The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 15, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR T ,TJIE BLYTIIEVJLMJ; COUUIiiK NEWS - THE COURIER NEWS co., PUBLISHERS C.-H. BABCOCK, Editor H, W. HAlfjES, Aflwitlslng Manager Sole National Afivcilisiiifi Representative:*; Arkansas Dailies, Inc, NOW York, Chicago Detroit, St. Ixmljj, Pallas., KBIISIU City, Memphis _£uWl«iedEvcry > Afleinoon Except Sunday &A, Hi'lcrcd as second class nmttcr at HID post, office nt IlH/tliCTlllc, Arkansas, under act of Congress October 9, ion. Served by this United Press SUBSCRIPTION HATES By carrier hi Hie City of Blytheville, 15c |Kr week, or S6.5D per year, In advance, By mail, within a radius of SO milts, $3.00 per year; $1.50 for six monttis, 85c for Ilircc monlhs; by mail In postal; zones two to six, Inclusive. 56.50 per year; lu zones seven und eight, $10.00 per year, iwyable In advance. The Referendum In the light of tlic outcome of yesterday's referendum on wntimiiiitce of llic Bankliewl cotton production control net it scarcely appears thai the Literary Digest need fear a challenge by the Memphis Cominorcinl Appeal of its primacy in the business of forecasting election results through the medium of straw votes. The Commercial Appeal, it will |jc remembei ed, polled cotton growers of 'the Mid-South on the Hatokliewl ael a few weeks ago. They turned it clown. Hut yesterday the cotton growers of the biiinc territory upheld it by a vole of nearly 25 to one. •The explanation, of course, is not thill Uu'ie was anything wrong with the Commercial Appeal's poll. It doubtless rellecteil with accuracy the attitude of {aimer; j u this part of the cotton belt. They didn't like the Hank- lie;!!! act when they cast their ballots in the Commercial Appeal's straw vote a few weeks ago. Thuy don't like Jt today. Rut yesterday, when the choke was pvjt sijuarely before them between the Bankhead act and no compulsory wntiol of next year's cotton production, they accepted 1 what 'was plainly the lesser of two evik ' The Bankhead act is not the right-method of production control but it is greatly to be preferred to no control at, all. Yesterday's vote, while reflecting the good uf the producer,; of cotton, produced some <|ucur results. Our own county, ibi- instance, where the great majority of producers found it necessary to pay :(ax on 'excess' production, nevertheless supported the law fifty to one. Oklahoma, where drouth cut pi eduction .by nearly two- thirds and growers without exception had exemption certificates to sell or hold for use next year, was tho only stale to vote against continuance of the act. ,11 boks as if Oklahoma farmers blamed the Bankhead act for the drouth. The rcCuiciidiim should he accepted by, congress and the agriculture ,!,> partment for exactly what it was- a man [late for the continuance of the Hankhcail law until .something better can be.provided-not'an oiulorsement of it as a permanent policy. ].•:„.„,_ era of (ho South are awake to the necessity for a compulsory and nation- wide system of control. But tjiey also Vccognine the dangers' inherent in arbitrary interfereiico with the. law of supply and (Icmand, They want control that will he fair to alj producers and that will insure l|ipm a decent return for their labor ami'investment with a minimum of interference with domestic and foreign markets. Such a measure caji bu-drawn. It is up to the cotton growers to insist that tlicv get it. Whal Ik: Bonus Really [s In coiwcclioii wlili'llic veterans' demand for Immediate payment of tho bonus, ineaiilnij the facu vnluc of llic adjusted compensation cei -micnles Issued under authority of the law of 1024, It mlglu be intercsllng to,inquire Into the exact nature of these cwtlficatos. Each certificate 4s identical in form to a iwld-im endowment iwlicy, payable upon Uie death of ths holder to Ills beneficiary or lo the holder 20 years from llic dale of isiunnce, hi 19«, The face vuluo of Hie certificates was determined as follows: Kacli veteran was given «• ci-edil of SI a any for ciicli day's service In Hie United Slates, and $1.35 a day for each (toy's service overseas. To IhLs basic credit was added 25 per tent. Thus, « veteran who had served 178 days in this country and nu days overseas was given a basic credit of $398. If Congress had decided, lo nay the t,p w in C!ls |,, uial Is wlnH he would have received. The 25 per cent added by rcivion s tj( the dcfwrctl payment plan brought this" veteran's gross credit to S-108. Tills sum, was theoretically deposited in llu- treusury as n single net ]>rcmluni on a. 51000 endowment policy, 'rho difference between $m and $1000 i-cyrKscnls compound Inlcresl at -1 IXT cent for^ap years. When twemmeeil olficials object, tn im- mwlliitB payment of the bonus, ulaimlnir it Is not due unlit 10.15, Ihey Have in mind i] l!a (he ccrtlllcalcs have not yet earned the Interest included In the face value ol ll lc certificates I" mi nrllclo puhlishod In 1832. Gen Ulncs Administrator of Veterans' Affaire, estimated that. Immediate payment, of the torn,, nt tliat tlJiic wild In effect Increase by approximately $1,000,000.000 Mic amount voted by Congress to be paid originally. I" the case of the veteran we have cited Hie government, docs not, now owe him $1000' It owes l,!,i, $1000 i^ 4 „„. t ,. nt <,„„„,„„„„ interest numlng from now until IMS When the law of 1924 was passed, the American Lc&loti was entirely ,isatisfied with it onil completely accepted'Hie' plan adopted by Congress. What. Ihu Legion'is IIOH- wgh, g '.J 5 ]„,. mediate payment, not of Iho money actually dvic, but, of tho face vnliic of tho certllkales iiicludliig imcnraed Interest, This is not only a reversal of the Legion's origlnahiJoW, but -V Prcposal to place upon me taxpayers a uur ." (leu, over and al;ovc Hint agreed upon t u 'ISM. : —SI. Louis Post-Dispatch.' The democratic wa^y of life is nix tlie defensive everywhere. -Prof, onrl wittke of Ohio Slate University. ***'•. For German ]x;oplc nowadays It is very difficult lo. make plan?, and also for an artist who roust (rave! all llic time and work * *, !-.'. H is tin; urjtlsh people and the freedom , "icy have 'always cnjoycd-nol as a favor, hut as a rletu-r-whlcli make n s n law-ubidinn nation. — Mnrgol Asquith, Countess of Oxford. * . • * * We .shall tcon liiive enough to MO that the American lot today Is Heroic and honorable --"l!h if improsiieroiKi. -Prof.'Alton ' Ncvins Columbia., OUTOIWWA HEV, VOU GUVS-HELP! CAN'T you SEE I'M CAUGHT" THIS SHUT TH' MACHINE- °OWT STAND I'VE HGPvRO OF SOME PLACE'. LOT'S UUOMorr SAV BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COUHIER NEWS SATURDAY, DECEMBER Anil eald, "Tlijuls you." ' Jie saw i|ie si,. au , pull Auu up ^^ bis arms auil Bllnt lu Valeria's eyes and guessed Ibe hatred behind Hint soil and \^fe; -\? :SC ''••'.'^ '.if**** |. £W' NEASEJivlCE.INC. T. "Now, reiiitnibcr, give him onishhis tooth twice a day." -' A SS*P^f|P^., N'J; ^# *|t»J'<*.J V: ^>' " •••.-K'^\»m j-l. RE3. U^C!. FAT. CFF, Doctors Aid Tuberculoses Cure by Surgical Methods .'his is the licks by i)r. ecqiijl „! foirr MEhbciH, the Clirisl- American the purpusc of 111:19 Seal Eule .each ' ' v - : '.' ^ ; * .»V UK, aMORKIS EUilor, Jonrnal of th Mcdieal AESocialion, . n ,ul uf H.VffCf.i, the Health Magazine Most significant advances in control of tuberculosis have liccn relatively simple. There was,:-Hrst of .all,' : the dls- :qvery o£ tlie goi-nT. which causes ' . i, the': dkente. Th|s is cfeditcct, to tho fnnious Gev- man Eist, 0-illobcrt Koch, c/v:, Next ' v o"a \n c brjhg about inpgrcss of the luboroniosis a slopping nt th Intec ec tlon. There arose tlie question a ' be' Rive l.o hpw"ll]c "liinff contii nipri! rest. previous columns, I have de id the development of arli ncial pnciiinotlioiax, a systen whereby ah- is injected „,{„ a , chest cavity which collapses 'ht ''"f! and gives it complete 'rest Of course, a ')ni w ^m,,^ ^ , soliitely quiet if lt is hrcnfju," V/c can, however, breathe' will' lung niicl keep the oilier a rest, such enforced 'rest i brought abpiit by artiticiar pncu inotliorax. There a n which 'B oilier a liiiijr. of way? as wel eun»b« i col aied " QxcrcuTc _. .... itcjis lii. the .treatment. Uio buii(lin t - of ''*"•. V'V of tliesc involves a «(c mil sana-i ' f'f 1 °Wrolm\ on the ...erv- toriuiu, :: V vith In" q -"' sc , s tllu '"ownciils; an fresh air, K0 od ",,,"' "!. vollrc5 °vealiie 'of • tl,c food, and' ,lV S o™' h^^ lUw ? aTOy lm - toi fresh aii', fco(j, and as- the sigiuncant artiriciii) ;h u 'tS' m- """ ' ° H ' 1 ' " II was not, however, until 'IV(|- bei dean established the • sanatorium yen at Sara line Lake fifly years U"o All n,» ,, tliat our moflern ^iccptlon :of con ol c?tnbr in' 5 , ° f SW8icl rest In the trctilnicnt of Lubcroii- used i,u i , r, losls '•""'? 1)eil '!> losls became- • fu.ljy established, many n stiluHn, ,, Ci ' r?fl|i! - v " That sanaloriuni is coimnenio- tJia™ ,„!,,"»', U s?? '" s "^ rated by the' li'ttlo' red cottage ir'im.i "...':..... H !" ^'"nlually be shown this year on Ihe Christmas a seal. Morn recently if has hcenJ found, dial even absolute rest NKVT- In L-cd may be insufficient really losis ~ """ li: The Editor'i Letter (To r.if editor:! At a meeting of the Klmwootl Cemetery associi(l(p'ii in tile home Of Mrs. Otto"Brnd- liury in the Little River comniu'n- Hy last «cek reports were made on Iho work of lliis grouii for past year, and It was with a Iceling of Eatisfaction iveVealized its accomv ilishmcnls in so short a time, and felt like those who are interested, nui have contributed lo Ihi.s pro- xs would like to know yoinc- --..IB of what kas been done and what is planned for the future Therefore it is through Iho incd- um of your splendid pa|>cr that 1 seek to impa.rt, this information' if vpu will fciiidiy t'lve 'my' letter space. The' Elniwoou Cemetery. aKocla- Jlcn' was orgaitmcl in September, 1B3J, but as we preferred havin- our year begin in January The lirsl year of ll.s existence lias Men 1G months long. Uurlns this time we have had n caretaker employed tor full time, ^th S)))nry ])a ^ / ularly. and am sure all who have been llic cemelcrv in recent monlhs will agree with me that it has been transformed mio n place of beauty. Rome cinders have teen pluccrt in driveways and much work done in H, 0 V vay of niling In "'••" ICVCIIIIB olf Ipls. J-lucji tr- Liiiv* •''r 0 ',- 1 " bp ' donc ' h ' a ll ls wltli ,1 (ccliiig of witisfaclu'm Hint wo icyjew these inipipvcmc»(«.- fl Is lo Ihis urnup aisu COCK (Uc crc<m gU'idWS uaffi,f l !ni5 by Judge Z;,| n. iiiirij.-oii, By'sum- n}cr we will i, ilvc vv;Uc ,. ot J( J, 11C Kind in tlu: eemclery. rofci. lmV '"'"' ; '" " u ' mbl> « «" '1'hl.s Kroilp is pliinniiii; a per- peliial care luiut, which luw ;il- •cadv been blurted, liopins that In ;lhe not, distant future we will have a fund. Hie Intercsl from whlcl vlll Insure PCI-UL-.^?! csi'o ,: i cenielciy. A ccmctei-y shouic! and concern of | n , niunjty. One may m tion there now, but will .« omo £J. in lln-s or son.c qther one of i, a way ,,!,,,,,. co-operate with thl, association hi carrying on this S1) , c ,,- rtl( j worfc • . tii'iillbx (mil liroiuhivjii, Icur lion VAI.JMIIA IIKSS&rr, I llnu^cc,. lum dCL-elvvd him, ,| till, fcer Vverjlklit "I. '<!-,,"•, ' (»(<•!• H llT"'- ' tuuroul. , ' lliikloiu'J, iiiccl l» \Vlicu ('cltr iuk« mi,. 'J'V"y 4ft- iinirrleU |kn( ulcbl null *i«t out fur Piurldu. 'J'key AIK-UI! *rvt-r!il ucL-k* there liuu T |illj- |intl| 1'clrr 1 [« eiilltU bout? '.'>'•"'.". '"'f'""" °< liu«lne««. All til lUc Utiiilnll fuiully ejcceul I'cler'H •I«I.T, Hii.i.icfiNT, »iiui> Ann. Mllltvt-m (fli'i'n ti dn'itcL- lu'hilro- uncc Ann lu Nuclei)'. Tuuf Kruurvi Jcliluuiij ufrctk, KO\\' GO O-V WITH Till! ST01IV CIlAI'TBri XXI JITAC was still at the telephone. 1 After n momcai Tony got up, slipped tlic Invitailon In liis pocket and left tho olllco. On the way lioine lie stopped fn n restaurant. He anil Ann liad oflen eaten there. "A hoi dog and coficq. Make' it strong," Totiy Eaicl. "a«d bring ni« some \ynter and an extra glasa." "Sure. Mister Tony." The proprietor came l>acK- after be had iiiveu tho order, leaning comnan- iunably on llic marble-topped counter. "Tlie young lady? She Las gone away, perhaps'^" 'I'oriy <i.i Id aiiffi-ily, "Haven't you enuusli business, Nick, lo keep yon busy;" "Sure, sure I lave. 1 ' The maa bcsaa wiping off the spotless counter and left his ivate young customer alone. Tony got'into liis cur ami drove home. Alonq lu his niiartmout'uo rend Ibo ijivltalion .-ig.-iin. The card was a cliarm. Present, it and sonie liveried idiot wniild boiv and scrape ami usltor htm into tlio Heath home. Someone else, would tako his hat and coat and then be would be in a croii-fl and na oiio would be the wiser. He would sec Ann dancing—Ann who had not answered ills note. Who had avoided him. Tlie desire to see her was like mildness In bis blooil. He fixed himself a drinli and undressed, lie tried reading himself lo sleep. It was no nse. The thought of the card Kept bobbing up in his stream. of thought. All bo hail lo do u - ;ls [,, bo John MacDonahl for tonight— to a miller and a few strangers Ami ho would see Ami. He -.voliiil have tho eiianca lie had been w'alt- inc for to tell her what a rotten . _ she bad done, running aw«y from him Hint night, marrying I'cter Kendall wlicn'stic lovecl him — : Tony. ' • it waa no use. Valeria introduced • the man beside her and then, suddenly, laid a hand on Peter's arm. "I'eteri dauce, lllis with' me for old tluies. Ann, n fair exchange is no robbery. .Tommy b u grand daiicor,' Auu danced wllh Tommy, fool- jus very angry wIU) 1'clcr because l|o had allowed Valeria to iah^ posseasiou qt him In ^uch a ;as)i- iQn. Reeling very angry wllh ner- Ee|f becauEc she hAd'bcen unable lo copo wllh Va.)er|a. "Pctor,^ said Valeria, "will conic Into Iho consorvalory with me a moment?"-' "No." ' "Why?" "Jiecauso llicvo'a no reason why ! should/' 'So logical all of a sudden." whispered Valeria. ''Or is it because you're afraid your wife will be Jealous?" Aim jealous!" His vehemence was revealing. Tlipn the girl didn'l caro aujT hlng about him. That made things easier. "Came ou, Peter, r think you owe. it to me to talk tilings over. You can't know l;ow hard all this lias been for me." I'eter looked down and sa\v her eyes filled with tears. "All right," 10 said. Ann saw them leave the ball. room. Her face Hushed. It was in instant \^er tfial slie saw Tony her Tony his way toward through (ho crowd. Her heart turned over. ..-. Ho wouli! have this Ihiiig out with her. Now. lie got out liis evening clothes with shaking lingers and"'turned on niu bath. .' , * * ' ANN, a picture in exquisite. A costly simplicity, ami Valeria. ;i mpdql pf expensive sopliistica- lioii, Jiloml atarlujj lu'lo cacli other's oycs. Alilliccnl had intrgihieed them. "Vajcrla. 1 want yon' to kupvv Peter's wife. Ami. tliis [ 5 Valeria Dennett." ' Valeria hail smiled at Ann In a friendly fashion, saying. '•! lioue we arc going to be friends. Ann 1'vo known Peter since we bolii M--OI-O baby clothes." lere! Probably he would make a scene. , Tony was saying politely, "I bclievo this is our'dauco. Ann." Not caring who had tiie dance, eager to get away with him before something terrible happened. Inn answered. "Yes. it is." ' In the conservatory Valeria was saying, "Please don't stay angry vlth me, Peter. It's more ibau I can .hear. I've been punished enough, haven't n I'm human and it is killing me lo see Ann in the place which really belongs to pETKIl said, shocked, "Valeria!" "Oh, yes. 1 know what you're thinking—that I brought all this op myself ami thai now I slipnlij lie a better _,,<irt ond have more pride. You're hard and cold, Peter." ' "N'ol iiard, Valcrhi. Kin there's no use hi all ibjs." "H 1 Ihougla sho lovcil yon 1 wouldn'l feel as V'do. Rut she dqcsn'l love you, docs slie?" Pclcr's eyes met Valeria's. He did not answer. No. of courst Ann didn't love him. BUI It was something lie did not liavo to toll Valeria. Ho was on big feet. He said curtly thai it was lime to go hue* because lie iiad tlio next dance with Auii. Valeria uulorcd the ballroom with him. silently, hating the tccl- fiig il:at (He (li-st blow iu the oat: tie hail been won by Ann. ^oinepnc claimed bcr for [he dance, and Peter looked around for Ann. After a moment he saw bcr. yiic was talking to somo chap a-lio was boldini; ber loo closely, star iua angrily into her eyes.' Ann's raco was while. . oi siep forward, llicn stopped, asi< Ulicd at !ils emotion. Ho had (be fepljug thai !io K - 0 i 'Ike to tear Aim from tho (olio arms. No, lie wauted to knock man down. Ho elooii. wateli tkcm. Hating. Touy-l|e h guessed tlio man was Tony— w a deep, icrriblo hatred. Hecai Tony was holding Aau too close Occause her face was wMlc j ber eyes looked dark and frig encd. hllo he was watching Ann a Tony walked toward ihe censer tory. Cocktails were being sorv Peter took one mechanically. A girl passing, Baiil. "Kuiiuy o you drinking, p c i cr ." Peter stared at Uie glass In band, drank Uio contents and the glass down. The stuff was water. It didn't begin to mr the flro in bis veins. WHS li o matH u 'tt^H tb ONY bad said, --it you ,.„ come some place win, mo , . III kfss you here betoro nil Hit people. Vpu wouldn't like would you?" 'No" she answered steadily wouldn't." Because she knew Tony -was c able of carrying put bis threat, s led the way to tiic conservatory "I'm going mad. thinking of y lovliig biiu," Tony said hoarse "Ann, you can't go through wi this. You can't I won't let 'y< darling." Ann said in a low, troubl voice. "Pctor and I ara. just frleu Ho doesn't carp nnytlilns B!H me, Tony. But'lie's been wou'd fully kiud to me." . Tony, searching lier cyes'sa 'You're not lying? He does love you?" "Ho doesn't lovo me al all." It waa hard to bGlleVsy^f^ could be ariy one In tlic world' blind as not to lore. Aim. I -liat was her story. Tony rem'c J.ei'ed people said lliat Peter K. hill bail been ongagecl to Ihu I ba' faced Valeria Uciinelt- Ho iliil not ask Ann if she !o\ Peler. He knew whom Ann lov :Ie had seen her heart in her- ej when he had ta|ked abbui mar us her. He hail known lliat all be ncci o ilo wns to whistle and .„„ vould be bis dovoled girl, read> uarch oft witli him 10 lliefa Tony was pulling Ann I vim.'Ms dark bead bent Iowa icr. Ann. resisting, whisper 'Please, let's play tlio game falrl . He-drew tacij then, not becai o( tier words, but ticcaiiso tie 'li icard soine one enter tho cotisor lory. Peter's face wns wlifto stem. Ho s.-ild. visn't this uih "i'elcr." said Ann in a tiqmulc voice. "I want yon lo meet To Mlclile." The iwo men Lowed stiffly. Ann said, "Opodby, Tony,'-' lie answered. "Gqod nltlit, Aln Am! bceaiiec slin guessed I lain, slio said gently, "Danco wj no agaju." "Homo oilier lime. I'm rimni ilcn:-; now." Klamc In Tony's eyes. Steel Peter's. Ann breathed easier. Sonic I Wood CiiUer Asks F. D. R, To Secure Jail Release WARSAW, Mo, (UP)-Hurry ..ulz, 53-year-old wood cutter, aii- lealcd lo President Roosevelt to Wain the release of himself and us wife from jail so "w c can take- on; of our four doss." The couple, held on a clun-e ol asaing a bad check, fcai- tlia" Uro letters I \v,\,u> him before," l.-itz j said. "I liojw lic'll have tis out of ncre by Christmas. Mnybe some- take care of llic two pups 'til then. Long hair was worn by Hiiflalo Bill and the other Indian fighters as a matter of I'.onor. They ho licvBl that their Indian captor was entitled to a respectable scalploek if he captured them. HOUSE . sometbing icrrlbic which liart be about to liappen, hadn't. ('I'" lie Continued) Shrimp Delight Cut into' dice one cup of cair shrimps, add one tablespoon eh l>ed ham. one fourth cup flour ' tablespoons butter, one cup of V sanime, pile labtcspoo.iV torn; sauce or mushroom ketchup, slice of choptx;d onion, s fragm' of bayJeaf, one table.>i>oon of bit' IKd parsley, cool: carefully " sauce is smooth and thick, salt and parsley. Serve on rice. Delicious. «.m} , they wlu ^ ,„ lm , c|l • . , cl Mis. Leslie Mcwre. president, Mrs ' . Ci. Goodwin, secreta ry, or , , rs ,P ickcl ' 50n - treasury they give nnv oth jn forina- ' taxiiiB Co.. is « 8 i*'Vi l this F aup •" a ay in their efforts We are realizing S omcthln B of the hardships and probletus (lie Maple Grove-ladies have , -~ — - - , v- AII it i ixi mt\ C CXmM'lPllt'- eel throush the years, and I dre » Of the lime when these two bc'au- ifn cemelerie.,. separated only a i driveway, win te carc(i j orJ n5 one, tlic interest and nrii city and community? Mrs. u. n. Allen.' Arkansas Congressman Will Seet; Central AT (Ul'l-Arkan- Mr-t .1 ."SKssmm, John L. McCJollan of Malvorn, will seek a . He Di-liirliMl point .In a pro- ivloiuuilion of tho nresent monetary sysicm. lie «,« MrClclhn chaigr-s llv.- system sbosv.s lo n coni- narativrly f cw \ m&c bankers and nnanclers. He would si op i.ssuanrc ul tax-exempt soveniment Kcuri- tic;s now used us' collateral for cin-reiicy wcu after Ihu ftccinities I arc returned lo Ihe government. w.\ NOW,HERE \smt SATLJRD^r B/STVA T H/^/E ARRANGEI),A.Mt> IT WILL EL\M\NATE ALL. CjONTf?LrS\prS A]Mt> BICKERSNC —NOW TIAEN---TUB TIME L\^A^T,!2.0 MINUTES T <JQ IN T^RorA STO S-.T.O -BLISTER -FROM .5:30 TO S'.-SO—TIME QLVT R3R •PVNNEP.-THEN MACK HAS THE TUB T-ROM • 7.;IO TO ?:3G 'AND CLYDt •Q8/. SO LET-TY WAKES A T-VRt OUT OF WOOD, PAINT'S \T ^^^ AND HAN6S A OWN ON IT->3US1 LIKE TVA "REAA-Trtyt-lfD-^-THEN HE SETS IT IN TlkcE ON TU" CURB NEAR TH OFFICE—-NEXT MQRNINO.WHEN HE COfA&STO WORK^TH'•DL)rA^AY T-\RE PLLJCs KEEPS AtHIKTY-TOOnr PAKKINO SPACE CLEAR.POR HIS T3OILEK- ^N ALL HE TX)ES IS PUT TH TAKE PLUG IN '-irV RUrABLE UNTIL 6PES C'uurii-r Hu\\'i VVmil NIOHT- THEN SETS OL)T IN "PLACE

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