The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 10, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1933
Page 2
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THURSDAY. AUGUST 10, 193S ILTTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COUKIEH NEWS nother, Mrs. B«rih» Snldtr ol nwet tii*lr d»U|ht*r, Mrs, Henry Fiirdealing, Mo. . Y»t« uvi h«r buitand of Heman- Mrs. Ed Cnldwel! and daughter, do, lite, In Memphis, who will uc- Mlss Elrayra ot Blyttirvllle, and company them on their trip. Hetschel Caidvrell, • who Is an In-j ,MUs Ruth Corkran returned Sun- stiuctor in the colleje ai Durham, i day • ifter » three, weeks visit In N. C., were here Monday vUltliig Mrs. Cora Reneau and family. Mrs. W. R. Umbaugh and MemphU. Mrs. J. N. Hunt returned Monday alter a short visit with her daughter Miss Anna Beth are in mother In Tupelo, Miss. Chicago attending the Century of | Mrs. A. O. shlbley and children Progress Exposition. On ihelr're- returned Sunday from Danson. On., turn trip home liicy will slop for a brief visit at St. Louis. Misses Mildred Pophain and Alma Jean Morgan, who have been attending the summer session al Southeast Missouri college at Cape '" •---••- ' complelej their Miss Martha Reynolds is In Nevada, Mo., having accompanied Sterling Duncan who drove up Sat- utday to attend the National GuarJ training camp. Miss Reynolds is visiting her aunt Anna Brandhe and Mrs. Abble Grace. S!ie will remain ,J»-o weeks, taking a vacation from her duties as office assistant to Attorney Houston Buckley, wr.o also went with the national guards. Mrs. Wolf Khourie and daughters, Misses Edna anJ Anna Mae and san. Edward, with iheir gucj'.r. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Jabour of Anadarko, Okla.. Mrs. A. Khourie and children Adele and Raphael, of I*- ration Uils week in Mavficld, Kv.,, Mr , -.„. „„.,.„.. .. ,„„...„„ <.„, war, Okla.. and Mrs. T. J. Salamy with relatives " " Mrs. Sam Bouenis icuMng Sal- .ud children Victor and VWona. M ls Gra* Mai Harmon has re- & fv^J"^' j° w' 1 '"' of Border. Tex., were guests of Mr. i („„,,,,, ho]n( , r ,. 01I1 Amory ajl(] Ab _ *"™" !> ' Mr all(i Mrs ' J ' W ' and Mrs. George Jabour of Tiplon- erdeen. Miss., where she lius been- ;• ville, Tenn., Sunday. They also vis- visiting relative's '• ' MesJ»mes J- N - illnu , Sam Bow- Hed at Reelfoot Lake. Monday Mrs.! R. F . Farmer" and Branddaiighi e "' L - L ' McDcannan and Spencei • •-• • •- ••• •-•• McHeury shopped In Memphis Weil wncre they sp*nl lh« past month with Mrs. Shlbley's psrenis. Mrs. Thomas P. Hudson Is leaving Monday for New York city where she will be the guest of her sister, Miss L. L. LJndsey, for several weeks. courses. Miss Morgan Is resuming \ Mrs. Edward Tucker in- us her her duties as in the Ingram | guest i!« pa" two weeks her grand- Ridge school and Miss Pophain will i mother, Mrs. Mary Kislstler. leach In the local school tills fall. I Mrs. Archie Essell and children Miss Helm Ball, who is a waitress of Rlpley, Tenn., are ihe guesls of at Grin's cafe. Is spending her va-1 relatives her* this week. Khourie and daughter Anna with tlieir gnesls left for Cairo. 111., ic . icr? Ellzafccth and Harriet ol Diike- 'doin, Tenn., were here Sunday yls- " , ., visit Mrs. Khoiiric's sister. Mrs. L. lUing in Ir.e home of Dr. and" Mrs.! Mrs - Alvln Wunderllch and dill j. \y. Johnson. Mr. Farmer rc- 1 dl * n . Alvln J r - n "d Betty Jean, let Khourie. . . . . - , Mrs. Jessie Jackson with her son i turned home thai evening acconi- 1 Wednesday morning [or Culmci 1 ' " panic;! by his wile, v.'ho here llu past u-eek visltin sister. MII. j. \v. jD.-.nson. been | Ala., where they will be the lier ' PAGE THRB& WAKN1NG ORDER in the Chancery Court, Chlckn- uwba District, Mississippi county, Arkansas. Commonwealth Building and Lonn Assn., of Little Hock, Aikmtsi a corporation, Plaintiff Vs, arris Simon et al, Defendants. The defendant, George M. 6allb« s hereby warned to appear In thtsi Joint within 30 days und answer) he cumplalnt ol the plaintiff,| Commonwealth Ilulldlni; A Loan Assn., of Little.Hook. AikaiWJS, a, orporation. ' \ Witness my linml and otllclnll ca! on this the lUth day of AI:R- isl, 19U R. I,. Oaines, Cletk. IEAI. s-io-n-2-)-3i P1GGLY WIGGLY Special For Friday, {Saturday and Monday KROGER STORE MOUNUi-jVlLLE, \V. Vti. tUl')-- When Mrs. Elsie Sole-> Asliby died lirn- recently, 101 . dvscciHlants mourned her passing. Thi 1 84-yrar- oM woman had seven children. M mkhlhlren, (Jii gii-m^ritnil- jhildren anil one Brcul-greai- Biandchtld—all llvlim. Luxora Society — Personal of Mrs. George Wuniierlich. Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Hunt ! leaving Friday for Chicago to tend the World's Fair, i Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Powell are | the guests of Mr*. J. I. McClurkin at lier summer home in Ozone ^ r j^ this week. Miss Dorothy' Brown has returned from a two weeks visit with relatives in Little Rock. Hospital Note* Cos and daughter Miss Lucille arul Mrs.- Jackson's mother, Mr.s. Elmer Stevens of Biloxi,, visited here Sunday. .The-Jacksons and Stevens were old residents of Hayii, where Mr. Jackson \yas in the conf^clnn- ary business. ami Mr. Stevens in the grocery -business. Dr. Ben Dent left Saturday afternoon tor Memphis where ho made arrangements to take a post i graduate course in surgery, cera- ' mics. bridge work and ^iseas3's of the mouth. Sunday he drove to Mr. and Mrs. Ate Liverant and Nashville. Tenn., and spent the day daughter Frances spent Sunday in *ith Miss Reglna Rose Brandt, his \ Memphis. T.-.ey were accompanied fiancee. Miss Brandt acconiDsniei \ home by their nephew, Herbert Ly- Dr. Dent here Monday afternoon ons of New York City, who Ls their and is spending ihe week here. Mrs. J. S. Compere and Mrs. 3. E. Nethery are leaching in a B. Y. P. U. training scroo! ai Wardcll this week. Monday evening Dr. J. S. Compere addressed the training school on the subject "Teaching as Applied to Religious Mailers." Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Davis entertained as their guests Sunday Mrs. Davis' brother, T. L. Tilman. his , week-end in Memphis. wife and daughter Carolyn, of Armorel, Tex., lier nephew Henrv Noles of Poplar Bluff. Mo., her nierc tion, Ky.. where they u-ill be the floral offerings, and nephew. Howard and Mar^ar;; guests of their daughter, Mrs. Paul j Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Payne Davis of Harrison. Ark., and her Cooper, for several days. They will I . and family. PORK SHOULDERS Fresh Not Frozen, Whole Piece, Lb. Fryers I'ull I'mmd 20c guest this.week. Henry Dalton of Corinth Miss., left Wednesday after a short visit with his aunt. Mrs. R. A. Kihi- Husband Pleased After Wife Lost BULKY FAT Kcduovd 2t Pounds—Skin Clearer ;md t'ouls Much lietter "I've losi exactly 21 Ibs. with 'J jars of Kruschen am! am so ImiW 10 get rid of thai bulky rat. My nusband is very pleased with me. My skin Is clearer nnd 1 feel so much better since I'm not .so heavy en my leet. Friends say I look much boiler." Mrs. Nonun Splck- Patienls admitted to the Blyihe- j ltT ' Maugnnsviiie. Mri. ;vi!le hospital: J. E. Chambers,' To get rid of double chins.] 'Cooler, Mo., trealmenl; Mrs/ A.'-iig hips, ugly rolls of fin on «n!s. D. Gwyn,'clty. emergency; Mrs. R. and upper arms SAFELY und\vith- Sadler. Stecle. operation. Dismiss--out discomfort—at the same- time .ed: R. L. Bowling, Armorel; Wes- ! hulld up glorious health and ac- Pig Liver ^ 5c aiilst, is a student at the Boiling- [ ^t- Louis. ;\fusser music studio in Memphis. brough. Mr. Dalton, a talented pi-• ley Wilson, Sleele; John P. Owen,'quire a clear skin, bright eyes, en'• ~ •" '"' j crgy and vlvncloiisnc-jis — to loot: -ijom^ger and feel it—take a hall CARD OF THANKS i ir.-asLoonttil of KniEClien Sails hi wish 10 lhank our many n « Iasf - of ho1 walt ' r CVL ' r >' »» ir11 ing before breakfabt. One Jar lasts 4 weeks and costs this summer. Mrs. s. J. Smith antt her grand- We son, clarence Crawford, spent the friends for the'kindness and sym-. ~?ek-end in Memphis. Ipathy-shown us in our recent be-1 Dr. and OTs. R-. A. Kimbrough 1 reaverhent, the loss of our little hut a tr| 1e al any drugstore the left tills morning for Turners Sta- i Wanda,' and also for the beautiful world over. Make $urc you gel • - . - . . Kruschen because It's SAFE. Money ' l«ck If not satisfied. —Adv. 3G-5 Weiners » lOc Lamb 71c Salt Meat : lr 6!c FRESH Catfistl and Tcntler > FISH Loin Trout ' Pouild Bacon Sliced No Ends Pound 14c Beef liver;±14c Beef Roast« fc Sausage Mixed Pound 5c Bacon Smoked Pound ll'c Pure Lard'ST Tic Calif. lltail Tomato. Uiirhiirit Ann. 7 Cans for I'l.AKKS IOC ir. IV) Ijnhi Hoiisei m: • :t (Jims lv) MUSTARD Qll! " t ...'10 c VINEGAR ifira* If COFFEE Jewel ,.„. 19 t: CRAPE PFANCT Tender 1TC . Kn. TOMATO CAKE H I'/uch i & KKANS No. 1 Can SARDINES Ovul ?L 25" . 21-Ox. Hotllc C. C. i\lill< Made BREAD -1-1-m.. liv.lf I IV C. C live Kri-iul . t.oaf A woman's reason for liking a man's cigarette lOc Count rv Glnli CRACKERS W;i>: Wnippt'il 2 Lb Box 19c Potatoes Kxlra l-'itney l/uuiled Amount I'mmd 3!c Juicy (.'alifiiniiii Medium Si/.o Du/i'ii !0c Preserves t'lii-rry. 1'fnt'l ItlaekljiTry, Kn:>p- l.tti.' rnul SU-iv- I.ein-. Ifi-u/. Jar CHERRlfeS '-ff^n 15 C " C. C. l.iir-c Can 3c Sn.-iu C;m Cunipiiiinil. S-i,b. Oln. li;ii-,--J l.lis. ('rocim 10-1,1). S;u-k EXTRACT s-<);: n £u, IT niTi'd nnc «irirt JHV Li SlulT l«irirt Xl 1'riilo iif llttn»is No. 'i C:in Rit « |iu| » MS- O 2 nir ¥ 1/J Li I I 7 (ira-nwU'ii. Ilifjli T«.s( <J fjli T«.s( fl< CUD O CORN FLAKES & If VINEGAR .Coid Dulliir (iallnn .fui; Each22c ('hum SALMON' No. 1 Tall Can 2 for 19c j'SBVLDDILC ''" r Pies' 1ft<- UltlllKlliO No. Z Can 1U Mlil.ONS Home (Jrown. ICa. GINGER ALE ^ 12? OL&O Katmorc mi\\ A. & H. CUlJ/i li I'kgs. tor fBlWfi (i-Il>- likt. SI.12; tlilMU 3 Lhs r,7c; 1 Lb. Oranges H IQc Sugar I'tirc Cunc Limit If) I'otmris For Miybc you'll think I'm a bit inconsistent. Most things I'm fond of are really quite feminine ... dainty, frilly frocks-<klicate desserts—yes, and delicate compliments, too. To me my cigarette is a personal thing—it touches my lips—so give me one with real cbarafter. -For some reason or other, I find that whenever I reach for a Lucky, always "Ludcies Please'Mhey're as mild and^«r»as can be—I wonder if "Toasting" isn't the reason after al 1! ecause Its toasted 1 Pears Lihby's IJarlleK Uirijc 2'/ 2 Can Limit. E;ich 15c Eggs (iiiiirnnleod Fresh All White Inferlik-s •2 Do/. Limit. Do/. 16c I'. & G. While Nsiphlhit 7 H:irs I'nr 25c Coffee C. C. . 1-I.b. Tins 25c Pineapple Llbbys Sliced and Grated, No. 2 cans 2 for 25c Asparagus Kiilsdale No. 1 Square Cans 2 for 29c

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