The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 16, 1937
Page 7
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MA-UCII 10, iOf,7 (AUiC.) CoUhllSh M5\VS war CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION l);iily rale per lino foi 1 consccu- livc Insertions: One Uric per lint lOc 'no times per line per day ... 08o Three limes per line per dny .. Otic Six Uiiiss per lino jwr day .... Ooc Month rate per Hue ...,.• (Klc Cards of Tlmnkt: ...... 50c & 75c - Minimum charge OOc Ads ordered for three or sis times and stopped before expiration will te charged for. the number of lime.s (he ud appealed and ncljiislmtnl of bill made. •:' ' All CJa-ssificrt Advertising copy suumiltfxl by, pcrvns residing outside of l!ie cily inns', ))e accompanied oy cash. Hates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular insertions takes tile one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect insertion of aiw classified ad. Bus. Opportunities Beauty Culture JS THE COMING PROFESSION Learn this pleasant work which l».vs well. New class-ojiening—-state supervised Reasonable Tuition Mrs. V/iliifun Berryman Elaine Beauty Shop Local firm has opening tor man over 40. Good education and willingness to work important rc- riuhemcnt.v. For appointment Call! 07. •'. IBc k' WANTS-BY Dependable low Cost Transportation 33 STANDARD CHEVROLET COACH ?185 1920 PLYMOUTH COUPE .. § 05 1028 CHEVROLET COACH. New Tires. '37 License. Runs' Clood $155 1030 CHEVROLET COACH. Clean Inside and put. Good' Tires.- v SU5 1030 -WHIPPET COUPE. Good Tires', '37 License. Runs Like a Top ...' .'.... Jld 1933 INTERNATIONAL PICK- tfP. . Good Motor and Tires. New . llrakes .... 5175 . D- "B" , PICK-UP. . New'Tires, '37 License .. §215 1920 CHEVROLET , l',t TRUCK TON . S GO 1033 CHEVROLET 1'i TON TRUCK. Una! Wheels and Bed 5195 I.ols of Laic Model Pcr:ls and Chevrolet* Pried! To _ Sell. Broadway Sales; Inc. I'lionc 111 PHILLIPS WALNUT AT When you Ililnk of Iniyin^ ;( )| s i.,| Car remember \\k nill sell you a Ured Car lhal is an It, and O. [to- vomlitioncd and gu:iranl{>:il — so why lake a i-liiuivc? '35 l-'OKO V-b l-xmixm, U:i- clio. i\ dean ear' JKJ 5 Hui>!$ON TouKiNo rou- IX) It. liailio si Heater. Sport Seilaii . $IU5 FOJU>-TUUOH. Clean, <; :|1 - Itadio & Healer, Cily driven ......,..:.-..'. j^is FOR!) TUIIOK..NCIV jwini, S good fires. Motor. A-l'.. $11)3 FOlll) COUPE. Liny mile- age,'ranio §3851 4 CHEV. COACH. New iiaint jajr. l-'OKO TUDOK. -I iitn- HITS. new Ford battery' §135 0 CIIKV. SKI)AN. Tires uud molor 0. K. Itadig £• heal- Phillips Used Car Lot Phone 810 loy Calvin, iiiex, Used Car Drill. Business Directory fr'resli llcclfoot CRAPPiE / 3Sc Up ' ' Ciga relies, 2 pkgs. 25c HARRY BAILEY Gas and Oil Stale Line at ilic Arch 'RBSH YARD EGOS, 25c cloz. 'Mrs. j;' p. Pride, Pride Sub- nh'ision. Call 498-W. IScklf ^.^^^fiwdj o? all kinds ". ::'_~* i !f' *,&*?•<&*+*;- - . tJalt<5r?iY.s"& equipment for" D tKill,'-'handball, Softball, soccer tennis, track & boxing. Best Prices MOS'I' COMPLETE STOCK Sl'UAY ,11ATi;iU.-U,S and JNSECTICIDL'S ill tins locality J-'nr i«e nil all FYiiiL Trcus, ShriiUbery and Vegetables Shoiise-Henry H(Jw. Co. J. W. Shollsc Wilson llcnrj W'K ATTENO TO M.I. DETAILS Ijet's Talk It over—Phone 100 E. C. KORINSO.V I.Uilllllil; CO. "MV COAL IS BLACK— 81 UT I TKEAT YOU WHITE" I Also Pay. Best Prices for Hides & Metals JOHN BUCHANAN Phone 107 Shoe Kcpairing NEW DEAL~SHOlTSHOP 121. West Main. Simon P. Lee In charge •« I'liotos FREE with Each Order ,>for Half Sole Job CITY SHOE SHOP Try us once ' Then try us twice '»ler (lint you'll let. ,, s no your shoe work the Rest of j-c-r lif c AI. 1-TJKKMAN & n. li. ]i() ? (1 »ors cast Penney'.-; LM:s - Lauiidry Poultry & Eggs WANTED •Vc nay. highest market prices Jo: all --kinds, : poultry.; Fisher". S 5'aiiics at Guiiies Grdccry & Mar:et, U W. Main. . " BABY CHICKS ALL VARIETIES : Custom Hatching MARILYN HATCHERY llwy, Cl North, Blytlicvllle Yoiint! wliite Plymouth Rock HENS $1.50 each; rooster free will each 13 hens or single roosters 51.50. : -vuuott-'.Ioluison Poultry Farm . road. TEAM OF MULES, rensonabls. Pa Burks, Dagwocd Ridse. 10-pk-l 275 Cedar PENCE POSTS, 7 long. Cheap. Mrs. Wiley Eskrkli 400 Ysrl/ro road. 13c k"l Half & Half cotton seed. Reasor able. B. B. Hodge, rt. 3, Box 52 13-p-k- 8 foot Fay Rogers. Meat ComUci Cheap. Mrs. Herb Thompsoi Gateway Store. lie kl New Bargains! We have some especially good Ira. gains in cars, trucks and pick-iijx Eec Our's JJcforc You Buy! 1336 International '.» Ton Pick-U 1935. Ford Hi Ton Truck 1920 Chevrolet Sedan 1031 Chevrolet Roadster 1930 Oakland Sedan Delta Implements, Inc. For Rent Nice Ijixlrcotn, :«ri>c c'.oscl, udjoins bath. 212 W. Kcnlucky. 8-tk-1-8 STORIJ UUUJ}lNcroir"w. ' Main St., near new Inclory tile. Reu- sonnblc. .!/. I'owlei-. 3-ck-tf Nicely rurnislicii BTBAMHKATEL) BEDUOOM, Imlli. Call 560. ' Furnished, .sleamhealcd Aparltnent. Telephones 197 ami 571. Do MS Modem 4 Uoom TUIINISHED AiKiilnienl. Phono 280. 2Go ktf EASTER USED CAR BARGAINS For early Kastcr and the. maiiv nwnllis lu follow. You need U car Hint looks classy, runs well, economical | u d rlyo and easy lu pay for. TIICM- quallllrallons lit ever) UwU Car nni) Ihtj. ait all lYIntl Rh;)il. Kasy Cl. jj. A. C. nan ISAlUiAINH - HAHGAINS _ AND MOUK HAKGAINS! 4 room furnished (.partnieiH. 1031 \V. A^H. call OC8, v ' 21-c_-k-tl Modern • 3-rooin FURNISHED AparlinciU,-224 IJonaan. Mrs. A. Wcit. • Go ktf 2 room FURNISHED npai'tmcnt, Vcanouable. 313 N. Sixth. Phone S7J. •1 room fnnilslied apt,. 1015 IV. Aslj. Call 4/15-W. Mrs. Ciooclwin. 19-t't Real Estate 'or Sate: o room house with entire furnishings. Call 428-J for ey. Mrs. L. S. Briscoe. 1310 llearn. 15-ph-18 Room and Board $6 PER WEEK njoy 'comforts of .-strain lira I. ot iinii cold wafer'.' good food, all or this lo\v' pricc.-" : •' I'eabqdy Hold 111 K. Mnin ll-U-k-18 •:H cm; VKOLCT Nicely furnished BEDROOM, till W. Mnin. ;MI-S. Wlcklmm. FURNISHED aiiartment, 108. W. Kentucky. Phone 083. is-ck-2'2 Wanted To Buy AYE PAY CASH FOR 2ND HANI) FURNITURE Hiilibanl Zmt Hand Furniture Store rhbne 1031 We Pay ?6-§7.50 per ton Tor Scnip Troii; Radintors : i?l?1.50, Jlctals Sc lo 12c lb., also buy hides & old batteries AHIAN AUTO :>AU'1'S 128 E. Main . - phone, 178 WE BUY Hides & Metals Woof & Scrap Iron lilj'thDvlllc Iron & Mclal Co. MI?1V| PET VIQOR J.IJ.AJJ.I. ^ ew pslrex Tonic Tablets conlnln raw oyster invigorate™ nnd olhcr stimulants. One dose. iw|)3 up oi'Biuui, glsnrts. If nov dclluhtcd, mnkcr rcfumls tew cenls paid. Cull, wiltc Kirby Bros, iij; stores. . • Farm Loans $500 Up ALSO LOANS Oft DUS1NESS RESIDKNCISS. FlLtj- ING STATIONS. Don H. Kasserman ' Room 220. Lynch P. 0. llox COACH, Clenii. Huns Clnoil. '31 CllliVHUl.K'l' AtASTKK COACH. Healer and 1937 '•"••fuse ...' ^3« COACH, 2 NCH- Tires, ,3 Alimist New 5'M.I .SKllAiV. '35 roiio y-s i: ~ DAN. |tc:i| " "mis Ciooa el Cundilion. ........ i! i.uxi: SK- ClPiln Cnr. '31 (III UVKOLUT COACH. . A lt«al Jluy I'oi- Sunicoi\e •'35 t'OKI) V-8 UK I.VXK. COll PK. iitnnblo Scat, Kaillo mid Healer, Only ., 'as nonci Motor COUPK. Tli-csA-1. rcrfcel. luilld •..,, 3!i I'l. VMWirrtf CDACII. Ci I'lj- Tires All Arounrj. Clean. Motor A-l. l.Onk'This One Over .... •35 roit]> V-8 IMCK-ll I'" T1IUCK. KfA Color. Ne« Molor ; ;...:..•....'.; '.; • '' '30 CJIKVROLKT iji TON -TKUCK, Itall Uuy •35 CHl;vitOL!iT 1 •/. ro'N TKUCK. J.SU-ZO Tires • Alan.v Other ..L'iiis anil Tnii-fe To Cliuose. IVoiir We.Have Se-mc Car As Low As ?Z5.00 to J50.M - All Kun TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. \Vantcri .WANTED—AMBITI 0 US HUST- LER. Sell .nawleigh Products Nt"(J-il everj ' IIOIIR Cnsllj wld PleisTiu wort should ^lail earn- Inn $25 \\ceklj and intrcfcxc rn|i Idlj We, leich \ou hou Hawlcighs Urpt. AKC-21-50, Mcmpiiis, Tcnn. l''or Sale ot 1 llenl ROSES— prepaid. Hardy iwo yeir field i,io*n c\cr blooming ulqnfs ircc dcscriiitlM; fottlcr. ROSE, NURSERIES. Ilo-, 020 Ijlci ToMts 15 pk-aj Personal Phono 8T! WHCEI If cxresii nd<l causes you Siomneli Ulcers, GBS Pains, In- dlBestloii, Heartburn. GET freo samjile doctor's |)i-escrli)t!oji, Uflcu, al Klrby. Bros. Drug Co. lUTOLOAN^ NO KEn-Vl'Al'K Bovi'ou' iiioney on your cur to pij lor your licenses und other mils- Car need not. be paid for. Bco V. \V. JllVI.LlNS Sudbiiry llldu. Phono «b Batteries IIATTEUY SERVICE -„ ,' Call J. Ben dune "' Phone 8 at Tom JaclaoD's *"{' ^gfjjj^m^^^^^^^^^^^^^^'^''* ** I Gay & Billings, Inc. 4 Coal . Feed - Kindling ",J! 1'hone 76 AVanled LAUNDRY, TOIIEh dry or Jliilslicd. Cowl work. Mrs,. Mick, ClU Lake. ' 2 'I'RUCK; DRIVERS ol 5 years cx- l)pHc,iiee. Must know elly, Roy i; Plilllips Motor Co. lb-ck-18 pnc-fonrlh ot all ll:c mohair con- s»"ied In Hip untied stale's h used In.the miimifflcturc at niitoinobilcs Photic 700 BtVTIIKMLLE Superior Coal & Mining Co, FOR SALE \Vo ),nvo a limited supply of "ce A fnlfa seed, and prlco h Bltincllw Also several tons of SloneiJllc No. 4-A colton Seed oiio icai from t),o breeder, we' rolled niMi sinowi tlicm and stnlo leilerl. We Imvc soveml "miid^ Inishel", of Beans mid Pens j y Will sell or trade for any other ^aiicty of Collon Seed pr Beam L. R. Mattkws Gin Coi I'd. liu-rs Yarljro. Ark Collon, Collon 'Seed and C'oa "i i i i «t» I LEFTY'S-1- J* t SERVICE STATION/'^! rtikansas-Misiouri Liuo ! Shell Products ' Visit ona of Uio most inod- ein bcivnd sluUcms In. the Soutlt. A courteous btnlt ot allcudanls at your scivlcu 21 lionn u Cotton Seed ! ! ! DPL 11. ROWDEN. STONEVILL 4A BEST PRICES Biytheville Gin Co. USED BRICK. Cheap. A. K. Carter. 607 N. 5th Si. 3]> V.4-3 PLUMBING! Fixtures, ](.,)e, fittings, all bathroom accessories, valves, electric water sj-.-tems for farms. Water softeners, fillers or any other item connected with plumbing or heat"PETE" THE PLUMBER Pair joiing draft mares and harness, reasonable. Guaranteed • to be sound and i-oo:! workers. Wt. 2,500 Ibs. Joe Craig, Phone 74.' 27c klf I-:x|iericncc(l Workers - Quality Cleaning - courteous Service 510 W. Phone 200 Marvin Sawyer, Mgr.. Auloniolivc Goorlrich Budget Man Tires -'Tubes - Batteries Lome and Far») Auto Radios BUFE JONES-TIRES SPECIAL BARGAIN Mules ! ! Sw Us Before You Buy- Best Prices Also Several Good Used CULWATORS PAUL BYRUM Mules For Sale DELTA IMPLEMENTS, INC. MINNOWS G. C. Hawks, 300 F.. Slain head of Good MULES sale. Sec Paul Bynun. Scktf SElBm Illinois. Kentucky C OAT, ^Shaver-Foster Gin Co. Phone 278 Chlckasawba A; K. R CHOICE DPL No. 11 _.,„. SEED carefully saved for our 'own .we.. BARGAIN. ' ,< i Electric Gin CCK i LUXORA, ARK. RING coi tnlnfng' bottle opcnei nul lenllio lin c ianu MY tlOMU. 919 \V S. Slcrnbcrg. .Call -08 ehnryes nt Courlci Nev?s BREAKDOWN" \ QUICK, YOU.GUYS RLE BACK OWTO DIMMY.' WE GOTTA TAKE OUT APTER THAT CRITTER.' WO TELLIM' WHATLL HAPPEW .'T'FOOZV IP WE DOMT RESCUE HIM PROKITO) GIODAP, DIWMYr YOU HUHK OF LIJTARO i GIT GOIW,' SAV, ALLEY-is "THB3E SUMRM TH MATTER WITH DIWMY? _ ^ OJ«? BV ME* SERVICE IHC. T.H HOOTS AND HER HUDDIES *f *L HUI? HAS A WAY! west' V.ET Mt OH,HE HAi^, AVUt^OVV Ht'S MADE PLENTY WASH TUJJIiS THEN PUT 'ER. IN GEAR.ANP) WHEE! -r' W6G.OTTA STEP IM HEI?B. MftVE A TAIK PW VOU $?O / THE TO TRAIN IN /BETTO6/8CW 7i> BET Of EASV I ANY MOKE. J^S AND HIS I KIUNUS FUNNY DOINGS! FROM THE I OOKS OF IT, I JOWY TWIMK AKIY OF us OH OPEW IT... GOSH 'AWD WO OWE LAID A HAWD ON, IT ! IT SURE IS 'I GEE GAVE MS A START; AWD I...I'D LIKE AMCJTHER OFABOLTT A HUNDRED YARDS.'.'

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