The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 17, 1937
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COURIER VOL. XXX1IJ—NO. I510 mylhpvllle Courier R . nOM1N . AN !_ N . EWSPAPF - U ° P NOldllEAST ARKANSAS ANO BOUTHRAffT Valley Leader HLYTHUVIU,,.;, Al KANSAS, WK'DNKSDAY, MARCH 17, IOT7 SPLITS jGermany [Will Renew T Protests TRIKERS DEFY COURT SING/E COPIES F1VR GENTS Swastikas on Synagogue''" WASHINGTON, Mur. n. (UP) German Ambas_~..dor Dr. Hans Lu (her will reiisiv the Gennnn goi einment's representation.? of |no list over the LaGuardla-HUler incident, it was learned today. | Secretary of Slatj Corde'll Hull revealed uiat Lutner had requested and oblniiied an appointment lo ste.Hnll Ihis afternoon and sources . —• .• ~.«... close to (he German cmoassv said ma in emergency session late to- j Lin.hcr would make new rcpresen •hy m an effDi-t !o prevent the col- (ations lo Hull over the clam" a >.e of thc popular front govern- (dilation of Hitler as a (it sublet mi-iuas-arssultof palilleal rioting for. exhibition in a "ehamb"" o. Fall of G o v c r n in e n Threatened Following Paris Disturbances PARIS. Mir. 17. (UP>—Th: leftist cabinet of Premier L?o:i Blum were killed and 5te horrors." 'n Inch five wounded. Guards at (lie home of Premier Leon'Blum on the Qua! rte Bour- hon were reinforced as enraged left n-irig elements of his supporting coalition protested against shooting by mobile guardsmen of dcmonstniiits in riots in (he Cllcliy suburb last night. Between 7.CKJO and 8.000 Communist workmen at the exposition grounds went on . strike in protest against the shootings. Communist lenders said that the strike was not ordered. After an hour these strikers re- turiJMt to work but 1,200 mcUl ScV.hem Merchants Find Sin ce Business Besl Boom Years ATLANTA, Oa:, Mar. 17 (UP)— Ma - vor LaGuardia's attack on ! Die lo Inquire on -the ri 3355," • n ..,i«- »„„ „„,„„, sns.-aais: that he "would agn; and talk .to them. , . Heavy patrols of mobile guardsmen watched for any Clichy suburb Adolf Hillcr n ,,H n " , "' > -- v™^" " 0i!>ll Not Expect "Good S-orlsmanship" Talk lo din Publicity WASHINGTON 7 , Mar. n. <up)~Controversy over President Roosc- 1 vcli's Judlclnry nrogrun, wns In- 1 ienslfled today with'Supreme Court i JU5!lee James C. MefiernoUis im- j phastzlng he would lake no p^r- I sonal pan in tr.e dispute nml sen- I ale Judlclnry committee members engaging In slmrp argument with Prof. Edwin s. Corwln. n proponent or court chnnue. Thc McReynolds development aiose from informal remarks addressed by thc justice to i\ fraternity baiHiuct last night. He explained lorlay he had nol anticipated Hint bis denouncement of "wilful opportunism" and declaration lliai losers in judicial ills- pules should be "good losers" would be publicly circulate:!. Ine justice inndo plain he hnd no Intention of "breaking the su- outbreak In and . police were on 6 ' 1 ™" office -and r " Ucrior P llt 'lie 'death o a five all demonstrants and *mtl (hat so rioters were sent to hospital,. 220 were treated at hos- " 5erious woim<I s (i nf ,« om< s a"' tliat 242 police and mobile guards- to many wounded in addition treated privately. All of the rioters wounded were listed as Communists. Reid Addresses Lions at Harrisburg, Manila Max B. Reid, district governor cf Lions International, addressed I'n.'ur' for a •"•"" Mr Reid, who was elected head cf the state gtoup. last July, is "Siting all of the duly, in the College Owns "Gas" Station I FREEMAN, s. D. (UP)-Freeman College is believed to be the only educational institution in the Northwest operating a gp^oline filling station for profit. The station was constructed by 20 public candy stores and clotWng establishments report.' their sales are from ten to 25 cent greater than ft. year ago and in many eases equal 'to the volume of the nre- depresslon years." • . - . With flood waters booming cotton gone mcne, into the and ntii,^, i fa™ 8 Agreement for Factory Here Is Now in Fi Written 'Form • inal of the OFFiKIflllCrLi ticlpalion in political controversies. Princeton Professor Ti'blilles Semite Judiciary committee inein- ; bcra informally discussed McRey- I Holds' statement and then engaged in vigorous dctale Corwln, Califor j who supported thc president's plan' . for adding new justices to thfc su- ' prcins court. Senator Edward R. Burke (Dem.. Neb.) led Ihe attack on Corwln. citing earlier, statements by the Princeton university professor opposing court enlargement. : Burke asked Corwln why he op- •r i p , i Posed adding new justices lo navels t,nd. yi court a.yenr ago and rmw fnvorci Roosevelts Far Apart on 3 2nd Anniversary WARM SPRINGS, Cia.. Mm. 11 <UI'; —President Roosevelt today celebrated his ihlrty-second wedding anniversary n thousand miles away from Mis. Roosevelt, who was Icctiu-lnii In Shawnce. Okln. 11 WAS (he (irst time since I lib Roosevelts entered tlie White House Hint they hnd not been lo- Bflhc'r In Washington to mnrk tho anniversary with a 'small family (y. Mr. Roosevelt planned to ',alk with his wll« over (In; tcle- Jhoiie during the dny. Tonight (lie president mnkcs a long distance •telephone address to the St. Patrick's day bnnqcet of the Charitable lij s |, Soclet." of Uoston. He will speak from Ocor- j (In hull, administrative office of' thc Wai in SprliiBS Foundation .uid may (ouch upon his plan to MilaiRc the United Stales supreme :oiirt. Tlie tnossniic, nl a:M p. m e. s. t.), will be brondcnst. 'Scsirloil O'I'liira? PLIED 'No Help Needed," Corn- missioner Announces „ „ . D. L. Ford Jn Ailnnln On there'-, an uti counted army of pretty VOUIIK women who would like lo'lmvc (he role of Scnrlcll O'Hara In (ho movie version of Ihe Civil War novel about llielr city, "Gone Wiih I'!? Wind." Hero's one who- comes closer than wishing—Susan palll- gan. pictured In New York lor a tiyout before the camera, and haberdashery _.,„„„,„„„, Memphis report clothing sales hitting a new pre-Easter high tra U '•° 0kS " kC ° l " flllest Ellstcl ' Even barbers are sharing i u the ° P n°eT'the 'hof° n$ c ' uto "">* treat themselves to luxuries such as manicures and shaves which "ioi'f ! ™ SSC<i "" tlllVing thc <Ie >' res - fiiTEsliy JELL _ 'epilctf|-.'Hv;-1. nqfic-nr ji >^ t "I think thc court has a subtle ..°5°^ OLA '. Ark ' - A m "» who bia s at present." hi.s name as H. W. Smith Is ' "So you want lo put on six new with the signatures off. officers of the Rlce-Stix Dry Goods Co. the contract under which ihe tn The contract, a menl, inerley jmts tlie agreement undi for the factory ha, ahead for several * hlcf > ' Ucr cit is believed in a trail, of bias." inicrjected Ssualor Ton checks Connatly (Dem., Tex.) "That's one reason," replied Cor- to Califor 0 " a " a "' om< * ilc '''I 1 fromi'win! way back to California. *'"' '""' j Rno; avelt Declines Commr-nl Smilh, about 50 yeins old, well WARM SPRINGS, Ga., Mar 17 lengthy docu-lessen and having the appearance 'UP)— President Roosevelt todnj m legal form f » successful business or nro-1 '""'"tained his strict vacation pol- r which nlans tessional man. was traveling in a * c i r °^ kr-enintr "hnnHc ,\n» *v, n „,! plans Bohr,' spirited business men <>ver to tlie college and turned Daughter County Bassett of Missis __ Pioneer Dies at .BASSETT, Ark. -Funeral services were held at the familv res - YOU ! Wencc Tuesday nftenioorTfor I Florida Ann Bell. 67, Monday morning after of three months. Mrs. Bell was the widow Charles M. Bell, a large , and - BOB BURNS i^ r n e , ry tiinc i hmL g " " farm Diiough n sma)1 ,.„, some city people say |f o taw to who d d an illness of ° community. w h o . . death nearly eight as fhc settler in of der They rto.i't know th un- those roofs live the ham "st families in the world. They rcauv Bit to know and love each other. In the daytime, they're workin' shoulder lo shoulder in the field and at night, they're all gathered around the fireside. In ||, c C | tv there are too many things lo divide the family interest. I k now " city lady that last her husband "ml the preacher come there to h°Srj llcl h Hc SM<I >M!Ulam - youv qiialiiies,'. and she. said "Well, now, you know, I'm beginning lo bfllcvc that, mj'scir-so many }K0 . Pie have told me so." She said "I ' ,, er ha<1 a chance lo get very ««i acquainted with him—he bc- i seven of this ceded her J-ears ago. Her father late O. Wigicy. an early «id one of the pioneers development of this ,, art county. Born and reared near Bassett Mrs. Bell spent her entire life in '.his community. She is survived by two dough- ters. Mrs. Max Oleeji. CoUfcrviltc Tcmi., and Mrs. Archibald S Catchings, aisseti, with vnom she liad made her home in recent years; one son. E. B. Bell, Bassctt- one granddaughter, eight grandsons, and a sister, Mrs Georeh Moack. Bardstown. The funeral services were conducted by the Rev. Mr. rjoolcv of thc Joiner Methodist church. ' New Orleans Cotton montl; be ratified by the full lip of the industrial Associa- at a meeting late loday or "' 4 rf " , n a hands oft" the ad; Lmcoln - ? ^pliyr automobile ministration drive for enactment, of lomorrow. It provides that the company will enjoy the of . rent, for 25 voir* building for which Blyihevllle subscribed fall, construction of start next week. Rj y all costs of mail taxes and Insurance] Tlie company, Mr. of the had free (he ofj last ; to in Osceola MOCK Monday night. He park>is car on Highway ci near Corner of Hale avenue and succeeded in cashing two checks for $10 each when he was arrested by Patrolman Homer Qulnn at about D:30. In his possession was found a large quantity of travelers' checks, all of S_10 denomination, puriwrl- mg to be drawn by tile 'Judiciary .reorganization pro- Mr. Roosevelt, holding his first press conference In his six day here, declined comment on th "good sportsmanship" sp:cch last night of Supreme court Justice McReynolds and a possible an ' compromise advanced by Senatoi Joe T. Robinson (Dem., Ark.l The president said lie had not lead newspaper accounts of McRcy- that may establish its factor, here as loon sibte. Operations will bc oir , « -on as ihe bni,din 8 Mr. Lynch renewed his factory fund ._,-.. „„ V<11 _ itn-iuiy It] ltd in order that there mny be "c ! del* • n the construction of Ihe build he mg. The contractor has pronii cd I!" ^cxt^^ ^ «*. ™^ "" ^ucLr b 7on 0 H! rt ^ NEW ORLEANS, Mar. n — Cotlton fuiures broke as ,up) much muc as 75 cent* a bale today from 7, ' S'ear highs of yesterday. open high j ow March 1434 1442 1419 1417 H28 H05 1354 13G8 1352 1356 1370 1355 1355 1356 1356 Spots closed steady at HE fifteen. May July- Oct Dec Jan 1355 1420 1407 1352 1355 1356 The only difference between of hydrogen Closing Stock Prices NEW YORlT~Mar. 17. ( UP )_ blocks made an irregular advance oday under leadership of railroad Issues. Bonds declined. United states government bonds were nt new lows. The French franc broke. Lead prices were "11" A. T. and T. Amcrlc.iti Waterworks Anaconda i Belli, steel Chrysler Cilies Service Coca Cola Gen. Elcclric .'. Gen. Motors Int. Harvester ....'.'. McKetton & Robbiris"'"' Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central Packard Phillips Petro. ''..... Radio Corp. .,.....'. St. Lou!s-£. p '._'_' Simmons Beds ...'.". Standard Oil of N. J Stiulebaker Texas Corp : U. s. Smelling U. S. Steel '.'.'.',"" Warner nros , Zontte >ls and Missouri into Arkansas. I peace plan. While officers have not complet- i Mr Roosevelt said he had read rd their investigation. Sheriff Hale llevv spapcr reports of the admin- Jackson said today that lie had "'ready been notified by officers at Cnpc Girardcaii, Carutliersville and Steele. Mo., lhat checks similar lo Ihose found in Smith's posses. s on had ben passed recently in (hose elites. 173 3-4 24 3-8 65 7-8 98 3-4 127 1-2 4 3-4 163 1-2 58 1-2 64 1-8 106 3-4 15 3-4 67 54 3-4 11 56 1-4 11 5-8 4 3-4 56 72 1-8 18 1-4 57 3-8 99 1-2 121 1-2 15 8 holds' address in Washington In -= wtmonna -niKt m r , \ ) V 'u° h '' C bccalnc Ml <! "fst high i»oi n .V ° r L OS tribunal jud'l lo comment igeles. Both sets of checks car- Inrtlreclly on Mr Ro ,[! :£H «s « ; «'i» »=«•»- v-a and Barnes. They also that his operations had carried him from California through Texas to Florida, h.7 • P B M ' constitution revealed I compromise. Tlie president also remained silent on nublished reports that the American government is watching as a court right " S ' H 1£1,L.1UIJ, OIlLrlll flalC I -.-.-I--. n-jrutu ,,1 lm: I1LJJJ1JIJ- today that lie had I lslrallo| i's peace Intentions but Hint ratified bv nffirnrc ,,t tllc y "ere news lo him. Negro Hit-Run Vidim Is Slowly Recovering The identity o f the hit-run motorist whose automobile struck Johnnie James, negro, at Ash and I Railroad streels Sunday night, still NEW YORK. Mnr. 17 (UP) — rcma 'led a complete mystery today, otton closed steadv I ri ' lle negro, removed to the Bly- l thr>vin« hospital, i.s -'—••-- ----- York Cotton Cott March May July Ocl Dec Jan Jpots Iwcivc. open 1482 H-12 N2SI 1356 1351. 1353 liigh low H85 H58 H40 1425 H34 Hii 1313 1355 K(H 13,50 1304 1351 1468 1428 1417 1355 1350 1351 closed qnict at 1488. ofT Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. III.. Mar (UPl— Ho»si receipts 1500 Top 10.35 170-230 Ib. 1 ; 10.10-10.25 Light weights 7.25-0,85 Bulk sows 9,50-8.75 Gallic: receipts 2.000 Steers 8.CO-10.00 .Slaughter steers 6.50-12.75 Mixed yearlings and heifers 7.50-950 Slaughter heifers 6.25-10.75 Beef cows 5.00-6.50 17 , ... j improv- ng but is still in a serious condition with menial injuries and a badly lacerated ear. Police said the negro, intoxicated, staggered' into Ihc street, and was run over by a speeding automobile as a passer-by was attempting to drag him out of the street. The car/Identified only as a Fwrci. was traveling al a high rate of speed and the driver did not slow down as he sped away. Police said it would have been impossible for Ihe driver not to have bocn aware of thc accident. LITTLE HOCK. Mnr. 17. (UP) — Hie "no help needed" siait wns Hung out today !„ ti lc s i n i c .-....,.;,_ "lie department on the ardor of Commlsslancr 13. L. l-'ord. r-'ord, following n conference with C. T. Ryan, assistant secretary to Gov. Carl E. Bnlley, announced that nil contemplated changes hi the department's personnel had been made and that applicants tor state jobs in the future should apply to other slate departments. - in other departments it was said fiyan Ipl interviewed 40 -JoV seeker* a, day, and would continue to do positions hnd been so until filled. Members of the governor's CL- stajr at. ..noon reporlcdj.lliati'rhe slate's thief executive 'was not ex- peeled In uiilii this aficri'iooii; whin lie had several appointments to fill The governor's secretary, , John Wells, reported thai the chief executive was doing a greater part of his rtclnll .\vorfc at home such as reatling bills passed by the general assembly I,, preparation for signing most of llicm before the expiration of the 20-day limit set bv the stale constitution Increase in Missouri Sent to Third Rcaclina by 74-64 Vole JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. _ 'Hie louse Tuesday afternoon perfected Gov. Stark's proposal to increase the stntc gasoline tax to 3 cents n gallon by n vote of 74 to 'H. The bill now goes on the house calendar for third reading and final passage. The vote was within two votes 'f the number that will be needed >y the administration lo pass the >itl later in tlie house, 7G being he constitution!!! majority rc- uircd. Michigan Gov-' cruor's Invitation, lo Laboi Peace Pailey • DETROIT, Mar n <upi_git. wn slitters, nnlmpiessed by tlie stt s ssvrsfcoti '-•oin-l Injunction tortny mid held unst the'T^' col| " )ni(ln " I 111 "'!* Criminal Session Grand Jury .Without to Last -trial case of the verdict, expected fourteen negroes enter- Only Three; Days . OSCEOLA, Ark.—bsccola's firs criminal court session without n Brand Jury wns expected- to : corm> w>;«> close today with only three ttliys , of 'tlii! , regular two-week* term consumed: The trial of Johnnie - Vlnson negro,- charged with an atlnck on \ while woman, which opened yesterday afternoon, 'was expected to be the final ' ' session with a lotlny. i Mondny ed pleas of guilty to" charges of tiu-glary and grand larceny and disposition of othor cases l>y vari ous means has brought the total ilcared from the court docket lo iboul 35 In three [lays! Prosecutions at the kcnn nrc IJnscd on Inforaiations ', nicd. by JsecnilHff Attorney Bruce Ivy >f this city. * Among cases disposed, o[ were hose of Jack Dnrklcy, given two years in the ,,enltcntlary for itiJiS a hog from Virgil Craken- 5eik on Ihc county farm road. His accomplice In the theft, Jessie Miles and Will Walker, were given '- year each. Eddie Rogers, negro youth, nc- :tieed of stealing four rings from John Jones, was given a year In he penitentiary but the sentence vas reduced to 10 months In Die reform school by Judge Neill Kilough. Milton burglarizin Madison, accused and burning legislators voted down mendmcnl to Ihe bill which could have continued the present nx rate of 2 cents. Representative V. E. Phillips of fnnsas City, one of the sponsors f the governor's proposal, offered n amendment providing Ihe pro- ecds of the tax should be used i meeting road bond retirement ecds, maintenance ot present s. and 50 per cent of Hie cmalndcr be spent In conslruc- lon of the fanu-to-market roads His suggestion was made in the orm of a substitute to a pending mendmcnt which would require ic expenditure of 2 cents of ev- ry 3 cents collected In the tnx or the farm roads. Phillips sa i|| his amendment eliminated the M.-stion of constitutionality mlsed In opposition lo Jeffries' suggestion. Tlie house defeated Phillips' amendment. 58 to 77. on a roll call vote, and then voted down Jeffries' suggestion by a wide mar- Worker Electrocuted SIKESTON', Mo.—Hoover Evans, with an electric wire carrying Historic Kiln Felled PH IE, A DELPHI A (UP)— An American Elm tree that may have slmded George. Washington and been removed from ~'" v I IU (rllU OlKPI Cutters and low cutters 3.75-4.V5! building heir i was sawed up into blocks fov Phil- 'adrlphfa fireplates. e house of Mark Wright on thc Russell Bowen plantation was found guilty and he sentenced day. Petit Jurors for the term are Godfrey White. Russell Crockett Lee Williams, Dowcn Kaynte Roy Walters of Osccola, Charlie Jacks Charlie DcClue. Lloyd Shelton. \v. J. Bryan, Ed Stidgcr, W. M. Fahr of Heel Line; Noah Speaks' Etowah: Charles Heal, Wilson, Howell Nicholson, Driver: Busier Wigley, Joiner; Clarence Speck, Frenchman's Bayou; Jim Brackett' West Ridge,- Joe Hires and J. A.' Landrum, Luxora; D. Ohleiidorf Grlilcr; R. B. Cos, Wilson; E R Bowcn. Chclford; Allen Eason. Flint Bend; Joe Muerrin. jr., Vicloria. Alternate petit Jurors arc: Will Fletcher. Guy Bobbins Steve Ralph, Milton Pope, John Jacks VV. T. Toole. No immcdlat; move was irmde ) oust me 6000 striken »i w h«vc p«,nl W ed pioductloil ' in Chryslci's big Detroit plants Shortly ticfoic'tlie deadline was --•nchcd the united Automobile Worker';, on strike n-falmt Ohii'i- er. Hudson Molo, Cii Co and Kco. rejected an Invitation fiom 0<|v, Fmnk Mllrl)hy to unittci-- iwle in the dellbcinllons of the committee of UcntV-nii O r»iini- "tion rminccl L-y llv executive to coiwlrtc, means of lulnelu<r pcnitancnt indusiital n ea-c to slrlkc-loin Mkhlgaii 'I'hc lel,. R inm ol'ioicMan. sl h .ied ,1'V Homer Mnilln, u A W president, and addicted to Miirpliy. --havged thni u, 0 C hiy,ler Co,- porallou has "nouled ' (1 1B nntlmi- il labor idnilons act by icfiis "K to ngice that the u ,\ ,\ v jas l| 1D light to be the haignln- I»S aaency of , L , employes ' Appeals Court Upholds '.- injunction Given TVA T . -.UiB.Gor.lm. knot of'lhc eor ™ls in a rulln. uphold!^ ,°, luiiclion ngainst the Georgia " « o, ig |,i n ,| y hil]1(iccl ^ Alnl, n rgn " U »1««™l of TVA " cn U ' c n »i'"^!lo» of Ibo »il Pov. OI i e ' " reVCnls ac< "° hi r r or olller ™"'Pinus from literferlns lUUl TVA con , lc ^ • eS '*"«? " nfl " Uein P«* " S ctilcal contracts to, tujal arcis, Attendance Growing, " at Methodist Meeings continue lo «»t.. U Liist church, ihe Rev Hi Lynn XVm,e {aid today The Reu\ c - w. Polti-r spoke last nmht'' on. the duty and privilege of feung fo, chrlu sajln- tint there nrc main v,lio y^ ttll ,_ 'jielj', and cvui eaiilv believe ,11 ic Christ, but fewer who fed , 0 ,V t "^'.° r ' P rivi!co « K> suffci for Christ's snke Both he snld V C ™ c " snl '5' nn <l ticmanded of the Chrijtian. He announced hb. theme to- iii;ht would be "Phnning for Ond • =elf and Faml'j from Ihc text. 'As for me and mine, we will s-rve (ho L ord Pistors inrt leoplc of other churches ire it- ending and cooperating the Rev "" Wade said Meningitis Death Here Not of Epidemic Type The death of Fred Thomas Roberts ..... ninc-months-old flood refugee of the calumet vicinity, was not caused by thc epidemic type.of meningitis, the attending- physician said loday. but by meningitis rs- tfllmg from pneumonia. The baby, son of Mr. and Mrs Fred Thomas Roberts, died at the Blytheville hospital late yesterday Funeral services were held this afternoon-at North Sawba cems- Wry.jrtiere burial was made, with R.,Cole Again Heads Pemiscot Farm Buieau '• CARUlHh'RSVILLE Mo—At the annual meeting ot trp Penn- tcot County Farm Burem i ij. Cole, Pnscola, wis re elect'ci pfes- dent. The m«etlng held at tho cmtrthouse here was att«nd"d by about 70 members Other officers and executive com- mittcemen elected for 1937 are: John w. Asher carut v »r vill^ vice-preildent; Abe Oaither jr., Ca- ruthcrsville. secretary-treasurer. Execullve committee: Caruthers- villc—C. B. Brjant Hcnrv Cam Mrs. C. A. Robortson; steel?—J O. Rnnkln, Mrs c E 11=>- i A Haggard, W. If. y/ells; Hayti-C L. Whitencr. Mrs \ o Picken J. W. Shrnder Biigg CiU-R M Tidn-ell, Mrs. Bert Richardson- Braggadocio—Mrs. T. p. McClos- fcey; Wardell-0. !{. Acorn. WEATHER Arkansas — Cloudy, probnblv shon-ers tonight and Thi r-cia\ Warmer • tonight and In cxtieme east portion Thursday. Memphis lind Mcmitj — Cloudj aiid A'armer'. tonight with showers: lowest Icmpeiature 45 to ol Tliursday showers ind \\-irmer •n, The j R M w.W,"- "~£" ;'•"" T' 1 . 0 nwsimum tempciature here '"rohl ?^L, f ?" o™ 0 " 1 * 1 "?- V-'terday was n minimum 24 Cobb Home was In clear, according fo Samuel P Nor ol tuneral arrangements, ' ris, ofllcial wcallier obs-rver

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