The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 15, 1934
Page 6
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FIELD DUELS i Cunningham's 4:06.7 Mi Biggesl Feal; Touenc Skyrocketed Shot Figui BY JIMMY JXmmii: .NBA ' Scrvlfe Snnris Writer NEW YORK — The truck an field season of 1934 can te sun mod up by relating the re.wll of Die duels' between 1)111 Don fhron, Princeton, ;iiid . Olnn Cimhlniiliam. University . of Kan BOS, • famous Hitlers, and lirla'M .Jock Torrancc of ixMihiltma Kin arid. John Lyirmn. Stanford, slio nutters. These- four follov/s provided th fireworks of an otherwise dill year. The compefltfcti between Ilieir resulted In a 4:00.7 mile by Gun ningham, which finest, lit aividual feat of the year, and ii ,the shotpul record '• being sky rocketed to 55 feet. Hi inches bj Torrancc. Cunningham andi Bonthror started their match races on Fob 17, In (ho New York Athletic Club get together. Trie Tiger Illinium-} broke t}ic:i.i|>3 nhcittl of the Jny- hawker on thai occasion, Incher being his margin of tJUoiy In the Baxter Mile. The'. following' race, Feb. ' 24, went to Cunningham. Oleim cam- back In -a ilcry finish to take-tlr national Imlour 1500-melor run from Bonllirpn by nearly the /wme margin .'us. he himself went •down to defcil the \c--k previous. Another notable .event of this national' Indoor meet, was establishment of a new Indoor broad .jump .murk by Jesse Owens. Ohio State's dusky freshman, who leaped 25 feet, 3V1 Incite. i " Win Wilh Warne SHOP EARLY Only 7 More Mopping . Days Until Christmas •''•• V r -f3»^JA. I'.tL'fMe • /orKiddies VISIT OUR TOYt/AND Big stock of new toys of all kinds at I'ARKHURST'S for H A JACOBS PARKHimsT CO. ' +-:'*. +' !) 'Mile M.nrk CliH's On March' 19. Cunnlrisham, hi n race with Oene Z"nzVe shattered (lie Pransvlvnnii Iceman'-! i»o-\enr old inilncr mile iccord of 4:U>. ';fcnjimine -around the boards :dnrin" thn K. of'C. meet in New YorV in 4 84 The next mfcltiiw Let^pm Bflhthrrm and ; Cunningham came .lime 1C when thev lonortrd at Princeton in .an; invihlionnl meet, This \MIS to bf Bill's I'lcalcst nec^ I lit II turned out to l>e Ilio h^sl M* or rontiiuc CunnUi»hfi"i lh<- "l»i«n Dillon" eioi <1'<1 OlP"»i hofil. T*rml>rpn hv '4rj vnyis In, tbo fnslf^l mile t>V"r ro'fotdivl In hl«frv He unn rioeiml In 4 IV 7 tiontini! Inrk I.rwlOCVs world mark or 4 07 G rot the yeir bcfoi-c II was In DiU snme meet Ih'rH hln?'iiff Ttfn Fastman iMmonated Stanford inmipr e<;tqM";\iKl a ji/iw n<*rM record of 1 4B8 tor tlie r">lf.rh11ii. Tll» PniilVtnTI Clllmlliahnil) fOllr] ti«;i *hlffod lo th- west const WbAn evprvono uns wtilchlns ci'noini'hnm foi another iccord performance In tlu> mile ot Die W C A A mi>ol In Los Aui-elcs, June X) Tlnntluon wlm hnd bcr-n 111 im fo tli<> (line or llir> rnee, rip«-s n rt th« \vp<jic'n*r ni tl»c holn ft «ir»icVi nnd won \j\ nine \ards In 4 fw Q Tr, IM. mn n l |1 „ ,,„„, «,,,„,„ nf ' On Tlie Outside Looking In By "DTJKE" WhIW lilts, Stride " Orvlllc White, the St. Louis, pro; 10 picked u|> Ills ball niices : faded In the open staged hero 'early this foil copped thlid place money in the 4'$n,..possible dial Hoffman can Maiid'.'thc'.gart much longer. ;'"6h, the commission.";'.will stand for anything, if the proper strings are pulled," replied Bner. "Any. tiling Is possible in this racket. '"You said I'd neve'i-.bc chain-1 plou If I didn't quit running around' nnd live like Simple SI- moii. but- there r nm." : Baer then stressed the novelty -his big Idea,' and explained kind of FT suhsKniitlni amount copped thlid place money in the I" »• ,," ^staiHta!amount recent $12500 Miami tt'la.) Open . r ''" ttlnB . tll(! st »E °» somcrxxly White aov rarardwl OK n,,,' n r ' ln .._ 19A> : • ' .",'•' White %nv regarded as 0110 of ,.T the classiest golfers in the field fnt . .J^n "^ L "f y ln •"""»«' nartlcipnting in the $soo event, he went on • ' P ' ? '" -"What did you think of him?" "He cot n draw with Levlnsky." hcic and wii r, tourney favorite befoie the big <vcnt got underway. As It turned out While was-slm-' not 'hot' during i.he . com- "Yos, but what did you think of him?" "I kept that to myself, hut this petition here but he had all the appearance nnd shots 'of a bin , V^ """' '" "W*". "lit nils llmr- golto - V s wjial it was. I thought; '60 this ^. - Is Hie »iiy who wants-to fight; me "Trratln," Clay Courts ' ^"L^'lfl. l \^, K ^° ^ tc l' spe n light- liKC that?' ' -,- -— ••••* l_/*»jr \jtSUI 1$ Marvin ' Soak" Sanderson, basketball conch at Dell, rural; school near heie State and unit former Ark Southwestern colleee ' student, is credited-/ with ' v,,^ one" at u icccnt coaching .class at Jonesboro, . - . : . a .light like that!' Wav to-Make Bair : Work ' ' ;', record • reads well. After he holds ' 'decisions over But Steve out:' That's • -• — - ^UU' Ill, «ij tlj to keep it In K 6b,] Briilp{ ,;» r"n>i<Hl t)ip " !!""• tn n , pf nhirh ^ prirl ' c'o ' wwind -In the 220' W* nf'n *\t<if!i yarrt run lew )n<rd]_.. Judges nrpvfnpslv hnd zlwn him n nev, irtork of 2? 7 second 1 * but when Pictures from Hie HPC- trlwl camera u«rc dn\et<in»d rf(*V(llu wa<; CT^fMlfrl with 9^ If* Prom I/w AH"PV"S *>CH<'™«1 r-ii'i niit>nin»)ip'm'' trnvrlrd t.o Mll- iva'ilce (o tolc norl ( n th» iw- twnil iiniot^nr clMinninn<hlns Sere tbr> Prlnr^lon lad wfnt one Un on Cunninfbnm for Hi" \enr •«hen he flni^h-fl ti, e isno-meter raw in the new tune of 3 488 ir the Marquettc stadium * * * Toi-ranc- Toss Phr-nomenal Tlin Torrnnce-Lv'mFiii du"l started March 24 uhcn big Jack put the IB-pound iron sntiRrc 5.' feel 6 inches diume the South- wrstern relavs in Lnfiyette, Ln This brol-e the ollicial record' nnd that of Lvmau i c 4-A champion of 1933 Lyman then csime back and in the annual Olvmpic club-Stanford meet ,n p.1r, AHO April 14 tie Torrance's lie,iie The ble boy from the bayou<: then showed up at the Drake Relays, April 27, and whipped into the air hts mostcrnicce of th * sear—a toss of 55 feet, l'~ inches An exhibition c\cnt unofficial because of that fad, saw him turti In a performance of 5P feet, 5 Inches at Southeaster! , _ College, Hammo..d La later on Both bojs out on a due) durmr Uio N. C A A at Los Angeles, and the southern slant a^aln tool lion Ors , His pilch of 54 feel, C9-1 Inches bettered Lyman's b"St b nearly a fool In t»o of the outstanding events of tlie jear, heie- record ' N^ C. A. A-^tanford first wit 63 i.olnU, Soulhcin CalltornI second. 57, Louisiana State thlr 43, Marquetle and Indiana, tit ' ;for fourth, 20, and Fresno Sfa nnd Aiaitliatlati .coUege, fifth, t •-L- 1 ; Ci *" A ~ Stanford "first, wil *v355i' pol»ls;\Yale, second, i > '. Calltonila ^tblrd, 20; N | Y Jourtrt, 18,. tnd Harvard fifth,' th body like that.'-He'd ; better stay away from Cartera,:though,' Prlmo would beat him'.oh ; -h'u size :alone. "Peterson and Doyle have -yet to show on this side.•,'-,-.':.'-! "So two the same hlclit' is the best clmiice, and It would, be cyen belter. If four of ;theriv .would take P*ir.jt|[Iu ; r*n elimination. ; . 'Such a 'show would attract :n lot of attention, and we'd each 1 to train for 20 or :30 rounds [line on the limit set. • 'Try to (lx that uu," banned Bner. turning to Hoffman. "It would nt least pin me I | mlKli*. even convince Commissioner BIll'UroOTi Hint I'm not n bum." By Harry Graysonl NEW YORK, Dec. 15.' - The akbiisllng business Is so bad nt Maxlc Dner would put on cnvywclght cliampionship match- at bargain rates next summer. Bner's suggestion that lie tnckle •o of his challengers five min-1 csi apait glses you n good Iden Pai-Jcpi. T'l ,,f!' C ,i, " IOB!>rd '" wh ! ch hc A<IIKCl A' 1 Cheney; FiruojTo Wilkerson olds .. The Butterfly Butcher Boy con- sscd (hat he proposed nothing ore than a resin rummago sale. 1 vo canxd $300,000 in five " flock of Jtmmy ' i« ' Snid Bftct '' who rough ssou * ^ Dc «"-*' dlC ' tlonBry Jo! " 1 " 5 ) MBrr has . --- !"'ead line." and when' ou take n peek nt the contend'^ you must admit Hint the slt- alion Is downright serious." Bacrs proposal is thnt four of ie five aspi ran in—Hamas chmeling, Conicrn, nnd the chubby but who lost to a slam ba^g . ww the Welshman, be pair- ''They might mak - --' -•- "«y '<.(*VHl t -, .ifittiyil or the American Legion mBt!cftrd.' Parker -and ' Chancy''ai* down Too two out'of three falistwlth n two hour time limit. Clianey enjoys the rough style of -Wrestling nioiie than the grip swapping 'racket so he should be in for"a ver>' with the Cnr- the round * ...-D... .,i<if.u u^ round cbln a bit more attractive by In- •s'udln? Jack Doyle, the Irish cnor," explained Maxic Adclbcrt I understand Doyle Is coming v«r, and you never can tell when ' Wo * Q w »o c«n hit like they declare he can Is going to get lucky." * -*''.'• , : Mauler's lloir Grayer • t Anyway. Dacr would hivv'c"uic l»o siirmois drnw straws for the Hrsl u-.r^f ° r CnSn firslwilh Challenger No. cnjoyable evening uthersvllle mcnnlc. ••• Emll Firpo, the onc-mnn show, will stnkc his tent" here again when he meets Buddy Wilkerson o. Knoxville. Tenn., in the preliminary, two out of three falls, one hour time limit. Firpo. who allegedly hails from' South America, is n past master at (he Ick of protesting decisions of he referee. Not only ma*-' «er of sjvfcch picturesque but-he also usuaUs,' niflnages to Indulge in nn Infonnal match with •• tlie re- force and 6tm Walnut-Ccdfcr Chests Beautiful walmil fliush .Cedar 'Chests, single- or double : deck style.'..A gift that, iihy woman will appreciate...All-moderately priced. HUBHARD FURNITURE CO Such gifts as compacts, watches, rings, necklaces, weekend bags, purses and other gifts can be found at Pat O'Bryant, Jeweler LOVFLY orpTa 'OF PFR. 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