The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 17, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 17, 1934
Page 2
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» J -'- rr •'•• • • 'V' ' ' ' - t % t ^Social Calendar tUESDAYf> Young J|»irojis clu .having Mrs M A Isaacs entertaining Contract club .,..,.j 8tar meeting, ' JO p ra WEDNESDAYS EV^NTf? - James H ""II liaung \Vcci. Bridge club dqnts at the University of Missis tlpffl Ojfford M \Ul| aril\c ~' - fpr the iioiidiiyi. Mi"> Everett s . . Bible study Chinch of chrlsl 'ineeti|\g with Mrs 4 E Binlcher, ,^30 R.'M 5 > \ THURSDAY'S EVENI& > xThuisdaj Luncheon chib •]»*rlj nl Countiy cju Afflick hostess with Mrs • Wis H A Taj lor haung 'Xhms- •day Luncheon club , Yarbro mlssiojiary tooietj lui .ing Christmas . party al home ol -Mis E B Llojd i p m " Mrs A Conwaj . Mtd-Wcck bridge club member and husbands \\illi dlnnci pail> Jo tlcci Officers The local chaptoi'or the Eiist- ctn btar will )m\e f(s annual election of officers Tuesday c\on - ine 7 JO u clock 1 * ~ t . Chriilnui Parij I'Unnni The Yaibio niisslonnrj soclclj will ha\e Us annlm! Yuletlde par tj Thundrfj nftcrnooii at [he home of Mrs E n Llojd when , Mn Llo\d und Mn, Sterling Bunch will be hostesses , and Ahs Mainlnc Bssscu, arc In Memphis todaj ' Mr (iiul Mr* rvigo Tolcr, * ^ed licrc for o number of j«jtrt> iH!l H jw.s HBO, fine rctiimtd from Joncsboro and Are again making theli dome In (his <!Uy H A Smith of Pflragould and Ills ton, Homer, who' uttCJlds Columbia Mllllnry Academy at Cp- imnbln, Tcnn., wfcr'e in the city yesterday, 'nicy formerly lived he ic. H. II. Houchins j.s i(l at Iliu iiomc of Mr. und Mrs. Harry Kir- Mr anil Mrs A Comiay and Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey While, of Osceola, will s|>ciid tonight. in Meiiiphlb, going down especially r oi the \ucstiinE match Tlic Rev and Mrs'Utlly cooiej of Ailievllli,, N c, will arrive ruesdaj to i,|>cnd the holidays - «vmii-^ tu ajrLimi mi; fitly Mr. and Mra P B Coolcy H-uc Chriblniis !'irh The B P W club Kill Imve tlicli party at 7 30 "'"i™ 1 - ,.u. v ..„ . JU i tonight at the Golf hotel Mrs J Garland Morgan und MMis E p Belt will bo hostesses, und nil members of the club urc cmdfnl- K Invilid 1 • e 4 Counlrj Club HJS Supper Partj A nunibci of tlic mcmbcis of the country club mended the Simdaj night supper party lust evening "Ii mid Mrs Licrctt B Gee "> Party \MH) M, and Mrs K Mi Allcc Cuimlnglinm jnd b B. Ljman ri ' c Program iiDol Pf Belle ichool will j u Christmas „.„„„,„ • ' da j, a "er"°on ut 1 39 o'clock, preceding the P T A meeting The Mfn™ 1 " M 8S ( °" Q ^ G«mP son ( ^ U P on the. House, lopt,,' ohrlsi- JiMi Ctoiomj, AIOIIIKJ i| !c World A C Spencer Jack Homer plaj.' and Mr land Mrs M i Moon. They Mill be accompanied by Miss M.Minn Cpoley, sister" of 'the Rev. >Ir Cbolw, who attends the Unl- ertlty of lciu\euec, Knoxvllic Mi and Mrs J Finest Hassan Imic icturned from KMinphls where they aHcnde'd the opera and jisUed with Mr and Mrs Jones J Dunham, the latter the former Mia Marguerite Hassoil Harold Cpolcy. of Ltvlnjston Manor, N Y, who attends Drurj college at Spiingficld, Mo, will nr- ii\c tins week to tpcpd the hpii- dnjs ith Jib uncle, P E cooic\ and family 5 ' Mn. PUUI L Tiploii and Mrs George M Lcc weic In Memphis Sitlurdaj for the opera Miss Bobbie Lee King, \uio is ill nt Dr HeHiy (3 Hliu clinic in Memphis is Im ( mpr( ni ng an(i the cast which fclic Is wearing- be- I Hliw> hf «i i.lirr i . \ Q . Kncc fioin Declarer Forces Discards and Squeezes Out Big Solution to Previow Contract Problem BV WM TTrcKfcNNEY Stcrtlirj, Amtrinn BrW (e Ixa t feefo son did not claim Co make ss U tauht hhn th P e i^n '" ace ' Ilic f ' * AQJ 8 03 Kubber— None vul Wesi 2* P*BS 3N. T. Pass * PUBS Pass Paea Openlfag lead—9 j. ^ b* coed He dtordW . Tpad™ &*F r .. ***?<* <he , eight of bf will Mlhin leil dliys fahc AJ|| wear a biace for a \bai Eserett. Daily ji toimcrlj or ncre and now of Wilson who has been serloudj 111, LS no better , , - — • " • l& WIUIILUU It her home on Ash street with In auenza Rex carter, of Dublin Miss, who lias been Msllmg j,, j|, c home of his aunt and uncle, Mr and C c to lib, liomc tomorrow Crockett, will return •prcrs, «*«*M»;aii Will JM BriJe in California •cer, Poem Men ' Ernestine ,„„* "fade of Ihc Wooden Mfcses Sara Jo Little and Margaret Sha\er, who attend Christian college at, Columbia M 0 ai- rned Sdtmdas foi llr liolidaj-s RU<» Little Is a member of the M! P s l u i. art and <lcbatc 6t " Udd "> 1(l Miss Sha\er Is president of (1-e junfor class and a member of th» debate sq»iad Marsh crallawaj Jr, vUio altcnds Davidson college at Dav.dw". N ,.„• RJJ ' f7" le home Wednesday Ho spend the holidays ! f . IIS5 = s A<J clc Langston Virginia !a_nd_Sa ra Nunn, Ruth E l4nor Head .COLDS MENJHOLATUM <">r- COMFORT 0.,./v Pho*ne74 ! Moron MR, ° n Nov 1 wno , nati „ io a John E nttcntic « —v a v^ «nu( iini\er plans to lea\c soon to «ife in California „ (i)pj __ i nny , -'""K ^ ^f 01 »"P^ is and holder of 1111- heic us ottf of^hcTca'-' helped him to make today s hand Norths Juhip to tlticc no trump *as a ntlld shm tiy Souths ic- sjxjjise of five rilaiiiondi uns hl^li- iv cbnslructK'c Aftci Norths bid of six dlaijiond!,, boiiltt \»B!> certain tliak ftorth hold the Sec or hearts and a fit m diamonds The Hay Wests oiJonlng lead was the jack of hcarti Of course the tic- Uoiqr coUldiH tike the ilhctsc but had to 50 lip \sith Ilic ate rtc could sec that hc had two loelns If Ho discaided the qucc;i of 3S3 an l" , lct ^° the nl "f> 4 spades, the las,t two tricks ioultl ™/°i n "I dummy wllh Ulc hint- ana sl\ of spades Hospital Notes Admitted to (he Biytheville hos- pita) Mrs H, Davis Manila, Sam Jewel Burdelt?,' Mrs R L Farm- u, Manila Dismissed Mfc* M il- drcd Hood ,cily, \y H Wntic LeaclHllle. J M Anderson, cUj Mrs Mttttle Bunch, Yarbro Teachers Examination The regular teachers' cxaniina- loh ttill be given at Ihe court liouse hci'c Thilrsdaj and Frid-ij wi , bcc " allllou »«<) bj Miis Winnie Vngil Tunic,, coujftv MJ pen Isol Luxora Society — Personal Complon t om Jim* «on, Topijny, of , TEX (UP)-A night recently w»i a bad one for l*o Tort Worlh, T«x, bwglarii Dstec, tlyc Toin Eubankfc took A police. . and ctuiii trying to carry a ^aje from grocery store " son apa d»u»ht«r.(o-!»w, Dr and Mrs Bob KUnbrough. Junior Cr(l>ne!d spe,i)l Mday |,, Memphis it tl,c bedsfe Pf, hs i, M ih,, BIU, yfo m $ rw ^ P' f9> the retnova) o( an . ..- gland on h|i necj; Mis L L McDcarman has r«- liirncd fioin Memphis nh*re she Wunderlich sp«nt Friday'in iiux- T' il3L tlnB rrl « ddi ind att«ndln« tic bridge psrty given by Me* "7^ Williams and Thompson •nd MUses v Molflt Coot «fca and Misses Mabel Cook, Margaret Moffllt and Hizaheth Spann en- ertalned with a bridge party at lie community, house On each table a small jChristmas tret was used as a centetplfece, on which he favors, sni*)} chliia dolls Were trapped snd tie4 with Cnriatma;, >ancr and ribbon Prizes were won I ^ Mrs Russ?U Boweh of Lux- ra, Mr4 Ida-'Mlnyaid, of Blythc- II!e,-Mines DickersorO Will Driv- ) and Hugh Craig of' Osceola the past year pi« university «• }J6«5 books, - '- ' " total to ^802,040 North Dakota lb the orUj stato In the u«lon nttt to ha\« a recorded carthqualcc. ^ WANTED! Men, women and children that are suffering with ITCH, R1NQWORM, POISON IVY IMPETIGO, TET.?R, ECZEMA, ATHLETIE'S FOOT, FOUL SMELUNQ FEE1, eU, jo Irj BROWN'S LOTION for instant relief of itching an,d diacoin- lort Don't use messy salves and bandages BROWNS LOTIOff Is a liquid It penetrafcs (he outer skin and, lillls the hidden genns nnd parasites. First bottle sold With MONEY BACK: GUARANTEE in 60c and IJftO sizes by KIrby Drug SioVes —Adv JOE P. PRIDE Certified Registcr'-u Engineer Genera] Engineering, Surveying, Mapping f ho.. g jag , Blf tjieville. Ark Todaj'g Conlract ifow do jou think tho blH ding of Ihia hand (.lioujd go 1 * Of touise,^ jou can readiij- see that tjiero is J- srand slam in li^nrls for North and boulli Soulh is dealer. i > > <> 1 & I ., • 10864 4 10 S 7 C * A K J I) N *'*'V 10 3 » 10 SC5 i *Q /53 4 A K 5 4 .! VAKj s 6 * A J 9 if None Soluiioii fn best Issue. 17 Iricks u spade and a club II the licaik were divided 13, jud he cculd drop the king or hearts two good tricks could be established So the declarer piased a small icarl fioin diunmj Easl went in with the Kini und South trimifcd with Ihc three of diamonds Now, of ..omtc, it looked as if the drs- t|iamion in tearls was bad HowcUi. n small trump ^4S 'lajed nnd won in dummy wllh he King and another small heart iclitrncd But East showed oul. discarding a spade, and Soutii had .0 ruff. of trump West had" to let go n MISS AttfXICA A imort, c off«r*d o Bulovb faix oWit fwmi Pat O'Bryaht Jeweler Ciifts Al Moderate Prices The Same Service to Both PhontSQ', ; . - both the largest arid smallest customer we arc!privileged to serve receive the.sarrst jgbcl.c. of Water'service."'. . - . both receive ilic sdrrie-prompt ••attention from "our office. . •.-..•-.,.' i . .-• • Mi receive !he sam<i. cbuTleous treaimeiil to w they are entitled, in all transadiohs with the company. IiV short, efficient and toomplete Water i supply at the low- QS ' ?" C0l ! rt ^ ljr Vtllder ^ ^ a1 is a fundamental jwlicy. WATER GO. / J3,S. Broaeway /b Every Ctistohftr Cheers for a _—. Clear Sheer! "MIR.O-K1EER" Here's Kayser's'patentcJ miracle hose!-A sheer hbse sets i hew standard for jarness and flawless sheer- A sheer hose whose transparency dots flattery! $1 to KAYSER GO i-wrrous new fobncs bring glimmer and glow fo Kayjef's newest fall gloves' The stunning trio rllwfrafed are made up (n rich ttrrped velveteen, "Sansheen," Heavy, soft, and dull, ' Charmsheen,"dainty ribbed satin Washable Luxurious gloves at everyday prices Jack Applebaum MISS WHITSITT'S SHOP offers for "HER LINGERIE /or Christmas Satin-Ciepc-Jersev I'ajamah $19)5 to ?10 Gowns,|1 95 to ?7 95 Slips $195 to $295 PantyiSets $195 to ?2 95 Skift-tite Panfh ?1 Lace B'raSsieri, 50c to ?1 , ROBES Flahr\el, jeihey, coiduioy $3.95 to 18.95 NEGLIGEES Lace,ovei cjcpc, crepe, lace tiihlmed and tailoied ciepc, iatm flith Jace floiuicc ^3.95 to ^12.75 —aie a pait of eveiy Chmtmas a large assm tment H to 13.95 ' Evening Bags of silvei and goltl \ Sequin, Peails ami "t ttl.95 lo ^2.95 BEAUTIFUL GLOVES Fiench Kiel and Cape bkni in all ••tjlps $1.95 to $2.95 Short G1o\es in \\ool and suede, fabrics HAlNDKERGHlEFS Lincir priula and solid .cgjbrs, himd rolled, brilliant colors t<) 65c hrtndkferchiefs of*solid/ color chiffon - ( 65c SU.K HOSIERY Golhain Gold Slripe and Vanity Fail- Hosiery . . . jusl think hoiv yoti can reduce your list by biiy- irig'.several pairs of these lovely hose $J ^1.15^J.35 EVENING w DRESSES llierc'II bci manj Holidaj sions for wearing one of thaiming UreshCt, ,1 K ,a that is cLVtam,to bo djipieciated $10.95 to J19.75 DRESSES „ .„ for Daytime $3.95 to *16.75

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