The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 16, 1948
Page 3
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ITRTDAT, APRT1- , 1<M8 BLYTHEVTU.E (ARK.)' COURIER NRWS Quirino Speeds Toward Manila Vic«-Prt»ident to B« ^ Sworn in After Death *Of Manuel Roxas By Ralph Teat«Hi>rlh PAGE rtniat Bombs Explode Caruthersville In Bus Station i Music Stud™* In Shreveport Receive Ratings CARUTHEnSVILLE, Mo.. April !#—C«rutli«r»vllle high school students received 12 No. I I«UURK und IS.— ! two No. 2 rating* In t)>« annual Typhoid Immunizations Given at Dell SHREVEPORT, Lj> . April <UPi—A renewed outbreak of vlo leuce tn tlie year-old bus strike, dis- i held al C«P« Oirard«»u Stale Col- pule was feared by police today at- i ree last week end for Soulhe&st ter two sticks of dynamite last night ripped I wo holes In the roof In March residents of Mississippi County bought U. S. Saving Bonds The third In » series ol clinics | S appraxImHtel^one infif'^i nwliv Spring hifch school music resllvnl i sponsored by tlie newly organized j as will need to 'be sold din Inn each Comm'inlty Health OrgtnluUlon I O f Ihe following three and I half was held at Dell yesterday morn- j months it Ihe county is lo reach Security Bond Campaign Gets Under Way Here President Elpi.iio Quivlno, under a ' Sollthf "' T "" lw '"'« bus de - . •«,» rtviiamile iwltce «.lrt was ' Missouri high school music students. One thousand student* from 38 high schools participated. The music, group Ut under dirfc- , ,» viiamle iwce «. was doctor', care for the same sort of b el lewd to I ave' b«n thrown {torn lio "- 0 ' MiM M " r ' ori<! **hcr*ll. lush eart oel " Mf " [0 "a\e been iniown fiom ,,.i,,^, ..,,.«!,. <. ..,„. „(„,. !,.,.„ ^ ........ .. "» ,*' 1 " typhoid to 10 children, nnd 250 shots were completed. Bill to Renounce Tidelands Claims By U. S. Approved Quirino caFlaf'a~ niceliiig of the ! with io''monthVof "the J |erm "us- ghls I 1 ""' 1 *"*, girls glee cfub. clou- \ WASHINTON, April 16. (UP) — he would arrive at 8 a.m. tomorrow. It was believed he would be sworn pended. The. blast occurred al>oiil p.m. when there were only a few heart nilment thnt struck down i , hf> roof „, r.rt d v t nir ih " el R T,J- T d ""III"* '">" the bus .station. No- ""s^cs^f^ui^te the Piillkrmipijic i L1IR S »"U lit) Aii&(Jt*t_i.*>, <4icui umg me iiinippines. I to po , ice L| WaUer w Mabry (iulrlno radioed from the cutter j The dynamiting followed on the Anemone In the Minrioia Sen Hint heels of an appearance In court of Hnrlen Dean. Charles Mustek - -.- - — and Andy Bennett for resenteuchig in Immediately on his arrival by j on charges of shooting into a load- Acting chief Justice Ricardo Pa-,ed bus last September. The Ivio r««_ of the Supreme Court. i were sentenced lo one year each, council of state for 9 a.m. at the Malacanan Palace to arrange a state funeral for Roxas. It was expected that Quirino would be "worn in during the meeting. Roxas died suddenly al 10:30 p.m yesterday at Clark Field after collapsing from a hearl attack. His body was brought here by train. arriving at 8:45 a.m. today, and * taken Immediately to" Malan Palace. Mrs. Roxas. prostrated by grief at her husband's death, could not lie convinced that- he was dead and lold sympathetic government officials that she was waiting for a miracle to restore Roxas to life Roxa.V body, clothed m full evening dr*«, win lie in slate in Mala- canan Palace for three days. Dur- ' """"" "'"mctor here.Oroups ing, and 50 typhoid linimmliAtiom were givrn. Mrs. Annabel Fill, MIs- , sissippi County health nurse, and ! Mrs. E. O. Ambrose, clinic muse i worked with leaders of the health organisation on Ihe rliulc. a building .cross the ^i d ind 'idu» s r«elr ng No 1 iT j Smallpox vaccinations were given lli» hue slillnn Vn- i.'. 1 "" '"cmiumis IcceiTlMg NO. 1 lat- ,, ... ,i, (1 j..,,. „„. ,=„ .,„.. Gro'ips and suidenu winning No. 1 ratings were: Boys medium voice—Jack Allen: girls nigh voice—Jackie Roland; Kirls low voice—Anu'Wilks; piano ' —H»len Coker; and madrigal, s-irls sextette. girls double quartette, ette, girls glee We mixed quartette, mixed quar- j Tlic House Judiciary Committee tette, and choius, i yesterday approved legislation ioas receiving No. I ratings which would renounce feder.ll iiR ihe day nn endless line of mourners, from high clHcials to ragged newsboys, filed past hi.s bior in a quiet broken only by muffled S ° bS ' were: Girlf, medium voice — Jean Ann Walker; and girls trio. Ratings received by oilier stu- aml were heard af Barksdale field" <•«'"•< o( Hemlscot County high people in the waiting room of the bus station, In the heart of the downtown district. The explosions occurred about 10 seconds apart claims to oil-rich tidelands. 't'he measure, siwusoied bv Rep. E. Wallace Chadwick, R., Pa..'would II* »560.000 o.uo1» for Ihe Seem IIv !)oan CampalRii, according to n\- mmouucemenl from c. K. Wllkersou of Little Rock, state director ol the '.The Security Loan Cmnpalmi opened yesterday, nnd will extend officially through June 30. bonrts sold from April I, Ihroiijjh July 1« will be credited to slate and local quotas. Since April 1, sales for Mississippi Comity ore J9.2K6.00, which amount will be applied toward teaching the county's quota. This Is the flvst concerted bond',.,, drive since the war. nnd those pro-l','' moling the drive say Hint an overwhelmingly successful ciimpalgn will contribute, much to Individual financial security, and will strengthen 1(V our economy lo a point sufficient I >,.. Anti-Truman Forces Lose In Tennessee NASHVILLE, Trail.. April in. U1N—Antl-Tniinnn forces In tin' Tennessee DpinocviUlc Ciinvonlion could iwliit, to only a lialt-ylctwy today. The convention voted yp.slorcliv to send an iinln.stnicted dcli'Raliim lc> the niuumal in, but conveullon In Phil- It luriu'tl down strongly-worded resolution ucnuihiK President Truman. A group led by the powerful E. H. Crimiji Shelby County polltivul orgamuilior. fought a losing Ixttiie lor approval of A. resolution lo instruct the Tennessee delegation to Miilk out ol the national convention if Mr. Truman Is nominated. I The Crump-sponsored ri-solulion I woul<l jmve insliuctcd Tennessee prc.sUlc'r.Uiil electors lo with!d tlii'ir vole from Mr. Triimnn nnd cast it for n "true of the South," The 2,500 Democrats present re- lectod the anti-Truman meiisuve about four miles away. lide mark. submtuglnal Pemiscot Republicans Attend Convention CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., April 16 fcVux.l.s included the lollowiiiE: ; Boys medium voice—Bobby Ash- jley. Holland. No. 2; girts high voles have been subject lo •—M.TXie Woorihouse, Steele, No. ^; and Mary A. PritcliBid, Holland. No. 3; boys slec club—Holliijul, No. 3; boys low voice—Herbert Tanner, Haywnrrf. No. 3; girls glee club- set coastal stale boundaries at a princljinl Issuing point three miles beyond Ihe low- E Savings Bonds to meet any threat, •"'lie bonks and post offices RIP the "Bents ot Series I by voice vote and approved ai ei' re^soluiliin callitig sljnply for uuln.strucU'd delegation. lands long controversy. benvcen the federal government and the states. The Supreme Cmnt held last June 23 that the federal government has •'paramount rights" to —Eight Pennscot County Repuh- i Hays-nrd. No. 3; band—Bragg City. '. the tirielands. The effect of Chud- licans attended the district con- No. 1 and Hayward and Warden. ! wick's bill would be lo reverse the vcntlon at Poplar Bluff last week I No. J; double quartette—Holland, i court's decision. A similar measure was passed In Girls trio—Sieele. No. 2: °ir!s|lhe last Congress before the su- end, with Leonard Limbaugh, dis- | No. a. trict chairman, of this city opening the meeting. Others who attended included medium voice—Doris Correll. Hoi- : pi erne court's rilling, ft was vetoed land. No. 2: cornet—Gene Curtis. : by President Truman: His veto was t - , J Sold,,.™ Guard !« Ray Klemp, H. T. Simpson, Don- ; Bragg City. No. 1; girls low voice— ! upheld aid V. Magee. Rip Ridgley, J. Thos i Marydel Hoxwortli, Haywarri. No. I Markey. of this city, and Pearl C. ! 3; and Patlye Viar. Sleele. No. 3; iBnrhflnr far Holt of Braggadocio, aral Noah t piano — Patricia Utley, Hollniul. Filipino soldiers in while hel'meU j Graham of Bragg City. [No J »nd white gloves gunnted the bier! Judge Randolph Weber of Pop-! , with bayonetted rifles while the liar Bluff was named permanent 1 wind from the Pasig River ruffled chairman, and Mrs. Albert-C. Rau Government Asks SoJ* the purple draperies and banks of of Cape Oirardenu. permanent sec- Z", ~L ,,.„" .*"* , /lowers in the room. I rciary. Named delegates to the °' * 2 Billion in Bonds The bier was placed In the recep- National Convention at Philadelp- j lion hall, where Roxas acted as hi a in -June wi hast al gay stale function.'!, on the ! Cape C.iradeau. second floor of the palace opposite | Dalton, Poplar as hia In -June were Arthur Deiieke WASHtNOTON. April 16 (UPl — and George w! '''he government yesterday asked Bluff Alternates' Americans to put up s2.noo,00fl,000 WASHINGTON, April 16. (UP) — Rep. Hnrold D. Donohlie, D.,' ! a conj'irmed bachelor, today cm out in favor of marriage. He introduced a resolution asking the President to proclaim ' Rcrfedlcalion Lo Marriage Week" every year. the presidential office. j named vere Lee Pemberton Roxas 1 death brought to the pres- ! Charleston, and Mart Wood Irtency Ihe rotund, good-humored Qufrino. 57. who was in the midst of a sea voyage recommended by. his doctor to recuperate from a ! mild hearl ailment which caused | I to fall ill at Bagulo tn March. ] Campbell. of for savings bonds in the nexl 10 of , weeks lo help fichl high prices and i "to win Ihe peace." ] • Cablnel members. Congressmen j from bolh parties, and public off- i Ecials throughout the country joined for Hospital VVorfcer in Fire Probe Workers Injured in Fire ROCKFORD. III.. April 16. <UP> — Two workers were hospitalized ioclay with injuries suffered when they leaped from a third story v.'v.i- ' dow o£ a burning factory that swept ASHEVILLE. N. C.. April 16. tUP': —Tsmuorary confinement and fur- Cebu City when he heard the news of Roxas" death. "On my physician's advice. I , am proceeding to Manila on the i tner Psychiatric observation were Anemone, arriving at 8 a.m. tomor- i ordered today for the night .sup- row." said a message Intercepted j crvisor of a mental hospital hers by Philippine naval patrol. "'"" '~' J live buildings. The men were trapiieci in the sliowroom of the. Pierson F\iniltvnc | Factory. 7-vo Claim $ 11,000 Cash; Judge to Decide Owner MIAMI HKACH, Fin., April 16 j (UPl —Police held $11,000 III cansi here lorluy, irylnn to decide wheih- I cr It botoilRK to Mrs, Julia Grech :l i New York Janitor'.* wife, or ui Stephen S. Enolf, unlive liul^nrliiu now living In Mnnsfleld. O. ; Mrs. Glech Inn! Knoff arrcstcil j wtieti police found the money on him. She cir.imcd he made nil wi;li ! II alter she gave It tn him to hold Speedy, guaranteed (service. Let us put your watch In perfect order nt minimum cost. Pr/ce Support legislation Urged for '48 , WASHING-ION. April 16. (UP) Secretary of Asrlculiure Clinton P. ----- - . Anderson and three of the untion'n w hll |! she went .swimming. i major farm OI'Ranimations were [ ' ^ 3 ' lc Rli - VR "'s hers, let her prore agreed today thnl. Congress slioiild "•" Krll)[f lr '' ' ' vole for farm price supports al ihls , 1L nl ll11 ' < lc Kniitf told dclecllvcs. "I session. I A City Court Juclce will hnve In ; .The Senate Agriculture Coimm',- "^clde between them on Mondny, lee will learn today whnl a fourth S.IOUP, Ihe National Ornufir Ihinl-s nbout It. The government now Is require'.! to support prices of scv- Pre.sitient Truman In asking sup-!« port for the new bond drive Its. slogan is "America's security Is your security." This is Ihe treasury's eight savings bond loan. There were six | Ti , e tj, c burned lor three hours during the war, and a "Victory- before lire fighters from five cities i loan In 1945. iliioURht it undet control. Damage The treasury wants anolher 5,- I was estimated al between MOOm It was who said she -could have" started ™?» ."^L!?..^. ^ "l™l »»«« » 500 ' M( ' believed tutors di d ^ ^ Vwhich S,«^-U -S3 * ^™^±=^.^1 ^ io lock her up because she. said she dreamed of the /ire continually anrt was afraid of what she might not want Quirino to fly back to ] Manila because of his recent illness. Quirino WHS imprisoned by Ihe Japanese in notorious Fort Santia- gorwhen war broke out. His wi*p and three of }ii s five children were jtio. bayonetted to death by the Japa-i Judge H. Hoyle Sink ordered fnr- nese in February. 1945. since ihe i ther observation after study of a war he has lived with an niimar- i — - "__ : ried daughter. Vicky. He also has ' « married son, Tom. . President Roxas died after collapsing In Ihe heat at the big American military base at Clark Field. ! where he had just made a 12- minute speech pledging the Philippines to fighl beside the United Slates in case of another war. month ^° nol| hle normal E bond sales "willia Mae Hall. 44. asked police ] f hPr "' May f" d Jlme - Snles In .these ' •"""••= three months usually run about 51.000.000,000. rtport, by Dr. J. Wesley Taylor ol Green.vbOj-o, who described Mi.^s Hall as ••hj.sterlcal" but "definilclv not insane." Wainwright Heads Clubs SAN ANTONIO. Tex. April 16. i UPl—Gen. Johnathan M. Waiu- wright. hcio ol Correigidor. has been named national chairman of the Veterans-for - MacarUiur-for- Pre.sirtenl CIuus. Crow/«y's Ridge Pork To Open on April 25 Formal opening of Crowley's Ridge State Park In Greene County will be held Sunday. April 25. The park area, containing 265 acres has been completely worked over for the corning season under the supcr- Bfon of the commission's Park Di- Rion. Hendrix Lackey, executive director of the commission, reports that many improvements have been ma- rie at this park, and including in- slnllafion of a new electric distribution system, cleaning of the take provision of a new water supply for the lake, repairs to plumbing equipment, and the placing of new concrete floors in all buildings. In addition. 5.000 pine seedlings have been put out- in the park area Important cooperation has been received from Sen. Ed Thompson of .Paragoirld: Greene County Judge Harvey Farrell: anrt Dale Hamilton, president of the Paragould Chamber ol Commerce, in the worker improving the park. The park Is located on Highway 114. one. mile south of Highway 25, and is approximately 12 miles southwest, of Paracoulrt and 14 mites southeast of Walnut Ridge. by law eral dozen farm commodities These suppon.s were deliberately sel high by Congress during the war to encourage production. They die ou Dec. 31. Tlie committee is studying a bill which would sel up llrxlble supports, but limit mandatory sup- 1 ports lo seven basic commodities Ben. George 1). Aiken. H,, VI., who directed the drafting of the. bill, predicted that It will b« revised lo it clear Ihat the secretary of Kgrlcultuie retain discretionary, authority lo support other commodities. The committee was praised ail'l | its bill in general, endorsed tins week by Anderson and s|>okcsmcn tor the American Farm Bureau Federation National Council of Farm Cooperatives and Ihe National Parmers Union. All asked for certain revisions. All but Anderson raised the question of what Congress was going to do if it didn't pass long- range legislation. They said that In Ihat case it at least should expend present supports for another year. Political Announcements The Courier News bus been nulhorlzcri lo announce the follow- ln« ranilidntes, subjcitt to the Democratic primaries, July 20 and COUNTY TKKASIIKKR Frnnk Whltworth UOUNTV (;OUKT CI.KKK EllxnbcLh lllythc FOK CORONKR B. M. HOLT KOK COUNTY ASSKSSOK Hcrho.rt T. Shippcn STATE RKI'RKSKNTATIVK L. H. Alllry Leslie N. "Duklc" .Speck Fur ('otinly .liiilK* Roland Green I'lir Circuit Court Clerk Hnrvey Morris With or* hlfitmcnl SKIIACII • NO Htllt. Me. >1. »1.W. I'rcwil ITL'lt in ilcMi»y lict Wlh 5IUU. M-S SOAP 35c. Al DrUK Xlwo. FRESH FRUIT Our new version of your <>I<1 fnvin'ile—the fruit (.•tike. ('omltiniiiK three fr»>.sli flavors int« a lucious liivcr i-nko. FRESH JUICY RIPE Pineapple - Orange - Banana All topped with the.flnvorfnl new Icinu Pineapple Rhumba Icing 69c HARTS BAKERY 117 East Main SPORT SHIRTS... FOR SPRING . . . FOB SUMMER Rrad Courier New, 1 ; Want Arts. Plenty of Towels And fresh cottons loo! Smart Molhrr Takes Them lo "U-Do-lt" Laundry Wasli on our modern MAYTAG MACHINES nnd rtry tin our GAS FIRED DRIERS. .Open 1 a.m.- Close 5:30 p.m. Saturday at noon. Open Tuesday and Thursday until 9 p.m. 323 N. Second S(rceL. Phone 42<7. ANNOUNCEMENT We Have Purchased All Equipment and Stock of Starnes Furniture Co. 126 East Main Street From '2.95 We Will Carry a Larger and More Varied Selection of Both Th*y'r« (h« sp«Hies< mimb«rj> you've seen. Handsome g(yl«s in fxifh king unit short sleeves, hy \VIN(iS, MAI.RORO, MANHATTAN and BVI). Many styles lr» rhm>s« from, including the new, nnlinnally popiilnr "Rngiie." Offered in nil sizes in an uiilslanriirtjr selection. See (hem today! 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