The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 17, 1937
Page 3
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MARCH 17, 1937 BI.YTHEVHJLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Spring Styles On Spanish From' Branson House Leased, by Company Headed by Clarence Wilson > The Holl Funeral Home, a nej, 1 unclerial!Ing company formed bv local men. will bc-Bln operations April 15 in the A. M. 1!. liraii- son house, nero'S lr«i>i Die ixrt- ofrice on West Walnut :;ticcl Clarence Wilson is pi f.sidcnt of the new firm, Samuel C. owrn : s vlcc-|iresidenl and Fmesl M. Holt is .secre'.arv and tre^.si'rc-r. nir-;-- tors will be ainiontic-ed ''foDowi-r' a Jiieetin-{ Inter this- --el:. The Branson hon;e will \K corr- pletely lemcileleci Into a ja-,r|,' r 'funeral home, il has bW V- nounced. 'Die fio"nds vi'| I- landseawd, a new <>.riv--v(ij made, the exterior pninipd whit," nml new earajcs nnd altsndaius' houses ercrtcrt at (lie rear. The interior will be real-ranged for a large chapel, a pj-lvat'.' r>d- Jolnlng roflm for vise of lnm!'k'i. a rcceiJllon room and ofTiccs On the second floor will b; an aiiart- ment. display rooms and slor-' nee. The company lias a longtime lease on ,lhe building. I Mr. Holt, who'\viil be in charge of the new business, came here II years a-?o to become associated with the Cobb Umlerlakin-'! company after having been con-' nccted with similar firms at Chicago ai * has bee years. The personnel of the linn will tc announced later. In making ihc announcement Mr. Holt said: "Wo plan to give the people of Blytbevillc and surrounding Arjrlnst Clinn.fcr, THREE lieiw; liy nou-.l \v:\!en, II ,vn" ntlv: ovicli-ncv h;\ : | !):>?!) oirow;! inil'iwt- UUE lo ^!iO',v t.'"M lii: 1 ii'.^io:'s .sini- !>'y card [cr rii'ny njiniuls untl "n:!i- ii'.i (•:'.•:•( r.. .-..|l or clUrvr i U:tl lii- :!.iir v.ltUI: .•: M.vtln- n'ja!n ul tlie liomi- of Mrs Uilv,-. .-hier Jn r,(is Am;i'l;:s, they '•'••I'lv r i<iiijTl-(l auij in vi- n:UtriiL'd " I '('I' 1 I j.-mer luiUK' hi-re. In Australia more coiipltt =cp- I'l'iUi 1 In Hit twenty-fourth year of mini-hire than In the nrst, nr>. coriJluu to dlvorco f.tiitlslles. ' ' NW I,..,!,,! j| in. iViirt-. >f ( ,iu,| ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SIR VICE BUREAU DON KmVAHDi, rrojirlrim ill.',, )f Itrtiuiti •|y|)i-irrlli>rv A>l.lln« Mlllllnr, and (:;itciil:dors—lii'ii.ililiij-furls—Ulljiionj 'I Tin: natty l'.]:p:aiii!ice ol l^yunsii rob: 1 tnicij/i 'i:: n l Irndillon. 'Ilie Moms ilefu v.'hr, Insurgi'ii; picturesque in white Unbans unit robis. Tho.s: a I ri'lit i: ok K, vlctc.i-ioi:s fishtcrs I'lUcrin.j iv.pinu'd Ma!ir:u. The r muii,-,,!., nnd stu'l liclmotti iniliiKlL' iui ivlth similar firms at Chi- ' " \ ntl Newport, Venn. He P-' ,,' , „ TO • t •n an undertaker for 16'L.iVl.C ailfl OOCItll Vie For Stmu !%ht Award sain? service they territory the would receive If they lived hi much larger city. Sometime ii the future, an organ will bo installed in the chapel, ^vhlch will . he open for funerals at all time.i. We will have two ninbiianccj for 2'1-hour sen-ice and will endeavor to render service which is fiUins on such an occasion." Jerry Cohen Tops , High School Honor List for 1st Term Jerry Cohen led the senior hi"li school honor roll for (he first term i of the second semester with 14>> ,,iiorior points, according to an announcement at the high school today. Tied /or second place with II 1 '. points were Cecil Branson, Hildred Bunch 'unfavNprma Crowe, followed closely ty -Marion, Tori,pkins •with 11 '; points and Fan-is H'Kh- arrison with ll". Others with six or more honor poijits were: Bonnie Jean Buchanan, Junnita Gschwcnd and Amy Ruth Morris, ]0',i;, Virginia Li[tj e Sue Ramey, John Sanders nnd Marjorie Wan-en, 10; Helen Hood 9'.i; Elizabeth Abraham, Mary Eunice Layson nnd Marjorie Mays 0; Betty Ebcrtlt and Glenn cila McLeod, 8:<j; Russell Fan-, Billie Lcggett and Jewell Rice. 8; June McAdams, 7',1; Virgie Mae Abbott and Phe ivfarie Koonce, 7; Elizn- beth Btixter. Charles Martin Odie Rice and Clint Wheat, C'/-: Sara Pnuline Evrard, Alice SaliVa. ami Jay Smith, G. Making less than sis honor points but qualifying for honorable mention were: Mary Jo Bucli- annn, Marian Caldwell, Billie Craig. Harry Cloyd. Patty June Davis, Doris Delk, Elizabeth Edwards, Alice Jane Hester, Pauline Hilbuni. Vida Bunn Jackson Ho wars" Moore, Henry Mucry' Helen Phillips. Run, Rhodes Elolse Ramey. Thomns Seay, Joyce Soniers, Leon Stafford Jay Smith. Juanita White »nd Ixircne Widner. 'J'lie pro-rajn for the C-iminmiity Stunt Ni g ;-,t program, to ba s;>3ii- ?ou-d by i::e Ejiiloi" class DI th? city lii»]i school Friday night :\' the high .school auditorium. l:a: ce?n announced, prfees of 53, fj. Ri'.rt S2 will b'^ given for th? th::: icu 5 -"" ts - L-rcy Hro'.vn. who (nil t!!:.:ir,!- the "youn-i men's (," T.v.' p. K. o. rlia;jl;r v.ili !>>-:->m ( "L:i R:i:i Ton Eiit?" :; i Be .inly salon." The Unit ! ;c:s of the Coni;-:I»r:v.-y a (cr Troxy Biidcgrooin Sueil v\ rtOSTON (DP)—Miss Marlon c . FmigtH is seeking n divorce because she is now Mrs. Rea instead uf Mrs. Mitchell. S'nc ivas engngcd lo marry Glen Mitchell, n sbnal- "ian in tr.e Navy. But Mitchell couldn't obtain shore leave, so lie ffnt Quariermnstcr Rea as a proxy oridegrooni. .'.!:•.•••> Mi:y runic. ._. _ ... Howen anil L"on S:nilh h:i Icaclinj volts i:i a skit. • ::i-bi will Tiu u:-l:'.i'5 will b? a.v.iid: i l:n- m-:lial;li- ni'i?r 1,'ie Inst stun:. Mi'i Bull M-.IS Kinnlnjham is chairmn'i o! (ha mcmo.-ial lu:-J. in M.iiiCD tliU Pi-3=;cds from til? ailalr wi'.l go insmorial. which the st'tihr cla'i.i '.vlll give the school tills yen-. T'.ie program promises to b: a ?ay ons wiCi versatile entertainment. Miss Virginia Li'tle, wh.. is chairman of trie pi 031:1111. will irate the aiinotiiueiiisiit "Abair:! tnr Fiinlmid" to op;n the prajnm. Mrs. Anne Stev?ns PDtt»r nnd My--; Bryan will present a skit. "Wire 1'rouble." The lujh s.:too; Parent- . - _ feather Association has r.vranjeil a ! cne °' the usual amsnilbs of ;'no-.v, "Fashion Glow tram Duvn |'" ' nt ' capital. '-•i Du?!:" for a "Prophecy of j" Tpi-iiiT." Tris will be followed' by u I »rn „ -ttiut by ir.; Business and frohs- I «A@fS y • V/omon' s club. | np-a .P?ulii:« uini''wil^g'ive a liinic] ^-SSSM "lim'Je.:-, mcm'jDi-i cf th; .Su;lljiirv - Parsnt^Teach?!- Assac-ialion «-iil ;lvc "Pun hj- a Mothers' Chorus." iinder (he direclion of Mrs N»ill Hc;d. .Tiiis will be folbaed by n vr.ich is a secret. Misses M:i;jorie .Varr»n and Evelyn Smart will yiv • r playlet, "Tlie Acid Test," for tilt' Cliildrsn of Ihe confc-Jeracy. Mrs. Siiossll Fun-, Mrs. Paul L. Tipton. snil Mrs. Oc:;rg? jr. Lcc wilt sin^ or the Woman's club. "Wanted—a Secrsfnry." is (lie :ubjsct of the skit to b; givsn bv t-ne Central Ward P.-T. A~, bD'orj thi- Rotary club prints i'u co-i- tribiilioii. Ths I,an;? p.-T. A. will Present "Quintuplets at Play." S:outs of Troops 33 and 33 hav arranged an ciglit-rin; circas. Fallowing the circus th:ru will b; a election by Robert, Heeder, Tonimv Hawkins, Ahin Hun'man jr.. ant! 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