The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 7, 1931
Page 5
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TUESDAY, APR!I, 7, 1931 ^te.' (AuK.y COURIER NEWS TTTI CLASSIFIED ADS T*'o cents a word lor first iuMrtlon and one cent a word 'or each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement token for less than. SOc. Count the words uud send the ;ash. i'hone 306 I'OK SALE PLANTING SEED—Stoneville No 1. Delta Pine No. 4 and Unit & Half. H. A. smith, 513 West Main St. fi^- OU BROOKHAN \vero yreej\ fliul cicnin colored cud FOR SALE—Home Grown Fi'J'evs, I Plckard's Grocery, 1014 Chickasawba. OP-Kial fi.-mum:. i n \VM Votlt dtlkP. ] :tttet ' klit mrrl» Ulm ill Ihr I -. ni-iilllir cou.ln. AX.M-: TISOW- •HltlDl.K. l.}T«>' k"» hrrn IMIvd by ALAS CKIISItV. Ijndl from « >i'.ir and n Unll tn I'uili, iintl \Vnl- liu-r'» llRBt-rr Inu ' Juit Lrntcn Ilirlr i-niMBi-mmC. Tbrrr U nil I"- Itinrri- tn (he llllli.n. Wnllni'C li El yi^iiiiK l:i«yrr. 'i'Lry .(.o In I"'" li.iuir In b'lirrM rlty \vhrre Ul» .llui undrrcnkca Ilir drCfnKf ot MNA llultKlt'iS. Hk-.-jtrJ nf inur- I'.rrlrn: her »-nllil,)>cr, 1)11. I-'OW- J.t:il. Trie- cnsi. !• >e naalluu:,! ullb FOB SALE—Baby Chicks. All varieties. Custom hatching solicited. J.lai'ilyn Hatchery, Biytficville. M-CK-T1? tli licr filrl nnil r.y lf Iiitcrrnlrd. . of Ilir %-lcllin. nnil j3*tei-]i-;i; over lirp I'OK SALE—Good, diy cook wood, | Buchanan Coal Co., I'hone 101. j HP-CNl FOR SALE—Rov.'den Cotton S«d. Welch Foster, The Graiid Leader. •IC-Kii FOR RENT—Four room house ar.d oaragL'. Newly uaperccl, on_ pavement. Garden plumed. 512-5'J l )C ' r montli. L. Fowler, Phone 450-J. H8C-KTF j FOR RENT—3 room furnished Hat.: yaruge and coal house. Call! Cia-\V. 7G-TFJ FOB RENT—5 room bungalow o % n Dougan, newly decorated, hot and cold water. Apply Ike Miller, | Phone 820. 1C-TP. FOR RENT — G rcom house on, Hcaru St., newly papered anay painted. Call 618. 4C-TI j I-'OR RENT— Bungalow, S19 East Kentucky. Key nt 313 Kentucky.. 4P-K9 j WANTED POULTRY WAiNTEU—MarUet prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. 9C-TF POULTRY WANTED — Market] prices paid at C. L. Bennett Co.i Feed Co. 210 N. Kailrond St., west | ol courthouse, J. E. Fisher, Phone j 61. ' 24C-TF' LOST"A>;D FOUND LOST—One mare mule about ten years old, branded with "C' 1 on right shoulder. Parly taking this mule iett an o'der mule instead. Finder notify B. F. Reynolds, Box 1C1, Blytheviile. 4P-K8 LOST — Kny P.iiig, containing '5 keys, Saturday. Finder .return to Coiirier News. Reward. GP-K9 FOR RENT—Three, five nnd six room residences, also a furnished house Dr. J. A. Saliua, t'honc 410. j 6C-K131 PERSONAL ni!ji]ilrd «.<mV MtnckK. Tlir ivnmnn ntlmlift Klir xlinl her hiulKitid lo n»\f llm ctilld'a llfr. i:>rn>- I'"- xlindr-N brr ID KU '° Jim nnd oon- frr.1. l.ntrr nt homr kite n:illi n'fctlrasl)' fur a lelcyUone ujenvuza from Jim. NOW cu o.\ WITH TIM: STOIIV CHAPTER XXX uyES, Jim. what is It!" Gypsy asked Impatiently. She held i li o leiepliona receiver tightly Hgalnst uer car but llio voice ucross llie wire was Jumbled and iudis- linct. "What Is It? 1 can't bear you!" There was a pause. "Mcrir me better now?" Jin) asked. "Yes." -'. "Mrs. Fowler's confessed." -•'/ "Wliol?" "I said Mrs. Fowler's canfe=scu she killed her husband. Came l;ere this morning ami tolil mo ll;e whole slory. She says sha diil it lo Eavo (lie boy's life. Tbe vvonun's a conu'lcte wreck." "liiit what about Ninat" "She's aaiuilied. Thai's whal 1 called you about. Would ii be ,il right lo send her oul In the lion?? I don't want the reporters lo g anoiher chance at her ami It Eh goes to Iliat place wl-.ero • eh roomed that's what will happen." "Why, of course. Where is Eh now?" "Here in my office. It you thlr. it's all right I'll brl::s her out. 1 ' "lirins her." Gypsy said. "Lunch will be ready when you tet here." She Itft ll'.e telephone for a hasty consultation ?,ilJi tbe cook. Gypsy was upsiairi; tiiiltiiiB out frcsli j Bobby linen Iti the suest rocm when slic | adoptc beard tbe front door open. S1)0 jp'"j" hurried down. Cypsy said, ouenlus a dour. "I hope you'll tlnd cveryibiiis to imko you comfortable. Tberc'3 powder here and colu cream If you waul 11. I'll Icavo you now 11 you don't iiiluO. I'm dying lo liave Jim tell me everj'luing that happened." Nina stood In llio middle- ol the room, looking about. Sho seemed bewildered. At Iho door Gypsy licsltaicil. "Luncheon will bo ready whenever! you como down," she said. Then i all rlehll sho went out mill hurried down ;lie I "The pcor stairs. , Hho'd Just sot'in the lionso wlicn they tcleulioucd from llio hospitnl. Well—tbnl'u tins ,»tory, Wlillo Blic tclljng It'slio 'murhblcjil'» lot about Bobuy belnn s\ok »nd going lo dlo. Tho kid Is tick, nil right. U seems she got Hie Idcu Ills Illness Is n tort of iiun'islimi'iil to her for lelilnp Eonieuue else pay ihe penalty of her crime. The woman was liUlMiysierlral. Ivdil «s!;lni; If (liOlIKlX I COJllil S:ivo lit"- lltld llflS- ;;lrm IHC lo licl|] fnr llnlihy's Eilke. I C'ei'laluly is ciu«' uliuut that kid „ her 'i«»il, "It vi-u'.:l right nfler you'TC done co inn me." She slnrtcd to linnd llic till b:ick but Gypsy refused li. "Llslen, Nina." she t.ilil. "M's . OKU money—money I earned bc!"ro 1 was inarrlcJ. I'd ralher ilo v.llb It linn snylhlnp. In llie w I ftaiil you to liavo 11 II lu rcniember me!" n- J IM was not In tho living room. She clanced Into tho library and saw him EtanJiug wllh bis back to- wonsan!" Clypp "V.'lieto Is she'.-" •hn's nt lii'i.u' IL-lil up iKii lo i]ial;u » sinienifiit I the Juilso and HUM: collnpscd. lor and nuisc went with lier. ^ course nflor lliai llio aceiiilllnl was | •' just n uiuticr of form." ""• " ilo : ou tliluk will to Mrs- Fowler?" "Oli. you CM'! (ell. Trlil may bo ward her. "Ob, Jim," tho s'rl began as she went toward him. "Tell MO what happened. It must have been terribly cxcitius! I want to kuow all about ll!" • Jim swung around. "Exciting!" ho exclaimed. "It vras tLo mosl Incredible thing I over caw In ray lite! Bcnuet was Just 'about to bo- Eln summing up the case. I didn't want lo leave tho courlroom. Tho at they handed mo Eald a L^"^^.^. Gy^jy^cirto'meef •omau was walllriE nnd that one);,,,,.- •.'"»•• 'if WON'T over forget you, Mrs. Wallace. I don't need an to remember you by." "Hut 1 do want you lo Imve H. Then (hero's somethlug else." Krnir, '!•<? Docket of her liouso dress Gypsy \t,Kg o'ew forth a Boiled whlto envelope. • "ii Tliao was nothing wrltleu on iho I;:X N /csvclono but Nlua Iloberla luslaully. nsn't been opened," Gypsy said Bof,(ly. Tbo other elrl's eyes met hers. U . . put off a good while. There seems to Lc a bis public reaction In her favor. 1 Fliould Uiluk slio'd set a light Eetiloiice." Gypsy sat silent. It had leen tlio most cscltiiiB morning ol her life. To find tho barrier between lito and death so fraelle, to faco sucti trae- cily loll -hot exhausted. Sho gazed ad something Important to tc!I me. thought it was a mistake and then —well, tt was tho merest luck ho world that I went to ECO 1 I saw her lace of courno 1 "Luncheon's "Shall TOKO 1: ic?.dy" i £U'j : cnld. |]?...'^,«--^W was OIIQ of thoso moments Nina lloberta' faco was uuialliom- nhle. "If you'll hurry and dress iiov, 1 ," Gypsy continued cheerfully, "we'll go out nnd ceo wbal we can find In the garden to brishlcu llie living room table. There uro plenty o! Irb rind I thliilc wo might llnd enough of the white Mines left." "You'vo been so .gired lo me." Nina said impulsively. Voii,.you'll ..know \yli»,t Uicso liays.havo 'OUR BOARDING HOUSE M'tAP, PUYS CM VOLjR IMFBRIOW- COMPLEX ' ~~ W6W ,1'LU. tfeLL V04J "FROM A*i OLD MOHAWK ..-r A K?aM A^V BOSS TOR , BUY EY/ERV fiME t GO l!(M, VIE UCSQK5 ME Irl 1 EVE,LIKE A PRILL GOfMG BU-r-TGR VADES OFF IMT~0 A AM 1 I -ffclP QOIA6 Qti-r J -^ \~T'S rfE UaOKS AT ME TtU-f MAK6S ^- '"' (StJARD' CrllEK I LEARMEP Trie- AY A PERSQfVl,M<i MA-T-TfeP? AriP'SlfceLV HIS MAV Be.!—-KM— I STARE AT AA Q^L.UM-fli- rT BLIMKS, E<aAP!-v^-lF I IMPAR-f -frlB SECRBT-fo AWP l-T GETS VoU Trie "RAISE r WH-L VdU PAV ME "TeM' poULARS OUT-STARE A STATUE I atlcr o „„„ ,, Whnn f cin," nor I3CQ Ol COUrBO i . f oLlfi «i;ui juu iu nm] i» «>•«•*-. U ben I sa»^ her faco o[ cou - ^^ ^. ^ ,, ^ ^ ^ plcnt7 _^ ^ cl ,i U |," knew who It was. Lora-TTiM.a ~ f ,. n \,a. RonortorD - Ti,n ^rilr.n.^nihc.11' In' warm' morning!" "Cut what did slic tell you?' "Well, for a while it didn't sound believable, but It must bo true. Tho woman was in torment At first nhs was so Incoherent I couldn't make heads or tails ot what cho catd. Kept bcsshiB mo to help her end Ealil sho did it lor Bobby's cake. Then sho grew* a little Quieter and 1 got the story. Mrs. Fowler Eays to keep her oceupKd. Rcporterol. The garden. : b'albcd' in' wnrin'Bun-' wero constantl? telephoning but llslil and Iho frogrnnto'of llbcs. boro promlso of -what summer \vys to Irlug^ Dew- sparkled on Iho grns3. Tho iris boro 'tlieir . ami r.urplo heads proudly. Afew straggling tulips—rcuiunnls of 1'al'B mlsciilct— nJded a splash ol scarlet Above, agnlnst a turtiuolso sky, tlio clouds drifted lazily. It was a perfect May morning—n day oEc(> N]i ^ ^ nrawaperl ^^ hou , cbolc] tasks which the girls stared to E eluer. Nina romped with Fat. Over tlie Gypsy mado arr ruents with the woman who oper-_ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES TIIMRK WAS A REASON By Martin got e sory. . - -, sho came to her husband's office tho girl's clothing racked and oenl shortly bsforo six o'clock. She had the boy with her. She ocened thfi L si , 0 gav . Q tto Elrl n | cn i y of , ., „_ .._. ..- when uaturo seemed lo ounlo her- Nina's boarding house to have self proclaiming Iho ]oyousnc£s of living. Tliey cut flowers In fill a pottery -owl for iho table In Ihe llvliis wbolesomo food, urged her to rest. roon i nn j a smaller vas^ for llio Nina bnd announced lhat she dining room. Gypsy left Nina lo nr Ihey'd icon quarreling for veclT.I wished to leave Forest Cily. 1 i«B. the bonnuciH while she icle about Ihc child. \Vhep Fowler Eaw | "T^'tero do you want to eo?" Gypsy aEte-. "My Bister's In Cliicago," Nina I llie lioy he was angry. He'd told her that morniug she had to fend auay. The child wasn't . They look him nearly phoned tlio srocer. At nno o'clock tliey V.ail Iheir luncheon and an hour later Jim arrived with the car to lake Nina lo the Irain. All lluce of them piled inlo the single scat. said. "She's married. It I could,- - - — •--; - Chicago 1 could stay with her Nina's battered suilcaso .was slowed a job ... | away In lUc rear. Nina Roberts was sillins In the • her husband that It Bobby went she GENUINE DUCO Authorized rc- linishinj station. C. T. Shamlm with Denton C'ncvTOlct Co., Main at Franklin. 3P-K24 Research engineers have developed a new radio device tliat not only finds the source of electrical interference noises, but measures their intensity as \vell. big chair in the living room. Jim turned as Cypsy catered. "Well," he said, grinning, "we won 1 ." "Oil. I'm so glad! 1 was so worried itDlil you telephoned. N'ina— isn't it wonderful?" 1 Tho girl had been cr/lus. Shej touched her handkerchief to her whole thing nap- was going too. "I guess tho pencd quickly. She says slie told fowl»r what sho was going to do. Hobby was standing beside her. Suddenly the child ran toward the stairs EOW or shall we have lunch The gueft tnt it bad Cist!" "I— I think stairs." Gypsy k-i tho w? room was not larse New York Cotton NEW YORK. April 7 (UP)— Cotton closed Iraiely steady. Open High LCT.V C:MC 10H 1045 10S2 iffio 1070 iorr> IC55 1101 11CJI 10S8 1039 1122 !12i 1110 H10 11T1 im 1120 1120 1150 H50 1137 Fowler grabbed him. Mrs fowler fays ho had threatened sev- . cral liincs to kill the boy. She j ihuiight lie meant to do it then. She eyes. "It's lino ot you lo 1-n mo|i:ncw there was .1 retolver in tho come here, Mrs. \Vaila.~e." siie said "Why, we're glad (o have you. Ot course! .\VoiilJ yoa like to go up They reached the station just livo minutes before train time. No ai- leclion was paid to tho girl in the gray suit nnd black bat boarded'the westbound train. Gypsy waved when slie e:iw Nina through llio car window and thu U>P ' swears si;o didn't intend to shoot. She Eaw her husband fail and dropped the gun. Then she picked . uy> Uobby nnd ran for tha stairway. S!ie must have gone down one side 1M lil-o In -r, nn- SMC musl oave to c 1 d like lo L o up st t| . o £atne Uma Bropliy| , he ^ , | licoman', ran up the other. How she j got oat of the building without be- iaz f.een J linn't Imow. tcl obii was agreed that Nina should go to Chicago. She had a pitifully small amount of money, though Jim's charge for his lesal service was tho merest fraction of tlie 'usual fee. The morning ot Ihc <lay on which Nina was to depart Gypsy on wmcn IMQ.I wuij LU UL-IIUH vjjyoj . --—t, knocked at tho door ol tho guest other girl returned ll.e rootn. "Way I come In?" when Nina appeared. "Of course." Nina woro the rose Gypsy had loaned her. been making the bed. "I've got something for you Gypsy said, smiling. "Two things." She took the other girl's hand and placed In it a small folded object "Now you mustn't say you can't accept It It's something i want to negligee She had do Tlio folded object was a 520 bill. "J eou'L takft it" Ninn a brakeman shouted "All aboard!" she asked | Then tho locomotive snorted aud the train pulled from view. Jim turned tosvaril Gypsy. "Vnu were good to Iho liirt!" he said. There was gratitude In his voice- and in Ihc way that i:o looked at her. The girl smiled. "I wauled to < nil I could. There wasn't irucli." Site felt happier at thai ir.omj than sho Isail ever hcen s!i;cs !i marriage. H was well lo make llio most of It, for the emotion short-lived. .(To Bo CociiisncflS ^. ..... Spots clcscd ciuiet at 1030. off T j New OricciuK Cotton .... Spots closed steady at FAY O.DAVIS Phnnc 421 Atiralcr Kent Dealer Invest With Safety C^o paid quarterly on full paid stock, §100 and up. Guaranteed by first mortgage loans on homes in Hlythcvillc. Secured and Insured. Blytheviiie Building & Loan Association W. M. Burns, Sec. Miners i:i tl'.e Myndil ', COM mines in Wales have a cnatx! all their awn M the bottom ot tnc liaft in vliicli they wnr,;. On SuiKlays. as tbcv ?o inls th: mine to voik. they fivst :ittcnd c'.iurcM services in the chape!. One o: the worst and wickedest cities in tl'.o world Is lrkut:-S. In Siberia. With a population of i:0.000, 111 many ns 530 nuirtl;rs r.rc committed there every year, t.i- rcsls nvcra-;: c:ily one In 50 murders and oi-ly onr-half the r.rr;;ts are foHowcd by convictions. Cal l.ikts liis l!r>U!c HT. CLEMENS. Mlclilsan. — Henry,:i h.-.s a. whit blue-eyed, stone-deaf cat cni;c | "Tommy" which (lrin:;s ir.iik or.t of | a nnrsiiv-- !;olt'.e and takes hi^ meals siliiu». up ir. a doii'.; ni;;h- ehair with a napkin pinned arcund his neck. ST. LOUIS, As unemployment circulation of public iib:arj library officials said. \ND HIS FRIENDS '|HS THIS FELLCf^l THAT VioUtO PAY tt& a FbfZ THAT THE \VOUi)! & : T£." LS2U V)Wf\T. VU, S5C i ovea.Tofcs.ftW) is'-Mi?. ^o'J £s'0 SETTER SVA-VHERt. K'U •<M WASH TUIJBS ?UU£0 OUT OFjrtE ^^-^^tA^;,^;^;,^.^^^* .., PLESSTY...AWDTHEV LEAD OV16R. TUB \WAY 1C> TH6 NORTH- I =WS 1. SU£ HM) I B£T «V Life, PODNWi '^^- -"^•".y-.\,,~f"f.', \ coW,E REMOH TOR \\ FK\EN^ O' O^SOMS, WOST U«EV<-UP Tc^t •J^NOT V^MTlH' US />T^50W£ ^^^^fl^/^r^vF^i^ii oi> liaromclfr Mo. (UP) —

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