The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 16, 1937
Page 8
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.' -'V ",''''• ' " ^PAGE EIGHT WeanV of Green Well 1 Taken Gate of In Many Spoils K\ rtlCIIAKD 'MtCANN NM hmice Sports \VriUr O'Brien, and Planangan, and Q'Cnllaglmn. nnd Casey, end t Hmddock, nnd Croiiln, and Mc- 1,911)111 J , Shure, and Paddy, dear, name;, be muMc. to soui cais, ln- dade not? Shure, Iheie he a Mil to those names t Theie-are ionic folks, raddy, who'll l)^ afiher Ulllng joii (lint theie aien't any moic of 0111 byes left among the athletes n»t don I jou be believing Ihcm 1'addy, me bye—dop't ypn ue believing them ^-p long 'as theie is u Blarney Stone,, and water In Ihe lake'of ; KI|lamev theie'll be eieal Irish / i-thleles, ' Of-, course, Pnddy, much ns Ihe Initli huils the hlsh dont seem to Le such nghlers any more Majbe, tliaugh, they've goiter ! inai tencd up o\ei heic. eh Paddj? Maybe so ... Hut, onjuay, Paddy, «here (hue once \\fie. the Sullhans ard Cor- belU and Jeffries' and Kilunnes- and, oh, so man> olheis, Paddy there's only a few such as Jam£ J Braddock, a flue Ind, lo be sure rml Shanius McLainln Once upon a lime Paddy, time «ere so man} Irish fUjhteis \ou couldn't pack them all Into tlic Hulls of lurn. But. now Paddy, foi shame yoi could pul Uicm nil in the vesti- lule-- a nd still hinc loom enough foi the cop on the heal to diop In and got uirm Ixits of filth Han I'lajers " But that's hardly a way to bo talking of a St Pnlilck's Dij_ Jiow is It, Paddy? At least, the lieavj weight champion of-all the World and England Ls Jame;, Joseph Braddock and Jamei is as Irish as youi pig, Pnddy And Iherc aic so many iiish champions in all the othei fipoiti too Foi Instance thcie';, Joe Mc- Carthv. raanngei of Ihe Weald's v Champion NCK Yoik Yankees who lia^ a brogue as thick 'ns liKh s ew And the mosi o\penshe tall payer of all time Is Joseph C,o- nln, managci of Ihe Boston Red like the Rlui Shannon whciMhe sun is slanting down on it R C member, Paddy?' Do jou thnik tile's still wailing? '.' ,0li, but Pnddy. there me so inany aii, n j or | mgllc hn!) ptojl)l ^ ,'?'£. k' 1 '' W io name them nil, TheiJ are Cabby Haitnelt and Jimmy Collins of!the Cubs;- Shanty ffogim of Washington; Don Ureiman of the Reds, BUM U 0 \le of Brookl>,,, • p,ed rilzslmmon-. nnd ( John McOflrthv of the GlanU; Mynl H 0 , lg of ,, )c Yankees, Joe Sullivan ot the Tigers And. jou know, Pandj, Jieaily aJi ihe rest, except Hank Orecnberg, claim they're half- Irish In football, Paddy, the Fighting Jnsh of Node Dame have come down a little ,but dont be after On The OiUsiclo Looking In By,."nUKI5" The DIK Fourteen ripj)rc.scj)t.iHvfs of schools In the iseuiy organized lll< Fourteen grid conference of Arkansas met ;u nine Blnir .Saturday to talk over Ihrh' ntnns. So fur ns mi lidVe been nlilo to Irani notlilni; niuch ramo out. r.f .the mcrilni; cucrpl tlint j)en- !on was voted In to renlucc suspended Hope and a committee was named (o pas", nn (.lie (iiir-s- iion of vjlmt non-confrrfntc "iimcs JBLYTHEVn,LB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Si ill'Up There be rat"d HIP «|ii,i) of «jn- 'fipuee ruiirs In det-rminlii'! the itniifllnics' of confmnre trams All rnnfcii>iue tnms ii" nm IJOsfd lo IIJHI five eonfcif> fe ' ul tlicic Die sr\ i i| sihoos In ll)<> conference Uini haw ho'<i "liable io.oV.latn live conference- tors for next fall. One of (hern is Kl tlierf !e 'I h n tlich f*hec|i'l"_^.)p 1 boio ; O i rrt CHv Noilh little no v l- mi Hot Sinings W. I). MrC'lurHn lUlhullle "u'l'iintindenl P nlilmd Ui thr PI"". Bluff coiifiiffs I) n' HMl Mile luckcil a (jatne of liic .npci mrv five :>nd «ome other thool Miss., could ni-nbib'/ h ' Ma|°°ns a cento-race, foe in dcteinilnlnv Standlniry ' * staiullnir.s Al auv a comn ittrc " »-.iuii j(,^ru i UJJ1 iiosrd ,,r T ,H Mlmt] ot Nf)rtt , little ipcek. VVnllm Kallrv of niiwellillle. Meivini^ Prin of not •-Pilnss and spoils «,Hcis of the Arkansas nemoeral and Arkansas on«tlc was named to | WS s on the rnthvr of non-confrrcncp. CTincs for (ii? imruds-! of "iliuiiti" o»l. cpnfcienee schedules next year '••'d probably In Ihe fim, re , '"••t when nivtherlllc ctiii" of- Inlly obtain recognition of Us Oicctuiood BHIIIP, If at all -v, r n»al to a corferencr tilt, we do "til know but H should be forlli- Incidenlnlly McClmkin still i,as dial No, 5 riato'onni for some ;™V' i: ,"'f' wllh llll! «'»"= '" lm Plnjed hcu. UP offrrcd (he t' around nt Pine liiulV wllh no C'hlik 1 A U juris The Chlclnsnw Athletic dub I" hold,, aiiolhcr mcctiiia at the °Hy hall Tlmrsday ni s h( _Ln^\veek's mooting amounted [Spoil Appearances of Their ' (bpcmenls in Ilocal Rinr; Monday i'.v ^. P. i-'jtiiiM) . Frcnchy Lcavitt. lall Cuntidl'nn i'ho thrilled the cash customers' hst week by downing Chnrlra Si"ke.v, grilled Die debut of Chief War Kanlc by tiikliiij two of UK three falls In u rouuli and tum- iHlnjj John Boles In three i rounds, laklni; every one. 1 Wlllk Ford offlclntcd In the' boxing and "lil;!" Jim Parker was I tlie llilrd man in iho ear a?ramW- lin;. Williams To Pilot Rebels In Flag Chase PAHAOOUI !). All:., iM 1 . 1(1 (UJ'>— iioyrc Wlllluias. who man- "i'tan iinvj lUlll l)le match at the U'glnn wrestlin '.l)inv last nlghl. Mumiy Clifford showed Ills trl- ijmph over the title claimant Ii' Patrick O'nowdy. was no Hash in the pan by downing the toui;h Mexican. Raoul Lopez, by '.>'" ,s;imc- margin. Moth matches were rough and j JTUBSDAY, MARCH.IB, 1937 \f- — -' ' i • — -r rr" : • I-.TT.-^ f --.-.- i,- riTt ( „ I Master Printer •*•**• • —«— — '-^r- - - _- •• <- . thu O.scechi Indian in . the Northeast Arkansas lea'/iie In.vl sriifdii, today iicec|il(:il an oiler to lie rnanai;rr of (he Para»ou!d K'tlwJs this Mimmr-r. Williams, former Memphis in- lickUr. is to arrive here fiom lil.s hdiiie In Orcenbi'ltr. Ark, fiat- urduy. He', jilaiv. to i;o lo Mi- l.'ilf. Ala., later to select playois ......vixo nuju rou)>ii antj i I l 'oui extra ret-ruils tiainhif-; \vitli ., War Ragle, big, powerful ! lll; ' Meinjilils Soulliwj) Association «H«1 willing to do everything ex- ! Cp| Ub ' cepl wrestle RHVC I.eaviU , tt -. rmi (or Ills money In-fore succumbliuc o t!ic skill of Ihe Canadian. War 'i'lip.le is no gj-cnt sliako.s- of :i flni.shed urappler but he made up . for It with his jtnif-lini'Sj -mid I modern style. HP is a Shikcy'lypi- and a match between' the tv:n I'.'puld he .1 "nnliimi." l-eavilt survived n flurry o! rights and lefts, some choking and hammering to take the first.-fall in v 1 Note in scale.] 3 famous ' .prinier, , Johannes —-. 10 Grain.- 12 Above. M Liquid part : of fat. 3 5 On the lee. ' Answer to Previous Puzzle P^ragould Ball Fans Get Behinc? Rebel. Club Tony J,:mrri Kislary Is IJehig made down Et. I'ctcrsbun, ria.. where the York Yankees lire Iralnlny at I'or the llrst time In years [hi, bi.vt'l.'all experts aren't counting out, Tony I.a«-/erl, veteran scc- on<l basenmn. They have finally .trod of the prucllci-. Hut pnic- .Icc doesn't lire Tony a.s yo here bouncbiB Ihe «|iiy veteran uomw the Lai: gcllhig rra<ly the 19:!7 season. for n little or nothing most of those ntcroslcd not knowing whether . er ashnmed-thne was Lany Kelley, the Pemjsjhanln Irishman ast season, sou know Slnue, and mh Joseph McCluskey. of the New Yoi k A o who has 'been on >c lust two OHmpIc teams O", and dont forget, Dr. p n t- cfc OCallaghan, two-lime Olym- °. ''"'"I'Wr-thtowlng champion. Wie'lflli 8 piomolera dnnulcd iarJe stilus of money in front, pt p,,t.' ilckn huslihif jish cye.f some lime ogo In an effoit to per.smule him But all of the Irish aren't above uieilc.m nivstllni;. Dnnno O'Ma- >><>iify won the title hi short or- .der-b,,t iei'_s not Ulk about him. The man of the hour now Is t , ...... -• -"^ "uiu now Is btave Caspv. The Criislicr. Unlike Danno cnst-i can wrestle, as well inaic He's one or. the several «o. Id's clmmpions.'! '. . Tliere's tots more Irish athletes n_ Padri\ —lot swimming flieie a lc Ralph Flanagan, naliou- "1 mile nnd half-mile champion mill Johnnj Illggins, .breast stroke champion; .and in Bo |f Johnny Farreli; there's Brady he was grrirand, too ""• •""*' mrreii, Mike Brady The Fighting insl, of Notre s '""" ce McCiulhy, and Mrs Sinn- Dame more than made up for Ihe !f cn .°'" ul Cl( ™ s i »"«' t" tennis football decline, Paddy They bea(r'o' es Orc S'»i Wanglii, bcth Illinois and Minnesota, co- „ P«oMy, don't you believe nnesoa co- champions of the Big Ten.' and , , eve Uwm whc " lllev >» after telling ons o the Big Ten. and wc " lev >» after telli the expcits aie calling them ths> io " llle nisl1 nlc soflenlni; un clinlnpions of the mlddlewcst I _ Be 8°"ah_ he Hireling would -be held, ducted wri.s the wilier who in- " ., .*..^t 11 1 lit \V'*-i lo discover up until 2-30 o'clock lit the afternoon if u night meetinu would be nostponcd or held': .' ': ''. ' But KO far ns we now know U.u next Bct-togelhi'r of the club H ill L'c Tliursdny rilghl. A , mm . bor of. new . inenibsrs, at $12 a year, iiavi- joined (lib cliib nnd 20 minutes. Three monkey (lips scl the .sliifie for n body roll.'Action was lather slow with Leavltl the a^ie-wor. War Eigle went to war ami Hounded Lenvltt into unconsctaiis- ncss for No. 2 In 12 minutes. Then It was lianuner and longs for five minutes when Leavlit eiul- i'd fesllvllles by picking the chieftain up and whamming him lo tlie mnt ami falling on him. Clifford, loo, was extended to the limit to win. Lopez. ft better than average wrestler, and an -A-l modernist, worked on him' ami ciime very near winning. Bunnv however, had plenty In reserve nnd look iidvnnlage of a slip- (o come through. .Bunny used a' (lying tackle followed by the ; usual body pin to •VVIIh ilio selection of Hie new coach olnndy Iliformally madi} the new club mc'mbsr.s ivill (hid that problem out of (\ ic Wliy nn( , something dcnnlte In the < of the ( .|ub'K progrnm for 1 should he available. .( V1IV ' LI tlic livsl, in 18 minutes, (lie same method for llic PARACiOULD. Arit.-IioDslers of Hie Parai-ould llctclr, ot'the Northen:.: Arkansas lea.nn:' oi'xanized nt n meatlnu la-it nielli to give financial support 10 tht> ni'tals nnd Insure ihdr pnrllclpatloii in lh= Icnsuc this year. The Hc-bels have a H-orfcinyTigrea- ment with Uui Memphis Chicks, of 'lie Sautlicrn AssoL-ialion but miist, raise loyally for tbo cash protection bond-to be pasted wltn Hie National linsetall AModation and tor training oxpjnses"- and .''••• • ' Jonesboicxls PlanningBlg Cage Meet JONKSBORO. Ark., Mar. 1C {U I»>—Joiipsboro high school bnskel- b:dl. champions of Arkansas today planned to hold an invitation tournament for the secondary school champions of six states ' Coach Lowell Mniinm? said hi- vilatlons would be civen hiuh school, biiskelbnll rlunnpioiis of TennrMee. ICentucky. Illinois and Missouri. 'Ihe tourney tentatively was scheduled for Ihe last of this month or Uic nm of April Kons of f rm- Kun.iiiif Now pT 1 ' 6 lris » "ever were much •™« " S 1 ! > " k "^' as "'"hers inei were always usctl to running behind somebody ~ chasing 'em 1 '°' n . e - >°" 1-now, Paddy. But now Paddy there are some great Irish nmners There's Eddie OBnen of Syracuse-hes the national 000- meter dmmpion; and Louis Bums of Manhattan College, the inter' collegiate mile champion; nnd CASH For Government Loan Cotton . R. WETENKAMP and CO. 112 Sc;ilh Second Phones 2S9 and ;);i|)-\V fine roll-your-own cigarettes in every Iin of Prince Albert PRINCE ALBERT moans mellow, (U- vory |ii]je smo too I The "no-bit process lakes out harshness. 1'rince Alber burns cool, because il's "crimp cut-" EVERETT VASSAIMpeakingtortheboss, saj s. -Prmce Albert is th? prime 'inakinV lobacco for mildness and fine laslp. It burns cool, slo\\, and snccl I've got a P. A. cigarette going day and nijrht, but niy tongue's never sore." second but it nclcd ns a booinc- I'nng. Lopea was Wiiltius for ),i m H« crnpkert Clifford on tlic tiut- lon and he wns ns cold us n land- Orel's heart. Previously Lopez hnd Unnpcd Olirroid oul of the.con- Ine.s of HID sriiinrcri circle nnd liad inn in u very bad smte. Poi 1 u lime . II nmicuircd as if ; OPK wns going to win. Reellii" roui repealed chokes nnd foi'o nrm blows CMiffoivl fnked gvo«i!i- icss nnd Loiiez fell for the - 8 n B As he cniuc In niinuy B rahbctl liim u.v liic led. Iieaved him over ills Wad in (lie floor. It.'was all over but, (lie slioiiliiit'. 'lime, II niiii- utc.s. ' ' •• In Iho. - boxing prelims j n pavnshcr.wtnlliercii n : nilly 1,5- Al- J?rl Conner. Slcele, to 'win (He .< fcisioii. Cavaslici- scored :i knock- :loivn in the second run! Steelc caiiBlil the local siring be,,,, ml '•"« chin and downed. Bulh were lor no count. ml rann,.r. had tiUlc trouble Canadiai! Shidanls Would Fight for U. S. LONDON, Onl, (UPl-Cmmlian sUidcnts would ralhor (iciit for HIP United sialw than for Great Brllnin hi the next war, a sur- '';y lias rcvciilcrt. Answcrini; n tinestioiiuaive sonl out by n university publications the mnjorilv of shidoiits advocate< tlial Canada's war policy in th emit of another world conllic should be "pro-American" rathe than "pro-BritLs)i." The .sludents were almosl nn animous .in deno'inicu.!" coiiscrlu (Ion. 19 Ocean. 20 Tax seal. 21 Failing in duly. 2.1 Ewe. ' 25 To exist. 27 Perched. 23 Bronze. 30 Proposition, 31 Tardy. 33 Silkworm. 35 One In cards. 36 Self. 37 Impartial, 38 Wand. • .39 Tennis stroke •11 Witticism. •13 You ami me. 44 Before': 40 Northwest. •18 Smears. SI To expect. 53 Prophet. 5GCuplike snoon S9 Sound.. CO Music drama. 62 To percolate, G3 Pronoun. C4 lie lived in Uic . VEUTtCAIj 1 He used type. 2 Bugle plant. .3 Thick lubricant. 4 Toward. 5 Otherwise. G Born. V Prejudice. 8 Halt an em. '8 Fence doors. 10 Jewel. 11 He is Ihc inventor of- tin's lype of _ printing. 13 Measure ot ? cloth. ; 1C To drink"dog- ; fashion.. i 18 Mineral spring 20 To observe, i 22 Steamboat. . ' 24 Laughter ; sound. 20 Bird of prey, | 28 He was : German by | 30Fruit of oak.' 32 Also. < .34 Stream. ' ' 35 Constellation.'I 40 Conviction. ".! 43 Anger. ' | 45 Wagon tra(4r. | 4V Cries. 48 Curse. 49 Tribal group 50 Poem. 52 Grief. 54 Sheltered place. 55 Wrath. 57 Tree. 58 Lioh. GO Preposition. Gtrorm.of "a" Conniy Junior School Ciioc lourney 0 n en s Friday, March 19 ' A Mississippi county j im ior lii'4h ua..kotaali tournament, will l>-j lichl •it Liixora, Pi-May and sadirdav March i a , 20. it was announced td- 'nic tournninsnt i.s for players II I 11 !. 1 ;. 81 .' 1 ' 9ltl ami lUthBi'iidss ssnlr,: 1 hl;ili school m.,, » k ;: s . - )llo ' vs: Ya'-bro k Hi. c-cr vs. Oo.snji I lie bi? trees of the Pacific- const, region are known'Mo have grown to an s\",c of three or foil thousands years. W A N T E 'D Bovernment; Loan Cotion" APPI.KFiADM I1IK)S. CO'! 1 TO>' CO. llurtlg litd". fllylheville, Ark. ffl You're Bound to he in Style wit'll GURLEE CLOTHES ? Lmulwt, for Sprint* - - •' i <' Thai's the wiy vie desci'jbn our new selection of Cm-lee Suits for Spring. We want to ill-go every m:ui wlto likes good clothe* lo come in and sn, these suits. They oiler n beaiilirii! ol.oic,- of .patterns and" color ' hleiuts—styles to meet every taste nnd models for every size requirement. Kcsl of nil—the moderate prices of these ^ line suits make them the season's outstanding liny. Other G(HM! Suits ^14.7f) U|> JOE 1S/VACS, Inc. WE GIVB AND RKDBRM RAGLR STAMPS Nnse Powrtcrins. Taught j Allanll,- Crnsse,! 70 Times TOKYO (Ul'l-Tokyo's bemili-j BOSTON (UP)-Palrick .A Me-. 'cation efforts include a course tu | nan of\ Boslon. l/>ndon and Che OSO linu'fJptHmr <llw! nnli..v..l t— .1.;. - ~..wwil (1I1VI ^yllL- 70th th«''n~, n ''f, 1 Uvo ci " s Rnm " » "ie nrsl tliree boy.; i.atii's vlli l>"'yc<1 Friday afternoon with \ »m»ind 5r of the n»t KM™ <o be played Friday nighl. Ramon Kovnrro's i-al mm- w Ramon oil S^ncniogcs until n *»n c 0 '"' !IUCh ° n '" :l hh " Drs. WerJ'&.V/ert" orroMETnisrs Over Joe Isaacs' store -WT5 MARK -EM SKK -. Phone 5-10 lnir For Your meal nnd Comtort powdering and general mnke- iu for the (jh'l ljus conduclore. — ,..,. — ..,. ..m.iii,^ Uluiillll They me Kent in squad details lo 80fli birthday a: alilrc, England, made his rut[ Atlantic crossing to celebrate hi; (I.Ms Stale Tax) i-asi wepl; Thomas Morrison was called for the S25.00—Rut h c w ; K v "•oV p re , s f"'~ Mak ["if I!AN K ni:-jr —ON THE SCREEN— Aliri.-ini ffopkitls in Also Si-ln-lrd Slmrls - —Admission— M:liilli'C-^IO & -at,. Nisl.t—Ki .t Mi; THE JOWLS OF "JOLLITY Jaw nuikrtl by in wiiltl. r.ithrrtli;m l>yits<lr|idi.Srtof juvviiiulrliiiilinn mil snliJ, lint totally frrr cif -cnnrr- iic. 1 ;^ liony stmrturc :iliru^l ,:onv |Jrlclyol!iciirc.lby!>ufifiiM,(iftlrsl.. KEEN UPS . . . J.O,,,T, f, rm Ii£ , n(T i lirf.l tightly a(jainsl the Lrclh >v[th n project !ng n sli.ide forward," If your lips are as keen as your forefathers', the marvelous mel- ^ 1 own ess of this "Double-Rich" | Kentucky straight Bourbon will | thrill you. And you'll be thrilled. I J also, at its popular low price! AitcN JENKINS • IOU1SE FAZENDA CA801 HUGHES • WIHIfSED 511AW « •«..,.,<„,. n,,.,.. B i,."'.d t " S |», !»,",('i «..;. «.< >.,.„ t, J, 5 ,., «.-..., ,,,,.,4 ,„;,;., .Vise Sc'ccIcO Sliorls. .Also I'aramoutil News and Conic-rlrJ s Admission-—. j iMatincc—10 & 2Cc' Niffhl—1C ,t 3<;,: —COAlfNG SOO.V— "Swinjr IMsli. Swim; i.n <V " "Call ft A Day" "Marked Wninan" •\Vini3n I i.ovc" '|Waiki)(i Wnliliiij-- ".Sea Admission always io<- jt- !Gr inw ovrry niphl. Jlalincc.s 1'ri.- S: >l. ,V Sun.. Fri. i- Sun. ftlali- "<•<•* :il 2:15. Saturday ninliiife :it l.-l.'i. KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY • Adults Admitted for Price nf 1 "The Crime Nobody Saw" Wilh Lcw.Ayrcs \- anrl Rtilli Cohnaii Also • Coniftly~''Fiin < s Fun"

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