The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 15, 1934
Page 3
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1DS-1 +,*i Tlie hfgli school P, T. A. met riiesdsy in m e auditorium when Mrs. fir-lina I<pnt?, Morrison was in charge of the program, filit KPOW oil I'Tenchlne Children lo iM'f the Brautlful".- 11ir> theme of [lie prngrnr/j was 1 -llnd T Tivo r,on«s' ( Would Roll Onr of Them to ttfA My Soul."Short,: talks vvero hiaile hy Cluu- Ij'n Mcl,eod Oif "As A Frrahmnn Hff-s Meanly",, j. W. Purllo oil '.TtPiiuly in Nature", Miralyth Edwards on -:Beauly Iu Syniinet- Jtail . resign", nelly .Ifa MeOiil- clien .on "Br-auty .in nrania", N. H. Meimril on "Hoanty in pio tares",. Helen ilarwoll on "Itf-aiily In Poetry", Jiick Prybr on "Iteauty in Books", Je.walyji Jilomeyer Marjorio. Wood, Virginia l.itllc! Anita. Straekc 'find" Mary Eunice l.ij'/ibn r/n "iiraiily in floiisehold Am", Gordon ' ttamey on "Bc-ilily In Manual ArU". "taiHy !n Music" was expressed by Rolieri Keeder, Roy Graves, l/?roy Brown l ; yslra Brack™, RV.I L-OII Hawk Ins! Virginia Millf and 'molma Koeh- Jcr when they ran* -.'Sllcnl Nlshi" In', the business intcling It was voted to appoint a committee lo outacl the .stale legislature In sgard. to. l'. T. A. projects. Ihe projc-c-t chairman, Mrs. Zal a. Harrison, . reported 67 < books added t,o the, library with <ugoal . ot 100. A prize of 51 tins; ten •took* 0 C roo " l ' ecu '"B l»c most, ; A' .membership drive will | K ] started soon, -nitre are CO paid j up members with 150 needed to i "•..Wllhcliii's. first to have I IWI per cent paid- up slu'dents. I Her room also won the dollar i prize for having-the mast mothers [ iirtsenl. ."Anne of Green Gables" wlik-h slnr boivrilm. plan to bomnv Ilio •omos In the Rlt?. theater Siniday nccessmy money from tup toy- mil Monday, is taken from llw mate, to whgni they ure appreu- , lamoiiB book. Tlio story wolves tlral. nut. stm'ifoy me.w; tin an t crf -around Annr- Shirley, who is order from.SaiiUi Clnus which re- P' lvl<! ' llo n« , Wllll.worUi, Etfolcne adopted Into tlic Jointly of the suits in «,(, iimnufactm-e of 100 middle uwa bioiher unit slslov. robot soldiers, six feet full nl- Uiroiiuli a slip-up on the pan, of though uoo soldiers one fool lull jirjihiiiniBc officials. Tim couple had tern appdrtcd. Boili Slan nnd Imd ordered a boy and received Ollle are n'rp'd. . , •- — • --..|-»t .^,. t ,j -i[>i t.(iit(i. fjllLlt iT^ClUi niUl ii * ' "-"tit. t^iii- Imd ordered a boy and received Ollle are n'rp'd l"' ls - lmkf Amloiwn, Kntle iJim- in flwkwanl. rat haired and Unabln now to Hie HPCM- U ' rt| Mai ' ! « • l)oolpy - nni1 ^Wn fiec^lwl little girl. As she bios- sary money, Laurel . and' liiiidv u ' :lll:!; - A P !ll ' l y of tdvps Ls comjios- soms Into womanhood liiere Is turn u> Mibtm-nigA to rtl tlic Wld '' of • C|1 ' 0) 'W ! ' Worwinan, John tragedy and love- vvith Tom Biwn o* Peep out or the' clutches of Wllit - 0 - ™nvvin .Smith, Hnrycy f '- s lhc "«''o.' ' ' uarnaby. who. ,,uhou E h 88 yea'i ^ 1 ""' is ', Tom • ' ^vnrl. Dill • In*" ntrn mri.^f j« ,., ,-,. ... IoKlllllllCK. \V. IF Itnh<im\l.ifr A».I ----- IP —•• • -ii in »»-• . * «n, IIJVUUL, irv a MTIPS Ol f-"! 1 !! *; .Hither Brown, Detective" to be brliiRs to Laurel and llnr ly a shown al the Ril* Tuesday and ducking in llic village pool and Wediiesaay. How Father Drown banishment from the Kh wlom o outwits some jewel Uiievps and Toyland: a tight, with the liom- captwres an intemiUlonnl thief We inhabH'antS of Bogoyland and reforins him for the girl he the final follinf. of llarnuby the loves- is cleverly told. ,villain-ending- with Bo-l>ecp 'liap- nr,., i< r i " • ! py in tlln IU '" U > of llcr sweethcfirt Beautiful voices, stiiTltiB music Tom-Tom, anil Laurel aim IT,,,,,\,', 1 lie junior Wgh - puniLs pre- .wnled a Christmas play anil |>ro- wani. of • Ghristmas songs '.at, the monthly meeline- Wedn'csrfay. Tii- Itev. Alfrect -Carpenter, pastor rf ; the First. Baptist chmx-li. spoke on . »cny Shall Not Live by Bread ; .Alone" iii which he emphasized • te need or religions education In thfi homo and churel,. Ho sa |d "the ' fcin, wlOi that of (he church and - ny presenting in Its teachers examples of lives ll'vecl u-orUilly"' in- tlit- business session Mrs A M- , \Vii.slibiirii asked thai thu p J. A contribute clolhlne for nu- P"s in need or clothes. The as- Eoclallon voted to adopt a needy family for Christmas. Toys food ami clothing toll be donated and 'the seven liomc rooms will pr e• f ' ts w!lich win te dis- through relief orsanira- Miss irazcl Sample's room woi: n L^°r for " le tar E p!i ' attendance of mothers Hurricane Schedules , Cage Games With Chicks JONESBORoT^«-r, Dec 15 Coach Ralph Hnlziip announced today that he has scheduled two more gnmcs for Jonetboro hl?li school's basketball team. -The Goldclads wm meet Blytheville's Chlckasaws at Jones boro Jan. 29 nnd will piay'at Bly- tlievllle on Feb. 15. . . The philosophy tl'iaf Rcntine? niliid and • matter i, tooun ns 1'antlielstn. Bt.YTftEVTt.LE (ARfv.) COURIJiR NEXT .WEEK"' at Blythe&illes Theatres THE Ciirietmas EnleHainmenl al Sudijury School Monday ' The faculty ami studiHils of Ruil- liui 1 )' school will offer nn opc-rotlu, "The Christmas nnziinr." nl- llie sclmni auditorium Mmiihy K 1:30. • - h Thi) cast Includes; .ionium Baxter, Ulolse fiaiut-s, Herman Po'.oy, t'lmrlw CMliiwell, liobci t nouelivu, nuviil llooiie. CUuidc Stownil, Nannie Craig. Oldcin- K i use.v,. Sylvia Rckliunii, sjilvlii Cool:, riosle bers or the chorus ure Today's Markets . Jack Tujlur. .Icnllfi Wcbli, WfiltcV Klrli, Cleialdlne UWmi). Vh-jlnln Wrlghi, Jack Llark, Dolly Slmrp, Jprouic IJfln l els. Uulsp Aiulorwi), Kntle iJim U-rt, Marie t Dooley, ani wants, to marrv . '"• e, ans, o marrv Bo->M'n I'aul J-UIMS, Walter Connelly nnd .Widow Peep's Ifl-year-old '- diiiel i 1 ' 11 " 1 Jerlnidu Michael are stnrred In ter. Thn resull K a fcrle- ot E-wiLsl ' Wr ' 8l ' t; Muir lire snow fulrifs. There will be no atlmlf.slon elmrgc' for the oiteiliilnmeiil, to which all patrons and friends of tho school nre invited. buck in the (foixl Rinces of Tnyl Innills inhabitants. "Home on the Range-," to he shown at the nitu Saturday features Jackie Ccbg^.' now fully grown,' who ill bo iiul Laurel and Hardy's hilarious comedy ,uii(ke "Hate iu Toylmul," the Hal nojich-M-o-M producdoii ol Victor Herbert's delightful op- c-rctla, a niin. you hiivv; no right to miss. It plays at the Hit?. Thursday and I'YIduy" Moving through faiitjjstlral))-'hk",iicni're "Tho Kid" with C'iiar" goi-geous scte, the colorful char- lie Ohapllri; The «oiy an acUon cieters of Toyland present a story draum. h located h Alaska ™ ihnt is interesting v , both -grown- the suites, nnaVas written by m yomifisters. izune Or f ,y. it deals w 1, ince Widow Peep, who live* in eroots who specie in c<ld nr .Shoo, will lie evicted tram "sailed" fold mines ami tlir-v ,it her home unless S}IE pays air the tempt lo swindle a ma yw u, hold by sinister Baraa- whom the woman mcmbt." of the The most densely iwpulatcd Island In the welst Indies Is Unr- bados. injios John irycy H. HohaniilnB (iiul ml, Jrtck Smith, llel- Maxlnc Itiirrls, Mnry Burks and-'n.irls •New York Cotton vonic, i>c, ir> (UP) - i-losi'd steady. (ifien lilnh Inw dnsi 1 1201 1201 I85S iar>-.l 1M9 120) 12-t!) I'Jrta 1203 12UH 1207 )200 1202 l2Uii 1'Jfil I2M 12M I2M ,l«n ! fifaivh Way July CWl B|«)l - .- 12-13 stra'iTy at, 12P.O, nil- Vew Orleans Cotton NEW OHLKAN8, Dec. ]H (Ul')_ Cotlon closed Ktcndy, open lilsh low close 1253 1553 12I>3 1241b IMI 12S4 1254 124111 1203 12C9 1257 12.W 12IM 1270 I-W a 12.W 1202 ISfJO 12M 1250 1260 124 IJec Jail Mnrch May • « iv J ttlU l£.1f, l^'li S|»ls claw-d steady at 1211, oil' 5 Mny July Chicago Corn npoli lilRh lo^ D:I i--t o:t M DI 3-1 ii no M no 7-n us i-i in l r>.ii Closing: Stock fitifo'ii the and Oli film, who by. Toyland's on,y viHaln. Sto Irto"^^^.^^ I^T.^ t" B | liver Italy, sUirs of filn to happen at a-fiist arid luri- ' . nre Widow Peep's i OILS pace. THE IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKXSAWBA DISTRICT OF: MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS. , Albert j. aticgcme'ycr, Plaintiir, vs. '. Savnnah,, Langley Aniold. et al.. - . .' ;.". Defendants. 1VAKNI.VG OKDKR The defendants, Mnry II. Kics: Icr, Lucy. Klesler, Dorothy Kipsler Rlisluuore, W. L. Rushinore. Marie Kiesler. T. ;J. Kiesler, Olive Kiesler, • Eugene Kleislcr. ifcnrietta Kiesler i : and E. p. KiMlcr, nfe warned to i; appear in ihis Courl wilhhi three -v{> onths . to answer the .conipluint :>Jf the plaintiff, i WITNESS my liancl as Clerk 01 said Court and the seal thereof t this isth day of December. 1934. f "- / R. L. OAINES, Clerk. \ . ]5-2'^-'^0- l S COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE is hereby given that:the undersigned commissioner, in compliance with the terms of a decree rendered by the Chancery Court for the Chicfoisawba District of Mississippi county, Arkansas un the 28 dny of November. 'iM< ivlicreln American Central Life i Ins, Co. was Plnintirf No. 5332 and Harry W. Cowan, ct al., were Defendants, will sell at public auction to the highest and best bidder, for cash, on a. credit of three months, at the front, door of the Cofirt House, bctxi-ecn tlic hotire prescribed by law. in the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, on the 3 day of January, 1935, the following real estate, lo-wit: Northwest '.i of the SotiUi- wst v, of Section 13, To\vu- sl'lp H N. Rnngc 8, cast. pW Sale will be had to satisfy sa d decree In tho sum of $22-10.60, ,,,, 10 Per cent Inleresl from Ju <y IS. 1933. • Thc Purchaser nt said sale will rLIf 11 , ort (0 execute bond with nE'*i l sccllrit y -t« »««iro the and a if ° f thc P< l « n «< ! «\° nc Y, <-,c,i „.. wl " be retained upon said prowitv «* additional secur- 'Mm-dcr in the Clouds," tlic Firs!, National production which is scheduled as the feature attraction 1 at the noxy Tliealre on Sunday and Monday, i.s ' a melodramatic mystery thriller with a most amazing . plot Involving the commission of wholesale murder thousands of feet in the air. The story is one of fast and furlfli.a action, breath-taking siis- i pca-:c and enough thrills to pnck ! a dozen pictures. It evolves atioiu the secret attempt, of' International spies to steal tlic formula from the United Slates government of; a new high explosive, nnd to obtain which they are willing to 1 comma .any .crime. Tliq blowing, up O f an airplane «'itii }ls passengers and crew far up above the cloud.'; and the subsequent chases uftcr the air rob- beis and murderers by army planes, involving machine gun'bat- tles, the shooting down of airships, thrilling parachute jumps from burning and falliiifT' ships add to (lie intensity of tlic dm-1 malic situations. Thorp also; Is a naming romance in which two airpllots tattle for tlie love of Ann Dvorak. I-J'lc Talliol ,-tnd Gordon Wcsl- cott nre. the rivals. Vfecott is also] one of the conspirators. I In a plot, based on actual hap-' penlngs in a newspaper man's career, Tim McCoy will to seen as n daring reporter in "Hold the Press." when It comes to the Row Tliealre Tuesday. Wednesday anil Thursday. ',.The story is from the npn of Horace McCoy, ; formerly •• a news- i p.iper man in Dallas, Texas. While employed in tliat, city, Mi-.'McCoy uncovered a vicious underworld j racket, lli.u preyed on paroled :rlmiiialK, keeping them always in-: uebtcd io the rA£V:qteers aim crooked politicians who fostci-rd the practice. j McCoy has tflken the high-lights ' of (ho eloiy anil woven them into a screen story, "Hold tlie Press" in which Colonel Tim -McCoy is starred ns the daring, reporter "who gets on the trail of (he rnckectcrs and exposes them at infinite risk The plot furnishes thc actor with plenty of fast, and cxcitiii" a<lventure before he finally rounds' up the crooks. Machine guns chatter nnd bullets whine, and a hnif- riozen exciting personal encounters l;cep the excitement at hlgu pitch throughout thc story. Roin- nnce is provldiv] by "pretty Shirley 'Grey. tal holiday, are Ticlty Drnblc, Lena Andre, -Ichita Lane Addle Phail, and Shirley ' ROXY last Time Today Matinee & Night-^lOr - U.LU iikt; evil i ~™ --»•», on this, the 8 day December, 193-1. H, L. OAJNEs Commissioner In chancery. A oast .of alt star qimllty brings RKO-Radlo Pictures' romantic ccmexly "By Your Leave" to tha Doxy Friday and. Saturday. leading parts 'arc- carried by Neil Hamilton, Marlon Nixon Glenn Anders, Oenc Lockharl' Margaret, Hamilton, Charles Ray ' Others seen in the gay romance v.hich centers about the hllatl- Q>iMy surprising results of o mari- FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSDttANCK DEFT. Chicaao Wheat O|KI> liluh low close May 101 5-8 102 3-8 100 7-0 100 7-R July 85 5-8 8(i 1-4 in 3-4. 04 Saturday Only Maiinee 2:30—10c.- 25c WYNE SERIAI, - - CARTOON Sunday-Monday MATINEE.& NITE—lflc-35, Sunday - Monday ~" —ADDED— "Madhouse Novelfy" "Garden. I'ai-ly" Corned) Parnmount iNews NF.W Vp(!K, Hoc: 16 widely on Ihc stodk r-xcl, dny while (lie italn I LSI and mlxi'd in A I'IUJTOW A. T. nnd T Anaconda Copper BtHhli?Meiii Hloel Chrysler clllw; Service coca Colii ,... Cloncrnl Anifirlcan 'niul Cli'npral Hloctrlc Ol.'IIRIllI MotOtK Intcrniitlonnl llnrvcslcr MontiJOiiiery Ward ,.,.. New York Central , Packard I'hlllllK PctroJeiiin lindio Corn ...',..!.... Simmons Hcils Stcindiuil of N. J Texas Co U. S. 6tcel MeKe.sson-liobblus ..... .iiift -i- to- 105 7-8 II Ml :» . 31) 6-8 1 1-2 150 1 10 -is-ii :ii i-f 31) 3^-1 •>\ 3-1! •1 H-t 14 1-a f)!, 10', 1-4 10 5-!t 1!) 3-4 :m U 1-4 7,onllo ,!!,. H. (tin^lling' 4 1-4 il r . i-a (i. S. Plang topographical Map of Western State* iflAKO PAIit.S, hlnlio, (UP)—A cohiproh^ivslVi % t(ilJo^i-(i})liloAl iind irPo!oKii\il /.'jrvfty of, \vrsein hloti l (is 0 l;n.fls for niitianni [ilnnrilrij n l*( s lii(; iirfiert by (fiifoHl n. Rlipppint, ohalrma'i) of Urn niirtlmnstfrj) Idllio plniinlnit Ikiifrd. lil I'.'tlCM In c.lmiiilK'rfv of com- inorce of ]eli(llnj> cities niiil lo Mr.lio Islhllyu iilllclnlK, Shpppiid do.....roil the work not, only vould i-iV'i a /iomiiiiioiil Ditslf, ro'f d^velopmont of imlural rc;;ouroi's, but would fn- clHlnti; work of district, lUalo nml nittlonnl plaiinliiRS In lilgliwny eon- slnictldii, iKiwiir/iind wiilcr ilcvel- 6;mienl, liuxt (levetoi/niciil niul jiop- iiiiUion pJaiiuiiiif. Klioppnrd iirtfod Dint ttio '.uuoy l» comlliirtiHl by tho Unite I Stall", Geological survfy, with "federal money nilproprlatoil for Ihf. pur- T.r.WfSTON, M(>, (UP) — Willie ecirlsiiy of state nnWiwou 0. '1'obey wni holdlne a liearliiR for iWllciml* far rratornllon of wilo- ;nnl)Ho llcpnrcs, 111'. mfpnikMl nu- inoblla wa OAKH OP THANKS We Msli to express my iltrp nnd ..ncpia npiJiccmtion to iiH'vlio helped me jirovMp for the bwlM r.:xl ruiiernl of my litubniul, Rvaiv, Mrs ctcni Hvnns 7« TONS HAY FOR S/\I,i: Alfalfa, Pea nnd Mixed ijny H. C. Kn.-inponfit'rgcr Xnw located at 101 NortH Sfcoril ADDJNG MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Troprltlor HI iu»k« of rebuilt Typewriter*. %ddtn|( Machlnti and OalcnUtot. Kf.ftltlaf— P »ft»— Ri HHI rj» ANNOUNCING THE NEW 1935 CHAMPIONS ^'£ CrJr lT' VA " r 'T' i r-'' W ' I "? W '"'' WmWi '"""' ' M "'" ! " R ' "">" ° M!c "'' PvMufarifWtto&Ofa^tpkg SriS!7T 1 ,'"7" T " mS ' f<H " ed C "" • • • iCifn ' iflfa "> i>tM ' -^achL^toS^Jo^n^ 'f{;, f T ^ rute ~' e f ardl <* «*"'»' <l"f«»S """ «fc Of, ««• »/,«, new con,p mn d ^draulic fcU« »L ari of Mav-notonng l,a S e>cr hw ... - ro H ,,rf,,, g comer, at hgh Vccd, . . . , mn cMeTby a«y «r rcgardl** of price... MAKE US PROVE IT! MAKE US PROVE IT! MAKE US PROVE IT! The biggest thrill in the world is la own a Champion! They're here., and they're the most sf>eciacuhr new cirs that motoring has produced in many nyeir the brilliant new miracle-rule Stmleb.ikcr Champions' Sec and drive them and we guarantee you'll be unable to see an)tiling eke in the enfffe motor car field . . . so far nd- vanccd arc these Studebaker. Champions over any cars that have ever been shown. These new Studcbakcrs . — . troduce a sensational advancement ... Studcbaker's own exclusive independent planar wheel suspension ... an ad- vinccmcnt tint o\crshadows jli other lypes pf suspension in comfort, safety,and stc.idincss. And Studcbakcr's gifted cn- fji.neors liiyc gone funhcr nnd dcvisid a IKW type of hjdrau- ]ic brake* . . . compound Jiy- dr.iulichrikcs . tint gisc these champion cars the world's safest, swiftest, smoothest, straighi-Iino stopping. You'll find these new Studc- bakers Champions in appear- ance and appointments, SJim, silvery radiators, gull's,wing fenders, air-curved .tops and rear decks provide a beauty not approached by other cars., Interiors ace remarkably' roomy—and upholstered, fitted ind finished like §2000 cars. ,1'ind out what Studebakcr has achieved in these 1935 masterpieces. ; Go for a trial'drive; Experience the sporting thrill of piloting a Champion—now! •^ STUDEBAKCR CHAMPIONS ON THC AIR " 1W y". 1 "' "'^ WM| "' Rkh- tru I limber sStudcbikerChim* pions Orchcjirt cntcniins . . . K>« on«I lirnnicui injt Nci» ork. c\ecy Mondijr mglit (P«ciBC Coin ftcry Frick? nighl) . . . Columbia BrokdetMiAf Srnfffl, eiuj S«iurd«y nifht. DICTATOR $695 ... COMMANDER SBSS... PRESIDENT M245 ' -tatfactory. Rumpen.tittitptcblequipmentcxtr*. AUTOMOBILE SALES CO. niythcvillc.'Ark. ath and Main TAKE TM5 1TUDEBAKER 'THIRD DEGRIE" ROAD TEST

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