The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 15, 1934
Page 5
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SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1934 B'LYTHEVILLB. (ARK.) COURIER CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rale Kf Une for consecutive insertions: (Five average words to a line) One time per line 10c Two times per Unc per day ., 0&Three times per line per day .. ';<!<• Six times per !ine )>er day... 05c Uoiuh ™u> per line 80c Minimum ohurge 50o Ads or'oerca (or three or six limes arid slopped before expiration will be charged for the mnn- oor ot limes the ad appeared ano adustmew ol tun wane. All Classinea advertising cops submitted by persons 'residing out- Bide ol the city must be accompanied oy cash Kates muy be easily computed [rorn above table No responsibility will be taken (or more Uian one Incorrect in. itriion ol any classiQed aa. Advenislris .ordered lor UrcjjUlai insertions late the one time rate. Business Directory | Shoe Repairing msmed fbrVbur BR PAGE FIVE Cobb Undertaking Co.. In< SERVICE & QUALITY AMBULANCE Phon'c 26 COVl'EK WEATHKK STK1P Saves fuel at small cost Arkrno Lumber Co. Cliitwood & Weidman _'letlriivil wiring - Metal Work Between P. O. and Chevrolet Bide. Phone 205 iioshig Out Entire Slock of BOOTS At PRESENT WHOLESALE Prices Hubbard Hdw. Co. PHILLIPS' USED CARS JUST A FEW OF OUR MANY GOOD USKD CAUS '29 FORD TOWN SEDAN. A.I Condition $165 •33 FOKI) TUDOU SEDAN. Motor driven only 500 miles $335 'W , CilEVHOI.ET PIASTER SIX COACH $37 FOlli) TUDOK. Condition Perfect •S3 CHEVROLET COUPE. liuns Like Now Slli! •33 CHEVROLET COUPE. Motor anil Tires A-l $30 TRUCKS and TKA1LEUS '33 CHEVROLET TRUCK. 157- inch Whcelbase, t'Josecl Cab, Dual Wheels $21 '29 CHEVROLET Closeu taD , T R U C K. 36 LET US 1)0 TOUtt WELDING AND MACHINE WORK BOILER - DRAGLINE TRAILER REPAIRING Ve Carry A Pull Line of Shafting 1'honc &08 HLYTHKViU.E MACHINE AYORKS Operated by !. V. lUger Koy I'aic WINTER IS COMING I SPECIAL PRICES on repairing shoes before cold weather. Progressive Shoe Shop 103 S. 2nd SI. ' Gel Your SHOES ready for winter. Newest machine Just instiil- .c*l. Every job guurantci'il or money refunded. E. E. Ratcliff Across from Hubbard IIclw. Co, Attention Farmers J ; WK BUY SOY UEAN5, CORN AND COW PEAS , , Fanners Cash Feed & Seed Co. J. W. 1'ARK EH, Prop. j>)iom; ) Eggs, Poultry Simon P. Leo Oldest shoo maker In county "Trade with A Pioneer" 111 s. Railroad Buy FRESH HOGS the day tney me Inld. At PICKARD'S Store, 1<M4 Chlckasuwua, or direct from our licnnnrv. W. J. KNOX Having made all kinds of sliora for ABNORMAL feet, can repair noes to correct ABNORMAL fee-,. Wanted CONNOR & MATLOCK ELECTRIC ami -ACETVLfNE WELDING No Job Too Large, or Too Smull. Reasonable Prices - Guaranteed Work SE Corner Ash and Railroad la Old Trinity Farm Uldg. FOR BEAUTIFUL FLOORS KENT OUR ' FLOOR SANDER A^KMO LUMBER CO. Farmers! For $(i,50 and Uie cotton we will make you n Oood MATTRESS. "TraJe With a Home Industry" UPHOLSTERERS J. W. Jenkins & Son 116 S. Railroad - - Phone 139 Por highest prices on Pecans sec Wolf Arian, 120 E, Main. He k!4 Automotive VOK HATTEHY SERVICE Ben Clune 1 200 W. Asli Phone 8. "WINTKK AUTO SPECIALS" I'lcslonc, Alciihol, Heaters, frostcr.s. \Vlll=rJ liallerlcs. LET US PREPARE YOU WINTER Huhhavfl Hdw. Co. AUTOMOTIVE DEPT. Phone 410 Phone Filling Stalidi^s CHEAPER AND BETl'BB CIA8 Southern Service Station AT BTEELE, MO. PJillllps 86 Prouucte ANTl-KNOOK GASOLINE 24 hour service "No [irlce lower thtin oura." UEDHOOMj x ndjomlnij talh. Men preterrcd. 2)3 \y. Kentucky. Telc- lihotio »86, , - ... NICELY FURNISHED MENT. CALL' 302-W. For Kent FOR, RENT—My lioiiie, 'nicely furnished, live rooms, bath, gar- ns<!- Key at 212 W. Kentucky Avc. " - IB]> ta2 3 room APARTMENT, modenUy furnished. 113 Chlckasawba. Mrs . Eaton APART- 30-clt-lf MODERN 6 room I-'URNISHED IU>UM, 1306 call 280 7o Ml' 3 roo<n FURNISHETi APARTMENT, ZW W. Kentucky. Mrs TOR UAI,li— Mulca, luiriics.s, wai{- ons, ImpietniMHs, new ifromul )lo\u, lluuows mid luy \v, U Slsk. ktr , EoKlcy, '.it iiillo norlli of line i BOSTON DULL Lenitties. Mrs.-W 322) OunAyn Ace., BED ROOM, close In. Men only. 310 \V. Walnut. Mrs. R. 13. Helen.. ' "•-.'• £Co kit Ifooiu, bath, Unfurnished-APARTMENT, p. Simon, Call 704. : 20o. kit WARM ROOM In modern, furnace heated home. Men or bus- M-pk-19: Iness coiipjc '• |)rcfcrre(!. Phone iM or 24, • v 0 • • - Hloely FURNISHED BEDROOMS. iiioScratcly priced. Mrs. A. J*sher, 101 E. Duvls. 34-pk-20 AU,KY 001 I'M A 6OklNEiZ,NOW-BLJT THERE'LL Be" A FEV\/ WOKE UEMIAM SKULLS CRACKED 'FORE I &0 DOWN IF | CD ONLY GIT' GOOD SOCK AT OL' I'D GO DOWM HAPPY! For bale TO Mil r <iX loom UiKco (lungilos in plnl; of (.pndltloii on CDJWI lot 75 x ISO Uiiido (ices,, unlike, etc $I8MJ, $250 01 Itss, and $Ui 90 per month, * '' Hcrcsl - Pajmenii smno each Pupnlev litil E, McClilloivh Pride /U[(ti(iou 15i) m k I i iiomas Land Company | -™—. _ ____ ~_. Lost Mounliiln Mist QU)I,T1NO I'K AMDS. Mrs. IjIniR Alcljllliol) out South Fninklln. I2i> kl'/ BARGAINS ' In Used llealcis Hubbaid Hdw. Co. Uiiclt'i'K'oocI Tj'jwwHtor and nild Ing machine, stcrnbcrg Company, phono 21 Cotton 8c idf Home linked I-'KUIT CAltua, J nveragu, $1 each. Phone 13c 118 LI), 075 -W. Pair mules, vviigon. Immt>s3, plon tools,, com, International riding ciilllvnloi 1 , liilcriiiillonnl Rowo.col O. D. auiMKS, Ym- (ip k!3 o6i—i«o 5100 bllh, Saturday iiioiiilng Vciy liberal ie»ard for return to Courier News. flclp)V anted M AK L MONEY coding uduiLEsi's foi mall order nritu, •iwic time experience unnece,i- •>ni\ ( no cunasslng wiltc United. (UHeitfsine nn oeKnio Avenue, Biooklyn, N \ r ' ' Salesmen Wanted bALHSMAN foi Hobait Compres- toik tar wushus, bntlciy charg- cis (.to Ample comml«s!ons Ensy iuyinciit.1 iiHottccl innchubers Load? furnltlKd Hobatt Biothers, Tioy, Ohio ;' RITE PRICE GROCERY BlIV GROCERIES KIGHT A COMPLETE LINE OF FANC\ | & STAPLE GROCERIES,- FRE3i. MEATS, VEGETABLEd, PRO DUCB, FI^OUR, MEAL, ETC. in Old F. O. Bldg. Phone 23-i We Deliver By Jlnrnlin NOW I GOTCKA WHERb / HAH ' YOU HAIRY-fAcko OL' " 1 •••'•-"•A.YOU 7 TOAD -IN ABOUT rwo JEWS _ EDOL I—f OF A DlWncAURSTAIL VEE V>eUC<VMi I VE \ \ GONNA lie -30BRY YOU DIPMT WAITED A UOM&y \ WAIT A UOf LOMGER.I ""nu5°- ^j '30 G. P.I. C. TRUCK. Large iioay, Closed Cab ...... SISi KSNGHASI , TKAILEH. Duill .' ';'\Vfa'cVls',"Kcw tttibb'cr ____ SU5 'o'O FOKD I'lCK-UP TRUCK. i'AY CASH FOR ct-lJ UAKS PHILUPS 3 USisD lAtlLUT Conier Uu.nui ii 1st Streets I'lio&i! ' SJ3 Factory Autriorhed FRIG1UAIRE SKUVICE t'actoo 1 Irained Aluch Oa> b7—t'liuiie—NigUl „; 407 Main St. E. B. GEK SALES CO. AUTO GLASS ARK-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE 10 CoaJ & Wood Wanted To buy We buy cotton planting seed and white, yellow or mixed corn. Set: us for cost prices. Harold Sternberg at Stcrnberg Cotton Co. 8-ck-l-8 Restaurants Beat Oyslers & River Cat Fish Chicken Dinners Every Day Jimmie O'Bvien 105 S. ScconS Heal Estate FARMS FOR SA],E! Tcims Reasonable KTHEL B. THOMPSON Canitlicrsville, Mo. Good Farms •SO acres one iiiiie cast of Toivn on Gravel road, fairly good improvement, .small amount cash and Rood terms for balance, prico 590 per acre. 27K ncres. good four room dwelling, good barn, all new, well located, good soil close to lown, the bargain to be found today anywhere near BlylheviUc, Price J1675. Investigate hero. W. M. Burns Agency Plionra 24:i & 31'J You have tried the. rest Now buy the BEST Coal & Feed Phone 12Y Farmer's Cash Feed and Seed Co. Joseph W. Parker, Prop. My Coal Is Iliack but I treat White, Fill up now. IOI1N BUCHANAN - PHONE 1C See 'Us Apoul Your Coal Blytheville Gin Co. "Radiant Alabama" "Premium Kentucky" CALL 214 WE CAN'T SELL ALL THE COAL SO WE JUST SELL THE BES1 PHONE— 100— PHONE E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. 30 A. $3,000. ' I'OR SALE M mile of Blytheville. ! cash, .balance time. | 40 A. I mile of Blylheviile, ou PHONE 017 FOR "Hi-Lo Alabama" "Encrgv Illinois" "Black Uoyal Kentucky" CLEAN COAI^LOW PRICED I Erclusive Agents for the original genuine Montavallo Coal We also sell Brilliant, Ark. Anthracite, Illinois an<J Kentucky Coals. Phone 477 WONDER CITY COAL CO. ' , nice home. 53,u3S, gravel road, tfiins. !i section of land close to Hly- Uieville. Well Improved, {90.00 ps acre. l? room residence on , lot nc«r business center. $2,000. VI cash, or w "l mate closer prite for cash. liioinas Lund Co. , He kt« Why Buy Coal From Us? 1—30 years In business. 2—Quality of coal bandied. 3—Prompt service. 4—Courteous treatment. 5—You gel all you pay for. '•Quality Group" distributed by GAY & BifcLINGS Phone 76 Personal "° $50 Reward Inlorinallon lc£.»ling to ams and conviction of parlies wli smashed Guard's window Monday, ,. , wart on Nov. 12. J. U Guard mid V. E. , bide. H. u. sliillliixs. Koutc iTomliiison, Chief Mcvcham.-s r.1- Il-|)k-l5 jtiol. _ , H-ck-H rinilo east 'Will quilt QUILTC rcnsonamy. W aiil. Ca\! ' Work neatly done. Mrs. Leonard lie 1:13 W. Holt, S. Lilly SI, . 1o klf n Blythevjllc. 01 ' 161 ' : KING VS. KING! ONE SIDG,YOU MUGS, YOU'VE HA.O YER FUN) NOW I'M GONNA HAVE MINE f KING GWZZLE ISI-MV.lyiEATl CM GONNA • PAT- 'lIUI O A\M J SHUXl JUS 1 WHEN I HADC& GCOD CHANCE TO CRO'A/M HIM' HE'S TOUSH.BLTT HE CANT LICK A WHOLE ARMY /. S*r BOOT* A MM HF1 WATCH OUT! A'SOUT EA StnVlCC, INC..T. M. PEC: U. S. PAT. Off VASH TUBIiS BLJIGRAVIAH AIDES TO THE PRIWCE ARE. 6MRAGEP. WOOM THE FIP&T ci_ue \s> FOUND AN ABANDONED BOAT IS"DiSCOUeRED NEAP, THE EAST SHOPE . OP THE LAKE. /6ROSS NEGLECT UNp e-TOPiDrry, DOT'S vor IT I5S. WILL BE HELD CHUST VAIT, YOU VOU'LL HEAR FK3M OUR K1N& ' ABOUT OIS. *-r^ K -=eSi / AH HA.! so oois"vor E5CAPEO UNPOPULAR FOP-EI6N PRINCE OISAPPEARS PUKING WIGHT- PIRITED . &/ KANDELABRAN PATRIOTS WHO WISHED TO WITH . GUARD EVERY ROAD, EVER/ PATH, LEADING OUT ''OF COUNTRY. ENTIRE ARMY dOINS-IN SEARCH . O ion n'/>;gA SESWCC. me T. w. nco u. s PAr ofr DALESMAN SAM THE CANDY KID! AMD rvs GOWG-j __ TO B6. p, REftLJ SMART •SMP.RT cf\Net/ 1 HOWS THlS'UM SlfiO JKI v oow'r THIS owe. /UK OVJER.I x CHILDISH i j TftKe. THIS ONE. f\MD RUM ALO/J&t 7 Piie.seNT GI&HT MOW, cnv CrOOO FELUOtUl OAU SOU I MAG-IMS. THAT? TRAIN;GONE—GAS GONE! O'JR OMLY CHAMCE y/AS ATTRACT. THE CONDUCTOR'S ATTENTION, AND HE V/OIH.DNT EVEW Qlvg TUMBLE f r- ' ~ ' I HAVE ,*W jp^A; nWAT .nTR*lN HAS TO CUMB V ' Y3UU.-WJOW.THS .•WSWE<?.,,,7HE' 7 .TRty! TO THE HURCY!

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