The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1937 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 17, 1937
Page 4
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PAGE BLYTllBVILLB (AUK.) COUlUKll NEWS Social Calendar THURSDAY'S: EVENTS rs.'L. H. Moore having Thurs- 'oy Bildge club Mrs. C. W. ; Afflict liaviiiB hursday Luncheon cli:'o. Mrs. B. A. Lynch entertaining lld-Wfck . Bridge club. Yarbro Mlsslonaiy Society inecl- ig with Mrs. Ernest French for il meeting Annoiel P T. A meeting .U school. ;2'.M P. M., following cx- cutlrc "board meeting hi library 12PM Mrs Edgar Borwn liavuig Thursday Conlract club. FRIDAY'S EVENTS Mis J T. Phillips and Mift T Jojnci entertaining Music dc- artmenl ol Woman's chlb at club, P M Fidells •, Sunday School class, First Baptist church, having super meeting at home of Mrs. Will Rogers, 711 Lilly, 7 P. M, Golden Rule Sunday school class of the First Christian church will lave a paTty nt the home ol Mrs. J. D. smith, oh Ddtigan Ave.. 7:30 p.m. Mrs, Alfred , Carpenter . having Jastcr party for Ktny's Daughters Sunday School class, rust Baptist hiirch, 7. P. M. Community Stunt Night p ,3'itim,' high school auditorium, 8 1 M SATURDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. Uoyd Slickmon and Mrs, Murray Smart having P. E. O. uhcheoiv, at the Silckmon house, 1 p.m. intentionally Takes Losing Finesse to Gain Desired Lead Baptist \Viiimn Have a Slurty, "The Spanish and Portuguese Speaking'-.'People" was the thc-cnc studied by", the 65 members of Ihc Woman's Mtssionaiy Union of the Flrsl Baptist church who attended a meeting at Ihc church Monday afternoon for the icgular Rojal Service progrnm Mrs U W M Jlns was leader Mrs. C.E. Parts Used Acls 4 for the devotional reading and Mrs. Walter Bishop and Mrs lioj Head offered prajen Talks on the subjects «eie made by Mrs. R. H. Small, Miss Cordelia Wilhitc Mrs W M Williams ami s Llojd Stlckinon miii the Rev Alfred Cftipentei told ot Ihe icll«l- 0111 census^lo be inndg befme tin spring ovangelhltc mccllng .' ' ' ' Circles Meet. Circles''of'llic Woman's Missionary Soc'cly of the Fhst Mcthodhl church had • reccml altendance.s h their meclings Monriaj nflcinoon In circle 1 Mis K Lsmi Wade and Mrs: John .FenIhcrslon were hostesses nt the Wade residence •when Iherc woe 22 membeis, a new member, Mrs W H Mlnjnid am three Usilors the Rev Mr wvli- the Rev E W I'otlei of .loncs- lly H'AI. K. .McKliNNKV Sccrciary, Anicrlran llrldge l.raBuc An end )ilay al bridge usually 'Oincs uciir Ihe end of u hand, when Icclarer Is able to throw a chosen Into the lead nnd force :ilm lo' make a play thai will net an extra .Jrlck. Usually such n «H- lallon Is built up, hill now and then licie lurns up a hand in which an 'hd play develops almosl naturally altli the opening lead. Today's U an example. West, bo- ore the dummy went dowii, thought re-Installed as president; Mrs. Hoy Wallon ls_ Ihc now vice president; t Mrs. Dixie Crawford, who had been ' filling an unexphec! term as sccrc- lury, BBS clecled to Hint office; Mrs. James H. Clark wns rrclcclcd hlstoi'lan; Mrs. a. W. DlllflJiunly. wlio had been serving an apiiolnl- menl as Ircasuier, was elected lo Dint office. Circle clinlrmcn will he: Mrs. fllves Allen, Mrs. 8. E. Vail, Mrs. II. II. llouclilus and Mrs. Stuart H. Salmon. The "Cause" secretaries me: Mrs. Fred Handc- fur, foreign missions; Mis. K. D. Carpenter, home missions; Miss Emma Kate lllchards, Christian education and ministerial relief; Mrs. W. A. Dobyns, rellylmis ediicallon; Airs, K. A. Ilnle. .synocllcal atici Prcsb'ytcrlnl home missions; Mi's. n. R. Allen, spiritual life; Mts. Ray \yoithlnglon, lilcrature; Mrs. 7<al I). Harrison, chrisllan social service; Mrs. Ross Stc-vcus. pastor's aid; Mrs, E. I,. Sprndley, social activities. Plans were made for thp "clean up" day Ihe group will have Friday morning, beginning fit 0 o'clock, whcu' Ihe members \-lll meet lo clenn the church for Its annual "spring denning." Tl\e mini details were lilso announced for Ihe all day meeting; of the entire auxiliary Monday, beginning at 1G:45 o'clock, at the church, when Mrs. C. A, Forbes of Wynne, Presbylerlal president, Mrs. w. w. Draper of For-i rest City, mission secretary of prcj- Uylcrlal. and the president of the Woman's Auxiliary In the Wynne church will be guests of honor. While.the.mecliiii. Is culled nil "Of- llceiV Jrahilng scluiol" for all Ihc members. M^.s, uabcock has nu- uouncccl. Luuth will be served at tr.o mcellng. lo be conchulcd at 3:30 o'clock. The 32 present heard Mrs. stuiut H. Salmon give the derallo:inl on "Head Over All Things to the Church." Circle 3 was hoslcss and refreshments were served by Mrs. James II. Ilcll, Mrs. Harmon Taylor nnd Miss Louise Dobyns. who were clrcwcd ns girls In colonial days. t.a had u /me chance U) lien I the contract. That his confidence was even though the end play did not come, iinlll Ihe iwclfth trick, when West was forced lo make Ihc losing lead. Boiilh won the opening diamond lead will) llic quern, and returned a diamond, clearliij. the suit. Now llic hcail wns finessed, not wllh the uxittctntlon of winning the inlsplnccd was soon demonstrated, *K 11)087 V il 811 4KB * Q V (i Bits of News Mostly Personal WEDNESDAY, MAftCK 17, FLAPPER FANNY K NEA SCRVICC, ii.'c, T. M, fit* y. •;. r*r. ore, 8y Sytvi via Dell, icrt Draughon's Karl Brownlce, ol Sunday to attend School or Business at Memphis. Mrs, liarncy Crews and baby, of ffipley, Tcnn., were guests of Mrs. Crews' aimt, Mrs. Lily Sisk, for Die weekend. J. II. Williams, of Luxowi, Is a. patient at the Memphis Baptist hospital. Mis. W. M. Tnylor, of Kclser, has been admitted to [lie Memphis llnptLsl hospital. ji Mr. iincl Mrs. George Snillil 11 were In Memphis Monday on busl- • * AQJ VQ 10 (H » •*:< 4. K J !) 8 N W E s Dealt, * U 5 4 3 2 » J2 45432 S V 3 » lit None . r V AK J7 f AQ 100705 ; *'A'10 Itiibber—All vul. Wftl-. Noilli . I'asii 1 A Pass , -i V Double Pass ,'t)iilg;i6ad— f> 4. Eist Pass 1'iiss Pass finesse, but' wllh Dm .hop: of, llmll- hiu West 'in Ills choice of pluys. West, cfilild see 1 Hull lie \vitB Hi ' difficulties, •'' but Ills choice. lie laid-clown Ihe ace of spndc.s. Soiith. • ruired. Now declarer led four: rounds of Then he laid dowii the Mr. and Mrs. J. !>. Holland rc- lurned last night from Detroit, Mich., having driven up for n new ear. They left here Saturday, Immediately after their arrival home from port Myers and other paints In Florida. They purchased a trailer which they used on the trip. Mrs. Ralph Nichols and daughter. Marlha, have returned from Joncsboro, where they sgwut ths weekend with relatives, Mr. and Mrs. liussctl Phillips and daughlcr. nelly, and son, Russell, will leave tomorrow for Ihe wf.ti, coast of Florida, where they will spend two weeks. They arc making Hie trip wllh a trailer. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Unck. Sum Duck. Jnck Buck, Mrs. Earl Walker and Mrs. J. R. Buck returned jcstcrdny from Memphis where they have Iwen with Ul!l iiucfc. 25, who underwent an operation Mon- dny afternoon for skin grafting at St. Joseph's hospital. Mr. Buck wns severely burned from the waist can GOT BEAUTIFUL New Garden Organization Launched at Meeting Last Night Plans greater results in years to follow. It was also Ihe conf:cnsus of the members that a general 'clean-up program is the first slep to be taken in the beautlfication program, it was announced that if Blylhcville citizens will cooperate hy cleaning their crvn back yards «nd nutting rubbish in containers, the organization can begin its beaulincatlon program at once. Members of the new group plan lo exchange plants and bulbs and to study gardening. It was voted to enlarge the and women who arc interested and lo make a drive for members i enrolled last night and Mis, Loy Welch, "Miiul if fhoriow vuiir tweezers, fanny? I'm grooming my cactus (or llic (lower shcnv.l' Lake City, Utah. She was accompanied by her cousin. Miss Mary Lee Wilson, of Rulsvllle. Miss., who Is.her yuasl f or S2 veral clays. Mrs. Charles L,. Wylle returned homj Monday from Hot Springs Holland 'Mews NoLcs Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Kifcr arc the parents of a seven and ^tie-half pound son. James Clevel" and Arknrlelphln, where she spent lancl . ljorn March" 1C .it tl'.i-i: two wests. home. Mrs. II. L. Hjynolds Is attending! . -fames E. Oohoon,'who is under doctor in Mem- sponsoring a general teautitica- llon program for the city, the details of which will be completed nt the next meeting. R- F. Kirshner. who .served as temporary chairman, appointed a committee of J. Louis Cherry, Mrs. J. A. Leech, Loy Welch, Mrs. w! L. Homer aiul himself to draw up 11 constitution. H was announced that $100 lias I already been donated for prizes In a contest which the club plans to sponsor. A number of interesting plans were advanced, which will be decided upon at the next meeting so that definite steps nmy be laken at once. Because it is already spring, It was the consensus '.lint activities must start immc- listely and while this year's pro;ram would have to be simple hat it could be a complete one •uid that first steps could be taken which are expsctcci to show much . Rodney L. Banister, Mrs. James li Clark and Mrs. Samuel P, Norris! Head courier INLWS Wani A<1» Inlo the lead with the Inst heart. ., ter his" iwriner hfid shown a preference for hearts, was iii the nature of a slam try. North..'although he held three hearts and ohly.lwo diamonds, decided that Hit (inal-dcci- aloti, after West's double on. diamonds, should resl with South. Mrs. c. n. Hnbcnck had the Ttics- tlny Bridge club for lunch this week.. In the cnrd games which followed:' Mrs. M. A. Isaacs won high, and Mrs. Floyd While, second high. boro, and the Rcu Ionian Ilirger of Dyesi, picsent The Rev Mr Potter nnd the Rei Mr D<rgcr tire, conducting the e\angellstlc iiu-cl hig at the church. Mrs. W. P Brewer gave Ihc devotional nm Mrs James Hill jr the Bible sliiclj Mrs. Jqc -Trlesclimaii sang "Som He'll Make It plain' and 111 "as I'sii-ly for nnkightrr Rev Mr Birjcr sing I;oi> Pal Mrs. I,, s. liculsh Cillci-talDcd IS ' with Mrs s J Innkonlcy 'Hlllc girls and boys with a parly! at Ihc piano ^ j Muuclay afternoon In honor of Circle 2 met at the home of Mrs. licr daughter, Jenu, who celebrates O Hilbtard when Mis Fred eil her fourth birthday. Warren was also hostess The 25 Easier baskets filled with en")' present hcaid Mrs ,\ n P.itf field i colored eggs. Ice cream nnd u give tic devotional In which Mis. j birthday cake nmt'lo Ihe afternoon W M Ta\lo r offeiett pra>er 'Ihc'a happy one for Ihe guests wiio sum of $20 uas collected foi tne i |.!nyod games after hunthv the calendar fund and Mrs Ediun iEnster Jones, chairman, appointed Mrs. El- i • « ton w Klrb> and Mrs E D Tor-! L'ltnhnl Has 11 guson to decorate the church eich ' I.tlnchnm .Mi-i-tlni;. Sundaj during April, May and i The Woman's" Council of the j First-CliHsllnii chinch hint n luu- Rllo B Johes culoilahvci; c.'con incotin.. Monday, al Ihc circle 3 when the 20 prcscvil In-> homc.c,! Mrs. bilk rosier eluded one \Isttor Mrs Hari\ Kir-! Mlcr lunch mcmiKrs, who nl- b> ga>o tnc dc\olloml pe-iod and j tended the. meeting at the East End tne Bible ireson K.IS led by Mrs. church In Memphis last wee!;, told W D wood | of their visit. June Mrs today's Contract Problem Knst's i conlract is six hciiris. Souih had opciicd at a sc'nil- psychicjbidi'of one diniuoncl.'lt Kasl can: place Ihe imlsUiml- ii>!J hoiion'' in Sonlh's lulnd, can hc'iinsikc oiic trick ovcr.liis , cuntrac't? ' • ,-, '*7G4 ' . » o ft :i ' +'8 7 us -i ; 4.1Q8 ¥,,Q8« v ... ».KJ10B,'1 '+;Q10Q K. & \V..vul. Opener—* 10. Soluliun in next issue. n Head Cojirler News .Want Ads serious but pbyslcians believe he will recover. He was given a blood transfusion lute; yesterday. Mis. nlll Buck is wllh him at Ihe hospital His aunt. Mrs. C. M. Buck, and family, went down today. Mrs. George ]{. Ciilhoim of Nashville, Teim., mother of Mrs. Russell Thillips, wits struck by a car yesterday In Nashville but her only injury Is a broken lett wrist. She «-ns knocked to the pavement by Hie cur but has no alher injml?s Mrs. Calhoun Is well known her? where sl;c frcqusnlly visits. Kuth cloyrt Is yet at, Ihe Mem- lihls Melliodist hospital, where she is undergoing treatment Her mother, Mrs. Carroll Cloyd. is with her and Ihey hope lo be able to return hnmc within a, few days. Mrs. Allen Hnddlcslon nnd baby, of Brlnkley, Ark., are guesls of Mr. and MM. Ed Stanley and family for a week. Mrs. Clarence Wilson. Mrs. Kil Stanley and Mrs. L. L. Ward were among Ihos: from out of town who attended the funeral services for Mrs. Florida Bell at Bassclt. yesterday. Mrs. Bell, motlicr of Mrs. Josephine Bell Catchlngs, died sucl- dtnly at llic home of her di-.cqhtcr. Miss ,\:lelc Langston returned today from a two months (rip to California. Mexico, Colorado anrl Salt i to .business in SL Louis llosrnc Crafton, of Little Rock, i.i attending to business here. Miss Cora Lee Colemiui has returned from Fayctjcvillc, where she spent a week in conference wilh other home demonstration agents. She slopped in Little Rock for a bilef slay with Mrs. Howard Proctor and .family, who recently moved lo Little Rock. Mrs. Proctor is secretary of the industrial welfare commission, department of labor. Mid-Week Bible Study the First Christian church will resume tls mid-week Bible study tonight, 7:30 o'clock, it has been announced by the uastor, Ihc Hev. C«oll Cloyd. who has issued an invitation lo all members lo nltDiul. 'Ihe walking stick Insect represents one of Nature's greatest works of camouflage. A bird the care of phis, is improving. Mrs. Mary Arnold amt son, Edward, have gone to Enst St. Louis," 111,, to make their liomc with Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Arnold. Ola Mac and Elhricl«e McConl visited .their uncle, j. E. McCord, sit Big Lake, Ark., Sunday. Mrs. Mobie Weeks iras taken lo St. Joseph's hospital, Memphis, Saturday for treatment. Mrs. Carl Barnes kfl Friday for Detroit. Mich., to jcln her husband, who is employed there. Mrs. Russell Uevore and daughter returned Tuesday (o their home in Elvlns, Mo. John James and daughter of Elkcston were here Tuesday on business. Mr. and Mrs. Noble Capcliarl 'and Mr. nnri Mrs. Cecil Htidsr/eth were in Memphis Monday on business. Cnctiis spines make Phonograph needles. s'.-client alight squnrely beside one of Mii";n 1 1 ~ QUIET YOUR NERVES Mrs. .XcHie CaMwel! of S1-! Garl.wl Ave., ]iii»« It" Ural "fir. 1'i c I'crscriiitinii a u>.iii: !K]|.C,| la it icti iniirli l.tiicr. rnr j Hue :iii|ifii(c llfl H-IS Ilfl|M-,| to j, lve ltlc boihnal ,ln,|- slo ,c Iwlay. JJc» size, laMtls SOc. l.;<,ai,l 51 ,S- 51.35. \\!M lo Ur. i'icrce's Clinic, lluffak- N V \ou'll be proud of your hands wlivn you use Chamberlain's Lotion. A few drops usal regularly helps keep them smooth, attractive because it saliiiisa. Never sticky, greasy or gummy, it dries i[iiickly. At all ioilct goods counters. For free sample, use coup'jn below. Chamherlain's Lotion ANNOUNCING The return of Harmon Holt, to serve you in liis old place at 101 S. 2nd St. Holt's Barber Shop Haircut ..35c Shave 15c Bath 25o Best Shine in Town curious, elongated insects and bo [ unaware of Its presence. "BEHN'AT 1 ' KNITTING FAUNS , . FREE INSTRUCTIONS New spring and summer yjrns Idlest Styles Classes, Friday, 2:30 P M MRS. I.KSUU IIOOI'UK 1109 Chtcbasawba Phone 702 : Clrcle 4. which met at the homi' of Mrs c O Redman had 23 members present Mfca aurlon Norred was assistant. host«s. The Bible lesEon'«as given bj Mrs B A Ljnch • • • cftytcrian Woitlcil Install \cir Offlcch,. OfBcers who will serve the Woman's Auxiliary ot Ihc First Pres- bjterlan church for the new church sear, beginning April i, weic Installed In a meeting Mondaj nf- tcrnoon, at the home of Mrs r J Mahan when olfier busmen tnXcn up Included plans for two Important mcctingi 'within the comin» cek ° Mrs o n. Babcock who was elected last jcar Sot tuo jcars nas A meeting or Ihc executive bonr:l j followed. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- MUl CirOTTtl-AnJ YwTl JJRI> Oul >f Bed ti tfit Mstnint Kiria' lo C« Th« livpr shrtiili four out lwr> noumjs of JI-HiM I lie inlrt ynur bowch daily. K lhi» bill IsnoHToffittffrrpI/, yortr f«>di1ci«sn'ldi«tst, It jintil^fijj in IhA bow*l*. 0*J bJfilLi up jflur »lorn*r1i. Yoil (cct ronstip»(ti1. Your wrrolaiyit^m tsMisonfrvl unfl you fttT lour, •imk And thft worl-l looV» punk. Ux>tiTfj m* nnly miVftuMfU. A* bfiwtl Tnovemsrtt drx-irVl ittl at the r»u«. II t«Vc.i tKut ttwl. nM drier'* l.illlc r.iver Kills lOKtl Iwn DntiRil.ttf hiM flow-ire ircfly undmOnyon f* l el"»t>kndiip".l{tirin'- \t\s. itenllf, ytl Brnizinrln mnVinj hiiefli-^ itwilj. AiV TOT Curler'i IJul« \,\vtr ('ill* lij jumt. Stubbornly r«fos» acijlhtnr ^Ise.Wa. Di\ Max 0. Usrey Announces the Association •with hini of Dr, Joseph E, Measley Physician and Surgeon With pfliccvlii the J.yiich r.viiklinK grey- Smart Shoes A c h n r in I n!,' French Grey Gnb- arflinc with grey ktd Ulni, Cuban heel as pictured nt left. Fabric Shoes for Spring- green-- A bctti:iitul green crash ^uncial «llh urcen kill trimmlni>. spike heel, a; pictured bcio'v. A novel strnp- cflcct PUmp of the popular blue gabardine, hly'n heel, ns plclvirccl al Ihe left. W ti 1 .,••".•"••..,"-.. Win II II 1C 3& ('liildrcn's r: arniolir/ic " * ..•sMoe*.. 11- - P . . . >-i o « t •• « v T o rs/ || (>Sr. I ()()' COMMUNITY STUNT NIGHT-HIGH SCIKXII.-KUIOAV NIGHT NEW YORK STORE Store for Easter dollies \ Successful HATS Yotf'l! Find llic Luriresl D Assortments Here irSAIl.OKS *U01.I. -*DUUM MA.iOTUIATS*PII,l, l!()X HATS •A-OFP-THIC-FACK BOXNKTS to your hcail in hats like HK^O.' Everything new ;unl oxciting- from wiio hrininurrl bonncLs to tiny loiiiics. Saucy I|D\VL'|', veil aiul ribbon trims. S1XKS 21 TO 2.", S l 95 SUITS-COATS AT KKDUCKD PRICKS <{;A QC Suits-Coats Jpy.yj $10.95-$ 12.!)f3 Suils-C $10.75 (J»-| n /\£ Suits-Coals .piZ.CXJ ?lfl.75 <?!£; OC Suits-Coals <PiU.i/D 52-1.76 $1QQC; suKs-coais <>Jiy.yo §29.75 SuiU-Coat.s §an.?5 Suils-f> t |s

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