Marysville Journal-Tribune from Marysville, Ohio on March 26, 1921 · 2
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Marysville Journal-Tribune from Marysville, Ohio · 2

Marysville, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 26, 1921
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THE EVENING TRIBUNE. MAttYSVIIXE. OITIO. PAOI TWO SATURDAY, MARCH St. 1M Have You Seen our Display of Spring Stetsons OUR . aKsortmojit of lUee new Ftelson HuU In a ' variety of smart block wid -the ! fasuiouabte liglifKhades is most complete. ,Ami we lire just as confident of that genuine Stetson Quality in every hat an we have always been1. ' A logical reason why the sauie well-dressed men come back each year insisting on 6teUon. We win fit a Stetson to your feature!-, and your hat will hold its shape all season. mm mm .. "The Leading Clothie". EAGLE'TCIKADO'V ttth For Sale at your Dealer ASK FOR THE YELLOW PENCIL WITH THE RED BAND EAGLE MIKADO EAGLE PENCIL COMPANY, NEW YORK FOR E aster l(fi. Delicious Spring Lamb Just out the Smoke House 200 Sugar Curd Hams ASIAN & CODY "The Olcl Reliable Shop" 1 f hone No. 3 ),!U For Stores i TiiiMnn.ii mik imw ti i ii ii rtiiiiiiiiiiiiBWiiiiiniiT ri it hmmi nrrif ifwM iriiTiTiMiMiiiii nil Also Canvas Porch Shades We have a complete line of samples, can take all measurements, and erect awnings. We also n do , awning repair work. We guarantee you will be entirely satisfied. , Phone us for consultation as to styles and Prices. "Keep the Profits in Rlarysville" RICE&HD TURNER none j7s: CEO. H SLACK DIES FABSfO AWAY THUWSOAV FROM PARALYSIS FUNERAL SERVICES 8ATUROAY f. M. Course R. Start, aged svey-oas jri. ttti'd from paralysis ax his hoi a b.ilf mile cat of Kiel oI at J23W o'rlock Thursday ero.m. He w art irrs lour BMnuoa xo an i atain Wednesday. ' Mr. Stack was born May it, IS 19. fit) la survived by bl widow and two aliitora, Mr. Clara lnrion; of ; Tulu ibua. an Ms. William Wt-l-y. of Elkhart, Indiana, ... - Th funeral wai hell Saturday af-tornoon at 2 o'clock from the home. Rev. M. M. Figiey officiating:, aaxiited by Uev. J. E. Uoyd. Interment wat niade In the mausoleum In tbe ClaU borne cemetery, UNION'S REPRESENTATIVE . WOULD REDUCE SALARIES: A bill will b presented to the Houe of Representatives by Hon. Thomas J. " ' J,r ""' C.V , hnmtti. DoCge. ot Jerome township, asking ' VP aH for a mluctlon of salaries of jadges. h ''l' lie lp,1 post office wag-Mr. Dodge wiir have the support of.o" w,,n w"1 "e ugl't-rural reiiresentatives. I Thwe lias bei'D a abarp IncreaM In The bill propusesMue reluction of,th number of post oraco ana nmn :he salary of chief justices from $9000 to $70(M a year, and the common !ea judges will receive it maximum of $6000. The bill would affect the resens lncumoents. PENSIONS ARE INCREASED J. V - Stewart of this city and late n member of o. C, TOSm' Ohio,, has-been granted nn Increase ot bis Civil war pension from $50 to $72 a month to dHle from December 19. 1920. Also J. Lewis Lake of Oravflle. O. late a member of Co. C, 2nd V. S. Cava'ry Sianinh American war. has been granted an Increase of pons ion from tty) .$12 a mont ijfate from 1KUKI,JSMJ3. ,,w ,,,,, Both t,be above clauSjW'e secured by Jeff L Ekhey;,of fljjsclty. Pencil No. 174 Mado in ft yrad i A. and Homes OUR ; PLOT MAIL ROBBERIES Big Gang of Operating Throughout Country. Four HueO Tfcouaind Dollar loot in Robbery of Pme WtJSfl It Toltdo, O. ' Waitilnctott. A oatio-Hll plot fur tit ltohal rubbery of wall train - jKitft (,mv and port wfftre ' Sow In opersth, according to Goor t M 8otlun thirf f lB porta) MM lion m-rvke, fallowing th bomuu iu To!!. O, wtu S400.000 loot wa obtained from postal wagon, and oolite Northern Pacific railroad, near Mtarmtnolts, whMi loss wtlmaltd at Hevcrol hundred thousand dollar. was siinVtvd. r Evidence gathered in preliminary Investigation of these and others that have occurred In tli last few nwntln, Mr. Button said, indicate that a lui ol It tine I In operation with a network throughout the United ftatea. "I am confident wo will toon be able to break up the aatfoo-wlde organlxa-tlon of post ofllce burglars and other pplmli,l, n artt nknnlliff hnrrtfirteft .. ..,,. ," .m .,. u train rouberit'K, the records show, fottt the officials Insist that this Is hut one phase of the crime wave which has- been on throughout the country dur- inir ,i1B int tow nmnttm The In- crease In mail robberies Is less, they sny, than In otter lines, that Is. banks, trust companies and various financial iatititutlans. A unique fashion from troubled Ireland. As a meunB of protection against bullets, stray or otherwise, workers In Ireland are wearing a protector vest of fhin steel with chain obstacles. The photograph shows a man with the steel vest- which he wears underneath bis working Jacket nit mi . ... :. USE OF UNIFORMS ytzc. Department Suggests Ways to Avoid Violating tne Law." Washington. World war veterans who are wearing parts of their service uniforms and others who have bought used uniforms' may avoid violating the law forbidding the wearing of official uniforms by civilians by observing certain precautions which the War department outlined. The easiest way to avoid violating the law is to remove the military buttons and insignia. To dye the uniform or change the cut will also give Immunity; The War .dtrpartment does not consider that dyeing Is the only way to make a coat or overcoat lose Us distinctive character. Any radical alteration would have the same effect as, for example, a distinct change In the cut of the collar, the addition of different-colored cuffs or collar or of a cloth belt Any of these chan?s, provided that all insignia and : buttons hav been removed, will satisfy the War department. Watch Won't Wake Dead; Owner Jailed Miami, Fla, Failure of a watcb, buried at the side of Laura Miller', husband's grave, to? awaken the dead spouse caused the arrest of Joe Thomas. The woman gave- Thomas $15 and a gold watch when the latter promised to resurrect her dend husband. Thomas buried the watch at the side of the grave, saying this action ' Would arouse the dead man. . Several - days of "watchful waiting" failed to produce re-mitts. Thomas was eharged with embezzlement and bound over under a sow bond. ' r P0PUUR !N IRELAND i innii ju;:1, , 0 p , I. i , "i ' --It ':" Waited 25 Year for Mimey. 1 ' Towanda, Pa. After waiting p years, during which he had given up .all hoiie of ever getting bis mfin,-y back, Lmils Marks, a bunlnesB man of . Vowanda, Pa., received a Mier con-i t'alnlng $30ifrom a man w ho borrowed ' $10 from him on a note a qyartar of a century agU RAVAGES OF OLD AGE KEPT AT BAY Prof. Julian Huxley Checks Sen-. Ility for t9 Generations of Worms. REVil'ES mm FiieiEM EMxIr f Lift So Von0 tougH In tna Mlddlt Agts Has at Leait Been Found, but, Mm I Only for Flat- . worm C f Bflfiilen ClMd. , Londin. popular Interest In llio oft-discussed rrtii whether or uot It la posslhle o keep old agt nt bay Indefinitely and correspondingly prolong the span ot life bos been revived by Prof. Julius ilflxlpy of Oxford. Ju-Han Is a trrandiun of the treat Uijxley and inherits no tooantderable niens-ure of hi talent for tmlMttUdng sol-enllflc research. The rmnmon-seuse Tlew of tlie life cycle, drawn frota tbe 4snratkin of man and tbe fawMiaf aplmnls," snM rrof. Huxley, "Is that It proceeds always and Inevitably In a definite direction, with a definite plan. . The nor- ami I life cyele of maa, for Instance, la s follow: Tn individual ctnrts as a minute single cell, then follows a period of rapid growth, accompanied by differentiation, then senility, end Anally death, which supervenes as, a natural p1,s,lomnon, even If not through disease or accident," free ttot Irreversible. Experiments had Bhown, however. that this process was not Irreversible, he said, and was not Inevitably similar in alt animals; that' It was possible to modify,, the rate of )rrowth and the length of the period of growth and thus prolong II fo, "It has been shown; l'rot Huxley continued, "that by alternately stirring and feeding planarlan flntworuis tbey -can be kept not only within certain definite limits of size, as was t-be expected, but lalso within irertoha definite limits of age. tine animal hits thus been kept of the same age that Is, the same lively activity, the samu form, the same type of behavior for a time during which the rest of the brood have passed through 19 generations a period which, translated Into human terms, would take lis buck to Chnucer. Ttn-s, age does not merely depend on the lapse of time; it Is the expressioa of internal processes. "The elixir of life so long sought hi the .Middle ages has at last been found but, alas t only fdr flatworms." Cites Case of Regression, As an Illustration ' reversal In mental life Irof. Huxley mentioned' that In some shell-shock and neuralgia ; cases the patients revert to an earlier Ktage of mental existence, having the minds of children In ttie bodies of adults. 'The most striking case," he said, "was that of an Australian soldier who reverted to the condition -ut . an infant, unable to -walk or talk, and taking no food except rnllk. This Is known as mental regression.'' Professor Huxley held that numerous other examples showed that the irreversibility of the life cycle was only apparent and that the 'ordinary type of life cycle had been adopted as the most convenient but not as tbe only possible method of grappling with existence. In the case of mammals tbe normal life of rats had been prolonged about 40 per cent "Observation of life process," snld Prof. Huxlny In conclusion, lias given way to experiment asytbe chief method of research and experiment Is leading to control." GJRL OF 15 KILLS FATHER Wield Knit Fatally Oefondlng Moth, r During Family Fight In Philadelphia. , Philadelphia, Pa-Eliznljetli Mflbel Lance, 15 years old, stabbed her father to death defending her mother, iwllce ray, during a quarrel between her parents. ' Tbe father, Edgar M. Lance, 87, died almost instantly. A, formal charge of murder has been lodged against the girl, and tbe mother Is held as a witness, , According to the girl, her father was choking her mother. She tried to get him to stop, .bat he told her to "go away." ; "Mother was screaming, and 1 was frightened and I .ran downstairs, got a knife and enme back to Uie room," the girl so id, according t the police. "I- threatened father with tile knife to save my mother, and lie let her go and run at tne, and 1 held tbe fcnite up and stabbed him." - DENIES MERCY TO WOMEN Washington Judge Call Penitentiary Only Cure for Razor " . Wielding. '.Washington. Justice Ashley M. Gould of the District of Columbia su-jirctuecourt; a student of the psychology of crime wd criminals, iu refos-Ing to place' on probation two women razor wielder recently, remarked: "This kind of an offense committed with a razor, -gun hr a blaokjuck. Is what has niade Washington (lio ntrtst notorinu city in the world for murder. There are too many acts of this sort which culminate In murder awl penitentiary sentence Is the only cune I -know for inch a condition." The women received a sentence of 15 months each. . JIE WOULD NEVER PAY TWIGS Wifh Whit Givtj HI NoU In Pi. mnt for Mulo Thought That Wn Sufriolsnb Kawa City, Ken A Culted Stntsl -diMrlvt attoiwy, who baa rounded up ajuiny at th country's; oil sleHr wlndlea, ait Id In. a peacH tivr (h otterr 4ajrt "tt l oltlfol to lee hw footlan ' great many people r when It come to av wotlon of flnann . , u Otd WU Whit i a good mahi' pis of financial foottcbueas. onl BH boss Rrt back to the dun from the Nwrh one day, be fonnd the old man driving a fine yonng mule hitched to handsome wagon. No Wash wo a notoriously shiftless customer, and so lils bos snld to bin: Where did yon get that splendid turnout, Washington? -Ah done ooughtcn tt at Magnolia, ah, said1. Wash. 'J .; . "Ilow tnueh did R cost yonf. "'Ah, don) five ma note fo $290 for It,: ah . . - " "Good gracloa, said the boss.' where do you expect to get $200 to meet your note when It falls duef y- "Wash lopked astonished and offended. ' "To de LwTs iake, boss man,' b said, 'you ho'ly don't expeck me ter give tunh note on; pay, tooT " HOG HAS NERVOUS COLLAPSE ' , , . Mf'-' Bird-Muntlng Porker Had Been Left Wear FovVl for Three V, v.' TJay. y Natchez, Miss. The famous bird-hunting ho owned by Tucker Gibson, widely known Louisiana huntsman, hns suffered "nervous prostration." and is In a serious condition, according to Its owner, who recently brought the hog here from Ixralstana to train for the Springfield trials. .'; '.tz. According to Mr. Gibson, after the field trials lh which tie felt assured his- porcine; phenomenon, would make good In competition with the dogs, entered, he bad intended exhibiting the hog in vauderlrie.'randi wlth this end In view had secured a number ot birds, to be employed In the net. "Mr. Gibsoe left home for several days, leaving the birds In a cage. On his return he found the porker had located the birds and bad been "pointing" them contlnn- tmsly for three days and nights. The Intense mental strain, together , with the fact that the hog had not eaten during that time, lie said, brought on a "general ceilapse." Start Across U. S. In Ox-Drawn House Greenwich, 3onn.i-W1th his home and virtually all of his be- i longings destroyed by fire; J. C. Berrnng, a farmer of "Worcester, Conn., built a house on wheels' and started for California, where be has relatives. The novel wagon Is drawn by a pair of) oxen which Mr. Berrang raised. It contains almost every coiv : venlenee tJe found In a house,' having drop beds, an oWfange, ,8; 1 refrigerator siTtdicboklng devices-Inside. A traKee i the rear.t which carries 'supplies for thai bxen, is drawn ' a third ok$ which fs led by ttie farmer's wife. ' The couple average about ten miles a day, and expect to reach California far' year and a lialf. They are about sixty years old.; "FOOL TO GIVE WIFE ALL PAY Judge Calls Generous Husband Brain. Im aws" fieduoe Amount of . Alimony, Detroit, Midi. "A man is a fool who turns over all his earnings to his wife.',' -This statement was made from the bench by Judge Harry Dingeman, when Joseph LertkJewicz was pleading to be relieved of the payment of alimony. "What did yon 4o with all the money you made -when working?" Judge Dingeman asked. ', "I always .gave every cent to my wife when I lived with -her, and have nothing left,' Joseph replied. "I can't protect a man who has no Drains," Judge Dingeman said,. after which lie reduced the payments from $19 to $6 per -week until Joseph gets a job. -r- WOMEN TURN TO BURGLARY fifr Robbers Increasing in France; Widow Leads Gang of Heuae. s,V. breaker. , Paris, France. Woman robbers are becoming nearly as numerous as their male counterparts In France and a number of them have already been arrested. The police have Just seised a gang of burglar who have long been wanted by the authorities for housebreaking In the suburbs and discovered that the band was led by a widow, aged 94. and her three sous. Another of Uie burglars was aided by his sister, end two other women were connected wilb tbe gang. Burned Wife to Get $23,000, ts Cfcarge. " - Aberdeen Mis, ' William A. Thwe-art, a planter of this plicB, has feeen arrested on a charge ".of murder in connection with the death of his wife, who was horned to death In a tire that destroyed their home. A coroner' Jury found timt Mrs. Thweatt was lu--jred fr a,W0, payable to her husband. ON TI CRUCinXIGN REVIVAL SERVICES WILL GC COU-TINUEO ONE WEEK LINGER ' OW1NO TO 1NCREA8EO , INTEREST , . It 1 said that Henry Ward Ileocher preached on nearly every subject to the riible exeunt the crucifixion, fur he did not fpl competent to adequate ly portrwy the awful scene. Mlnlater generally hesitate to preach on this difficult eubJecL Blauop !e W. Joyce aald that In a ministry of mow thun forty year he had never attempt ad, to preach on tlus crucifixion. It bad seemed to tower above him as a mountain of nch overwhelming proportions that he bad never attempted to scale Its slippery and bloody sides in tbe effort to reaps. Its lofty sum mit, hidden in clouds and darkness Few have ever beard a, sermon on tbe crucifixion since few ministers ever attempt to preach on it. This was the subject which Mr. James chose last night and gave a detailed descrip tion of the arrest, trial and Crucifixion of Jesus' with the application that, our sins as individuale, the sins of humanity, were responsible for the crimson tragedy on Calvary centuries ago. Tbe sermon was listened to with close attention by a very large audi ence and at its close several people came, forward te tbe altar and others arose for prayers, ', The speaker said Christ was betray ed tor money; Judas was the treasurer and was avaricious. So men today lor money will institute a public dance by which young gms are ruined. Men will run a theatre as he did by which they' are rained. Some people will do anything for money. Pilate sent Je sus to the cross because . he was afraid he would lose his position as Governor If he refused, Place and money meant more to him than Jus tice and right and for them he would crucify Ged'ir own Son. s ' v The people chose Barabbas, the mrninal arid Murderer Instead cf Jesus and Pilate allowed then to do it He was afraid" the gang, afraid of that tbe crowd chose, represented the world, represented fUth nd degradation. Those who sympathize with law violation of the liquor traffic today and stand up for booze are choosing Barabbas. The gang can laugh you into Thill, but cannot laugh you out. Some say, O my business, flrstr-away vnin cnrist. , His business: was in the speaker's way when convicted of sin cine .year ago. How can I live If I swe no the theatre -business? This was tl-e question. Wrhat will the gang 4ayi iney ota laugh (Uid ridicule; they did say, "Do not take religion so seriously.". - One who ridiculed end-?d his life in a lunatic asylum vithin a comparatively short time. . Many others have come to rlef The Others hU) not laugh now since nine years have -gone by and they have seen ,what tt has meant to James to be a Christian. ; Pilate washed his hands in the vain attempt to be. neutral; (There ean be no neutrality when Jesus is on our hands. We must dispose of him by elthei- . accepting or rejecthiK him. Dante pictured the lowest, place in hell a s the pla,ce reserved for the man 'ti tries ,to, be neutral. Jietais died not from the .ffect of thScBails but (of a broken-, heart' which ww, proved by the fact that, both water land blood flowed fronx tbe wound ,iwhen the spear was thrust into hi side., Men lived from1 two to three days on the cross tout Jesus died In 6 hours. His heart broke. That heart broke for you and me. Our sins are .responsible for it. - He bore the'eins of all mankind on the tree. ,lt we reject bint. we. are as guilty as those ' who struck .him and beat him until his eyes were closed and, the blood 'spattered on the ground, as! guilty as those that nailed him to the cross. Avhat will we do with Jesus that is called Christ? There will be services tonight at 7 o'clock and Sunday morning and evening; also all next week except on Monday night. The Epworth League will have a sunrise prayer meetfhs: in the ehurch at 6:30 Sunday" morning aud breaktast in the ichurch. Over 5U0 are expected at Sunday sclfool. Moiubors will not be receijted iiito- the church till- Sunday following -Easter. . Misses Jane B. James and . Hazel Taylor were guests of friends In the Capital City, Saturday. Oldest Active Newspaper Man. , , Beaver, Pa., March 26. Smith Curtis, ftf. tmbltsher of the Beaver Argus, died of pneumonia at a local .hospital. He was said to be the oldest active newspaper man in Pennsylvania. Miller to Succeed Williamson.' ; Washington, March 20.-Newton D. Miller arrived here to arrange. to take over the office of collector of internal revenue at ColumbuB. President Harding will name him at once as a recess appointee. The office probably will he transferred on April 1. Dancing Party Monday night, March 28th, State Armory.- Wptson's Slx.-piece orchestra of Delaware. CiunU $1.25; you're invited. . - i 52 3 CHAS. CAEJR. OPEN FOR BUSINESS Blumenscheln Brothers have opened their shop for general repair work on Ford automobiles, Fordaon. Tractor and Uadtators. They a I -located In the Old White Star -'Bakery, North Mala street, Juit across the creek? - 48-6wl ORAHOOD'S Garage and Repair Shop I . . ' : : - , ONE MILK SOUTH OF YORK (I'voilu It F, JJ. No, 1) PHONE H-4 YORK U oftuiing .treat price reduction oil GOODYEAR AND , MASTER CORD - ALSO ACCESSORIES AM, SIZES . and priced down to rock feortom. It wlil pay you to ee u and get prices. You will need tlieia shortly so buy while tbe ehauce Is yours. ; ' CAR LAST? That .depends or, the kind ot gaso-line aud oil you Use in your car; treat your car as If It were human teed It the best that you can get In Oils and Ghsoline and watch tbe result. You will find that it pay and pays big to use QUALITY GOODS I . Sold by " ' PE1 OIL COMPANY At Thsir Filling Station In E. 3th St. - ALSO Marysville Motor Car Co. South Main Street Feed Prices Reduced r . Beet Dairy Feed $25 Cwt. Special Price 1er Ton Winter Wheat Middlings. .$36 per ton 41 Cotton Seed Meal. ...$45 per ton Oil Meal, old process. .,. .$50 per. ton COMPLETE CINE OF ALL FEEDS COME ANQ SEE US pnimnich nnno OrUlMILIt DUUO. Phono 7B OE8P0IE TO THE COUNTRY'S CALL FOR MORE TRAINED NURSES The Sisters of Charity of Mercy ; Hospital, Mt. Vernon, Ohio, will open a Training School and Home for Nurses .as soon as facilities for twenty more beds be added to Mercy Hospital. ' If each and all w'ho read this, realising the great need and benefit of " such & Home, send their mite in Postage stamps or P. O. , orders to Miss -Ellen McDonough, Knox Co. Savings and Loan Assn., Mt. Vernon, Ohio, a Training School and Home for Nurses will certainly be established at Mercy ; Hospital,' Mt. Vernon, Ohio. LOVEBIRDS ' i ' Have you eeen them? . Take a ook at them -In our window - With every purchase of 25c or more we will give you a coupon, which entitles you to one opportunity to own this 'pair of beautiful birds. Retail Value $20. This pair of birds will be given away Satarday night, April 9, jjzi. coupons given at both stores. - RANDALL BROS " BTOP 'tt SHOP 49-5eodwl Easter Specials all day Saturday- FsuUgVegutables, Cakes, Buns, Brsad Rotls...All goods delivered. Got a eh(jUfe tto win a pair of Love Birds. thances glven with eaeh 25c purchase or moie. , - -. " SHOP HTfVP II SHOULD ws

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