The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 10, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1933
Page 4
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THURSDAY. AUGUST 10, 1933 1LTTOVILLR (AMJ OOUBHB CTWi CIASSIHED SECTION- PAGE SEVEK s Wants :,-• A CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION !>aily rate per One lor couwcu- llve Insertions: (Five overuse vorda to • line) Ouc time per line .•• K* Two times per line per day 08o Three times per Hoe per d»y 06c Blx times per Itas per d«i' .. 05o Month rate per line 60c Minimum charge Mo Ads ordered lor liuee or six times and stopped belore explia tlon wilt be charged lor the uum ber ol times the «d appealed and adjustment of bill m»«l«. AH Classified Advertising cop: lubmllted by persons residing out side ol tue city must be uccoiu panled by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table No responsibility will be talei loi more than oue incorrect in ol 'any classified ad. "OR SALE—Four wheel trailer with b:<l. suitable (or any pm- ose. Also 12 fool lightweight- ikh- Wi boat. Call W. L Cialton ai 00 or 405. • 9-ckr> Japanese Poke Plan Wbreleu Network KKAL ESTATE FARMS nncl Homes, cnsy puy- ments. Ethel u. Thompson, Ca- unliersvillc, Mo. 8pk£»-8 TOR SALE: Beautiful Oxnrk farm, 80 acres. Good buildings, woven wire fences, plenty fruil and water: An gravel mail route. Price $550— l>art casli, balance terms. J. C. Chapln, KovencJen, Ark. 3pk8-3 TOULTRT TOKIO (UP)—With the CQmule- tien or u large modern building on the so-called "aoverninent Offices Avenue" here laic this yeur the Police AlTnirs Bureau of the Home Ministry wll leslnbllsh a wireless telephone bureau (or cx- Clakni Tuiufiih Towed Boat 11 Mik. Per (kar MONTREAL '"(U!>>—Hnu'fj the Intest "fish story." It is told by Moulreul flslwr- Hiirns l-oclii 1 , innn. Burns says Unit while his U-year-olrt son were lor herring off Lockjort, OUR BOARDING HOUSE POULTRY WANTED MARILYN HATCHERY FOtt KENT THREE ROOM MODERN npnrt- mcnls, newly decorated. Over Klrby Drug Co. Also apartment oil Kentucky Avc. P. Simon. Phone 761. 18c k!8 4. i< nd (tailing N. S., cdusivc communications between'»i « SO-fool Lout, u monster tuna the. Police Affairs Bureau and the. "sh look the HIM:. In the rcsulllng prefcctural police offices llrroiigli- onl Japan. The total expenses will require yen 600,000. Tile 1'ollce Affairs Biiretiu In addition to its ov.-n bureau also will establish receiving seto nt every prefeclural jjollcc of- fics in Japan. These prrfceliiral ><jltce offices arc to receive the bulletins from the Police Affnlrs Bureau through major bureaus to be established in Japan'* principal cities. battle, Hmjw dti-Ufo.-.llio glum llsh lowt'<( the uo^t, Its occupnnU mid u.s cargo of tiViiing l|iruuf!i Ilic- water for over iwu nulirs,<«t an itrcrusr sih'cd of 1) inilv».irii hem. Ix-fuiT l( HIIVO. up (lie flf 111. To prove his story.'lIurnsbtoUKlH tack the llsli, which weighs 450- poniuk, iiiul hus placed it on exhibition here. POUT WORTH, Tex. (UP).-The yianltc tombstone, weighing lot) l-Olinds. luis lirai .slnliMi from the yitive ul J.' (•'. Johnsun. in the ColiKtery here. • ilLsiyipnlnttrt Ilils full. Thc-slii- (liiiiii wn 11 h being rebuilt and Quebec's Ingliwny program calls fm • nil expenditure .ol »n.000,000 (ur resurfacing from 1950 to IBM. - THIS CURIOUS WORLD - Advertising ordered lor Irregular insertions take the one Uine rat*. Phone 30b or 307 liUSLNESS DIRECTORY LXl'ERT Typewriting and Adding .Miicnme Uepamng. U. S biankenship, lit) B. rtosu. Phone 1S3-J. I-*" W' 141 Mrs. J. J. U»vis—Phone '421 Registered Spencer Corstttere • FRIG1UA1RE Only Huthonzcd service »nd parts for household and commercial Phone ollice 1)7, residence 414, A. Miller. 1 B 3-11 L. O. MOSS Blythcvillc-s Cut Kate Undertaker IOD-k& 1' BAKBER SH01' 3TORE BUILDING and residence combined with complete fixtures or meat andKroccrtcs, 6<0 S. L3kc Sec Dr. J. A. Saliba. 7ck-l* ONE or two rooms on North Itailroad street, suitable for cut (on offices. Will fix to suit tenant on lease. Apply Courier News; NICE LARGK bedrooms. CLOSE IN. 310 W. Walnut. 2flck8-2S TWO NICELY Furnished Bedrooms. 1017 Walnut. Mrs. Ed Hardin. 21c k21 MODERN furnished apartment. Good location. Call 135. 27e k8 THREE room merit, garage, 335-W. Furnished Apart- 1315 W. Main, call 10ckl5 WANTED TO REN1 Glovers Slianitioos Stop Danil Boncilla Mxssastes Tone lip the tac Broadway BarlKr Shop TWO Furnished Rooms, must be reasonable. Call Virgil Shepherd .t 306. tf d h Japanese Praised Villages For Going "On Wagon" TOKIO <UP)— Miho \ltlniio In Ina County, Nagano Prefecture, has set an example for all Japan in. practices of thrift, and sobriety "to meet the crisis" which confronts the Empire, Admiral Vls- cuuul Kakoto Saito. premier, told delegation of village headmen in presenting tlwm a scroll. The I'rcmicv said li had been called to his attention that for years the iKOplc of Miho had been notorious for their drunkenness. With the outbreak ol the Mtiii- churlan crisis, however, tin- headmen decided It was time for rc- fonn and Induced all villagers to sign a pledge they would net use alcohol, or waste money until the n::tlon crisis tfas passed. -The pledge has been faithfully observed for nearly three years and Mtlio has Iwcomc a model for other communities in the prefecture. The underground railway station at Piccadilly Circus. London. \v;is officially oiwned on Dec. 10. 1928. SPOUTING GOODS tXPERT REST-RINGING ol Tennis Racquets. Overnight service, ilubbard Hardware Co., or^B. t. Brogdon, Jr. Inaulre about our Goii Ball Sa»- rYoii will te surprised at the 01- f cr." Hubbard'^ilw/Co: lOc-1^10 * CLEANE8S. TAILOHS 1 Unique Cleaning Scrrice - Vodtm Cleaning & First Class Sloraje Ytomt 171 FaclUtle 7-ck-frrll Store Your Winter With BlythevHle S'.cam G.tiinents Laundry 15ck 8-1' OUR SUPERIOR FINISH on linen Hiit* ?"1 dresses make them look nicer and wear, longer. NU-WA CLEANERS Plipnc 18( WANTED TO HIGHEST PRICES paid for tires, inner tubes, iron, v.ietals, maga- .Ines, hides, cars to wreck. Wolf Arian. 128 E. Main. Phone 175. 8-c-k-8-8 SALESMEN WANTED EXPERTENCED man • or woman with -car to handle quick selling product here. Hall Sisters Shoppc. 31ck31 MALE HELP WANTED Man..-wanted. Supply customers with famous Walking Products in Blytheville. Business established, earnings average S25 wetkly. pay starts immediately. Write J. R Watkins Company. 70-86 W. Iowa Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee. 7p MO Celebrate; His Birthday "-="-" j- On " M issduri Roadster" AUTOMOTIVE Have that, broken slass InstaUcrt in your car while you wait. We cut slid Install class in. any make car. Shouse-UUle Chevrolet l,o. KUSSKI-L ANDERSON III charge Chrysler G»rasc New Van Norman Boring Machie Work Guaranteed - - Thonc 25c R8» kB-2o MOJAVE. Cal. (UP)—A 30-mile mnlcback ride and a party .ire Ihc only ways to celebrate birthdays eiriecially 9Cth birthday. Asa Mc- Kenzic. of Tejou Canyon, insists. Aboard his "Missouri roadster." McKcnzif! rode into this desert town the other day to celebrate his SOth nnnlvcreary with his grand- mi. He rode back into the desert 'ollowing the parly given In his honor.- f,ct us paint your car before faU. Prices arc still reasonable '_on psinling and body repairing. Wrecked cars our specialty. Shousc-l.ittlc Chevrolet Co. 8-lc k3-l AUTO GLASS SHA1TEH-PROOF PLATE SFiEET THE ARK-MO LUMBER- CO. lOC-k 8-11 Bad circulation may injure you motor. We'll put your radiator in shape for a small amount. We :epair any make of radiator. Shousc-I.illlc Chevrolet Co. 8-lc k9-l NEW AND tiSEK A«TO PAU'IS JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. Phone 66 2C kD-2 BATTERIES NEW FORD BATTERIES Reiital-Rcchsrglng-nepairing 177 TIRE & BATTERY STATION 24c 1:8-2-! II yo'.ir battery is weak call 633 for r,m<'k oattcry service. We cell Nf' v AUC ' Rebuilt Batteries. Shousc-Llltlc Che\Tolet Co. 8-lc kO-1 IMPLEMENTS C'arlnad of Wagons (irt Our Prices First llynim Produce Co. Across From PosloiTicc. 2ic FOR SALE TOR SALE — Electric Tcakcltlc like new, cheap. Phone 930. ^t USED TKUCK~K>K SALECH^R PHONE 203-J. Mpk8-H AM, klnds'of roiirh and ilresscd rj-rrtss himhfr .and sliiiislc? Slanton A. fcinm, .Huffm?r, Art. 1%11'MiSsoun admitted to the Union. 1%46-STmthsoriia.Ty Institution foanded. 1874 -Herbert Hoover born. for everybhirw.'suice J August lp, d l 874. 1932-r«ceives blame Por everyth'ini-sin'ce August ID, °ISH-. J92JI CHEVROLET Call 259. ORANGEADE Made from Tree Ripened California Oranges TO .YOUR HOMli Before Breakfast Every Morning '/4 Picts 5c Tints Re Quarts 15c At, AH Stores and Restaurants Bennett's Dairy MU.WAUKKE (UP) ••- root I fun." who huve perched on lutcr-uib.iii tracks w.\ I'.tlls «<!- ;nlnliv) Muniiiutlti Univi'itilly lu obtain a (roe seat for iumr. will 6RUSH-T<aMIO RAT KANGAROOS, OP AUSTBAUA,» CARBY N6STING A^A^EftlAl. WITH THEIW. TAOSf Head Couiler Hews W»nt Ada, WE CANT POT HIM t ww'o' V ! RUN'WSTLA^ LJT» . WE t>0 ALL TH •WG MOOSt UP WERE AM' cure iw HE GOT AROUND "BUSTERS UNCLE LIKE A BELT J I'fA VOU BOYS /XUJNGj I COULD ALL D/\V ? TAKE Wrv\ GENERAL STORE SOME TO SNAILS CAN SURVIVE A TBMPERATUBE Of' The srciil wlni! cask- llial sloo<l In the. Heidelberg, castle ,wi,,' I hi', last of three mien monsters. The second of these, constructcU' In IL'lH. nnd hiildlntt OCKl Imsslwiul.i, wiis destroyed by the 'Frsnc'ri' In IGM. Tim Rreal U:n plclurcil .ihiivc siiccucded It, and .'he.l(j(', BOO hoi;Flii'i\ds. The Iron bands wlileli Iwld Ihc staves togothcr wcigllr, cd 11.000 iw»»ini« ^-i" 1 OVJ DOES THE AAAJOR T>O a bird's Irmrirmture rise in POOR BABE! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES A GOOD TRY! WASH TUBBS 8LA1ESI I POCK THIS BENCH SO I'LL FALL BESIDE 1T1 WE 6OIN& 8E IM MOTAM. BITTER DISAPPOINTNVEMTI DESPAIR! THE BENCH POLLS' -TH6 WEOUG DIRECT IOM. HE SHIP MLKZEl fOUR PERSONS DOOMED TO 8E EOASTEO f*,uVE.' CR^KUING, LEAPING FLAMES GROW.G HOT-TER LS . HIOWER AND HIGHER- NOT TENFEET LOOKING OUT FOR HIMSELF! SALESMAN SAM 0 lev HIT, \F RKiHT- \ OOM'T UWVMTCMP, TO LOSE NER. IM "XH 1 fiiDOV-e OF VT- V&THP.T TAKE A TON OF BRICKS! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIFA'DS THtWK FREOO£S 15> Rl&HT-THEWW HE PULLED VOO OUT WA.& SIWPLV HEROIC I LOVED THAT.'.' W£U. 7RV 1HW SWIM /kCQOSS THE LAKE. AGAIH ibweTlME,WHEKl I GET MORE USED TO THE COLO WATEQ, RW....GOSH! THAT WAS AM AWFUL CRAMP I' HAD .' SAV; THAT CRACK. SHE M&.DE ^BOIJT VOU BEIMG HEBOIC? DNA S'PO&E MEAKTF THKT? 1IUH'? DO VOU? *EE—»6N'T SHE NAHH 5>HE JUbT 1M.K1M' ...WHV. YOU AREN'T JEALOU5, ARE YOU I'M &O1MG-IV1 GET OPENED — I'LL SEE VOU BOVS. LATER SOME. KID? INTERESTED IN WE, FRECKLES — YOU COULD TELL BY THR. VNWkY .StlE. T^KED. COULDN'T VOU? OOM'T GO &ETTIM' CRAZV OVER ' GIRL WOW,JU5T BECAUSE SHE TALKS TO vou! PRETTY,- POT . KINGSTON

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