The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 30, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 30, 1944
Page 3
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: i TUESDAY, MAY.30, 194<i DLYTHEV1LLE (AUK,)' COURIER NEWS ' " ?AGE THREE '" BETTER HOMES fed Property Sales tontinue Brisk . Several Houses • To Be Remodeled | By New Owners ; A number of Interesting real es- lale transactions have 'been announced this week by It. C. Campbell, real estate agent, who handled the sales. • The purchase of the former Hoy C. Campbell home on the Cleur Lake road by Deputy Sheriff Don Haley was completed this week, and Hie Haley's plan lo take possession June I. The six room modern residence is finished on the exterior wllh white weather board- liilf. Tlie reported price was $5500. ': One of the cilies oldest houses, the former MoWey home al 115 West Davis, has been sold to Plel- clici- Fisher, who plans extensive improvements lo Ihe Chinese type two-story house. At the present time it, Is a duplex, occupied by Mrs. E. A. Fisher and family and Mr. and Mrs. Jnc Scruggs. \ The lot on which the nine-room house is located has a 100 foot frontage. Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher and their daughter, Mrs. Earl Buckley and fiimily, plan to move into their new home upon completion of remodeling and repairs j Mr. and Mrs. c. C. Eajjnn have sold Iheir home at 615 Chickasawba to Mrs. Maud Richards of Stcclc, Mo. Mrs. Richards plans to remodel- the six room house soon, but for the present tlie former ffiiicrs will continue to occupy Ihe lisc. The reported was $2850. * 415 Rebecca Parish, who has laken over Ihe management ol the store. Mrs. J. p. .Hurley, former owner of the store, left Saturday for Gatesvillc. Tex,, to join her husband who is stationed there in the service. . Shirley's Grocery store at South Franklin was sold to A woman in Burgos, Spain, says she has not taken food nor drink in 15 years. The winter of 1933-31 ira.v the third coldest of any since 1895 in England and Wales. Gtiy C tan's SKATING RINK Now Open For Summer Big Tent Now Lncaied Across From Nil-Way Laundry » Afternoon and Nile Sessions EASY-DOES-IT IS POSTWAR PROMISE OF MIRACLE HOMES BY Rl'SlK KINAUD NBA SliilV Writer NKW YORK.—For your house of tomorrow scientists are cheuming up plastic rugs us thick ;is Pcrsliuis; upholstery and draperies that can be hosed clean; stainless, mar-less and tndcslructiljle furniture, smudge-proof wallpaper; unbreakable lablcs and cooking ware; knives with edges which will never grow dull; ami Dingle appliances . that will banish ihe word "drudgery" from the American vocabulary. Many of these dreams are in ttic embryo of blueprint. Others have emerged from the chrysalis of ex- perimentation—wnr babies with n postwar career ahead of them. Jiut even the most dreamy-eyed visionary warns that postwar miracles will not be ready for the furniture van on V-Day, Maybe not lor many years thereafter. The renson: J It look this country a year and a half to tool up for wartime industry. Reconversion cannot be expected to beat a record which was in gently accelerated by the urgency of war. IMl'KOVl'l) Al'I'MANCES What you can expect after V-Oay —as soon as the signal Is given lo start peacetime production—are' 1941 and 1942 model mechanical refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, kitchen stoves, radios, washing machines and all of the household etceteras on which production was slowed down or stopped during the war and for which there will be a pent-up demand. Because tremendous strides In wartime technological re.sciirch have been made, from which better methods of production have been developed and more adaptable materials have ticcn discovered, replacement furniture and appliance.; of the 10-12 vintage will doubtless be improved and un; expected lo cost less money. .Great white hope for transforming the interior of ihe postwar homo is plastics, which have contributed so dramatically to the winning of the war. Wurtimo experimentation proved that flooring for naval vessels, aircraft and homes can l» made of tough, non-abrasive plastics that look like wood, glow like haud-polished mahogany, and besi of all resist foot-prints, scuffing and slnins. PLASTIC VLUMBING There is also proof that wails can be made of plastic and that transparent, coatings oii wall paper can keep it smear-proof; that rugs 'with a pile in which, you can sink ankle deep can be made of synthetic fibers; that non-fr-cKc pipes, plumbing and bathroom fixtures can be made of plastics, and because then, absorb room temperature-will he-war mand comfortable Upholstery and draperies that caii « you "Jooi DiLTA LUMBER CO. Kylhcville'a Only Home Owned Lumber Company 204 N. Second Phone 497 Kitchens of tomorrow will be lighter, airier and have sl.iss-encloscd Coking units Hint will permit you (o watch your cake rislnr and least browning. be hosed clean; decorative lamp bases and-shades; fireplace tiles, keyed to the decor of u room; mid furnitnr molded in one piece Mint can't be scuffed, chipped or stained —all promised for the house of tomorrow—will owe Ihelr exceptional altribntes lo plastic in one four, or another. GLASS KITCIIHNS There will lie new and driunnlU: use of glass and ceramics. Nonporous and non-absorbent vilriohV glass makes a kitchen sink wlilcli only needs a swipe or two with a damp cloth to clean. A now-you- sec-it, now-you-don't sink "and dishwasher of glass slides !n an.l out of a wall, am! puts on n performance with electric lights and' foot pedals worthy of a Duck Kosery movie. There is a glass-hooctcd ' for visibility) cooking unit, scheduled for modern kitchens, conhiniii" among other things a rotary barbecue and recessed glass utensils In which to cook and serve a meal. Thanks to wartime necessity of keeping defense-plant cutting tools keen-edged without re-sharpening, a chronic-alloying process will one day do as much for kitchen cutlery scissors, pocket knives and lawnmowers. ''But even Mien"'the"time cbihes to pinch yourself to make sure that these miracles are real, you'll still be surrounded by the old tinn-s lhat you like. The best millioritics promise that no matter how streamlined and functional the interior of your home becomes, there will always be a place for traditional furniture and for a period decor that matches. Apply New Roof Over Old for Increased Protection New roofs of asbestos cement shingles can usually be applied directly over the old covering, home maintenance experts assert. Among the advantages of this procedure are increased weather protection. reduction in labor costs, and protection of the interior of the house in cas e of rain while work a under way. Moreover, the scattering of debra over, the house and surroundings is eliminated. All loose shingles should be nailed securely and protruding nails should be driven in before the new roofing is applied. In nailing, care should be taken lo avoid spaces between boards underneath. Nails must, be sufficiently long to fasten the new shingles securely. Oouncr HONEST, DO I LOOK AS IF I'D CLEANED HOUSE TODAY? "... My BATH has refreshed me all over. Now I'm ready for fhe evening." "No denying that house cleaning is firing. But I ve learned it need not leave me weary long. • "Soon as I finish my work I take a good soalcing bath. In a remarkably short time I begin to feel better. My! Warm water certainly soothes aching nerves and musclesi "And offer a fast cold finish, I feel refreshed an over—really ready to enjoy my evening!" Feel how fast a bath refreshes you! Enjoy a refreshing bath yourself at leasf once today. YOUR BATH PEPS YOU UP ALL OVER .*• ....MAKES YOU Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, Manager "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodityf" . ,//i Plastic drapes, furniture and flooring of (he future will be hosed clean. Slightly sloping floors and gutters along the baseboards will carry off the water. Simplicity Is Keynote Of New Furniture In answer lo the flurry of protests and raised eyebrows regarding his fast-selling book, "Goodbye, Mr. Clilppciidnle," T. T. Robsjohn- Gibbings points out what lie means by contemporary design in Ihe .June issue of Heller Homes & Gardens magazine. Simplicity strikes the keynote of the English decorator's designs. "(Jsc as little furniture as possible and keep your carpels and draperies the same color," he advises. "Give variation to each room by Introducing one brilliant color accent. For example, if your home Is painted in pale gray, yon could have two chairs and the pillows on your sofa in the living-room & brillianl sun yellow. Chairs In Ihe dining-room could be covered lu a clear leaf, green." Uncluttered wall spaces nnd floor areas bring n feeling of tninqiiilllj lo a room, he feels, and one bow filled with green leaves gives more life and freshness than a do/en meaningless prints, whatnots, anc pieces of nnliqtic bric-a-brac. "Don't buy small tables, uscles except to fill a room," points out the British author-designer. "Don't stuff windows with draperies Do everything you cnn to get daylight nohsJolin-Gitihlngs has proportioned his furniture to the modern !ow-ceilingctl rooms, His conlcin- Buy Your PLUMBING SUPPLIES FROM THE MAN WHO KNOWS YOUR NEEDS. PETT IS THE 'LUHBEI Need To Step Up Postwar Plans Britain Leads U. S. In Plans For New-Homes Grease Smears On Wallpaper Can Be Removed ... May 29. — "The United ii „ ?'"' bc ' lllml Gl ' ral lirilnln n iire|>:nln gl during the war. for ln» earliest ,m<| fullest expnnslun I., ,, ho " H ' ""'WlnR Industry KO c mindly needed lo absorb cmpldv- aule.s us «•„,. production declines," derlnres Editor Joseph n, Mnson in uie Muy ksueol Amerlenn Uullil- N'J "Hllioi'lUiilve building industry the fact (hut she Is pn rl O f nn, wnr fl . out am Her manpower more rrltlnillv <ra ned thin, ours, Urllaln silil finds the lime, the Inlont, (he inn- lerials mid die Inter to develop now ini<l nelive postwar home plunnlm; and building program, "On our .side of ihe All.mllc. nn- for iiiwlcly. pronuncements from HlBh Washington offleliildom MW we can spur,- no lime or miilwlnls o reiidy (his great Industry "now o DC In a position to render quickly us Braitesi usefulness to our postwar economy." Mason says mid MI? ','!"•' toll owi»E 'our points of Bn aliis postwiir cfforls now HC- tnally being pursued clurlin; (lie, 1. Local communities arc bclns urged to prepare complete plans lor uimmiiK homes on iilrcndy Improved land so Unit constrnclion can s «)i on short notice throughout the country, 2. The Ministry of Works is actually building mine demonstration hot houses to show different methods of eonslriictluii. Also hi conjunction with UiilUHng Iteenrch Sliitloii the Ministry Is l»il|(lii|> n miniter of houses for full scale ex- pi'i-mental work on traditional methods. Courier News Wnnl Ada. pwary chairs sustain by ridicule shapes and graceful proportions. Seal depths lire studied for maximum comfort. In'uovntlon.s In svelte fiirnlliirc design accredited lo Hobsjolm- Ciltjbings arc n card lablc-sl™ bedside (able and comfortable dlnlng- 'oom armchairs. He creates appeul in Ms furniture by beauty of proportion, finish inul color. »)' Ni:,\ Service Those Hivii.iy Miiwirs »n (lie sval]- |>!i|H'r made by baby's lingers 1)r |)«|»iiVi brflllunthied hair can bi> removed li v (|,e simple menus of applying a hot Iron to a pad ot blotting p:\por pliiml oivr the .spot. Hut since heiil In some Instances cli:ingrs Ihe color of paper, belter try It out on tlie leusl obvious spot flrsl. Then, it your particular wull- ppcr can take 11, Ka iihcnd mid hem oitl Hie rest of llimi. I If not, go over (he soiled urea | with 11 damp elotli, spread on lull,ors cm-Ill and let It remain over- .nlfilit. Keep re:i]i])lyhij! the mud pack until tl u . B mudi:cs disappear. 'Whitohcads Sell Home On East Kentucky AYCHUC The sale of Iho llorberl Wlillc- it-'nd home m .||« Knsl ICcntucky ilo Lane Nowell has been anmiunced 'tills week, 'ihr; modern live rmiiu luuise features u sun porch built- in cabinets and other modern conveniences. Tlie house is finished with Hsbcslnes Killing, Mr. nmt M,-. S| u'lillchciul are mnvhu; this week to tm aparlmeiil where they will reside temponirily. llicy hitenil io piirdiiisa oiiotlicr home In Ulytlievllle soon. I'l-eucnt reports Indicate lliulsoiiic 25,0)10,00(1 llres ure being rccuppMl l( CLASSICS • ; In PIANO - ORGAN nml VOICE .,!,,.. I—Hfihcrtiilcs liiiw.liclne.jiirniniieil Mrs. '/IALTON C, FOWI.^TON. B.A '. M.S.M. riiriner New' Ymlt Orfiini.vl nnd Teacher Write Mrs. l.'i.wklun 1101 Chlclu.s:uvl>;v or I'jimie 20la SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH FLOWERS, ' t rOI ?f' y ^ slBn , cd ;, <lrc r "«cmbcrcd nlwnys, Our Howcrs nre al^"•W fresh and all work Is guaranteed to plcnso. Let our expert ...Designers help you with your floral needs ^FLOWER SHOP ... „, F - T - D - 8er»lc* W . Deliver Anywher. Fh. Ill Mr^ j. M. (MM| Wllllarm, owntr Ofencw Blif, »AVI MONET-1 gallon SAVB 7!ME-Di.,-.'i no T.t.SiJ. well, nrf b. •I TtchlJ* f}v«i you 1U nMd to icrop* »tf qutcVI/ wath«d wllh f aKon» «f pafnf. , lhabby woltpaptr. mltef loop and walcr. GOES ON OVER OLD WALLPAPER! WICK TO DRYI EASY TO APPLY! • Think of redecorating a room between breakfast and luncbl You can With Techida — Pittsburgh's nmazing new development in wait paint, 1\vo hotir« li plenty of timo to apply Techldo. THEN ONLY ONE HOUR FOR DRYING! You nave on labor cosU-«nvo tha expense of scraping off old wallpaper— and «ava on tho cost of pa Int.Tcchido is ideal for painting over wallpaper, plaster, brick, etc, PITTSBURGH PAINTS WADS IN I COLOBf AN6 WHITt HUBBltD HARDWARE CO. Homo, Business House Receive Spring Treatment Spring repairs nmt iiniirovcinciils conlhiiiu In Biyihcvlllo homes und l)iishu's.s houses llils wci'k. 'J'hc liomc of Mrs. llcillc Wloil, 120 Uaufinii Direct, hn.s hcun weulli- cralrlpiicd, uiul rcdccorulcd on ihe mk'rlor, nnd repah' work don» to Ihe exterior of Ihe home. New linoleum WM luld lodiiy «t |ol)liison'a uiug store. The new linoleum will extend from ihe center of (ho store to (lie hnek. Uourier tievt The Gift Shop • • s >' Modern and Antique Gifts , COSMKT1C8 BAB1T GBV8 GREETING CARDS NOVELTIES A Gift For Everybody Ingrain' HldK. Flione 2ZM MOSS BRYAN A GOOD POINT TO REMEMBER YOU CAN GET THE BEST PAINT PRODUCTS FOR ALL SURFACES AT E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Friendly Building Service EBERSON -LINDSLEY PAINT PRODUCTS • Have iS'ol Advanced !n i'ricc ROOM Use Kcm-Tone, nml you'll have money lo spare for more bonds, llcc.ii/sc Kcm-Tatie cuts panning costs to ihe bone. (I) Less expensive, one gallon (32.98) docs over on nvcrngc room. (2) One com covers most wallpapers, painted walls nnd ceilings, wallboard, basement walls. (3) Dries in one hour. (4) lias no "paimy" odor, (5) Washable. PAINT KITCHEN and BATHROOM WAltS With SHERWlN-WtLLIAMS SEMI-LUSTRE Scm i-sloss fmi s!i for k Itch- cnand bathrooniwaltsanii nil interior wopdvvorli Durable - washable. I" int Qt. TER'S ./Inc.

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