The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 16, 1948
Page 5
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FHIDAV, APRIL 16, 10-18 BLYTUEV11.LR (ARK.) COUKIHU IvKWS War Crime Trial Of 25 Japs Ends Hearings for Tojo, | 24 Others, Lasts 23 Months; Verdict Later Pouring Milk—By Electricity ^.«^V?-^'.u~.stSV«>«%.»>«1-,JK*Mi-L K-% fl") AtJO 1 _^ MM ^^^^ HH _ M _g||.gHK«|gMgaf J PAGE MVlt These hands, that are accurately pourin" a be accurately pouring dangerous chemicals. By Karnesf Hoherecht (Untied Press Staff Correspondent;) TOKYO. April 16 I UP) — The war crimes trial of former Premier Hldekl Tojo, who pulled Ihe trigger on Pearl Harbor, and 24 other wartime Japanese leaders ended today uftcr more than 23 months of testimony. The fate of the 25 Japanese generals, admirals, diplomats and government ministers was placed In Ihe hands of the 11-natioii far j East International Military Tribun- ' at, which Is expected to hand dnwn ' its verdict In six lo eight weeks. The defendants were charged with 55 war crimes ranging from murder to conspiracy to enslave the ivorld. The final prosecution plea in-Red the tribunal lo make the defendants bear the penally for the guilt of a choice that plunged half the world into war. The prosecution made no demand for the death penalty for-any of the defendants. afr "They marie the choice for ag- 4£ress!on and for war." the prosecution snirt, "and they made it freely and voluntarllv. For this choice Ihcv must bear the Built." Onl v 25 of the 23 originally indicted war leaders survived' the nearly two years the trial has heen , . _ running, and only 23 of these were MIAMI. Pla.. April 16. IUP> In court today when proceedings' Immigration authorities moved to- ended. ' day to break up ft tinman smn^- Two defendant* (lied since the trial opened May 3, 13-16. They were Admiral Osami Nagano, termer chief of (he naval general staff, an,, Yosuke Matusnoka. Japanese foreign minister in 1940 and 1941. A third defendant, Shunei Oka- wii. propagandist who advocated expulsion of the white race from Proposal Giving Rental Builders Tax Cut Rejected WASHINGTON, April 16. (UP) — The Senate yesterday rejected as uncoiislltutlonnl a proposal lo Rive builders of low cost rental hoti.sliiK special income lax consideration. The proiwsal was In the form of an amendment offered by Sen. Ralph Flanders, R., vi.. to the pcnd- ng Taft-Wagner-Ellcnder Ions- •ange housing bill. Chairman Eiiecne D. Milllkln. Pi., :olo. of the Senate Finance Coin- litlee led the successful attack on the amendment. Milllkln attacked It oti grounds that all I AX changes miisi. originate In the House. Sen. Irving M. Ive.s. II., N. Y., who was presiding, .snlcl the question was oonslitutloiml and i'ss of milk, will scion The Gmrral Kleolric Ambassador to Peru Back in United States WASHINGTON. April 10. lUI 1 ) — Prentice Confer, U.S. nmbnssnilor to Peru, has returned lo lh!s country lor "routine consultations" the State Department snid today. Cooper, former Knvi-nior of Tennessee, arrived in Mils country Monday. He tins been U.S. niiibitu'- sailor iH Lima since May '2, UMG. should be decided Immediately. The Semite upheld MiSnVhi's' argument. The controversial income tax pro- j vision was prnpusril lo spur building of rental housing. It would Truman Ends Rumors Of Backing Eisenhower WASHINGTON, April Hi U/1'J — President Truman yc.ttcrday dls- presldent to react, lo the /act lhat George E. Allen, mi old friend of Mr. Tmman, and Eisenhower aic vacallunlng together at Augusta, On. The president said that and Al- mlwed rumors Hint he ml«iii pin len «ud lOlsenhower were old friends up Gen, nwlKlil 15. Blscnlnm-cr [,)r : ini(t enjoyed each other's company "" '""• •" -'- '•' " The president threw !•- Hint he en- the DcmucnULc presidentLul nomination. Mr. Truman predicted ettiphikli- • rnlly Ihnt he will Ijv will bi> hi Uu-'-J Fried Chicken 85cl have allowed such builders to claim \ Rrrss that Klsenhnwer be sent In special Income, (nx cleclucilnn.s- i lius.sla to Inlk lo Josef Stalin, tin- Karller. two I'iepiibllean Senators' president snld Hint nil he knew vvi. opposed a plan lo limit future f«t- \ Columbia University, criil public liuushii! to (nmtllcs on Koporlers then tried to net tli" rehcf. ilhnt l^lsenhower Is K<t!nK to run White House for another four years IJ p. -. ,. , 'Asked about a recent story lip 1 Klyer *-«"tlSh Life magiw.lne saying llmt he mi];},! 11 or Choice of 4 meats Vegetable* - Salad 50c Goff Hotel Coffee Shop iioiulixule K.lsentiovvcr, Mv. remiirketl that the ninKazhu* km'\v n lot of things tluit he dkln'i knn\v but most, of them won; nni fads. Asked also about proposals in Con- oyed their company tiw. «j. Ftnt The first eUte to t*kt a dint* lait In road building wu Ken- ucky, which had * state highway department »s early ',« l»»i, cording to .annlca, , the- Encyclopedia BrU Ferry Pilot Held In Investigation of Southern Cornbread made with. spread with delicious DIXIE ijertn and Asiatic aliens into (his count i y. Officers yesterday icvoaled tha arrest of Edward W Murphy. 3;J. Miami (Her who allegedly made ..._ .. .five flight* between Cuba Vnrt Uifl Asia, was committed (.o an insane ! United Slairs, hrin«ins in two to asylum and charges against him ; five Chinese or Europeans each dropped. | time. Two Defendants \f\ \ The lalpft group ot aliens to ar- Gen- Voshikiro Umezn, who sign- [ rive, including eight Chinese and ed tlic Japanese .surrender aboard \ two Europeans, IVCIT- also in cus- tlie Battleship Missouri In Tokyo Mody, charged \\iLh Ilk^nl entry. Bay nearly three yenrs ago, was j Murphy \v:t.s described as a "en* absent from court today because o( a cancer operation. i Also absctit-wa.s Tcshio Shiratorl. : former ambassaot 1 to Italy,'who has ; l.een suffering from a throat ail- \ ment. • The final prosecution statement, ?ad before the court bySolis Hor'o- itz, Pittsburgh, and Frank Tavenner, Woodstock. VR., said the 25 defendants were "common felotis." "These men were the brains of the. empire. They were the leaders of their nation's destiny," the statement said. The last ol hundreds of millions of words entered in the recoih of the trial were spoken by Sir William Webb of Australia,' head of the tribunal. "The tribunal reserves its judgment and will adjourn unttl a time to be fixed and announced," Webb saEd. ./ The testimony Includes 10.OCO.000 yards or transcript, summation and the statements of 452 witnesses. The cast of the thrial has been estimated at nearly S20.000.000. The U- S. Army Signal Corps filmed 614,167 feet of film of the proceedings- The Nuernberg trial of Germany's war lenders lasted 10 months and ^ 10 days. The Tokyo trial ended Just 15 days short of two years. Charges and tesltniony covered the full range of aggression from the invasion of Manchuria fn 1931 through the rape of Nanking and the sneak attack on' Pearl Harbor. Among the chief defendants are Tojo, charged with giving the order to attack Pearl HarborT Gen. | Kenji Doihara. master spy. who worked for 13 years to prepare Manchuria for the Japanese inva- £,-]on; Fleet Admiral Osami Naga- Wno, who admitted he sent the Japanese fleet, against Pearl Harbor; the last chief of the army general ' staff. Gen. Yoshl.jiro Umczu, and the foreign minister at the start of the war. Shigenori Togo. ; 557,000 Broiler Chicks '- Hatched in Past Week LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. April 13. rup> — Arkan^s hatcheries and dealers placed 557.COO broiler chicks with producers in the NortInvest F-rca ilurinj the \veek rndert Arml 10. ncoordinp to the USDA Croo Reportinpr Service nnd the University of Arkansas Bureau of Ro- senich. This is an increase of 30 per cent ovnr the. preceding week. Of the total placement*. 283.EXK1 chicks were ha tched in t he arc i and 263,000 canift from othpr states. "P", ig.s set, during the werk were down .'ix per ci-nt from the previous week. Truman Reveals Threats Made Before 3 Visits WASHINGTON. April ifi. <ui'i — i Ffosidonl Tuiinim riLsclosccl in re| porters yesterday that threats of rioU aj)d picketing were tnadr I'l advance ol his visits to Brazil, Me.v? Kol™Ve«,TK»ldi« 0 rfo,^M JSS'S"ril'T^??"™ "' "' lunc on c,,,r B e S of , 11Mkl n g Euro- j %£"* B^l ^llc'Ih"',^^ , American conference wa s i ses- t suin tlieve. Mi". Truman said he was as surprised as anybody rise that Ihe Bogota riots developed into such bloodshed. He said tlint— as during his relent visits to Brazil. Mexico CUy slid Puerto Rico— there was advance information that there would he picketing and riots. But he- sakt he had nol anticipated any killings. of the wheel" in Uie smuggling opei'Ktion. Immigration officers saH three "wealthy Cliincsc meichaii!.^" '™ lm c'>. had been arrested in New York anil Hornyak said Mm phy ndmittert would be brought he-re to appear I Bringing 1!> Chinese and fonr Eu- before U.S.. authorilics. ' I ro|)cuns into tliis rountry by. way Frank Hoinyak. chief of the hnr- ] °' Cl * a ar ' (i receiving $600 lo .51,- rier patrol, said the head of the i 5 "0 fnr ta.-h. ring lias not yet been arrested bMi i Tri" Jlior wns arraigned before a is under close watch bj border pa- U.S. commissioner and treed'on $500 [ bolici. H'l t Southern favorite ... learning (rot coinbread. Made with DIXIE and spread with DIXIE you get double the nourishing food value and rich flavor of Vitamin- fortified DIXIE. DIXIE is made of the fineit farm ingredient!, and every pound the year around is fortified with Vitamin A. ASK TOU> GROCC* FOX DIXIE MARGARINE Read bonder Nnws Want Ads. ON NEWSSTANDS TODAY! COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE'S SCOOP "Nice Guys Finish Last" By Leo Durocher Oil) A YEAR'S SUSl'KNSION TAKE THK STARCH OUT OF 1,11'1'Y I,KO DliROCHER? Hcntl's o« n slory iip])i>.irin_ET in tlir April issue nf (^OS.MO- I'Ol.ITA.V. SCP what lir hiis to si) o" Mils subject your.snir! TMs is the insiilp story nf what nil intcrrstiiif; pcrsnn.ilily plans for liirnsclf nlvl tliosr fiery Brooklvn. Dodjcrs for the romiliK sc:iwn It's lia.^liiill at ils best! Distributed by Lilly News Company IT |»AYS TO IIKHE KVKRY DAY 1 S It \ K O A I X or Plain Marquisette OHIO IMS Warm weallicr redecorating calls for vivid hues in vat dyed colors, fabrics which (Irapc gracefully and \vilhstniul lUc cffccls of the liol Bun. So you'll lie overjoyed wiih our Hough-Lex Cretonnes ... so lovely you'll warn lo keep them all year 'round! Florals, 36'. Floral, stripe Ivfill, vat ilyeil colors, 36' width. 1.29yd. Lavish 6* rallies, |>crt decorator tie- 1 lia<-k« make these frothy prigcilla's perfect for Spring. Rolled hems won't fray. 82' x90' Plain, 88'x90' Pin Dot., ShecrTuilored Pairs, 88" x 90" 2.79 Cushion Dot Priscillas 1'nll Sixe Generous O QQ D' Kiiffles. While only O.^fQ I T. Make YourOwnfor Difficult Windows! CURTAIN FABRICS Windows extra large? Unusually small? Solve Ihat problem by Milcbing curtains lo fit perfectly. Plain, iloticil or -CT_A(' figured uiar<|»iscllc. 3')' to .17* v-idilis. 1-f ^X;il. Simple, Tailored Rayon Pairs Mo re Dcco ra lo r Fa b r i cs Luxurious Damasks 1J.9,,,. ,U«'<niaril floral designs in gloaming rayon sal in and cotton. Value! 107IH'. Informal Homespun*? 98',, liig, bolii design? in gay rnl- ors — to me,cr (lie sun half vay! Full 48' width. Cover Furniture! Slripce a,i,| soliii* in long wearing cotton friczetlc fabrics. 3<) r width. pr. • Lovely Wilh or Wilhoul Draperies! * Ki»sy ID Launder, loo! Fine, flhrcr r.ijnn fairly ^Iranis in sunlight, Irla in c\-cry hit nf Summer brec/.e! Simple in sijlr lo lilcnd into <-\ery room. VI* *. Tailo red Pa i r.s , CURTAINS I , This liny, tlirifty price means you can I'mVain every single wmdowjin )onr fa,vor- ile slyle . . . and siifl save! 80' i 78' 1'riscilla, 70' i 87' Pair.. EVERY WAY IS BARGAIN DAY AT PENNEY'S ^ •\

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