The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 11, 1933
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Served by the United VOI- XXX—NO. 125 OF HOKTB.A BTT Blythevme ~\M\i, Nem. Blythtrtll* Ouurtar ~ :: ~ ~^ -"^^v^;-.--. ^^^Vj^U^^^^^^raA, HlYTm'J\MUJj._j^KANSAS, l-'UIIUV.- AUCUST 11 MB mi Johnson Issues Warning as Recovery Drive Encounters Difficulties., WASHINGTON, Aug. 11. <UI>|- I'rogress ol the national rerjvcry piogram was tndangorod icday by a swlM ul rebuffs affecting strike mediation clkrt-s and the drive lo put the bituminous coal industry en a code basis. WUrprawu] of u.i> so-failed Mellon Interests fiom the coal code hearing was indicated. Tlie nalton- :i.' labor board fail?d in Us initial attempt to solve tlie Pottsville. Pa , ihirl strike. In the face of lhe series of problem.; recovery Administrator Hugh S. Jo iiron warned cotlc violalcrs that ihvir eventual fate- mlglu lx> ";: ;ojilenir of economic deuth." Other cburiicuons iliut fanned , in lhe way or recovery progrew in- ] cluJwl refusal 01 Alabama coal op- : tutors to accept a general code for the industry, indicated itiftt- ciJues in tSt way ol an early liun- »er code, ami n.e suit of Illinois Milk producing groups challenging the onstltmloiiality O i the cmer- fefcy farm relief act. Warns Violator* " .Removal of t;-.c Blue Rugle. (1-2111 | stores found lo b'. 1 vlfllaling vqcm- ploymem agreements was'said' bv Administrator John-ion tcday to be equivalent to a "sentence of economic death." Johnson was discussing "chlsel- ini!" an-J code violations at his semi-weekly press" conference, li? said that cede violations (or the most part would be. lake care of i through complaints and trade as- j soclatton planning committees and ' that, .he did not want to invoke policing until necessary, a He saldi the federal trade cbm- I ' -(j«.ulori'vi'i'j\clj»e: called-r.-,r.n; \d-tvi '. 'iiecessary?lo fee its policing ufx- -ers. '. :.- - '. ; "\Ve arc going to assume eoad ' faltu until we sec something different," Johnson said. "Tlie time Ls coming when somebody is going | to take tlie Blue Eagle away in a j clear cut case and after the public i Held as- Plotter Of 'Massacre' ID ttPUL Havana Throng FJoos Before Gunfire'of MachadoV Named by Ilio government as tlio uloller or tho Kansas Cily Union Ktatioti massacre En w!ik-h four officers and a convict wcro killed, Louis Stncy, Melraso I'ark, IK., roudlionse operator, Is shown as lie was tuniii;u>Ml before a U. a, coiuiiilssioiu.'r in Chicago on charges of cuiu- ullclly in iiiu crime. A hoar-lug on a warrant tor ills removal to Kansas City will bo held Aug. 22. Proposal try .Kasl Tennessee Republican Leader Causes'.Surimse. NASHVILLE. Tenn. An;;. I] i(jl') i —Leaders <>r Fjirt Tcnne.wc, where ! a huge niHi-re|:eiil vole was rast j .luly 20, sponsored a move today [ lo ie!>ral Tennessee's stale bone ' dry laws as n convention nu-t, formally to ratify the prohlbiiioii i icpcnl anitiulment for Tennessee After delegates lo :>. repeal convention had formally t . ast u, c j,. vntc.s today, ratlfylivt tiro 21si amendment, as tliey we; c . bound (o I'." given in n siate wide election July 20. Hal Clements. Rcmibll- can leader in East Tennessee and forme.. Internal revenue collector for the stale, proposed ihal a f.tnie campaign be launched to rc- 1ic-il Tcmirssse's clrv lavs. "This crusade should be kepi .up so we can wtrx> iht>s e dry laws tff the bucks." declared the Re- mihlican from East Tennessee. Ills 'iiirvc was viewed as a .surprise as SHELD •ii m m Arrested . in Connection With ; Recent Developments in Robbery. •A- r Blytheville woman, who'e name, was not,..revealed, was : re.- perlMPio be held\oday by officials in connection with recent, develop, moms in « $5,000 safe robbery at Tijrrcll in Crittenden county." H was not staled whether ti>c Hei- allegeti connection wit'h Ve robbery was not disclosed. CD£* 311 J£n.' orrais had charged Hepubllcans with a political plot to defeat le- real in the state and embarrass Ihc Democratic national administration. AirangemeiUs were made fol- ktale's dry luv/s 'meet here next month to plan a renral campaign. Clements was elected temporary chaiimnn of lhe grain, Colored Js Too Young For Old Age Pensions PUEBLO./Colo. (UP) -Colorado •IS" uot old enough for most old line pensior.ers. To date, nf 500 applicants examined bv the jndfe. only two were born in Colorado. TfiflBPS PDSItD HYDE PARK. N. Y., Aug. •UP)—President HcoseveU plai four day cruise aboard Vincent tor's yacht. Nmnmahal, ' '-• August 31, he revr-•- • The Nourmahal 11. * |i As,- «ue up t'.iD tie I'aj-k vrf.cre the . - will go atoard uiul ; cruise leisurely to Washington, reaching thul city labor Day. The president said tluii the yacht, one of the most luxurious nflcal.' wiiuia be convoyed by u destroyer which would act as coinniiinlctt- tlon ' • IN DtATI Tennessee' Dope Ring Members Involved Double Murder. n' NASHVILLE. Tcnn., Aug. 11 • UP)—Tun Indictments .were returned today by the Davidson county grand Jury ngalnst mem tiers of ah alleged middle Tenn It looked lor n lime Uib marn- fr>C as If a flock ol chickens staled to Bruce Blytljcvllle tablr;-. this ivcek-end were gotng to lie prematurely roasted. And limn It leak- i'd as If the mart elusive of the Jiock might not uraco any table. But now they're all back in the coop again awaiting tho executioner and Plggly wlggiy chicken plck- if ion of the law that an appllc: j i"u-i l>n nt least tit years ot iSixiy-flvc years ago—1868-t i were cnlv n hiindful < a DM LIEHTS - Judjjc .Cunninirham Jo'In- binimlnotis coal operators would not be permitted to make company unicn icservatiuns in thc codes of fai rcninuetition iiiwn which hearings are no«- being JicM. Johnson's attention was called at l!is semi-v.'iekly preis conference to the refusal of non-union can! opsraS-irs io withdraw the com. pany union provision trjm th.-ir cede. He said tlatly tliat these'op- erators would not ue permitted to "draw a line" in tr.c_coal codes. A protracted fight over this issue v/as indicated unless the coal operators reverse their position. There is nothing (he National Recovery Administration can do for the present. Johnson said. However, a code will not be approved by President Roosevelt with any qualifying clau- s*; whicii «:ck to imerpm th; methcds to be followed in collect- between employers he said. Dairymen In Kevolt Two Illinois dairy companies filed suit in district supreme csurt today to restrain Secretary of Agriculture \Yallace from enforcing price fixing sections or thc emergency farm relict act. The suit was in effect av attempt to break down ihe price jiovisions of U-.e marketing agreemcnl for lhe Chicago area, recently put In op- ™tration by lh ° farm rcl ' er ndmilv The two plaintiiTs i n t ]ie suit, the ^Sne^aTte^Sy' D^iry of Norwood Park. 111., claimed t.".at Inasmuch as they operate as rctsucrs or dairy products but make iu deliveries, selling th- mii^ only a', stores, they slioulj net be forcco 1 . lo charge as much as companies making deliveries. General Johnson said today that the proposed newspaper co:e sub- mlltftl !»5t Tuesday was unsatisfactory in some respects and th.nt he exacted to confer today \vlt.i a committee representing tlie 'American Newspaper Publishers association. JohiFon dcr-litied (o say In which re^p«; tiie wa? unsatis- factciy. in widely separated jails dur- bers of an alleged middle Tenn- , *'«'? wl »Ely chicken plck- essec dope ring In-cohnectlon-wllli I er ' n from c o"" t<! i; to.tabla ot the double murrter of w: A" Jv.iiil 50 muc " » POunV . ;•• the double murder of W: Av and .Margaret Davenport. narcotic taws. Donly Davenport, and two or tliree from Wyoming.! _ an investigation by officers' of Wtteivc;.,, a,, :i MtateiK,, „,,„„„ ra - • ih« Katisas is tin 1 nntive stntp mlng.i • it- i c . , of a | Highway oatetv Laws. 'nmi_.| I ' J f Tlie cliui-gcs ranged from murder to conspiracy to vlohite the , ,—, father-in-law of the dead woman, war. charged with the murder of ihe two. He Is held In jail. Mrs. Margaret Davenport Davis, sister-in-law of Uie ilead woman, is charged with being . un accessory to the murder. Names of llic others Indicted were few others. Indiana and Missouri the native stales of mi*', of] A drive to enforce highway laws KDphmnis. ^ - remiirlng cars, wagons and other \ land a negro were" wrestc'd* here I r /»S'»« . S f"ffr PrlP.fX\ traveling -highways at S nl s V\ras hv ncmity Sheriff S E Shcllon! " announced by Municipal Juc'ge C. A. T. and T. I2f! 1 A. CTnninghatn today. Anaconda Copper The umisunl occurrence Hint almost upscl ihe routine of tile chickE 1 lives was a flre. U storied oil stove, on which wulor -waa healing for the picker to do his stuff, exploded In a smnli storage shed back of Ihc Plggly Wlggly store. The elic-d was ignited and lhe chicken cooji, only n few hil away, was scon cnvelojied In smoke and the nre was headed that way. : Store employes finished open Ihe door to the cook to save the chick- WIlfKEWlE County Will Elect Three ' Members of St. Francis District Board. 'It U under.itcod that Mississippi county will likely be divided .Dn llutc-districts for the purpose ot electing ihc county's si. Francis ~,. nifpibcrs T5ASSRTT, Ark.—Two -. _. Shcllon! . mid Crittciidcn county officers in i connection with the $5.700 Turrell I I ;afc robbery for which Monk Rut-! ; ledge, ex-convict, was arrested In ! M"-souri, i | The men are Douglas Bromlv, an I , ex-convict. Ernest Wilkcrson." and ( negro known us John. and the negro are hi Jail. Wilkerson is held the jail in which has not been re- 12G 17 3-8 40 38 7-8 . 3 1-8 , Brov lveTd : n w- ihnrn iii^i i sr-' j purchased new automobiles. Advertising Faces Felony Charge Wilson M.ilonc of Senath Mo., erstwhile advertising promoter nnd f;ile£man. made bond Thursday for , hi." apoearance in municipal court (here Wednesday. Aue. IG. on a | felony charge of embezzlement Malone is alleged to have received monev from certain local merchants through a local girl employed as his agent for advertising matter, including fans and ether articles, Tiie money was' ac- ,ccplcd but the advertising material v;as never forthcoming, according lo reports. The advertising man slipped away from Raymond Bomar, deputy constable, when the officer arrested him, but was later found hiding, according to reports in an upstairs office in lhe Hale building. ,. Judge Rulhven Named to Recovery Board WASHINGTON. Aug. 11 (UP)— Judge R. M. Ruthven of Mountain Home today was appointed 'the ninth' member of the state recovery board nf review in Arkansas by Prr-sldont Kooscvrll. Negro Murder Susnect Had Heavy Artillery Arcn Llndsey, deputy sheriff found one of the largest pistols disl BeUileliem Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola . : —General American Tank 36 5-8 General Electric ...... 241-2 General Jvfotors 30 5-8 International Harvester 35 7-8 Middlewest Utilities .... 7-iii Montgomery Ward 24 1-t New York Central 443-1 Packard 51-4 Phillips Petroleum 131-2 Radio 35-8 Simmons Beds 25 St. Louis-San Francisco 5 1-2 Standard or N. J 36 1-8 Texas Co 22 5-8 U. S. Steel 53 1-2 I "Tlie greatest danger - en the |roads today H un-lighted vehicles" [Judge Cunningham declared in calling attention . i 0 t h c violations. A half dozsn good men have been I killed by unllglited wagons In thc past Iwo or Iliree years. Tile mint- mum requirements fcr wagons, under the law. are one white light or I [niuern in front which will be vi;i] We not less than five hundred feet | nn<l a red or yellow light which will [ be visible at least nvc hundred reel I from the rear. "A drive io require oil vehicles to ba lighted, will begin In the "ear future, Your own safety demands that you light your vehicles." Judge Cunningham warned when Hie bounty-ol^ctlon (Ion meets this mil to ra-., n ™. iull the county for election of thc uonrd members. • Two of. the three members of the olectlon commission are said to fa- for division of fie county lillo the following districts with on director to be elected in each district. The division favored Is as follows: all of Mlssts-.ilppi county west of Big Lake and Little River to compose ono district, the Chlcka- wivi-ba district of (lie county with tho exception of that part west of Big Lake to compose another dis- dlstrlct of (yiacliailu Repor't- <ul Ready to Propose Compromise. , ' - HAVANA. Cuba, Aug. 11, (OP)' —C;uicn. machine guiis »nd troops were sped lo fitrntiiglc polls lii'Hd'- •' vitim Intc' Wday after riimurs hud clrcultita! of a mutiny at Cjtanas • foi ivf.'s, iicrois U:e narrow chn»- iiul iif Hut enlranco to. ihc'harbor. Muchlnc guns were placcU around -J lhe capitol building yhere a Kjiiiid-''" f ion of cavalry dismounted. A liriaU 'I cnnoii W!is^))i)uiitpd on (lie roof and ='J pointed toward the heart: of..,t'.',e Police wlllj rllfcs reentorcctl : tn« : tl-oojB. - ' ••'••. MicruuTu May Quit ._.'; „",, A reliable but unumclal" sourcii-." saiil toiny ihnl PrpsldeHt.Gererdo Machndo wu-3 proposlg to retire from Hie presidency in favor'~'o'f J Gen, Alberto Hercrra. i . ".' The duclatun oh tlie iia r t of the president was described as'a eotm> ler nro|iusa! to tlie peace ulan suj- sst-stocl by United States Ambaua- . dor aumner Welles whoso forhrffii I was said lo Include the retirement j ot the president. . --..'.,'•" 'L'lic Machado counter plan .would provide for Hcrmu to become ; prfc visional president-arid form a rl|f- I tlonul cabinet. General Herrjrir'is one ot President Machaao's right hand nitiu He was actliig' secretary, of slute during the itienc'e of secretary'Ferraru iti I/indonon.; t.lie United States,-: .. .-;.',-,/. Tl» eneiitlal Uifference between the Macliatlo plan anil the : Welles ' prouojii op(»ared .to be -that'.ths /j president was.lnBUling oii.the right .' to maintain i member .0^ rua cwM; 1 IJberai party M.heM ,'of the^'ntw rtglme, ' ' """ ' '--•'• ui. rL-VL-aii'u. «^^J tu me COOK IO SflvC II1C Clllck- Craig had obtained inucli not-1 c "s and a dozen or more made a t" 0 exception of that i o:Iety several years ago when he! dash tor liberly down ihe alley. Bui Bi 8 Lake to compase : v.-as convicted of the "John Doc" I they reckoned not wllh a crowd,' lric t and lhe Osceola district of murder hi Memphis. A conviction | gathered to watch the excllement l "c coimly with the e.xccntlon or wns obtained although thc state' While the nrcmcn were pultlng out' "="t part west or Liltie River to could not produce a body. , the ^ ftre lhe crowd was catching compose- n third district. Believe Counterfeiting Ring Broken by Afirests •'"- --'Viiiu Y,u& LtlLCHlliy chickens and If o»e escaped hl s a b- ! scnce went, unnoticed. < ' Daniage to the small building was estimated at about. 515 or S20 by Fire enter lioy Head. NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 11. (IIP) I D.;,,,, D I CL I —A counterfeiting ring sold by red- I rnc « Break Sharply oral nijenl? to huv-5 plastered Ihc I country with bogus currency issued | i from its I'eadfiuarters in chlcngp was believed smashed here today j with the arrest 3f Charles liutlor, 22, of Fitzgerald. Ga.. aiitl Robsrl j Bcnnclte. 30. or Lo s Angeles, i Bonnette was nrrrjlecl in Alex• nndrin. La., shortly after Buller was ! captured here wiih 51,000 in coun- j terfeit bills in his iiossession. I An arrest following dl«entlon in ! the band, Butler, snid. broke up 115 I operallon lemporarllv in thc Chl- yorfr Cotton 'NEW YORK. Aug. n. (UP)—col- 0 . „ - j cervices Held Wednesday ca?0 area antl llc " C(i lo caiifor- B M I n, „ 3y * 01" ™rs. J. W. MaSSey on Cotton Exchange NEW YORK, Aug. II (UP)_ The decline was accelerated on the I local only the exchange lodny with July option selling above Al present thc county Ls represented on thc St. Francis Lcvcc District Board by five dlreclors including tlie president, J. Lan Williams or Osccoh: T.ircc or the present directors live In the O:cc- ola district of thc county and two In the chickasawba district. Little Young Child of Hornersville Succumbs HORNERSVILLE, Mo.- Funeral uuij inu juiy option selling above ""itntitssviULE, Mo.— Funeral 10 cents a pound as prices broke • services were lieid Wednesday nf- 3S tn !IQ tvilntc • tfriWVin f/\i- 1Jr. n ^~., nn .. ___.>_ 1 » 35 to 39 iwints. i ternoon for Ramon, • ^tf ir^ [rutiiLO. i .^...-UTJ^I nfi *\tl|UUJl, iJU-|]]ClHnS~OLt Snot cotton dropped to 9.30 cents s011 of Mr. and Afrs. J. Luther a pound. Thc close W HS al thc hot- Voll »g. who dicU rol!owhi» an Ill- torn for the session and about 30 ncss of two weeks with colitis. The Points belniv pnrlv hloh« -Rev. VT A VTnr.ta.. ..^.._i-. .... ton clo.sni o.isy. nia. with a quantity of the money, i ern. areas In Los Angeles, where he had gone ' points below early highs. Sentiment turned bearish «.. fcvorsblc crop repoils and heavy hedging from eastern and south- i Rev. M. A. Massey conflicted "trie on service which was l>2ld at the high 860 ti73 984 933 MO '995 1005 1011 Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. — — — „„_ May 1053 HMD 1000 lOfK) July .... 1039 1039 1013 1013 Spots closed at 930. off 35, quiet. 901 968 982 SGI 968 982 NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 11. (OP) — Cotton closed barely steady, open high low 055 971 " Got Dec Jon Mar May .... July . OSO 992 . 087 087 1009 1003 1021! I02C 1036b .... Spots closed at 925. off 40. quiet. Chicago °P C1> **• i**u JitrKC^I OK^(^1< u.utu ni^n lOW Cl*\SC llsplayed in court clrcie.s recently ScP*- 98 W 3-4 95 1-2 95 1-2 when he arrested Will Hardtn DM .101 t-1 102 1-2 931.2 03 !.j i^egro murder suspect. *morel this afternoon. The gun, a nickel on county slaying, open high low' 55 1-8 55 7-8 5r close -- - - 52 3-4 Drc.. CO CO 3-4 50 1-8 57 8-8 Funeral servicw were held at low close i Men-moil, Ark., ror' Mrs. J. W 940 840 ! MasMJ'. who died Wednesday or- • terncon at the Memphis Methodtst i hospital following a lengthy 111-1 ness. At her bedside when she' passed away were Mr. Massey and i her sons, Beal and Nevelle of. this city. She Is also survived by! another son. William, who resides! in Texas. j The deceased, w>-o with her I family moved here from Morrll- ton last November, made her '•'"•i- in Hie Ward residence on Division street. She had been 111 several months but wrs confined to her bed for only five weeks prior to her death. She had been In the hospital three weeks. In the short time she lived here Mrs. Massey made a number of friends. She wa s a member of the First Methodist church. $100 Fine Imposed for Drunken Driving Will Tucker was fined Jico for driving a car while intoxicated nnd suspension of a similar flne In »?> Hd ca.'e was revolted by Municipal Judge C. A. Cunningham yesterday. . Tucker wns arrested by police for the latest offense but the first was a coutity case... = trying unsuccessfully to return to | u i\ -in his Job at Boulder Dam, »?e met • JnClJanieJ Ketums 1C * •-- -• ——— — - •«-> ^° ntl ettc and employed htm to us• slst ln distributing lhe cDun!erf3it bills - Memphis Police Force MEMPHIS. Aug. 11. (Upi_p n - frolman James M. J.IcDanlel, who was suspended from the police force on July 6 after he was arrested in connection with thc death of a Blythevllle, Ark., man, 934 955 SG7 977 995 935 956 964b 971 995 lOlOb Mormons Will Dedicate Landmark in Arizona • "...nil ui j ( uiyuieviuc. ATK., innn, WINSLOW. Anz. (UP)—One of I?'|! rned 'o work las: nitht. Chief the landmarks of early Arizona ' wm . D ' ^ announced today, will be perpetuated here Aug. 27 Charges ngalnst JtfcDanlel (rrow- whcn members of the Latter Day! inf out of the death of William Saints' Church formally .dedicate ; ^Wland, who was taken (or a * marker at thc cemeterv of old i I , ""?*? fatally bealen tn a cotton >-'"' —- " ' field across the Hue In Missouri, Brl^hflm City i — ~~" v ^~ j •••"' "'n. >n 4'».u Brlghm .city and Sunset, an! were droppedjuBiythevlile. abandoned town on the opnosite bank of the Little Colorado River. were two of the string of posts established by (lie Mormons in their Invasion of Arizona in 1676. Mormons from Arizona. New . Mexico nnd Utah, many of them descendants from those burled in the cemetery, arc expected to attend the ceremonies. Civen Truck Permit ,' M. L. Webb of Lepanto has been granted a permit by the Arkcnsr.s corporation commission to operate Searchers Believed to Have Found Old Mine ORACLE, Ariz. (UP).—Search for Ihc famous "Mine with the Iron Door," legendary gold mine, is continuing on what Is believed to have been Its original site. C. W. McKee who recently unearthed an o!d dump, which he believes to be tlie tailings from the mine, now 1s engaged In dlg- elng a tunnel In an etfort to find the old shaf(. The new tunnel has been bored - church. Besides his parents the little .,., is survived by his sister, turn Dor's, his grandmother, Mrs. Mary Young of this place, and his grand parenls, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Cara way of Manila. Citv Pays Bills Despite Delayed Council Session Failure of the city council to hold Its regular August session Tuesday night has not prevented city creditors rrom receiving check, for July bills. The bills were approved by tlie finance committee- nnd checks for the bills were prepared Thursdav by Sidney Craig, city clerk. Trie council failed to hold Its regular session because of tho absence of Mayor Cecil Shane from the city. It may meet later In Ihc month. Mayor Shane is vacatlon- ln% In Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. WEATHER Arkansas—Cloudy, showers thfc afternoon or tonight. SJlurdoy partly cloudy. Memphis and Vicinity—Tr.under- showers this afterncon or tonight, little change In temperature. The maximum temperature here ^ i-w<'«Ji.-i n^s wten uureu AUC maximum lemperaiure nere f ^ into a ho « sM[:k ' across yesterday was 94, minimum 72, with L &„ n .„ i — ........ . — ,,., , way gi^ll" mf.^.,!^ r^n" f ' , , -olt • also Cm Si i , M ?M M I 6 " 15 ' OSSaylnsr W0 " '""'n I »•« Inches of rain during the night. T re ami IS, a°t ° S ?l?° ' *"," M Isr 1)!)s rev ' calwl "<>\ according to Samuel P. Nsrris. of- lice and toother Arkansas points. I Irnce of the ancient workings. [ficlal weather observer. •' Kcpm-ts -tjK'Mti-hadqV.imiitiiice' or retirement'as a necessary pariY of any pacification formula followed . a morning: in which 'It bee»ine' : 9»i- dent thai the prtjldtnl's efforts to , end the'general strike had failsi. " „ -Though leaders of striking triris^:. portatlon workers and several'other <.| unions voted to end .th> strike th« .-f woi'kere Ihemsctes'' fall*! •'to--re-' . spend and even were told by their 1 (li'legates-not to'go back to their -J Jobs, -Sortie street cars were -run-. ' nlng, manned by police, nnd one of ' them was. bombed tcday, injuring'-'' six policemen and three civilians The bomb demolished the'-front'' platform of the car. '!•"'' "New Deal'" for Cnba- '' HYDE PARK,. N. Y., -Aug.'H. (UP)—A "new deal" for Cuba Is planned by (he Rocsevelt.aimlnli^- tratlon, it was revealed toiay Vrfeil l . It became known'that a four po'iht jxillcy for economic rehabUitttion of the island was being fostered by this government. .'•" -. ' • ';'< Discussions among state department officials and other interested ' I»rsons have bean going on forliour months. It was learned, and friends or CuUa have taken/an active jfetl. i Tl-.e four points devjloped for'r'e- habllltatlon arc: ...... I.—A back.lo the soil moverneht . designed lo make tho bulk of faira- crs economically independent t'-ru dccentralizanon of agriculture. 2.—Scaling down of debts »itU tax reduction as art.ultimate goal. 3.—A regional sugar agreement ' to protect Cuba's chief crop' ""' .' l-FurUier tariff reciprocity studies. ... On the Cuban debt both-Uie stale department and its associates In the conferences have proceeded on tha assumption that both the external and Internal debt of ' the Havana government are entirely too high. A complete • reorganization or the debt: structure' B being sought v \fa extereiion' of th» period of payment. "• . .,.-,..,,-.- Support Koownlt ' HYDE PARK, N. Y., Aug '; 10 (UPi-Republlcan members of the house foreign relations committee' pledged their support today, to P:es!dent Roosevelt's policy -to dealing with the Cuban crisis "" Representative Hamilton PJsh'of New York conferred with-'•». Rocceveli at the summer White Houae and , announced that ' ti" spokcjman for the RtpubUctn committee members he tolTlhe- president that "ve would buk'hkn up under the Platt amendment, short of the iue of armed fort*.* in his rols as ranking mtinbtr of the committee Pish added th«t he believed diplomatic pressure ' was all that wes necessary to bfia* ' about peace Jn the island republic! Siuke Cats Oltu, Etw OWENSVTLLE. Ind. (OT> ~ T\velve hen eggs and a glas* netting 'egg were fpuad m the stom- acli of a seven-foot chicken make which Mrs. George Pravfl foiio4 n a nest on her'farm. ,, ..

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