The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 17, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 17, 1934
Page 1
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ER '** xfi tHj Hem BlyUwrtlle Oeurter V* Uey Le«d«r Blythe'rtlle Her»W LYTHEVILLE. ARKANSAVMQNDA.V, S:NGLE COPIES FIVF CENTS MEN ASK Christmas Miracle Japan Sees Military Motive in Canal Plan Selling Develops on Bankhead Vote Disput TOKYO ' Dec 17 UJPJi— -Fiji Ajiinu forelfn offic- -,|>ol(e<iiiaii , I indicated veiy strongly lodaj fhal ! Japan would rpgnid 'American BEFORE: This Ls Ellen. She is 2 years old, one of six; children of n jobless, penniless laborer. ,Sha looked like this when charity worker! visited her parents' home^vvhleh had burlap sacks stuffed in the windows and strips of cardboard in the doors, to keep pill the coU Ellen had never-had a doll, a new dress, a-pleasantly fn'll dinner, or any or the other things tint i child is supposed to get without/ foi them This pjcturo was printed in a newspaper AFTKR—and Ihls is what >.!li-n Icoked like 54 hours later, after the 'pcopbof hoi- city had a chnnce lo'shov.' thnt thoy know what tlw Christinas spirit ts. Ellen is fresh nnd ...elf art in a new dress, now. she hns-doMs. ami she can smile the way si'chlld, ought lo smile, one! you can.look at her Die-lure without lying awake nights, nflerwnrrt. Somebody.-asked her 5-year-old' brother who did all this. "No." he wild "it wasn't Sanln Claus. It was just a lot ot good people" which, of 'course, mcnm exactly the same Uilng. EDITOR'S NOTE: TliMf Uro plclmer. vrera fsken fn Cleveland hy The Cleveland Press. 1ml the moral llicy applies to HlyUievIll? or anj- other city In the ivoiM. Ton ran help Hie Onoifeilows tft work Siich miracles liece. 64,228 B^les Ginned in Pemiscot County A.K, Mo. Dec. V! — ^mlseot county ginned GJ.228 bales of 1934 00 i (on pr i 0 r to December i, according to XTaUry .,, rccor - special representative, 01 me censn., bureau In this co'tlnly. Tills Is low thnii 1,000 bales be- L r " V- H . < - c date last year, 63.099 bales had beeiy ginned. •'• most htls ton galiered. - there is yet some- scrap Cotton lu the Refuses Other Comment on Reported Resignation of Biff Jones BATON nOUOB, ;,n., Dw. IV. (Ul'»—se'nnlor lluey p. I/>ng dons- n'l Intend to ask any favors ol tile Roosevelt administration, he- said loilay In illsciLssing (he resignation of.Coach LOV.T.-H™ O. Uilfl) Hf.l: ' . . .' . . "1 would Imvc (o want something pretty bad to ask the Roosevelt administration for it a^ [his time," said Long after disclaiming any l:nov,'le-dge of Jones resignation' "recepl wlmt I r?ad In the- Campus reports said .Tones '. refined following an argument with long- during the. [.oiilsinnn 3!nte- Cvegon football game Saturday I.07ig wanted to address the I,. K. U. players and Jones forbade it Subsequently he was. reported to hive ti-ined In.his resignation'to President James Monroe Smith. Loi-g declared, today that Coich Jones was kept at L.- s. U. by' lli° war department lost spring "on my inquest." He said he (old the B'nr ceparlmenl "they couldrn " "itn pvvaj fiom us during the training season Tnrj hart issued in order as. signing him to another post an-l I got Ihem lo. revoke the order. At the time I promised I wouldn' isi them again sUhough I told t 1 cm we wanted him to stay here f J it lens,, five yeirs consli Mellon nf a NlnunRimii as" a imely mllltaitstlc n>o\n • <• "U I<i 111 elj to r-reale the 1 Irn- piesslon oinong TajwiiP'!*) 'that Ameilra L' sun cnfoiclng ho Oar- iin polle.y in Central America.'*' Aman remarked. ' llR-|70lhte<l olit-lhnl.lie eoiiBlder- M ihi l^naiim rinal itdpqimle- Co handle all cominenMril trafftii "anil Intlmnlnt Hint,; a 'Niearagimn ranai, would have slr.ateglo value nijly . Captuieci Ganger and Two Others Accused of Biooklyn Robbciy iNpi/NAPorra~Tnd rx'c 17 UP) lom Touhj of (he nolorl nn Totfhy gang Joseph Burns DUllnger gangster^ enptuted over He veek end, and Dlek D»y a laioled Indiana convict were-nam ea lodij <i« ring lead c u In' the v4270CO Brooklyn nrrrwrcd car cirrcAoo n t c n cup-osa lUlhorltlcs announced todaj that cceph Burns escaped Indiana .tiler and one or the lasl sunH 113. members. of the John Dllllngor ang nil) bt ' tunud over to In- lana authorities. . .The 41-yj-ar-old outlaw,' seized in south side flat', was "one of ten onvicts who shot their way out >f the stnto prison n[ Michigan Jily, Iml., on September 25. 1!H3 Chief Postal Inspector Waller lolmson. \vho pnrticipntod in a Oklahoma City Attorneys Accused of .Handling Uvschel Ransom Money OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla.,; Deo 17! (UP)—Federal authorities 're-' vailed . (pday that i^-o prominent attorneys, Ben B. Lask'a and .Jnmes C. Mathers; of Oklahoma City, had ijeen IndlclFd on charges of ."overt iicls", In connection, with handling of Urschel ransom money. Byron Rogers of the Dnited Slates district attorneys office at Denver s'jld the lasers would be liable to prosecutioTi under the Lindbergh law with a maximum sentence of life Imprisonment if convicted. In announcing the grand Jury action federal authorities said this move marked the opening or » e-impaign against attorneys who sponsor guide advise and pro tect the members of the underworld In their criminal operations.' The Indictments "charge that aska and Mathers accepted $8000 of the ransom money County Already 0 v e. r- ' crowded With Farm Workers, They Declare 11V MAX STURM Xiiri-lnl CorrM|Kiiiilrnl ' 1M.YTI. Mo., Dec. :n.-MVIIh V.51 ji'mlllrs ulmtdy on lellff rolls in -" scot Coiinty. the mnyoi-s '. of' three largest lowus In tin•y Joined loitay In n warning lo destitute farm people ,,, othcr seclloiw of '• Missouri nnd other slices to stay away 1 , ffom this ter- Jllory when seeking mild to cultivate next year. ' Trip : warning ' followed reports irom: landowners Mint already people 1 from the. Missouri Ozarka Arkansas,. Tennessee, Mississippi' Alabama- and other southern stales' ore coming Into this section : of S™^,* 1 '^ **> s >iy "tfitiy. -- t National SiO.fiQo; and $12,000, Thjv bnmlll.s, . •iiildilli'-niicd anil IK; I. \vvolKhln,. about I7f, pound" i-i.Kwd Mm luink soon nfW II opened. , • "• «m.i nv l. LUllUV ' OVd' ™" H ". ''^"'''""if 'I" 1 sll'tui oi Some BO'irrrs clntmcd thnt in "It'r 10 kwp:ii,p „,,(, n, 0 Mn . Iwo-thlnK mnjoillj vole I) Labor Pederalion Head •Blames Recognition o{ Soviet Russia' • WASHINaTON, Dec 17 (OP)— President Wllllhin Or'een -o( the Amp ncan, Federation of Labor In Hits Jionse Nft7t In- i!r™J™!*' n ™ » <«P>- cnnlrnt net (;n\v j wfi! T! ils '* n '«i'~«"«rr »> iinc nl Iho,.stale i ! iioiinppil tn'dny, ,,hd .-.,....,.„ .,, of psrcels Hiver wiiiuii was only lightly. -,'"•"!'"" >» MID House Nazi In- l>y th.e drouth, In search 1'uiT today that tlw admlnlstrn- 1s of the teitllp Mississippi - [(0 "'s vecognllion or 'the Soviet "•,".' 'J 3 *' M ln| n land which Kt unl °" WBS Partially responsible for Wlr seii£o;m will produce a bale or '*' e e 1 " 0 '"'"' of • the communlat "bale nnd.n half of cotton per j mn vcmcnt. • , - clf> ' ' Iro ""'""•> recognition to* the ""-" helped the movement. r " nd wns Would Avert Sufferlni Goodfelloivs Hove Alieacly Received $)33 in Cash Lnntvibutidns Follonlng Is , ttl nmg issued n B a ,T n s " 1(1 t! " rj " e )lk '« '"?, '°^f B a W HaUiCanth " y lhnl com ™"lst grouDs of th e clubs nuances nc ln the majors or HaVl Canth Mn cny lhnl c °™nunlsl •Ule nnd Steel? WK nU «»'l"lnB to bo« 1,1 nnd 3«e lo the fact lhat people of tnm, ° Atne " cful r " other states: have noiirpd In , Js uuureu in i The communist ... rnsh lo Hie Qoodfcllovvs >i scheduled lo strut B O West m clmrge this rr/ n i mi to Pemhcol county to live i re I Tle COII1I cent yean a farm land and hous c ? > " 1try oro ™ h thh 5 e»r , mo ?c to Ibli actio ttl " " nltc ™™<* o Ibi action .erous dracul ^TT ° Iem *"" »ll) present themselves and larize ? sllbmlll «l to the cotnmllteo "umbers of rnmlllK will "L , he d . ocumenlar >' =vidinc<. that hi said forced upon relief agcnde for ", TO ? d c p mmunist c(fcrU! to "'" food and Shelter ^ deimlne Iradr unionism ' I tliat hp hnd Jivcti $133.04. The club sv 111 nerd In llils nnd unless Qbl\ lie n de the American V" "-"'nstmn-i eve of a Qrecn Mid l^slcl to ed Iem *" M, :> ncc ^ """ the cotnmllteol Following are tin, cnsh contrl . button, up to this nwming w t Iu!effl< -_-.,^ ^been who : and Car Collide at Valnft^and Firsl uri-on Tailor shop (nick by I »onnrd Holt nnd n to iccomoda New Piesident Plans Ae- gressive Program the Yeai Ahead for <•• -nisi oecomlng depleted •'"-" »/ ' -uimro jion nnti n 5M are flndiiig it difficult. 3!!" •. owncd Mld <lrlven W , s ? m , odate people Already here **'"'•£ m &° tenant fnrmer 1 col- In view of these faeU and witli "> s<1 at tll(1 Inlersccllon of Wnl- the* thought nm] purpose to ure nl>L ! ' tltl Pir<!l - ' itroj ' li lllts leni destitution nnd suffering^ in ' m ^i ^nipB'liQ holli trutk a r^'^L^ 1 ^, ?• "W Apia CO -!' 1C ?S, f-irm locatlins i Standing committees Jo handle iftnou branches or Clumber of Commerce acthltj during 1931 have announced bi W J vVlin I -lerltch, pre-Ident j Ever Additional special committees Throlishout Bill be nnrnea from lime to tune ever> farm Director- of the Chamber of and jommereb, for the Immediate fu- ten lure at 'least, ivill meet weekly 'to ing develop 'a'program' through which ' Mr. .Wunderllch hopes to'make the organization of to ness lo lho comm •oilM lo -ire prfpnred to live without "re 1161 fill! (Signed) JOHN H WJLK8 Mayor of Haytl, D D PINION Major or Carulhersvillc NEWBEHBY JOHNSON Mayor of -' pull of Mta m Fllsl ttrcet lli ,i n!e ss thev ° n Woln1 "' P o)lc ' ! morn and cat wns traveling north ! car, «ost B«rn C lt P E b w w * 1 " 1 Dor, n POAI t Ih™ thews RnMolph Smitli Brcgdon R s PrcvosC Moll, I, L Smith SKeach, a D Kav LJpvd SttcUncn, 60 cents a tt P le <J rtUally /CCIP As Chrktims draws nearer the spirit of the "evnu lui-reas es aurl most of u^ begin thinking of how we mav make the season one of jiy and happi ntss for others.'It" a season of wlnle ' lor s tin ~ occupied ?U/ng-a season cf dofn r thin .'"«"'»?• The .people of El ' 1V ° bef<>rp ' , a - 'cotton ">'«ve a iken to Indiana sometime today. Johnson said he as "quite cer- aln" thnt Burns was involved in he $427.000 armored car robbers' n Brooklyn. N. Y., last August 21. Pecan Tree Worth $1000 I.A PORTE, Tex. (UP)-A. Jlflil- dooii, justice or the peace, owns a five-year-old pecan tree valued at $1,000 and which produces pecans measuring 5'G Inches In circumference. He said the tree "just grew." He said a crow or some other bird nilght have dropped the se'fUlmg pecan near his home. \ViIson and Rice Attend Trial of Murder Suspect * ' ' ._ Sheriff Clarence. H. Wilson nnc! Police Chief Ed Rice are in Clarendon, Ark., today for the trial of Green Phillips, negro slayer of n, railroad special agent. . ' Phillips was - captured, by local! officers, railrond syrccln! ngciits and police nl Cairo. III., after he had! eluded officers here. j The slayitigr, for which Ihe negro .Is facing a first degree murder charge,' occurred Hear Clarendon. The local officers : have. been called to Clarendon ns witnesses, Asks Helo in Finding Puppy Which Bit Child cooperation of BlythevlHe people In the recovery of a puppy wlilch-,disappeared 'after biting his son was asked today by J. c, MeHaney, 102] West Walnut. Mr. McHaney said lie had no reason to suspect that the dog was suffering from rabies but that he desired to find H and keep It under observation to make certain. He is offering a reward.' The puppy bit several oilier dogs Saturday and when Joe Billy McHaney tried to Interfere It bit'him. Saturday night It disappeared. The puppy, about 11 weeks old, is a' female, part fox terrier, white with . brown spots. fls hair .is a little longer than Is usual for' fox terriers. 'It li vather Int. : ' ' m unity -problems... The standing cbmmlllccs are: Finance:—W.. L. Horner,- chnlr.- nan, Charles- Pcnn, Jack Apple- >num, J. L.- Cherry, Russell Fftrr, '. B. Joyner,. Max B. Reid, Rupert, Crnftoh, E. M. McCnll. Membership: — Oscar Fenriler, chairman. Jefr Roland. Chude Cooper, R. J. Dodson. C. R. Babcock. C. H. Wilson. A. O. Hudson Murray Smart. Wilson Heiio'. Horace WalpoK Budget:—W. \j. Horner. chair, man, u. S. Branson, c. s. Lemons ) Industrial:—Max B. Reid, chairman, c. W. Amick, Joe Tsaoas, R B. Estes. AgrloiiHiiml: — C. W. Affltck chairman. Planning:—c. R. Babcock, chairman, O. O. Hardovvay, O. O. Mub- bard, C. A, Cunningham. ERA Work Projects: — U. Branson, chairman. opporlunlty to help someone. Wheir'goliig- alwut your Chifclmas shopping, bear in mind -tliat there ire many of Upon Ihe relief program for their Hyitif, and liiere will be. nn • Christmas In many of, thKc homes unless the people" nf Elyfhevllle nse those Htllc two cent stamps lhat arc al- l.-vclicd lo the Relief Scrip. Use throughout season, \Vllson a West Federal Coinprcw n f~i- _ . ^*- »•*«* Pollard, ft ford; char dairies, ira Craw- nn* ! " 11 * Ross A E CrltZ each j e5s oaeh Dai, cents each ksBHing day «? Broods collection nt union servlc" SIZE jpins Hundreds'. An csted in Diy IP Purge Nation of Sex- tm) AEmormahly BERLIN, Dec. 17 (UP)— Adolf S. Ready to Start Hayti Waterworks Project HAYTI, Mo., Dee. 17.—Work on! a PWA project Involving the'ex-! tension and Improvement or Hay-. It's wtterworkR system was scheduled to start today. The cost will be $20,500 and only locnl labor will be employed. . '. -' '.>'• ••' • Judge's Son Bound Over in Oklahoma City Crime TUIjSA, Okla., Dec. 1? tup)—-| Phillip : Kennamcr, son of a fed-1 era! .court'.judge, was bound 'over today'for district court trlnl on.»t charge of murdering John (Hot-roll, , . — prized possession or 'Alonzo Brooks is a pair of lady's slippers estimat- tlle n pervcr- Hints of the magnitude or the movement came last week when the secret police visited cafes bars •estnurams and S0 me private homes, building up evidence ngnlnsl- n class described bv Htt- '">' as n meuticc to the race In the tolls of tho police. It was earned, were many prominent citizens, some previously holding high office in Nazi organizations. More thnn 100 or the prisoners were MM to i,,u e UDen member.-! or the Nazi pjrtv Scores or suspecUj. It vvai learned, apparently were warned or the coming raids and fled into the provinces or across ihe border to Switzerland. OFiEGISlftE "'" rmfii Levy Would Place of Present 3-Mijl Slate School Tax UTTLE ROOK,~DCO 17. (UP)A inMinum tliree per cent Kales '•": loptarhg the thice mill slati '"ol levy, was uppioved bv rimli- ncn of rein ^taip eduiatlonal tn- 'Odatlons. moetlng (oilay wiih Ihe .tale board or education to out- Hnc school legislation to Ue Eiib- niitlcd to Ihe ijeneral oisemblv in Jnnuni-y The outline was submitted to Oov .1 M Futrell Drfails of the proposed sales fu «lll be detetmlned at further di?'»« this afternoon and the wait win b. submitted lo a "-1 committee oi the cooperat- ins o'eanlzoiionB here Fridaj ihe Arlansns Council of Pnrpnt ueljer nssodatlons, Oie. ArUn- >a • • ueatlon nwoeiatlon, the Ar- l-ahcns rsfleratlon of Teachert •""• "- County E^amlnm sre elation ore Lcard In preparing the" Oilier legislation Favored Three other proposed Llll- v'oi Id carry out the three-point, prog,!u!. 01 commlsslonei of Education W nt the meeting tho for fin- schools lu j!— To provide for reduction of school Indebtedness 3 —To provide for n program ol co\mty supervision ' JV"* UX bl " ttollid P>o.° '- lle , Avenue, n budget super- oil bill would allocate the money, and n fourth measure "' throuehtl,e fn pU ' cl i" scti ,*% not exc- nt of tiie 5Cho ° 1 ^ r ""'."".the money ^an.emergVncv school and «,^ rerria!,™L" te mavimum |8-)rtill It 5 no , Folnt to Revenue Droo' ' - hq sales tax could be repealed In t«o iears if it ,h oM p ro ™ jm» isfactofy, the ednciW reminded They pointy out lh at |a ?m,ni V t " d0pled " ««h *parent good lesults ' *p' . . school revenues dropped from Board Orders r Savings Interest Cut >- l 'H hoicbjcMe . . "Ml-ve gel Jmn |/ic W train or the <•... . . IbQfilfn'. unaprtarnry* ~~' . • • A. M. E. Church to Hold Annual Conference Here The Northeast annual confsr- enee of the African ilfethodlst Episcopal church (nagro) will convene here Wednesday, December 26, at Enoch Chapel A M E church at ths end.' of the ciu bus line. Bishop s. L. Greene, of Little Rock, will be the presiding officer, and will be assisted by Bishops Moore, of Holly Springs, Miss ot fha C, M. E. church, and W A Fountalne, of Georgia, of the A M. E. church. Nearly a thoil- sand delegates and visitors are expected, including rnaliy leading negro churchmen from various parts "of tne country. The conference will close the Sunday following, when . Bishop Greene wM announce appointments of ministers. --,-. Reduction of maximum interest nles on time'and savings deposits in banto from 3 to 2 Mi per cent effective February 1^ was ordered today by the federal reserve board The board expected Ihe reduc 1 " lion would have two effects 1—Encourage depositors to divert their funds to bonds, mortgages and olher securities payirik higher Interest rates' S— Bring a decline in the cost or bank loans. Hayti Youth Succumbs In Local Hospital Ednard Brogdon, 14-jear-old son of Mr and Mrs Ben ferogdon of Haytl, Mo, succumbed at the Blv- Ihevill" hospital jesterdpy The youth was brought to the hospital Saturday In a serious condition srith' a fractured skull, tald lo . have hsen sustained in an WEATHER Arkansas— Probably . showers In routh portion tonight and .'.'Tuesday. Coldsr In extreme 'south and west cenlral portions Tuesdi'> Wanner In north rwtlori Ti.^^dsy Memphis and vlclmtj— Proba h !y occasional rains tonight .. No decided change in tsrn- perature. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 59, minimum 12, cloudy vuth 32 of an Inch rainfall last hlght, according lo Samuel P NQrrtS, official wttUhtr observer ' ^ ' >

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