallve youngster," Rommel says. "He lias a great future if he sticks! ID baseball." Kohlman i s six feet Ian and .weighs 160 pounds. He is a right- hander. After leaving school. Kohlman Jellied the Pleasantville Athletic Club, a semi-professional nine Joo Kuhlnun . . sensation bought by «y NKA Service. . kid no-hit Connie Mack antvllle. He fanned 10 balsmen but Issued five walks. In his second no-hit, no-run feat. Joe beat Llnwood. N J at managed by Helfrich. It was \diikyPicnsnntville by n 14-0 score fan- wiih this club that he turned in - nlng eight tots, and not issuing a his Iwo no-hit performances. He single pnss. His leinmntos had two lirst entered the mythical hall ol cnors behind him, though—else it br.sebnll fume when he pitched | might, have gcen n perfect game Pleasantville to. a 16-0 win over i Ihe Philadelphia Turners at Pleas- Dowell Crowned Champion :he Olympics of 1928 at Amsterdam . . . only to fall when his xl jinx bobbed up with a cold day chilled him through nnd stiffens his aging muscles. He turned pro after that following along with C. C. Pylc'o caravan and the Bunion Dsrby. That venture fizzling out. h e tr i(vj cu[ six-d,:iy roller skating, six-day "man vs. hors;" enduring contest d>""v> marathons, the r.anvrnica and eating contests. Harm' lo Go What a man that liltle feliou- b Game to the core, after years of heart-breaking defeats, he's readv to go on the track again and' break his heart to gel across that finish line first. His recent defeat at Boston doesn't aeler him one bit. He ulan-, to run in Montreal soon In lo last 35 nights. race pluyoff of their disputed deadlock Sunday for the Arkansas-Missouri tournament lltta, W. A. "Junle" Doivcll of Walnut Ridge trounced ! Caudill by a- four stroke margin here yesterday to win the hnnd- some irophy. The Walnut Ridge golfer toured tr.e par 37 hole course twice with a lotal of'15 strokes while Caintll took a 79. Dowell took an early lead yesterday and Caudill never get on even terms. Dowell went one stroke up on (he first hole with a birdie and another on the third hole. His margin was due largely to his accurate iron play. Caudill after taking 42 strokes on Ihe first round came back strong with a p«r equalling second round while Dowell took n 36. one over par. Sunday the pair were tied at the end of 36 holes of medal compell- next, hole to Caudill. Argumen failed to decide the winner and ihi I tourney commute,; decided Ihe bes ; way out o! the situation was tc 'have the two meet in the 18-hcle play-oft. Their cards yesterday follow 'ar 445 ~435 441-3' ; audil! Out 446 445 GS4—4' Dowell Out 345 445 544-3' Cnudill In 445 434 544-J Dowell Tn 444 535 ,41S .3 "And that isn't tough for a fcl- tlon leading the field. They con,,_ . --B" i^i a «.-1- tinued m an agreed nlayofl at to* who knows how to rim." he match plav or until one went 6a ™ 1 j sin ' It's bitter irony that the once greatest distance runner in ,he united states, should collect n , P»I'T »15. for giving his all. Jete Rajr_. . . when he was 13 fnn «0i eke up. On the second extra hole Caudal knocked sand out of a sand trap with a practice swing and Dowell asked that a penalty which would have given him the ho!e oe assessed agaliMt.- Caudill. when continued play was-ordered Dowell played under profit arid lost the .. ...ud whrn it comti U Hard CATS the wvnt-td column ot the Covrfer N t w s can't be brat. If joo want prompt irs»!U phone 305. Courier News Want Ads Fiml Aj;cd Hide B1UTT. Iowa (Ul'i.-Leaded nnd capped for (nun;, nn iild-llmi> Thkvfs Leave No 'Milk muzzle-loading rlile was brought CORYDON. Iowa- (UP)—A new j lo life here nftoi- ii had l.iid'ln J'lic of "milk rackel" has made nn altlc for 29 years untouched. (-; appearance here. Farmers com-!after a hunt in IDtit lulnccl that when they nttcmrjled j o milk their cows in the morning, I Natural gas was fust usrd for omeone had been there before )l<tluing at I'redonia N V in hem. • 1824. Dron Game At Nashville; Pels Again Defeat I.eael- in« Smokies. TP.AVF.LEDS I.OSE-30 ... noflhc Cuy Cnntrr-11 hud the Nashville Volunteer.-; bnfiled for four Innitiis l.isi ntshi but afler Hint U wns loo bad for him. nnd his'Little I Reck team mates. The Vobj scor-l cd one inn in the fifth nnd eight In .tlie next three frames to win ihe final fame of the series' 9 to S _ I Jackie Heiil was the winning uiu-her although relieved by Sjienee. . . | The Icndlni? Knoxvlllc Smokies "f Ihe .Soiilhern league dropped Iheir .second straight gnme-lo the jehciul jihu-f Pelicans lit Kmrx-' vllle ye.sterday. The vitlory Kent tin.- 1'eK to wltliln a hulf ginno of plate. | The SI-OK- was 7 to S with the' Melieiins .sliiying n surprising ninth' inning nilly when they secret), .'.i:-; nin-i. Moore's double drove in, the piiir of runs tlmt .s]jelied victory for the llirds. Holl nnd llipps of the Smokie.s hit homers in tile earlier iniiiiujs. Murguvio wns the winning nnd Bh'then the losing lunler. The Birminglmin BaroDS IronnL:- ed Ihe Allnntn Crackers 8 lo 0 nt Enminglinm. The Crackers were lulpless before the. pilchiiiK of Hughes who limited Ihe Crnx lo seven sc.-iueri-d hits. The Baion.'i look nn early lead. Brnly hit foi' Ihe circuit and Abernnlhy got three hits for n perfect day nl tat. Umham wns the losing pltchfrr. The Memphis Cliicks dcfeitlr-d tlH- CIllltlllllOG^il LlJOkOHL'i !l 10 1 ;it CiniliaiKiOgii. The Chirks wan when O]j«n^t-r, pilclu 1 :- pinying U-IL The porlrait Is or 1'A.UI., •\V1IITEMAN. Tho symtioi fs HIP wal of tho S'ATJOS'Ai . TUriKUl'lll.OSIS ASKOC1 \. T10:\'. J'aiamaribo Is Ihc cau!- I3l of DUTCH GUIANA. field, hit for the circuit li~ the lentil, inning with Chioraa on b;ise Oi'nnger went inlo Ihc game when three Chicks wcre.ejecled for disputing an umpire's decision. Davis was llie winning pitcher and M c l Coll the loser. Minshalt ni h ! Klmnp]) of Ihu iJXikouLs also mi homers.. ' / Spot in To.wn! SATURDAY .MAT. Ac N1TK—10-2f>i: Last Time Today MAT.—10-2flc NITE—10-30c FORD LEADS IN SALES During June 2,5fi5 Toril Passenger Cars were registered in Wayne County which includes the City of Detroit. Nearest'other make of tar was l,H2ri. while the third pla«- was onlv 917. Thus Fnrd \v:is iivt-r twice the lolal of the nthoi- Iwn. Detroii knows automohiles and this recnRnitinn of Ford Values is a significant trend.' Ench day.(he F'uWic is learning more ami more of the \Yonderful Automobile Value offered in <he New Ford V-R and sales arc increasing everywhere. lillliheviile's Local Ford Dealer //as Joined 100"' with President Roosevelt's Relief Program. RA VVE DO OUR PART PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Dealers SBKIAI, - - CARTOON She coulel get any man she ever saw "teSfc ,.^ c ! Pts Vve CONSTOct^ d ( - COJIKDY - - CARTOON SUNDAY - MONDAY • MATIN1 ?f .•? 5cNICHT H'lien His Excuse is t "Business before pleasure".., Is He Piiinniiiv on Pleasure after Business? Don't miss this daring heart-to- henri-story of a beautiful slenojjrn- pherwliop/ff)'fi/ovcriimc to keep tile customers from sayiii" no.' PARAMOUNT NEWS "The Way of All Freshmen" Wilh Hal I.eKoy and Mitzi

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