The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 15, 1934
Page 2
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. ; Social Calendar '' ' ; MONDAY'S ' EV&ST5 - Dmmivlo o)ub meeting v,|th Mi* S. 6 Sternberg, 7:30 P. M. ' Woman's auxiliary Firft F)«sbv- terian chui-ch-"ine«t|ng at church, 2' 30 p. in. W. M u. meets, ai Ihe Baptist Chiu-ch m 2'3[> p in. (or program »pd . Mis, \ LJojd SllcKpion having Yoi'tig Matrons club. j>>, Mrs, M A. jiajcs. ciilcrlaiiiius Tuesday Contract- club. WEDiNtxjiJrtVo EVENTS Mrs. James H: Bell having Wednesday Bridge club. ThlJtvoUAi-o EVENTS Thursday Luncheon ^. club having party at Country cjyb with MIE, C. W. Affltck liostcss Mrs. H. A. Taylor noring Thursday. Luncheon club. Has Lnncheon At Country Home Mrs. A, G. LIlllc gave a bridge luncheon at.' her'-. 'country liouic '-Falrflclds" yesterday . when she had 24 guesfs. The spirit of Chmimas time in yic old eouth was pre^-alenl'wllh me lovely new colonial home a fitting setting. There were liny Christmas trees, trimmed with gleaming Icicles, on the small tables and bouquets of mixed Holers and polled poln- iettlns ajso decorated the tlnec rooms us»d for entertaining, A . Christmas menu was served !n three courses In the bridge games Mrs J. A Leech won first prize and Mrs. Walker H. Baker,second. Both received glasses! » • T Have Daiicc Harold Sudbury and. his South- crneis furnished music for a danco at the country club* last, evening when students of (he senior class of the cily high school were guests, Mr$ .O W McCillchcn and Mre. Lucy McCutchcn, of Campbell, Mo, Chaperoned the parly of 100 « i t Mutic, Literarj' Departments Mcc^ , The Music oiim Llieiaiy depail- incnts of Uic Woman's clubs hod u Joint meeting Frldaj afternoon at the home of Mrs S S Sternberg when MUs Margurct Merrllt was leader. The group sarg Chrietmas car* o|s, Mrs peiU b. Tiptuu i-ang a »lo, (be I{eY. Carpenter, pastor of Hl e , Pnt BaP»st church, spoke on The Symbolism ot the Birth of Christ,' Junior high pupils, direct- cJ by Miss Mary Emma Hood tang caiols, and a Christmas, story was told by Mre L. N jjenbest The ho^te-str, Mmtb. Tlpton Gtorge M Lee and Edwin Roljin- Eon, scried refreshrnents. ' • • » Son Born Mr. and MR, Tollie rj GBIUI announce the birth of B ion at | h ei r Th^\ S ear k G03nc " Wednefcd»y, The baby, who weighs eight and A half-pounds, has not jet been * « » Have Partj. Thuiy-two Riember,, of (he Junior B v. P . 0 , a " c Baptist church, Wrc Friday night with » C 8ar rl y ™ b , y ° 1Clr ICate ' " A red Carpento, ossjsted b> Mn, j T . "' room at the Solution to Previoug Contract Problem BV \VM. t. -rcKEKNKV S«rtlir>-, Aroerfcjin BrWye leajue 1 recently had the pleasure of meeting conch Jim Ciwwlcy : of Fordhiim Unlvcnlty, whose team delivered u lot of thrilling football this 'jeur. Naturally, I wanted lo Uilk foot- sail, but .crowley wanted to talk srldge. He remarked. "I suppose foil get most of your bridge hands from your fan mail." nut i(, 15 Surprising how few- hands submitted to me from readers can be used. In the Ilrtt place, most of them are freak types of hands and, sec- ;nd, I believe my renders arc more nlcresled in tournament hands Bridge Table Maneuvering Like That on Football Field et '0 4-^puoi Juiuodo k-S»J . 1.E8J *9 -wild -M/ *S BB1IJ MU".\; I«'->AV 'in .'s puu 'N— s-soxv* ft or v A z tv* 5 c hat arc bolccled- from actiiul play each day.- . . '. i However, 1 oiri receive iwo «n- isual squeeze piay. liands from Malcolm G, Thompson of St. Allans,- Long Island. These arc two appropriate, football hinds. !«s Iho -act; and rnaneuvcrint' required to produce-the extra needed lrick-re- nilnds riic of thc.fact and finesse used by the; boys an Ihe'gridiron, Alien-that"'-yard-'& needed for,; ii louchdown'.- '-!• > " --. .-V-- . The Hay East opens the queen of riia- uoiitis, which is yon in dummy On Iho next round of trumps, t-ej Is Knieezwl. Kc hw lo dls- ?J- d ,°^ ° r '" 5 Jl)Ck6 - »« *»)» the Jaejc of hearts. Ouinmy onc | West also discard a heart. The declarer then jjldys a heart '"M wins i» dumrpy wltlj the nix East's king falls. The good king ol diamonds is caslied, vv«>t discarding a heart and declarer a spade. Now a diamond is rufred, West- dlwrdltif a (ipndc. I At thU point the declarer plavs tnc card that proctntee the trinJe 1,f?- ( " C '" ays thc )asl I" »P wd East nuist holrt the Jack of ,dl*monds, due 1 0 <j llmm yti nine spot; so lie lets go a spade The nine of diamonds is disearded' from dS a ,'! rt Wcst te " clplesi -""« discards Hie - auceii of hearts, dc» ^' S , f °'"' wl " ^ eoocl; while if lc plays u, c ten of spades, dum- Xfh CQ -, UWlscvc " or We* wilt win the last (wo (ricte in* '°h f l f"»*«verlng foi- one ivlnA b , Ut whcn a P^tiuces a grand slam, it is wo ,. th It (Copyright, 1034. NBA Service Inc) Osceola •' : Society ~ Personal Mr*. Belva Martin and her mighto. Mrs. Hal McHaiicy. «" whom Mrs. Mnrii,, has, been mak- ?"°' both f*™-rty of , entertained. with a h ••.Tfiuwtoy.-HJ Ik-nob,,. at Mt M '"I?- ""^J'-' 1 " Kci.. ?' tK ? ^ at Which "ic-'follmvlng o, their Osocols friends 'were prcs 'ent: Mme s : W. L. Moore, Clartes Lo»-ra,Ko, Fred Taylor, WE Johnson , Mlllon Po, re , Ben Butler, p. P. Travls E c Bryan,- IValhen Praitt. Snjncei Driver, Sam Coble, S. i, ^ sh '?• ^'"'.V Fn ?n fc Wllli-m-, God lB ' L ' : V- Walters Snou , and Lan Wllllains P.' Qiilrui ; won ' - lamp Mostly Personal __ Mr. aufl' Mrs. Biissell P»r r mid Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Joyn«r are in Memphis today for .ojwr ' ( BW Fisher jr.. fer «-p.(ienl at llic St. Joseph hospital «t Mem- plMS. : . '.•' ,,,"'•• a E, d ««•' Earl Kooiitz. of lulion. Mo., will spend the week- wid wllj Mrs. KoonUfc oUier, Mrs, * nd ^Whte, Miss CHURCHES HRST wrnST CHUPCH ••* *hlch will ^ 'r«»d'iri p.ll Churches of Christ, ScltStJst Sunday morning at 11 o'clocjc. Tlw Golden Text Is; '.'The Lord pi'e- servelh all them that love him" (Fsatjns M5:2«. TV P., «;}5 F. M. ;'••" veninj church, 7:30 o'clock Topic; "Why ChtW u'Uadt, ate.' -what Does: it: Mean? 1 '-' f ™ Wednesday,- prayer mectlnt', 7;30 0 ClQCK « • • CHURCH Ol'lrW NASARBM;' fciph* ». B«jiley, pilfer . Sunday school, 9:« 'a. m., E. i ilivaiu, tupt. I .Morning worship, u a. m. Ser- wltli' Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Don WillKlm j loday to rqeet I men -who arc Clinton, . Chriitrii as Kutf from ' Mrs Charfcj, p turned from b!x 1U fo1 '-^ but wh ° I. Evening -service, 7; 15 p. m . Su i,. ject: "What It Cost to be Damned." SKCOND BAPTIST CHURCH W. Main at !8th St. •I. T. Roifro, pastor 10 A. M., Bible school, ThM. Begun, superintendent, 11 A, M., sermon by the pastor, Theme; "Five Great Imperatives" C P. M., B. T. . U. 1 P. M., fermdh:by the pastor. Theme: "Why. Christ Came to Also chuUc talk for the children. W. M. S. will observe week of prayer in behalf of Foreign Missions, meetings Monday arid Tuesday, 3 p. M., with Mrs. J. c Harnisl). " : . Mid-week service Wednesday night-. 7:30 o'clock. «)io is to be his guest ror & part of Hie vacation Mr and Mr,* |?J. moloied lo Memphis yStert^ . JAJjjRt)AY>-, L)ECEMB*-|\ IB: ^-3,1 if which comprlso.the n Is the following; ' went out, behold, tliey brought 'to him a dumb man peaseMcd with devil. An4 when the dwil wis 0% the <jujnh ip*k«; • tod the urged to b* present to^consider an-'elc «& » P ; ,0,0. So™, ,£ f ~ ^ ^ W, ^« 1 .-*"""«-*-;*.« Christ- .-^.^ fw Cllrislmas wusi . : Toung People scrvlet 7-on n m 3:3 ° Sunday afteniooii. Church,.7:30 ]>. rn. Sermon sul'-' s P cclal Christmas.-musical We I/ook lor A. 9: 32, 33>; The Lesson-Sermon will also include the follow passage from the Christian science textbook," Scl- -uce and Health with Key (o the 'i" • ** Mary a**'. "Hd'y. , hearing, all th« spiritual Knses of man, are eternal. They cannot be lost. Their reality snd Immortality are in Spirit and understanding, not In matteiv-heneo |heli- pernwqence" (p 435) A Christian .Science tnejsago is broadcast every Wednesday at 10:30 A. M. over KLCN. : Radio Devotional, KLCN each •Monday, io.-3a a . m. (W id-Week'Fellowship, W«d, 7-30 f.-m. ' A cordial welcome challenges ; you to our twvices. • . FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Seventh and West Main W. V. Wonuck, Pastor Church School for a)l ages, 0-45 a, m./Ear) B. Snyder, BUPt." Church worship, 10:55 a. m,, and 7:30 p. m. The, pastor will use as his sermon subjects: :'The Great Dynamic" and "Praying To God." The choir will furnish special mu- Mi and Mrs CHxjrge B Jonci -11 BO to Mewpnis tomoj-rou (o make Ujejr home Mr Jonw Jn be connected «ith an Today's Contract Problem South ha? to make u fcevtn dlaaond coniratt. West apfens the Jack of hearts. Can.tho .harnl be inudo ngainsi perfect ilulense? 97 2 with .the ace, declarer discarding i spade. Two rounds of Irump arc sss; . the latter being won in dummy with, the king and East discarding a diamond. • A small diamond is rimed ami wo more rounds of truhip taken. East cannot let go a diamond, or ho su;t%U)'.bc cstublished In (iuro- my. So ho must xJlscnrd u heart Christiaa Church Will . Sponsor Scout Troop fiHf •i id.Coutto News Want / .TEXACb>RQDU(-*-S » A QJ S5 3 + A" * ' .Suluiiuu lu uexi IEISUC, Thursduy Mr, and Mrs. A- \V. Yow !B WC n. Menipljk victors Friday b Mre. P. J. Scmmes 5 r.' and Mrs - J. Semmes Jr.. Mrs. O. o ' Br- men and daughter, Ellmbclh' & men and Mrs. Maggie 0^-^ Noisy Fire Siren ,_.. Arouse* New^iersey Town HADDONFIELD ~N LUTHWtAN CHURCH H. J. Khtaiiemt, r«s» or Sunday school,, e a. m. Morning jyorship, 10 a. m Ser- ioii theme: "The 'Great Prophet foretold by Moses," " | Bvcnlnp worship, 7:30 p. a. Sermon theme: ' "The Eight Com- niandment." Bible 'class on "The Life' of Christ" 6:30 p. m • Instruction class Monday and Wfdn-sday, 3:30 p. m. I - • Wallher- U»gu e mccls Wcdncs- Bay, 7 i>. ID. _ Pilgrim Guild- meeting Thurs- uay 2:30 p. m. Bible Fundamentals' class Friday, 7 p, m.. • .You arc Invited to tlicic icr- nccs and meetings. CHURCH OF CHRIST Court, Henst Auditorium N. S. Taylor, Minister Sunday school, 10:00 a ni ^Sermon, 11:00 a. m.; • Subject°H Undw Three lions 'of Time" u-n. . 11:45-- a., mj scrVlces, 7:30 'p:"in " FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Sixth and Main Streets V. KinmHl Batterworth, MJnfaitr Bible School, 9:45 a.-m,, M. T Moon, Superintendent. The special object lessons given each Sunday by the Rev. Mr. Butterworth are proving quite popular with the children and grown-ups, too Worship, u a. m. Sermon: •ICHABOD." ; Evangelistic . service at 6 p. m.Sermon: "WHERE COULD JESUS BE BORN TODAY?" Report of the canvass committee will be given this day;'-, Mid-week 'dinner and ; study of Revelation will be on Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:15 p.-m. LAKE STREET- METHODIST CHURCH V. E. Chalfant. Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. All members of the Wonder Class are CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank: our neighbors and friends for the loving kindness shown us during the illness and death of our mother. Mrs. M. K. Houston. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Fields, daughter, Mrs. Frances Fields, sister, Harry Springer, brother, Mrs. Mary Scrape, niece, Mrs. Dottle Skelton, niece. Mid-week devotional seryjce Wednesday evening at 7;30 o'clock'. I Read Courier News Wans Ads. BondVlTp ends BLADDER WEAKNESS It .your bladder l« weak ami ' .you tu«er from painful, <requ«nt OP burning urination. Inflammation. • hlKlilv colored urjjio fln<l - gettiii'- ui> iiKhtSi t?et I)ir COVD'S X. AND B. Prcacr'lntlo'll ut once ana see vh»t wonderful relief tt brings vflea 60o and 4i.!0. Soij by ni Kood drueelsu. Manufn,- iS^^« &.. J. A. O, M. D., M. E.; I'H. 0 EYE, EAR, NOSE and THROAT GLASSES FITTED Room 210, Ingram BIdg. Residence Phone 4-10 Corner Main & First Office Phone 418 - Stevens cpcnt un. her daughter, Mrs. c. B Mrs. Spencer Driver and dausli ten «nd ; Mrs. Jim -Driver 'arc , taidliie tUc OWTO In Mtniphls to- Hospital /Votes Admitted lo Hie BiyUiovilJe DOS pltul: Edward BrogUon, Hayll, Mo Mrs. Clara Moore, citj/; Mis. An gelo Oiild, city. Dismissed: Mrs John Fayc Thomas, Route 2 to »h , the ftru, thc something about, the sin-n Your presmce will cu highly aiv precmted at both services.- Wel- JOE P. PRIDE Certified Registered Engineer Ocneral Engineering. Survcyhis, Mapping - Ark. | Stop Worrying Km |-l| You Can Trade tlic Ojd Motor in: on a FORD And \ Ihe "Car 'L'ike'- New! i $51.50 : $55 j |j ; ' Complete Installed S? | PrllLLire MOTOR CO. | I" 777 QUICK SERVICE STATION § CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETy GOD TIIE PRESERVER OF MAN" is the subject of the lea- FREE FRUIT CAKE ."AVe have just liiiitjlicd. a'wonderful year and in appreciation of the fine bvisiness given us we offer our many .friends and customer's a Special Christmas Deal: One Sl;00 : Coupon Book and One Pound of Our Best Fruit Cake ; Bother ..$!»( . , —_ ... , (a Deal Limit to Any One Customer) . « e RfJeemed In Trade Anytime^t the-Blytheville'.BakingCo. Only special Ohnstmas Deal .can =be bought thrbugli,your Grocei--or al'-lhe^Bak- .ciy. No order Mled after Saturday, Dec. 22nd. ".".'' " "' r ; W« Wlsh.E^-ery One of Our Friends and Customers A Merry 'Xmas and A Happy, Prosperous 1935. BLYTHEVILLE BAKING CO. Picttirn of a Memphis merchant watching'.Ihu Blj'thcvillo: autohiobiles Memphis. •: WHY Picture of a Blytlieville inei-- chanl witching ,llic BlyLhu- vilje cars leaving lor Memphis. . - - arc the. limes -harder tliati they should lie among llic Blytiievillc ' iuerclianls w liiey ir*/, worry and work for months to get the right merchandise . . . and 'they do well seleeUxl slocks at belter -prices than Memphis".; . . ,, BUT THE RESPONSE TS MEMPHIS )* do Blytlievilk . inerehaiits lei out their .extra Jielp and tell .deserving ones ' ii y i- ^^-"^y can ' 1 use tycm . , . every Blytheville merchant would like to use all the clerks -.possible but they can't usp any. more when . . . ; THE RESPONSE IS MEMPHIS ^ of sufficient taxes and be forced to pay •• ' ' " ; "•••''• " • ' - • do; piir school children suffer f or tuition.,!. . .'-. ' ; '••' ' ';'• ': : ; THE RESPONSE IS MEMPHIS Give the Home Merchant a Chance Published By Some of //je Blylhecitte Merchants

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