Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 10, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 10, 1895
Page 1
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She VOL. XX. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA- SUNDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 10. 1895. NO. 36. You're Still In Need of a Cloak! Well We Have 'Em In The Annex! 25 and 40 Per Cent Discount. Our Monday offering consists of our entire stock of Cloth Capes and Cloaks which is still very complete and very elegant. Styles for next Vvinter tend to continue as they are, so with one of these elegant gar- ^nents you will be in style next winter and full well satisfied with yourself. Every garment is a bargain. Youjshould have one. They're right. They're cheap. Come and get one. 25 and 40 per cent discount on all capes and cloaks, COME AND GET A BARGAIN- Busy Bee Hive, 409-411 Broadway. 306 Fourth St. Call and See! Play Thousands ol Tunes by means ol Indeilructiblo Metallic Disks. Purity Ji Volume ol Tone Unequalled «D. A HAUK, The wonderful Regina Music Box. Will play any tune. I am agent for Logansport of the genuine, also tho new things Infold Belts, Collarettes, Buckles, Czarina Pins, Butterfly Hat Pins, Side Combs, Hair Pins, Wateh Pockets, Ladies' Guard Chains, Gold Bricabrao, Spectacles of all kinds fitted to the , r eyes. 30 years' experience in En- graving>ni all kinds of work done to^order at Tbe Jeweler and Optician. 410 Broadway. New Goods Slaughtered. Overcoats, Ulsters, Heavy Suits and Winter Underwear at your own price. We Shave also between three and four hundred boys' suits in all sizes and qualities that you can buy at your own figures. No Fake! Nothing but straight goods at the Broadway Clothing Store, 426 Broadway. JOS. G GRACE SNOW-BOUND. Trains in Pennsylvania and Maryland Completely Blocked. Freight Traffic at Some Place* Suspended—Severe Winter Weather at Many Points. ..:, Pa., Feb. 0.—Tho first, through train irom the east iu more than twenty-four hours arrived at 9 o'clock Saturday morning 1 . This tells the condition of trallie as caused by the severe weather. The train referred to was Xo. 7, which carries the fast Chicago mail, due here Friday at S:3(i. Orders have been received in Pittsburgh not- to sell tickets to any points north of Philadelphia, either on the Delaware, Lackawanna. & Western or the Pennsylvania & Northern, thus shutting- out traffic to a number ol points in northern central Pennsylvania. Tbe trains from oil the Peim- tij-lvania company's lines west of Pittsburgh ure arriving- from two to live hours late. General -Manager "\Voods has ordered a temporary suspension of freig-lit movement. Tho Pennsylvania company's trains use.the Lake Shore railway between Erie aud Girard. This stretch was reported effectually blocked Saturday morning. Passenger traffic is comparatively light and train men are not greatly suffering. All through trains on the Baltimore & Ohio were late Saturday, none having arrived at the Sinithfield depot up to noon. The New York and Washing-ton express is snowbound east of Cumberland with no indication as to when it will arrive. The Chicago ox- press, already four and one-half hours overdue, has not yet arrived at Wheeling. The Unionto«-n express is the only through train on the Pittsburgh division and it will be two hours or more lato in arriving. The greater part of the company's telegraph wires between Pittsburgh and Cumberland are down aud coiirmunica- tion is seriously interrupted. Freight traffic lias been entirely abandoned, goods are being shipped as _r express, while live stock is .y^-.^V)-refused. The officials hope toVesnmdf egular traffic by the first of "next week. "LAXCASTKK, Pa., Feb. U.—The snow blockade on the Pennsylvania road is prnctically the same ns Friday. The Pacific express on the Pennsylvania road crasliL-il into an engine at Paoli Saturday morning at -JiJii. Uoth en- pines were telescoped and the passengers badly shaken up. The most seriously injured was a Pittsburghcr, whose name could not be learned. The morcury registered zero in the morning. i'usseMK'ors tte^cucd by :i Fnrnior. CinC'OKA, Pa., Feb. !).— The Pittsburgh & Western railroad is blocked for 100 milos north of Butler. A train going north passed here Friday and stuck in the snow 3 miles out and is still there. Tho passengers were brought back in a farmer's bobsled. Three engines attached to the stranded train have been snowed in and will probably remain until the weather breaks. Eight Enffines Snowed In. Cu-MBEm-ANP, Md., Feb. 0.—Passenger vrain Xo. 3 on the West Virginia Central railroad, south-bound together with eight engines is fast in a snowdrift 8 miles from this city at Black Oak bottom. Train Xo. 3 is the regular afternoon passenger train to Elkins, W.. Va., and left here on schedule time Friday afternoon, but could proceed no further than the above place. The passengers •wero sent back to this city and four engines went to aid traiu No. 3. They, too, became disabled and Saturday morning four more engines wer« sent to the scene with like result. The eight engines and the coaches are at this writing stuck fast in the drift. Assistance will be brought from the Eikins end of the road. It is bitter cold and the snow is still drifting. Trains on all roads entering tho city are several hours late. Situation at Many l'olnt«. In Iowa the climax for cold -weather was reached Thursday night when the mercnry at DCS Moines dropped to 18 below, and still lower In the northwestern and western part of tho state. At 8 p. m. Friday, after rising steadily all rtny, the mercury showed 5 above nt DM Moines. Railroads have been cleared and trains are running on time- Little suffcrinit among people or stock is reported. The cold wave has disappeared in Colorado. Tho blizzard and extreme cold did not reach further west than the eastern border of that Intense cold weather still prevails Ic Miclii- can. The mercury has ranged from 4 to 13 below zero. The storm was especially severe at lake points- A freight train on the Flint A Pero Marquette railroad was stalled in tio f now at Scottville and abandoned. Late dispatches show a rising temperature. After reaching U below .at St. Louis, the mercury at 8 p. in. Friday stood at zero, and was slowly rising. Snow has blockaded railways, and It win be two days before travel can be 'resumed in the suburbs. >to locality within 500 miles west and southwest of St. touis scaped the storm. Through northern Texas, waere-the railway* ore not prepared to bottle wi-.h snow drifts, all trains are late and some nave been abandoned. Two Missouri Pacific passenger trains have been immovable in snow drifts near Yaws Center, Kan., siace Wednesday. Snow ploifs failed to relieve them, and nt noon Friday » special train carryinc 100 men left Fort Scott, Kan., to shovel out the imprisoned trains. From Twenty-Six to fifty-FIr» Below. U wa» M belcw FrMaV at torilaht In tt*~ f aul and Irom 30 to 34 below ia western Minnesota. On tbe YermUlion rar^c at Loudan tbo best spirit thermometer registered M below, and Tower, at Vermillion lake, was 53 below. On the Mesaba range it varied from 55 to -f2 ai tho towns of Virginia. Iron Mountain, Biwabik. McKink'y anO Mesaba. At Cioquet 42 was reylsiered. Cattlo on Ule Montana tangos are suffering severely for want y," shvl- ter aud water, : Reports show intensely colcl weather prevailing through Ohio, Indiana und KentucKj-. In the lirst two states tho natural gas has become very weal; and much suffering results. Since ihe intense cold weather struck tho Cherokee strip wolves have become a con- Btunt menace to settlers. Friday the drlvar of tho stage coach running between Lacey and Hennessey. 0. T., reported the ilutliutr near Lacoy of the body of an unknown man, which Iiad been hair devoured by wolves, and wheLUor tue luckless traveler had been frozen to death or nad been run down by the four-footed prowlers has not been determined. Frederick, Hagersiown, Westminster and other western Maryland cities report that the storm there is iho worst lor many years. Housus and bams were unroofed by the wlad and enormous snow drifts have boon created. Public schools and business houses were generally kept closed Friday. The eastern shore of .Maryland Is almost entirely cut o:r from tho outside world. A St. Louis & Kansas City passenger train was snowbound at Wavorly. Kan. The railway companies arc feeding tho embargoed passengers on supplies obtained from farmers Only under tho brst conditions can these trains bo released before to-day noon. Private tole- pi-anis from passengers suy there is no suffering, their only fear buinc that thu cool supply may bo exhausted before relief comes. At Fort Wayne, Ind., Friday evening lit 8 o'clock, tho thormoiceter stood at H below, and was fiiliiiiff rapidly. Many shops practically suspended opeivition.s Friday owing to the inability to beat tho workrooms properly. Rn'.h-oad trafllc has beon delayed, and the movement of all trains, both passcngor and freight, has had its attendant difficulties. At Buzzard's Bay, Mnss., president Clove- land's summer resort, tho full sweep of Iho elements wus experienced anil the damaco U great. Tho scone about, tho president's summer home. Gray Gobies, was wild. The prosi- dent'stuvorito calbout. tho Until, was washed away and curried round the point In to Unck river, and is breaking itself to pieces against tho Back river railroad bridge. In tbo vicinity of Pousrillo, PH., tho thermometer ranges Irom 10 to 13 bftlow. Country wagon roads ure impassable, and It will require several days work to cut through the drifts. At Newark. > v . ,T., the surface niilwiiyserv- ica wns utterly paralyzed by thu snow blook- ado. Thousands of New York business muii wero unable to leave their liomas and aiuiiy othor t.lousaiuls wcro unable to ;-cuoh tlielr employmoin, in this oily. Tbo snow drifted 4 and U feet deep. Wor»o Than Mm JJHy.zurU of 1HS<«. NEW YoiiK, Feb. a— Tho great snowstorm that riigod iu this vicinity I'riday was worse than that memorable bllz.-.nn! of March l--lii, In three ways— In wind, tcmper.iture and urea affected. Only la snowfall wus tlio storLi of IsfSgroatcr. The wind uverugoil OOmiles an hour against SO in tho blizzard of IbSS 1 . ih.o teiuiwr- atiiro on Friday hovering, about zc.ro. while la ItiSS it was B above; f>!.» inches of snow fell Friday URalnsi, - feel '.hen. In tho urea of tho Sturm, however, Is the greatest difference uoioft. The blizzard Friday swept almost the entire country, instead of the mure radius of 400 miles around Now York Ihon covered. Tills city was In a tcrriblo condition Friday. Snow was dvlfiud Mf<li In tha streets, t raffle ou surface and elevated linos was impeded, tanks iuiil pipes wore frozen, persons wore overcome by tlio cold, anil frostbitten :iosos, ears and hands wore plentiful. In Brooklyn but few street cars were running, and elovntod roads could not work as well a< usual. Outlying wards* nnrt neighboring Long Island towns wore completely cut off in many instances from communication with, the outer world. Ml of iho railroads entering this city aro practically tied up. A few trains arrived, but they were mostly locals. All mulls arc delayed. Travel Is blocked cvorywtoro. Much suffering is reported. Reports from all over New York stnto sliow that tho storm was ot unusual severity und that tnifilc 'is noarly overywtere greatly iumeded or entirely sus- FEREIES CLOSED. m. •U Beuvor Falls Friday morning Christian Struub fell out of bed and whoa found he was fro/.en to death. At Bellairo, 0., the Ohio river is frozen over and teams are crossing on tho Ice. At Cadi/., 0.. Iho thermometer is 12 bolow and much suffering exists among tho poor. At Davis, W. Vn.. the mercury is 30 bolow zero, tl'.e lowest point ever reacted 1n thai vicinity. Thomas Jcflers, an old resident living 3 miles south of Jollet, 111., was found 40 rode from his home Friday morning frozen stiff, sitting upon the slolgh. Tho horses wore nearly in tho condition of their owner. William Thompson, a farmer of Birch Run, Mich., was frozen to doMh on a load of wood on which ho was driving to Flint. UIs horses stepped ai a country ^.otel this side, of Flint. Two children while ou their way home from school in Oklahoma were lost in a storm and frozen to death. _ __ A RECORD" "BREAKER. An Incident That Sliowrt What ConRrMi Can Do When It Wants To. WASHINGTON, Feb. 9. — The bill appropriating 810,000 for the immediate relief of the suffering- poor of the District of Columbia affords an example of what congress can do when prompt action and dispatch of business are imperative. The bill was introduced in the senate after 12 o'clock Friday afternoon. At a little past 2 o'clock tbe printed eopj- of the bill was back from the government printing- office. It was introduced and passed by the house and at 3 o'clock was ready to be sent to tbe president for bis signature.. Drummem' Bnsrrase BUI Approved. W-ismsoToy, Feb. 3.— The president has approved the act amending the interstate commerce law relative to the issue of a joint interchangeable 5,000-mile ticket with special bag-gage privileg-es, better known as the drnm- mers baggage bOL _ .Found Dead la Bed. EEEE, Pa., Feb. 9.— Hon. Giles Price, a prominent politician, was found dead in his bed Saturday morning 1 . D.e- ceased was a member of tbe Pennsylvania tax commission and has held many positions of public trust in his lifetime. _ _____ , T»"i!I H»T6 «n Add«lonal Jultlce. WASHTS-GTO>~, Feb. 3.— The president has signed the bill providing- for an additional justice in the Seventh judicial circuit. This circuit includes Lndiaaa, Illinois and Wisconsin. Boats at New York Unable to Run on Account of the lea. Vessels Ashore on Long Island- Frozen Floater Sighted—No News of Ua Gascogne. 2fE\v YORK, Feb. 0.—Not a ferryboat On the East river was running- Saturday. The )N~orth river ferries are in operation, but there are numerous delays. The Staten Island fem- is running' its boats almost as usual. The coldest it has been during- the day was 2 degrees above, and ut 11:30 o'clock it was 0 above, with the thermometer rising- and the prospect of warmer weather ahead. The immense quantity of ice in the rivers made them almost, impassable for ferryboats. As> the day-proceeded and the iee be- ca-me somewhat more broken all .tho North river ferries made better tiir.e. For ». time a Desbrosses street ferryboat was fast iu the iee 300 feet from shore with many passengers aboard. On the river Saturday morning tho ferries trave it up as a hopeless job, and us a consequence those who usually take those ferries to reach their work in this city came down to the Brooklyn side of the bridge by the 1- L" road. The result wa.s to give, that road more business than it could well attend to. and every car and train was piicltud with passengers. A Staten. Isliind furry boat, fast in the ice, drifted down as far as the bridge and then slowly made her way back again. iln nil there were live tugs fast in tho ice in the East river, one of them with a. tow. Tliroo Vofirtols A«horo. FAK UOCKAWAY, L. I., Feb. 0.—Tho lifu-savinR- station at Averue reports three vessels ashore, but they are unable to learn their names. News of a vessel being ashore off Fire ii-laud has been received by telephone, and a vessel is reported in distress off Long Beach. It is impossible to fi-et n.ny definite information regarding them; vessels. The wind has subsided, but the temperature is only 0 deprives above zero. Sttlloni Loan Tlioir ilven. FJBE ISLAND. Feb. 0.—So other vessels are ashore in this vicinity but the two schooners already reported. All the crew of the ur,known schooner ara l.o.st except two men in the rigging Saturday morning. The life-saving crew will make an attempt to reach them at low water with :i surf boat. The wind is blowing a gale from the north. I'ruzcn riontor S!f,-!it<!<i. EAST riAiM-TON-, L. I., Feb. 0.—Tho frozen body of a irun is drifting along the south side of Long- Ihland. about half a mile from shore. The body has a cork jacket on. The life-saving crew are unable to get off shore owing to the iue inside of the bar. It is supposed tho body is from the wrecked vessel off Lone Hill station. Sii'.v ;Ni>Il)tn(!; of La GH*«o£rie. NEW YOHK, Feb. 9.-The. White Star steamer Teutonic about which great anxiety prevailed, owing to her unusually long voyage, arrived off Sandy Hook at 5:3S p. m. on the evening of thu Vth. witliin 3 miles of the lightship, but hauled oil shore owing to the terrific blizzard then prevailing. Capt. Cameron ran his vessel 70 miles southeast for more sea- room. The vessel steamed off and awaited the cessation of the storm. The vessel was detained in all twenty- eight hours outside of the bar. All the passengers speak Lathe highest praise of the able seamanship displayed by Capt. Cameron in the management of the steamer throughout the whole voyage of extremely bad weather. No great damage was done, to the vessel. Capt. Cameron says ho saw nothing of LaGascogue and can off er no conjecture on her detention. LONDON, Feb. 0.—The steamer Etruria. from >"ew York February 2, which arrived at Queenstown Saturday 'morning, saw nothing of La Gascogne, but Friday evening, 200 miles west of Fastnet, she supplied a Norwegian bark with provisions. The bark was 1G5 days out from Bangkok and had for some time been, short of provisions. SOUTHAMPTON, Feb. 0.—The steamer Berlin, from Xew York, January 30, which arrived here Saturday morning, reports that" she saw nothing of La Gascogne during her voyage. I>Srectiy rnc*» a F»« Halt. SACRAM.E.NTO, Feb. 9.—Four thousand spectators witnessed the free-for-all trot Flying- Jib and a running mate made a mile in 2:Os'K. Alis went in 2:07% against tide. Directly against time in 2:11. He went to the half in 1:0"', then broke. rg m rhllMdolphla Joweler Uaad. "" PmrADELPIOA. Feb. o.—Simon Muhr, a member of the firm of Henry Muhr's Sons, wholesale jewelers and watch manufacturers, and one of the leading- merchants of Philadelphia, died Saturday morning after a lingering- illness. Rabbits for Denvcr'i Poor. Lo§ AXIKAS, CpL, Feb. 9.—The Bent county annual jack rabbit hunt, lasting two days, resulted in the slaughter of 6,5 - J2 rabbits. The rabbits will T>e shipped to Parson Uzzell at Denver, to 'be given to the poor. WITHIN OUR BOEDER8L Telegrams from Towns and Crcl« In Indiana, Precocious Hoy Thrratoim a Judge. FHA.VKFOKT, lad., Feb. 9. — Ruby Owens, 12 years old, stole S^J from tho house of YV. H. Eobcrts, a farmer neae this cit.y. He was arrested, and beforfl^ Judpe Doynl he admiucd his guilt an<^ 'wild that he had rim away from houut when tie was 0 yenrs of npre and haA beeu a tramp ever «:v.v. AVhen tenced to tho refor:n selsool he sh his fist under the judg-o's nose and rc» mnrkcd: "Wail till 1 pet biff and i'U, knock your l>aM head oft for this." Money That Uclonceil to * Minor. SWKKT HOME, lad.. Felx !>.— WJiil« some boys wore plnyinp- near the rtiin^ of the shanty recently oceupied by Dennis French, the miser who w burned alive a few days ngo, ouo them came across nn old iron pot, which upon beiriR' opened proved nearly full of money, which bolong-ed to the man and which had been bidden^ in the .shnnty. It is undecided ns yctj what, will be done with the money, o« ho iiad no relatives. Charity Unnco Sronoy Not. W»nt«il. ' MAUIOX, Tnd., Feb. 9.--A charity bnl^ was ffiven here by the members of thd Marion Commercial club. The pro* ceods are to be distributed by the Woto- . an's Christian association, nn org'aniza-i tion whose members represent all thej churches. The First Methodist Epls« copal church adopted resolutions dc^ aouncing the ball and requesting- it^ members to withdraw from the asset*. ciation if it accepted the proceeds. " Kobj Club LxiHt-H n Hie Suit. IjfniAXArous, Ind.. Feb. 9.— This Indiana Racing association, as the Koby club is known, lost a suit in the supreme court. The association sought to delay payment of a judgement for 37, J 70. 50 for the erection of. its building's. The supreme court decided that the judgment must be paid raid added damages of about $300 for the (3-clajr. The judgment is in favor of Alexander M. Allen and others. J)I|T lleul Closed. LAFAYETTE, Ind., Feb. 0.— H. I,.. Kramer, tfcncrnJ manager of the la diuna Springs company and of th« Sterling- Remedy company, has bought out his partner, W. T. liarbec. .Th« deal has just been closedin Indianapolis and involves considerably over §100,000 worth of stock. The two men have been associated in business for a num* . ber of years and part on the verj- Ix-sl of terms. _ AD Actor Cowhldeit, IXDiASAi'ous, In.}.. Feb. 9.— Fred Lorraine, nn actor, was cowhided Friday in one of the newspaper offices of tin's city by Mrs. Korth, a resident of one of the suburbs, lie tried to marry' liar daughter, 1G years old, who was a member of his barn-storming expedition last summer. Mrs. North discovered hu had a wife and child living in th ih c i ty - _ Tvo J>Ton Frozen. liuxTiNGTOX, Ind., Feb. fl. — Charles Rcichard und .lacob Frien.stien. cigar- makers, started out for a sleigh rida and at a lato hour were found in a street at the edge of the city so badly frozen they can hardly recover. Uoth have their hands, feet and ears frozen, so they will have to be amputated, even if tho men survive. Brcamo Acctiinory for Six Dollar.. AxDEnsos, Ind., Feb. 0.— The rumor that Cox, tho murderer of Wjlliani Foust last July, had offered Mrs. Ifot- ton, in whose house tjie deed was committed, S20 to keep stUl, has been vcrl- fled. Mrs. Botton, however, received but 8C- George Crull, another aucca* pory, has been arrested. Mourned for Dead, !• Allvo. MuyciB, Ind., Feb. 9.— Several years ag-o Lewis A. Royer mysteriously dla- appeared from his home, and later it wa» reported he had been killed in Colorado. He has since been mourned a* dead until Thursday, when a letter was received from him at Springfield, I1L Hmothcred to Death. MTTXCDJ, Ind., Feb. 9.— Mr. and Mrs. • Lewis Fuson upon awakening in th» morning- found their infant daughter between them cold in death. The child hud not been sick and there is cvidcnc* that the child smothered to death. Ice C>orr« Sixty MUCH JEFFEHSOXVII.I.E, lud., Feb. 9.— An ic« gorge on the Ohio river 60 miles lonjf endangers 2,000,000 bushels of coal, which, it is feared, will be sunk when the gorge moves. Charged with Shootln(t 0oc«. BRAZIL, Ind., Feb. 9.— James Jackson, a prominent farmer living near this city, was arrested for going to 3. \\. Butts' farm and shootinjf tw«lr» hogs. _ _ DAynUJ!, Ky-, Feb. 9.— Prof. J. W. Harris, of Xenia, O-. a guest of Harris' hotel at Crab Orchard, Ky., discovered. the building on fire and alarmed tha inmates. He saved his own trunk, helped save other property, and then. dropped dead from heart disease. Bad Ye»r for C«n«<l<»- MoyrEEAi, Can., Feb. 9.— At the ui- . nual meeting- of the Toronto board of trade the retiring president, Hugh. Blain, said that the last year was on« of the most disastrous and nnsatl*- factory ever experienced in the history of the confederation.

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