Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 28, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 28, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's . . Celebrated HatS. Silk, Stiff and Soft. Spring Styles. DEWENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. NERVY BURGLAR Daylight Robbery Near Adamsboro—One Capture; MADE A GOOD HAUL James Scott Must Tell, Hpw Far - mer Wm. Meffley's. Clothes Fit Himi ' are in Hie Fight, Too. _ Q O This Week Only We will make to order choice of any Summer Suit in our store for $20.00 cash. We also have a few Bargains left in $15.00 suits. Positively no goods charged. Tucker & Sharpe Co., Tailors. FIRS! NATIONAL BANK -OF- LOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA CAPITAL $25O,OOO. A. J.' Murdock. Pres. W. W. Ross, Cash J. F. Brookmeyer, A»»t. Cash. DIRECTORS: H. 3. Btce, W. H. Btlnghatst. . In n.K Us Departments promptl and Stockholder, Strong Reserve Fund maintained. jlfee "Twin Comet" and "Little Giant" Lawn Sprinklers. BEST HADE Unique, Efficient, Labor Saving. Wll fpriakle lour times greater area than any •Ultra. Highest award at tne Chicago •xpMltlon. E. STEBBINS MFG, CC ••U Manufacurors, Springfield. Mass. F»r Sale by all Hardware and Rubber •Urea In the United States. CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER ••• Na. 417 Market Street. Calls attended to promptly, day or m'tral Union and Mutual telephone!. Office, No. 16; Residence, No. J2L l"& DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY, JUNE 128, 1890 Help yourselves to nice fresh buns for ".5 cents per dozen at Kennedy's Westside bakery• Hemstitched collars and cuffs for ladies, also all colors of collars and cuffs. —Trade Palace, Over five hundred fresh buns to close out today at 3 cen,ts per dozen at Kennedy's "Wcstside bakery. '"•' Disease attacks the weak and debilitated. Keep yourself .healthy aud 'strong by taking Hood's,Sarsaparilla. Ittiodes & Rtvndall, the architects, • have completed plan* for a iiandsonie new barn which Judge. M. Winfleld • will erect this season. • "Get it" is good advice but "Take ^.Simmons Llvor Regulator" is better for -your health, and happiness. Everybody should take a liver reniedy occasionally nnd especially in the Spring to wake up the torpid liver and keep up a healthy • circulation of good rich blood, free from • poison and full of nourishment for the body. "TVc vFOuM'no keep house Tvitu- ' : .0ut H."-H, G. G. Fink, Sprlug- dalo, Pa. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. DR; CREAM BAKING POWDW . MOST PERFECT MADE. '«» tr« Grar* Cream of Tartar Powder. Fr« :l » Ammonia, Alum, or any other adultenrt 4C Years' the Standird, SOLD THE PACKAGES. And Also the Sucker* Buying Them. There was fun ami a plenty of It yesterday at the corner of Broadway aud Fifth street. It begun at 10 o'clock and lasted until late in. the aftcrnon. It came iu boxes, bundles, various-sized parcels, some wrapped in paper, some in cloth, and some not wrapped at all. It was the annual clearing up of accumulated express matter, which lays in the express ofliccs of the Ada-ins company throughout the State, unclaimed by the parties to whom It is addressed. Some of the packages may contain valuable goods, and some nothing at all. The purchaser must take the chauces, for it it? like buying a pig in a-poke, the articles cannot be examined until the purchase price lias been paid. The auctioneer did not tarry long for a rise in price. If tlie bidders lagged ever so little, the article was knocked down without ceremony. Dr. ,T. B. Sliiiltz and, Lkie W. Pilling were the he:ivlcst purchasers, and the variety oC articles they accumulated at a small cost is surprising. Dr. ShultK would not open his packages on tlic spot, but hired a dray to haul them to his office, where they were examined at leisure, Mr, .Pilling iuvestJgated some of his purchases as he bought them aud :ifter drawing a complete suit destined for a small boy of tender years, decided to send the balance of his boxes, barrels and parcels to ills store, where they .were opened to the gaze of the envious. Following 'is ,i list of his prizes: One roll of leather bolting; one bunch of soft solder (for use iu his'business), one lot of metal'cuts, Including pictures of Lydia Piukha.m, Adelaide Neilson and other famous persons who have used Dr. Killam's eureall reniedi.es with beneficial effect; one neatly framed picture of a Mls-sourhui, who breeds St. Bernard dogs, one icu shaver and net of bottles for flavorlns extracts, for use at a soda fount, one lalf-doxen glass globes, use not known; one l>ox double twisted pretzels, Gorn-a-n make, vintage of 'TO; one complete suit for boy of three to live years, (sold o Dr. SliuJt?:, as original buyer has no need of tlie article); one lot of fancy badges, Intended for delegates to the so- :iety for the prevenUUion at' the. bicy- :le h.ump: one box of samples, such as pruiios, California pears, etc., the stock of a groceiy dnrrnraer. He was also ,'iven a box of a dozen or so of corn Mire arid another box addressed to IV. j. Dunn, which has traveled quite cx- .enslvely trying to find au owner. If there Is anyone who' thinks that Hie jxpresa company tost anything in the iale of the articles, h'e must dismiss the de:i at once. Ail- that the company sks is that they realize the amount of .lie charges on the packages, nutl the purchaser is welcome to the profit". A raveling man from. Boston bought a mckage containing n full set of buggy mi-ness', and sold It to Carl Keller at a landsome protlt, Mr. Keller getting the iimiess at a low price at that. Tlie ame man got a ladies' gold watch for •Ighly-dvf cents and sold It for .«14. But these are extreme cases. As was to be expected•• th'tre' we're rohbt'rs iu the neighborhood of Loga'iis- port during the holding of Mr. Cody's show in lown. Two bold i.hievi*' succeeded in maki.ng a good haul.yca'tevday at'tcriiaoji nt tlie n.-sideiKM.-ol!.. li'nrmur William Heft'ley. cue mile'Sou|h : of Ad- ainsboro. The theft w.as coiijui ; irii;d-bs.'r r'orc four o'clock iu tlie afternoon,'.(luring rhe absence of the family..- JLid,th(\ ( ^lll•gl,•ll•s been as wise as they were 1 nervy, they would have niade I heir'es- cape good Itefoi-e they dlvidejl'the liqory but after they called -n't' 1 t'he l '"l'-le'nlo,v home, tlioy proccedwl toward Logansport. They did not seek seclusion, 'but' faced the public eye as it''they weiv two honest gentlemen out for a 'cross country jatujt. .-(.-I! . Among the articles taken were two full suits of cloi'hcs. and these articles had been described to t.he men working at the lime kil-u four miles East of Lo- ganssporl. They tumb.ed to the iden-. lily of the bad. citizens at a glance, and telephoned to the city for the pulice. Tlie result Is ihilt James . Scott, who wa.s coiitaijieil in one of..the suits., of, c-luthes taken from the Hcitley homo, Is inserted for the present in the Hass county jail. "VVi.lh him was recovered. ;i revolver, $20,02 Jn money, and a pov- tion of tlie clothes. . -..-,..Mr. Scott's bashful companion .frolicked off across the hills wearing Mr. 1-lef-. lley's best black suit of clothes, lfiO.02 more of Mr. Hettley's cash, a pair of tan- shoes and a brown soft hat .taken from the' farm house. There wa.s a..pretty chase after the strangers in. . which_ ,a posse of farmt'i'S, assisted Chla.f JJoi 1 ;. rissey, Patrolman Kleckncr, Wir.walin and Morris and Park Policeman, Anderson. When tin; roblter wiio'wns.liually run down- and landed, saw that..he,,was in'a box, lie turned on Officer A.udcrsoii and fired a shot at him from Mr. Hcf- licy's revolver. That \vas_the signal foi the taking of the fugl.r.lve. Two bullets sang suggestively across his path. Fir; stopped and rode to .town in the patrol wagon. His companion who eluded ihe otECTs by hiding, .was left; to the mercies of the farmers who continued the search after dark, , James Scott is a survivor of the St. Louis tornado. He is six feet and one and one-half inches In height. I-I-is companion, with'whom he said lie Joined forces at Danville yesterday was much smaller. This was tlie longest run 1he.pa.tMl W'igon was called on to make...'J'ho lanky stranger, was the biggest game captured, though nine yielding, sagging drunks were placed in the lock-up, with rhe wagon's help during the day. .. Cost Not Considered, and this is not merely a figure of Speech but a fact We now include Patent Leather Shoes for Ladies and Gentlemen in our Great Special Offer of CHOICE OF ANY FINEST TAN SHOES in our store for $2.98-.CASH OR CREDIT—Ladies and Gen tlemen. These are the Handsomest Patent Leather Shoes in the city, and are worth $6. We are in this fight te the finish and our customers can bank on it, '| ' -,-.•:: .,..-• .'finthinff- Tnn nEN's HOMESPUN LINEN cooft VlUlillllg, 1UU. SUITS WORTH $5.00 FOR «P^»7^ ITOKRAUS. CHQICJB $2.98. OF COURSE, SPRING NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS. PROF. Q. W. MICHAEL. The Logansport College Man Before the Superintendents. AT THE ENGLISH LUTHERAN. The Rev. H. A. rercfrai of tlio Broad- v;iy Presbyterian clmrcli, -u-ill preach .Ills eveatog (it the English Lutheran :hurch, (hl6 being tlie first'service; that n that elmrch since the repairs .were begun. Tte services • will be a union yf the two congregations. There -will x? no morning service at tbe English lUtheran chnrcli. The Indianapolis Sun said of the Iprt-. lire of Prof. G. ,W. Michael of. the .university before tlie convention of couii'y superintendents at Indianapolis: . "Prof. G. W. Michael,, of a Logans-, port, business college, talked lo a : bouL one hundred superintendents nnd tca.ch- fers in the forenoon on'. 'Penmanship,', Michael has been teaching for thirty- two years. He is a groat, large, athletic fellow, -with smooth face aud iron-gray liair, brushed back In a way that adds to his distinguished appearance. He. once managed a business college-iu Ohio. He used Sullivan and Corlictt-ns iUustraWoiLS o-f what the training of, muscles can do ami of how tlie eye is. trained. All his references trt prize fighters were accompanied by : .,bodily movements entertaining to llsteners;anil- : ou-Iookers. He hiw evidently be.en,usod 'to making public addresses, for he ol'teu bejKin a paragraph by, 'Fcllow-clt—,', eatcu'injr himself and changing' .-it;- to- 'Fellow-teachers.' Michael says lie i.s the inventor of a .system of •wrltjuf^H.n, saw some boys pbvyiug jaekstones.-'gno day, observed, their quick awl exact movements, and noticed hmv t.hey. be-, camo quicker aud more skilled with practice. This play set hju) to. thinking, he siiid. and he evolved a system. Tle-liiis his pupils practice for skill and-spoedi. Speed he uses at tlie |ery start, lofting. the form come with practice. • .- :>' JOS. G.GRACE WILL SELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY EOR ; ^LES5MONEY':' > THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN ILOQANSPORT. LINE GOnPLETE Eiuy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. P. S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don'tjfor- get my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing . THE CHURCHES. MONUMENT UNVEILED, /v i;; ' Today the Knights of Pythias, yi'tll' hold exercises at the graves of. .thglr dead blathers, and nn event ; of more than onHnary note will be o"n. the. memorial program. In the imT.eiHng.. of the new and handsome Pythian monument. The exercises will occur thjs a-fleruoon, . •; -,- : ; •,• This is a quarterly meeting day in.'the Methodist church. . -., ' , .• . ....... The ftorVIc'es'at St. T-iike's Lutheran Church lire ' all wlf'lKlr:'i\yn except a short session' of five Sunday sc-Jiool at 0:30 a.'. ; 7i]|"'nnd the evening service at 7;30 at which time Rev, H. A. Percival will pi-eacli..... Holy' Tri.uiity, Churcli—K.cv. F. C Coolba.ngii. ...Holy, coniunion at 7 a. ni 'Xlorril'n^lpniyer.at i] o'clock. .Subject of'seWnon. ."The : Disaster, ; of Sin/' Uveuing'.pr.iyev at 7:30 o'do'ck. Snii- flay at'9:43.fl. ni ... Ghurchf "of Christ (Scientists) - •vice's' wiliiil lie 'licltl in line moms in Mis Key.sioili* jblttC'k, .corner of .Sixth Broa'd way.','.''S<«.r vices. a^ 10:3.0. • "Review' of .the Bible,.l^ons of thu past Quai-tcr. ,-Ul.are welcome. ' ; Ai '''tih.e -Biiiij.ist. .; Church--Sunday sciwS-1' nt 1 . !):4-"> a. in.. Prftichrag sprvicc 'at ll. a. m'..!Siib.1e<jti''VV : hy.not .Ashamed "•pt"'t1ic Gospel?" 1 There. vyili.Jbe (v no service In t.h.te chiiirfyli in-fiic;.evening as iistiol as tl'i,!s cougregnifton. miiites with ''tlie''Christian church) in'.ti !imion sen-ice at 7:30 p,' in. ......... •; First'Presbyroriati' Ciiu.ix:'li—Thc pastor, D. P. ,'rul-un'Ui's subject at at 1.1 p'cjlock vi"lli:bti , u T.hc,,Bri'g1it : Side ^ot Life." In ihe ovcnln-g.- tlio .eongrega Mon I? Invited to a union, sorvico at llie .Christil.nn eiinich on .Xtotli...street. A ,Ve.lcoine tor all, ,. ;•;....;••.., .. 7.Market.street M. E.'ciiurcli^-IJreacb- 'ilji'g by Re,y/M. S. MuaiWe. ..presiding, .elder at iOrfSn. m. Sa^ith. school at [0:30..n. ni, ; ']Epwoi*lr lUapie.a-t. 0:30 p. 'i}", 1 . 1 Topiiic ;:Fo.iinde<,l, J a!....N.ew.,~Ch,ureh'' Leader, Eva..^y/ines,, v <JliVS!3- nieeitlng at 0:30 p. in. .pi-eaxdii^g; bs^tlie pastor at •T-:30 p. ni. .All are Invited. •.-..,. ' . ,1,Broadway,Presbyterian C-hui:ch cor- [ p^r,o"f>1at^.sia¥et 1 .njxl^i'oa«iway— Rev! * T "A.. Pei!ti.?al.pa.stpiv'Jtornijig.sei'vico | at .11 o'clock. 'Subject of sermon ll 'fh' Luitcst Scicn-l'ific Discovery." A ucv j'trograiinmo prcpairwl. No evcoins ser vice. Sumlay-school at 0:30- a. m PavW Elder, Supt. Y. P. S. C. E. ri: 0:30 p. in. A Review of '.Toslmn. Let by Mr. rerdval. Alt cordially invited Univcrs'a.fet Chnrcto—Rev. T. S CJuL'hric, iwstor. Services today at 11 a. m. flml 7:30 p. in.' Subject in the jiioriijng "So as by Fire." In the oven ing The Pas-tor's Farewcl] Discourse Sunday school at 10 a. m. Young •people's niocittafe at 0:30 p. m. All an invited. Services nt '("he Ghiri«t:i;vu church to ,<ltiy ait .11 o'clock a. m. ami 7:00 p, ID •Sermon by -fJie' pastor in flic morning. The Baptist, Episcopa 1 ! and Fii-st Presbyterian churches will vuiilre in the o venting soirvice. Sermoii by Dr..Put.- nriiu. Sunulay .seliool at 9:30 a. m., G. X. Barry, Supt. Y. P. S. C. R at 0:30 p in. Wok-oroe for all. Tlie Broadway Methodist church E. L, Sema.ns, pastor. Love feast at 0 a. in. Sunday school at 9:-J."> _ a. n. Public service amid t;hc s.'ic-.ramcnr of tlie Lord's Snpiw at 11. a. jn. Junior U'ague at 5 p. in. Epwortli- League at 0:30 p. m.- Preaching at 7:30 Snb,i«-> "The Gliairdi Vei-sus the Sumlay Base Ball." Come .iiml bring your friends. Services at.the A. M. E. church, corner of Market ami "OlooW streets, today as foiMows: 10:30 a. m. sermon by the pastor. Subject "The DitHcult Coni- mamliment." Matt, v 44.- 3 p. rn. Sun- dny school! qiKintorly services. Prof. G. C. King Supt 7:43 p. to. sej-mon by the pastor. Subject "The Godly and the Ungodly Oontrastwl." All are welcome.—L. Piittitfoi'd, paslor. WlieaiMand Street M. E. Church— M. A. Harlriji, ix'istor. SnadJJy scliool nt 0:30 a. m.' Quarterly'meeting day. Sermon at. 30:45 a. m. by the Rev. R. C. Wjjki'iison 1 formerly of Kewanna. Love fenst at 3 p. m. Epworth League devo-ltoiial mcct.i«g-at'G:30 p. ni. Stf- iniaa jvt 7:30 by t;lie Rev. M. S. MarWe, priding Wdev, foilo"(\-<xl by lie sacta- *'' " •nw?Jit o-f fho Lord's snpixT. A cordial i Eviration'is ext;emiod to all services. NOTICE KNIGHTS OF PYTU1AS. 1V11 mijmbM* at Aiwllo, aiwl Bridge City Jculges K. of P. arc requesteil, ta meet at 3:30 p. in. Sunday Jnne 2S1S amd' pi-oteed to Ml. Hope cemetery far Die purpose, of dtt-oifi.tSng the graves flS our deceased Bro. Knights and the on- veiling of iHie Pythian monument JJI so.1ouirni.ng Knights an: cordially i*- vited 10 attend. By order of G. \V. .WALTERS C .C. H. K. OKK; c. c. ATTENTION LOO AX PYY.:26 T U. R. K. OF P. All members of Logan Division No.'SC U. R. K.'of P.. are ordered to appear :it armory Sunday,; June 2S. at 2 o'cOoct p. m., to. take part in dworatiou anJnn- veiling Ihe PytJiian. mcwvument. I'r cr- der of .OEO. A. SCHAEFKR. Capl. .7. F. Comiugoix;. Roconler. THE NE'iV BANNER. Mrs. Samuel'D. Myoi-a of West M Icot and D streets, finished Hie first flag yesterday showins the forty-five stars of the revis«d banner of America. The Hag was thrown to the brec7.fr yes- erday moming. It is hami-pni'in'e-ilMiB wfis admired by all who viewed it- TBis s the first.flap with forty-live *iar* «=• . libitod in the State. See the latest fad in waists, combiu*- ion eojlaiy pointed cun" and front.— rade Palace... . k

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