The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 10, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1933
Page 3
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 10, 1938 BLYTHEVILU]; (ARK.) COU1UKK NEWS i w ;#.; York. Oregon, Rhode Island. Wisconsin and Washington. Tile states whose prohibition laws uutomqticnlly terminate with Uit end of referi; prohibition are Connecticut, MtniKMtt «nd Pennsylvania. Several ethers have arranged tor referenda on their state law. NKXT: The new Mt-np In liquor industry. Getting Ready for Repeal Ratification by 36th State Will Automatically End Prohibition.. .M.iny of IKe qurrllcns on Mr. Kvcry ' Man's lins, in rcjanl to jusl ulnl would happen If 3E stales vert lo ratify the repeal pincudmeiil. •»« answered in the irllcuinj artkk. the first in ;i seller «' three, written for tin 1 C'curici- News by N'EA Srrvire slalt BY KODXKY nUTCIIKK NKA Service Writer WASHINGTON—Ratification of ihc repeal ainendm°iil would automatically loss llic liquor problem tack to the states. If a thirty-sixth slate convention were lo ratify, the Secretary of State here would be promptly notilied. He would immediately proclaim adoption of tlic repeal amendment. Litiuor then would become legal in aboul hall Hie slates, representing a large majority of the country's population. Its manufacture nnd sale in w:t territory vculd be subject only to stale and local control regulations plus the old federal inlernal revenue laws. Flood of Foreign ]Jc[Licr Exacted. Foreign liquor could be imported immediately into wet states witn the advent of repeal. The domestic wliiskey stocks are far from adequate for the anticipated demand and a huge flood of imported liquor is expected. The tariff on it would be $5 a gallon, which would have to be paid in addition to the internal revenue spirits tax of $1.10. Congress probably quickly would hnost the internal revenue tax unless It should be held that the rate of S6.40-provUVd for illicit . liquor in n 1926 law—still applied. As far as the federal government is concerned, the situation upon repeal would be exactly that 'viliicli prevailed before there was liny national prohibition law. Distillers could begin to manufacture hard liquor at once, although llic .federal boUtol-in-bond law requires that whiskey be aged [cur years. Shortage Is Foreseen The aging requirement would assure a long hiatus of shortage insofar as American whiskey is concerned. There arc less than 4.MO,000 gallons ol old liquor in bonded warehouses, much of which will be consumed under the liberalized medicinal prescription law before the end of the year. About 10.000,000 gallons are being made, or aged. Much of that whiskey would be stretched by Wending it with ncw- ei spirits, but pre-prohibition consumption ran around 130.COO.OOO gallons a year. Some distilleries are now operating un:!cr pjrmils to pll medi- Pekin, 111., to Have Its Own Health Spa 111. iUP>— Pekin will be Hit- firsl city In Illinois to boasl 11 health spn, if plans of the paik commissioners materialize. Pckin Is leu" in lies' below I'corin, on the Illinois River, and its sulphur water springs have long been known to contain elements of high medicinal value. It is estimated thai $200,000 will be required to carry the project through. This sum will be obtained eilher from ihc Federal Government, 01 the sate of park bonds. Construction will start In September, Steele Society — Pevsonul Wllllo Gum. MU S Hnwl livelier- Irk niul Mry \Y. II. Wulliu-c wont to Ulyilu-vltle Kundiiy mid were nc'compnnlod homi; by Mrs. Oruii. lins been HTClvlnn UviUmenl for minis ill Hit.' lllylhcvlllo hospital. Klir is Imni'ovlni; rapidly. Mis. H. c. Slcclo si 1 ., mul diui«h- tier plnci 1 ill tlic- Could 1 ! nixt Miss Hazel Mulllns Li' touching In til* pliia 1 of Mr, Llm- teugli. whu Hccompnnli'it Ills will 1 . Mi. ami Mrs. IXilan I'l'ltchnrd uiv Hi.' parents of mi t)'*-pound duiigliii'r, IIOIAI Momtiiy ul Ihclr Jiuiu 1 in C'ouU'i 1 . Mis 1,. v. Hiilli'y. who hntl bocn lakliii; iri'sitincnl ul (hi 1 Dlylhcvllli- )u>|)!l:il ri'lurned Kalurtlny lo [In 1 tiL'iiu- i-f Mis. Almn lirhsom. Miss liulli Wull. who six'iit wivk lii-K 1 rcriiviTlns hum u twi- sll updMllim. wliinii'd Sunday In it! mm- h.'i' wort In llii< M'luiiil ut Hc'.'lnnil. Aik. NEW: Imve ivluiw.1 home! Ml - ullll M| . s Kulllk H| S |H K of ivfUT n vWt \Ulli Die Invnu-rs fn-| ninHiiicliam. Ala., .sUipiwil livir iT in the OaiJ'ks, fundiiy [or- n sluirl vUH with Mr. Mrs. (Ins Cooiior spoilt Mtii'.;l«vl l(Ui[ | jj,., j,,!,,, p u] |j s j,._ j lvs lils . ulit ;il the ISIylhtn-lllt; hospital :.| IIK js u q slrv ,, r Ml . S] ,,. lv j, s with her little stEler, Virginiai M,. : j i? Jollfs o( t;™'i'r Mi'"-i'- Mlclile. who Is KCiilOTiitliiK fol- WutnoMlay with her Mill. AUner iK un n|)|)r;iil!\ opciutlmi, Tlie How of liquor Into ihs.nntlcm ? repeal . . . would extend to at least hijlf ilic states . . . ALovc: An exclusive photo iake.ii in (he Joseph Pinch Co. distillery :il Schenly, |>n.. shows fermented iniisli on lie way into n si 111 . . . Lsfli Ti: e black slates on the map are ones In which it Is expected llmt hard liquor would te avulliible Immediately or very SODII after repeal. HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP Tboaa* INTIMATE GLIMPSES AND INSIDE STUFF ON THE MOVIE COLONY stage appearance as a magician. While at the World's Fair, Koscoe Ates signed his autograph 5.000 times in a single day. Gail Patrick Is one of llic bcsl ifle shots in Hollywood, having cored 100 bull's-eyes out of 120 Itcmpts. Judith Allen's best friend is ean Kerr. a girl whom she met | a downtown restaurant when | he first arrived here. I Ed Wyrin was the first come- • lian lo use a cigar «nd glasses us part of his make-up.- That was tack in 1906. cinal "needs." Demand rinal whiskey has trebled and Ihc marriage engagements of three of her daughters. all who i'; vllh Ml::.-, MnylH'll /ahncr spent lust I* end in lll.vllievllle us llie ii'M of Mr. and Mrs. PA Anrtur- fon. ML^es l.tJiil s e Anderson and I'.iiilme r'\:a relumed with Mr nil an- her tim-sl.' this wcel:. Misses Kllu'l Ih'ixiks, llniicl ' 5l -'Haiti's- mid l,iil« Miles shlppi'd ln;|)]|,,i lilslhi-vill,. Monday. , »,•. niul Mrs. lloyl MeHiiiili-1 Hul>.'!l I-'raini'. who v.-as luki-ii (U|i mVl . ;ls ,1,^,. K ,, rst n,,, ii,n,. r '. s i,' Ulyllu-vllk hospital Moudiiv. Is:| m ,,|i 1L .,.. M|S _ Slll | ( |, ol |imici:i, ' l liuv: \sell following LIII upii'^iul.x 1 1 \\^ iijK'iallon. Mi. mid Mrs, Nevvlicrrv .Joluv'tni. Ally, liny Ilnnii'i- niui Miss linlli lluiper .'iii'iil SiiudKy In Mnu|iliis wlu'ii' Mr. .lohiison mid Miss lliu-p- er luul llnul esinnliiiitUms ulii'r ciiriatlons ut tin 1 Methodist luis- Mi. mid Mrs. Sum Ihiiuvi l<-'fl iimliiy nli'.ht for Clilcngo ID !-pcnrt wi'fk al OIL' fulr. l-'it'tl Hnintn sjM'nt. lust wvei I'l'itl wlih u'1-.illvc.s nl •I'lptonvllle, Toun. Mis. R. C. SU'ulp jr.. iintl dntitfh- IIT Mary Kllyiilx-lli mid Miss Mll- 't! Ovirliivf uiv sp-jtidlnK li's -'V. in Llndenliii'e in tny Ozurks as uiiesls of MrsJH. F,. Ilne-nnT. Mi. mid Mrs. Oils Cooper. A. n. Ihu-khiuu tnul ^Misses linogene Mmmlng nnd Lynn Mlehlc spent Siuulny In Memphis. Mrs. Miimib Llmbautih wii'i lak- en lo llie llapllhi hospital in Mem- p!m Mondny for un np])«idl\ op- c .illon. Mrs, Floyd Wnij.iti'r ' s Hi. J. K. Mi-Daniel and ([IIUK)I- l:, <} Hell mul Hlllli liiivc lr- iniuxl frnm f'ontiito':. Mls.s. Whlli- I runloloc Ml.* Itulli diuvi! In Alii., lo vlsll lin- Liter, Miss Allro. Mrs. .li'ssle McDnmild. ilmiulilci- Mr. mul Mrs. J. C. liiisllr ul Mli'uln. wns lakr-n lo tin- Itlyllu 1 - ille liospllnl Mundny for lii'ul- ni'iil. Vautlli 1 Combs of Memphis Is •Isltlni! liU slsli'r, Mrs. Cubu Hill- Inn. news Wunt AiLi. THRIFTY CAft OWNERS WROTE this CODE quadruped since the new prescription law was passed, so they are increasing output and probably will be going full blast by fall. Permission for other distilleries to manufacture in advance of repeal ha.s been requested and Is now being considered by officials r.sre. Wculd "Strengthen" Betr Brewers, according to informal legal opinion at the Department of Justice, could begin making, immediately upon repeal, beer of alcoholic content higher than the present 3.2 per cent limit. The only federal string on retailers would be the rcquirem;n'. they pay '.he government a special stamp tax of $25 a year. Manufacturers anil wholesalers would also have to have tax Act would auto- -BY DAni THOMAS- HOLLYWOOD — Little known facts i about the well-knowu film celebs:- •"-• The husky qualitj- in Bing Crosby's voice is caused by small growth on his vocal chords It would be a simple operation tc have this growth removed, bu needless io say Bing is perfecLl content to let matters stand a they are. Sylvia Sidney started out lictures as an off-stage screamer She has a grand blood-curdlin crrcatn. John Monk Saundcrs, erslwhil writer and now a director, was the youngest officer in the American air force during the war. And Maurice Chevalier still is carrying, his mark of the war in ne shape of a piece of shrapnel imbedded near his heart—removal of which would bring death. * * * Gary. Lilies His Food Seven members of the old Now York World staff now are writers on the Paramount lot. Gary Cooper spends much of hts lime between sranes in a pic- .iire consuming ice cream sodas— but still doesn't gain weight. An ordinary breakfast for him con- :>sls of four eggs, several strips of bacon, six slices of toast and A Triple Harness FARMJNGTON, .N. H. (UP)-On- the same, day.-Mrs. Krrol S. Hall, v:ife of lh? former county solicllor of Strafford' county, announced More And More Gly-Cas Praise Continues Here Many Throughout This Entire Section I.aud N e w Herbal Remedy As One Medicine \Vithout An Enual MASTERPIECE OF THtE CONSTRUCTION The Thrifty Code for Tire Buyers / Iirri:liy ttrinnixr. In Irat my tlii.i, wurn.ilaii. linlny [iiid equip my cur lirfuro prii-i-s uilMinrr a(>iiiii, \villt I ho Si/f.Nf mul iW<»3( Di'pL'i '1'irt'i I ran fnnl. They must have: Kti'ry lil>€r in <'i'<T.v Sln-lrla t-iin! in frcry |ily HulurnU'fl luul i-i>:«lci) wifli linrt! Hquid ruhlwr, They must hivei 'l'\t-n Kxtrn <riim-l Cunt l'lit'5 Uiuler Ihr. 'f ri'inl Air i'.Tt-ntfr Stmtfilft UMil They must have: ^fii-iitilicnlly designed mill- Kkiil I rriul logivc me li\'i'l{A SAKKI'Y. And still they camc-sUUement ;.,„„„ tirc • urc j after statement from well known , c • and respected mcii and women not Ia Jalr only of Blythevlll? but throughout ihis entire section who are glad lo publicly endorse Gly-Cas lor ihe wonders it has accomplished in case after case of rheumatism, AKE Ihc Thrifty Code—ymir Code. Ruw innlcriuls, romninilitics mid \vugcs arc up—and going higher. Wlicu you higher — ii's smarl lo liny f;(nr / i interest to women The 'new browiv shades and blacjc linens so, popular for wear now and oarly. fall . . . also aa advance showing of the, colorful new fall prints and ginghams. rcssos We invilc your attention to our . first showing 1 of the -advance ; stylos in .women's and Misses- dresses . . .,all moderately pric- . eel. JOE ISAACS,!* ROSEY SAYS: I bought the entire bankrupt Stock of The Grand Leader at a fraction of its worth and will put it all in a GIGANTIC BANKRUPT REMEMHER— Firestone ' Ciini -Dipped Tires hold ull ^>-orld records on ron<l and Inick for Safety, Sliced, Milcagt and Endurance. Drive in today — wc'llsavcjou money and serve yon heller siarmr;. The Volslcad matically go out Ihc window and the only fec'eral reguiJlcry laws tor liquor remaining would be th^s-: designed to protect dry .states— 11 specifically provided in the repeal amendment. The latter include the Webb-Kcnyon law forbidding shipments into any state in violation of that state's laws, the Wilson act which puts original packages un- c'cr slate jurisdiction and the Read amendment prohibiting the scnd- inf of liquor advertising matter into slates which forbid It. 'Bootleggers and other prohibi- Ucn la w ' violators would stay im- unless and until President, Roosevelt—or tlie stat; governor in cases of slate law convic- ticus—dociifes to pardon iheni. gop.n of 'he stale governors al- rcjrjv have lakeu this course and it is rumored that Roosevelt l:as (."onsidcre. 1 ) a manifeslo releasinj le.lcral piolilbiticn prisoners. Ccntrcl r la "s Varied stales Kavc established llnusr commissions or control hoards lo c'eal with tlie problem ol r'ccu'a"on. Some probably would adont variations of the Canadian nnd Swedish systems. No uniformity is in sight and it isn't certain that repeal wcuWn'1 bring an unrestrained liquor traffic into some areas while n«w state laws are being awaited. The following states now have no prohibition laws of their oun, ac cording to unofficial informatloi con.plled here: Arizona, California. Colorado Delaware. Illinois. Indiana, Louis i&na. Maryland. Massachusetts lour cups of coffee. Herbert Marshall has crossed •;li; Atlantic 15 times—and each .line on a business trip. .Esther Ralston once traveled] .'CO miles to visit the sender of ner first fan letter. Much of Joan Crawford's new picture. "Dancing Lady", is based her own experiences. Tough Buy. Allen Jenkins, -cars a beret during leisure hours. Director Robert Florcy h--5 spent 18 ChristnwsKTin as many tlifTcrcnt countries. * * • Vauls "Alice" Role Jimmy Cagncy has two THE NEW SUPER OLOflEtD TYPE BuillloerffiaJ all fir»l )ine»lani!- ani brand tircsi n qualityicuii- ftlrtiction and apprnrnnrc, hul 1o\»'cr in price — aiinthcr Firestone achievement in saving money for car owners. MK. ROBEKT HOUSE ..•; in Nr,v York, both physicians. Maxine Uddcll of Detroit, a di- ect descendant of Altec Llddcll, vho ri'.c neuritis, stomach, kidney, bowel, blood troubles, that absolutely failed to yield to any oilier medicine or treatment, before. Head Ihc following statement which recently reached the Kirby Bros, broth- Drug Co.. Main at Broadway. inspired Lewis Carroll ;o 'Alice in Wonderland", has pplicd /)r the leadln?'role in the ilcture of this title. Helen Twelvctrecs never lives lauding the merit of this new norc than' a year in one house. This year she is living in a Span- sh style home, next year it will IT one of English architecture. Because he has trouble with his ™icc cracking. Richard Cromwell ,-on't talk on the telephone. Jack Poarl carries a small piece )f wood in each pocket for good luck. Duianlc Prefers Walking Jimmy. Durante never rides In a if he possibly can walk to his destination. The four Mtirx brothers stop "I was miserable for the past 3 years with stomach and kidney trouble" said Mr. Robert House, 70C So. Clark St., Blythevillo. well knov.n city employee who has lived h;rc the past 30 years. "Didn't, dare eat many foods for the suf- they would cause after- v.ards. Foods soured, short ol breath and so nervous al times I would shake all over. Up about tvcry 15 minutes al night with kidneys, sleep and rest was impossible. Then to make life more miserable rheumatism settlctl ii my feet and - legs. Medicines : iried didn't help mid was terribly discouraged when I was urged to try Gly-Cas as so many people here In Blytheyille got such good results from -.It: This was Jus what I had-been needing all these being goofy long enough to drink sears, why In Just a short tlm tea-every-afternoon at 4 o'clock. |i was feeling like a different per uhcsier Morris made his Positive Relief For Itchy Skin Cooling nnd southing Blue Star Oinlniciil melts on tlic skin, sending .tested medicines deeply "info pores where it quietly kills Itch, tetter, lasli, eczema, foot itcli, first son and now I-am relieved of ai thai former suffering. It is'won derful that a .medicine can" glv jthe results of this new Oly-Cas It Is one medicine all sufferers sl-.culd know about for It Is o"e serving of its praise." Gly-Cas is sojd by Kirby Bro. Diuji Co., ^^aln at Broadway, an liv all leading drug stores in sur immdlng towns. OLDriElO IYPE Kprd Clirtrnlrl" ^.'.~~ 4.5Q.SI [$6.30 6.70 .Vnl.- 1>^> VOD-M 7.4S 8.10 SENIINEl TYPE ($5.65 t~ ( 6.05 7.30 COU8IERTYP£ "•W-1S3.4S 4.O.S1 ' 3.60 VWJ _ - 4.65 flresfone Spark Plujs Save Gaselrn* Each in Set; ITc uill lest \anrSparli Ftucf free Dependable ff c tn'H teal onv HIKE *tf Sfe Hrrtlon* Guni'Dippf? Tirfg ntedtt (ri the I'irt*tf>na Jselprv •^ff.^rf Exhibition Briitrfinf at ",< Century cj Troitttt" Cftiw PHILLIPS MOTOR CO, Elylttevilie, Ark. STARTING SATURDAY Morning At 8 O'clock AT PRICES LOWER THAN LAST YEAR This stock consists mostly of fall and winter merchandise and we must close it out to the bare walls by September First as we expect to open in this location at that time with a complete new stock ... We truthfully believe that you will not see prices like these again for years to come and maybe, never. Ladies Coats- Dresses -Hate- Shoes Underwear-Hosiery~Piece Goods Mem Overcoats-Suits-Hats-Shoe$ Sweaters-Accessories Work Clothes All At Bankrupt Pricgs You Know What Rosey Says Rosey Docs PHONE 22O I'irst Door West of Liberty Grocery If You Like Me Call Me

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