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wanna -c olWMwMxMnw OOlf ajw.i Hy lHjil-ninfl'(" I 10-A THE TAMPA TRIBUNE, Wednesday. September 20, 1961 THE STORE WITH MORE. BRITTON PLAZA UNITED FUND REPORTS Think YOU Have Troubles? Just Ask Catholic Charities Army Calls Up 73,000 More Men (Continued from Page 1) of the world, including Europe," he said, Nason on Education i Entering a New School Can Be a Great Adventure 1 rate of $1.25 a month, will provide a full layette for some baby in need of a family, or a maternity wardrobe for some young woman caught up in the snare of age-old problems. If you are of another religious faith, you probably already have received aid and card from St. Joseph's Hos By LESLIE J.

NASON, ED.D. Professor of Education, University of Southern California So you've moved! Well, don't worry about the kids they'll take the change in stride, and with your help, they will probably benefit from it. Many people find that their business or profession requires for bedroom, bath, for modern living! I A i I them to make frequent moves. Many worry about the problems their children face in changing schools. Sometimes this can be a valuable experience for them.

Moving to a new city, living in a different house, meeting new people; these are all situations that require adjustment. The child who learns to adjust to change early in life can develop confidence which will prepare him for the many changes in his future. The younger child sometimes has more difficulty adjusting than his older brother or sister. How well he does in a new situation depends largely upon his feelings of adequacy and belonging to the family. Children who are secure 'felt' 1 7 Nason Those of us who have our own family upheavals some-times don't realize how lucky we are, If you were to talk to a social welfare worker, you would realize how really snarled up some lives can can get.

The Catholic Charities Bureau is one of those agencies which moves in when asked to help people caught up in the strains of life too complicated to handle alone. Catholic Charities particularly places emphasis on a child placement service, with help for the unmarried mother torn between love of baby and need of placing her child in a home where it will have the best advantages. The welfare of the child is the most important faetor, but the bureau carries on a program of both family and child welfare work. The workers for Catholic Charities devote their lives and their fortunes to this work. Can you help by devoting a tiny portion of your income in a year? Fifteen dollars, paid at the pital, or know of someone who has.

You know Catholic Charities help all, regardless of sect or creed. You were glad of the comfort at a Catholic hospital. Would you deny that same dedicated aid to a motherless-fatherless child now? Red Cross Chapter Collects Money For Hurricane Victims LAKELAND, Sept. 19 (By Staff Writer) The Lakeland-Mulberry chapter of the American Red Cross has collected $416.50 of its $2,000 goal for Texas hurricane victims. Mrs.

Dorothy D. Statham, chapter chairman, said Red Cross shelters in the wake of Hurricane Carla will be manned for three or four more weeks. 9- -fr ajw" mv. -fV 'S jt lr r-x-w- The mustering of the addi tional Army units comes almost on the heels of orders sent to 79,931 other reservists and guardsmen by the Army, Navy and Air Force to report to duty next month. The total now sum moned Is about 153,000 mostly Army of the 250,000 which congress has authorized President Kennedy to call up in the present emergency.

McNamara noted that two other Guard divisions, the 26th Infantry of Massachusetts and the 28th Infantry of Pennsylvania, have been alerted and placed on a priority status. Whether they also wui ne cauea up, he said, depends on world conditions. If conditions improve, the secretary said, the Wisconsin and Texas divisions may not have to stay in the full months the limit congress placed on this type of reserve emergency duty. The Army on Sept. 6 alerted a total of 475 units in addition to the four guard divisions.

Thus. McNamara said, about 75,000 additional reservists and guardsmen are on notice that they may be called. The defense secretary saio there are no plans for alerting any more units at least not immediately. He noted tnat there are several plans to meet varying situations as they may arise. The budget for the current fiscal year that ends next June 30 contains no funds to pay the costs of the reserve callup, McNamara said.

He explained that he has authority to provide for this in a supplemental appro- priation to be submitted later on top of the 54b.t-Diinon de fense spending already approved by congress. No Details on Cost McNamara gave no estimate of how much the defense build up will cost. The secretary announced also that the Army's Strategic Army Corps and Tactical air units are being combined under command of an Army general Lt. Gen. Paul DeWitt Adams.

He is now commanding general of the 3rd Army with headquarters at rt McPherson, Ga. McNamara said this action re sults from a study dating before the current Berlin crisis. It will bring together the 115.000 Army troops in three "fire brigade" divisions and 500.000 men now in the tactical air command along with their 1,800 planes. DANGEROUS TREES REMOVED SAFELY FULLY INSURED REASONABLE RATE RRYANT'S Phont WE 5-426S Fee Estimate MPMon in their parents' love and approval can face new situations without fear or damage. Depends on Parent If the parent provides the proper support during the change and provides guidance until the child has confidence in.

the new situation, the problems will never become very great. Living in different places can be a distinct advantage for the child whose parents help him gain the most from the experience. Such a child develops a background for the study government, geography, economics and history. He usually acquires more than the usual number of contacts, too, with applied psychology and sociology! Without parental help, he may have a bad time. There are techniques of entering new situations which can smooth the way, and the wise parent sees that his child knows them.

He should, NOT talk about how things were done in the last school. Far better to ask how they are done here. He should NOT try to master a new situation without help. Ask it's a good way to meet new people. The simple statement, "I'm new here.

Could you please help me?" will usually bring out the best in others. He should remember that a person isn't accepted by a group. Acceptance is by the individuals within the group. Make It an Adventure He should try to learn the mechanics of life at the new school. Get a handbook, meet the counselor and get details on rules.

Above all, he should find a new friend to lean on for details. To start over in a course with a different teacher and textbook can be a challenge rather than a problem. A rapid review with the new materials is the best approach to the organization of knowledge. According to John Dewey, this constitutes true education. A student who enters a new school may find himself in an unfavorable position so far "as examinations are concerned.

Extra effort is required, and it should come immediately. This, early and concentrated effort pays dividends! It is perfectly natural for a prospective change to create some fears and worries. If you talk your plans over with your children well in advance, you may find that their fears and your own will tend to disappear. Try to make the move an adventure and a learning experience for the whole family. Write ahead to chambers of commerce for data.

Try to discover as much as you can about your new location before you arrive. This will provide some of the necessary moral support your family will need to meet the new situation. (If you have a question for Dr. Nason, write him in care of The Tribune. Ordinarily he cannot reply to individuals, but he will cover in his articles questions of most general interest.) fSXp Loop 'n Tuft Thick cushiony rug spring cotton tuft on one side, heavy cotton loop on the reverse.

Washable, quick drying, lid cover to match. Beige, pink, turquoise, lavender, Deep Night, Snow White. oval shape approximate sizes 22" 34" 5.99 27" 45" 9.99 33" 57" .15.93 lid cover to 1.99 1 1 'i''Bigl I i ey Biggest Danger MONTREAL, Sept. 19 (Pi- Harry Fletcher, an instructor at Pennsylvania State University's Institute of Public Safety, said in an interview here the biggest danger facing the average motorist is the illusion he is an above-average driver. II iXXi ii 14 proof AusHn.

Xir.Knls f. fin Trr. nfw ydrr nfw mt iaj -s -1 1 Now you can have pure luxury from wall-to-wall! Revel in the feel of thick clipped cotton pile underfoot, the new beauty in your bathroom. Easy-to-install instructions included. Latex back.

Turquoise, white, mint, lilac and beige. 999 of will M. MJMW I "go-togethers fashioned for Fall "Do It Yourself" brown, honey, toast, white, purple, pink, sandalwood, laven-, der, coral, blue, yel-Uow, aqua, gold, BATTERED BODY OF WOMAN FOUND (Continued from Page 1) was a very humble, innocent type of person. I thought about her all day Monday." Mrs. Dial said the woman came into Salvation Army headquarters around 5 p.m.

Sunday. Hitch-IIiked "She said she had hitchhiked from Augusta to Tampa. She said her husband had sent her along ahead, saying she would be able to get a ride easier," Mrs. Dial declared. On the registration card, Mrs.

Waldrup reported the victim's only living relative aside from her husband, whose initials she gave as E. V. was an aunt in Vavaloa, named Sara Hopson. Mrs. Dial said the woman "appeared very upset" Monday morning when informed her husband had not arrived yet.

The couple, Mrs. Dial related, had agreed to meet in Tampa. "Prayed At Altar" "She went to the altar and prayed," Mrs. Dial recalled. "This is just terrible." Deputies found a casing near where the young woman's body was found, but cannot say if she was shot with that size slug.

A lipstick container was also found near the scene, and deputies sifted the marshy area for spent bullets. said the victim was reported to have been from five to six months pregnant. "She was attractive, but she was very badly beaten," the sheriff said. Tunisian Slated To Be New Head Of U.N. Asembly UNITED NATIONS, N.Y., Sept.

18 (P Ali Sastroamid-jojo of Indonesia today withdrew his candidacy for president of the U.N. General Assembly. This left Mongi Slim of Tunisia a clear field for unopposed election to the presidency of the assembly's lfith annual session opening tomorrow. Frederick II. Bo-land of Ireland was president of the 15th session.

Ali, former prime minister of Indonesia, announced his wthdrawal at a private meeting of the 46-nation Asian-African group, and word filtered out. Now! False Teeth Fit Beautifully! CenUI diteavery "cuthlenid-comfort" inu as a dentist mold! Now there's a beautiful new way to hold false teeth fast, stop slipping, clicking, embarrassment. No messy pastes, powders or pads. New Cushion-Crip Is a soft pliable plastic that holds snug as a dentist's mold, thru soothing suction, fcives gums "cushionedcomfort" relieves sore spots, re-fits, re-lines den-lures, too. No taste, no odor.

Goes on in minutes. 1 application lasts months, despite nightly cleaning. Easily removed. Full money back guarantee. Get Cushion-Grip today.

plush pile CARPEIMIUNIVERS Heavy duty viscose rayon, foam rubber backing. Absolutely non-skid, strongly constructed from fine yarns. For bedrooms, stair-ways, entrance areas, hallways, living rooms, den. Tweeds in black and white, brown, brown-tones or multicolor. 1.99 24" 84" 2.99 approximate sizes 2.69 24" 108" 3.99 24" 144" 4.99 Teen Petite pleated skirt Sea Island styles a jaunty pleated skirt in a soft lightweight Orionwool blend, from a bright, bold plaid.

Magenta, green, blue, gold. Sub-teen sizes 6-14. 4.99 man-tailored "Miss Sutton" blouses Beautifully tailored long sleeve broadcloth with French cuffs, little or no ironing, guaranteed! White or magenta, sub-teen sizes 6- 14. Also available, novelty print roll sleeve, Ivy collar. 1.99 Orion cardigan or slipover sweaters Expertly made by a nationally known manufacturer, in two attractive styles.

Both in blue, green, gold, magenta. Cardigan in smooth knit, sub-teen sizes 6-14, each 3.99. The bulk-knit pullover, sub-teen 7- 14,5.99 girls' hooded 'warm-up' jacket Fleecy soft pull-over for football games or nippy fall, days. Washable, quick-drying Celanesecotton, Vi zipper front, knit waist and cuffs, slash pockets. Green, gold, white, orange.

Sizes 7-14, 2.69: size 3-6x, 1.79 VENETIAN VALENCIA SCATTER RUGS Area and accent rugs of distinction. Pre-shrunk, washable, skid resistant lUUo rayon Viscose 2' 3' 2.98 4.98 tace. 1 OFF reg. price! 3'x 5' 8.98 4'x 6' 13.98 100 COTTON SCATTER RUGS ylh'A Mgs it ii mi i i cfoj Washable, skid resistant. In rose, turquoise, yellow, purple, lilac, beige, sand, green, white, orange, pink and gold.

Oblong shape. l3 OFF I reg. 1.98 reg. 2.98 I 3.98 3'x 5' 5.98 4' 6' 8.98 1 Rug 1st floor iSvlk-Lindsey of Britton reg. price BI1II ChiUren't Department 2nd floor Delk-Lindny of Br it ton if.

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