The Evening Bulletin from Decatur, Illinois on December 30, 1895 · Page 7
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The Evening Bulletin from Decatur, Illinois · Page 7

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 30, 1895
Page 7
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season. ose to pay the E BUILDING. . . . . - Liver Pills.- l' c \ ° Oce 1« Merchant St. IS TB« BEST, MOST POFtTLAB AMD ' OKLY LINE KDJJNIKO hid Yestibnled Trains ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO. TOLEDO, |y/,;j, 'Detroit, Ft. Wayne, New York, Boston, Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Only Line Hunning Solid Trains trora )ECATUR to KANSAS CITY. The Shortest Koute and Quickest time Is over the Wabash, via ST. LOUIS 01 HANNIBAL. S K a n s a s C i t y , O m a h a , Denver, Portland, Ore., Los Angeles, San Francisco, And All Points on the Pacific Coast TFrom Lower C a l i f o r n i a to Washington and PugetSound Points. Free Reclining Chair Cars on All Trains. Rates as Low as via any Other Line. Information lu regard to routes, rates ; time of trains, connections, etc., will be careful. ; lyand promptly furnished on application per: aonally or by letter to C. A, POLLOCK. Passenger and Ticket Agent, Unlo Depot Ticket Office, or City Ticket Tel. No, 7. omce, 142 E. Prairie St. ONION DEPOT TIME TABLE, IN EFFECT AUGUST 31, 1985. Wabash R a i l w a y . TO CHICAGO, 2 *l2.ssa m No. 3 * 2,so a m No. 4 *l2.02p m No. 6 t 6.25a m TO ST. LOUIS. No. 3.45 a m o, 43 * 4.05a m Xo, 9 t o.Soa m No. 43 * 4.15 p m Xo. 5 * 4.lOp m 'o. 71 Fr't.. .t G.30 a m TO TOLEDO. So. 40 t 0.13 a m No. 44 *11.40a m No. 47 fro E(ftl0.30a m No. 4 8 t o E f . . t 3.80 p m N o . 45 * 3.55 p ID No. 42 *10.1Sp m No. 41 t 9.00 p ra TO QUISOY K. C. yo. 43 * 4,soa m Xo. 47 t C.45a m No. 43 t 4.10 p m : No. 41 * 9.07 p m No. 71 Fr't...til.Boa. m FROM CHICAGO. No. 5 · 4.05p m No, 1 t S.SOp ra FROM ST. LOUTS. No. 44 "11.30 a rn No. 4 *11.57a m No. 10 t 8.43 p If] No. 42 «10.12p in No. 2 *1240am No. 70 Fr't...t 5.50 p r.' FROM TOLEDO. No. 43 * 3.50a m TH£ STAGE. Henry Arthur Jones, the playwright, Is going 1 vo drop his Jones and call himself Henry Arthur, The Empress theater, London, has a stage so large that there it space on it for 6,000 people. It is said that Desperado Bill Cook, vrho is in Sing- Sing penitentiary, is writing a drama entitled "Men I Have Killed." The plot is laid in an Oklahoma cemetery. M. Lamoureux, the concert director, Js going to build a theater rn Paris on the plans of Wagner's Baj-reuth theater. It -svill be finished in 1S95, when the first performances v?fll be of the Xibelungen trilogy. As a general rule, Mme. Sarah Bernhardt holdsi that an actor or actress should retire from the stnpe at the age of CO, although she confesses that she has seen manj- who should have disappeared at the age of five-and-tiventy. Eleonora Duse hr.s recovered sufficiently from her illness to make engagements to act in Sweden and Norway in Dec-ember and in Holland and Belgium in January. She has added Suder- mann's "IlE'imath" to her repertory. Vt'oman has forced her way into the orchestra seats of the Comedie Francaise, which, heretofore only man could occupy. She must appear in full dress, however, and bonnets and all other forms of coverings for the head must be left outside. Judio is g'oing to act in Berlin. She says that France and Germany ought to live on gocd terms with each other, and that she detests the thought of war, as she has two sons. Moreover, she wants to see Emperor William, who interests her greatly. THE WORLD'S ODD CORNERS. FBOM QUINCY K. .. No. 46 * 6.05 a m No. 44 tli.osa ra No, 48 t 7.00p m No. 42 *10.05p m No 7QFrelEhtni.Q5 a m I l l i n o i s Central. D'KPARTS NOKTH. No.mDiaS..* 1.41 a m Xo.l2J Mail..t 9.40a m No.lM.W Fr.t 2.00 p m Xo.lM.Pass..t 5.55 p m No.702H3vLit 3.15 p m DEPARTS SOUTH. No.ll7.Dia S.« 2.42 a m No.l2o Mall..t 9.45a m No.193.~W Fr.tlO.30 a m No.l03.Pas3..t 5.35p m No.701 HavLttlO.15 a m V a n d a l i a Line. No. SOfroPeot 9:45p m No. 75FrT.H.tll.30a m No. 73ToT.H.+ 7.00 a m No. 77FrT.H{t 7.45 p m No. 7CToT.II.t S.lOp m No. TOtoFeo.t 0:30am Peorla, Decatur Evansvllle. TO I'EOEIA. No. 4 » 4.10am No. 30 t 7,00 a m TO EVAXSVILLB. No. 1 fll.30am No. l ll:15pm No. 1 t 2.53p m No. 31 t 7.55 p In No. 10 Lie frtjlO.25 a mlNo 35 (Sun) 9:40 p m No.35 (Mini 7 - 3 0 a m - N o l l tgt. t3:15pm I n d i a n a . Decatur Western. A R R I V E . No. 8 * 3.55a m No. 1 t 2.40p m No. TfrHu'etlo.Oda m DEPAET. No. 2 til .30 a m No. 4 *10.20p m No. 8 toHu'et 4.00 p m *Daily. tExcept Sunday. fRun ends here. T-I A j,3 I i^T-OjNTS PATH'.'f Ai.'cSTOS AND METAL ; AKE QRIDDLE. l-ailiEjJfiiiseS SF;^ COOKS TM IT . ,f-^ ;" v ,i, , r , 1 IT BAKES Oriddle Cakes and never burns them. Griddle Cakes and also turns them. Gf icldlle Cakes with no odor. Griddle Cakes uniform in size and shade. Griddle Cakes to a beautiful brown. Griddle Cakes light, sweet and wholeaorre. Griddle Cxkes with no smoke or smudge. The ONLY GBIDDLE ever Invented that will positively produce these results. All parts are lined with Asbestos and reinforced with perforated sheet G teel, which positively prevents burning, This Griddle is a scientific arrangement of hot air chambers which distribute the heat throughout the entire griddle and the cakes bake uniformly. It b ikes SIX cakes at a time. It bakes Omelets and Angela Food beautlfullyand tries Eggs to perfection It is a delleht to th home, the camp and the bachelor's hall. One agent sells 480 in 30 days, another 110 in ]J nays, etc. Ladies can mak · a fortune selling them, PRICE S2.0O. AGENTS WASTE Din every town and township In the United States. Soecial discounts to wide-awake solicitors. Address, ODELL M A N U F A C T U R I N G CO., Sole Manufacturers, 358-364- Dearborn St. Chicago, 111. Xails are not used in fonstrueting- Japanese houses. The parts are joined by an ingenious system of mortising. A nevr volcano, which is emitting j immense quantities of smoke, lava and fire, has been discovered at Jaleotan, j Mexico. Cecil Ehodes has ordered large numbers of English song birds, linnets, 1 thrushes, blackbirds, larks and uisrht- i ing-ales, to be sent to Cape Town, where they will be acclimatized and set free. The people of Honolulu still eat raw fish e,nd use their fingers in carrying it to their mouths, but they use more telephones ia proportion to population thnn New York does. A 20-year-old printer of Brbrton, named Delag'o, recently scnled the westernmost; and highest of the Sosengar- teri Dolomites in Tyrol and came down safely. The peak is 9.250 feet above sea level, rising almost perpendicularly. There are more than 20 species of fur- bearing animals known to inhabit the Hudson bay country, ranging 1 in size all the way from the meadow rnouso and sand rat to the caribou, musk ox, bison and polar bear. AN ERA OF EXPOSITIONS. Canada is to have an international exposition, at Quebec next year. It win be opened about the middle of May. San Jose, Cal., is planning to hold a carnival of roses next May, and already 57,000 has been contributed toward paying the expenses. Hungary will celebrate its millennium as a state by a whole year's commemoration of the erects erf interest in its long history. A question, like trie Sunday closing of the Chicago world's fair is troubling- Berlin. The commission in charge of the exhibitio a there, next year propose to cSose the jjrcninds at nightfall, and the Uerlincrs are holding mass raeetr ings to protesit against tills. Berlin proposes to hare an immense "Cairo Street" at her esdiibitlon nest year. Six times as nrnch space ·will ba piren to it a* was gtven at the Chicago exhibition, and besides reproductions of Egyptian scenery and monuments there will be a harem hidden among tlis shops. ELECTRIC SPARKS. GILE CO., Have moved into their new shop at 1069 NORTH WATER SIREET, where they manufacture AND Queen Club" " « ' c is t h e gar on the market For Isale by all dealers. Ask for them _^C0HESS|« eiMtrSpiVm^;",? 0 '*' r'nito5d.jiuTB Whites, a n n a t a r i i ?|J' ^JSg^afif'BSyS: "OB O t m U e o n n n,nw._ . 8»"t in plain wrapper. nn erl "'^'l. P"WW. Tor .OO, or 3 bottler,. $3.75. ircular sent on request. It is said that about 200 railway car · riages are now lighted by electricity in Sweden, and in Denmark the same system is also in use on the first-class trains. Gasoline engines are now, it is said, being much used in Mexico in conjunction with small dynamos for the generation of electric currents for domestic lighting and power plants. Electric lighting is to be applied to art in Brussels. On the Anspach memorial St. Michael is represented on horseback slaying the dragon. The sword will be made to blaze like a sword of fire, lights will be put in the saint's eyes and in the insides of the dragon. Detroit abandoned entirely the use of horse cars a week or so since, and the last of the antiquated relics of a closing era made a farewell trip over some of the city lines now operated by electricity amid a noisy and derisive demonstration. ABOUT ENGLAND. Third-class dining cars are to be tried on the Great Northern railway between London and Leeds. The Magna Charta, or great charter of English liberties, is still preserve'd in the British museum. The impress of the seal and King John's name are both very distinct. Tomato plants have been grafted on potato plants in England, giving a crop of tomatoes a,bove ground and of potatoes below. Potatoes grafted on tomatoes have produced flowers and apples and a few tubers. John Harrjird once owned the old Queen's Head tavern in the High street, Borough, London, which is over 300 vears old and is now to be torn down. It was originally a mansion belonging to the Poynings. Henry VTJI. turned it into a storehouse for artillery, and under Queen Elizabeth it. became a tavern under the came at first of the Crossed Kevs. WHAT A STENOGRAPHER EATS. ftvunpfeootu Lunches »f Rolls, Coffee and Ginger Snaps. The price ol the lunch that the Xew York girl eats varies from five cents to two or three dollars, says the New York San. I{ seems hardly credible to the uptown girl who drops into a fashionable restaurant and eats dainty nothings at SO cents u Bwnllow that she could satisfy her hunger for a nickel. But that te the way the downtown stenographer manages to live on he five or six dollars a week. Five cents will buy a good sandwich anywhere, but that is not quite enough for even a typewriter's lunch and this economical person has found it better to eat three penny* rolls spread with two cents' worth of butter, as they are more "filling." There are several different kinds of penny rolls, but the most common are milk rolls, "long' buns" and "horns." "Three horns smcl butter" is a favoritu lunch which sounds heavy and indigestible, but the 1 "horns" are only crescent-shaped rolls u h i e h are as wholesome as toast. The ten-cent lunch oft'crs more -variety of choice. For a dime one can add coffee or tea or cocoa to the abo\ e-mcn- tioned fhe-eent meal. Beans furnish a large proportion of the typewriting population with lunch. The New York girl varies her bean diet by having them baked in Boston style one day and in Xew York style the next, but 110 regular downtown luncher ever stops to dignify the dish with its full name. It is either "ham and Boston" on "ham and IVew York" and it can be had for ten cents. Between the five and ten-cent lunches there are a few alternatives, but it is possible to get two "long buns" or two "horns'* and coffee tor seven cents and for another cent a couple of ginger snaps winds up quite a sumptuous lunch. RESCUED FROM CHINA PIRATES. Hardships of a Frenchman IVhom the Celestials Held for Kuusom Victor Carrere was recently rescued by a company of Trench soldiers from a band of Chinese pirates w h o had kept him captive for 14 months, hays the Xew York World. Soon after he was taken captive by the Chinese lie was placed iu a cave ia the mountainside, and there lay for two months, so loaded with chains that even crawling 1 about was difficult and escape was impossible. To odd to the horrors of his imprisonment the cdve was totally dark. The pirates were unable to secure the. ransom which they demanded, and so they took him with them, always as a captive, on some of their forays by land and sea in southern China. His chains were taken off, but he was always carefully guarded. His captors treated him kindly, but he had to undergo many great hardships. His only garment was a pair of thin silk trousers and his head and feet were bare. One. forced march which he made lasted 2? days, he and the rest of the band traveling night and day, with only the briefest intervals for sleep. The weather was cold, but their journey was maIe without tents or blankets. The robbers were proceeding- toward a small town, which they intended to piftege, when they were fired upon from ambush and those who were uninjured ran away. The attacking party proved ta be a small body of French soldiers who had long been searching for their lost compatriot. NOVEL EXERCISE. H«w an Eccentric literary Man Took His Dally Constitutional. P«or Harry Shelman, the long-haired poet who dressed his entire person to resemble Buffalo Bill, and who was, in 'act, startlingly like the greatest of scouts, used to tell me of a literary friend of his who had a novel method 1 of taking exercise, says a writer In the Xew York Press. His workshop was on the top floor of his house, far from 1 he noise of the street, and he used to write about 15 hours a day. He was not a Howells or a Bronson Howard, whose working hours never exceed four in any one day. He worked, he labored, he toiled. He had no time for a bicycle.and could not afford a horse. He hated walking. Eun he could not. Swimming was out of the question. Still he must have exercise. He kept Iris dictionary in the basement and his Shesaurus in the kitchfn. As he used both very often it was necessary to make many mps downstairs and up again, and in that way he kept himself in splendid physical condition. A visitor once saw him dashing downstairs like a madman and soaring up again like a kite and was distressed till informed by John's wife that. John was simply hunting for a word and had found il. An Oddity In Toes and Digits. There is one curious fact respecting the animal creation with which you will never become acquainted if you depend on your test books for information. It is this: I\ o living representative of the animal kingdom has more than five toes, digits or claws to each, foot, hand or limb. The horse is the type of one-toed creation; tie camel of the two-toed; the rhinoceros of the three-toed and the hippopotamus of four-toed animal life. The elephant and hundreds of other animals belonging to different orders belong- to the /great five-toed tribe. Ho Dost, The disposition to see a pleasant side to everything is often commented upon as a most desirable possession; but it is possible to exaggerate and imagine E benefit whichdoesnotexist. Aparty of tourists were detained at a hotel near a lake by a severe rainstorm. Finally it "was decided to cross th^lake, and one lady of the party agreed to the ! plan cheerfully. "Oh, it will be much, better to take the boat even if it does rain," she said, "and one thing, we sha'n't have any dust on the boat this | morning.'" On M£''9 QM til the large tranrtantyi »team«M th* room stewardess It entitled to and ttpects a fee of 10 shilling (J8.60) from «ach passenger upon whom she wafts. The (lining room steward receives the Same amount If the passwier la ill most of the Journey and but seldom at table, then the fea of ?l59 jhould be given to the deck steward instead of the dining room etewaid. Where there Is a party of ldles, three or four tn one atate room, a smaller amount may be given by eaoh to the room servant. On Sand fees are optional t?ut urual. A sixpence (12 cents) Is the largest fee expected for actual servlq*. The railroad guards, who hold positions similar in rank to our American conductors, will accept and expect a fee If they reserve a compartment for the traveler. 0»« ?bllllni (25 cents) Is the usual amount for such service. The railway porte'r )» gIVen a sixpence. Revenue Jrom Vice. revenue frojtn the Acclaene Revealed by a Draroou Two brothers named Hawto, who ttY9d SB a shanty near Madison, Pa., two other men, went Into % miixe them last Saturday rrwrning tft Wtfk, The brothers did not come out In ttUt Afternoon, and that night one of tJl«r Companions dreamed that they had p§ffl| tilled. He descended into the mine iJuK day afternoon and found tnat his dreftflk was true. Under a great pile of fallah ·slate he found the brothert, one dewj and the other Just expiring 1 . The lattft died soon after being brought out. 1 tad been under the slate for Marly 2) hours. CHANCERY NOTICE. STATE OF ILLINOIS I DO C O U K T V OF MAl'OS. j ° In CircuitConit, to Junuary term A. D. lt!)3 .Tosie Derrinirer vs Ira DerritiL't-r, IHvuice. Alllduvit that (in due inquiry siiid Ira Der- linger cannot be found, ;mci that noon dilisci.t inquiry tlie place of residence of said Ira l)er- niiHer cannot be ascertained, having been Hied in UK oiiice ol HIM Clerk of the Circuit Court of'·aid county, uoiioo is hereby given to the said Ira Den-ing;; r ',l"it the above named complainant heietofore liled her bill or complaint in said court, on the chancery si'U- there- ol, which iiilt u htil l e n d i n g - and that ;i summons.hereforc iisueil out of the said court against t b j aljove named defendant returnable on the first day oE next January erm of said court, to be Ittld at the court house in the city of Decatnr, iu the said county, on the second Monday in the mouth ot January A. D. isDii. Unless you, the said Ira Derringer,Fhall be and appear en the day of the said term of Slid court and plead, answer, or demur to the said hill of ccmulaint, the same will he taken as true ard a decree rendeied according to the prayer thereof Dated this nth, day of November, A. D, is?5 E. MCCLELLAN, Clerk. 0. W, Smith, Complainants sol. CHANCERY NOTICE. STATE OF ILLINOIS, 1 Slacon Couutv. I Circuit Coiut, Maeoa County, January Term, A. D..1S9C. Theron A. Powers vs James K. P. Thrift, M.mie Thrift, Julia D. P.ay, Jennie M. Clark, ,1. E. Osborue, "iank W. i aldwell. A. F. Ross, the Union Iron Works, Levi Towl, E. u Pegraiu and J. W. Earth iu Chancery. Allidavit of the 11011- esidence of Jennie M. Hark, one of the defendants above named, haviuiibeen tiled in the olliee of the Clerk cl said Circuit Court of Macon Cuintv, nntice is hereby (fiveu to the said non-resident defendants that the complainant has Hind, his bill ot cy plaint is said Court on the Chancery side thereof on the 4th day of December, A. D. 1S95. and that a summons thereupon issued out of said Court against said defendants, returnable on the 13th day of January A. D., isoo as-ishy law renuiied, which suit is st'll nendinc. Now, therefore, unless you, the said Jennie M. Clark shall neisonally he and appear before the said Circuit Court of Macon County, on the first day of the next Term thereof, to be holdeu at the Court House in tha city of Decatur In said County, on the 13th, day of January A. D., 1890, and plead, answer or demur to the said complainant's bill of complaint, the same, and the matters and things therein charged and stated, will be taken as confessed, and a decree entered against you according to the prayer ofsaidblir E. McClollan, Clerk. Crea, Ewing Walker, Complainant's Sol. December 4, A, D., 1895. BARGAIN COLUMN. STATE OF ILLINOIS, I ,, MACON CODNTV, j ss In the Circuit Court. To the January term, A. D. 1896, Howard P. Hanthorn vs. Katherlne Hanthorn. Affidavit that on due Inquiry said Katherlne Hanthorn cannot be founa,and that upon dilli- gent inquiry the place of residence of saidKath- ering Hantliorn cannot be ascertained, having been filed in the office ot the clerk of said circuit court of Macon county, notice is hereby given to the said Katherlne Hanthorn that the above named complainant has filed his bill of complaint in said eourton the chancery side thereof, which suit is still pending and that a summons therefore out of the said court against the above n^med defendant returnable on the first day ol next January term of said court, to be hem at the court house m the city of Decatur in the said county, on the second Monday la the month of January, A. D. 1896. Unless you, the said Katherine Hanthorne shall be and appear on the first day of said term of sad court andplead, answerer demur to the said bill of complaint, the same will be taken as true and a decree rendered according to the prayer thereof. e Dated this 1st day of December A. D. 1895. WILLIAM H. BLACK. ° Olerk Circuit Court Solicitors for Complainant. STATE OF ILLINOIS, ca COCNTY OF MACON, ss In Circuit Court to the Jauuary term, A. D. Kheuhana Sowers vs. William A. Sowers Divorce ' Affidavit that ou due inquiry said Williai)- A Sowers cnnuot Le found, onrf that upon deli- pent inquiry the place ol rpaldcnce ol said Willlam A, Sowers can not be ascertained having heen hied in the office ot the clerk ol the circuit court of aaid county, notice is hereby given to the said William A Sowers that the above UMuedc-irnplaiiitunthas illed h»r bill of complaint in said court on the chancerv side thereof, which suit is still pending and "that a su« - monstbereiKon issued out, of the said court against the above named defendant returnabln on the first day o£ the next January term oC said court, to be liel J at the court house In the Cityo! Decatm- in the said County on the second Monday In the month of January A D 1886. Now unless you the said William A! bowers shall be and appear on the tlrst day of said term of «a!d court and plead, answer or demur to th* said bill of complaint the same will -be taken as true and a decree rendered according to thfi prayer thereof. Dated thH-28i,h dav of November, A. D. 1895. E.McClellan,Clerk. O. W. Smith, Comp. sol. F OR SALE--Horses. I bave some flrstclaas work horses, also somt good gentle single drivers for sale cheap. Wiu sell on time It desired. Apply at my feed and sale stable west end of Eldorado street. E. B. Dlmock. r UENISHED ROOMS for r«nt. Board day or week at 437 East William street. TUMPS--For all kinds of pumps and pump A repairs, ,go to E. A. Kelly 667 North Water street --j27tf D ENTIST--C. TJ. SMITH, Arcade Building Room 41. Teeth without plates; Plates /4.0» Decatur, 111. F OR SALE this week only all kinds o£ plants for winter blooming at five cents each. Geraniums, Chrysanthemums, Eosec, Carnations, etc. Everytning goes at five cents except a few special large plants North Union Street Greenhouse. Adam Balmer.--8-lw R UBY'SPILE SUPPOSITORY Is guaranteed to euro Piles and Constipation, or money refunded. BO cents per box. Send two stamps circular and Free Sample to MARTIN KUDY, Registered Pharmacist, Lancaster, Pa. No POSTALS ANSWERED. For sale by all first class druggists everywhere, and In Decatur, 111., by W. H, Hubbard --fml-tf. W ANTED:--An honest, active gentlemen or lady to travel for reliable established house. Salary 7SO dollars, payable 15 dollars weekly and expenses. Situation permanent. Enclose self-addressed stamped envelope. The II. E. Hess, Pres., Chicago.--Ja-G. °£all kinds made . by PEGRAM, CO. Room i, over CITIZEN'S NAT, Bank Decatur,.Illinois. B OOK BINDING.-Practical book binding and blank manufacturing, 127 South Water street, Decatur, 111, Magazines bound, names stamped in gold on books, memorandum books, toilet cases, etc. Herman Spies.--[a27-6m I N connection witli his tailoring business Ed Keckeiseu does general repairing and pressing. Call on him at Rude's old stand, synai- cate Block.--tf D R. J. S. KING.--Office and residence Syn dlcate Block, Second Floor. First room n t hot the elevator, thin' oouih oJ the stair wa . a; C/~kf\GeneKU Agent wanted for Improv- *P ^J\s\J edOxygenor. Cures disease without medicine. Exclusive jieritory. Agents W U L l U C U l ^ L U C . ^!Al:lu3JtC L U I I L V I making $300 to $500 per month.' Address The Cardinal Curative Company, 40-48 Van Buren Chicago, ill. --:25 w ANTED-'Everbody to come this week to Satisfy yourselves. Big reductions this week only. Wm. Martin. F OE SAL1. or trade. A gentle family horse can be driven by a woman, or children. Enquire 'at (Jarrett Bros,, barn on East Main street. A. R. liarlan. M ONEY TO LOAN in largo and small amounts. Ixans made on live stock, tarrn implements and houat-hold goods. All classes of lorns negotiated on short notice. Loans on farms, city and business property at 6 per interest. Apply to A. T. Summers, over 14G Water St-(]17-tf O NE of. the best Locations lor an Advertisement is in the Want Column ot a newspaper. F Oll SALE--Horses on easy payments. I have si'ine good work horses and a few single drivers which I will sell cheap for cash or oti time, or on easy payments. One good work team for twenty-live dollars. Apply at sale stable at west end of Eldorado street. IMmock.--[t-f. W E must now run our sale for one more week as we still have a great many plants on hand, as a special inducement we will two plants with each fifty cent sale, and one with each twenty-five cent sale. ADAM BALMEK N O LOSS OF SALARY to those who carry an Accident policy from W. E. Mann's Aeency )22 Merchant Street. Both preferred and hazardous risks taken; both men and women written, of all occupatioLs and at rates reasonable for sound insurance --[n6-lw O NLY £8.00 PER MONTH--Do you own horse, If so take it to Thayer Son's boarding stable at 427 East Main street and have it well fed and cared for at only $8 month.--[nis-tf W ANTED--A good salesman to sell Nurser Stock. Salary S40 par month and ex pensescaid. Address, with references, 1). H Patty, Nurseryman, Geneva, N. Y.--[ni iw W ANTED:--An honest, active gentleman or lady to travel for reliable established house. Salary $780, payable $15 weekly and expenses. Situation permanent. References. Enclose self-addressed stamped envelope. The Dominion Company, 316 Omaha Building Chicago.~o3i-2Ct. MALE HELP WAJTTED. A MAN or lady to manage distributing soap samples, specialties, do corresponding, Send Sylvan Co., 727 Woodward, Detroit, Mich., loc for samples soap, etc., receive outfit offer,-- [02Mm W ANTED--Every body who-wants i stive, heating or cooking, to come to 216 West Main street. I have a line at stoves, new old as a Bargain Leader this week to be 'sold regardless of cost. Call this week. W, P. Martln.-{o28-lw, W ANTED.--Two small rooms suitable tor light house-keeping, within calling distance of Wabasli yard office. c. FRANCE. Care Kramer's barber shop 1144 East Eldorado street.--nl4-2w W ANTED-A reliable lady or gentleman t distribute samples and make a house house canvass for our Vegetable Toilet Soap.s 8*0 to 875 a month easily made. Address Crols SsBeed, 212 S, Bobey street, ChicAgo.--nS-lw tpOUR DOLLARS PEE DOZEN Is a high Jf: price to pay for cabinet photos and before you pay it you would better see the $1.0" 82.00 -Specials" at the East End Gailery. Thousands of careful picture miyers have tried them and are pleased. No Tickets, No Agents. Place your holldav orders in time. 1079 East Eldorado street.--In25-tf A GENTS WANTED-Cigar salesman. Salary. « * Experience not necessary. J, Gardener Co. 19 Spades Piaoc, Indianapolis, Ind.--[u26- 1m W ANTED--Everybody come to 2IC w. Main for bargains in furniture, stoves, and mis- . I'ellaneoiH goods. House full of goods and j must sell them. Can and will beat any Fire , Sale for Bargains. Don't fail to come. W. I Martin.--n2B-iw j T?OR SALE--Hard and soft *oal stoves, Bedi -T room suits, Wardrobes, Clean bedsteads ] anrl mattresses, Kockers, Chairs, Gasoline stoves, Baby wagons, etc.. Must be sold at por Gtnt discount from regular I Recollect "no snide" 25 per cent off. --dl7-lw t from regular low prices. IP" 25 per cent off. WM F. MARTIN, 210 WestJlain. State of Illinois 1 In the Circuit Court of Macen County | ss Macon County 111. A«ron Prlser, et al, vs. Elizabeth Priser, et al Bill for partition No. 15172. · Public notice is hereby given that in pursuance o£ a decree of the Circuit court of Macon County, Illinois entered at the September term isOoln ttie above entitled cause, I, James J. Finn, Master in Chancery of said court, will on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 18th 1895 at the hour of 2 o'clock p. m. at thn front door of thr Court House in the City of Decatur In said County, offer for sale to the highest and best bidder at public auction the real estate In snid decree described and ordered to be sold being described as follows to wit: The west half ol tha west half of the south ewt quarter of the north west ouarter of section 2J Townsliio 17 North Range 3 East of the 3rd Principle Mcridan in Macon County 111., excepting thfrefto'n one acve more or less which lies west d the Drain or Branch running through sn id tru'k heretofore, sold by Abraham Priser in his life time 'to one Peter Eshelman. said track to be sold containing 9 acres more or les« Terms nf sale Cash in hand. Dted at Deoatuf Illinois this Isth day of November I9i)3. James J. Finn, Alex mder SfcTntost, Master la Ohaneerv Solicitor. i r rQOL'S Combination Colfee. The very best. *~f Try it. Only 2j cents a pound. Sold only at Tool's 217 N. Main St.. Tclephone;4l4.-[d23 \A/ANTED--An office partner whose business VV would not conflict with mine. George Lower, Real Estate, Loan and Insurance agent, Rooms 3 and 4. second floor. Library Block,-- dll-lw F OR SALE--The restaurant at 004 N. Jasper street. Best local ion In city for rullroad general trade. Reason for selling, ill health. Apply to 605 North Jasper t.--d»-lw W ANTED To trade a small stock of hardware and fixtures for city property. Address Hardware this office.--[do-lw EXECUTRIX NOTICE. ESTATE o«r F. M. CUXNIKOHAM, Deceased. Tbe undersigned, having b»en appointed Executrix of the estate of F. M. Cunningham, late of the County of Macon and J-t»le ol Illinois, deceased, hereby gives notice that she will appear before the County Court of Macon County, t the court house In Decatur, at the January term, on the first Monday in Jan next, at which time all persons having claims against said estate are notified and requested to attend for the purpose of having the same adjusted. All persons Indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment tot the undersigned. Dated thla SOthdayot October, 1895. NAKCV C. CUNMIMGHAW, Executrix Lost Manhood atrophy, etc., Hindoo and vigor qtkkly reatotfecUTarlcoeelt, nlghl ·""M-nred by Dtl fSPAPEJRI

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