The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 11, 1933
Page 2
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Miss Pauline Lang Weds Charles Gross Mr. and Mrs. . William Lang to- d»y announced the marriage ol their eldest daughter, Pauline, to Mr. Charlf<, Gross, of Birmingham, Al». The wedding was solemnized Monday at high noon at the Tem- pte of Montgomery. Ala., with Rabbi A. Rosenbloom rending the ring service. There mere no attendants. The bride was attractive In R tailored 'rock of deep sea blue flat cr«pe made \vilh H short Jacket and a plaui blouse. Her acces- . Borles' w?re also In navy and she carried an arm bouquet of mixed garden flowers tied with navy blue velvet ribbons. • Afttf ; Kvtral days; In, MontRdm- «ry Mr' Gross and ~ lite -bride will make their home In Birmingham. Mrs. Gross »'as educated In schools of Memphis before moving here with her family. Since that time she has been associated wl'.li her father in business. She 1m bftri especially active in affairs of .the Junior Hadnssah organization of Arkansas.- Illinois and Missouri and also took a lead In activities of the Temple Israel of Hits city. The bridegroom, who Is tlie son' of Mrs. A. Grass of Birmingham. is a graduile of the University of ' Georgia.^ He; t s . Int. the drug business. ,• "" ; Cauliflower Banquet for This Vegetable Dinner Entertains . The yoiing people of the Church i of the Najarehd were guests of Mrs. J. C. Crincr last evening for • a watermelon party. The lawn o' ,'Ahe Criner', home wns clcctrlcall; .lljhted and" terns and flowers decorated the .tables where waterr -Ion *as 'served the 25. present. Games were also enjoyed, • ••'-'.' Compliment"; 'VUttor . ' Miss Ruth. Whltworih entertained 12 guests vith a .bridge party Thursday : afternoon in 'special compliment to'' Miss .Catherine Dav|s of Amo'ry, »!lss., houscguest of Miss Warrehe-.Brownlee.- Other out of town 'guests were: r Mlss Brownlee, 'Miss , : Clarioe Kennedy «nd Miss Orlne jJH.utchlnsrof -Manila. and M|ss Ama Ashabrannfr. of Detroit,- Mich.,.%i<> ; -IS; Visit! ng-.'t (it •'• Manila.-" '' ' ..... Predominant in the garden flowers which decorated^ the living rco.a- and -porch were' -pink 1 and .white blossoms to > emphasise the By SEA Service . Cold vegetable plnli's arc nbsiil the nicest thlugs''yoii cnn .•serve on a hot, midsummer dny. Vegetables supply enough nourishment, for the body, but do not overtax the slom- ach. 1 Vegetable plates nrc tet serra! on one large platter, placed right on the table. Everybody helps himself. A few fresh vegetables with an appetizing dressing, crisp rolls and some. kind' of a swc:l dessert constltiilesYi whole inenl. Your'lettuce must be crisp am cold. After washing, wrap It In n clean clotli and put it In Hi; iuc box until you 'arc ready to prcpnw the platter of col:l vegetables. In tills, way-It is,.sure to he crisp and fairly dry. Ltltuce, dripping «•"" water, will spoil the appearance of (he -salad dr'csslinj. ami dilute the salad Bits oj Netcs Mostly Persona! Queen of Beauty Finds "Perfect HustandS ed with a teaspoon of mayonnaise At rnch end put a bundle c three fresh asparagus tips covered If you plan to serve a cold veg- wit], a ring of .swset green pepper. platlcr for lunch, gel your] vegetables all clcnue;! and cookefl' in the early hours of the morning before the kitchen jjcls iinbsnrnbly liot. Randolph Patton, who spends" a >art ol his time In this city, has returned from a six weeks trip to .Jvcritool, Eng., Hamburg ant lircincn, Germany. • • E. C. Paltojv attended to busi MS in Memphis yesterday. Charles Smith, Joe Pride, jr Ben Elliott, Albert Taylor,- Johl Mahnn, Henry Davis and John Alexander, who 'are employed 01 the levee work at Caruthersvllle lire home today, Miss Sara Nunii and Adelt; Inngston-havn gone to Parctnnan and Ruleville, Miss., for several duys stay. They plan to return Monday, Mrs. W. a. Glover has returned from a visit In Chicago. Mrs. W. L. Horncr and son, Jack, nnd Mrs. Elton W. KIrby return cd Inst night from two days spent In Forrest City and Wheatlcy Ark. The Rev. and Mrs. Alfred S. Harwell and children, Winnie nnd .Shelby, have gone to Hot Springs nnd other points of Interest in the rime for a two weeks vacation. John L. Finley. will return -to- Here's what you'll vegetable luncheon. need for Ot,';cr vegetables cnn, of course, he substitute:! for t!i« one llslecl here. One liu'Bi 1 (ciunlo. 3 liihlespcnu-j o[ diced chicken and c:lsry snlnd, 1 large- heat! of cauliflower (quartered), 2 whole iK'Cls, 8 fresh asparagus leLtucc, sweet and chopped egg for garnish. On a. platter lined with lettuce, place u peeled fresh tomato stud^l \vlth diced chicken und celery inix- Around the totnato place a fan of I morrow from a brief business trip sliced beds topped with the quar- to Little Rock and with Mrs, Fih- Icrcd cauliflower bouquet. Thlj recipe serves two people adequately. You can serve vegetable luncheons ntjnln and again if you vary Ihe salaj dressings from time to time. Here's the way thoy . mak ley, Mrs. John L. Finley sr., and her grandson. Steve Goodwyn Jr., of Memphis, they will leave immediately for Chicago. W. M. McKenzle 1= attending to business In St. Louis. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond R. Wil- 11 nice dressing nt the Half Moan: son have as their guests Miss Into a DDwl put two tablespoons [ Lo>lisc Shaver, of Bonham, Texas of prepared mayonnaise, 1 teaspoon of chili sauce, orie-'ourth teaspoon Worcestershire sauce and 1 tablespoon of whipped cream. SUr the Ingredients until they arc evenly blended and serve ice cold in a bowl. two shadM also'used In the ]if», the priics and In the tal- Icc course served on pink and srecn plates. MUs Ruth Blythe won Ihe prize, Will Open New-;;: the Hall Sisters shoppe. Mrs. \V. D. I Benti'lcc Holt, all of-Cairo, Ill-to. Next Week'! Webb, who will be in charge of the alteration department, was lorm- j erly with Ihe Mahan slore nnd Hiss . j Wlittsllfs shop. ''! Mrs. McAdams nnd Miss Holland i returned Thursday fiom a buying ___ "The 'Ladles' Toggery," a ready- 1 tri l> in' St. Louis. a bridge set In second high prize, leather lingerie, went to Miss Margaret Cross, and Miss Davlg was presented a similar gift. The hostess was'assisted in serving by her. mother, Mrs. J. E. \Vhitwcrtri. and her niece, Minnie Ruth .Wood. . to-wear shop for women nnd, girls, will be opened about the middle of next week by Mrs. Uucy MoAtlams and Miss Ernestine Holland. The store will occupy the former Cinlc- Ifc bu ...... .--•.. Is bil Boll) ow:isrs arc <voll known in i / on".Wi'st Mute, which re.*odelcd and rc'd'ecornlcd. this city. Mrs. McAdams, who lias I i] n j. t l Saturday lived licre for a number of years, has been connected with the Grand Leader, Berllg's, the Bootcry, and Itrctfjyadocio Paul White has returned from a visit-, with relatives s ln St. Louis. j Clinton Gnllnhcr" -is visiting in 'Alton. Mo. Miss Slyvln Hucknhn shop|ied In spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Holt. They were en loute to Tnnlcn, Miss., where they will make their homo. .\;inard Pcffer has gone to Nevada, Mo., for the annual national a'jard eivrmnincnt. The Methodist church has bc- Kim a series of services under Ihe direction of the pastor, the Rev. Mr. Wiener, with the Rev. Mr. Bnrnhnrt of Cnrutersvlll prac sril Bnrnhtirt of Cnruthersvllle preach- SISTER MARYS KITCHEN EmttrUuw Rook . Clib a*d Guests V Mme«. W. F. Brewer. T, H. Haynes, Mary Featherston, M. G- Goodwin, O. N. .Hawkins and R. L-Recder were guests of Mrs. Tom . \V. Jackson when.she also entertained the Thursday Rook cluu lor ihejusual twice 'a month party. Flowers from the hostess' garden added lo the'-liylns room and sun porch where the card tables were arranged. .'. • A pineapple sherbcrt course was served. - .. • • • .» VMUr Given Party.... ." Miss Golds..Rinks' enterUlncd with" an informal party tost evening in honor of -Miss' Virginia Belle Eastwood, of Carulhcrsville, Mo., who is the housegucst of her aunt, Mrs. Charles'F. .Wood. The affair was given at Iht home of Mr. and Mrs. W. M.-.Pyles. The guests played'rook. Bouquets of oummcr flowers decorat- fcd the living room. Bride Given Party Mrs. T. B. Baker, who was be- lore ' her marriage > Miss Lorlno Ecntley. was given a surprise shower last evening by 16 employes . of the local office of the Southwestern Bell Telephone company. The guests presented the bride an Interesting assortment of gifts for her home on Cherry and First streets. Later an ice course was served. A number of members of the Nnznrcnc church drove to Dixie park Saturday for n picnic. Miss Jewell Lewis has returned Hall Sisters.shapre. Miss HollanL whiKe home is !n New Albany, from a visit with rclnlivcs in MIS!., wns employed In n ready-to- Hornljcn'-.v, Tcnn. wear shoj> In St. Louis tafo're com- Mr. ' and Mrs. Jack Wllkcrson hip here six years ago to. work at and daughter Betty nnd Miss Ilouiersville Society-Personal Kecipts fur home-mailc juicr. and other frape prcductR ar lUti'rlbed by Sistrr Miry in sixth and Hi rics on "What I Mary Katharine Canobell, the only plrl to 1 be twice crowned.-"Miss America", ended her 11-year qu'ftt for • the "perfect husband" In New York's Little Clmrcn Around thp Corner, where she became the'''br,lde ol" Frederick Stiiuncon Tov.nley, East Orange, N. J., Insurance man. • Miss [ Campbell, a native of Columbus, O., Is shown at Ml as she appeared in 1023 when she won her second "Miss America" title, and (right) with her husband after the ceremony. -. - - - move from stems ixud drain. Press blespoon allspice. 2 teaspoons' salt, pulps from .skins, ite.n pulp to -Wash grapes and remove-from Uio boiling paint and cask slowly stems, press pulp from skins and unt,ll seeds.are free. Rub tlirsugn]ccok pulp until seeds are fres. Kub a sieve to remove seeds. Cook skins through sieve to remove'seeds.'Put uiitll tender, add pulp nnd sugar j pulp, tkitis. sugar and vinegar into and simmer for rmecn minutes, preserving kettle and boil . until into sterilized jelly glasses and cov- "-'-'- : - 1 "" "•—- '—- stkring to prevent burniiiB. Pour er \vltu parannc. rjovcr with more liarafinc when cold. Any variety of grapes can be used .tor juice and preserves. Naturally the Concurii makes a rich inal article of htr se coldrful product. at to Can, and How.''' . Gra P e Comervcs ...five i^ounds grapes. 5 pound's su- hlck,. about a half hour. Pour Into, l:ot :sterillzed jars and'seal. Tomorrow's Menu BREAKF/<ST: Cflillcd sauce, cereal cooked with Pir Sits on Stool . . .BRECKENRIDGE. Tex. (UP1-- Pork Chops, a spotless whn\c'. pig, has become the mascot of a filling station here and .attracts much attention by sitting on a stool to -Cat his morning cereal. . cream, tomato -and bacon Upple dates, sand- Grapes arc. to be n "bumper" crop this year, so the market re- poris tell us, and since they make gar.'I box raisins, 3 oranges, 1 cup nut meats. and pick over g:upes. Press Hospital Notes Admitted to tke'~Bljtluville h:s- pltal: Glynn Haryejr, Arbyrd.- Mo.; discharged Jce Humphreys, city; Mrs. Ruth Punderturk; stecle.'Mc., and E. Chambers, ccater. Mo. kjjn •m tfm- CAF OF 0SOWN VELVtT JyVffl ft TIW cuf.ifo osmea IIP. '-BSIOW— PRAPtD DIACK. VELVET. G. M. liiddlck and Aubrey Ciood- wln had business In Blylhsvlllc Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Parks and [children and Mr.'and Mrs. Milforc! Sanders-attended the show at Ken- r.elt Surtijay oftemoon. O. J. Cotxs. proprietor of the Rexall drug store, is in Memphis tf : Is week with his wife visiting relatives. Lyman Bone, who recently completed Hie course in pharmacy at tlie -University ot Tennessee, is n-fslsttng at tlic store. Mr. nnd Mrs. Roger Manniivj; of Phccnix, Ariz., arrivert Monday for n visit wlt'n the laltcr's parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Kinsolvlng. -Mrs George S. Brown is visit. ing nt the home of ShcrilT Ed Juden In Caruthersvillc this wsek. having accompanied Mrs. Judon, who is her sister, (o her l:oinc Sun- delicious conserves and butlers 'a$Jp'ulp pi from skins and cook pulp uii- wcll as the always''popular grape fill seeds are--free. . Rub throug.i Juice, they will claim much of tlic; sieve to remove secdb. Put skins home-makers attention. • j and pulp with oranges cut In thin Home-made .grape juice is easy slices, sugar and raisins into pre- to make if you follow the rules. serving kettle. Cook fifteen rain- Wash grapt\> and pick from Hie utc's tin'd add mil' meats. 1 Ccok ten stems. Put into preserving kottle.' minutes longer and turn into-ster- wllh jurt enough water to cover : ilized glasses. Cover with paraflne bottom, cover and heat to the boil- j nn<i when cold cover with a second | ing point. Let boll gently until seeds layer. wiches, milk.- coffee.' ' LUNCHEON: Hot bouillon, toasted crackers, tuna fish and celery salad, graham- Parker-house rolls, peach pan dowdy, milk, tea.. DINNER; Meat loaf, pota^cs. au gratin, ten . minute cabbage., head let(iice with 'French ilressjflg|' p |ki; gcr cream roll, milk, coffee. ".' •' A bee has foiir wings, but when flying, the hind wings hook ontrt • the, fore wings i so that each pair '.\orks as-ii unit. • . • ' Blue Star Kills The Itch Germs To ge,t rid of. itch\ rash, tetter, foot .- ttch, ringworm or.eczerna, cover with, soothing plue Slaf Oinfrnehi which ' . contain! tested medicines"! hat melt 'Jf* .and soak' In qukklj a&d^fli'fvry ' b 'germ. Money back'if JtifaUs.-Adr." Lone Oak News Brother Pinkston of Holland, Mo will begin a revival meeting htre Sunday. August 13. Sunday school will be held^t 10 o'clock. Mrs.., Bell Wikefleld t s better after hiving been seriously sick. l"burte*n ladles attended the P. T A.' meeting Monday. Rcfrcsh- menta'were served by Mrs. D. J. Hoidgie,' Ure.' Oflle' Huey and Mrs. C. DaVU. ' • •"•' Frances McLeod and Horace WattfteW aie ' absent from school because of chills. ' kre. Charlie Hart, who has been 111 forrtereral weeks, is slightly Improved. .... , . Mr. arid Mrs. J.,Lohlcy of Bly- thevtHe were gu»ts Sunday of Mr. and Mr* Lawrence Powell All member* of the ladles mis ikiniry society are urged to meet »t the cJnm* ?V J o'clock Mon- Mr. and Mrs. Amy Bollingor and i sister. Miss Mary, of Greenville. j Mo., visited oveT iie weck-er.d with their sister, Mrs. Nelson Tinnin. Riley i-'. K.'-ight .spent Simiay ! with his parents In Portugcvlllc. j Mrs. A. J. Lanijdon jr., brought I her little daughter. June, home from the Methodist hospital in Memphis Friday. The llti'.e girl hart been treated for colitis. Mrs. Marvin Haire and little son eft Saturday with Mrs. Cecil nuni of Hayti to visit Mrs. nrtm- num's parents. Mr. nnd Mr3. J. M. Brand of DoSoU). They rcnirnci Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. John Mrs. Sertha Knisolving. Allxirl Jordan. Mrs. Warner Bishop, Ihe M-^sos lor.i Bryant, Myrl Anderson and 7,etta Olas-3 altended the s!-,g» at Senath Wednesday nigrt. arc free. Pour into jelly bag and let drip. Tf you want a very clear, sparkling juice do not squeeze' the eugar, 2 cups bag. Measure this juice and bring cinnamon, 2 to the boiling point. Add one cup sugar to four cups of juice nnd bring again to the boiling paint and pour into sterilized jars or bottles and seal. Be sure the jars aro filled to overflowine before sealing. After the extraction'of juice return grnjie pulp to preserving kettle with water enough to half cover. Bring to the boiling point and Jlriimer ten minutes. Turn into jelly bag and squeeze thoroughly. I,rt this juice stand over night in a cool place, pour off, being careful noi to disturb the sediment In the bottom. Heat to the boiling point and r.dd 1 cup sugar to four cups juice. Bring to the boiling point and add I cup sugar to four cups Juice. Bring to the boiling point and pour into strelizide jars or bottles nnd seal. Both of these extractions must be diluted with water when served ns a crlnk. Grape Butler Five pounds grapes. -I pounds sugar. Wash and pick over grapes. Re- . Grape Kelish' Five pounds grunts, 2 1-2 pounds sugar, 2 cups vinegar, 1 !2>'!espc>on cloves, l u- 666 UQUIU - TAKLETS - SALVK Checks 31 ularii in 3 days, Colds fir^' day, lltadachcs or Xcnrnlp ir. 30 minutes. Fine Laxative and Tonic Mo5t Speedy Remedies Kntmii. PILES CURED Without the Knife! My mild otfice treatment makes nn operation unnecessary. No confinement at home or m hospital. Nn Inss of time fro^i work. Piles. Fistula, Ulcers and othQV rectal diseases, as well as Van- ccscd icnlnrgedl -Veins. Chronic Leg Ulcers, etc.. treated. 1 al:-o give the non-surgical treatment of Hernia (rupture) by injections. Call or write DK. J. C. YOUNG, Speciilist Joncslwro, Arkansas Hundreds qf customers can't he WRONG! Popular Corner Mr. Burks and Ted Kin; -.-,i?; the weekend at ilofcland vini:: their sister, Mrs. Cayce J-i!-,nst;. Wilbur. Evans of Del] visiieri . Poplar Corner Tuesday. Mrs. Webster has returned to :-. home at Swifton. Mo., after pa ing a month with her dausHc Mrs. Allen Holt. Mr. snd Mrs. Wiley Hutu-ii a family and Mr. and Mn liid Donald of Manila wore cwits Mr. nnd Mrs. Wallace K;r,~ «•• cay. Miss Anna bee David ol Mun has attended the revival nprin here tlie i>ast week. Miss Vivian Berry. Locnard I foon, Clarence Williams aiu idr nrd Osborn were supp:r i.',ie^ls the Misses Helen and Evrlyi; T,v linson Sunday nij'nt . Ntrs. Minnie Ber.ry is in R fl .. Ark., where she is vislf.m i daughter, Mrs J^ss Point::. of Just Arrived that famous line of The new Fall Styles in Black and Tan for Men 5 JCE I.JA4CS, "««• Unii[im cleaning surviue is (jooil! It h;is Hie (indorsement of hundreds of l people in this vicinity who demand Hie, ami who have learned from experience that our workmen and pur equipment c;ui Ijc depended upon. We know they like Uuitiuu service •from week to week these people return us their cloiliing. Its the "repeat" orders that show how a business stands with its public. • Wl BO OUR HIIT CLEANING SERVICE Phone. 12:1

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