The Englewood Economist from Chicago, Illinois on December 5, 1923 · Page 6
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The Englewood Economist from Chicago, Illinois · Page 6

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 5, 1923
Page 6
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-JOL ^-^ ® T H E E N G L - E W O O D E C O N O M I S T 0 .--·.-· ,%;-··· ·-, .·; .-·*"··,---·· $*r . --.^ · · ,^-£*41Waai,. v - · · · · - ' ' · "--:~:^^^- - ~p ..^p ··-;%--. ·. ^--=%s~s~ Sti · ····--.-* --· - '-' * -^fftpS^; * ' '* ··· ' ; ^K^Tp^g^ ::.,.^ L ·:^^M^ " : ;.f ;--i^^ : n^| · ·--·- 3"*£33*^is.-' ;=* ^"Wve*-,- v.- ;--.:t-.t -)·-. ·-··K*»^Ega · ?g; :«· " 'SK'_\ ' '-:,' ' ' ·* -^^sBfl .m \ m$ P? \-%-4.;^w R E O E ^ K Tramp Sees Cowboys, Soldiers Well, hello! Here's your friend the tramp again, back from another busy evening making the rounds of your neighborhood theaters. There is so much going on around these parts a fellow has to do some fast tripping to get from one show to the next and not miss something good at one place or the other. Who doesn't like an Indian fight once in u while, served up with cowboys, soldiers and good old-time frontier scouts? When I ran in to sea what was attracting the small boys, not to mention the big ones, at the Lynn I decided this film had something to do with it. Then there is that "Leavenworth Case"; they are sure to get us every time they hang but a detective story for bait/ This one, by Anna Katherine Green, "dean of mystery story writers," is said to have been translated into five foreign languages so it can't be so slow. And that's one .of its good points as a picture, it gallops right along and gets somewhere, so you are still wide awake and ready for more at the finish. You , know how some of the best pictures ' just seem to crawl over the screen.. Of course it has a mysterious murder to give it a start, with two nieces as beneficiaries of the will and a marriage mystery to make the plot nice and thick. If you don't mind people listening behind doors, p e e r i n g through keyholes, sneaking about ·with revolvers " and doing fist and gun fights over city roofs, you'll sit on the edge of your chair and then go home and sleep soundly. If I hadn't gone anywhere but to the Empress, I would have said every- .body was there last night. Leila Shaw is solid with her public in her comedy sketches from week to week, it appears. And when Leo Stevens turns his Empress Theater stock players loose on the stage the crowd just seems to -expect to be tickled and lets itself go for a good time, from "Votes for Women," to "New York Village Nuts." The little Jew- comedian is always there, with a sad face to hang all the jokes on, and he gives them plenty of chance to do a. good job of it with his song, "Um- phar!" "Umphar"!--"Yes. Umphar Always Blowing Bubbles." Then the quartet gets literally all shot up with a gun for trying to sing it. Did you ever wonder how the Chinese happened to have their eyes slanting up towards their hair? Well, you just drop in at the Englewood and see the Choy Ling Foo Troupe. MAY E N T E R M O V I E S AT ENGLEWOOD THIS W E E K Englewood residents who have a desire to enter the "movies" will have a chance to demonstrate their talents in that direction when a motion picture will be produced with the use of local actors a- tl actresses next week at the Engle- v.-ood theater. Joseph Maddern, the advance agent for the company that will film the picture, Is now at the Englewooil. The name of the production to be made here is "Love's Young Dream." A cast of fifty focal persons will be selected this week. Those who wish to apply for parts in the photoplay are asked to call at the manager's office at the theater between 2 and 4 in the; afternoon and between 7:30 and 9 o'clock in the evening, an; d;;y this week. All applicants are requested to bring their photographs with them. Next week the picture will be filrfted on the stage of the Englewood. The picture, which is a comedy-drama, will be shown on the screen at the Englewood after the completion of the filming. It is not necessary to possess unusual beauty to be successful in this wr.-k and it is not difficult to 'break into the motion picture game, according to Mr. Maddern. The producers of "Love's Young Dream" wi" give each applicant showing genuine talent, s.n opportunity to fill a part best suited to the individual, he says. J. WARREN KERRIGAN COMING NEXT WEEK, THRILLING PICTURE POPULAR FILM STAR HAS LEAD IN "THUNTJERING DAWN 1 ' PICTURE OF ORIENT COAST STUDIOS TO EXPERIENCE NEW PRODUCTION BOOM R E N E W E D A C T I V I T I E S ON HEAVY SCALE FORECAST; SAY NEXT FEW WEEKS QUIET By HARRY RAYMOND BEALL (West Coast Representative of Exhibitors Herald) Los Angeles, November 27.--The next few weeks will be comparatively quiet ones for the film industry in the studio capital, but from all prognostications made . by producers and those in the know production will be booming 'again shortly after the first of the year. Lasky's announcement of a ten weeks' shutdown, followed by Carl, Laemmle's statement of restricted activities at Universal City, and the general lethargy on the part of the smaller independents, started somewhat of a panic in the picture colony, which rapidly subsided following. Lasky's announcement in New York of renewed activities on a heavy scale after January 1, 1024, with scarcely a perceptible slackening at the stu- J, Warren Kerrigan, popular 'screen favorite for more than ten years, will be shown in his best role when "Thundering Dawn." the latest Universal Super-Jewel will open at the Lynn theater, beginning Sunday and Monday. Not since the "Brown of Harvard" days when he left school, having graduated from Chicago University, has he played in a role more suitable to his type. , After completing "The Road to Yesterday," which with "Brown of Harvard" was a Klaw and Erlanger production, ho left the "legit" to work for the old Essanay, playing western leads for three years. Universal signed him for a number of big productions immediately upon the "termination of his Essanay contract, and he starred in "Rory of the Bog's," "Tcrrance O'Rourke," "The Dollar Bid," "Prisoner of the Pines," "Live Sparks," and other big features which many movie fans still remember. He obtained his best opportunity in "Thundering Dawri" to display his versatility, and he, made the beat of this opportunity. Despite the intensive emotion necessary to play his 'part, he runs the gamut of human feelings with marked simplicity. He enacts a white man who sinks to the outcast's level in tropical Java; then regains his true estate through the devotion of a woman, Anna Q. Nilsson, his co-star. It is an interestingly graphic portrayal for Kerrigan, who is over six feet in height, weighing almost two hundred pounds, to sink into the subtle destruction of tropical vice, then regain his health and power again. Kerrigan's favorite diversion's are horseback riding and boxing; and he believes that Hollywood, Cal., where he makes a home for his mother, is the finest place in the world. H A V E H I G H E S T BOX O F F I C E R E C E I P T S Last week's box oillce receipts at the Empress theater were the largest of the season, according to e management, an intc-i eating statemei.t, indeed, indicative of the popularity of the musical burlesque in Englcwood. "Hits and Bits," a snappy conglomeration of dance numbcn-s, songs and girls, in live scenes, is this weeus' offering, there together with five acts of vaudeville. Miss Shaw Co. are again heading the bill in the playlet, "Mamma Loves Papa." The bill is evenly balanced and decidedly entertaining. The management is striving to bring to Englewood the kind of entertainment she desires. NEW LOIS WEBER FILM BIG TRIUMPH FUNNY PLAYLET AT ENGLEWQQD THIS WEEK Bert Baker, one of the cleverest comedians on the American stage, is a p p i ' a r i m ? w i t h his c o m Englcwooil theater. C:?rd and Halsted ! PIS., the first luilf of this week, in ! '.he f u n n y one-act playlet, "Prevari- i (.-alien." Oilier? on the bill, which j w i l l be Keen for the last times this I afternoon and tonight, "Wednesday, are Llaurice Diamond Co.: Choy Ling j Foo Troupe of C h i n e s e Wonder 1 ers: IjOTi-o. the E u r o p e a n comedian; Gibson B e t t y , lingers and dancers; and the f o u r Haas Brothers. Announced l.Q_appear for three uays, commtncing -\vith a. m a t i n e e Thursday a f t e r n o o n are: the Five Sweethearts, offering- music and comedy: N o r t h £: Hollulriy, big time entertainers; Frank Bush, the famous American story teller; Trcnnell Trio, sensational performers; Morris Towne. m i r t h makers; and Wrays Manikins, m a k i n g a bill well worth seeing-. S t a r t i n g at ' t h e matinee Sunday ti, a c t u a l movie scenes will afti.-rr.i-on, be m-Lilc · i f u l l v i e w w i t h a ···oinpK-tc ii.oti on the will i-. ···{ ihe audience, 1 n picture studio ia.^e. J^jc-al movie aspirants c - i i a i r ; in every scene. If f ; -i..]uls arc desirm.:.; of seeing "A Chapter in Her Life, 1 ' "Universal's new Jewel production featuring little Jane JTercer anil Claude Gillin~water, is causing no end of comment at the Lynn theater where' it is now .showing-. The play, founded on the novel by Clara Louise B u r n h a m . i you; .-· Ives in moving pictures, call "Jewel," "has proved one of the o u t - j the KI^K-'.VO.M! t h ' ^ i ' - r this stamling events of the season, and ; ask to see one of the most notable triumphs of j m a n a g e r . Lois Weber, the director and scenarist who adapted the story and staged it for the films. "A Chapter in Her Life" is a practical lesson in happiness, t a u g h t in an engrossing- and entertaining play. The story is yimple in theme but colossal j Mr. .Maddvi-n, photo-play ^,vl i w i l l take your name you f u l l pr.niculars. or.e of the mosc novel fea- and This fares ever put before the public, and one that will be most interesting ( to all. Besides this offering, five oth'er big; acts will open Sunday, including, Sweeney V.'nltors, in comedy and in its heart appeal. Co. in a program of songs', the Ar- tlell 7}ros., Kings of the Rings; also one other act. c l l l t l SVT3 L U C ^ l l v v j .!_·..i o ^ vv- - . ~ ~ i , ~ !·,,, They seem to think nothing of being dios, and the continuance of a lirn- jerk-d up into the air by a littlej ited amount of production at Lni- loop in their hair, which is hooked] versal City. know ~.':^-. you woiild like to rtro.crar; c-.Rnou.nced \ in your * 'i '8zfl*t3m. ·*Si5T*;K T^pSEaasr;- by a rope dangling from the celling. And there they swing, two of them sitting at a table drinking "hootch," while they smile and talk quite undisturbed. Come to think of it, they might as well smile, with the corners of their mouth drawn up by their full weight hanging from their very scalp. You'd be convinced that" they would smile at anything, though, if you saw the gleeful way one of the troupe dives through three or four frames bristling with daggers; they don't seem to care what they do. You need not be scared away when you find out that the four Haas brothers are acrobats because you an; tired of seeing acrobat acts that are so difficult to do you are all worn j out watching them; these are not the tiring kind. Their work ia as difficult as any you have seen around here for a long time; but it is done with an apparent joy and ease that it leaves you free to enjoy the unu- Hual exhibition of skill and grace on the bars. "How'd you like to go out to a show tonight'.'" "That's just what I'm looking for." "Have you seen the 'Fool'V" "Looking right at him!" With this line of saucy chatter Gibson Betty catch the interest of t h e i r friends across the footlights. With a song thrown in- now and then, they break out again and again with "There's, a fly in the whiskey; oh, well, tfr'at will put 9. little kick in \..the dri/ik."--"How will it put a little the drink?"--"Because it's H y," and other such topical re- as. this one addressed to the clotbles dummy; "You're just like prohibition; you're, there but you don'j mean anything." Seje you next week, { Yours, the Tramp. PHOTOPLAY'S CONTEST COMMANDS ATTENTION Mike--Oi did.--Life. Theatre News contest for establishing the most pieritorious photoplay production oV t f, e y ear , which Mr. James H.- Qui jk has been carrying on through Magazine, commands the of the trade. New De M i l l e Picture Cecil B. Dc-Mille, resting after the fatiguing labors of "The Ten Commandments," has wired from the wilds of northern California that he dtiction are will be bade by Thanksgiving day to start preparations for "Triumph,'' by "May Edington. Jeanie Macpherson already has started whipping the story into shape, and Leatrice Joy and Rod LaRoque, who are to have leading roles, are engaged in assembling- their wardrobes. So far the Lasky "vacation" is not yet in effect. Irvin Willat is putting the finishing touches on "The; Heritage of the Desert," a Zane Grey feature, with Bebe Daniels, Ernest Torrence, Noah Beery, Lloyd Hughes and other featured players. Herbert Brenon has just- completed "Shadows of Paris" starring Pola Nogri, in which Adolph Menjou, Charles de Roche and Huntly Gordon are featured. It was scenario- ized by Eve Unsell from Andre Picard's "Mon Homme" novel. Melford Film in Cutting Room "Flaming Barriers," George Melford's latest, is travelling through the cutting room with Jack Cunningham as the personal conductor of this vehicle featuring Antonio Moreno. Jacqueline Logan and Walter Hiers. The story was written for the screen by Byron Morgan of Saturday Evening Post fame. Lon Chancy, ftinus make-up and physical distortion, for the first time in many years, la the highlight in "The Next Corner" which Sam Wood has still in the making. Kate Jordan furnished the novel, Monte Katterjohn, the script, and Conway Tearle and Dorothy Mackaill are Chaney's associate players. Bill Hart will take a short lay-off as soon as production work on "Singer Jim McKee" is completed. Phyllis Haver is Bill's leading lady, and J. G. Hawks, who adapted "Wild Bill Hickock" from the star's original story. has done the same with this second Hart feature. "The Call of the Canyon" has passed through the cutting- stages with Director Victor Fleming an.'l Roque, Theodore Kosloff and Robert Edeson. Completing Golwyn Attraction » Camera work on "Three Weeks'' at Goklwyn will be completed in ten days, it is announced by Alan Cros- lancl, who is making the film version of the Elinor Glyn sensation of a decade or so ago. It is being done in a spectacular fashion with a stellar cast including Ailcen Pringle, Conrad Nagel, John Sainpolis, Claire de, Lorez, Stuart Holmes, Dale Fuller and Mitchell Lewis. Emmett Flynn's "Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model" is soon to be finished at Golclwyn's as well. One of the most spectacular fire scenes ever photographed was made the other evening, in which Claire Windsor, the heroine, had to dash through the flames in an asbestos suit. Other players of note in this big Flynn pro- I : o -:; Peggy McUit'osh Co., in a i miniature musical comedy, "An Old It tells of the life of a little girl, j Fashio!ictl Garden"; Benny Marks sent to the home of her grandfather, a millionaire, embittered by family quarrels and disappointment, living in the midst of a household of discord, j Into this setting comes the pure faith ] of the little child, seeking only to see | the good in people. How her simple, i human code sweeps away the b l i n d - j ness of discord and restores j through love in the disrupted home is : told in a masterly way in the re- j markable play. , The cast is exceptional. Claude !' Gillingwater plays the millionaire. I stubborn, selfish and m i s a n t h r o p i c ; j l i t t l e Mercer, newest discovery j among child Actresses and a veritable ! sensation about the Hollywood studios, j is seen in the title role of "Jewel.'' Jacqueline Gadsden is seen in leading feminine role of the m i l l i o n - ! | aire's son's step-daughter. Others in i the cast include Frances Raymond. Robert Frav.ier, Eva Thatcher, R a l p h Yearsley, Fred Thomson and Beth Rayon. lATRE 69th AND WEMTWORTH AVE. Wednesday, December 5th "THE LEAVENWORTH CASE" With W i l f r e d Ly'c!!. Martha Mansfield Snd Sccna O'.ven ROLIN COMEDY and PRIZMA Thursday, December 6th 'THE STEADFAST HEART' ALL STAR CAST Comedy, "The Green Cat" Friday and Saturday, D;c. 7th and 8th THOVIAS MEIGHAN in "WOMAN PROOF" Latest Round of "righting Blood" Sunday, December 9th "ON THE BANKS OF THE WABASH" Elaborate scenic features mark the play, including- the replica of a noted New York mansion, tis-?d as ' the interiors of the home of the u n happy millionaire. It was copied from real life in every part. Cody, Edmund Low-?. Mae Buscb, Raymond Griffith, Hobart Eosworth, Lilyan Ta.shman and Mayme Kelso. Von Stroheim is still cutting on "Greed" and is said to have it down to 100 reels at this writing.---Exhibitors Herald. Pat--Oi wouldn't throw ye a rope if ye was drownin'. wouldn't touch it if ye Linden Theatre 63rd AT HALSTED Wednesday * Thursday, Dec. 5th 6th MARGUERITE DE LA MOTTE and PAT O'MALLEY in "Wandering Daughters" Comedy, "Simple Sadie" Friday and Saturday, Dec. 7th and 8th ALL STAR CAST IN "HIS LAST CHANCE" Added, "Simple Sadie" and Pathe Review Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Dec. 9, 10, 11 CLAIRE WINDSOR in "THE ACQUITTAL" COMING "JEALOUS HUSBANDS" FOR Young Men Young Women TO PLAY IN It 5s Vn interesting fact that the opinion o f the trade concurs gen- craliy in uhe results of the Photoplay J | contest, bba^ this year and last. Last ' honor was awarded year the to "Tolable I preferred Hood.'' v id" and this year the P^fduction was "Robin Production Editor Lucien Hubbard at the helm. It features Richard Dix, Lois Wilson, and Marjorie Daw. "Don't Call It Love" is to be the release title' for the latest 'William de Mille production. It was adapted from "Rita Coventry" by Julian Street, and has in Its cast Agnes Ayres, Jack Holt, Nita Naldi, Rod La LYNN THEATRE 1042-4 WEST 63rd STREET Between Aberdeen and Carpenter Wednesday Thursday, Nov. 5th Gth CORINNE GRIFFITH in SIX DAYS Friday Saturday, Nov. 7th and 8th Jacqueline Gadsdin end Eva Thatcher in A Chapter of Her Life ^Sunday A Monday, Nov. 9th 10th J. Warren Kerrigan and Anna Nilsson In THUNDERING DAWN Tuesday, Dee. llth In Z««u Pitt* and Stewart Holmes "Tea With a Kick" HALSTED NEAR 63rd Eng!ev/-ood's Family Play House Experience Unnecessary Apply to Mr. Maddern All This Week Hour*--2 to 4, 7:30 io 9 p. m. Englewood Theatre 63rd and HaUted St. Here's Your Chance to GET IN THE MOVIES NOW PLAYING "HITS AND BITS" A merry musical Burlesque Leila Shaw L Co. in "Mamma Loves Papa" Moralex Bros. Dai^y Aorialists JOHNNY RAYMOND Ventriloquist The MUSICAL SHERMANS BEGAN Sf SEAMAN Specialists Admission 55c Except Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, 75c 63rd at Halsted 63rd at Halsted DEVOTED EXCLUSIVELY TO HIGH CLASS VAUDEVILLE SIX BIG TIME ACTS Nights--Continuous 7 to 11--All Seats 36c plus tax Come Any Time and Stay as Long as You Like (Except Saturday, Sunday and Holidays) Saturday and Sunday Nights, Two Separate Shows at 7 and 9 Daily Matinee 2:30, All Scats 22c Plus Tax (Except Sunday and Holidays) Entire Change of Program Sunday and Thursday^ ~ CUT OUT THIS COUPON Ladies' Gwest Matinees Every Day Except Sundays and Holidays To Introduce The Englewood a* the South Side's Foremost Theatre Presenting High Class Vaudeville This Coupon, when accompanied by one paid ticket, will admit ONE LADY FREE GOOD WEEK OF DEC. 10, MONDAY TO SATURDAY INCLUSIVE

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