Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 27, 1897 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 27, 1897
Page 23
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John firayj Blankets, Comforts, Cloaks, 'Gloves, Hosiery and Underwear for large and small. P. S. We have just received a full line of Cen- temerie Gloves in the new clasp. DO YOU EAT MEAT? Of course you do and you can buy the choicest cuts ot Wm. Rowe. Cor. Broadway and Fifth Sts Phone 247. DISTRICT MEETING Of the Woman's Belief Corps in Session E. H. GRACE, D- D. S. DENTAL PARLORS, 316 Market Street New Alumlnlte Rubber Plates. •g[ANLEY & SHANAHAN. Buyi and Selle Second Hand Goods. 209 6th street Dr El- ©• Hunt, —DENTIST— All the latest Uscovcries In medicine and appliances to relieve pain in extraction or nil- tag of teeth. Modern methods, modern prices, All work jruarantoed Office over John Gray's on Fovuth iitreet. C TT Telephone No. 328. Now Is Your Chance. You can buy you a home Or pay off y<nir »ort gas-c by gendirjrM. M.Gordon a buyer for Real Eat.iw. Who will divide ihe uom- ou with jou, M. M. Gordon, Old Pbone office 306, residence 189. DE. C. D. EVBBSOLE'S DEI2TAL PALLORS Over Porter's New Drug Store, Corner of, Fourth and Market Streets. W..I. Barnett, sucoes 8 ortoc.L.sv 0 ii. Undertaker, Embalmer and Funeral Director. 417 Market, street. Calls attended day or nient The finest outfli In the U. fa. Col. C. L, Vroli, will remain with roe. I3U „,»«, Office 16. Residence-Mutual, Phones 65:o.tr.i6». When You Need an ABSTRACT or a LOAN -GOTO- F H. Wipperman, 106 Fourth Street Opp. Court House Entrance. New Undertakers 30S Market street, HoppeBulldlog . Daniel Killian & Co. Calls promptly attended to, day or night. Mr. KlllUn was for many years foreman for Charlt s L. Woll. Telephone 261. McConnell&McConnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. DAILY PHAEOS WEDNESDAY, OCT. 27, 1897. OIXY JSLRWS Odds and ends in children's underwear 18c, worth up to 50c at tbe great October sale—Golden Rule. Miss Lillie Baker, of Lafayette, who ba8 been visiting friends and relatives In the city for a few days, returned home yesterday, Tomorrow wi'I be separate skirt gale day at the great October sale. See those 12 43 sfclra, worth 15 and |6, at the Golden Rule. Manager Skinner is supplying the patrons of the Central Union telephone company with a list of the toll stations tributary to Logansport on the metallic circuit, together wi th the tariff for three minutes' talk. JChere are 125 of them. There are three on the "ground circuit" lines. It Is stated that a fakir, passing himself off as a Cuban, has been working business men In the northern Indiana towns, by offering to •ell "pure Havana cigars smuggled through from Cuba" at a very low prlo«. He mad* a large number of aalM, and the elgart turn out to be the cheapest kind of tenement-made t tgan from Chicago. 41* In This City at the Knights of Pythias Hall. The Department Officers Together With Commander Dodge and Adojlant- General Smock of the 6. A, B. are Present. The Woman's Relief Corps of the Second Indiana district convened in annual session In this city this more- log at the E. of P. hall on Market street. There are between 75 and 300 delegates present, and the meeting is tbe most important in tlie history of the organization. Among those present are: Mrs. Agnes Hilt, of Indianapolis, past national president. Mary D. Travis, of Crawfordsvilie, department president. Alice Griffin, of Elkhart, past department president. Mary Sims, of Frankfort, past department president. Mrs. Blanche Gould, of Crawfords- vilie, department secretary. Jennie Hutchison, of Crawfords- vllle, department treasurer. Mary E. Brombaugb.of Frankfort, past department treasurer. There are also present Department Commander Dodge and Department Adjutant General Smock, of the Grand Army of the Republic. Mr. '.Dodge resides at Elkhart and Mr. Smock at Indianapolis. There .will be a camp fire this even- Ing for which an entertaining pro- gramme has been arranged. The public is invited to attend the camp fire. The Second Indiana djstrlct of_tbe wT'B7 C. it composed of the following counties: Newton, Jasper, Polaskl, Bentou, White, Fountain, Warren, Tippecanoe, Cass, Montgomery and Howard, CHICAGO MARKETS Kecelred Daily by W. W. Miliier, at B. A. R. BuildluK- CttisagO, Oct. 27, 1897. Wheat— For Dec., opened. 94jc; high, 96Jc; low, 94i-c; closed, 95|c. Wheat— For May, open, 92@92Jc; high, 93-i-*c; low, 92c; closed, 92Jc, Corn— For Dec. ,_opened, 26@|c; low, 26c; closed at 26>o. Oats— Dec., opened, 18|c: high, I8jc; low, 18£c; closed, J8J-|c. Rye—Dec., opened, 48c; high, 48}c; low. 4Sc; closed, 4S£c. Pork— For Dec. opened, »7.77; high, $7.87; low, $7.17; closed at $7.77. Lard— For Dec., opened, 14.25; high, $4.30; low, »4.25; closed, 14.30. Klbs— For Dec., opened, 14.50; bigb, »4 52; low, 14.47; closed at $4,47. Hogs today, 41,000; left over, 8,000; estimated for tomorrow, 38,000. Market ^opened 5c lower; closed 5c lower. Mixed, $3.45@I3 85; heavy, 13.20 @3.S2; rough, »3.20@I3.30; light, |i3.45@3.S7. Cattle— Receipts 15,000; sheep, 18,000. Dec. wheat— Curb, 96c; puts, 94*c; calls, 97Jc. Eel River Railroad Company. The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Eel River Railroad Co. will be held atjthe office ot the company, at Butler, in the State of Indiana, on Wedneiday, Nov. 10, 1897, at 10 o'clock a. m., for the election of directors for the ensuing year and for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before ,he meeting, P, W. SSCTH, Sec. October 9, 1897. Attention, L. ef 6. A. R. All members of Lincoln circle are requested to meet at the home of Mrs. Fitch on Market street to attend the camp fire at the K. P, hall All wear badges, MBS, CHARLOTTE BTTRKS S. Y, Attention, St. George Conmandery. All members St. George Com- mandery Knights of St. John are hereby ordered to be present tomorrow evening at the armory at 8:30 o'clock in latlgue uniform. CHAS EuHt.Capt, Many huckleberry marshes In northern Indiana have been com pletely destroyed by fire* this year. Not only have the bushes been destroyed, but the moss and mack have been burned out and the root* are all tilled. ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Tin water pails 9c each.—Foley. Chas. Stewart, ofKokomo, Is visit- Ing in tbe city. The grand jury will begin operations Monday. Will Ayers has returned from a visit at Kokotno. John W. Baker has purchased a handsome driving horse. John Conrad will leave, Monday, for Dayton, O-, on business. George Deiterich and Maud Nipple have been licensed to wed. Mrs. Joseph Rogers, of Longcliff, is suffering from a slight illness. Headquarters for wall paper—Logansport Wall Paper Co., 307 4th st. John Goring, of Huntington, is in the city, visiting friends and relatives. Misses Maud Wise and Tena Miller have returned from a short visit at Camden. Misa Lizzie Homburg, ot Frank WIpperman's abstract office, is taking a vacation. Lyman Kllborn is very low of typhoid fever at his home on Eel River avenue. W. T. Ferrlck, of Chicago, is vlslt- Itg his cousins, the Misses Brictoo, of the Westside. Harry Brown, of Camden, who has been visiting relatives here, returned home today. The Bimstallic League will meet tonight at the hall. Hon. Patrick Keefe will not be present. Yesterday Miss Nora M. Bowlan was united in marriage to Mr. G. W. Raikes, Rev. Stokes olHclating. Mrs. John Truman has returned from Chicago, where she attended an anniversary meeting of the L, A, to the B. of L. E. Couches, lounges, cobbler seat rockers,marqueterie mahogany tables at Cummings & Morgan's, corner of 3d and Broadway. Married yesterday, by Justice Fender, William L. Crisse to Susie Hunter; Henry Koopman to Sophia Hobecharst. The Circut court adjourned tod ay for the term. The November term will convene Monday. The petit jury will meet Monday. A number of the Knights of Pythias from here went to Delphi today to attend a district meeting of the order at that place. Railroad employes running into Chicago can borrow money at lowest rates, at 911 Fort Dearborn Building, 134 Monroe street, Chicago. Kokomo Dispatch: Mrs. Bert Saxon, who has been a guest of her sister, Mrs. George Warren burg, returned to Logansport Sunday afternoon, James Mesenberger, a Wabash section man, was • arraigned oefore Esquire Laing yesterday upon tbe charge of intoxication, and was discharged. The contract for the drilling of the five oil wells was signed today. Edward Kanes, the contractor of Bowling Green, expects to be started by November first. Miss Nellie Barrow, who has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lewis, of 1100 Market street, for a few days, has returned to her home at Mansfield, Ohio. The members of St Bridget's congregation held a meeting last Sunday afternoon at their hall regarding- the St. Bridget's bazaar, which will begin an Tuesday, November 33d. 0. F. Avery, state deputy head counsel of the Modern Woodmen of America, has gone to his home at Pontlac, 111. He will shortly remove his family to this city to reside permanently. The statements recently published concerning the exploits of George Wood, while '.'on the road," were entirely without foundation. He is 18 years of age and fully capable of c ar- ing for himself. Miss Eva Mackey, of Wabash, is in the city, the guest of Mr. and Mrs. • J. T. McNary. Mrs. McNary will accompany Miss Mackey to Chicago this afternoon and see that she is safely started in Sherwood college. Uhl Brothers, Walter and William, have taken the agency of the Columbia bicycle. The '98 chatnless wheel is a beauty. It marks the utmost possibility of excellence and completeness under, the present conditions and under any conditions that, are likely to arise. Licensed to wed: William L. Crisse and Susie C. Hunter, Henry Koopman and Sophia Hobecharst, Ora A. Ward and Minnie F. Rhea, William Raver and Jessie Chappelaer, Harry L. Davenport and Mary A. Murphy, McC'ellan Shepherd and Mary J. Gallagher, Howard Hlnkle and Ella Mahoney. A light colored overcoat belonging to the V and alia agent «t South Bend, was stolen last evening from thia Vandalla passenger train dee here at 8:38. The owner did not miss the coat until he reached Lo- gaovpOTt, and Is of th*oplnlon that the thler fot off here. He reported the theft to the potto*. Our Shoes Fit ; Like gloves ;' And they wear Like Iron. We treat our customers Fair and square Because we appreciate Their trade. Our prices are Low— i Wonderfully low— And quality is High- Very high— And we want Tour trade. Elias Winter Department of Pen Art Hall's Business College has engaged Mr. Andrew Frederick to take charge of the Penmanship classes. His time will be devoted exclusively to this line of work. Lo/rensport needs a First Class School of Pen Art, and we tafce pleasure in announcing that we are now prepared to give the very best instruction that can be had, Mr. Frederick 18 a GRADUATE of the Zanerian Fen Art School. Columbus, 0 , and w»e an instructor in that school until engaged by H»lFs Business College. C. F. MOORE, Pres. Hall's Business College, Second and Third lloor, Keystone Buildinp, Logsnsport, Ind. BLUE LICK Is the Fluid Found in the New Waverly Well. Drill Strikes Trenton Bock at a Depth of 982 Feet. No Traces of Oil Dlscoiered— Drill >Till be Sent Down Fitly Feet Farther. New Waverly oil well Is a failure and the pretty greea stock certificates that cost »5 a piece can be bought today for a nickel. Trenton rock was penetrated at an eaily hour this morning at a depth, of 9S2 leet. From the depths below came a stream ot beautiful blue lick water but no sign of the precious fluid which the Peruvians are pump- ng in such copious quantities from ;he bowels of the earth. A consultation was held and it was decided to sink the drill fifty feet iurtber into the subterranean, depths and this is nowbeine done. There is much disappointment over the failure to ind oil. New Waverly is in the line of the oil field if it extends westward from Peru. The failure there will have a bearing la the matter of drilling other wells. The oil field is either north or south of New Waverly. The Blair well, northeast of New Waverly is also a failure. It is reported, however, that the Schuman well, three miles southwest of Peru and south of the Wabash rrver is a good one. It is on a line between Peru and Walton. How to Stew Dnck». Halve a roast duck, put it into a etewpan, a little beef gravy addecl if possible, a few leaves of sage, a small onion, pepper and salt. Simmer a quarter of an honr and skim clean; t en add green peas according to taste. C v- er close ana simmer nearly half an h nr longer; then drop in a small piece of butter and a little flour; give it uae boil and serve in one dish. "I am convinced Cleveland's is the purest baking powder made, and I nave adopted it exclusively in my cooking schools and for daily household use." SARAH T. RORER, Kdltor Cookery D«parlro««t, Ladies' Hon» J»«nul. Guarantee* *» ^ a -7»« *•."* yovdar y« nt ; FASTIDIOUS|MEN arealwiyi well groomed and welt dreiwed. Thej s Urt right bj h»Ting : their tlotblng mfcde by m flrnt olau tailor, from the latest stylei in handsome fabrics, well-fitted and elegant* iy finished. There is no one to Lo- ?ansport that can do this to salt the most exqalilte tastes or that take* jbe pslnsjto please, as we do. Tailor and Draper, Carl W. Keller. 311 Market St, AND Logansport Wabash Valley Gas Company. Natural and Artificial Gas. All Gas Bills are due the 1st of each month and must be paid on or before the tenth. WAS KILLED Ely Psnhandle Passenger Train Sum•her Twenty. Caught on the Trestle Just This hide of tbe Eons Grogging. Mr. No!33, aged 50 years, and the lather of Mrs. Welch with whom he lived, was killed today by Panhandle passenger train No. 20, due here rrom Chicago at 1:40 p. m. The train was in charge of Conductor John Hamllton^and Engineer Harvey Williams, and was descending the grade at the usual rate of speed. The deceased lived with his daughters just beyond the trestle where tbe accident) occurred. He was caught on the east ena ot trestle, but in climbing down on one of the crosstimbers, the locomotive missed him but after It had •passed ne raised up and a step hit him breaking hJs back. He was thrown fully twenty feet and died five minutes later. The remains were brought to the city by Undertaker Barnett and are being prepared for burial. A Question of Degree. Some years ago, says Little Folks, it became the duty of a certain nobleman to wait upon the queen while she was in residence at Balmoral. A friend haying asked his lordship to engage a skilled piper for him, the peer thought that the queen's own piper was the best raan to consult upon the matter, and accordingly be sought for an interview with him. The pipex, a grand sample of a highlander and a fine player besides, asked what sort of a piper was wanted and was told in reply, "Ob, just one like yourself!" whereupon the haughty highlander remarked, "There are plenty lords like yoursel', but very few sic' pipers as me." NOTICE OF ASSIGJfcE'S SALE. Notice is hereby given, that I, the undersigned trustee, under a deed of assignment, all the goods, wares and merchandise of Edwin M. Walden, will offer for pale at public auction at the law office of Frank M. Klstler, on Fourth street, In the city of Logansport, Indiana, on the 6th day of November, 1897, between the hours of 1 o'cloik p. m. and 3 o'clock p. m. of said day; ishe whole and entire stock of goods, wares and merchandise of Edwin M. Walden, assigned to me ?or the benefit of his creditors, consisting of a stock of boot*, shoes, rubbers, rubber goods, felts, leggins and such goods as are generally kept, in a fiist-claas shoe store, and all the fixtures belonging to said store, which Is located on the ground floor of the building known ac No. 315 Fourth street, Logansport, Indiana. Tbe purchaser to pay one-third (i) cash, one-third (J) in sixty (60) dayi and one-third (J) in one hundred and twenty (120) days, and for the deferred payment! will give security to the approval of the Reasonable Prices. The most Reasonable Tailor in town is Craig. He will make up a Suit ior you that for Price, Style and Fit cannot be beaten. His Stock of NEW AND STYLISH FABRICS For Fall and Winter, Up-to- date and includes everything desirable. Call and inspect. W. D CRAIG, Tailor 416 Broadway, Next to Frazee's. Dated tbft 25th day of October, 1897. FBAKI If. KrarutK tnutoe. No Pain! No Danger I Teeth extracted without pain or after effects, such as sore mouth, sore gums, etc. Absolutely safe and paioles, Tbe Finest and Best method of GROWN and BRIDGE Work. The most natural-looking; artificial Teetb on new method COHESIVI PLATES, guaranteed to fit. HSfSo charge for extracting with* out pain when new teeth are to be supplied. Dr. W. T. Hurtt, 3U x - 2 f<»"«i St. Qver Fiber'sDrugrBtor* THR First National Bank, CAPITAL $250,000 A. J. MURDOCK, PBESIDXHT, W. W. ROSS, CASJOTR, J. F. BROOKMEYER, A88T. GtlKEKK. DIRECTORS: A.J. Hurdock, W. H. Brlngbunt. Donott TJh), a. 8. aloe. B. F. TantU. I M. 4*rwood. w, T. Wflion. In <tll Itr Department* promptly and carefully done. Safety to Customert and itookholdm* Bought for. Strong RMflrre.Fund Xainteiaed. THE SHINING LIGHT —The New— Wheeler I Wilson SEWING MACHINE is the mo«t Up-to-date. 308 Third Street. J. Howell, Agent. remove tb» boaM, pbu* taw to-! on » board with tiw riad towa*' Slioa the bacon Jnfbdnm tothorind, Whem yttm the Imife okMly to Had. «u ibjnlr, aa4 HM? win and flm to cat w«!L

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