The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 11, 1933
Page 3
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KKWl Take on Trappings of Big Business in Anticipation of Repeal., The wv tel-»f la Uw it opened at (34 and hn touched M7. Schehley DlstiUtrs has been Rtxjulrlng other distillerle* ihd stocks of whiskeys since 1(20 — one of the most recent ones the larjlous old JamM E. Pepper A Co. Inc., ftiid Its reserve stock. Onfe or the Schenley subsidiaries, the Joseph 8. Pinch & Co,, owrwrA ol Ih* Golden Wedding brand, is no* thlarglng its plant and warehousing facilities at Sehenley, Fa. An- cth'r subsidiary, the Qeorge T. Stags Co., at Frankfort, Ky., is now producing large quantities «l Kentucky bourbon and rye. The alcohol companies have Ixen active, u. S. Industrial Al- ichol. v.hleh mnkes mostly dena- . — r — . . lured alcohol and solvents for •Ill-fry k. dr«rU*4 In the foUo »- Ircquers. can turn out 40,000.000 ir.ltlt, the wcomd « ""»*! jallohs of alcohol n yesr part of t-n for 'thl« newspaper. j v \,]|| c h cou id bo vr-ry useful in e» wr.dlng the slender stock of ugeil BT WILLIS THORNTON NEA . Sertke Writ" \ r!EW -YORK—If'..America finally :ays "Come liome—all Is forgiven" lo John Bjrleycorn, the country will scarcely r'ecogniie the prodigal: What used 10 tf? culled "the 11- (iiior.traffic" will be more like "the r>i:slne.« of khls!tcy. or in making gin or other liquors that can be built on an ul- cohol base. Commercial Solvents Corp.. largest present producer of cinlii alcohol, enters the picture through the same door. It recently acquired the industrial alcohol be all decked out ing companies, stock issues, sub- Rofsville Alcolio hold- ,, lns , (0 i, ]crease , h j output of !ls flill[»il'?s, scientific merchandising, and all the fiurcy clothes that b!e alcohol plant from 18,000,- CCfl to 35,000,000 gallons a year business put on during the twen- j ( | )( , ties. Though orily half the needed nates have ratified repeal, the setup in the liquor industry is al- :iady a far different, thine than R f.ver was In 1918. jjConjolldations, . reorganizations, At Pecria also, before the first bi >lutldn of !old companies, tor- roatlon of new ones, new plans for and distributing, all figure in the fra-itlc rush of the Industry to prevent being caught flat-foot- EC 1 by repeal. 'Ihe Rush To'-Store Up" That's a real danger..For a nation which used to consume between €0 million and 80 million I'ailphs of whiskey a year would piobably greet repeal with only a coiiple of,. months' supply. Thlf deficiency can't be supplied overnight. "Bottltd in Bond" means thai r. 'uhlskty' has aged at least toi.r jean. Blender! whiskey, however, can be bottled at any. age, and distillers believe they can build up &n adequate stock of this type ol [ iiquor in from twelve to eighteen months. . But the dlstlller.5 are doing their test to follow the advice of Major A. V. Dalrymple, until yesterday federal prohibition administrator li Dalrjmple admits that prohibitloi I! Is doomed, and urges that America! I distillers get busy so the country wil |i iiot nnd itself entirely dependent on the Canadian and European stocfc, of whiskey which are eagerly wait|: hip for the word "Oo". "Use the gTMn that Is bursting bur ware houses and that we can't sell. :' Dalrymple advises. "Store th [' liquor in bonded warehouses am be ready to supply the American ,' demand with good American vfhis ry." So the distillers are fran knnllu. .cnraVnKlilui' "t'rt?~ Hfi'. IVltt I -' 1 National •'x'ptotiliere -. Producu. Corpv for instance,'- bids fair t I > develop into • a liquor organiiatlo I Tike -nothing" ever .'seen' before pro filbltion. It Is a, "' ""' t(lm is construction to lu one of the iigest distilleries in the world apable of.. making lOO.OOO gains of bourbon and rye. whiskies day. The Canadian firm of Hirm Walker—Gooderham & Worts is back of tills, probably with one ye on future import tariffs. 'Mi Of Canadian Meriers The American Commercial Al ohol Corp., is planning Improve nent.s at Us Pekin, 111., distillery lat will enable It (o turn from 000 to 1000 bushels of grain a Whiskey Manufacturers Are Busy between distilleries of this country and four «f the great Canadian few days will) her inolhei liquor shores hive rL";en .senstiilon- nlly. for thes* companies ave im- slocks of properly-matured Isles wall luHiefully, and uninibl feelings a great to • see v.!mt the PAGE Holland News Note* Mr. and Mia, Jim Utlle, formerly o( Itoli'im, Aik., *ho liuv« home lately Weeks, Mnlf-Moon Mr. nnd Mrs, R. b, Brown [>nd family vIMtlng relutlves making ilieli with Mr. nnd Mrs. urc visiting relatives In 81. Louis Ilils week. Cliuiles Wise of Rockford. 111,. was the urn-si Huiulay night of „ Mr. mid Mrs. Jack Edwards. Ho'August •>. They \-n for Ol'irksvllle wns joined Momlny uioiiilii K by- Ark., on n dmy weeks honr-ymoat his imrnils «-ho stopixiil here en 1,-lp after whleli ihcv will iniiki Clorkssillo. Ark 'I'lic IIL'V. litick Walter hi visit Ing ivliitlvw in Mlsslnsippl when lie will conducl o revival meeting Troy I), nijjlmm ami Miss Lol rente lo Mrs. J. . 1'owdl of rtik.. is IUMC vlsltlim her mallnv, Ing licjini 1 here, irdy Vcnion of Eurle hi:. .v!Mi>r. Mrs. » f r, . Ill i i . hfis. S, A. Wn!ilrop. prison, mm her fnmlly. MM. Hlfks Wlllliuiu! nf l.os An-, \ll« Sanih nobrrtsjii ha,s relnrn Ki'lff, Cul, Is hen' vislUin; Mrs. O. eil home- (rom n week's vl^lt will lluinclt for thn-e munths. Blip will friends in Vnrbru, .sinful purl of tlu> time with vela-1 Miss Ulnk DanW.s J.H 111- \'\t?h lives In c::i)v ulrardwu. I this wct-k of Ml-w Dorothy lOu'ien Mr. niul Mrs. Vornon Woods' •—— hnvv ri'luriiril fiom n \lsll wllhi UK- l:il(er\ mother, Mrs. Clny-! t\lnhC!({U something about paying iho debts in With country milted waits Icmg-bahlshed John Barleycorn v.ill look like al the there.LV* hofaeepmlng. NEXT: The future line-up ol the vet «n4 ttf forces. wi eo 6u* NR A News ^To help the-people of thlG- community to understand and co-operate in the national recovery program Uil-i .column will appear dally or as occasion demands. Persons uncertain about any .requirements of the President's Re-employriieiit Agreement or other features of the recovery movement are invited to submit Inquiries. poratlon-founded In 1924. and it l5;:headed by the spcial-reglsleriM I: S«ioh':Porter., Ttirough a subsidiary, American Medicinal Spirits Co:, it has :.been .quietly getting a arong hold hot only on the small slock'of aged whlskty, but on dls' tilling facilities.. it -now has some or the more fam'ous old brand names—Old Grand". Dad, Green River, Mt. Verndn.- ,Old. Taylor, Siihny' Brook', and .- McBrayer,' and ' Sr-a'cqulrlnj'Old Qverlwlt. Stwk Market-Reaction'. The passing of-.(tie-Old Overholt distillery, with 31.000 gnl 7 I Iqns of, mellow, whiskey, to .Nation-. 1 al iSslillers, is emblematic of the change in the industry. This dls-. tiliery. at .Broad Ford, Pa., has ix-en making whiskey since two I jears before the War of 1812. It j is the distillery in which A. W. I Mellon once had an interest. National Distillers created I other sensation by offering the | rtrangest dividend ever declared b' 1 an' American corporation. It had I on hand some 700,000 cases I whiskey in the wood more than I 15 years. It decided to distribute part of this to stockholders. On I Oct. l, ]93£ this huge company will give a warehouse receipt for I a case of whiskey to every holder kpf five shares of the company's ^ock. the actual whiskey to be stributed to holders of the re- when, as and if the law per- Im'its. National Distillers has Ileen the sensation of a sensationa market, rising from a low of Ijtl 7-8 to a peak of) 124 7-8. Other I docks connected with repeal pros- ll.ctts have also skyrocketed. Long} neglected rye rose to a, place b«- ide dollar v:hent. Standard Brands, the famous lifcod combine launched by the Jlouse of Morgan, is rumored to libr "surveying the liquor field". As [this firm Includes the Fleischnunn \ Co., large alcohol producer, i 1'ietms likely that the national dts- jtrlbuUng system of standard .Brands might- be used in a brand knew method of selling liquors throuth, food stores rather than ||M> loons II Preparing For I All producers .>! alcohol look ftforvjard to a potential interest In I ths-liquor biulness. for »kohol Is fused to "rectify" or cut aged whis key down lo (He legal. 100 proof U Also, as 'many citizens. lave learn ped for thtiwehes. alcoho) can be to make gin. Proper gin I fldistilled, but gin of a sort,can be Lmade by simply mixing alcoho /'•rid certain flavorins matters. • Otrtfr distillers are makln I'heroic efforts lo prepare for th liliomecomlng The Schentey Dis I: tillers Corp for example, rectntl isol4 nearly' »3,000,W>0 of flswt* to nnine* n«w jMd other rtcUUIes. -The atoc \as Sold before listing »t »1B ihlire. Immediately «'tef B' ' "Check-Up-Time" will arrive soon'wnfh the employers of; the country,will be called upon to show what they have done to promote the President's reemployment campaign. Reports coming in dally to the administration indicate that hundreds of thousands of our unemployed men and women have been put back to work at wages that place them on a par with ihese who have been so fortunate as to retain their jobs throughout this depression. . In .every, town and hamlet In America this campaign to spread employment, increase wages and raise the buying power of UK nation-has received enthusiastic ren: . hs President's campaign to "buy »ck prosperity." .;, Communities such as •Blytheyllle crm a large pan of the popula- lon. and buying power -of the •cuntry and are playing, and wll continue to play, a most important >art in this program: 1*he smal ities: a.nd towns and rural . allon, by their reception and sup The local committee is starting .preliminary check-up In Bly- Above: There's enough rjruin lo riake a quart of whiskey In that paper. Upper left: Bodies of wlilskcy arc given a final check Lelore living the dlslillery. Up- l»er right: Barrel 1 : uro -njM.'ncil prior lo the bottling of .the v:!ils- key. .(Pictures by'courtesy, of the Joseph Finch Co., Sclicnlcy. r look- who Is very III -,i| Miuillu, Avk. Mr. Howard Is vlsiiliiK Albert Hoskins while his wife is nt litr mother's. bourne, nl Hell, Tdin. Mr nnd Mrs. Cleorfie Tiny of Tolerlo. O.. uii- llie (jueslx »f the frunrr's lullier lierc for nn In- O^llllIU' IlllH 1 . Mis. I.c'on (Milsni aiid'bnby of Iliiytl me Ihe micsls of her liar- nils, Mr. u i id Mrs, EinnieU Wiir- rcn. ! , liloycl Honker mid Ilftyoo Snillh left .Siniil.iy fur UK- millonu) .uunnl cniii)) lit Ncvmla. t Mr. mill MI-H. Noble Cinx>huit iimtl elillilr-n. Mis. .1. U. Tishcr nnd iliuiKliters Wnutln Hiid Kriiu- Mrs. I-.'. M. Mcmnnkl visited \:v mullu-r, Mrs. Anne P.irllow nil Iniuliy HI iiickinnn, Ky., lust week Mr. itucl Mrs. J, J. Tnrniri 1 o Ullen, MLv;.. w ho linve spent 11) summer with tht latter'* mother " and father, Mr, and Mn, W. H, Dycss of Luxora, u« »tt«ndlnt Uw world's fair at Ohlctgo thU tcetk! Mr*. O. W. Stanford rlilted her daughter, M». Willie Howard »nd 'oinlly, at l^ixora Tu«sd»y,-.-.. Nina Mao Clark of dreruda, Miss, who has the iiunmer vllh her graiKlparente, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Dyess of Uixora, will , return homo tills week. Mrs. Dyeu ... vlll nrcompnny her home ami spend scvernl wct'lts. . ' •'. . . • Mr. nnil Mrs. J. A. Wdiiiim have liiken their «m to a Memphis hoBiiltnl tor treatment for ma- ' lurlu and compllcstlcns.'- Miss MllilrM Norman, Mrs, Ira - Hohniinliig of niytheville and Mrs,'," KiUo 3nuni!ei's of Black Bock Hilled Mrs. A. J. Hilt Monday. Mr. uncl Mrs. Tom Mahan, J. 0. Jones. Tom • Crump and Ous Mc- •Joiinlian vlslicd In lilylhevllle 3at-. : I'llILADELl'MIA (UP) —Jean Shllpy, holder 'of iho women's high' inuji record, luis net out lo win u Ngree of doctor of medicine. Sho i 11 siiuk' Temple University, Rrt $11 you 4,41$ • (lod yc >,,L- 1.1 1,1 IJkl JILV>*JLI O. i ,, , ,., _ , Itlclmrdsoii Is ill thlsl Mlll > ° r "IVlhevlllf. Mis week a.s 11 result of wklng typhokl WtK " ls 1111( 1 Mli E ^" Whcely of SI mill-toxin. - .ouls. _Mrs, Mniiilo MonUwn'_ of Rowland Driver Don Hoyd ol I-\irdyce »|»nt Tuesday and Wi-dnerdny wllli Mr. nn:t Mrn. Floyd Hector. Cecil Wilson of l-'ishr-r visited Ills coasln, Charles Klnii'r Oonlon, here Tuesday. A large crowd [rom Dell aii'.l C'annl uticndco if.e bull jjniiie hero Sunday. Mrs. Meadows rcltirncil 10 the home of her son. FJuerl Mcmlows, at Lake City Saturday. Mrs. Mcliityre ni«l children, Uou- Inli and Clarence, nvc vlsltinsj rein lives neiir Miinlla this week. . Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Powell of Steele. nre visiting relatives here this week Frank Crawford of the Ltltk . theville. - wants to know just The iRev. J. W. Creed of lily- , tlKrvllle will fill his icifiilnr a.>- Rlver commimlty visited his broth- pomtment here Satmdny night cr EllllC1 ' !llul f«m!ly' here Sunday and Sunday. Tlie Rev. Mr. Bunch Mr 5- Adriiin Clnireh. Mrs. J. O was ub'ient last week. A number from this community are attending .the revival at Ekron. Pasco Waldrop of Neltleton was i Rook niul diuiiihlers, Mlaes Irene what erhbloyera have signed the agreement and are living up to it; just what employers have not signed the agreemeh* and their reasons for hot signing; just howl Kussell Springer spent .Hie week many new Jobs have been created end with friends and relatives nt in BlythevUlcy and how much IhcjYarbro. • local payroll has been increased. I Miss Evelyn Walter of the Guy It wants to know, also, what em--form spent the week end with plovers, if any, are not complying | Htssle Brock, with the agreement but who are. Farters in this community ore displaying the Blue Eagle, local about Ihrough plowing up cotton .commltlees have been asked to — -start this preliminary check-up Tvl and make reports on the progress of the program from day lo day. Prepatc for Check Dp • Local .employers, those who arc displaying; .\ha emblem and those wh.q are" not. are requested to co- operate'with'., the committee by giv- .ins? It.thij .Information just as early as possible in order that Blytheviltt may be represented in the roll of thousands-of communities throughout the country which are re»istering their support of the campaign. ' .We want no withdrawals of Blue Eagles in Blyth'evUle as 1s threat; and IjOieue. Monday. lo lllythevllle LOHB llench, Cnl . nnd MV.I. Lily Richie inul sun Krvln of Micoln I»»U Si'ndny nl Keelfoot Uxke, 'Hie Kev. ' K. a. Slcveiisou Is imniovlni! f Kim his recent Illness. Mr. mid Mrs. 1)111 UlowilliiK lire iiirnilliiK Ilils: week With Mr. Hi()<viiinB'.'i .sistei- Mrs. Errls llrnd- flmw ot Lnxora. Mr.s, O. II. While was hosU's s in n family minimi Sunday' with Ihrr following jiresi'iitl Mr. nnd Mrs. Mltiuoc Willie nnd tlielr chtlilren, fc'lilrtey nnd Itlchurd We ruul UIL' Ml'ses ixirothv mid B('th or Memphis. Mrs. T. M. Manning of well, N. M., L. T. Uurloii ilf Slt-eli 1 , Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Blory of Steele, Mi nnii Mrs. Clevo McCor- .mlck and fnmlly ruul Mr. nnil Mis. A. Klni!. O. .1, Deucls lina returned from Waterloo, where he .spout the summer vnciillon. He Is principal of iliillnnil hih school. Mrs. I'Veil Oeslilng is recelvlnt! trentinent for i>e!lni{r[i In the riiip- tlsl liospilnl In Miss Ninn Hurls Is vlsUliia H>|U- the.i In Triunnnii, Ark. Mrs. C. 0. Kvnns of Slionyo vis-1 Miss Nnoml Plnkslon, who in this vielhity over the week end. i llctl Mends lnw Snlurdny anil Sun- been nttcnd^ig Baptist 'college nl day. lation of the Agreements and codes Already "concrete evidence of the Blytheville Lady Is 100! Better In Every Way Mrs. James -Unalile To «e •Any Relief. Until She Bugan'. Taking .(Jly-Cnsj • Neuritis, Stomach Tro- itiilt.' Quk'kly Con•• - - • ; quertd $ ^- , ••!> .•'ichnes* Oavor To put the //v " • /ou m R-E-S-UHL-T-S Head Courier N<:KH Wni". ! JonesUoro. Is here foi u Isvo I viicatlnu with liur purents. llie i 'Hcv. nnd Mrs. U>ijnii Plnkslon. K ry.'- i n q •?• - JPI va«r O 7 * h m I I 'riving reports from dicating that.they intend to sup-, . - - -. port this campaign, wholeheartedly vitally affected by this drive be- and do their buying where the cause It 'will be an important inc-j employer Is really doing his part tor in breaking the back of the hrough increasing employment. 1 depression which President Roose- tn a short time the campaign > veil so aptly described recently, as will be taken direct to the buying "four years of economic hell." The public. After the employers have' committee wants, every individual had ample time to adjust them- i in Blytheville to consider himself selves to the requirements which or herself an important cog in are placed upon them in order to the local recovery machine, for qualify for the Blue Eagle, the the success or failure of the drive employers and consumers will have depends on the support it receives their inning, and the weight of from the buying public, widespread buyer support of the "Check-Up Time" will arrive campaign will come Into effect. I soon, 50 let's get prtpared_tor_it._ The following short questionnaire will be R part of the dally local NRA column unMl the time comes lor the regular checkup campaign. All employers and signers of the President's Re-employment Agreement are lequested to clip this form. fill, in the answers to the questions and return the Wank to tin- office of the Courier News or to the local NRA commltti-o headquarters In llie Chamber of Commerce offices:— I (We) have signed the President's Rt-employmenl Agreement ami arc complying with the provisions thereof, (Yes or Noi. I (We) had employees when the Agreement was signed. I (We) have shortened the hours of employees. I iWe) have Increased the pay of employees. I i We) have discharged employees. • I i We) have decreased the pay of employees. T i We) have increased our monthly payroll f I (We) have added full tlm* and l»rt lime employees. T (We) are (are not) displaying the Blue Eagle. (o! lowing It, Is -actually asjoni.shliv! \vl t:ils new Gly-Cas will do in (lie most .stubborn .cases of stomach, kidney, bowel, blob.rl (roubles and rheumatism. Many Blylhevllle iiiro- ple. now.realize how fortunate they are in ha\ing Gly-Cas intiodiiced here as many have found it just I ihe medicine they have been need-1 Ing for years. i "Gly-Cns is. ?o wonderful I feel I sure it will help everyone like it has me," said Mrs. Tom Jame.s, I (We) have not signed the Agreement for reasons— llie I iWe) have signed the Asreroeht and expect to be complying with the provisions thereof by Mime Address MRS. TOM JAMES age 7li, 9(W South Lilly SI.. Blytheville, respected local lady v.-ho has lived in this city for the past 53 years. "My stomach was In n Icr- liblc condition, felt like a rock in tiie pit of my stomnch after eal- Ing,. indigestion was awful.' And was so nervous I could hardly holrl a cup ol water to my mouth. Three years ago neuritis attacked me ,and rellled in my neck, heart and shoulders. Couldn't raise my left arm I wns so crippled and shirp, stabbing pains continually. I had taken lots of medicines but ll-ey did me little or no good-bill Gly-Cas was different. When I l*gan taking It I was soon convinced it v;as just the medicine I should have had years before. Thirty days treatment did more lor me thtin anything I had ever taken before In my life. I am now enjoying the best health l have had In years, relieved of that awful suffering and again feel l my real self." So It goes—Oly-Cas continues to Mn more friends every day anC Isolds them because it gives real ivsults which are lasting. Gly-Cas Is sold by Klrby Bros, Drug Co., Main at Broadway, and ty all leading drug slores In sur I rounding towns. —Adv. DC T€IJ NBCD THE C 0 U1U E R NEWS WANT ADS GIVE YOU MANY A N OPPORTUNITY TO GET IT AND TO SAVE IT Things you no longer need ... or (hinR.s you wish to replace with soinrlhinj; new iilwii.vK find a ready market :is Piirnilurc, Radios, Used Cars. Office K(|uipment, etc. in the {Innrii'f News Want- Ads. You'll find them every ilny iinnYr such classifications » lloth sellers nr.i! buyers find (he Want-Ad columns llie most logical means for Quii'k Action. Use the want ' ni\n to Iniy and In sell . . . YOU'LL HND IT PAYS. WANT-ADf

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